George has a name/Kate’s stomach is causing drama/Camb’s moving into Anmer? [Updated]

George has a name/Kate’s stomach is causing drama/Camb’s moving into Anmer? [Updated]

Baby Cambridge officially has a name: George Alexander Louis.  It was announced last week, only a day after they left the hospital.  I thought it would take much longer than that to get a name, so I was surprised when they announced it so early.  It’s a pretty boring, predictable name.  Every bookmaker had George as the favorite.  I’m not in love with the name.  George is boring and seems outdated to me.  I’m surprised there are only three names and neither Charles nor Philip is among them.  I thought for sure at least one of those would be present.  Louis is the name of Lord Mountbatten—Charles’ favorite uncle—and is one of William’s middle names; Charles wanted to honor Mountbatten when he named William.  I dislike Mountbatten, he was a disgusting paedophile (sec. 3, par 4-6; par 23-29), so I dislike that they used the name Louis in honor of him.  I love the name Alexander, though.  I wish they had used that as a first name.

There has been a debate over Kate’s figure post-baby. A few magazines were talking immediately about Kate’s post-baby workout routine and how she’s planning on losing the weight, and then a bunch of people got upset about it and the “impossible standards” for women to lose the baby weight immediately after giving birth, and they were applauding Kate for showing off her post-baby stomach when she came out of the hospital. I totally understand where women are coming from about this issue, women do get a lot of heat about how fast they can lose the baby weight, and it’s really not healthy, and not accurate when you read magazine articles about some celeb and how fast they got their pre-baby body back (because they usually had an elective cesarean and a tummy tuck to look like that). It is nice when real women with real post-baby bodies are highlighted because when the standard is to look great so quick it puts too much pressure on normal women who don’t have a trainer and 12 hours a day to work out, or a plastic surgeon, to look like they did pre-baby. I get that. I agree with that. What I don’t agree with is the double standard for Kate versus every other celeb out there. These mags do this type of thing for EVERYONE. Every famous woman who has a baby is subjected to this type of treatment by these mags, where the first thing they talk about is how quickly they can lose the weight. And no one makes a huge fuss about it, no one says the mags shouldn’t be focusing on it, nothing like that. But as soon as it’s Kate then everyone gets up in arms about it. I don’t like that. If you take a stance on a subject, then that stance should apply to everyone, not just Kate.

Apparently the current resident of Anmer Hall (the place that was earmarked for William and Kate a few months back) is leaving sooner than the end of his current lease—March 2017. He denies the claim that the Queen paid him off to move out early so Will and Kate could move in. But security is being beefed up around Anmer, at a cost of around £100,000 per officer, of which there will be around 40-50 (so £4-5 million to train and equip all these officers). This is on top of the renovation costs of moving the pool and planting a bunch of trees and moving the driveway to give Will and Kate more privacy. And of course all these costs will be picked up by the taxpayer. And all of this is on top of the £1.1 million cost to renovate Kensington Palace, that will also be picked up by the taxpayer. They are saying that Will and Kate are planning to move into Anmer within the next few months, which is interesting since they were supposed to be moving into KP within the next few months when those renovations are finished. Hm… And of course all of these costs are on top of the security costs of guarding Middleton Manor while Kate and baby George are staying there. So that’s 1.1 mil for KP, 4-5 mil for Anmer (plus renovations costs that have not been made public), and an unknown cost at MM—over £5-6 million. And that’s just for housing, it doesn’t include clothing costs and travel costs and every other cost associated with them. Are Kate and William really worth that much? Do they really give well over £6 million of charity work, recognition, donations, good will to the United Kingdom? I wouldn’t think so. UPDATE: There is a new report that claims the previous report that the current tenant of Anmer Hall had been paid to leave the house early is incorrect.

What do you think of George’s name? What about the drama about women’s post-baby bodies? Do you think that the Cambridges are worth all the money spent on them?

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