British Royals bits and bobs: Magna Carta, Garter Day, Royal Ascot, and more

British Royals bits and bobs: Magna Carta, Garter Day, Royal Ascot, and more

Here is a post with some British Royal Family bits and bobs. Lots of royals in this post, including but not limited to: The Queen, Prince Harry, Prince William, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, and Sophie Countess of Wessex. Also, some Kate Middleton-related articles at the end.

On Monday, June 15, the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince William, and Princess Anne were in Runnymede to attend a service to mark the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta by King John on June 15, 1215.

Also on Monday, the Queen and members of the royal family attended the Order of the Garter ceremony at Windsor Castle. Some of the British royal family members of the Order are: Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, and Princess Anne. As mentioned in the Kate post on Monday, Kate Middleton did not attend Garter Day as she has every year that she has been married (except 2013 when she was 8 months pregnant). However, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Sophie, Countess of Wessex both showed up to watch the procession. Camilla wore a repeated white outfit and a Philip Treacy hat. Sophie also repeated a dress, her Suzannah Silk Gazar 1950s influenced Midi dress she wore in Guernsey and Jersey on May 10 to celebrate VE Day. Sophie repeated her hat, too. Her black Jane Taylor hat she wore to the reinterment ceremony of King Richard III in Leicester on March 26.

Tuesday, June 16, was the first day of Royal Ascot. Lots of royals came out (but not William and Kate – they have never attended Ascot): The Queen, Philip, Charles, Camilla, Prince Harry, Andrew, Princess Beatrice, Edward and Sophie, Anne, Zara Phillips Tindall, Peter and Autumn Phillips (among others). The Queen wore neon pink Peter Enrione with an Angela Kelly hat with a ruby brooch, Camilla wore mint, Sophie wore white Emilia Wickstead and Jane Taylor, Zara wore yellow Paul Costelloe and a bespoke Rosie Olivia hate and snakeskin heels (that seem far too small), and Autumn wore black and white. Harry sported a top hat and tails, and a new waistcoat. He has worn the ugly yellow waistcoat for years, but for Ascot he sported a nice new navy one. UPDATE: Apparently there were pregnancy rumors started due to Zara’s yellow dress. But her spokesman debunked those rumors. I would be shocked if Zara got pregnant between now and the end of 2016. She has stated before, and reiterated in the new statement, that she fully intends on going to Rio for the 2016 Olympics. /UPDATE

Prince Harry got to ride in the carriage with HM, Philip, and Andrew.

Prince Charles smiling as he chats to Harry.

Also on Tuesday, Prince Harry met with Michelle Obama for tea at Kensington Palace. The First Lady is in London for the Let Girls Learn initiative. Let Girls Learn is an initiative to help girls around the world get and have access to an education.

Prince Harry and Michelle Obama

Also on Tuesday, The British Monarchy YouTube page released a video message from William and Harry to celebrate and congratulate the 2015 Queen’s Young Leaders winners. William and Harry launched the Queen’s Young Leaders program in July 2014. Thoughts on the video: 1) Harry looks hot in a white button down; 2) William is really balding, like a lot; 3) William’s furrowed brow of “I’m really caring right now” gets on my nerves, he does it often and so does Kate, it is really fake and annoying.

Keeping with William, he (and presumably Kate and George, and Princess Charlotte and Nanny Maria must have been there, too) stayed at Highgrove (Prince Charles’ country home) over the weekend and into Monday. William needed to be in Windsor on Monday for the Magna Carta ceremony. The distance was only 80 miles, and would have taken about 90 minutes by car, but instead William took one of the Queen’s helicopters for the journey. Later in the day, William took the helicopter back to Highgrove. To charter a similar helicopter for the trip would cost about £8,000. Dear William, if a pregnant Duchess Kate suffering from “Hyperemesis Gravidarum” can travel over an hour by car from Bucklebury to London (in December 2012), you can travel by car the 90 minutes from Highgrove to Windsor. [Express]

A Kensington Palace spokesman spoke to People about their social media accounts, following their release of the first photo of Princess Charlotte and Prince George together on June 6. The spokesman said: “We feel it is really important that we are able to have an interaction with people and share news with them directly.” The spokesman stressed that William, Kate, and Harry are operating as a “household” and while Harry has sent out tweets from their office’s account in the past, William and Kate have “no current plans” to use any of their social media accounts themselves. [People]

