Swedish royals attend Te Deum for birth of Princess Madeleine’s son

Swedish royals attend Te Deum for birth of Princess Madeleine’s son

Today, June 18, the Swedish royals attended a Te Deum in the Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace to celebrate the birth of Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill‘s son, Prince Nicolas. Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist (now Princess Sofia) are off on their honeymoon following their royal wedding on June 13, so the Swedish royals in attendance at today’s Te Deum were King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, and Chris.

Swedish royals attend Te Deum

The royal family has released public congratulatory statements on the birth of Prince Nicolas.

The King and Queen said: “During the visit at Danderyd Hospital, we saw a happy parental couple with a nice boy, who looked calm and confident out.”

Victoria, Daniel, and Princess Estelle said: “We are so happy for Madeleine, Christopher and Leonore’s sake and wish them all the best.”

Chris’ mother, Eva-Maria O’Neill, said: “We are delighted and thankful for the safe arrival of Madeleine and Christopher’s newest memeber of Their family. A very happy event and we can not wait to meet him.”

Swedish royals attend Te Deum2

Here is the cover of the program.

Te Deum program

Photos: Kungahuset

16 thoughts on “Swedish royals attend Te Deum for birth of Princess Madeleine’s son

  1. A lovely expression of public rejoicing for the safe “arrival.” KMR, can you explain the initials beneath the crown on the program cover?

    1. The initials under the crown is Maddie and Chris’ joint monogram. It’s a backward C next to an M, another M and a forward C.

  2. The SRF sure know how to celebrate this wonderful occasion. And how wonderful that they all (except CP and Sofia) turned out for this, such beautiful family support. Chris looks so happy!

  3. How lovely and welcoming for the baby.

    Chris sure looks like the proud dad 🙂 I actually like Queen Silvia’s bright outfit too.

  4. This ceremony is lovely, I’m not Swedish so I have to ask, is this ceremony to welcome the child, or to announce the birth. From the photo’s it looks like a church service. Can someone please clarify.


    1. A te deum is a thanksgiving or blessing service and occasionally both. In short it’s a religious service. Originally in Latin hence the name.

      In ye old times, when religion was more present in daily lives, they would be given for every joyous occasion as a thanksgiving service. It was usually a blessing service if the reason for it was the start of an endeavour eg a military campaign.

      Without knowing any swedish, I can’t say whether this particular te deum is a thanksgiving or a blessing. A swedish speaker would know as it would be written in the title on the program ie te deum x. As it’s being performed in honour of the new baby, I’m going to assume it’s a thanksgiving one.

  5. Beautiful and SRF was open (not at a secluded chapel) and invited the public/photos.

    Princess Estelle and Leonore’ busy on babysitting duties with aunt/mom Maddie*Chris – two dolls for Estelle (she may have moved out – in with aunt Maddie) loving every minute.

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