Prince George makes first balcony appearance at Trooping the Color with Kate Middleton and Prince William

Prince George makes first balcony appearance at Trooping the Color with Kate Middleton and Prince William

As I’m sure you are well aware, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, made her grand return to royal duties by showing up to Trooping the Color (as 69% of us who took the February poll predicted). Not only did Kate show up, but she brought Prince George along (didn’t think that would happen, so I didn’t poll for that). Shocking. I guess this is what the royal aides meant when they said George would be “more visible over the next few months”.


Trooping the Color is an annual ceremony where one unit of the British armed forces “troops” their flag (this year it was the 1st Battalion, Welsh Guards). Historically this was to ensure every member of that unit knew which flag was theirs in battle. Since 1748, Trooping the Color has marked the official birthday of the Sovereign. The Queen has two birthdays, her actual birthday which is in April, and her official birthday which is celebrated in June. Every year, the entire (or most of) royal family shows up for the balcony appearance. Three Royal Colonels – Prince Charles (Welsh Guards), Prince William (Irish Guards), and Princess Anne (Blues and Royals) – rode horses in the parade, while Prince Philip (Grenadier Guards) and the Duke of Kent (Scots Guards) rode in carriages.

The Queen and Prince Philip Trooping

Also riding in carriages were Kate, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Prince Harry (looking good in his Household Cavalry uniform with his newly acquired Royal Victorian Order) in the No.1 Barouche, and Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie in the No.2 Barouche. Sophie and Prince Edward are usually in the third carriage, but they were in Sweden representing HM at the royal wedding of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist.

Kate Middleton and Camilla at Trooping

Kate ripped up her grandma’s couch and made a coat out of the fabric… I mean she wore an ivory and ice blue silk coatdress with a floral pattern from Catherine Walker, the “Astrid”. She topped her head with a white Lock & Company hat (the “Marisabel”, £895.00) that would look more at home hanging with Carl Philip and Sofia’s wedding cake than on Kate’s head. Kate wore her aquamarine and diamond earrings. I’m not a fan of this coat. The floral pattern is too busy. Oddly enough, I don’t mind the sci-fi donut hat.

Catherine Walker Astrid ivory and ice blue floral coatdress Lock & Company Marisabel hat

Camilla, on the other hand, looked fantastic. She wore a light green coat and a dark green floral patterned dress, paired with the hat she wore to William and Kate’s wedding in 2011. Camilla wore a pearl necklace and her diamond Prince of Wales feather brooch with an emerald drop. This whole outfit – jewelry, bag, and all – is repeated from Ascot 2013. This is my favorite outfit she’s ever worn.

While William and Kate traveled to Horse Guards Parade, Prince George and Nanny Maria watched from the window. George made faces, because he has more personality than both his parents combined. Oh, and I guess Will and Kate left Princess Charlotte with the other nanny or something.

Then George made his first balcony appearance (I’m still shocked they brought him). He also made a wardrobe change into the exact same blue suit William wore to Trooping in 1984 so that William and Kate could Single White Female Princess Diana AGAIN.

Seriously, they are actively trying to recreate photos from the Diana days. Now, I can understand putting your kid in hand-me-downs. If you have clothes you or your spouse used to wear as kids, then why not put your kids in it if it fits. Clothes are expensive and kids grow out of things so fast, it makes sense to put them in hand-me-downs. But actively recreating photos your parents took? That’s weird. And don’t give me that “royal continuity” line. A similar look and feel is one thing, but blatantly recreating a photo your parents (or parents-in-law) took is weird. Be your own people.

George William photo comparison

George is not as much of a squirmer as Princess Leonore, but he’s cute nonetheless. I love his little wave.

PS. I’m pretty sure the reason William and Kate stood on the left side of the balcony (rather than on the right where they usually stand) is so they could get this “Four Monarchs” shot – which includes one monarch, and three possible future monarchs.

PPS. Some Harry action (along with Beatrice and Eugenie who were both looking rather drab).

Photos: MOD Crown Copyright via Army in London Facebook / Catherine Walker / Lock & Company / Getty

155 thoughts on “Prince George makes first balcony appearance at Trooping the Color with Kate Middleton and Prince William

    1. HM looked tense/troubled whenever km is present there seem to be tension; some said km did not want to be at the Trooping (HM put her foot down).

      I prefer P George photos through the window with his loving nanny Maria. Outside PG seem staged although he enjoy the inclusion in what’s going on (curious), instead of hidden at AH.

      Some photos on other sites, grandpa ma POW/D Camilla, seem so close yet not connected with PG – even HM barely looked at P George (who seem not connected to his RF) – POW DoC kept looking as if they don’t see him, and making a memory of him. The others seem hands off stayed away – P’ess Anne, even Prince Harry is on the side with the Yorks. POW and Petulant (father son) seem different and off from his single days and the closeness with his dad and brother.

      It was nice the E*C Wessex children appeared without their parents; the Yorks P’ess Anne family/Zara… all seem close knit family.