In Kate news, Kate went shopping – shocker! Kate went shopping in early June to a café and farm shop in Holt, near Anmer Hall, where she bought sweets for George. One of the staff said: “If you didn’t know who she was, you would never know. She’s incredibly down-to-earth, very gracious and extremely polite.” I could criticize this and say that the bar is so low for Kate that her bring polite is a big deal, but I won’t for two reasons. 1) I understand when dealing with royalty or celebrities that them being polite is a bit of a shocker, since most people probably assume royals and celebs are snobby a-holes; 2) I’ve worked in retail, not everyone is nice, and it is actually worth mentioning when you get a really nice customer. [People]

You know how Kate and William put out an ad seeking a new housekeeper for Anmer Hall? Well that position has finally been filled after three long months of searching. Will and Kate have hired 33-year-old Sadie Rice, who used to work for Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit caring for their children, and previously worked as a maid in Buckingham Palace. [Hello]

UPDATE: According to People, Kate hired a super expensive celebrity trainer to help her throughout her pregnancy and after stay and get back in shape. The trainer is “super discreet” (though someone is spilling to People) and checks in with Kate via phone every day and visits her in person once a week. Um, okay. I mean, I totally understand wanting a personal trainer. If I could afford it, I would work out with a personal trainer every single day. It’s the same with the personal chef thing, if I could afford it I would totally have one. I guess the issue is that Kate herself can’t really afford anything and this trainer is being paid for buy Charles (presumably). [People] /UPDATE

A week ago, Prince Charles hosted a tea party at Clarence House for WWII pilots. Charles spoke of Princess Charlotte, saying she sleeps through the night already and is a much better baby than Prince George. [Mirror]

Keeping on the Charles train, a new photo of Prince Charles playing with Prince George emerged. Question: Does this means that Charles sees George way more than we think he does, OR was this new photo taken on the same day that the other previously unseen photo of Charles and George that was spotted behind Charles in a video he released in March. They are both wearing the same clothes.

I know there was a “they are wearing the same clothes does that mean it was the same day” debate over Kate’s photos of George and Princess Charlotte because both babies were wearing the same clothes they wore while visiting/leaving the Lindo Wing, so these two pictures of Charles and George may not have been taken the same day, but it is possible. Thoughts?

Prince Charles playing with Prince George

photo of Charles holding George in WWF video

I’ll leave you with more Prince Harry because… do I need a reason?

Harry presented the King’s Stand Stakes trophy.

61 thoughts on “British Royals bits and bobs: Magna Carta, Garter Day, Royal Ascot, and more

  1. KMR have you read the Exclusive article in People today about Kate using a personal trainer to bounce back after the birth of Princess Charlotte.. “Shocker”.. I do enjoy the line in the article about how expensive he/she is as well.

          06/17/2015 AT 09:00 AM EDT
          Skinny jeans six weeks after delivering daughter Charlotte? When you’re Princess Kate, yes.

          In this week’s cover story, PEOPLE exclusively reveals the secret to her fit form: a top London trainer who worked with the royal mom, 33, throughout her pregnancy.

          The trainer, who is popular with an elite clientele of A-listers, royals and executives, “was brought on board while she was pregnant and is super-discreet,” a source tells PEOPLE.

          “It’s a lot of money, but you get a lot for the price.”

          Keep up with your favorite celebs in the pages of PEOPLE Magazine by subscribing now.

          Included in the package is a tailored fitness routine and regular monitoring.

          “The trainer checks in remotely with Kate by phone every day as well as seeing her in person once a week,” says the source.

          As for diet, Kate – who breastfed Prince George and is likely doing the same with Charlotte – is a clean eater who has always gone heavy on organic fruits, veggies and lean meats.

          The trainer embraces a similar philosophy – with a high-end twist.

          “The food is very elegant and actually feels like food you would eat at a restaurant,” says the source.
          RELATED VIDEO: Why Princess Charlotte Is the Perfect Baby!

          “The whole program is very sensible – it’s not fad-based and is really focused on your overall health and well-being.”

          For much more on Princess Kate – and her sweet bond with Prince George – pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

          1. Kate and her personal trainer! Wouldn’t you know? Surely, most women would love that luxury, but as previously mentioned, how nice for W&K that the bill is being picked up by POW!

          2. I had a personal trainer for a while and I was the fittest I’ve ever been while working with her. She didn’t come to me though. I had to go to her.

          3. I read same… It sure is nice when someone else (and tax payers) is footing your pampered luxurious lifestyle. The balance on PW inheritance (after paying the middletons costly mansion in buckleberry), the 40k income- could never work for PW* km pampered secret country-hideout with all the shopping, personal trainer and large staff at both AH / KP with millions in renovations. KP should be where they remain until holidays – km need to be serving HM POW BRF with quality duties to charities and the needy – for all that is given to her and the middletons.

