Royal Round Up: royals celebrate Easter

Royal Round Up: royals celebrate Easter

The royals were out and about this weekend for Easter celebrations. This royal round up includes Queen Elizabeth II leading the British royals – such as Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie – to Easter service, as well as Queen Letizia and Princess Charlene attending Easter services.

Note: Sorry about posting this three times now, but for some reason it originally posted without the comment section turned on which I had to fix. The comment section is open now.

The Queen and Prince Philip led the British royals – including Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Prince Edward, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Lady Louise Windsor, James, Viscount Severn, Peter Phillips, and Autumn Phillips – to Easter service at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle today, March 27.

The Queen is wearing her Frosted Sunflower Brooch to complement her yellow outfit. Sophie is wearing a red Sportmax coat, and both she and Louise are wearing Jane Taylor hats.

I think everyone looked good today. I especially likes Sophie’s red coat and Eugenie’s pink hat.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia attended Easter Mass with their daughters Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia (along with Queen Sofia, Felipe’s mother) at the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca.

Spanish royals Easter 1
[Casa de S.M. el Rey]

Spanish royals Easter 2
[Casa de S.M. el Rey]

On Friday, March 25, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene appeared on the balcony of the Prince’s Palace of Monaco to celebrate Good Friday.

On Thursday, March 24, The Queen and Prince Philip attended the traditional Royal Maundy Service at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle where HM distributed the traditional Maundy money to 180 people – 90 men and 90 women, symbolizing her age. HM wore a blue Karl Ludwig tweed outfit with a matching Angela Kelly hat and Queen Victoria’s Bow Brooch.

Also this weekend was the Gatcombe Horse Trails at Gatcombe Park which brought out Princess Anne and her family: Peter Phillips, with wife Autumn Phillips and daughters Isla Phillips and Savannah Phillips; and Zara Phillips Tindall, with husband Mike Tindall and daughter Mia Tindall.

75 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: royals celebrate Easter

  1. Happy Easter everyone! !!!:)

    I know Will Kate have never attended Easter Service with the Queen, but I’m kind of surprised it is not mandated like Christmas morning service. It seems odd to me that so much of the family goes but William, who is directly in line for the throne, doesn’t attend. With so much family there with the Queen, it just makes Williams absence even more noticeable.

    I will say that all the ladies look very lovely today. I love yellow on the queen. And Sophie’s outfit was so vibrant . Princess Beatrice stilettos are so thin! Those must have been so hard to walk with on the cobblestones. I’m glad Eugenie and Beatrice change up their heels. They seem to have fun with them.

    1. Happy Easter all. Everyone looked lovely. I find it interesting that none of Charles’ line attended. The direct line of heirs this the throne and none of them are there. I also could be imagining this, but the BRF looked relaxed and happy. Wonder if it has anything to do with the notable absences of W and K. It is nice to see happy pics.

      1. If he is in the country, Charles and Camilla spend easter in scotland and attend the church up there.

        When Harry is in the country, he attends this Easter service in windsor.

        It is only William who doesn’t attend any service. The Middletons tend to ski over the easter break, and william has joined them some years.

        Kate is an idiot for not seeing the golden opportunity this occasion presented if she had attended church wiyh everyone. Kills several birds with one stone, critics and fans alike.

        Instead, the public is sitting down to a documentary about the queen that emphasises how much Kate isn’t part of the team. Not to mention all the negative headlines the Cambrisges are attracting.

        1. I was thinking the same thing Herazeus! What a great opportunity this would have been for Kate to show how close she is to the Royal family.And would have helped some of the bad press as of late. At the same time though, I don’t blame her for wanting to spend time with her family on a holiday. It is a delicate balance.

          Thanks for the info about who spends Easter where. It is sad that William doesn’t attend any service.

        2. The Queen and her advisors can’t be thrilled that William’s negative press keeps overshadowing her 90th birthday year. William and Kate really need to get it together.

        3. Hi Herazeus. I knew that about Charles and Harry. It still seems odd to me with HM turning 90 that they aren’t steeping up ready to step in. Of course I do not mean Harry;however, I wonder if the BRFs role in the church is going to change. If they keep rolling over on tradition and royal responsibility, what will be left when Charles becomes King.

  2. I love how Beatrice and Eugenie include Louise. Louise seems like such a very sweet young lady.

    I bet Carole had a fun set up for Easter. She seems like the sort of grandma that would put together something amazing for the kids. Kate never does any sort of family even without Bill so I wasn’t surprised she didn’t show up.

    1. I also like how Bea and Eugenie included Louise. There usually seems like such a disconnect between all the cousins, so it’s nice to see them walking together.

      1. There was one Christmas when William teased Beatrice by calling her “Queen Bee”, as he said Harry and him were determined to be heroes in the army. William was close with the York girls, I don’t know about Peter. It seems Kate does not want to mix with them and therefore William does not. If Kate came from a close family then wouldn’t it be easy to mix with them. Either Kate doesn’t like them or they don’t like her. It is good that Kate makes chutney for HM, and that George and Charlotte get gifts when they stay with the royal family. However gifts are only part of it. There is no substance in Kate and her relationships.

    2. I agree with everything you’ve said … little George and Charlotte are no doubt having a wonderful time at Grandma’s.

      Autumn looks like such a nice person – she’s obviously a fantastic, hands-on, mum and always looks smart. Kate could’ve made a good friend with her.

