Kate tries DJ-ing while wearing a deep v-neck in Elizabeth/Adelaide

Kate tries DJ-ing while wearing a deep v-neck in Elizabeth/Adelaide

Can I just say, no royal should ever try DJ-ing.  It was cringe-worthy when Charles did it and it’s cringe-worthy when Will and Kate do it.  Please, royals, just stop.  Granted, neither one really wanted to try it; they both kept insisting the other go first—they must have known how cringe-worthy they would look.  For Day 17, Will and Kate went to Adelaide, South Australia.  More specifically, they went to Elizabeth, a small suburb of Adelaide, named after the Queen (obviously).  The Cambridges visited a music studio/youth center, Northern Sound System, and were shown how to… I don’t even know what it’s called, scratch the records?  That’s what they did, held down the records and moved them around to make a scratching noise.  Outside, they watched a skateboarding display and were presented with a skateboard for George.  Will then spray-painted a wall (the artwork had already been started Will just dabbed in a little bit).  The Cambridges then unveiled a plaque for a planned new business development named Prince George Plaza.  Then they went to a reception.  There was a walkabout thrown in there somewhere.

Kate was Single White Female-ing the Queen again.  In 1963, the Queen wore light pink on her visit to Adelaide, and Kate wore light pink on her visit, too!  Kate wore another Alexander McQueen outfit for the trip to Elizabeth, a suburb of Adelaide.  She wore a light pink long sleeved, deep v-necked shirt and a matching light pink full skirt.  She wore her nude LK Bennett shoes again, and carried an LK Bennett clutch.  For jewelry she wore the Annoushka pearl drops, Asprey charms, and Cartier watch.  She wore her hair back in a half-up style.  Other than the clothes change, it’s the exact same look we’ve seen countless times on this tour.

I honestly wouldn’t hate this look if the v-neck wasn’t so low.  That neckline is far too low for her when on an official appearance.  At one point she bent down to receive flowers from a little girl and it looks like that little girl got an eyeful.  In fact, I know that little girl got an eyeful because a photographer got an eyeful.  Not a good look for a Duchess.

By the way, so much for the whole “Queen’s Jewels” thing.  Kate wore the silver fern brooch upon arrival to NZ and to the state reception, but other than that she hasn’t worn any of the Queen’s jewelry, and has barely changed up her own jewelry.  How boring is that?  I wanted nice jewelry, instead we’ve gotten boring-ness.  I guess that about sums up this entire tour, doesn’t it?

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  1. She seems to want to pay tribute at certain times, sometimes to the Queen (as in wearing light pink to Elizabeth), more often to Diana (the red ensemble by Catherine Walker when they first landed in NZ), but she can’y seem to do it well. The low cut top today was too much! Has she not been taught about Royal protocol when it comes to dressing? Why do everyone else seem to be familiar with it? I thought the Queen’s stylist/dresser was supposed to be preparing her for this trip? But no, we again get her skirt flying up, wearing black while not in mourning, this very low cut top. Unfortunately, she does seem more and more like an exhibitionist. If not, she is just really, really slow to pick up on the fact that wind will blow up a full skirt, bending over with a low cut top will expose alot, and wearing her hair down while wearing an elaborate necklace or neckline takes away from whatever she is wearing. With so many advisors, you’d think someone would be gently guiding her – so either they are failing or else she is so stubborn, she won’t listen to anyone. It’s probably both. That doesn’t speak well to the future of the monarchy.

    1. This is exactly what I was going to post. She is an exhibitionist. There can be no doubt about it after this trip. She must be ignoring her advisors. I’ll bet Her Majesty will have something to say about flying skirts and low cut tops when these two get back to London.

    2. I do think she is an exhibitionist. Clearly she has no problem being naked, or near-naked, around people. But I think her wardrobe malfunctions aren’t just about her exhibitionism, I think it’s a strategic way to spit in the face of the monarchy and her advisers. She doesn’t have a ton of control, but she can control what she wears, so she uses that as an escape–which may be why it seems the only thing she cares about is shopping.

  2. I feel sorry for Kate! She will never live up to expectations. If she supports a charity, her speech is terrible. If she wears the color blue, pink, red, green ( pick a color) she is copying the HM or Diana. If she is out with her son, she had on the wrong outfit or her hair isn’t right. If she wears understated jewelry, she isn’t accessoried like a Royal. If she wears a piece from the HM collection, she didn’t wear it correctly (a broach should be a pin on a hat). Give her a break! I find think anyone who is so critical of Kate could last a day in her shoes! It’s not an easy job knowing that you will never live up to everyone’s expectations!