  1. Remember when you said that George ruined Kate’s style and made her more mumsy? Well, Charlotte is a wrecking ball then. What on earth possessed Kate to wear that? It looks so granny-ish and even the granny in that family (Camilla and the Queen) have never been seen wearing that. The hat looks like a plate.

    How is this considered work? Ride in a carriage, smile and wave. Absolute nonsense. They should count “work” and “appearances” separately. Jeez.

    1. But granted all of Kate’s royal duties are more appearances than actual work. Really that goes for all of the royals, not just Kate. None of the royal really “work”.

      If this couch coat is any indication of the kind of style Kate is going to have now that she’s a mother of two, I’m worried. Charlotte may be the nail in Kate’s style coffin; the wrecking ball as you said. When a 60+ year old woman is dressing better, more stylish, more youthful then you know you’ve got a style problem.

      1. I think she refuses to take help.
        I wonder if she had a stylist in 2011/2012. Her dating year fashion was always quite dowdy, it got better around the wedding and now it’s back to dowdy. But to be honest, she was never this super stylish fashion icon.

        1. Kate had a good amount of outfits circa 2011/2012 that I really liked. Her dating years style-wise weren’t great. And now her style is boring.

        2. Amen – I fail to see where mags report on the great ‘style ‘of km… compare to the working glam Queens Max – Leticia – Raina & CPs Vic Mary, others.

      2. You said it, KMR!. What a bore Kate is. Fashion-wise and otherwise.
        The coat? Awful. Yes, looked like the fabric was ripped off an elderly woman’s sofa.
        She looked terrible! Camilla and HM looked far better.

        Little. PG looked just darling as he peered through the balcony door windows with his beloved Nanny Maria. Quite the little imp, he is! I agree that his changing into a Prince William flashback outfit was a really bad idea. What is wrong with W&K?
        For heaven’s sake, let Diana rest in peace. There are so many other ways to keep her memory alive. They don’t have to dress George like William, nor does Kate have to pull off the occasional, and annoying, Diana costuming, herself.

        BTW, I was away with my family all weekend and did not have the chance to view your wonderful coverage of the Swedish Royal Wedding in great detail. Will do so as soon as possible

        What a great job you are doing. How exhausted you must be, as well.

        Many thanks for all you do.

        1. It’s so weird that Kate tries so hard to recreate Diana through recreating photos and outfits, yet doesn’t try to recreate her work ethic at all.

          Thanks Mary Elizabeth! I hope you had a good weekend, and enjoy the wedding coverage.

  2. Can we discuss how awkward things between the BRF were on the balcony? Video –

    It was the lamebridge show and everyone else, including HM was ignored. Harry in particular was acting very strangely. Three years ago, he couldn’t shake flirty kate, now she is boxing him out. Somewaity must feel threatened by him.
    Charles chatted with will for all of fifteen seconds, andrew was talking to kate on the balcony. Besides that, they ignored the royals and the royals ignored them.

    Also, Kate seems suffocating. She was hovering over william’s shoulder the entire time. Chill woman.

    1. I thought it was interesting how the Queen and Prince Philip had Edward and Sophie’s son front and center while Kate was relegated to the back row. I thought it was very sweet of the Queen to bring James to the front as this was the first time he’s been on the balcony to my knowledge.

    2. Hovering is right – insecure/suffocating after 15 years.

      HM the RF seem tense whenever km is present. km cannot be good for HM DOE at their age (all that tension for their health) – DOE stay away and whenever HM is with the rest of her family – she is smiling relax compared to P*km the middiletons – quite the drama.

    3. am I the only one to not find anything wrong with the video?

      HM is ignoring everyone because she is front and center. This is her day. People came to see her, it would be weird if she keeps looking back just to chat with others.

      Kate is hovering near William because she is talking to George. Seems normal to me.

      Everyone else looks like they are just standing about; nothing amiss.

      Sweet of HM to lead James forward but then again, it’s been well known that Sophie has always been HM’s favorite.

      1. Harry was definitely off, he was acting distant and strange around kate, in particular, all day.
        Don’t you find it strange for someone who loves kids, Harry publicly keeps his distance? I feel bad for him in this respect. Hopefully he has a warm avuncular relationship with them, but I find it doubtful that his role extends beyond official baby gift accepter.

        As for kate, she was a little intense. Let william and george have this moment.

        1. I agree. It was a bit off. If Kate is going to SWF Diana, then she needs to look at the old pics of TTC. Diana interacted with everyone. The Kents, the Gloucesters, etc. And she even interacted with all of the kids. Kate was in her own bubble with Petulant snd Georgie. Yes she’s a mom, but she did not need to be Will’s third arm.

        2. Harry looked quite unhappy there. William wanted to stay in the back but Andrew urged him to step forward and Harry to step back. Kate was talking to George who wasn’t even looking at her. So it seemed to me, judging from the video link.

          1. The Duke of York wanted anyone of them to fill the front gap, hence why when William wasn’t moving forward DoY moved harry forward with his left hand if you have a look but Harry ended up moving himself back.