            HM the RF at The Garter and especially the Royal Ascot was such a fine day for all the family- whenever km is missing (with her tension) – the BRF seem to be show their love of each others company in fine form (Zara).

            Prince (King) Harry is also becoming quite the ‘monarch in practice’/ statesman – hosting a sitting US First Lady – well done!

      1. Kate and the personal trainer! No doubt, personal chef, too.
        As I sit here trying to ignore my cravings for pickles so early in the day (How, cliché, right)?, I cannot help but feel a twinge of envy concerning Kate’s good fortune when it comes to having the perfect pregnancies, deliveries, and post-partum recoveries, too!!

          1. Yes, but with all the saltiness, I am sure if I continue with this craving and act on it, I will bloat, bloat, BLOAT!

        1. Jenny,
          stay positive – you may be having a better pregnancy than km even with all her pampered, shopping sprees and privilege life.

          I would look to Sweden – P’ess Maddie pregnancy for comfort – Maddie was huge (didn’t hide away with ma) and was out and about to delivery; she seem to have enjoyed her state.

          1. Thanks, Doolittle. I am actually enjoying the pregnancy. Just trying to eat healthy. And, you are so correct. Maddie is a great role model.

          1. Hi, Cathy. Yes, this is the first pregnancy.
            Pretty exciting. A little overwhelming, too.
            And, no, I did not mind your asking.

        1. Because she hired a trainer? There are a lot of things that she does that sets women back 50 years or more, but hiring a trainer is not one of them. Lots of people have personal trainers. As I said in the post, if I could afford it, I would work out with a personal trainer every single day.

          1. I wasn’t saying that hiring a trainer was setting women back. I was commenting on the fact that as LBR said, she seems to be little more than William’s Barbie Doll.

            There has to be more to Kate than pleasing William and her own vanity. Perhaps, in private, she lets her hair down. Oh, wait,she does that in public (literally), doesn’t she?

            Kate seems to have little life of her own outside of her vanity and her willingness to please her husband. That’s the 50 years backwards thing I was speaking of.

            Even if I could afford it, I think I would have a lot more to do in my life than working with a trainer every day. Maybe, twice a week!

  2. Thank you for today’s Harry pics!
    I love that green dress on Sophie!
    What is Edward doing while Sophie is busy representing the Queen?

    1. I too loved this green, retro style dress on Sophie the first time she wore and I love it again today. The color and cut are very flattering on her.

    2. Totally agree!

      Lovely C Sophie was beautiful at the Garter and R Ascot as well – not to mention E/C Wessex are quite busy – appearance at the Garter right back from Sweden R wedding was lovely (km take note) they are a credit to GB/Monarchy/HMs as P’ess Anne – POW DOC / Prince Harry and other mature hardworking to duties RF members who serve HM.

    3. I think Sophie’s green outfit is one of my favourites. It is all pulled together so well, but also shows personality.

      1. Sophie looks fabulous, and it’s great that she’s so much more than a pretty package. Cam looks great too. But the best was that frame-worthy picture of the Queen, radiant in all her regalia (1st pic). Hats off to her!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful Harry pictures, we can never have too many!!! I really like his new waist coat, is the fabric denim? Anyhow, the color is much better than the yellow he always wore and if women have to have a new frock all the time, the men can certainly up their game and get a new color of waist coat now and then. Just had a thought, is Kate getting Harry to wear blue now too??

    Glad to hear that the Cambridges stayed the weekend with Grandpa Chuck. I’m sure he enjoyed getting to spend some quality time with George and Charlotte. From watching the videos of the polo game, George certainly is a very active child and probably gave grandpa a run for his money. But nothing beats being tired from chasing your grandchild all day, it’s the best kind of tired ever. To me is does look like the pictures of Charles and George were taken on the same day, even probably one right after the other, Charles on the grass playing with George and then he picked him up and the other shot was taken.

    William, William I just don’t know what to say. Really a helicopter to travel 80 miles?? Although I did read another article that stated the 8000 pound price tag was quite a bit out of line and the cost would have been considerably less than that, but still it just doesn’t look good.

    I got a good chuckle about the social media accounts. “We feel it is really important that we are able to have an interaction with people and share news with them directly.” But the principles, W&K never use them nor do they plan to and Harry, while he’s used it a couple of times has spoken out on how much he dislikes twitter. I understand that the office will be the ones posting information and such but they are the only ones interested in interacting with people, W&K&H certainly aren’t.

