First photos of Princess Madeleine’s newborn son

First photos of Princess Madeleine’s newborn son

Two photos were released today by the Swedish royal court of Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill‘s new son.

Those lips!

Princess Madeleine's son 1

Maddie gave birth yesterday at 1:45PM Stockholm time (7:45AM Eastern US time) at Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm. Maddie has now left the hospital and is at home with the family.

There will be a cabinet meeting tomorrow at 5:00PM Stockholm time (11:00AM Eastern US time) where the King and government will discuss the baby’s name and title. At about 5:35PM Stockholm time (11:35AM Eastern US time) the King’s Marshal will reveal the baby’s name and title to the press.

On Thursday, June 18 at 11:00AM Stockholm time (5:00AM Eastern US time), a Te Deum will be held at the Royal Chapel in the Royal Palace to celebrate the birth.

Following the congratulations she received for the birth, Maddie wrote on her Facebook page: “Chris and I are very touched with the love and affection we are receiving for our newborn son!”

Princess Madeleine's son 2

Photos: Kunghuset

27 thoughts on “First photos of Princess Madeleine’s newborn son

  1. He is precious!!! Those lips and that head of hair, my goodness he’s going to be a looker when he gets older!

    Congrats again to Chris, Madeleine and Lenore!

  2. very cute! And I don’t usually really like babies. Will say that the Swedes handle royal births in a much nicer way than the Brits. The show outside the hospital for the Brits just seems way over done, imo.

    1. I agree. No pretense, tension, refusing RF protocol…

      The Swedes seem to handle the SRF really well, like the DRF – from kids, weddings to access with their people.

      Prince ‘newborn’ seem a lot bigger than P Charlotte (he at +6 pounds) – he look a few months mature.

    2. It’s not W&K that started the fuss, just to be fair. I mean, it’s not like they ordered all the photographers and the devoted fans to station themselves outside the hospital for days. For anyone in their position all that attention must have been terribly embarrassing. Madeleine does not have to experience anything remotely as overwhelming.

      Why on earth do people get in such frenzy over the BRF? British people who usually are so rational, I just don’t get it. I doubt W &K would be getting more privacy if they showed themselves and their kids more, on the contrary, I think nothing will be enough, the media and the crowds would just tear them to pieces.

      1. W&K did not start the show outside the hospital. I don’t know exactly who did, but it was obviously there for Diana and Charles. Granted, if they really wanted, the BRF could shut that down. Not do the photo op outside the hospital and just go home quietly. But at this point if W&K had done that the press and public would have been pissed that they were denied the photo op since it is expected.

        In terms of showing the kids more equaling more privacy: I, personally, would be satisfied. They released the pics of George and Charlotte and I was perfectly fine not seeing them again until the Christening. My appetite, if you will, had been satiated. Then they brought George to Trooping, and that was a nice bonus, but then again I was fine not seeing him until the Christening. Then they brought him to polo, which is again a nice bonus, and again I am fine not seeing him again until the Christening. I don’t need to see the kids or Kate every single day. I’d like to see a photo of the kids every few months or so, that would be enough to satiate whatever appetite I have for seeing them grow up. And I’d like to see Kate at least every week – not because I necessarily want to see her every week, but she needs to be out there working. I don’t really care about William in terms of wanting to see him but he also needs to be out there working.

        I understand why you think “nothing will be enough”, but I really do think that if W&K were out there more, and showed photos of G&C more, the whole family would be afforded a lot more leeway. Like, their vacations would be a bit more forgiven since they are out there working in between vacations.

        1. I agree with you KMR on the work ethic part, of course this couple should work more and thus ease the load of the 90 year-old grandparents. But Diana worked hard and little did it help to ease the media attention. In fact, quite the contrary.

          The amount of media attention the BRF gets is beyond any comparison. I’d say it’s an obsession and some sociologists should study it.

          The work ethic issue is one thing, but this media hopla quite another, and i don’t think that these are connected.

          Btw, the way the SRF handled the birth of prince Nicolas was elegant. No crowds and hysteria, and the mum was not expected to doll herself up in front of the media. A picture of the newborn released, and that’s it. I would copy this approach if I was Kate, but then again, the brits would probably not accept it.

          1. Yes, Emilia, it does seem that people are obsessed with the BRF.
            The photo op outside the hospital when PG was born, Charlotte, too, could have been shut down, but we would have complained big time, too!

            I wonder if the interest was as keen pre-Diana? She really was so young, beautiful and vibrant and prior to her, did the Royals seem too stodgy, too out of touch? Whether she wanted it, or not, the media was focused on her like a laser. And the public’s fascination swelled.

            She brought a great deal of positive light to the Royals when they needed it and caused angst at other times.

            After Diana, with two young princes, the public fasciation was still very high. I think people are obsessed with the Royals in Britain because that is really what most people of a certain age are used to seeing. And, they don’t want to be disappointed. So, the show must go on!

            I agree the Swedish Royal Family handles the media far better and seems to have a better handle on going public and still having their privacy. How they could be transferred to the Brits, I am not sure.

            Maybe, things have gone too far to be pulled back — even a bit.

            Even,if that is what Will seems to desire so much.

  3. That’s so true, Vava. No fuss, no fanfare, no grandstanding in front of the cameras. The photos were also released in a quick and timely manner. And I’m sure the delivery wasn’t counted as an official engagement for Maddie, either.

  4. Oh, he is a cutie, and the release of the photographs was handled perfectly. I’m sure the little guy didn’t even know that anyone was paying any attention at the moment his photo was taken. Quick, simple, and a darling result.

    1. I agree. They handled releasing the newborn’s photo before even revealing his name! Very warm and loving compared to how William and Waity handle their business after giving birth. I know it’s okay to do things your way sometimes but it just doesn’t feel right to parade around in front of a maternity ward, hide the baby, play waiting games with the public/ press. I hope they never wonder why the press and public give them so much “privacy” one day. In a few years nobody will care about William and Kate. Once they age more and hide the kids, they will be irrelevant until William becomes POW.

      Billy thinks his life should be so special, yet so private. Thanks to the Swedish Royal wedding and the birth, I have realized how it should be all handled. The British are so cold and dull compared to the warmness and maturity of the Swedish Royals. I never thought I would compare the two like this but its too obvious and noticeable.

  5. He is adorable. I normally don’t like sleeping baby photos, but he is a cute little peanut. Glad that he had a safe delivery. He does favor his father and think that he will grow to be a handsome man.

  6. Such a beautiful baby! And, how simply the Swedish Royals handle everything pertaining to their personal lives. They know people are interested, they put out photos and words, but never go overboard! Just perfect.

    May this little boy, his sister and parents be happy and healthy!

  7. He is such a cutie ¡ ¡ ¡
    How awesome are they for sharing the baby’s picture so soon? ¡ Maddie and Chris are so cool. I love how she immediately had her fb updated.

    I can’t wait too see a picture of all the little ones together. My heart tells me we are getting one 🙂

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