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William & Kate join the Queen for Easter service

Prince William and Kate Middleton made their very first appearance with the Queen and other members of the British Royal Family for Easter service at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle yesterday, April 16. I’m also including the Spanish royals attending Easter Mass.

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Royal Round Up: royals celebrate Easter

The royals were out and about this weekend for Easter celebrations. This royal round up includes Queen Elizabeth II leading the British royals – such as Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie – to Easter service, as well as Queen Letizia and Princess Charlene attending Easter services.

Note: Sorry about posting this three times now, but for some reason it originally posted without the comment section turned on which I had to fix. The comment section is open now.

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Prince William jets off to Kenya without Duchess Kate or their kids

Prince William flew off to Kenya for a three day visit which includes attending the wedding of long-time friend and (alleged) former girlfriend, Jecca Craig. Though William scheduled the “private visit” a long time ago, he will meet the Kenyan President and view some conservation and anti-poaching initiatives in Kenya. William is leaving his wife, Kate Middleton, with the kids to go to Jecca’s wedding solo. And because irony, the future Head of the Church of England will not be attending Easter service. Oh, and William “I can’t work full time at my air ambulance job OR my royal job because I’m such a hands-on father” Middleton will be missing Easter with his children.

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Days 14 and 15: Church, Zoo, and a stroll around Governor General’s house

Prince George is the most interesting Cambridge.  Will and Kate can take a seat; George is the STAR.  All three Cambridges visited the Taronga Zoo (on Day 14 of their tour) where they opened the Prince George Bilby Exhibit.  George got to meet a bilby that is named after him.  Bilbies are a nocturnal, rabbit-like animal that is on the verge of extinction—there are only 10,000 left in the wild.  Here is the Bilby Wikipedia page, and here is the Save the Bilby Fund website.  George is a feisty little thing.  He was squealing and squirming, and tossed on the ground a bilby toy that was given to him, and he tried to chew the “wild child on board” sticker that was given to Kate.  He’s a handful (no wonder Will and Kate keep complaining about him).  Kate and Will took turns holding George and at one point Will even gave him a kiss on the head.  After the bilby exhibit, George went back to his nanny and Will and Kate got to pet and play with all the animals (they have such a hard job you guys).  We got some more Grumpy Faces from George—not all are from the zoo, some are from arriving in Canberra later in the day.  George is teething—which we’ve been told—but we got a good look at his teeth coming in.  Below are two videos of George at the zoo.  Enjoy the cuteness.

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