Kate Middleton and Prince George watch Prince William and Prince Harry play polo

Kate Middleton and Prince George watch Prince William and Prince Harry play polo

It’s that time of year again, folks. Time for the now-annual Cambridge Family Polo Photoshoot. This year, they were at the Gigaset Charity Polo Match at the Beaufort Polo Club. Prince George wore his signature blue, because I guess the Cambs don’t realize there are other colors in the rainbow. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wore her now-annual outfit of a 3/4 length sleeve striped shirt, skinny jeans, and boat shoes. Prince William looked like, well, Prince William. And Prince Harry looked like a hot Ginger Prince in his white pants. Oh, and Prince Charles showed up looking dapper in a tan suit.

Kate didn’t seem interested in actually watching polo and instead spent the time posing playing with George. Playing on a hill, playing with a tiny polo mallet, playing with polo balls. Zara and Autumn got in on the playing with George fun, too, when they weren’t busy playing with their own kids.

As I mentioned, Kate wore a very similar outfit to the one she wore last year. I guess this is her Polo Photoshoot outfit. This year, Kate wore a new navy and white striped ME + EM shirt with 3/4 length sleeves, the “Breton” top (£48.00). It’s the exact same shirt Kate wore last year just in a different color way. Kate wore a pair of skinny jeans and her ugly boat shoes she always wears (I guess she has no other flat shoes). She wore her Cartier watch and no earrings.

George wore a blue sweater, blue shorts, and blue crocs.

My dearest Catherine: I know that George is a boy, and blue is for boys, but there are other colors in the rainbow that work just as well for boys as blue. While I don’t think there is any problem with boys wearing pink or purple, I understand you not wanting to draw criticism from people who would think negitively of you for dressing a boy in “girl colors”. But why not red, orange, yellow, green? There are a lot of hues of these base colors that would look fabulous on a little boy. Please consider all of these other glorious colors when shopping for clothes for George in the future. George is a cute kid, but he doesn’t always have to be dressed in blue. Your most humble servant, KMR.

Is she scolding him here?

I don’t want to be a jerk, and I know Kate only gave birth six weeks ago, but I know several of you are probably thinking this so I’ll take one for the team and go ahead and say it: If Kate can take several hours away from Princess Charlotte to get her photo taken at a polo match, why can’t Kate take a few hours away from Princess Charlotte to get her photo taken at one of her charities? Or even the Order of the Garter ceremony which she did not attend today.

Joining the Cambs and Harry at polo were the Phillips clan. Zara Phillips Tindall and her husband Mike Tindall brought out Mia Tindall (above), and Peter Phillips and Autumn Phillips brought out their daughters, Isla Phillips and Savannah Phillips (below).

You know what would have been really awesome? Seeing Prince Charles hold Prince George. Or even just interact with him in any way at all. In all of the photos I saw (in articles, on Getty, on Rex) not one of them included Charles even interacting with George. The most there was was Charles looking down at George as he walked by. Charles interacted more with both Zara and Isla Phillips.

Charles with Isla Phillips:

Charles with Zara:

Below is the hilarious cover of the Daily Mail featuring the headline, “I fear I’ll never see my boy again”, juxtaposed with a photo of George trying to get away from Kate. Ah, man, the layout people at the Mail are hilarious.

Kate and George unfortunate Mail cover

For your Prince Harry enjoyment:

180 thoughts on “Kate Middleton and Prince George watch Prince William and Prince Harry play polo

  1. Thanks for the Harry photos!
    I am so glad Kate was able to go to the polo without suffering an allergic reaction to all those horses. BTW, who goes to an outdoor event wearing a very expensive watch and a very valuable ring? The same person who dresses a toddler in cashmere? Yes, that cardigan is cashmere!

    1. Cashmere for playing outside at a polo match? The hell? Who does that? Clearly not a practical mom.

      1. Love to see there are people who think this is nuts — people on another site were oohing and ahhing over his attire (as they always do)

        1. I just looked up what sweater he was wearing and the cashmere sweater costs “from £64.00, to £84.00”. That is one hell of an expensive sweater for a toddler to wear to an outdoors event where he’s playing in the grass and dirt.

      1. Whether she is wearing the ring or not is a big tell about whether she knows she’s being photographed or not. When paps catch her in truly candid photos, she’s not wearing it. When it’s staged “candid” photos, she’s wearing it.

    2. She wears her ring on occasions she knows the paparazzi will be there, otherwise they might start asking why she isn’t wearing it and start a Will and Kate divorce rumor.

      She doesn’t wear her ring when she’s out shopping because it is huge and easily recognizable; people might see it and blow her cover.

      1. But it’s just the engagement ring. As long as she’s wearing the wedding ring it should be fine. Also, William doesn’t even wear a ring. I kind of think it’s a bit sexist for Kate to have to wear her wedding ring or else divorce rumors when William doesn’t ever wear a ring at all.

      2. She wears her ring when she goes shopping,but with the stone turned inside her hand.

        She’s been papped or video-ed shopping where she suddenly realises the paps are there and she turns the ring stone upside from inside her hand so that it is clearly visible.

        It’s hilarious how often she does this.

        When in doubt, count the bands on her hand. She wears 3 rings at all times, wedding, engagement and her eternity ring. Always.

  2. The striped Breton shirt(s) paired with jeggings is Kate’s “sporty” uniform. Gah. Could someone theorize for me why Kate wears so many items with three quarter sleeves? Has anyone else ever noticed? She wears three quarter sleeves about, what, ninety percent of the time. Why? Does it have something to do with her long torso?

    This polo match was in Tetbury. I wonder if the Cambridges stayed at Highgrove. Also, as Celebitchy notes, a housekeeper has finally found for Anmer. Our long national nightmare is over!

    1. It’s an awful uniform KM as member of the RF to wear in public. It’s also the same colour and wear at P George first Father’s Day Polo visit a year or so ago – Yuk! and why is George mainly dress in blues – so many other beautiful boy designs for toddlers.

      The middeltons (km Carol) surely know how to ‘hang on’ stay glued to someone. Km would not unglue herself from P George -that he could walk or hang out with his grandfather Prince Charles.

