Will and Kate in Brisbane for Day 13: Kate gets in the cockpit of a fighter jet

Will and Kate in Brisbane for Day 13: Kate gets in the cockpit of a fighter jet

Kate and William were in Brisbane, Queensland for Day 13 of their tour.  They arrived at Amberley Air Force Base and took a tour of the facility and met members of the crew.  They viewed the Super Hornets fighter jets.  William got into the cockpit, and after he had his turn Kate got a turn in the cockpit as well.  I’m glad Kate got a turn in the cockpit this time.  Will got to get in the cockpit of one of Peter Jackson’s planes, but Kate didn’t.  So it’s nice that Kate got a turn this time. Will tried to regulate her to the backseat, but she refused–way to stick up for yourself, girl.  There was a fly past and then the Cambridges planted a tree in Amberley’s Memorial Garden.  There was a special reception where they met bereaved service family members—they met the families of four servicemen who lost their lives in conflict.  The Cambridge’s then ventured to the Brisbane Convention Center and had a reception with the Governor of Queensland, Penelope Wensley, the Premier, Campbell Newman, and his wife, Lisa Newman.  They then did a walkabout with the crowds outside the Convention Center.  There were more “Marry me George” children—sigh.

Kate in Brisbane

Kate wore an LK Bennett blue/white poppy print dress ($425).  It has a square neckline, to-the-elbow sleeves, and comes to just above the knee on Kate.  Kate represented her host country with her clutch selection.  She chose the Odeion Clutch by Australian designer Oroton (was $235, but is currently reduced to $115).  Kate wore her sapphire and diamond earrings, Mappin and Webb necklace, and Cartier watch.  She put her hair up in a half-ponytail style–you can see the back in this photo.  I like this outfit, it’s nice.  She looks put-together.

Rebecca Deacon sighting! There is also a new photo from the Cambridge’s first day in OZ, when they had a tea party at Admiralty House after they arrived. The photo includes Rebecca Deacon, and the article talks a bit about her: “Rebecca Deacon, a close and trusted confidante. Known as Becca, the 32-year-old got to know William when she helped plan the 2007 Concert for Diana and soon grew close to his now-wife.”

Rebecca Deacon

After their day spent in Brisbane, Will and Kate—and their entire entourage—went to a rugby match. Here’s the article from the Daily Telegraph in Australia, with pictures (here’s the Daily Mail article about it). Kate even rested her head on Will’s shoulder at one point. Here’s a front-view photo with everyone—Amanda cook Tucker (Kate’s hair dresser), the blonde assistant that keeps popping up (I’m guessing it’s Kate’s assistant), and Rebecca Deacon (who was relegated to the back row—lame).

By the way, I checked out the Court Circular to see how they counted each event during the tour—because I wasn’t sure, which is why I haven’t updated my appearance’s counter in a while—and this is what I found:  Departing London on April 5 counts as an official royal engagement.  What the—?  How does that count?  That is absolutely ridiculous.

Court Circular - Departing Counts

Links: Getty Images set 1 and set 2. Daily Mail articles 1 and 2. Express. Mirror 1 and 2.

Photo Credits: First and Second photo from Rebecca English twitter. Pic three is my own screen grab from the Court Circular website.

6 thoughts on “Will and Kate in Brisbane for Day 13: Kate gets in the cockpit of a fighter jet

  1. While it is nice to see Kate wearing a slimmer skirt, I think this poppy dress looks like a blue ink-blot. Just me, I am sure other people like it fine. Also, has anyone else noticed that while in New Zealand Kate was dressing all Euro-classic, but since landing in Australia she has adopted a more casual, colorful, slender, 80-ish look? I am wondering if that is an Australian thing.

  2. I am almost always critical of Kate’s choices, but I love this look. The dress is gorgeous and age-appropriate. The hemline is modest but not frumpy, and the dress could be worn in a gale without flying up and showing private details. I love the shoes, the clutch, and her hair pulled back. I think she looks stunning.

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but at this point, this entire tour is starting to repeat itself. I mean, how many planes can they see, how many disinterested walkabouts have they had, how many times has she repeated her look? Yes, this white and blue dress ensemble looks nicer on her than many of her other choices, but it looks like the same style she wore with the yellow dress upon their arrival in Oz. Essentially same dress, different day. She continues to wear her hair either down, or now with the top part pulled in back – but it doesn’t change it much. Then too, the all white dress she wore on Good Friday was almost the same as the yellow dress she wore to the zoo today. Even her speeches say the same thing : “I am delighted to be here today, at the (fill in the blank) children’s hospice where …. The work you do and services you provide are so vital… pall(i)ative care you provide. Thank you for having me here today.” (I am in no way criticizing the children’s hospices – they truly are needed to help affected families and patients in a time of great need – I am only commenting on her use of the same ideas and sentences all the time.) Strange thing is, I still look at pictures of Diana, and she still inspires, all these years after her death. Kate finds a few things that work (not always well) and she uses them over & over & over. Frankly, they are just biding their time, enjoying their station and money. They will never come close to the service and decorum of her majesty because they don’t share her same sense of duty and love of their own country and its people. Quite a shame, they have such a powerful pulpit in which to do so much good – and it’s all going to waste.

    1. I’m finding this tour to be quite boring and tedious as well. Kate’s done better with her clothes but nothing has really wowed me. And she still can’t say “palliative” correctly, so what’s the point in her speeches? Every day really is the same, they went here, did a walkabout, then went here. It’s boring. The only interesting part of this trip has been when George comes out to play.

  4. This was definitely one of her more youthful and sexy looks on this trip. I think she looked lovely here. Most of the outfits were unappealing to me this time around though

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