Royal Wedding 2015: The Swedish Royal Family (updated with official photos)

Royal Wedding 2015: The Swedish Royal Family (updated with official photos)

I’m breaking the guests into two parts: The Swedish Royal Family, and foreign royals. This post covers the Swedish royal family (go here for the Bride and Groom coverage).

Queen Silvia wore a light lilac dress in silk satin embroidered with lace, sequins, and stones. She wore the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara and matching earrings and brooch. She wore a diamond necklace. Silvia wore her sash and star of the Order of the Seraphim, as well as her miniature portrait of the King.

Silvia looked pretty enough. At least it’s not a pantsuit.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia with the parents
[Mattias Edwall/Kungahuset]

King Carl XVI Gustaf wore the 1878 model of the Navy admiral uniform, his sash and star of the Order of the Seraphim.

Carl Gustaf gives speech

Crown Princess Victoria wore a blue-green dress from the H&M Conscious collection. She wore the Connaught Tiara, the sash and star of Order of the Seraphim, and her miniature portrait of the King.

I like the Connaught Tiara on Victoria; it’s a fun change from what she usually wears. I like Victoria’s dress. It’s not the best she’s ever worn, but it’s still pretty.

Victoria reading

Prince Daniel wore a tux and his sash and star of the Order of the Seraphim, and the Order of the Polar Star cross around the neck.

Estelle the bridesmaid

Princess Estelle was a bridesmaid. Like, Sofia, Estelle wore Ida Sjöstedt.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia with the bridesmaids
[Mattias Edwall/Kungahuset]

Princess Madeleine wore an apricot pink Elie Saab gown with soft falling silk and stone embroidery on the bodice. She wore the Modern Fringe Tiara (which is hers now), and the earrings she wore to her wedding in 2013. Maddie wore the sash and star of the Order of the Seraphim, and her miniature portrait of the King.

I think Maddie looks really pretty. I’ve been really enjoying her pregnancy style lately. She’s my best dressed out of the Swedish royal family.

Madeleine and Daniel at reception2

Chris O’Neill wore a tux and the Order of the Polar Star cross.

Madeleine and Chris2

The feistiest squirmy little monkey ever, Princess Leonore, wore a dress that once was worn by her great-great-grandfather, Gustaf VI Adolf. Leonore was so squirmy that she got passes around to family member after family member, being held by her father, her mother, Daniel, Silvia, and Victoria.

Leonore being held by family

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia with the sisters
[Mattias Edwall/Kungahuset]

Princess Christina wore purple and the Six Button Tiara (which I predicted on Thursday).

Christina’s son, Gustaf Magnuson, and daughter-in-law, Victoria Magnuson, also attended. Is it weird that I kind of like Victoria’s dress?


The Menu:

First course: White asparagus “Princess Sophia” boiled in elderberry rum, asparagus and chive emulsion. Second course: Coriander lobster with fireplace grilled scallop, spruce-flavored yuzu dressing, sorrel and peas. Third course: Fried, lightly salted pike from Hjalmaren with grilled primer vegetables, caramelized crème fraiche and smoked butter. Fourth course: Peach and raspberry tartlet with white chocolate, champagne and peach sorbet.



42 thoughts on “Royal Wedding 2015: The Swedish Royal Family (updated with official photos)

  1. Victoria outdid Sofia for me. I thought she looked lovely. Madeleine glows. Estelle is adorable, as always, and so was Leonore! Did they have the miniature throne for Leonore that Estelle had at Madeleine’s wedding? I didn’t get a chance to watch the live stream.

    1. It didn’t look like they had a chair for Lenore, but as squirmy as she was she would have been out of it in seconds anyway. 🙂 Maddie and Chris sure have their hands full with her lol

    2. I don’t think they had a chair for Leonore, she was always just held by someone.

  2. The food looked tasty!

    -Silvia is stuck in an 80’s time warp. But, she has a lovely smile. She also can rock a tiara like no other.
    -Vic’s dress left me in a conundrum. It was pretty, but did not photograph well.
    -Madde looked gorgeous. Pregnancy becomes her. She dresses appropriately and tastefully.
    -Christina looked beautiful. Silvia should have worn her dress.
    -DIL Victoria looked beautiful and was one of the best dressed.
    -Estelle was so cute. She is truly the apple of her family’s eye.
    -Leonore was a squirmy girl. She has the saddes, cutest eyes
    -Dan and Chris looked handsome.

    This entire wedding was beautiful.

    1. Silvia has the perfect head to rock a tiara. It’s large and wide enough to it any tiara. But she is definitely stuck in her ways in terms of how she dresses.

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought Vicky Magnuson looked good. I was sitting her thinking “all over lace, pink and purple/grey, fabric randomly attached at the hips, all the makings of a terrible dress, but I really like it”.

      Leonore is to the Sad Face what Prince George is to the Grumpy Face

          1. How is that judging? It certainly doesn’t come across as mean or derogatory. Sad eyes. Grumpy cat. They are affectionate comparisons.

          2. It’s a joke. Calm down. Prince George really has been grumpy a lot in the photos we have of him. That’s not “judging” in terms of being rude or mean. That’s just calling it like it is. And Leonore does have a down-turned mouth and “sad”-looking eyes. There is nothing wrong with saying that. It’s just commenting on the expressions of the two kids.