      Prince Charles could be lovely- walking, being alone (as he seem ready to…), with his grandson George – explaining Polo the history with the royals, instead km stayed glued to PG, playing with him rather than allow George to be loose with the rest of the Royal children waiting to interact with him.

      The same in the Trooping video – Prince Harry seem so sad on the balcony – staring at Petulant and George – and could not reach out or hold his nephew (as his father… who provide all P*km pampered luxury lifestyle). In the balcony video – P Harry kept looking at P with George that his grandfather, DOE try to distract Harry from his sad yearning (the Yorks’ saw Harry too…but stood with Harry). It’s as if the royals must hands off to Prince George/Charlotte – while km carol and middletons allowed: do the middletons realize km marry into the BRF…?!

    2. Hi Red Snapper, I have been so worried for you and all the British people and am so glad that your long, national nightmare if finally over. Now you can finally get a good night sleep!

      1. Actually, I’m Canadian, but I considered the Cambridge getting less than five star service to be an international crisis. Sorry for the confusion. My bad.

        1. Well you are still part of the Commonwealth and lucky you Kate is your future Queen 🙂 You are right about this being an international crisis though and I’m glad you came through alright.

    3. I wear 3/4 sleeves a lot. I also own about 10 striped tops. I think stripes are super practical with young kids (hides stains) and they look cute. I buy 3/4 sleeves because I can wear them most months of the year. I think she wears them to balance out her weird torso.
      I actually like this outfit. I have a lot of the same top in a couple different colors. It’s just practical. I hate the shoes, but overall I think this is a great outfit for the event. It would be nice to see her and George in other colors. I like to match my son too, but they do make toddler clothes in other colors besides blue. Don’t know why she can’t branch out to red or gray or something. But overall this is a win for her, not that the bar is that high 🙂

      1. I can understand why you like the striped shirts and buy many, but I’m guessing your clothes budget is less than Kate’s, and I doubt you are photographed by the international press. She has an unlimited budget and she knows she’s going to be photographed….why not put some imagination into her selections? She doesn’t have to worry about hiding stains. Oh, I give up…she just irritates the hell out of me.

        1. Good point! She has access to the best stylists and clothes. It would be nice to see her mix it up sometimes. I’m guessing she doesn’t wear anything that isn’t Carole- approved. And no I’m not being photographed by the international press 🙂 I would probably up my game if I was!!

        2. Hi Dag!

          I think it’s interesting that Kate knew she was going to be photographed any yet still chose this outfit. Why does she purposefully chose an outfit that 1) is the same outfit at the same type of event as last year, and 2) looks so budget? Is she trying to look like the “every mom” or something?

          1. Hi KMR! I wish I could answer that question. Seriously…what can possibly be going through her so-called mind that she would think” it’ll be fun to wear the same outfit!” ?

          2. I think that’s just it – she wants to appeal to the masses and seem like she’s just another mom. What a farce.

          3. It’s also been reported that she doesn’t like people copying what she wears so maybe wearing a uniform of sorts makes her feel like the likelihood of people wearing the same thing diminishes.

          4. Margo: That’s completely possible and makes sense. Both she and William want to be seen as “normal”.

            Bluhare: But wouldn’t wearing something that is so similar to something she already wore make it *more* likely that people will copy what she wears? Because they already did the whole “copyKate” thing a year ago? Also, why does it bother her so much for people to wear the same thing she wears? And if she is so bothered, why does she continue to buy things from retailers where anyone with enough money can buy the same thing?

    4. Maybe it has something to do with arm length and preference. I have short arms, so if I don’t get a shirt in a petite size, the sleeves are too long. I also can’t stand long sleeves and always roll them up anyways. 3/4 length works for me, if I want sleeves, but want the shirt to fit in the arms.

    5. I wear a lot of 3/4 length sleeves and it’s definitely because I have a long torso, so I bet she does too. I have a very similar physique to Kate (although I’m an inch shorter and more small boned than she is) and I prefer the 3/4 sleeves for a variety of reasons, one of the main ones being I don’t have to roll up sleeves when I want to do stuff and another being that with my shoulders, it softens them. Shoulder pads would make me look like a linebacker, so I get the reasons she wears them too. I just think I look a lot better in them than she does. 😀 😀 When dressing to impress, I like to emphasize my legs and tiny frame and draw attention away from my long torso and broad shoulders.

  3. Little Mia is adorable. Harry looked great!
    Georgie is precious and Kate is annoying.
    Sad that PC is so removed from W&K and the children.
    Something certainly is amiss.

    1. Yes, agree. Really annoying and insecure…. POW need to take charge and put his foot down – the middletons including Petulant need to be reminded – Prince George/Charlotte belongs to the BRF- HM/POW (who provide all Petulant wealthy pampered luxury lifestyle).

      As the post above – A Hall household expense just went up, a new Housekeeper (former to Prince Haakon, Norway) is added to POW Duchy expense… 2 large household/a Palace for 2 adults and 2 children under 2!

      Km need to be performing duties instead of playing with and holding George, who looks like a 4-5 year old toddler. By giving back quality time to the people/Charities – and not only to fun events – Museums – wealthy University.

      1. It’s odd that at both the Trooping of the Colour and at the polo match, none of the other royal family members interacted with George. I can maybe understand on the balcony, but in a relaxed atmosphere like the polo match, it just seems odd and that Will and Kate are pretty aloof around his family (especially Charles and Harry).

        1. I agree. It’s sad, isn’t it?
          Something is very wrong there. William is isolating himself and his wife and kids from his Royal Family.

        2. Especially since Charles supposedly wants to spend more time with the grandkids and Harry loves kids and claims to want his own. Both of them have access to a child to fulfill a need they have, so why not take advantage of it?

      2. The kid looks much older than 22 months. Something is strange about him; facial expressions, hair style, clothing, not adorable at all. Mia is.

  4. My mom checked a copy of Kate The Future Queen (I think that is the title) out of her library for me. Thumbing through it, I had to laugh and laugh and laugh. Nothing is said at all as to who Kate really is. I guess she is to remain a mystery on purpose. She and Will come across as more than dull. It’s actually sad how unexciting they are.

    I recall someone mentioning the book in another thread on this blog, but don’t remember who it was. I believe I recall lit being said that if you read between the lines, you could see the author was occasionally not so ga-ga over Kate. I don’t know if I picked that up. Again, I just scanned the book. Sooooo boring!