      2. I saw….Petulant did not want to get close to his dad POW – prince Andrew was telling Harry to stand by his dad but harry knew William should be in that (next to their dad PC) – then km move in to William so that Prince Harry couldn’t get close – leaving Harry to stand behind over to to the Yorks; DOE did not smile with km – both he and HM avoided km (rightfully).

        Prince Charles become King (not pass to another of HM Heir and or Prince Charles outlive HM) – PC may make changes to his Heir – as Prince Harry (POW PR Anne are from that era of great protection towards the monarchy with strong grannies QEl, Q Marry and his parents dedication to duty DOE QEll – strong women who lived for all things Monarchy survival). POW will do what is best to leave the Monarchy in a better place (appoint a new heir or even see passing on to Prince Edward and Sophia depending on his health – when the time comes.

        Sad to see how good a father Prince Charles was and the RF to both Prince William and Harry and how Petulant middleton is now behaving – Prince Charles was always there /protecting both sons guiding/supporting – first day at University etc, etc.) It’s also interesting and good, DOE HM doted on her grandchildren – young James S. and Lady Louise, Wessex instead of …

        Km carol middleton do not want Prince Harry around Will (part of the AH privacy/secret lifestyle/separation from the RF cousins) – you can see km block Harry from standing too close to Will/PG.

        1. Charles would never pass the title to one of his siblings. It will go to one of his children.

      3. Harry is smiling at 13:32 and in conversation with the DoE and DoY. PW and PC are having laughs and chatting. So is Princess Anne with Camilla. The weird vibes are around Kate. Esp. 13:49 – 13:59, maybe George was acting up.

        He is however not paying Kate or George any attention. Harry laughed with the Duke of York, he looks back to see what the Queen is commenting about, he even speaks to the people behind him but he’s not showing the warm vibes.

        There are photos of him earlier laughing and chatting with the York sisters.

        Very odd that someone who loves kids isn’t remotely bothered and interested when his nephew is right there.

        There also aren’t any photos of him with George at casual polo occasions too.

        Kate is def throwing Harry shade.

        1. “Very odd that someone who loves kids isn’t remotely bothered and interested when his nephew is right there.”

          Yes, this is very odd.

    4. I haven’t reached the balcony part of the video yet, but what a lovely assemblage of clips from the Queen’s life.

    5. Harry was acting very oddly. He was very subdued.

      Kate was “hovering” because she was talking to George the most of the time.

          1. When have we ever seen him throw a tantrum? His parents say he’s a handful, but that could be anywhere on the Richter scale from mild tremors to mother of all tsunami throwers. They’re first timers, what do they know? And if he’s never pitched a fit, by 2yrs old, I’d say there was something wrong with him.

          2. @Ray: George has hit another child in public, tried to grab a bilby’s ear, threw a toy bilby on the ground as soon as it was handed to him, made a ton of grumpy faces, and cried and screamed in public (at polo last year). I don’t know what is considered a tantrum, but he has definitely been grumpy in public.

          3. I wouldn’t classify any of that as a tantrum. A tantrum is brutal, my daughter threw her fair share. That’s where you see parents leaving full carts of groceries abandoned on aisle 2, because their little one is screaming themselves sick. When I hear tantrum, and I have experienced it, that’s what I think. Everything you’ve described is something young toddlers do when they’re learning boundaries etc. The crying at polo, well my kids did that when church went too long for their liking!

            I really don’t believe George is tantrumy. He seems pretty good natured and his funny faces appear grumpy, but from this behaviour description he’s absolutely no worse than any other child his age

    6. Watching the interaction between Kate and Charles during the 13-14 mintue marks in that video was very interesting. Not any warmth there and it seemed like Kate was trying to explain something with her hand in an open gesture to Charles and was rebuffed.

      Also, George didn’t turn to Charles at all. With his beloved grandaddy there you would expect a baby to be happy to see him and want to interact. I think it leads credence to the idea Charles doesn’t have much to do with George behind the scenes.

      My dogs show more excitement to see my father, with whom they spend the day while I’m at work, than George does with his grandfather. My dogs run into my parent’s house, down to dad’s man cave and up to my dad tails wagging wanting love. My eldest dog starts this excited whine as soon as we turn onto my parent’s street.

      1. The Cambs have stayed at Hghgrove before, and they did again after polo on Sunday, but it really is odd that George doesn’t seem interested in Charles at all. There are photos from polo where George walks right by charles and doesn’t look pay any attention to him. You would think he would if he was attached to his grandpa.

  3. OK, so I love Camilla – I think she’s great, but I’ve got to tell you there was some awkward atmosphere between Kate & Camilla all morning.

    I watched it live on the TV & in the carriage they barely spoke; on the balcony they barely spoke. At one point C nudged K & said something presumably amusing, as C laughed at the end if it. K stared straight ahead, gave a tight smile, and said nothing.


    1. Kate doesn’t seem to get along with the royals and you would think this would be a big mistake on her part. She seems to think she is untouchable.

