Royal Wedding 2015: The Royal Guests (updated with official photos)

Royal Wedding 2015: The Royal Guests (updated with official photos)

Here is the post for the foreign royal guests at Sofia and Carl Philip’s wedding (go here for the bride and groom, and here for the Swedish royal family).

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia with the foreign royals
[Mattias Edwall/Kungahuset]

Princess Tatiana wore this light blue Celia Kritharioti Haute Couture embroidered off-the-shoulder gown. She looks so pretty. My best dressed of the night. Hands down. She looks better than the bride (sorry, Sofia).

Queen Maxima repeated a red embellished Jan Taminiau gown she wore to a pageant celebrating Willem-Alexander’s inauguration in 2013. She wore the Mellerio Ruby Tiara, and her sash and star of the Order of the Polar Star (Sweden). Max looks amazing. She is my second best dressed.

Queen Mathilde wore a blue empire waist, Grecian-type gown with a sweetheart neckline. She wore the base part of the Nine Provinces Tiara, and her sash and star of the Order of the Polar Star (Sweden). I think she looks really nice.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex wore a dress with her Royal Victorian Order (United Kingdom), royal family order, her Single Aquamarine Tiara, and a single aquamarine necklace.

Queen Margrethe wore a repeated red gown from her 75th Birthday gala dinner in April. Margrethe wore the Baden Palmette Tiara, and her sash and star of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden). I love seeing this gown again, she looks fabulous in it.

Crown Princess Mary also wore blue along with her Wedding Tiara that’s been modified to add extra pearls. She wore her sash and star of the Order of the Polar Star (Sweden) as well as her royal family order. I think Mary looks pretty, but it’s not the best thing she’s ever worn.

Princess Marie wore a green dress, the Danish Diamond Floral Tiara, and the Order of the Elephant (Denmark) and the royal family order. I don’t like this.

Queen Sonja wore a yellow dress she’s worn many times before. I actually really like this. I’m a yellow apologist. Sonja wore Queen Maud’s Pearl and Diamond Tiara, and her sash and star of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden).

Crown Princess Mette-Marit went with pink floral with the Diamond Daisy Tiara. I’m officially not a fan of Mette-Marit’s style. Too many (ugly, in my opinion) floral gowns and dresses. She wore her sash and star of the Order of the Polar Star (Sweden).

Princess Martha-Louise (daughter of Queen Sonja) wore a dress, a tiny little tiara, and her sash and star of the Order of the Polar Star (Sweden). Um… eh.

Princess Ursula of Bavaria wore a floral number. Is it bad that I kind of like it? It wouldn’t work on anyone else, but I kind of think it works on her. Princess Anna of Bavaria wore a navy blue gown that I also don’t hate.

Princess Takamado of Japan (widow of Prince Takamado, cousin of the current Emperor) wore a green embellished gown and her own tiara.

39 thoughts on “Royal Wedding 2015: The Royal Guests (updated with official photos)

  1. As usual Max absolutely stole the show!!! Her dress is perfection and I love the tiara she wore and that necklace, I want it in the worst way possible!!!

    I have to disagree about Tatiana’s dress, while the color is lovely the off the shoulder sleeves just aren’t fitting well. To me, it looks like the dress is falling down in that area, so I will have to vote for Max as first place.

    The Norwegian contingence didn’t score any points with me this time around. I found the Queen’s dress much, much too bright. Her daughter’s dress was a bit too um…. fitted and er…low cut, that’s the nicest way I can phrase it. And Mette-Marit, while I like this dress okay, it just didn’t flatter her figure and in a weird way was almost too casual for an event like this.

    QM looked stunning, red is really her color. I liked Mary’s hair, from the side view it’s very imaginative and quite striking. What is up with Marie, every time I see her she is scowling?! And what on Earth is her husband wearing on his head???

    Sophie and Mathilde looked quite lovely today. I wonder if they called each other to find out what the other was wearing, their dresses are just a bit too similar. I like to see Mathilde in these lighter colors and this blue is the best color I’ve seen her wear in a while.

    1. Maxima’s necklace is amazing. I want.

      I see what you mean about Tatiana’s dress. But I still love it.

      I’ll be less nice than you re Martha Louise. She looked like she was wearing a “I’m trying really hard to be sexy but the fabric is screaming old lady” nightgown.

    2. Love Q Max. but I prefer and feel Q Margrethe with that beautiful red gown – and Sonja stole the show (strong colour – strong women), gorgeous!

      The worst I feel – P’ess Mette-Marit (and her beautiful Prince Haakon (he, Carl Philip, P Hussein, Jordan seem of similar facial looks); P’ess Ursula gown material seem similar to Mette-Marit, P’ess Ursula is much prettier.

      I like the subdue gowns worn by the glam P’esses Mary, Max others (not to take away from the bride and SRF). With royal protocol – the Line of P Carl P would not garner so many monarch in attendance (if memory serves?) – had it not been family/close friends -like Norway RF); the likes of Queen Margrethe CP F/M, Denmark – Norway etc) -the level of P Joahim/Marie would represent DRF…?

  2. Ever since I followed KMR’s blog, I have not liked any of Q Max’s dresses/outfits. However this time, the dress with the spiral design somehow slimmed Max’s figure to perfection.

    CP Mary’s dress-I love the colour and shape but the bust darts and wrinkles are terrible. And she looks like she’s aged alot.

    Mette-Marit-She looks so husky with that dress.

    1. Wrinkles are a sign of ageing. Ageing is a natural progression of life. We can’t fault someone for being human. She’s like 40 or something, it’s not like she has an abnormal amount of wrinkles for her age because she smokes like a chimney or something.

      Some will suggest Botox to “fix” the “problem” but why can’t we accept, if not appreciate or even celebrate, women in the various stages of life instead of just youth. Just saying.