    1. I’m sorry – I don’t agree one bit. Part of the entire reason we are given that she waited for PW for about 10 years for him to propose was that she understood what she was getting into, becoming wife of an heir to the throne. It is a very public position with alot of traditional expectations. Given that they do not want for money, shelter, food, and have the world as their pulpit, and all the advisors and servants they want, they have alot of free time. It would make sense for people so privileged to be able to contribute something back- after all, they are head of the Anglican Church. When Kate continues to make one embarasing mistake after another, when so many comment on it – there must be other reasons/factors playing. Granted, she is relatively new to the position, and there is alot to learn, but the public can forgive 1-2 mistakes, not ones that are frequently repeated at every outing. Further, as someone else marvelously said – she has been in training for almost 10 yrs and actually on the job for 3. Exactly how much time does she need? Anyone else in a typical job would have been fired after not picking up the job after all that time. Further, the public doesn’t expect perfection, but growth, and she has demonstrated very little. How does it look that she stands uninterested, twirling her hair like a 6 yr old at a solemn Remembrance ceremony? Yes, it appears a few modest changes were made for this tour, but they had to come from the very top. Why? At age 32, she can’t see these things as being wrong? With as much daily help & money they have, she has no excuse to not use her time to learn proper decorum and to spend some her time researching some of the people and places she will be visiting. At some point, when WIlliam ascends the throne, both of them will wish they have used this time to learn from HM and PC, instead of wasting so much time “in transition.”

      1. “the public doesn’t expect perfection, but growth”

        Exactly. While the dress flying up was awful, one time early on in the marriage could have been forgiven, but 7 times over three years cannot. Her first speech being terrible could be forgiven, but she isn’t getting any better as she gives more. A few mistakes can be forgiven, as long as she learns and grows and doesn’t make the exact same mistake over and over again, but she’s not growing at all. That’s the problem.

    2. While I understand and actually agree that there will always be people who will criticize her no matter what she does, and at some point it does seem like she just can’t win, as of right now she deserves the criticism she’s getting. Her speeches are bad; her wardrobe malfunctions need to stop; she needs to put her hair back when giving a speech; she needs to get out and work more. She knew what she was getting in to when she got married–she had been around for 10 years already–and she’s had three years of marriage to acclimate herself to actually be a royal, it’s way past time for her to get some of these things right.

    3. I can’t give her a break. She has had plenty of time to learn how to behave appropriately when she is participating in an official event. She should also realize that it does matter how she appears in public when she isn’t on an official event, because of her position in the royal family. She just doesn’t seem to care genuinely and she is a terrible actress. And why doesn’t she have at least one charity to which she is committed even before she met William? The Middletons are so wealthy, I would hope they have a history of community service, but I’ve never heard a word about their charitable interests.

  3. Yes that neckline was inappropriately low for an official appearance and what’s worse is that she appears to have not worn a bra either.

        1. Ill-fitting bra? Or the top of the skirt, but that seems a bit high. Either way there is an outline in the shirt of a bra.

  4. This V-neck… ARGHHHHHH… Seems like Kate thinks that to be a princess means to look sexy. Otherwise, why is she obviously not wearing underwear?

    The Queen has never been keen to loan Kate jewelery, so not much surprises. And I can agree – the only time when Kate managed to not ruin the look was the wedding day. Other times… She made GORGEOUS Nizzam of Hydebarad necklace look like a cheap tat.

    1. Ha, ha, ha – lol! You are so right. This isn’t the first time on tour without underwear – I think we all remember Canada and the yellow dress. She has to be an exhibitionist.
      I have to agree with HM – why loan someone like Kate irreplacable jewelry if she can’t even wear underwear? I guess Kate thinks it’s not only sexy, but “naughty”, which William said in their first interview together he likes.
      Apparently, she must think the rest of us blind & dumb that we can’t tell. It’s only too obvious.
      You are right about the Nizzam of Hydebarad necklace. You’d think no one wearing that could look bad, but Kate once again insisting her hair be down, did indeed make that fabulous piece look cheap.

      1. I seriously suspect Kate has some psychological problems as far as her hair goes. Look at Rania or Letizia – same hair length, they often wear it down, yet always look appropriate. Jeez, I have hair as thick and twice as long as hers – I mean literally 3 feet long – and even when I wear it down it NEVER looks such a mess as Kate’s typical hairstyle. Well, okay, I newer wear it down on windy days, but I also don’t have royal hairdresser always available.

        It really feels like Kate needs her 500-pounds-a-day hairdresser specifically to arrange her hair into the messy curtain she can hide behind.

        1. Her hair really is her security blanket. While I hate a pixie cut on most women (so women have the face to rock it but most don’t), I will give women who try it credit because it takes a lot of courage to chop off all your hair. Hair for a lot of women is a security blanket. I’ll admit, I have long hair and it freaks me out to even think about cutting it short. But then again I have no problem with pulling my hair into a ponytail or other updo. Kate clearly has a problem having her hair pulled back.

        2. I think she’s really insecure, especially when in the public and on appearances. When we get pics of her shopping, her hair is usually tied back, but she can’t stand to have her hair tied back on public outings. She’s insecure.

      2. It must give her a thrill to not wear underwear while on official appearances. I guess that’s where the exhibitionism comes in. But I can’t imagine not wearing underwear, that’s just not sanitary.

    2. Good thing there was no “Marilyn Moment”, that would have been an disaster. In the video there was a Marilyn threat, but it was averted.

      I’m not surprised HM doesn’t want to give Kate much jewelry. She didn’t even let Kate keep her wedding tiara. It wasn’t a wedding gift, just on loan for the day.

  5. Clearly she is wearing underwear! I agree with the comments about the neckline, not appropriate. I blame PW. Didn’t he say he would help guide her into her Royal duties? He needs to support his wife better. She is a direct reflection of his guidance. I feel sorry for Kate!

    1. I agree with you regarding William. He really should be helping Kate and guiding her, but he seems to not care. He’s really dropped the ball with that one.

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