      She was frosty with camilla last year as well.

      Go Camilla!

      1. Team Camilla as well – she looks and is great at her duties.

        Km seem more ‘mumsy’ (another post) now than a few hours after delivery in heels at Lindo Wing. Maybe the reports of HM call/order – Km*Petulant to move back to KP, give rise to the ‘mumsy’/gloomy look – compared to the day they drove away from KP to AH – happy as can be driving the Rover.

    2. Maybe her SWF ways won’t allow her to connect with Camilla. It behoove her to make friends with Camilla. Or maybe Carole told her not to.

    3. I don’t think Kate and Camilla have a good relationship. They probably don’t have one at all any more than being polite to each other when they see each other.

  4. I don’t like this look on Kate at all. I’m also pretty blah on the York girls too though. Isn’t George a full year older than Leonore? Now there’s a future wedding I would watch!

    1. George is 7 months older than Leonore. A wedding between George and Leonore would be great. I’d love to see that. I know they are just babies, but they both seem to have outgoing personalities. I hope they keep that up.

      1. Yes 😉 at their birth, my mind went there as well – but so much baggage with P George parents/ma carol/ the middletons; the SRF seem much more sane and traditional.

        1. Cute though they might be, I’d hate to see Leonore go from the loving embrace of the Swedes to being Kate’s daughter-in-law.

          1. That is true! I love Leonore (she makes me think of my l/o). I actually wouldn’t wish being Kate’s DIL on anyone really. But it would be a pretty epic wedding party assembled for a Sweden-England marriage! I hope that George and Charlotte end up being well adjusted kids in spite of the “defects” of their parents.

          2. Imagine how much more glamorous the Swedes would be next to the dowdy Windsors at a wedding. Those Swedish women know how to rock the royal tiara look.

          3. I guess it would depend on what type of wedding a George/Leonore wedding would be. Would it be the traditional English morning wedding, or the Swedish evening wedding? Since it’s George and he’s going to be King, and Leonore would be coming to England from Sweden, I’m guess a morning wedding. So no tiaras at the wedding.

  5. I love that Prince George was there. Hopefully this is the start of seeing a lot more of him as he starts to accompany them on certain appearances. We all know he’s the true star of the family!

    I love that hat in the color brown. The white version looks like a diaphragm to me.

  6. It’s been a very busy weekend for you KMR!
    Since you didn’t say about not to thread jack this post,:D, I will.
    The Swedish wedding was beautiful! Everyone looked great except for the center parted hair. I wish they had it styled differently. And of course Carl Phillip should have shaved for this day atleast! May be Sofia likes him more that way. All in all, congratulations to the newly weds.
    Now the granny coat. I couldn’t place my finger on what exactly it was but thank you for pointing out. Now I can enjoy my weekend knowing what it reminds me of, grandmas plastic covered couch!

  7. When I saw the pictures of Kate yesterday I literally said out loud, no, no, no, no, no!!!!! The pattern of the dress does look like an old sofa as KMR said and it is such an aging pattern that is then paired with a Peter Pan collar. I am not a fan of this one. I’ve seen the collections of some of the designers like Emilia Wickstead and Catherine Walker and most of the time I feel like Kate picks out the worst pieces! When your Mom dresses younger than you do it is time for an intervention!

    I thought the Queen looked beautiful as usual and I’m sure I’m in the minority but I actually liked Bea’s headpiece. It was different and made her seem somewhat demure, showed off her face and kept her hair from being all over the place.

    George was fantastic and it was nice to see Maria looking so joyful with him. I don’t ever recall seeing a picture of her like that though I’m sure it happens all the time behind closed doors.

    Finally the sour looks. I realize photos only capture a second in time so my interpretation could be completely off but most in the BRF, except for the Queen and Prince Phillip, need to learn to put their game faces on. I’ve heard them talk about “their private vs public selves” so when they are celebrating a happy occasion, smile for goodness sake. People have probably stood for hours to see you, put on a good show!! You can be dour behind closed doors.

    1. I agree with you, Bea looked very nice today. It seems like her and Eugenie wore colors similar to the Queen’s which was a nice nod to her birthday celebration. I liked Bea’s look, rather retro but it suits her.

    2. Yes, Kate seems to like the Peter Pan collar. It’s a youthful look, but not on a 30+ year-old woman. And it definitely doesn’t go with a fussy print. She’s an idiot.

    3. Kate needs a Peter Pan collar-tervention. That style of collar does not look good on a 30+ year old woman.

      1. Ugh, I know. Peter Pan wore Peter Pan collars less, mainly because the Peter Pan collar appeared only on him in the 1905 stage version. Even a fictional character quickly tired of it, Kate needs to let it go…

        1. Kate didn’t start with the Peter Pan collar thing until she was pregnant with George. I don’t know why being pregnant made her want to dress like a little girl with the Peter Pan collars.