    Regarding the video of W&H taking about the Queens young leaders, I got the impression that the sun was directly in their eyes. While it did appear to be a bit cloudy, I know I am more light sensitive when it’s cloudy because of the glare. So I didn’t get the impression that William was giving us the Furrowed Brow of Concern but more of the light is bothering my eyes. I do wish that either of them would have smiled during this video, after all they were congratulating the young leaders.

    1. Yes, the sun did seem to be a bit in their eyes in the video, but the thing is if you go back and watch William’s past videos you will notice he makes the same expression with his eyebrows and forehead in every single one. Also, Kate makes that same expression with the eyebrows and forehead when she’s listening to someone and trying to show she really cares. So while the sun may have been in William’s eyes in this video, that expression he makes is not just because of the sun. He makes it all the time.

      Someone mentioned in the comments a bit ago about creating a Prince Harry Review site just for Harry. I assumed it was in a joking manner, but would people actually be interested in that?

        1. Oh, yes. KMR, if you have the time, we have the interest.
          A groundswell of love is constantly being sent PH’s way!

        1. Or – update/add to the name ‘KM’…- R.

          Your site is too wonderful and its more than km could ever fill or deserves. You are very informative (news & photos) – at the minute news on global RFs/ EU RFs event (with km name?).

          Meanwhile, other sites with gossip-style name, then expect ‘literary style’ km response …

        2. Cuz she’s so busy covering Kate’s activities? Haha! He is the most interesting of the three – although you’ve picked a “off” time to start it since he’s heading to Africa. That’ll give you the summer to build the background content and get us up to speed.

      1. I like the posts on Harry being on this site, so all the sugars that stumble upon here can see how much wool the Cambridges and the media have over their eye and hopefully wake up when seeing the comparisons between the them and Harry, and other royals.

        It’s up to you though, either way I’ll always read the posts, whether here or on another site.

        1. So true.
          Prince Harry by the smallest interaction, highlight the great difference (from P*km) – P Harry’s sincerity with the people, love and dedication to HM/POW and genuine interest to lead give back in performing duties. It was lovely he (P Harry) arrive Ascot with HMs.

          King Harry (after dad)!

      2. Here’s my two cents on the Prince Harry Review site, he will soon be leaving for a 3 month stay in Africa so I don’t think we’ll be seeing much of him during this time. While I always enjoy his smiling face and the way he wears his uniform, I just don’t know if there will be enough information for the next few months to make it worth all of your time and effort.

        I’d rather see what all the other wonderful royal women are up too, such as Leti, Max, Victoria and Mathilde. I’ve really missed the royal roundups as these wonderful women aren’t covered much in the American press and I’m having a difficult time finding English language blogs that follow them and their engagements.

    2. Seriously that social media release ticked me off. I’m guessing this “We feel it is really important that we are able to have an interaction with people and share news with them directly.” spin is in response to the twitter photo release backlash in the UK (media and some of the public – you know, the taxpayers that fund their £8000 helicopter rides).

      At least Harry has personally posted things, not just around his charity work but social media type personal stuff (sunrise in NZ). It’s annoying that W&K can’t/won’t and aren’t prepared to even do that. I don’t expect them to reply to posts but if it’s your twitter handle that people are following because they are into you why the heck can’t you show them a bit of love. Ahhhh the Cambridges!

      Re: hating social media – I get why a recognisable face would hate the feeling of constant surveillance, scrutiny and lack of anonymity smart phones with cameras and social media posts bring. As well as the info these posts give to paps. No space is completely safe… I’d say outside the four walls of your residence but hey, Vegas.

      I’m glad PC is getting some time with the family. I wonder what brought about the sudden change. Did William finally start to release how messed up things were getting after all the Carole hate, Willnot Middleton and Carole&Mike marriage trouble etc. etc. pieces

      1. I understand why the royals hate Twitter, but they only see the negative side to it. They don’t see it’s positives. And yes, it does have positives. I feel like the royals need to get a grip and let it go about their hate of the media, including social media.

  4. Of course, Harry looks great. Always! I usually hate top hats, but he can carry that off!

    Camilla looked very nice in the white dress and coat, but I hated the hat! Sophie? Amazing once more in that incredible green dress.

    So, Kate could not make it to Garter Day? She’s had to make too many appearances of late, hasn’t she? Lazy, lazy Kate!

    On a non Royal note, what was with Michelle Obama’s dress? Was the hem riding up a bit? I thought I saw something like a black-colored shaper’s leg in the photo? I don’t think Michelle needs to wear any shapers, but Zara sure does!

