Princess Madeleine names her son Prince Nicolas

Princess Madeleine names her son Prince Nicolas

Princess Madeleine‘s son has a name! HRH Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf, Duke of Ångermanland.

The baby’s name was announced during a cabinet meeting between King Carl XVI Gustaf and the government officials. Crown Princess Victoria was also present for the cabinet meeting.

Princess Madeleine's son 1

Nicolas’ name is partially in honor of his grandfathers. Gustaf obviously for the King, and Paul for the late Paul O’NeillChris O’Neill‘s father.

I really like the name Nicolas. I’m happy with this choice.

Princess Madeleine 33rd birthday portrait

Photos: Kungahuset / Brigitte Grenfeldt/Kungahuset

43 thoughts on “Princess Madeleine names her son Prince Nicolas

  1. Oooh, not a fan of the name Nicolas. But, I do like Paul.
    Whatever this little boy’s name is, he is just adorable!

        1. Snakey, if you are referring to Princess Leonore, that’s pretty nasty.
          She’s still almost a baby, not quite a toddler. And, she is adorable. To many of us.

          People make some pretty snarky remarks and Ii think when they are aimed at small children, it is most nasty.

          Sorry, but I don’t like that sort of thing and hope I am misreading the comment.

          1. Wow I hope Snakey wasn’t talking about Leonore. I thought the comment was directed at Maddie since hers is the only other photo in the post. That’s disturbing if the comment is directed at Leonore. She’s only 16 months old. It’s fine to not think a child is the cutest thing ever, because not all children are (especially if you’re not related to them), but “the girl looks unfortunate” is a bit too cruel.

      1. I am of the opposite opinion. I think the whole family has been blessed genetically. Chris is handsome and Maddie has always looked beautiful.

        As for the children, I think the babies are very beautiful. Princess Leonore baby photos reminds me of a good friends daughter, who has grown to be a stunning teenager.

        While everyone has an opinion, negative comments concerning children are out of line. Besides, you will be proven wrong as this beautiful little girl grows and continues to show the world her beauty.

        1. They are very blessed genetically. I think the swedes are probably overall the prettiest royal family, when taking into account all members. The British royal family usually doesn’t have what I would consider to be classic beauties. Diana was gorgeous but she married into the family. The Swedish royal family could star in a Gap commercial together.

  2. I love the name Paul. Not too keen on Nicolas, but if he’s being named after family, it is understandable. Do like this spelling of Nicolas, though.

  3. Love the name Nicolas! Can’t wait to see pictures of this sweet little boy as he grows, and with his sister and cousin. Nice to know the SRF will keep updates coming like the public is extended family vs crazed like BRF treats media.

    1. You are right, they treat the public like extended family and I am loving it 🙂 it must be truly nice for the Swedes.

    2. Yes, beautiful and fitting name.

      Thanks SRF for including all into your family events and KMR for the quality hard work.

      (Jen- Paul was Chris dad’s name)

  4. Quick question: do the parents get to pick the name and it is discussed at these meetings and approved? From the reading of this article and the previous one about the little prince, it sounds like the parents have no input in the naming process.

    Regardless, it is a really great name.

    1. I don’t know for sure but I bet that the parents select the names but the King and parliament “approve” them. I can’t think that unless the selected names where totally inappropriate that either the King or parliament would “disapprove” of them. To me it sounds more like a matter of protocol than anything else.

    2. I don’t know for certain, but I think the parents pick the name, then the King tells the government and the name is approved and the child is given a title.

    1. Hi Lisa, I didn’t get a chance to say “Welcome Back” yet. So glad that you are back and hopefully feeling better. KMR has been very busy while you were gone, so there’s lots for you to read and catch up on while you recoup.

        1. I hope you’re feeling better, Lisa, and that the surgery went well. I don’t know why you’re “mentally down” but I hope that is just temporary.

          1. Hi KMR. I think it was just a combination of the drugs/anesthesia, reality about the big change to my body and just dealing with the whole situation. Had a major meltdown yesterday, but I’m actually a lot better today. I’m off of the major pain meds and I think it just took some time to get them completely out of my system. Otherwise, I feel pretty good physically. I can’t wait to get the staples removed as they are itching from the healing, but I’ve still got a long way to go for complete recovery. Thanks everyone for the messages of encouragement, they are really great.

        2. Hang in there, Lisa. I am sure your surgery was not easy, but I hope each day finds you feeling better. I know from experience that all the drugs one is given for surgery stay in your system longer than one wants.

          Wishing you the best!

    2. Hope each day brings continued healing and the surgery has been successful. It is a long road back after surgery, but I hope you can measure a difference each week which goes by.

      You have been through a big surgery, both physically and mentally. Anesthesia changes your brain chemistry. I hope each day gets better.

  5. Lovely names! I always love when people honor family when naming a baby. I’m partial to Nicolas. My son, and Harry’s future stepson, is named Nicholas. We call him Nico for short.

    1. I love Nico too, but they might have to go with Nic. It flows better with his last name. Nic O’Neill. Unless, that’s not his last name? Not sure how that works in royal families, when a man marries in. Does Madeleine go by O’Neill?

  6. That’s a lovely combination of names…and also very similar to Prince Lennart The Duke of Smålands names (later count of Wisborg) which were:
    Gustaf, Lennart, Paul, Nikolaus

    1. Boy she dodged a bullet there 🙂 I just read the article and can’t stop laughing about the Kate-over LOL!! Really, they want Cressida to dress more like Kate?? I know this was written long before her and Harry broke up but it’s still funny to read that Kate with all her flashing is still thought of as the pinnacle of demure dressing.

      1. I know right? The less any of Harry’s girlfriends imitate Kate’s exhibitionism the better. I bet Princess Madeleine would never have Prince William.

      2. She surely did dodge a bullet. Of course, Madeleine would have been a far better woman for the upcoming role that Kate will be having. Still, Maddie is so warm, so gracious, so hard-working and so dear to everyone, it does not seem William could have handled that in a wife.

        I know Kate may be loving, but she is so darn lazy and vain.

      3. Oh my god, if Maddie had married William that would have been amazing!! I do think she dodged a bullet and William could never have handled her, but that would have been a great couple to pay attention to.

        The “Kate-over” is funny. I remember some articles saying that Cressida should dress more like Kate, because Cress’ style was terrible. She’s gotten better now that she’s trying to be an actress.

        1. I’m sure if Cressida did end up with Harry, she’d have her pick of the litter as far as designer duds go. Same happened with Kate. Do you think she was even on Sarah Burton’s (one example) radar till that beautiful blue ring reappeared?

          1. Cressida is already wearing Dior and Mulberry to events. If Cress did end up with Harry (I hope not), she’d definitely get a makeover after the engagement.

  7. What a beautiful baby! Princess Madeleine and Chris put out wonderful pics of their newborns. Why is this so difficult Will and Kate?

    By the way, I think the knits on her newborns are stunning. I think I remember something equally nice when their daughter was born. Even if it was just a blanket.

  8. Oh, I just love this name!! It’s making me a little teary eyed, he’s so sweet looking and this name is perfect for him. Great choice Chris and Maddie.

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