          1. Maybe because she is a little girl! The idea that she was pregnant and was responsible for a child must have scared her to death. After all, she’s still pretty attached to Carole’s apron strings. The Peter Pan collar was probably her inner child crying out, “Mummy, Mummy, take care of me!”

  8. You know I’ve rather been enjoying W&K-free time lately, sorry to see it end 🙁 Unfortunately this look was not the one to make a comeback with. This coat dress is horrible, the fabric, the cut, the Peter Pan collar, all of it is yuck! And that hat seemed to take on a life of it’s own, it certainly didn’t compliment this coat dress but was just stuck on the top of her head, waiting it seemed to me, to fly back to the mother ship.

    After watching all the coverage of the Swedish wedding and seeing how well the SRF get along and enjoy each other, it was sad to see how disconnected the BRF are. The Cambridges keep themselves so separated from the rest of the royal family and it really shows in photos like this. I certainly can’t see this family passing George or Charlotte around like the SRF did with Lenore.

    I read somewhere that Prince Andrew actually set up the 4 monarchs photo after moving W&K&G over the left side of the balcony. Rather nice of him considering how much he and Charles don’t get along.

    1. I doubt many people in the BRF would care about holding George or Charlotte and calming them down. If G or C were acting up, the other royals would just give W&K dirty looks.

      1. Honestly, after the possessive hovering on the balcony + the hovering at the polo, I doubt Kate would pass G + C off to other members of the family no matter how much they played up.

        She barely tolerates William holding G, her children are HER possessions.

        1. Hm, that may be true. Kate does not have the best of relationships with the rest of the BRF so she probably wouldn’t trust them with her kids.

  9. William and Kate are probably SWFng everything because they DON’T have personalities. Seriously, neither of them have developed beyond their college days. They spent their formative adult years falling in and out of clubs, going on vacations and being catered to by her parents, breaking up, getting back together and doing the whole thing all over again. And despite having children, they still aren’t growing as adults because Kate’s mother is taking care of everything for them. It’s beyond ridiculous and I would not be the least bit surprised to find out that having George wear that outfit was a suggestion by Carole. That is a woman obsessed with Diana.

    1. I think so too. All of it. Now Carole needs to get Kate some bra protection because she was leaking out of her left breast yesterday….

      1. No. Seriously?? Well, that would explain her uncomfortable body language. Ugh, I know that feeling. Worst was being out in public, and then leaking through the breast pads because you could hear someone else’s baby crying. It’s all coming back to me, yikes!

    2. Lisa!! How are you?

      Very true about W&K not having much of their own personalities. They should stop SWF-ing and gain their own personalities.

      1. Thank you everyone for your wonderful thoughts and support! It is greatly appreciated! I came home from the hospital yesterday. My surgeon thinks I’m doing great. I only had one incredibly painful day when they switched me from the epidural to oral meds (and never want to feel it again) but after getting the pain under control I’ve been doing pretty good.

        Still sleeping quite a bit and trying to wrap my mind around some things and get used to living with this new addition to my life. Haven’t been commenting too much because I just have a little different focus right now. But it is great to read the posts and see what you guys think.

        The more I see of Kate now and how she seems to be stuck in one little girl mode, the less I think of her. She’s really going to have to take a giant step into adulthood, behaving as a responsible member of the royal family who cares about things outside of her life of luxury and flashing the ring to make me feel any differently at this point. If she just shows a modicum of trying to change, I’ll cheer her on, but right now I’m just very disappointed in the whole thing.

        1. Oh Lisa, aren’t we all. If she just wanted to be a posh stay at home mom, she married the wrong man. *shaking head*.

          Glad to see you back, as you can manage. Take care of yourself 🙂

        2. Glad to hear you’re back home and the surgeon says you’re doing great. Sorry to about the pain. I hope you heal and recover well.

        3. Hope you’re doing well, Lisa. Did they tell you how long the recovery time would be? I hope it’s not too terribly long.

          Re Kate: I’ll be very interested to see whether Kate actually develops into an adult now that she has a daughter or if she stays stagnant. I could see it going either way.

          1. KMR, my doctors are saying at least 6 weeks from my surgery before I can return to work. We’ll see how it goes.

        4. Lisa, you have been through a great deal. I’m glad your surgeon thinks you are doing well.

          Rest and take good care of yourself.

          I agree with all you said about Kate.

      1. Lisa! So good to have you back. How are you feeling?

        We were all thinking of you and wishing you well in many other comments.
        Nice to have your voice with us again. I loved what you said about

        Carole being the one who encourages the Diana comparisons. I think you are correct!!!!!!

        Here’s to your recovery and good health!

      1. Lisa!!! So good to have you back.
        How are you feeling? I so hope the surgery was a success and your recovery is moving along at a peaceful pace. Not too much discomfort, I hope.

        We have been thinking of you and sending out good thoughts!

  10. I thought Prince George was adorable, both while watching the Trooping and on the balcony. His nanny clearly has fun with him. We’re so used to seeing her po faced in public, but there’s love there. I wonder if one of the other women in the window is Charlotte’s nanny?