    Has anyone else read it?

    1. So agree a photo of Prince Charles and his grandson George would have been lovely. Even without his interacting with Mia, Isla – we all know PC was hands on with his sons. In some shots, km ignored royal daughter Isla (Peter’s child)… as if she should not get close to her and George.

      Zara too is really beautiful (it seem inside out) – look how she is with uncle Charles – just lovely as Prince Harry is (protector of his dad /the Monarchy).

    2. (post above out of place)… but have not seen the book – just the tile is a turnoff; what is there to write a book – over a decade of clubbing- drinking -smoking – late night drunkenness; not a good example for later years, we can expect a lot of ‘play’ by P George and sister.

      1. Hi, Doolittle,

        Most of what I read does not say anything about her clubbing and swears she is not a drinker, nor was one. It’s basically all about the “Wait.” How she and Will played house together while in college and how she kept hoping the proposal was imminent, when it was not. Carole also comes off as a dear and wonderful Mum.

        One of the most nauseating parts of the book tells a merry story surrounding the Cat Walk she took in the college fashion fundraiser, sporting that see-through dress. At the last minute, knowing it would help garner more funds for the charity, she tossed aside the shawl that was set to cover her and made that famous walk!

        Afterward, William took her off in a corner to romance her. Every time, he tried to kiss her, she would not have it!

        Maybe, this book belongs in the Fiction section. Not in the Biography area of the library.

        1. Kate only modified her see-through dress so that it would get more for charity, and I’m George Washington.

          Really, did they explain how that was supposed to work?

        2. I call BS on Kate not being a drinker. William himself said Kate could drink him under the table.

        3. Hi, I think you were referring to me. I was the one who brought it up last time.

          It was mentioned explicitly in the book that Kate took off the top part of the outfit because she heard William was out in front.

          1. The designer of “the dress” said it was a skirt. Was it Kate’s decision to wear it was a dress?
            Oh yuck!

          2. Cathy, yes it was supposed to be a two pieced thing with an apparently hideous knit top and see through skirt. According to the book, when Kate heard William was in the front row, she ditched the top last minute and hiked the skirt up.

          3. No, according to the book, Kate did know that William was in the audience, but ditched the top in order to make more money for the charity that the fashion show was raising funds for.
            Yeah, right?
            I’m telling you, the book is as sickening as its subject.

            And, hi, J, I guess you and Ray are the posts I was initially referring to.

          4. I have heard before that the “dress” Kate wore was actually a *lined* skirt, but Kate took out the lining and turned it into a see-through dress.

            Mary Elizabeth, Nicholl may have said Kate did it to raise more money for charity, but that may not actually be true.

          5. I’ve got that book, and I do not recall that wearing the skirt as a see through dress was a charitable endeavor. My recollection is that it was because William was there and, you know, Kate’s naturally arty self.

            That book wasn’t as adoring as I was expecting, actually. She clearly showed how Kate followed William around and just missed him on the gap year — including going to Florence which William had been scheduled to do and then cancelled.

          6. The designer of the dress has told this story repeatedly such that if they are going to tell lies about it, perhaps the middletons should look to paying her something to silence her.

            The designer says the skirt was lined, it was Kate’s idea to remove the lining and to wear it as a dress and wouldn’t wear it differently.

    3. That was me, Mary Elizabeth! And yes, the second time I read it, I got the feeling that KN was “speaking out of both sides of her mouth”. Anybody else get that vibe from it? Might just be me, haha

      1. Hello, Ray,

        Thanks for the reply.

        Can you remember any examples of the writing that made you feel that way?

        One of the things that amazed me was how little depth the authore gave on so many aspects of Kate’s life. She quoted one of Kate’s college profs as saying that Kate’s final project was excellent. But, then, we never heard what subject Kate pursued in that project, or what made it excellent.

        As I said, I skimmed the book, looking for any possible insight into K&W and got so angry when there were none. Obviously, it was meant to be that way.

        When is the tell-all book going to come out?

        1. Ok, well chapter 4 – A Change of Heart, for example. Read it, then really read it again. KN is over the top sweetness and light at first glance, but she included some interesting testimony from the staff at Marlborough. Also, when she covered Kate’s summer job at the Ocean Village Marina.

          I don’t know, I feel like KN brought many things to light throughout the book, in a way that seems copacetic to the Middleton’s, but at second glance, isn’t. Many of those comments could have been excluded, but it seems like she wanted readers to know these things, and draw their own conclusions. Maybe I’m just looking for zebras, but I really got a different vibe when I read The Future Queen again.

          I also believe that William and Kate were much better acquainted before they crossed paths and connected at St. Andrews…

          1. W&K met during their school years. Fact, Kate had a friends that was in the Glosse Posse.
            They met for the first time through mutual friends from Marlborough in the summer of 1999 at Highgrove.



            They weren’t friends but William definitely knew who she was when he saw her at St. Andrews. He didn’t randomly pick her out of a group of girls at University as someone to hang out with, he knew her as a friend of a good friend of his.

          2. Ah, well, there you go. KN does make reference to the fact that they’d met “once or twice”, but I feel like they knew each other better than just acquaintances of mutual friends. Their lives ran very coincidental paths for the couple years prior to Uni. I do believe her motives at that time were guided by the desire to be closer to William. Sounds like many young ladies did that, and Kate emerged the victor. Her campaign was very successful!
            We’re forever being told to set goals, reach for the stars, work hard for the life we want…I’d say that’s what she did, with a little help from mamala coaching on the sidelines! Somewhat mercenary, but dang, they were focused 😉

          3. It has been interesting to read your discussion concerning the book. I am very intrigued. I am glad this book was not quiet as adoring as others have been of Kate. They can get so nauseating.

          4. Hi, Ray,

            Wull take your advice and read chapter 4 once more.
            On first glance at the book, I felt it was way too sweet and complimentary of Kate, but perhaps, the author does have a different way of looking at things and wants to make readers think. I doubt the sugars will take it as anything but complimentary, though.

            Interesting, as posted above that W&K had met twice before college. And, yes, Ma Middleton and Kate set out a trap for William and never deviated in their pursuit of him.

            How damn stupid can William be? Truly!

