The Cambridges left the hospital

The Cambridges left the hospital

The new Prince of Cambridge was born only on Monday, but there is a ton of baby coverage and articles surrounding every little thing.  Like, seriously, there are eight articles on the Daily Mail website just from today.  It’s ridiculous.  I don’t even want to bother reading it all, at least not tonight, too annoying.  I just want to cover the major thing that happened today (or yesterday, technically, since it’s after midnight).  The Cambridges went home from the hospital, giving the press their money shot that they’ve been waiting outside the Lindo Wing all this month for.  Go here for a picture of the family; here for a sweet picture of William holding his son; and here and here for close-ups of the baby.  It looks like he does have some dark hairs already, so cute.  I’m going to give the baby the benefit of the doubt, since he is only a baby and he didn’t ask to be born, whom to be born to, or what he looks like.  Until he does something worth criticizing him for, I’m going to leave him alone.  But that won’t stop me from criticizing his parents.  Just because they had a baby does not absolve them of their sins.

I do want to mention William and the way he presented himself today.  I watched the live feed of them coming out of the hospital and talking to the press, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how much William really did seem to love and care for his son.  It really seemed like he was super happy to be a father and that he loved his son very much.  I still don’t think he cares much for his wife, but he really does love his son.  The interesting thing is that when Kate came out and down the stair of the Lindo Wing holding the baby, William had his arm on Kate’s back in a protective manner, but then once he had the baby he totally ignored his wife—when they were walking back inside and then even more when they came back out and got into the car.  William was back to his same old ignoring Kate ways, but he seemed happier than I’ve seen him in a long time.  He really is excited, I think, to be a father.  Good for him.

Carole and Mike Middleton visited the Cambridges in the hospital earlier in the day.  They arrived before Charles and Camilla, who also visited the Cambs in the hospital.  It’s interesting that the Middletons were the first to see the baby.  And then Carole went and talked to the media afterward.  Who does she think she is?!  Ugh.  I understand he is their first grandchild too and they should get to meet him, but this child is a royal and future (if the monarchy is still around) king.  Charles should get to see him first.  Of course Charles and Camilla didn’t arrive until just before the Cambs went home.  Whatever.  Maybe that is a bit of an overreaction, but that doesn’t make Carole any less of a snake-eyed manipulator who only sees a meal ticket when she looks at that baby.

As far as Kate goes, why does she still look pregnant after giving birth?  I get that she only had the baby 24 hours previously, and she would naturally still have a stomach, but that rounded of a bump?  Just seems odd.  A bunch of people have mentioned it on Twitter, too.  And on other late-night talk shows.  It’s not just me.  And it seems weird that Kate would wear a dress that would accentuate her bump when there is no baby inside it.  That seems odd to me, but whatever floats her boat.

When the couple came out, they took a few questions from the press.  William seemed really at ease—for him—and was joking around with the photographers/reporters and being a bit self-deprecating.  I think it was one of the best interviews I’ve seen from him.  Usually he is guarded and tense but it seems like being so happy about his son made him relaxed.  Of course Kate only answered like one question and before she did she had to look at William for… whatever it is she’s looking for when she looks at William before answering any question.  Permission, guidance, support?  I don’t know.  I thought overall Kate seemed a bit odd; she certainly wasn’t as relaxed as William during the whole thing.  I guess she seemed like she always does, uncertain and self-conscience.  Which seems odd since she was with her baby and answering a question about how motherhood was for her.  That seems like such an easy answer to give, but she had to look at William, think about it, and then give a response that was very vague and not personal.  She said the experience was, “very emotional.  It’s such a special time, I think any parent can probably understand what that feeling feels like.”  It’s a special time that any parent can understand?  Yes, but what are your feelings, Kate?  Why don’t you have feelings?!  Ugh, I would say she can’t say anything not-vague when she isn’t scripted, but even when she’s scripted she doesn’t say anything not-vague so…  She better get it together.

Kate wore a blue polka-dotted dress to exit the hospital.  Diana wore a green polka-dotted dress when she exited the hospital with William in 1982.  Do you think that’s a coincidence?  Hell no.  Kate and Mummy have studied Diana for years, I’m sure they planned the outfit out so that Kate would get more Diana comparisons.  And it worked.  Ugh.

One last thing, I promise.  The palace gave a 5 minute warning at 2:00PM ET (7:00PM London time) that they would be coming out.  Well they didn’t come out until well past 2:15PM ET.  It was annoying as hell.

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  1. As the Telegraph says, we actually heard Carole Middleton ‘speak’. She sounds very middle-class. But I must admit, she is (and her mother Dorothy) more interesting than her daughter. Hard to imagine someone coming from a supposedly rank working-class background with nothing else other than ambition and determination, shuttled around in a Silver Cross could not help but to grow up and make sure that her own life and that of her children is of a high standard. As the article suggested that it’s difficult to know what kind of person Carole is. You wouldn’t if there is a biography out on her at all?

    1. I agree, Carole is much more interesting than Kate. Kate is plain and boring, she really doesn’t have much of a visible personality and the only ambition she ever showed was ambition to stay with Will and get the ring. Carole’s story, ambition and determination are much more interesting. She seems like an awful person, but I do have to admire her ambition and determination.

      I heard rumors that there was a biography about Carole in the works, but I don’t know if that was true or not. As far as I know there is no biography currently about Carole.

  2. I understand what you are saying. It’s probably the reason why I don’t necessarily go out of my way to read about Kate because there isn’t much going on. However, do you think she gets on with the rest of the Royal family or does she want to get away from them as much as she can? Again, some years ago, there was a documentary called ‘Meet the Middletons’ and some members of Carole’s family were interviewed. I find it interesting how she managed to keep her immediately family away from the rest. But when Kate is Queen, will she ever visit that part of England where the rest of her family come from?

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