POLL: Royal Tour 2014 – Favorite Outfit Kate Wore

POLL: Royal Tour 2014 – Favorite Outfit Kate Wore

Here is a round-up of all the outfits Kate wore during the Royal Tour. There were 25 total outfit changes, three of which involved pants. The pants outfits are throw-aways for me, and looked too similar to bother with. There’s one caveat of my fashion coverage in this post: I am only covering the clothes (dresses, coats, etc.) Kate wore; her hats, shoes, bags, and jewelry do not count. She didn’t wear enough hats to bother with, nor did she change up her shoes, bags, and jewelry enough to bother with. So this is only about her clothes.

Want some statistics? Kate wore a total of 18 different designers (including 1 dress with no designer Id). She wore 3 designers multiple times: Alexander McQueen, 3 times; Catherine Walker, 2 times; Roksanda Ilincic, 2 times.

As far as different countries represented, I’m going to list 5 categories: United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Australia, and Other (non-UK, US, NZ, OZ; no Id). I’m grouping the non-UK, US, NZ, OZ into one category for ease as each only has 1 designer. I am listing designer’s birth country, not business-based country–I have to do it this way or else NZ wouldn’t be represented. Designers by country: UK, 7 designers; US, 4 designers; NZ, 2 designers, OZ, 1 designer; Other, 4 designers.

Kate wore 9 different colors: blue, 5 (the Poppy dress counts); an all-over pattern, 4; red, 2; black, 2; green, 2; yellow, 2; white, 2; some shade of grey, 2; pink, 1.

Kate wore 12 dresses, 7 coats, and 3 separates pairings (skirt + jacket/shirt).

Here is the list of 22 outfits Kate wore, in order of appearance. There is a poll at the end to vote for favorite outfit.

1. Red Catherine Walker coat: April 7, Arrival at Wellington.
Catherine Walker red coat

2. Black and white patterned Tory Burch dress: April 9, George’s playdate.
Tory Burch black and white dress

3. Light blue Alexander McQueen coat-dress: April 10, Blenheim War Memorial/Aviation Center.
4. Black Jenny Packham cocktail dress with silver beading: April 10, Reception at Government House.
Alexander McQueen blue coat dress    Jenny Packham black fern beaded cocktail dress

5. Emerald green Erdem coat: April 12, Rainbow Place/War Memorial/Avantidrome.
6. Teal Emilia Wickstead dress: April 13, Church.
Erdem emerald green coat   Emilia Wickstead teal dress

7. Red Luisa Spagnoli skirt suit with black belt: April 14, Cristchurch visit. Previously worn to St. Andrew’s visit in February 2011.
8. Rebecca Taylor dark blue tweed jacket and skirt: April 16, Police College/Leaving NZ. Previously worn in April 2012.
Luisa Spagnoli red skirt suit Rebecca Taylor Tweed Jacket and Skirt

9. Roksanda Ilincic yellow/white dress: April 16, Sydney arrival/Opera House.
Roksanda Ilincic yellow, white dress

10. Diane von Furstenburg blue/white print wrap dress: April 17, Blue Mountains.
Diane von Furstenburg blue, white print dress

11. Zimmermann white broderie anglaise day dress: April 18, Easter show/Bear Cottage/Manly beach.
12. LK Bennett blue/white poppy print dress: April 19, Brisbane Air Force Base/Convention Center.
Zimmermann broderie anglaise day dress LK Bennett Poppy Dress

13. Dove grey Alexander McQueen coat and dress: April 20, Easter church service.
14. Yellow, broderie anglaise dress with no Id: April 20, Zoo. Previously worn in SE Asia in 2012.
Alexander McQueen dove grey coat No Id yellow broderie anglaise dress

15. Blue Stella McCartney dress: April 20, Arrival in Canberra. Previously worn in July and August of 2012.
16. Coffee-colored Roksanda Ilincic dress: April 22, Training Acadmeny.
17. Hobbs Wessex dress: April 22, Uluru. Previously worn in 2012 before the Olympics.
Stella McCartney blue dress Roksanda Ilincic coffee-colored dress Hobbs Wessex dress

18. Light pink Alexander McQueen shirt and skirt: April 23, Elizabeth/Adelaide visit.
19. Bright green Catherine Walker coat-dress: April 24, Arboretum/Parliament House Reception/NPG.
Alexander McQueen light pink shirt and skirt Catherine Walker green coat dress

20. White Lela Rose cocktail dress with lattice sleeves and peplum: April 24, Government House Reception.
21. Black Temperley coat: April 25, Dawn ANZAC ceremony. Previously worn to Remembrance Day in 2013.
Lela Rose lattice cocktail dress Temperley black coat

