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Royal Tour Day 7: Church, rugby, wine tasting, and white water rafting

Kate and William visited Dunedin and Queenstown for the 7th day of their tour.  While it took place on Saturday for me, it was Sunday to them (NZ is 16 hours ahead of where I am), so they started the day by going to church.  Apparently it is normal for royals to attend church while on tour, but it still seems odd to me to see the Cambridges going to church not on Christmas or for some other special occasion, because they are not regular church goers.  After church they did a mini-walkabout where Kate rebuffed someone’s compliment.  It’s always annoying to me when people do this, because usually they’re fishing for more compliments.  Not saying that’s what Kate did here, but people in general do this all the time and it’s annoying.  Next the Cambridges went to Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin and “coached” two teams of children aged five to seven in Rippa rugby (a non-contact form of rugby where the players wear flags on a belt and the other players have to rip it off, instead of tackling them).  William’s team won, 30-20.  After the game, William and Kate handed out medals to the winning team.  After the rugby, the Cambs flew to Queenstown where they attended a wine tasting/tour of the vineyard and then went on a Shotover jet ride—which is some sort of high speed boat ride on a river; check out their website for further details.

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Kate wears green for visit to Cambridge, Hamilton

On the 6th (?) day of their New Zealand tour, Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Hamilton and Cambridge.  They flew into Hamilton and did separate visits: William went to an aerospace factory for a tour; Kate visited a children’s hospice called Rainbow Place, it was a tea party with an Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatter theme.  Next they visited Cambridge—named after the second Duke of Cambridge, George William Frederick Charles, Queen Victoria’s first cousin (someone mentioned that there are three future king’s names in there, and that just shows you how unoriginal the British royals are with their naming).  There was a rather large crowd at Cambridge, estimated between 10,000-15,000—the town’s population is 18,000.  William and Kate had lunch in the town hall and chatted with the crowd; then they laid two roses on a war memorial.  Next, they opened the Avantidrome.  They were gifted with a child’s bike and helmet for George (kid is cleaning up with the gifts).

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Kate beats William 2-0 in sailing during visit to Auckland

Kate and William ventured to Auckland for Day Whatever of their tour.  They touched down at the RNZAF base and greeted some military families.  Then they met some of the crowd waiting outside the harbor.  Then they raced each other around Auckland Harbor on America’s Cup ships.  They did two races, Kate won both of them.  William wasn’t too thrilled.  He claimed to have been sabotaged and when he learned Kate was pleased with her victory he said, “I bet she was.  Selfless husband—I wanted a quiet night.”  I don’t even know what that means, but William does seem like the type to not be happy if his wife outshown him in something.  Kate sailed when she was younger, and did really seem to get into the sailing; maybe she’s just better than him.  I will say this, Kate does seem to come alive when there are sports involved.  I keep saying that she should do more sports-related charity patronages, but for whatever reason she seems to stick to children’s hospices—even though she can’t pronounce palliative correctly.

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Kate bores in Jenny Packham to unveil portrait of the Queen, William gives a speech

After their trip to Blenheim, Prince William and Kate Middleton went back to Wellington where they attended a reception at Government House.  They unveiled a new portrait of the Queen—which is not particularly striking, in fact it looks kind of terrible to me; the face looks nothing like Her Majesty and the right hand looks like it belongs on the Silence (Doctor Who).  William gave a speech—he spoke a little Maori at the beginning and end.  I have to say, I and many others give Kate a lot of crap when it comes to her speech-giving skills, but William isn’t much better.  He basically reads the speech from the script, and because of that his jokes are pretty stilted and aren’t that funny.  To me, any sincerity goes out the window when one reads from a script the way William and Kate do.  The words are kind of meaningless because anyone could have written those words, and if one isn’t even willing to take the time to learn the speech, then how am I supposed to take that person seriously when they say those words?  Anyway, moving on.