          5. Hi,, Ray:

            Finally have had the time to look at KN’s book again.

            As you suggested, I read Chapter 4 and realized that I had read the first few pages and skipped over to other sections as I was bored.

            I see what you mean about some of the things the author did include and I’m glad you pointed out this chapter to me.

            I found it so funny that the author mentions how Kate wore really short shorts when she was working on a boat one summer. This was not mentioned only once, but TWICE. Short Shorts!

            Seems like Kate has a history of being an exhibitionist.

            Of course, as I look through the book again, I need to see if the flashing incident in Canada and the one during the NZ-Australia trip were mentioned. I don’t recall if they were, but I want to make sure.

            Much was made of the paps taking photos of the topless sunbathing Kate and all the fuss that was made really glorified Kate.

            Still think the book is heavily into the praising of Kate Middleton for doing little than wait and wait and wait for Will to pop the question, but Chapter 4 was more intriguing than my initial glance at a few pages showed.

            Thanks for the heads-up!

          6. @mary elizabeth

            about those shorts and those flasher tendencies

            “‘She was competent, she did her job, but the thing about her that stood out was her legs and those shorts.

            On the boat, it was a case of: “Kate, please scrub the floors” – but sometimes it was: “Kate, would you mind not standing by that hatch when you are serving because it’s a bit revealing for anyone below deck.” ’


            Either she’s always been clueless or she’s always wanted to flash people… Passive aggressive (playing by the rules but not really) or insecurities at play or confidence in the body she works so hard for, I don’t know.

      2. KMR, I can truly see Kate doing what you said and just to land William. Perhaps, there was no charity associated with this Fun – Raiser.

        Ma Middashian must have led her on in this endeavor.


        1. Hi, Gie:

          I’m going with the Kate is an exhibitionist.

          The dress flying up in Canada was one thing. Then, it happened again on the Aussie/NZ trip. And, all the times her skirts have blown up during her walk-abouts. This woman knows she ihas great legs and wants the world to see them. I don’t think she is clueless.

          If Diana had done those sort of things, do you honestly think the Queen would have laid down the law? Kate gets away with murder because the Royals feel guilty about Diana and because they want to make amends to William –and I guess, Harry — for the loss of their mom.

  5. Being a mom myself, even during the best of outings, I would like it if anyone from the family can watch my kid for a few seconds if not minutes to relax and enjoy being outside especially after taking care of two kids under two! Well i am surprised she didn’t let her son interact with his grandpa.

    1. I agree Michelle, I am a Mum too and at that age, you can let them play with other kids, yes you keep an eye on them and don’t leave them, but you do give them some space and don’t smother them. I also love it when people from the family watch my daughter when we are at a family gathering, it is great and they enjoy it too.

      1. I’m not even a mom and I know that it’s perfectly fine to let your kids play with other kids, especially their cousins. It’s not like Kate was keeping him from strangers, it was his cousins that were there to play with.

        1. Do we know for sure Kate kept George away from everyone the entire time?
          Like, do we know these hundreds of photos aren’t just documenting about 20 minutes’ worth of a 2 to 2 1/2 hour day out? I thought I saw him with Zara.

          1. Agree, Stephanie. We only see the shots that make the most money – Kate w/George. The photogs don’t snap everything – they’re there to make money, not to provide an accurate record of the day.

            Important to remember that.

          2. After the whole “who’s keeping PG away from PC”/”is he being kept away” fiasco that went on recently, which publication wouldn’t jump on a photo of PC with PG?

            There were a few solid articles about this so which photograph would be ignorant enough not to take a photo editors would no doubt love so they can continue the debate.

            Especially after the best they could do last time was a freeze frame shot from a video PC released, where they zoomed into the photo of him and PG in the background then went on to speculate on his age at the time of the photo.

          3. I looked through several different photo sets, not just what the press printed, and did not see George playing with other children. Zara was bent down him in photos, and Autumn played with him on the hill, but mostly he was either playing by himself or with Kate.

            Stephanie and RoseGold: You are right that the photogs may not have shot everything, but from the photos that were available, George did not interact much with anyone other than Kate.

            Gie: That’s what I thought, too. One of the biggest money shots would have been Charles and George interacting. The press would have printed that photo had it existed.

          4. The royal photographers are always at William and Harry’s polo matches. The Midds didn’t call them for this specific one.

        2. It is rather odd that there was no interaction between PG and his cousins. If there had been, I am sure it would have been photographed.

          Little ones love interaction with slightly older kids and kids of Autumn’s age would be drawn to a tyke like PG.

          It’s really strange that there is no seeming connection between these children. I am sure if/when Pippa has kids, PG and PCharlotte will be all over them.

          Why is William so disconnected from his family? Obviously, Kate is following his ways.

  6. Well the DSJ (dreaded skinny jeans) are back! It was nice to see Kate and George playing and having fun together. There was a short video on DM (I think) that showed Kate greeting Zara with a hug and kiss, but I wish we could have seen Charles and Harry interact with George.

    I have to say I like seeing Kate with a few extra pounds on. It fills out her face nicely and in the long run would be much healthy for her, so I hope (against hope) that she doesn’t lose too much more weight.

    1. about her weight: actually it´s a terrible thing to judge about another womens body, BUT here I have to say something. Evereybody notices that she is still fuller in her face and how lovely that looks. I think so too, but has nobody noticed how her postpartum belly disappeared in 6 weeks??? Why??? No mother, inculding me, I know had lost her weight/ Postpartum belly within this short time! That for sure is unhealthy, especially when you´re breast-feeding, you should not loose extra weight. It´s sad for Kate, that she just behaves like a paper-doll, always trying to look perfect- which is just exhausting. And we judge about her in these issues, thats not fair. It´s not because I like her, it´s because it´s a unhealthy for women to think to have someone to appeal to. We should not encourage that, if we don´t want ourselves beeing judged by the next bunch of girls, making fun of our hair, clothes, nails,T-shirts, hair-colour, hand-bags or whatever.
      We should concentrate our critiscm more on her behaviour and her decisions, which show her lack of character and personality and analyze, why the british people would want to have somebody like her to be a Queen or King Consort, a spoiled and immature girl, pampared by her mother! Here in Germany nobody understands, that thousands of people cheer to a person like William or George, who has done nothing but be born in a royal family. No achievmenets just birthright, and then being hooked by an immature women, who behaves like a limped to her husband or her mum. Only headshaking here. Sorry for having such a long post!