    The tension/awkwardness between the Cambridge’s and the rest of the BRF was marked. William seemed unconcerned by it, but Catherine looked uncomfortable to me. Almost like she was unsure of her place when she wasn’t glued to her husband. William and George are obviously very close. Not once did George reach out his arms to be held by his mother. The only time he did stretch out his arms (and this was soooo cute!) was to try to take Williams’s face in his hands, to get his attention. That little boy loves his daddy.

    It was nice to see them all, and I really do love Charles and Camilla.They are fun to watch, you can really tell they enjoy each other’s company, and take a keen interest in everything going on around them. A healthy sense of curiosity keeps a body young!

    1. Ray, I agree with you 100% about Waiting being uncomfortable She is only comfortable around Whingy and she looks it. She really does not get along with the rest of the family by the looks of it and they could care less about her.

      George was gorgeous though and he does love his Daddy!

    2. It really is nice to see that George seems to have a good relationship with his dad since the thought up until recently has been that William was largely absent from George’s life.

      1. Kate put it out that he was largely absent in the first 6mths.

        William may be one of those fathers who show interest once the early baby stages are over.

        It’s never too late to create bonds with children, so even if William was largely absent in the early stages, he could be present now that G is a toddler.

        Or the other thing where parent shows up to do the fun stuff like most weekend parents do. Kids tend to love time with fun parent even if they see them infrequently.

        1. Agreed, he must be around quite a bit. If William wasn’t a big part of his life, George wouldn’t be so comfortable with him. A toddler needs that familiarity on a regular basis. Otherwise, he’d have been reaching for his mom/nanny after a minute in his arms.

  11. Thanks for working overtime this weekend, KMR. All of your coverage, both of the wedding and Trooping, has been great.

    I’ll just say that it was nice to see James out on the balcony between his grandparents. He was cute as a button in his suit, and he seemed to have a very comfortable relationship with his grandmother. I’m perennially impressed by how Philip just keeps going and shows up for so much. He has his faults, but I respect him for his dedication to his job and for his devotion to supporting his wife’s role.

    1. I’d like to add my thanks too for all the wonderful coverage and updates. Not to mention being engaged with all of us and our opinions.

      1. May I add my Thanks too KMR. It has been fantastic to see the pics of the royal wedding and the trooping of the colour. Please go and have a good nights sleep.

    2. My goodness, yes, thank you!
      What a wonderful job you do and it’s time for a mini-vacation Even a day off, we will survive.
      Do some nice things for yourself.

      We love you!

  12. Thank you. I liked watching George’s face with the red arrows. Princess Eugenie looks very sophisticated in her dress. Much bolder in her choice of hat. It was good to see James on the balcony and his sister looked smart. It looked like William was talking more to George than Kate.

    1. George seemed to be talking a good amount during the balcony appearance. I’d love to know what he was saying.

  13. Just saw some pics from the polo match today. Kate’s looking very trim for someone who just had a baby 6wks ago. But, that transformation was entirely expected! She sure likes dressing George in blue…

    1. I think she looks exactly the same size she was when they left Wales. This is her normal weight when she isn’t trying to be skeletal. You can clearly see the normal girl thighs, waist and wrists. Compare these pictures to those pictures of her at Blenheim palace back in the dating days. She was this exact size.

      A few more weeks and she’ll diet away to nothing.

      1. She looks great right now; slim and healthy. It’s too bad if she feels the need to get clothes hanger thin again.

    2. She was the same way after George. Five weeks after birth and she was back to skinny jeans.

    1. I noticed that as well, Laurie, a one shoulder style, in what looks to be the same material as her wedding dress.

      1. I’m still puzzled by this wedding cake. Is the cake the saucer like things and the sea horse type things just decoration? Or the other way round?

        1. Looks like the donut pillows people sit on after a hemerroid operation. Definitely doesn’t look like the beautiful, mouthwatering confection it should. I was so disappointed 🙁

    2. Thanks, Lauri (And hope your anniversary was happy). The photos in the link are beautiful
      The couple just oozed happiness and love for one another. Beautiful!
      May they have a long and happy life together.
      The Swedish Royal Family is so loving and dear.

  14. The pictures online from the polo match today show a very different side to yesterday.. Several royals in attendance and Kate and George look sweet.. I like the pictures of the family when they are out and about like everyone else.. I think you get a true picture.

          1. The last picture on the link before the comments is the best picture on PG to date.. Playing in the grass.. Love it! Happy baby!

          2. Darling photos of George. When he smiles, he lights up the place!
            Does appear to have a cranky side, though. Many, many, many photos of a grimacing child!

            Kate, of course, is back to pre-pregnancy weight, allowing other new moms to feel so inadequate. Ugh.

        1. Kate looks like a pretty involved mom from these pictures. I’m sure she has help but probably she is good with PG behind the scenes. There is a lot to criticize Kate and the Petulant over, but they seem to be loving parents, even if they have lots of help. I hope I’m not proved wrong by some tell all book ten years from now.