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Kate and William visit Blenheim, lay wreath at WWI memorial, meet Peter Jackson

Huzzah! Kate wore her hair up! Kate and William flew to Blenheim on New Zealand’s south island for day 4 of their tour. They attended an event commemorating the centennial of the start of World War I at the Blenheim War Memorial. They laid a wreath on the memorial and met with veterans (from WWII, there are no surviving veterans from WWI). The wreath had a note attached reading: “Never forgetting those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.” It was signed, William and Catherine. Afterwards, the Cambridges did a walkabout and met with a bunch of fans who came out to see the couple.  Predictably, the crowd was more interested in Kate and the people who got William were screaming for Kate.  Also, Kate received a Princess Diana Ty Beenie Baby from a member of the crowd.  They were a limited release thing after Diana’s death in 1997—I have one, or had one at some point; don’t know where it is now.

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Prince George accompanies Will and Kate on meet-and-greet with NZ parents

Prince George’s grumpy face is the best thing in the entire world.  That had to be said first thing, now let’s begin.  Kate and William, along with George, attended a meet-and-greet with ten sets of parents and their children—all born within a few weeks of George’s birth last year on July 22—at Government House in Wellington, organized by the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society.  Plunket is a non-profit organization that helps babies born in New Zealand with free childcare advice, home visits and other services.  Kate and William talked to the parents and George played with the children.

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Kate, William and George land in Wellington to start their 3-week tour (updated)

Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have officially landed in New Zealand—along with their son, Prince George—to start their three week tour of NZ and Australia.  They landed in Sydney first; then took a plane to Wellington.  They then went to the Government House for a ceremonial welcome including a Maori Powhiri and a 21 gun salute. Kate meeting the Governor-General and his wife; Kate greeting the Maori with a traditional greeting, called a Hongi; Kate meeting the Maori performers. UPDATE: Here is an article about the Maori greeting and dance, with a lot of nice pictures. It mentions Kate giggling when she met the Maori men who were wearing their traditional garb. I don’t know if she actually giggled or not as I have not seen a video. I have now seen a video and I don’t think she was “giggling” as the article would have us believe. It seemed more to me that she was smiling and laughing at what the man was saying, rather than giggling because she was embarrassed or something. /UPDATE

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Last minute updates before Will and Kate start their tour (updated)

Before I go ahead with my post, I would like to make a site-related comment.  If I’ve done everything correctly, you should have already been redirected from my WordPress-hosted site,, to my new self-hosted site,  This new self-hosted site has all the content from the WordPress site.  Everything is the same, except it is self-hosted on its own domain.  Oh, and I changed the theme.  I got tired of the old one.  I will leave the WordPress site up, and will continue to post on it, as I transition to the new self-hosted site.  Anyone who followed my WordPress site, I would ask to follow this one now instead.  There is a “follow” button in the bottom right corner.  I hope this transition goes over well.  I appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.

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Maori King refuses to meet with Will and Kate: royal snub or was KP disrespectful?

There is already controversy surrounding Will and Kate’s Oz tour.  The King of the Maoris, Tuheitia Paki, has called off Will and Kate’s visit to Turangawaewae Marae because KP only allotted 90 minutes for the visit, and made a bunch of demands, and it would have broken proper protocol.

Will and Kate wanted to respect the indigenous people, but more importantly follow in the footsteps of the Queen and Philip who visited the Maori in 1953, but the Maori king refused to see them under the circumstances and now it’s a big thing.

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KP released OZ/NZ tour details: Will and Kate are definitely bringing George

Kensington Palace released the official details for Will and Kate’s royal tour of Australia and New Zealand.  And guess what… George is going!  Of course he is.  Was that really ever debated?  I guess the palace was trying to play coy for months, but their efforts were a waste of time.  We will see George about 6 times, getting on and off planes and at least one appearance in Oz and one in NZ.

The tour will be from April 7-25.  The tour will begin in New Zealand on the 7th then they will travel to Australia on the 16th, they leave on the 25th.  Free days include the 8th, 15th, and the 21st.  Here is the official press release from KP; here is a detailed itinerary from Hello!  You can read William’s private secretary Miguel Head’s remarks here—it is really long.

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