      1. In general i agree with you, but i was flat again after both pregnancies about 3 weeks after giving birth, even though i unfortunately never do sports. And im for sure not he only one with such genes, its nothing miraculous. Every women is different. No idea what or what not Kate has been doing obviously, but such general statements are kind of difficult. By the way there is also pix around showing her from the side, where she clearly still has a tummy, in case this makes anyone happy.

        1. Let’s not forget that the camera adds about 10 pounds of weight, so while I think Kate looks better with more weight on her frame, she is no lightweight.

          It’s obviouis by her choice of fabric friendly tops and jeans, too, she is very, very interested in looking like she never gave birth. I see her as vain and
          a woman who never embraced the beauty of pregnancy and the wonders of having children, too.

          Yes, there are days when a pregnant woman feels bloated and uncomfortable and just plain ugly, but the majority of time, one is just so overjoyed by the miracles of pregnancy.

          Maddie seems to have enjoyed every aspect of both her pregnancies. Perhaps, it is unfair to compare the two women, though.

      2. I am not a mom, but I have heard several women say that breast feeding actually causes you to lose weight quicker because it takes a lot of calories or something. Don’t know how true that is.

        1. Very true. That is, indeed, the secret to quick postnatal weight loss: breastfeeding! I’m not “Kate-thin”, but I lost all my pregnancy weight within a month or two, so it does work, even if you’re not particularly exercising.

    2. I would not be surprised to learn Kate is wearing spanx. And is wearing a loose shirt for a reason.

      In one photo of her and Will with George, her lower abdomen is sticking out like a food baby.

      Ehh. Maybe I know too many tall, slender people who never got huge during pregnancy and looked good afterwards.

      I don’t think there is a problem.

  7. It didn’t look to me as if she was posing in those pictures. They looked like a mom and her toddler having fun. Had she dressed more stylishly she would gave been criticized for trying too hard. She dresses casually and she is blasted for that. It’a no win situation for her so I hope that at least she is happy with her clothing choices.

    1. I love seeing her dress casually when out enjoying a family day, it’s just that she wore the same outfit last year. I’m pretty sure she has more than one pair of jeans and one shirt she could wear.

        1. No. The shirt she wore to polo last year looks to be the same shirt she wore to volleyball in 2013. This year the colors are different – reversed. This year the navy strip is bigger than the white strip, whereas last year and volleyball the white strip was bigger than the navy strip.

          1. My god, how many striped tops does she need that all look the same but are from different designers?

          2. I think Kate is dressing like that because she has no imagination, that’s why most of her outfits look blah and have no personality.

    2. The reason I believe people think she was posing was because she made sure she was attached to George ALL the time. And she also made sure to play with him the entire time. Kate knew she was being photographed, so she wanted to make sure she came across as a hands on mom, especially with an extended maternity leave.

      Now, that is not to say she is not a hands on mom. And I am sure she adores George, but with these photos, she just made sure she is always photographed with him. With that much family around and other children to play with it is unusual to not let him go off and play. Who knows, maybe she did let him go off and those photos aren’t being shown. But that is why some people think it is ‘posed’ and not natural. Like Kate playing with George down in Sydney in the backyard of where they were staying, those were natural since she didn’t know she was being photographed. But people naturally change when they know they are being photographed and people are watching them. Kate is no different.

      1. Well said! I agree.

        I loved the photos of Charles with Zara and little Isla. Sad, there are no pictures of
        him with PG!

    3. The reason I joked that she was posing in the pictures is because these pictures aren’t actually candid. She knew the photographers were going to be there when she decided to attend the match. She knew they were photographing her the entire time she was there. So while she is not on an official engagement, these pictures aren’t candid either. That’s why joked that she posed with George instead of played with him.

      I’ve seen a lot of people have good casual style. They aren’t too dressy, not trying to hard, they are casually dressed but still look good. If Kate had better taste in jeans and shoes, and had worn a nice colorful shirt, she would have looked great. And no, she wouldn’t have been criticized for trying too hard.

      Additionally, the reason people are criticizing this outfit in particular is because other than the variation on the color of the shirt, she wore this exact outfit last year.

  8. A photo of Charles talking to Kate whilst Harry squats down talking to George, is available.
    First pic of H&G!

        1. Ah. Yes, I saw photos of William bending and crouching to talk to George. But I looked on multiple places and did not see either Charles or Harry interacting with George.

        1. Oh cool. I didn’t see that photo when I went looking earlier. I still think it’s a shame there wasn’t more interaction.


          I’m posting the link to the actual photo here because your link it to the tumblr in general and once they post more stuff the Harry photo will get lost in back logs. So I’m posting the link so we can find it easily later if we want to.


          1. Oh, thank you for posting the link to the photo.
            Look closely at Kate’s hand in the picture. Much tension there.
            As if she is upset that Harry is interacting with George, or as if she just doesn’t like Harry (anymore)!

            Anyone else see that?

          2. @Mary Elizabeth: Kate is pulling up her pants in that photo. That’s why her hand is in that position.

    1. Yes that’s the photo I’m talking about. On the uncropped version, Charles is talking with Kate.

  9. The photo of Harry on horseback with his arm raised in excitement showed a nice bit of skin when his shirt rode up. A far better sight than Kate’s Volleyball incident intended to show her flat tummy so soon after PG arrived into this world!

    Go, Harry!

    1. RHIANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure you cover Harry with Sunscreen ALL over, we don’t want him getting sunburnt

  10. What a difference a day makes. At the Trooping Kate seemed tense and not her normal smiley self. Than the next day at the polo match she is lively and playful. So odd the difference. Just makes me think she really does not care for her Royal duties. She seems so bored doing them. Maybe I am reading too much into it, but that is how she comes across to me.

    And KMR you are right. She has no problem leaving Charlotte 2 days in a row, but God forbid the idea of leaving her for an hour to visit a charity! That is asking way too much.

    1. It really says something about Kate that she’s willing to leave Charlotte for hours to go to a polo match but wants to take a longer maternity leave this time to focus on Charlotte. Clearly it’s not about taking care of the baby, it’s about getting out of royal duties.