      1. I think Beatrice meant the wrinkles on the dress. It is quick wrinkly.

      2. So Agree.

        The same with D/Sofia teeth – she is just fine with her natural look; P Carl P. knew her that way and fell in love ; nowhere is it written we must all look the same.

        Life would be so boring (wouldn’t need to travel – meet learn about other people – countries – cultures/ food … there is a quote someplace – ‘variety is the spice of Life”!

  3. I have always been a fan of Maxima, and she didn’t disappoint today, BUT I have to give Tatiana top honours for best outfit of the day. Loved it when I saw it this morning, and it’s still my fav. Have to agree with you KMR, she outdid the bride. (Well, so did Max, but you know, that’s just expected!)

    1. Yes, both Tatiana and Max looked better than the bride. If Sofia had worn Tatiana’s dress as her wedding gown, that would have looked amazing.

      1. Tatiana and Maxima looked just amazing!
        I was initially impressed by the bride’s dress, but the more photos I see, the more average it looks. I do think Sophia was radiant and full of love on her wedding day and that made all the difference in the world. The dress was tame and I don’t like lace sleeves, but somehow, I think she was a magnificent bride.

        KMR, this work you are doing is bringing us all such happiness and diversion from the challenges of everyday life. Thanks for all you do!

  4. I think Maxima wins too. Tatiana’s gown is lovely, but I’m with Lauri. The shoulders look like they’re falling down, and the color’s a bit blah with her coloring. Maxima’s dress isn’t classically gorgeous, but she owns it and the matching jewels just nail it. Maxima!

    Sophie Wessex looked matronly and Mary looked a bit wrinkly.

    1. Similar thought here for Sophie: “dowdy.” Maxima does indeed look smashing.

      KMR, you provided us such a feast today of royal splendor paired with genuine emotion. Thank you.

      1. What Bluhare said.

        Though, i’m going to say something dreadfully un-PC….apologies.

        Tatiana appears to have aged exponentially. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t seen any pictures of her in gossip media since her wedding, but in these pictures, she looks like she’s aged a good 20yrs and not in a good way.

    2. I read that the dress Sophie wore was an official gift from her time in the Czech Republic. So I don’t think it’s her fault that it’s dowdy. I think she was honoring the gift giver by wearing it.

    1. Q Max is gorgeous and seem to have lost a bit as well. I don’t feel Max dress is of the look (material or lean cut? ) for a wedding – like P Tatiana – Mary, others (just saying); her gown seem just another dress/gown for regular event (my opinion) – I do agree she looked beautiful!

  5. Thank you for some great posts this week KMR, I hope you are getting enough sleep what with work, study and the wedding posts?

    1. Thank you Cathy. I actually haven’t slept yet since 8AM yesterday morning. I’m hoping to get some sleep today.

  6. Thanks so much for all the coverage! It was really appreciated!
    Some thoughts that crossed my mind – how does the conversation about updating a tiara go? Does the owner (Mary) just decide – this is not good enough! And calls the jeweler in? Put more pearls on this! And so it is done?

    I just cannot even image what it is like to live a day in the lives of these folks…

    1. That is certainly what happens with seasoned tiara wearers.

      You can see the progression in their self confidence with tiaras with time.

      All the inlaws without tiaras start by accepting an heirloom tiara that may or may not suit their personality, and their lack of confidence in wearing a tiara, nevermind if it suits, shines through.

      With time, they gain confidence, and that’s when the re-design happens. Best example of this is CP Mary of Denmark.

    2. Thank you LadyBlueRibbon!

      I wonder if the ladies who are not Queen have to get permission to alter tiaras. I guess not for their private property like Mary’s wedding tiara. I guess they get bored with how the tiara looks and get it updated. I’d love to have that problem. Yes, jeweler, this tiara is SO last year, I need an update!

  7. I give the best dressed award to Maxima, she usually doesn’t do much for me, but she looked gorgeous today, that colour really suited her.

    Tatiana looked gorgeous too, but Maxima was outstanding.

  8. Maxima best dressed for me, followed by Tatiana and then Mathilde. Maxima just oozes personality; if you know what I mean….I’m afraid I didn’t like Sonja’s citrus yellow dress at all and needed a darkened room for a while…..Sophie Wessex dress is boring…Edward actually looked OK for once..

  9. Max all day every day. Tatiana’s looks a little unfinished to me. I loved the colors of Marie’s and Mary’s dress, but the execution was not right. Mette-Marit needs a.visit from Max in regards to her style. . Mette-Marit has a beautiful figure and she needs to show it. I actually like Princess Anna’s dress. It was a lovely silhouette. And Daisy? She looked marvelous. Sofia’s sisters also looked just as gorgeous.

    Time to shut the computer down, KMR. You’ve been more than kind to us over the last few days. .

  10. Maybe the reason you (and I) don’t like Princess Marie’s dress so much is that she’s scowling in that picture. If she was smiling, it might help the opinion of the dress. Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s dress looks like a dress more appropriate to a young girl’s English-style tea party. Or my sister’s bedspread when she was six. Queen Margrethe looks smashing in red, like Queen Elizabeth does in yellow or blue. Queen Maxima is a knockout. Queen Mathilde’s not too far behind. Sophie looks alright. The dress is either a pale, pale blue or gray. If it’s gray, it’s too bland. It’s too bad, b/c she’s really been stepping her fashion game up in the last several years. Maybe she doesn’t want to overshadow the Queens? Princess Ursula’s dress looks too dark… more appropriate to a funeral, though the pattern in the skirt would be acceptable, if a bit gaudy for my taste. Princess Takamado looks nice.

    1. Mette-Marit often wears clothes that seem too young for her. I agree that the pink floral thing she wore would look much better on a little girls bed spread.

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