22. Blue patterned Michael Kors tweed coat: April 25, ANZAC service at War Memorial/Departing OZ.
Michael Kors blue tweed coat

27 thoughts on “POLL: Royal Tour 2014 – Favorite Outfit Kate Wore

  1. She is beautiful, and for the most part her outfits are extremely well tailored giving her an overall polished look. However, after looking at the summary of her tour wardrobe, I can’t believe the pre-tour hype that she spent so much time preparing for this tour. Queens jewels, 88,000 dress, Queens stylist…I don’t see it. It’s hard to pick a favorite…they all seem nice. Nothing stands out as the best or most spectacular look for me.

    1. I agree, Kate’s tour wardrobe did not live up to the pre-tour hype. Nothing really blew me away, and there wasn’t even a ton of jewelry to talk about. At least her personality came out a bit more and she seemed more confident, hopefully that translates to her future appearances.

  2. I like 3 and 13 she looks most professional. Maybe it’s the fact that her hair is pulled back vs carefree. She should save the carefree look for her private time. She is a very beautiful women! A classic beauty. If she could just get her speeches together (I watch a few of them after some of the previous comments) she would be closer to the total package.

    1. I definitely like her most when her hair is pulled back; she looks so great with her hair pulled back.

  3. Sorry, I don’t find her beau at all. Her not eating ages her, her hair is full of extensions, nothing is natural with her, everything is fake, and… the obvious cliche her “ugly” (vanity, zero lack of personal development, etc) in the inside reflects on the outside so that makes her look even more meh.

  4. Blue/white, see I’m not original.

    I don’t know if you did it consciously, maybe its just because you were showing dresses, but you seem to have chosen the most flattering pictures of her out of all I’ve seen from this tour. In this set she actually seems beautiful. On many close-ups she looked nearly my mom’s age.

    To be honest, I really hate this how she looks/what she wears discussion. Maybe because I’m an engineer so judge people by my standards, but for me looking appropriate is a default expectation, not enough to give any credit at all, especially on such high position. But I guess for Kate its still a step forward.

    1. Kate doesn’t really do much else for us to talk about. Diana for example is remembered for how great she was with her charities and for how she was a good mother. Now maybe we’ll see this from Kate eventually but right now there’s not much more to her than what she wears.

      1. Well at least she’s not falling out of nightclubs drunk any more. In that light, I do prefer to talk about clothes, however boring it is.

    2. I structure my posts to talk about the charity or the event first, and then talk about her clothes. I do it to put the focus on the event/charity rather than on her clothes, but unfortunately her clothes are all there really is to talk about right now. She doesn’t give a bunch of speeches or talk about how the charities or how she feels about them.

      1. Oh, I didn’t mean to criticize you, sorry if it looked this way. I totally agree, there is very little else to talk about.

  5. kate has set the bar so low for UK, her lazy work ethics, her stupid non existant speeches, her golddigging, and her tacky boring clothes, and her flashing of body parts , william definitely lowered his standards by marrying this cheap trashy shameless social climber!

    1. I recently read somewhere that PW and DoC Are “tasked with rebranding the royal family”. I think you can look at the lack of work, vacation-like royal tour, “we are just like you” branding and see they are attempting to bring the concept of royalty down to something that the majority of people can tolerate? May be they won’t be successful? Royal celebrities perhaps? I don’t know. I agree the standards have been lowered significantly to meet the DoCs abilities and PWs lack of passion for his lot in life, but somehow after this tour, it all seems deliberate somehow. The fact that she won’t wear jewels for example — it feels to me like there is a reason beyond her not having access or her not wanting to. In many of her outfits she wore the same acorn charm necklace. It looked all wrong with her outfits I had to ask myself why? Is she creating her own legacy piece with the acorn charm? Or is she trying to look ordinary? It will be interesting — if the expectations of royals is further reduced then what will it look like in 10-20 years?

  6. I agree with the comments above. The standards have been lowered due to the DCo. (I know she is in mourning so I want to be respectful). Lets face it she is the original “waity” but much worse. Additionally once she was allowed into the RF there was nothing that could be said about the person PW would marry or PH for that fact. How can PC judge or make recommendations to his sons? Another reason I feel sorry for Kate expectations are higher for her and she isn’t due to be consort until after Camillia!!