    I’m afraid I did not like Michelle’s dress. But, I am not a fan of large prints. And, I know she had no clue that she’d been sitting in front of a lamp with such a horrible pattern on its shade, but I found that very distracting. She and Harry seemed to get along nicely. Who wouldn’t get along with Harry, yes? Michelle looked lovely otherwise. I just did not like that dress.

    1. Are you talking about the black part covering Michelle’s left knee? That’s just the dress. The dress folded over her knees, and that part of the dress just happens to not have the flower pattern on it.

    2. I think Camilla finally met a hat she couldn’t master..I agree, that chapeau is not her friend. The green hat on the other hand, just lovely.

  5. That dress did not do Zara any favours. I wonder if she knew the rumour about to start up or the comments that would follow, cause she seemed to laughing people while staring down at her tummy.

    1. I agree. We must overlook Zara’s dress by the pure joy in Zara with her family day out – she was hardly concern (great!).

      DoC, Camilla is always beautifully dressed as well; and P’ess Bea was looking very nice too (different skirt- but nice) – love her shoe.

      1. I LOVED Beatrice’s outfit, except for the hat, which looked like an afterthought. It was one of my favourite looks on her. I know they try hard, but the York girls are typically fashion misses, imo. So when they look fab, I’m praising it!

    2. Yeah, Zara is always a bit of a hit or miss dresser. I think she is very down to earth, much involved with horses and really couldn’t care less about fashion. All of this really just adds to her robust personality.

    3. There were angles to that dress that really made her look pregnant. Especially some of the pictures on Celebitchy. I think the press gets crazy with their “bump watch” sometimes, but I couldn’t blame them on this one.

  6. Sophie and Camilla both looked beautiful! Camilla has really stepped up her fashion, she looks great! Not sure if I could overlook Zara…. train wreck! There is just something about Harry. His delivery on the video was awesome…. you can’t fake that! William seemed to be reading from a teleprompter….verbatim with very little emotion. As far as a blog on Harry, the challenge maybe that he is really great at being a royal thus, very little disagreement and debate vs PW/Kate who bring out a slew of reactions/emotions from anyone that follows them closely. If you decide to follow Harry closely, I will follow the blog……because I enjoy reading your perspective on things

    1. I think Zara often dresses in clothes that are too tight for her body. I actually really liked her yellow dress, hat, and snakeskin heels. I just wish they fit her. If the dress had been a size or two up, and the shoes had been a size or two up, she would have looked really good IMO.

      I love Harry in the video. Harry is motion is the best.

      Thanks for your input on the Harry blog.

  7. Sophie nailed it on both occasions! I love what she wore at the Royal Ascot. That is what I expect to see at a racing even. The full outfit reminded me of My Fair Lady. I thought she looked great and I never realized what a good figure she has. How old is Sophie?

    I actually thought most everyone looked good at Ascot. I liked Autumn’s outfit for once. Zara, oh Zara, at least she tried, but she needs to buy in her size. I wonder why William and Kate have never attended. It looks like it would be lot of fun! 🙂

  8. Sophie’s two dresses are perfection. I shall we at the white one when I leave for my honeymoon with Harry. I love Zara for wearing that dress. FFirsFirst, her stylist needs to be shot. They should have found an empire waist dress or even a larger size. What woman likes to be told that she looks pregnant when she isn’t? I love that she knows who she is and her size. She looks perfectly normal and content to me.

    Harry looks so good.

    1. I’m also sure that Zara would not appreciate that article in the Daily Mail about the “wonderful” Kate would has lost all her baby weight and doesn’t have a tum, compared to Zara who still has a Mum Tum! No where in the article is there any mention of the fact that Zara works at raising her child herself, is training for the next Olympics, is working on a jewelry range and travels for her charities (like the recent one to NZ for CatWalk). Zara doesn’t have her Mum doing everything so Zara can just exercise.

      1. I thought that DM article was ridiculous and mean. I didn’t check the byline, but that rude karma is going to come and bite that reporter in the ass hard one day. I’m still fuming about it, and I don’t even know Zara!

        Yes, the dress was too small. She probably put it on, asked Mike how she looked, he was blinded by her magnificent rack (wish I had one!) and said “babe, you look smokin’ in that”, and off she happily went to one of her favorite events, feeling like a million bucks.

        Shame on you DM 🙁

  9. Sweets for George. KMR I am scared as I posted that query a few weeks ago.
    Good to see the Royal family out in force to commemorate the Magna Carta. It really changed the monarchy from that point on in a small way.
    I like Autumn Kelly’s outfit and the York sister’s outfits. Very classy and a sensible floppy hat from Beatrice for a change. Eugenie looks more confident though. Beatrice looks lost.

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