          1. I hope they are loving. I still wince when I hear them complaining about George to the media. Maybe they just don’t know how they come off or fail to realize that their son could look up their complaints in the future. I hope they actually love him a great deal.

  15. My take:
    Prince William’s wife’s outfit – chosen to hide her figure that hasn’t returned yet – and her hair – which probably has roots showing. The hat also blocked her view of Camilla as she rode in the carriage. She was standing behind a queen and 3 future monarchs – none of whom should have moved one inch to let her be in front. And they did not. It is not about Prince William’s wife.

    George’s outfit – was worn by Prince Charles in official photos as well – with his mother (not sure if it was before or after she became Queen. Cecil Beaton took the shots). He’s the 3rd future King to wear the outfit in photos – he will outgrow it soon. The only thing the monarchy has going for it IS continuity – these are deliberate actions to create that “tradition”. What will be creepy is if it continues next year.

    Tension and Tiredness in Prince William’s wife – Read a take on another blog that perhaps not everyone is thrilled with PW wife for debuting a British Princess in Spanish knits, on a social networking site, taken by herself. The financial implications are that UK press lost advertising revenue, the garment industry saw a Spanish brand benefit in both profile and sales, and a photographer would have been able to further their career with the high profile work. All tax paying members and voters of the UK living under austerity measures. And that one does not imagine the royal family was delighted to see the help’s foreign family honored and featured all over the press. The Cambridges are pretty clueless about how their actions have consequences. It completely changed how I saw those posed photos and realized how an anti-monarchist can use them as an example of why William and Kate should not be put on the throne. And they might be right. William’s focus on animals in foreign countries and his wife’s dressing her daughter in foreign brands and releasing photos — honestly, what are they doing for the people of the UK? And if you start seeing stories like that in the press — well remember how the Cambridges and Kensington Palace thought they were clever giving Twitter the exclusive and ignoring the British press? The press have to fill content every single day… meanwhile expect more pap shots to recoup the losses.

    The Cambridges should have known better then to release photos of Charlotte in Spanish knits – but somehow they did not – and that is what is alarming. So you have to wonder – who decided that George should be dressed in his father’s outfit from 31 years ago? Charles’ people or the Queens – trying to do some image control?

    1. Richard Palmer was very unhappy that overseas media got first dips on “historic images”, calling it “a slap in the face for the British media”.

      When asked why he was upset he questioned if they’d be ok if the BBC had the State of the Union address before American outlets.

      The British media don’t publish the paps photos of George like foreign magazines do and kept the embargo KP set over the pictures unlike others so I can see why they were upset.

      Well, at least the British taxpayers seem to be appeased by his third appearance yesterday.

    2. Forgive me, LadyBllueRibbon, but please see the photos of Kate at the polo match. Her figure has returned and she doesn’t look like she gave birth only a month ago. The coat and hat she wore to the Trooping of the Colour were just plain ugly.

  16. KMR — in the interest of conversation — what do you make of Charles telling the press that Charlotte sleeps through the night — when the baby is six weeks old and needs to be on a regular night time feeding schedule? Is this another attempt to make the royal babies seem wonderful and perfect? Usually newborns don’t sleep through the night until 3 months. Now I’m sure Prince William’s WIFE is sleeping through the night – with nannies and night nurses handling the feeding duties with pumped milk.

    1. I thought it was very weird since she’s only 6 weeks (less when he said that) and that seems way too young to be sleeping through the night.

      1. She very well may be. My son started sleeping through the night around 5 weeks and has been a great sleeper ever since (he’s 2 now). Sleeping through the night is also defined differently for young infants, like Charlotte. “Sleeping though the night” from age 0-3 months is 5-6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. KMR- this is my first time commenting but I love your blog. Thanks for all your hard work!! I especially enjoyed all the coverage of the Swedish wedding!!

        1. Hi DuchessOfNaps!! Thank you for your kind words.

          My mom once told me that I was 5 months old before I slept for 5 straight hours. That’s where I’m basing my opinion on.

          It seems like Charlotte is the total opposite of George. George was a feisty monkey and Charlotte seems like a rather calm baby if she’s sleeping through the night already.

  17. Bea and Eugenie looked quite pretty. They just needed a brooch to make the outfit pop. Camilla looked radiant. I loved the POW brooch. Didn’t Diana wear the same piece as a necklace?

    Ok. For Kate’s look, I just can’t. She needs to cut 5 inches off her hair, ditch the Peter pan collar, wear an actual hat and stop wearing brocade. The outfit was hideous.

    Georgie reaching for William was sweet. I get the continuity and all, but the Cambridge family needs to create their own. Harry looked a little off too. For Harry, Charles and Camilla to be that close to George, they seemed so far away. The body language was sad.

    Kate showed up at the polo match in you guessed it – sprayed on jeans, boat shoes, striped tee, and sunnies. Granted, the shirt was darker this time. And George wore blue..again. The Philips’, Tindall’s, Harry and Charles was there. Kate did a lot of posing. But again, no real interactions. Zara got close to George, but that’s it. These photo ops aren’t working.