        1. Let’s be honest Kate’s engagements aren’t that involved. I agree with you when it comes to other royals.

          Compare her engagements to Camilla or Sophie… There’s no fluff, they make comments on issues like medical care, sexual assault, the economy (Andrew) and complex social issues (PC, Harry), even William. Impromptu Q&As and statements without notes/speech cards, which show they have some idea of what’s going on in the field.

          During her engagements how often does she speak about her causes or answer questions on the work being done or the need? I know of only one occassion, in 2011 on a UNICEF engagement with William, Princess Mary and Prince Fredrick.

          Kate has an Art History degree but not once on any one of her numerous gallery appearances have we learnt anything from her, about their importance, the exhibitions, or the specific art she’s just seen – not even when there was an on-going dispute about the ownership of one of the paintings she viewed.

          We’re not talking about her giving speeches every engagement, just simple Q&As that show she knows why she’s there and what’s happening. She doesn’t do any of that, just a speech during one engagement once a year, and one on tour… So there’s not a lot that’s being demanded of Kate.

          If she’s an introvert I can understand that speaking to, in Kate’s case, mostly a handful of people could be draining. Or looking interested when you’re not, that would be exhausting (I’m not saying that’s her story).

          I just find it hard to believe Kate labours for weeks on end on for her engagements. She mostly does appearances – at sporting events, at royal events, galas, awards ceremonies, walk throughs. She’s done as many movie premieres as action-on-addiction appearances.

          1. I was more referring to her having to dress up and get dolled up and speak and maybe read/prep a little beforehand.

            As opposed to put on pants and sit in the grass.

      1. Also there was a tent there. Charlotte could have been inside that. But I do think Kate’s not a fan of getting out there with people.

        But I guess I’m curious why Kate goes to polo when the fans have all told me in no uncertain terms how allergic she is to horses.

        1. There was one article ages ago that said Kate said she had an aversion to horses. Which could have meant she was simply scared of them. I don’t know why people keep bringing up this allergy thing, especially since allergies are often not lifelong things.

        2. I don’t think Kate is really allergic, or even has an aversion, to horses. She has been right close to them at these polo matches and she’s been fine. I think that was an excuse made at some point in time that has largely been debunked through her actions but people still bring up to point out how much of a liar she is. “Kate said she was allergic to horses but is going to polo matches; she’s such a hypocrite”. And the response it “yes, she’s a hypocrite, she’s not really allergic to horses, that’s been established, move on”. I honestly forgot about her “horse allergy” until someone brought it up a while ago because she has been around horses and didn’t seem fazed.

          1. So why would she say that? Was someone trying to get her to ride a horse, and she didn’t feel like it or…?

            My friend ate peaches growing up. Then one time as an adult she was eating a peach and went into anaphylactic shock. Allergies are not always set in stone and lifelong things. Christ, maybe she attributed allergies to horses sometime as a teen and thought she had an allergy to horses for like 10 years, and later learned the allergy was actually due to pollen in the air.

            Sorry guys… I just don’t get the big deal. Of all the stupid shit she does I feel this is the weirdest issue that keeps cropping up.

          2. @Stephanie: I do remember there was a story of Kate’s horse allergy after she attended a reception at BP for British Olympians in 2012 and a British equestrian offered to teach Kate to ride. She said sure, then Sophie said Kate would never take him up on the offer because she is allergic to horses.

            Yes, I understand that allergies can come and ago. Something you were never allergic to in the past, you can develop and allergy to. And vice versa.

            I don’t get the fuss over whether or not she has a horse allergy either. Either she does and goes to polo matches and suffers because William wants her there, or she doesn’t and lied about the allergy. Either way, I don’t really care. Because we all know she’s a hypocrite about so many things, so if the horse allergy is one of them then just add it to the list. And if she’s suffering for William, well we all know she does that a lot, too. So add it to the list. Either way, it doesn’t really matter to me.

          3. This is hilarious. http://www.people.com/people/package/article/0,,20395222_20509198,00.html

            “According to Clarisa Ru, wife of Santa Barbara Polo Club president Wesley Ru, Kate has been working on overcoming her allergy.”

            So originally how we found out about her allergy: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1130481/This-make-Royal-life-awkward-Kate-Middleton-reveals-shes-allergic-horses.html

            And the comments to Lee Pearson.

            Cheers to country pursuits

          4. If Kate figures out how to “overcome” her allergy, she might win a Nobel prize and make billions of dollars showing others how to overcome their allergies. Imagine a world where people wouldn’t have to worry about their allergies. Such malarkey that statement…lol

  11. I think we only saw her out because she wants to show off her weight loss. She’s still not back to her super, super skinny self, but she looks great and she knows it and wants to show off. She’s a terrible role model for moms. I simply can’t imagine being a mother in her position and not doing more to help out other moms. I’m sure there are tons of great charities in the UK that help under privileged moms and their children. Why can’t she take a couple hours and do that????
    Also- where were all these smiles yesterday? She couldn’t fake it? The sour look she had on her face for the whole Trooping of the Color seemed disrespectful to me.

    1. I actually don’t think she has lost as much weight as people think. Kate carries her baby weight around her stomach. She never really gained anything around her hips and thighs. She probably only gained about 20lbs which is healthy and it is all in her stomach and some on her face. She is wearing a dark colored shirt that hides her stomach, but from side shots you can still tell she has a baby pooch there. She is doing her best to hid it but it is still visible. I just think her skin-tight jeans make her look more like her pre-baby size than she really is since her thighs/hips didn’t gain weight. She is trying to give the allusion of being back to her normal size and draw attention there. Which it is sad that she can’t just embrace the fact that she still has baby weight (that would make moms feels better). And she is wearing maternity jeans which does mean she still has a stomach to fit her jeans around. I do think she looks great and I wish she would keep a little of the weight on.

      1. Took another look at the photos and I think you’re right Overit. I agree that she looks great. She looked great after George before she got super duper skinny again. I wish she would keep the last little bit of weight on. It suits her much more!

      2. Yes, she’s in maternity jeans and there is a bit of a pooch in the abdomen, but she really does look good and should not starve herself like she did before. Once those pregnancy hormones leave her system, all hell is going to break loose. Hair will fall out, her skin will dry out again………….just remember what she looked like after George there for a couple of months (red coat on the red bus). This is why she wants to hide out at her country pile………….