  3. I remember watchong the livestream and Leonore started squealing and squirming. Mette-Marit was side eyeing her lol.

  4. Thanks for breaking up these posts KMR, as I said before there was so much to see it’s all a little overwhelming.

    The ladies really looked beautiful today, the gowns and tiaras were stunning!! I don’t know if I can pick a favorite as I loved them all, each one was unique and really fit it’s wearer. I really love the dress that Victoria Magnuson wore, the color and fit were perfect. IMO, that dress would look great on CP Victoria.

    Poor Maddie, she must have been so uncomfortable and really just wanting to have this baby already. I feel for her and Chris, Lenore is such a handful and with a newborn, they aren’t going to be getting much rest.

    Thanks for the pictures of the food, gosh it looks so yummy. Any idea of the cake, what kind and flavor, how many tiers?

    1. Yeah, they needed their own posts. If I had tried to fit everything into one post, the post would have been enormous.

      As I said to Rhiannon, I’m glad other people like Vicky Magnuson’s dress. It has all the things I dislike about dresses, but I still love it for some reason.

      I hope Maddie has a boy this time.

      I saw a photo of the cake and it looked like there were a bunch of deconstructed cake tiers. There is a photo in the bride and groom post.

  5. I’m in awe that Victoria can wear H&M with that fab blingy tiara. And Daniel is growing on me big time. (Take note rhiannon!!)

    And I like that pink/grey dress too.

  6. So much to see – Leonore looks so much like her father – it’s around the eyes; Madeliene looked totally stunning; Estelle is growing up so fast! what a cutie..those tiaras are fabulous! I can’t pick my favorite….Prince Daniel can wear absolutely anything he likes…(sigh)

      1. Maybe peas are the new broccoli! They’re having a moment right now. Peas…Retro gastro and still looking sexy on the plate after all these years

    1. Me too. I’d love for them to have another baby. They seem like great parents to Estelle.

  7. I thought the sisters looked great and their girls are so sweet. They seem particularly close. It was nice to see everyone take a turn with leonore.

  8. Okay, so I’m not a huge fan of the official photos. The draping behind them was too drab, I would have preferred more color. Also, I find these photos rather stiff especially the ones with the flower girls, a more casual setting would have been great.

    1. I haven’t liked any of the Swedish official wedding photos. Victoria’s was very stark because they were against a white marble background; Maddie’s were dark because they were against a dark green background; and Carl Philip’s look a bit budget because of the white sheet behind them.

  9. I’ve had royal wedding fever all weekend. I read CP’S speech and it was so lovely. I will say that there was a line in her father’s speech that I loved. He said that he was not going to tell CP to take care of Sofia as she has always done so herself and will continue to do so. The feminist in me went wild. Kudos to her dad for reminding us that Sofia is a woman in love and not a child to be taken care of.

  10. It’s so funny how you can see CP Victoria is royal. She really belongs there. Her posture, how her body that makes her look pretty in any gown, her jaw and head that hold glamorous tiaras (like her mom). I am in love with her.
    Prince Daniel has the same perfect posture and proved that he is natural with kids…he was the only one that calmed down Princess Leonore lol

  11. What nice pictures. Thank you so much for your time in posting this weekend, KMR. You really outdid yourself. I really feel that this family pulls together in spite of any personal issues. I respect that. I love that everyone took a turn with little Leanore, instead of just passing her off to some nanny. That alone speaks volumes. It’s also clear that this family is heavily invested in Estelle, as they need to be. She holds the future for them all and future generations, and it seems pretty acknowledged. Good for them. This family understands that relevancy cannot be taken for granted.

    1. Thank you, fairygodmom.

      I too love that the family took care of Leonore, as they should, instead of handing her off to a nanny.

      1. Agreed!

        There was an article on the Huffington Post about the wedding, where the crowd was mentioned to be down (size) because of the decreasing popularity of the SRF. I searched around a little and saw conflicting stories about how they are perceived. If the Swedish people get rid of this intelligently involved, very productive family while the Cambridges sit around considering waving “work,” there is no justice in this world. Monarchies walk a delicate balance today, but with the right professionalism combined with yesterdays aristocratic glamour, it can survive and thrive.

          1. Unless there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about, they’re barely part time. Have never been more. We want to get behind this couple, he will be the King after all, but they need to step up. With everything that’s been handed to them, yes, they need to do more.

          2. What Ray said. Kate only worked maybe 20 hours for all of January, February, and March. That’s not even part time.

    2. How true, fairgodmom. This family truly loves. How wonderful that everyone helped with little Leonore. No nanny in sight. Maddie truly looked amazing and to think she was almost ready to give birth. Oh, she and Chris are in for a handful and more with two little ones so close in age. Two highly spirited ones, for certain.

      All the photos are lovely, KMR.

    1. Oh and from another comment section as to George marrying Leonore someday. maybe, Maddie and Chris’ little boy can marry Charlotte. I would not wish Leonore KMR as a mom-in-law, but Charlotte would probably enjoy Maddie, Chris, and the other warm, loving Swedish relatives.

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