    1. I cannot say I like Camilla, her past actions are disgusting, but I disagree that more is expected from Kate than from her. More or less the only thing expected from Kate as of now is that she “works” (like, attends movie premier or does occasional charity visit) 1-2 hours a week, looks put together, doesn’t flash her lady bits and make something that can pass for intelligent speech… at least doesn’t mispronounce words or tells 70-year-old man to build himself a new house. That’s not high expectations, in fact MUCH more is expected from majority of the girls you would randomly meet on the street. And Kate regularly doesn’t meet them.

      Again, I’m not a fan of Camilla, but to give credit when its due, she does about 250 engagements a year (and was called lazy by media who only stopped after they started praising Kate for doing 30-40!), and I don’t recall a time she caused real embarrassment to royal family after joining it.

  7. I would like state that i do not hate Kate & i am not jealous! I understand everyone makes
    mistakes. What i do not get is why waity does not learn from her mistakes? Some people
    commented when lazy makes the same mistakes or new mistakes she want to get out of
    working! Kate is maybe hoping courtiers will not pressure her to work at all! I do not know
    if it is true or not? I am just wondering…..

    1. “What i do not get is why waity does not learn from her mistakes” THIS. The definition of insane is doing the same actions again and again hoping for a different result… this reminds me of Kate. She does the same thing over and over, mistake after mistake, and never realizing that she needs to change.

    1. I have not heard of her (no offense, it’s just that I tend to read other genres), but I remember this controversy. Everything she said is completely true.

  8. ON TOPIC: I voted for #6 because I like that outfit best overall (more my personal taste if it had a slightly lower helpline) but I have to agree that Kate looks best in the dove grey suit of #13.

    OFF TOPIC: This had to be the dullest tour ever. The most interesting thing they was…okay, nothing was very interesting. While I am not necessarily a Diana fanatic, at least when she toured it was some seriously interesting events and photo ops.

    1. I like #6 too, I just love the color. I agree the tour was super boring. I would say George’s Grumpy Faces were pretty funny, but over all there was nothing going on. The press tried to give Kate and Will personalities by quoting a ton of crowd members, but it didn’t work and just got annoying. Everything was so bland.

      1. I also wanted to thank you for the great updates. Being relatively new to the forum, I am finding everyone insightful and respectful – even if we all don’t agree. I am replying several days after this post as I have been quite busy personally, but hope to be back for now.
        As far as my fav – definitely #13 – the Dove grey Easter dress. I see just about everyone commenting says the same. However, I tend to like classic dressing, so for me, #13 is not much of a surprise. I guess my second fav would be #1 – the Catherine Walker ensemble – with a few modifications. One – change the hat. Two – get rid of all those buttons. Probably no more than 3 buttons, probably in black, are all that’s needed. Three – WEIGHT THE DAMN HEMS ALREADY!!!! Otherwise, I thought it was lovely.
        N.B. She really needs to lose the wedges!

        1. Thank you for your kind words. I’m thankful for the dialogue; I love reading the comments. It’s fun to talk things out, even/especially when people have different viewpoints.

          You know, I really liked the red coat at first, until I saw the buttons and the unfortunate stewardess comparison. If it weren’t for those buttons and the pillbox hat, that coat would have been amazing.

      2. A couple of suggestions – when you have time. Can you do a page just on George’s faces, especially the grumpy ones? I think they are either pretty cute or funny. I have taken to calling him Prince Grumpy – in a nice, endearing way (not to be mean).
        Also, can you include a poll on which of Kate’s outfits people thought was the worst? Again, not to be mean, but maybe to come up with some additional constructive criticism.
        As they are going to be “chillaxing” over the summer, we need to think of ways to keep ourselves going – so these are just a couple suggestions.
        Personally, I think it’s lousy they are going back to their usual lazy ways. I know William has an engagement mid-May, but now with them having a full time nanny, what possible excuse do they have for not increasing their workload? Oh, I know – she needs to decorate their “new house” at Amner Hall & likely will be “trying for another baby.” You know – grueling work.

        1. Prince Grumpy! I might start using that name, it’s cute. I was thinking about a George’s face poll or something. I’ll work on that.

          I am really hoping that Katie Nicholl is wrong and they don’t go away completely during the summer. The other royal reporters were all saying that W&K would be upping their appearance game over the summer, so I’m not sure whom to believe. They may be all right. W&K could be spending a lot of their time at Anmer, but still be coming out to do more appearances. Fingers crossed, I guess. No excuses at this point.

    2. I love a colour of #6 and I generally wouldn’t mind wearing something like that, and hemline is okay as long as it stays there and doesn’t fly away. But on her, pleated skirt plus ridiculously high waist… C’mon girl, you just have a long torso, when you try too hard to hide it you look like a 40-year-old mom borrowing clothes from her 10-year-old daughter. Not a good look.

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