    1. That was my feeling as well- that Kate was posing. And there are no pix of her interacting with anyone from the RF. Actually she only interacts with George and even he doesn’t seem to reciprocate. All very interesting.

      The added weight suits her.

      1. She looks pretty with the added weight. She needed to let George roam free. He is almost two and doesn’t need his mom to helicopter over him.

    2. I loved Beatrice’s purple clutch.

      I thought it was odd that Harry, who loves kids, didn’t interact with George at all. And Charles, who claims to want to spend more time with his grandkids, didn’t interact with George either. Weird.

  18. (Going completely off topic for the moment)

    KMR!!! I don’t know if you’ve seen this but I found two very interesting GIFs of Will and Kate. I don’t know when they are from because the tumblr user didn’t specify anything but I think you will want to look at it.

    I suppose the GIFs are of one of Kate and Will’s visits to a hospice. For some reason Kate was opening the shirt of a patient (perhaps she was asked to that, I don’t know) and Will absently says “She is very quick at that [opening shirts]”. Kate gives him an outrageous ‘WILLIAM!’ look (imagine Kate saying it in a posh British accent).

    I found it really funny and I thought I’d share it with you. Leaving the link here if you are interested:

    1. The gifs are from July 2011 when Will and Kate were in Canada. It was the same day Kate flashed everyone her bum at the airport in Calgary. She is wearing the same yellow Jenny Packham dress. Is it bad that I know that just by looking at the dress?

      It’s kind of gross that he would make that joke, but then he’s shown he likes to make those gross TMI jokes, even with foreign dignitaries.

    2. William, why? Just why?

      I wish I knew why Kate was opening that guy’s shirt. The medical staff I know would not go for some random visitor doing that.

        1. I just checked, it is a test dummy that they were working on. William practiced CPR on it.

  19. I think it’s sweet that George wore the same outfit as William (and Charles?) but why is Kate wearing white and blue just like Diana did? I understand that the royals like to recreate moments but Charles and Diana’s marriage is not a happy union to emanate.

    In a few years time will we see them in Korea not talking? Because at some point they are going to hit the same life stage as when things went to s**t, and it’s going to be very awkward.

    1. I think recreating moments/photos is weird when done too much. And William and Kate do it too much. A few moments is fine. I didn’t mind when they recreated the Charles and Diana Uluru photo. But too many is too many. And as you said, why emulate a failed marriage?

  20. I enjoy your blog and the comments really add too but had trouble reading it today and wonder if it is the adverts. Each time I would try to read comments it would pop back up to the adverts.

    1. I was having that problem myself last night, but it doesn’t seem to be doing it to me today. Is it still happening for you?

      Edit: It happened to me again just now. I think it’s a specific ad that comes up. An video ad with baseball in it. Every time it does this that ad is showing. I don’t know what to do about it, but at least I now know that cause.

    1. Great news! The little boy waited for the wedding to happen!
      Here’s to Maddie, Chris, Leonore and the new baby!
      Thanks for the news. I bet he will be just darling!

    1. While I wouldn’t presume to speak for KateMiddletonReview, she has been wonderfully supportive of me and other bloggers. She has linked to my site in a few of her posts and has kindly answered some questions I have e-mailed her. Given how incredibly gracious she’s always been, I think you are probably in the clear.

      I thank you for your support of my blog, Halia, I was very touched to see that you had linked to it.

  21. Finally made it to this post. Still so much excitement surrounding the SRF 🙂 but now to Kate.
    My first thought seeing her was to wonder whose couch she had killed in order to wear that coat. Thanks for providing the answer KMR, LOL! It had to be her granny’s couch!

    Ugh, Kate needs to stop with the peter pan collars. On a 33 yr old mother of two it is starting to look ridiculous. That print is beyond hideous. The hat is bit odd but I’m used to that by now. I only liked her earrings. I think everyone in that balcony looked better than Kate, YORK girls included. Scary.

    I’m so glad George stole the show. So glad no one bothered/cared to photograph her hideous nude LKB sledge heels. Back to George, it is great to see he inherited some personality from uncle Harry 🙂 I sure hope he doesn’t grow-up to be a dull person like his parents. That picture of him with Nanny Maria is great. It is cool to see her let her guard down and enjoy the moment with the child as well. I first thought Kate was hiding behind W bc she hasn’t gotten down to a size 0 but later saw from the video they didn’t really care to pull her front and center. Hope she doesn’t start to resent her children from stealing the attention from her.

    Kate looks great with the extra pounds. Even younger. I don’t think it will last, but she looks great. I read somewhere that W would tease her and call her “chubby cheeks” when she was about this size back in her college years. Hope that isn’t true.

    Great way to end the post with that picture of Harry. Love him in a uniform 😉

  22. Kate looks disconnected!!! The whole things comes off very odd!!! It like no one knows how to react to PG on the balcony!!! Glad to see That Kate is back!!!

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