Princess Madeleine gave birth to a boy

Princess Madeleine gave birth to a boy

Princess Madeleine gave birth to a baby boy today at 1:45PM Stockholm time (7:45AM Eastern US time). The new prince weighed 3080 grams (or about 6 lbs 8 ounces), and was 49 cm (or about 19.3 inches) long.

Princess Madeleine birth announcement

Maddie gave birth at Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm. She was admitted at around 6AM. Chris O’Neill was present for the birth and cut the umbilical cord. The midwife said it was a natural, uncomplicated birth.

Crown Princess Victoria, who is in Riga at the moment, said of the birth: “It is fantastic. I am obviously extremely happy and relieved… I’m very happy for their sake and for our sake – that has been eagerly awaited.”

Congratulations to Maddie and Chris. I was just thinking the other day that I hope they have a boy. I’m interested in what they will name him.

It’s funny, Maddie held on just long enough to attend Prince Carl Philip and Sofia’s wedding, then gave birth less than 48 hours later.

Link: Expressen.

38 thoughts on “Princess Madeleine gave birth to a boy

  1. Congratulations to Maddie and Chris! πŸ™‚
    Gosh, that was so close to the wedding! She must have been feeling very uncomfortable on the day of the wedding, being a classy lady she didn’t let it show.

    1. I thought it would be another two weeks or something considering how well she did at the wedding. It was shocking news to me when I saw the announcement.

  2. Yay! Congratulations to Maddie & Chris!!!
    Wow, that baby boy was a good boy. Glad he allowed her to attend the wedding. So close to the birth, so very very pregnant and she looked awesome.

    I can only imagine that little Leonore meeting her baby brother! πŸ˜€ I hope they release a picture of all 3 of them: baby boy + Leonore + Estelle

    1. That photo would be so cute! I can’t wait for photos of the new prince with his sister and both of them with Estelle.

      1. Yes, that will be the photo.

        Not sure if you mentioned – Maddie’s interview some time ago – stating P’ess Estelle wanted to do it all for Leonora – from changing diapers, a bath to feeding; Maddie said she (Maddie) wont have to do anything. Imagine this new ‘doll’!

  3. Maddie, you are fantastic! All the wedding hoopla and you just so close to delivery.
    I, also, am happy that she and Chris have a boy. Here’s to their beautiful family!
    Waiting to know what he will be named, too!

    1. I can’t even predict a name because it’s the Swedish royal family and I don’t know their full naming history like I do with the British royal family. So Maddie’s baby name has way more excitement because it will be such a surprise.

  4. Quick question: Are there awards for best blogs? We need to nominate KMR. With so much breaking news these past few days, you are so on top of things. Such work, such dedication, so well done!

    1. I think we should invent one!!! If I was better on the computer I would send a digital Oscar KMR’s way!!! I can hear it now…”and the award for best blog goes to….KMR for the Kate Middleton Review” Applause, applause!!

  5. Congratulations to Princess Maddie/Chris and P’es Leonora!

    Great timing Maddie – after that lovely wedding. The new Prince will have lots of cuddles especially from his youngest family members.

  6. Congrats to the parents and their families!!!! Wow according to the court she was in hospital at 6:00am just 38 hours after the wedding not even a full 2 days :O

    1. Maddie’s a trooper for attending the wedding so late in her pregnancy.

  7. Congratulations to Chris, Madeline and Lenore!! I am looking forward to seeing the new Prince and am hoping the release a photo of the four of them together.

  8. What wonderful news. Congratulations Madeline p, Chris and Lenore. Welcome to the world to their little prince.

  9. Here’s to Maddie, Chris, Leonore and the Little Prince!

    Maddie made it to the wedding, looking so beautiful. I am sure her
    discomfort level was pretty high.

    What a sport!

    I bet the baby is darling!

  10. Wow! Go Madeleine, showing up to her brother’s wedding and then turning right around and having her baby. Congratulations to the family!

    I really thought it would be another girl this time, so it will be interesting to see what his name is.

  11. Apparently, Maddie can be Royal and a regular person, too.
    According to one news source, Princess Madeleine was admitted like any other woman to the maternity unit at the hospital. And, no area of that unit was cordoned off in any way to separate her from other moms. She did have her own room, though.

    Good for Maddie!

    Oh, and the doctor said Maddie and Chris’ reaction to their son had them shedding “tears of joy.”

    Love them, don’t you?

    1. No muss, no fuss, no press waiting outside a hospital for weeks with Maddie. She was still going two days before the birth. She’s awesome and I loved that they cried when seeing their son.

    1. OMG!! That’s hilarious!

      I loved seeing Victoria and Dan in the background of that video.

    2. Omg. He is too funny. I agree with KMR as it was nice to see Dan & Vic interact. They are so loving towards each other. It’s strange to see a royal couple interact with each other like this.

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