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Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Canada tour cost millions

Back in November, we discussed how the Department of Canadian Heritage projected it would spend 855,000 CAD on Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s 2016 tour of Canada. Well, some more figures have come out from the RCMP and British Columbia on the amount they spent hosting the Cambridges for 8 days: 2M and 613K, respectively.

Kate Middleton Prince William

Canadian Heritage budgeted $855,000 for William & Kate’s Canada Tour

I read this article on Canada’s National Post about the projected budget (not the total actual cost, just the projected cost) for Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s 2016 Canada Tour, and as it was listing the amount of money budgeted for various things I had a thought that I’ve actually never had before: How much […]

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Post-tour updates for Will and Kate’s 3rd anniversary

Happy 3rd anniversary to Prince William and Kate Middleton.  In honor of their 3rd anniversary, let’s do some post-tour news.  First, landing in London after the royal tour counts as an official engagement for both Will and Kate.  What?  Again, that’s crap, and I’m not counting it.  My numbers and the Court Circular’s numbers at […]

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George has a name/Kate’s stomach is causing drama/Camb’s moving into Anmer? [Updated]

Baby Cambridge officially has a name: George Alexander Louis.  It was announced last week, only a day after they left the hospital.  I thought it would take much longer than that to get a name, so I was surprised when they announced it so early.  It’s a pretty boring, predictable name.  Every bookmaker had George […]

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