    2. Yes, Duchess of Naps, her lack of the usual smiles, was disrespectful on such an important day for the Queen. She really did seem out of it!

  12. The Queen Attended 2 important events today. This morning she was at Runnymede for the anniversary of the Magna carta, then she went to Windsor for the Order of the Garter. Sophie Wessex, Camilla and The Duchess of Glouster attended……but no Waity. She managed to go to the polo with George yesterday for her PR coverage. Maybe the Queen told her she wasn’t to go to The Garter ceremony because of her puerile behaviour last time…..not forgetting the stupid curtsey she did….only just in time. Fab pics in Daily Fail.

    1. Kate is skating on thin ice, if you ask me. PW, too.
      It’s all so bizarre how they have gotten away with doing so little for so long.
      Perhaps, just perhaps, there are talks going on behind closed doors about how best to deal with such useless ones.

    2. I think it’s odd that Kate was willing to go spend hours at a polo match but couldn’t come out for Garter Day. She clearly doesn’t mind leaving Charlotte for hours at a time.

      1. William looked a lot more relaxed in the company of his Windsor relations without Kate. I think it is he who refuses to set up house at Kensington, because he knows his “missus” would be devoured alive there, not only by the Establishment, but by the staff who would monitor all her moves. Being in Norfolk gives William the excuse to be a little distant and keep those two worlds – the Windsors and the Middletons – apart.

        1. If he has to keep his wife apart from his family, isn’t that a bad thing?

  13. I actually like the blue strippy top. Actually Kate wearing her hair down works for this. I was told that blue and green often get confused when someone is colourblind and maybe that is one of the reasons Kate wears blue and dresses George in blue. It is pity George cannot interact with his cousins more. Zara and the others seem to be together and Kate does seem isolated. No William around either.

      1. Kate wouldn’t survive the scrutiny of the Establishment if she took up residence at Kensington. William bolting her up in Norfolk is his way of keeping her away from his relatiotions, palace staff, photographers, and critics… basically keeping her out of trouble. I am amazed, in fact, by how much Kate has gotten away with in terms of un-royal like conduct, but William appears to stand by his decision to marry her, at the face of it, or he is hell bent in hiding away his big mistake. This looks like damage control in the style of Edward Rochester, er, William Cambridge!

        1. Agree, Violet. Her behavior in public, at times, has been less than ladylike.
          All that flashing. All the times she pulls at her jeans! All the times, she crotch clutches her handbags.

          She seems hell bent on being who she is, which is fine if you are not married to the Future King of England. William is hell bent, too. On keeping her away– as much as he can — from criticism and repercussions from the powers that be.

          If he adored his Mum so much, you’d think he would have looked for someone who could behave like a lady in public.

    1. I’m not sure what you’re implying here. Are you saying Kate wears so much blue because she is colorblind and thinks she’s wearing green?

      1. It’s William who is color blind. He has said so himself. So the blue is probably because he cannot distinguish green and red.

        1. But didn’t he once say his favorite color was blue, how could he have a favorite color if he is colorblind? Also, could you provide a link to where he said that, I’ve never heard that before.

          I still don’t understand how William’s colorblindness in any way affects Kate’s choice of wardrobe color. In fact, shouldn’t his colorblindness make it so that he has even less of an impact in the colors Kate wears? If he can’t see colors, why would he care what color she wears?

          1. http://healthresearchfunding.org/famous-people-color-blindness/

            I was reading a book over the weekend where one person was color blind and the color he saw the best was blue. So when I was reading here about blue, my brain dinged that I might have read William was color blind so I went and checked. And apparently he is. So’s Bill Clinton!

            While I was at it, I found an article that says RAF looks at color blindness on a case by case basis, but they can allow it.

          1. It wouldn’t matter. I just wondered if that’s why they wear so much blue if it’s a color he can readily distinguish.

  14. Meh. I don’t really care whether it’s the same outfit, though I do also think she probably only came out to show how much weight she’d lost (like the volleyball and walkabout pictures in 2013). If only she put as much effort into her charities as she put into her weight loss.

  15. I actually don’t mind this outfit at all. It is just old since she wears this same uniform all the time:). My only problem with this outfit, and really all her jeans, is how tight they are. Skinny jeans are more form fitting, but hers looks like they are spray painted on. These would drive me nuts since they are so tight she always has to pull them up and adjust them. None of my skinny jeans fit like this. They just look so uncomfortable. I can’t even believe how tight these are considering they are maternity jeans. I just wish she would buy the right size.

    1. She likes them tight to show off her legs. I wear skinny jeans too, but I style them with nicer shoes than she has on.

      I don’t think she’ll be wearing other types of jeans anytime soon. Even a bootcut jean would be more flattering on her! But the looser cuts that are becoming fashionable won’t make their way to her closet anytime soon for the primary reason that she wants everyone to look at her legs and butt.

      1. There is a pic of her walking down the sidewalk, pre engagement, and she’s wearing a short sleeved button down and a pair of Diesel bootcut (straightleg?) jeans, and I’ve coveted those pants ever since! It was SUCH a good look on her. Of course, it wasn’t long after that skinny jeans became the look du jour.

        1. Yes, I recall that photo I think. Was it a white shirt? The bootcut jeans balance things out and are pretty much universally flattering on a lot of people, including Kate. Kate and her jeggings tend to be just………..vulgar. Like the blue ones she wore to the Olympics, all I could do was shake my head while she flaunted her booty. LOL.

          1. I agree, Vava, those jeggings, coupled with a few crotch- and butt- touching, come off as vulgar. Whatever did Sarah Ferguson do again that got her that infamous comment: “Vulgar, vulgar, vulgar?” I’m amazed no one in the Palace has had the gall to say that about Kate.

          2. Oh god, those electric blue jeggings she wore for the Olympic torch thing, those are the worst.

  16. Love the pictures of Kate and PG! I really understand why Kate is focused on PG at this event…she has a baby at home that demands her attention! Her alone time with PG is very valuable. I thinks it’s very difficult to give 2 children, born so close together, all of the individual attention they need. There is always guilt that you are not giving them enough time! As far as Kate’s clothes, she gets a pass…she has a baby at home and PG! As far as PG clothes, not a fan but I understand. Shopping for boys clothes isn’t as fun as girls and the selections are not the best! Having said that, he looks stuffy!! PG is going to be as uptight as PW! The extra weight looks good on Kate!

    1. It’s not like Kate is the only one taking care of Charlotte and George. She has several people around to help her.

      I agree that Kate looks good at this weight.

      1. KMR, it really isn’t about having others help you, its about the connection/bond that a mother forms with her child.

        1. She can spend all her time with those two (George and Charlotte) – switching off if she likes. She’s got a nanny (or two) to hand one to while she bonds with the other and she’s got people to cook, clean, shop, and do all domestic chores. She can give each child 4 hours and still have time to work out and play an exciting game of scrabble with William. She’s the exact opposite of every mother raising 2 under 2. All she DOES is bond with her children and her husband.

          But SHE was responsible for George yesterday (because it would look bad if it was the nanny and they all knew the press was there) – so she did need to wrangle him and watch him closely – I wouldn’t trust a 2 year old at a polo match – there were too many things around to clobber other little kids with. Kids don’t play together at that age. Not usually social until they are about 3.

        2. But the point is she has people around to help her do all the boring stuff so she can spend even more time just bonding.

          1. I believe I agree with what both of you are saying. I just believe it is important that a mother spends as much time as she cans with her children regardless if she can afford help or not. I love to see Kate with 1/1 time with her kids, its a good thing. I have a lot of help with my kids. I would hate for someone to think that I am a bad mother because of that or that when I am 1/1 with them it is because of something sinister!

  17. Someone has the same UPPAbaby stroller as me. Don’t I feel cool now LOL I’m bad, I can’t really hate on this look as I basically wear this exact outfit on most days, just swap the boat shoes for Jack Rogers.

    1. Me too, Brighton, except swap the shoes for white Superga cotu classics…my go to’s for summer!

      1. Lots of comments about Kate’s clothes, but none on Zara??? If Kate showed up to an event dressed like Zara, there would be calls for an immediate divorce!!! Why so harsh on Kate, when a born royal shows up looking a hot mess at the same event and there is nothing but crickets!!!

        1. Zara doesn’t look like a hot mess.

          She’s a sportswomen and we’ve seem her in similar types of outfits at sport events.

          They’re all dressed casually. I think people comment on Kate’s outfit because of her style icon tag, but largely because she’s the main subject of the blog.

          That or people are just so over her, disappointed and annoyed. I like her outfit but hate that she isolates herself and PG from the royals, and her lacklustre and crappy attitude towards her royal duties. Which are further amplified by all the smiles she couldn’t bother to showcase on Sunday but are in full abundance here. Seriously, the girl was sucking on lemons Sunday.

          I get why Kate would choose to wear that top given the fabric developed in the UK and top were made to hide bumps and make her look slim- the Daily Mail had an article on it.


          1. omg, I cannot believe an entire article has been written about this shirt.
            Nice to hear that the fabric is from the UK. A solid invention, if you ask me.
            The shirt’s pretty pricey. But, of course, money is no object for
            the Cambride-Middletons. Or, is it the Middleton-Cambridges?

        2. I’m focusing on Kate because this is a Kate-centric blog. If this were a Zara blog, I’d be focusing on her. I actually don’t like Zara’s style all that much, casual or otherwise.

          1. I don’t care about Zara’s fashion either, but then again Zara has never been touted as being a so-called fashion icon like the Duchess of Lamebridge! LOL. Once she was called that is when I started to follow her – to much disappointment. I don’t mind this casual look for the polo game, but it’s just not all that interesting (like her!).

            As far as image goes though, Zara is miles ahead of Kate who seems snooty, standoffish, and vain.

          2. I guess my point was that Kate isn’t the only member of the RF that doesn’t have fashion sense. Zara is a train wreck!! Next to her, Kate looks great, IMO. Did Kate label herself a fashion icon or was this burden placed on her by the press. I don’t think Kate cares about fashion. I think she cares about looking her best…. whatever that is??

  18. I just saw that Harry is accompanying the Queen to Ascot. For someone on a transition year and who will soon be flying out to Africa, he sure is doing a lot of royal events. Especially compared to the professional excuse givers.

    1. Very interesting, bookworm.
      I’m thinking there’s something going on and W&K are preparing themselves for it.
      Or, am I just too hopeful?

        1. This in a nutshell. But I’m thinking like Jenny that something negative might be coming up that they’re flooding the media with feel-good pictures to combat it.

    2. Neither William nor Kate have ever been to Ascot. I think that’s odd.

      1. The Daily Express reporter has said that’s because Ascot is very “traditional” i.e. old fashioned, in that they don’t allow gay couples to attend openly. Will & Kate, according to him, don’t identify with such thoughts & as such don’t frequent.

        1. Huh? So Will and Kate don’t attend Ascot as a boycott because Will and Kate are super supporters of gay rights and Ascot is discriminatory? And William actually came out and said that? Could you provide a link to where William said that because I missed it.

    3. I just saw on Lainey Gossip that Prince Harry met with Michelle Obama at Kensington Palace. It seems like it was earlier in the same day as going to Ascot, but I might have that wrong. He certainly is keeping busy! I’m curious as to why Harry and not William. Was he busy or just not interested or invited?


      Daily Mail article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3126114/Michelle-Obama-arrives-UK-meet-David-Cameron-promote-education-girls-tea-Prince-Harry.html

      1. Michelle does stuff for Vets and their families and a few years ago Harry was at an event she had at the White House… so I think the relationship is aroung their work for Army vets.

      2. Harry met Michelle Obama at the White House when he did that tour of the US in 2013. that may be a reason.

        1. I forgot about that. I think Harry is becoming the golden boy who is actually forming relationships with world leaders.

    4. Isn’t that the point though – if you are leaving the country for a few months and your Grandparents are very old — wouldn’t you spend a lot of time with them? Harry arranges his schedule around these royal engagements – which are important to his Grandparents – since he is no longer under the thumb of the military. This is basically family reunion week for the royals.

      1. Yes, I thought the reason Harry was doing so many engagement right now is because he’s leaving for Africa and won’t be doing any engagements in the UK for three months.

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