  3. I loved the royal fashion show today! All the ladies looked lovely and the gentlemen were handsome! I think the coat that Autumn in wearing is a J. Crew coat, I have an older version that’s very similar.

    What is that hat that Anne’s wearing??? It looks like Big Bird! How nice though that her whole family turned out to watch Zara compete, it seems that they all get along well and enjoy each others company.

    1. I enjoy the gloucestershire/windsor trials and polo when all the cousins turn out. These days that includes all their kids. You even see the cute Gloucester grandkids. Kate has always stuck out like a sore thumb because she doesn’t socialise with the larger group, and these past few years she’s stopped by for a photo op and then gone back home.

      1. What is wrong with her? I’ve read stories of Kate being standoffish at university, at Jigsaw, with William’s friends and women in general, but surely Kate can relate to someone apart from her mother and sister or have enough manners and maturity to co-operate for at more than a few minutes an event? Is she so cocooned that she does not see how her behaviour is interpreted? I really don’t understand.

        1. I thought that she would be better at socialising with the group once she had kids because that would be a natural icebreaker, but she’s still isolating herself.

          Last year’s Polo was really weird. Once again, she was mostly by herself by turns completely ignoring George or sticking to him like glue. And when William was taking a break she went over to him for a chat.

          From all the pics/videos we’ve seen over the years of these events, all the cousins are as boisterous as a litter of puppies when they are together, and they seem to get along very well, have picked partners who fit in the group equally well, except for Kate.

        2. I recall reading somewhere that her cousin, the burlesque dancer, said that Kate had a difficult time interacting with others because she simply isn’t interested in other people. Personally, I think that because she spent all of her young adulthood building her life in such a way that it completely revolved around William, she isn’t able to build relationships with anyone else. And yes, she is so coddled and protected that she has no idea how her behavior in interpreted.

        3. I think her problem has more to do with anxiety than anything else. I imagine being married to William would be bloody hard work emotionally, and she probably doesn’t want to socialise with more of the same at all these events.

    2. Autumn’s coat looks like something Kate would wear with that high buttoned collar. I love the color, but the collar being buttoned all the way up kind of ruined it for me.

    3. RE hats: can someone please start wearing hats other than ‘perched at an angle over the right eye’? It looks oddly uniform….. Sophie’s daughter didn’t (but perhaps was considered too young for a formal hat?)

  4. I’m a little surprised at the Spanish Royal Family. Easter is the holiest day in the Christian calendar, and the girls are wearing jeans??? I wouldn’t think twice about it, really, but as the Royal family, shouldn’t they show a little more respect at church? I’m not Christian, but even I noticed that! (I was raised Christian, however).

    Personally, I found the coats worn by the BRF ladies to fit them oddly. Huh. Maybe I’m grumpy today. LOLLL

    Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!

    1. That’s what I thought last year when Leti wore pants to Easter Mass, but I guess that’s their thing. Maybe traditions are different in Spain? I don’t know. But since it’s consistently their thing I’m willing to forgive it and chalk it up to not knowing that culture.

  5. Boring! Except for the Queen, she looks lovely. What’s with the blah colors? Red? yuck. What happened to dressing up in spring colors for Easter? And since when do you wear pants to church? Double Yuck. And Charlene looks miserable as usual. Jeez! Give me Kate any day.

    1. Quite agree Jules wouldn’t it be great to see Kate supporting HM on this most important day in the Royal and religious calendar instead of running off to Mummy while her husband does his own thing.

      All these ladies look stunning and as I watch the ITV programme it strikes me how special the York girls are.

      Dear Kate said something inane that says it all along the lines of if HM smiles people are happy they don’t need anything more. Just as well Kate has a good dentist then isn’t it if that’s her priority.

      KMR happy Easter and thank you for taking the time to give us all this fabulous update and for everything you do to bring us all our little bit of fun each day. Your blog followers all appreciate you you bring us so much fun .

      1. +1!
        “Dear Kate said something inane that says it all along the lines of if HM smiles people are happy they don’t need anything more.”
        Just when you think she couldn’t b ore cringeworthy…

    2. LOL!!!!!!!!! Ahh, Kate fanatics are funny. Thanks for that. Especially even more funny since the only time I remember Kate attending an Easter service was on the Australia/New Zealand tour-she wore light grey. Because nothing says boring or Spring more than a all grey outfit (hat, coat, dress, shoes and clutch). Kate is the most boring of them all-thank for reminding us 🙂

        1. My point is Kate wears boring colors, unlike Jules was trying to say Kate doesn’t. She is the most boring dresser of the bunch. Kate fanatics come on here to put down all other women, in order to make Kate seem better. But her ‘logic’ didn’t hold fact since Kate hasn’t worn a spring color on Easter.

      1. +100! So true Yorkie. I could see Carol putting down all other woman to make Kate look better. Some women think that by saying another woman looks nice, it takes away from Kate’s looks. There are plenty of nice looking woman in the world.

    3. Regarding the fashion I totally adree with you. Nothing here says SPRING. Sophie confused Christmas( remember her bunny outfit for Christmas) with Easter( red and black!) and rest is just plain and bluh. I always found the fascinators ridiculous but I like the one princess Eugene is wearing, although I will trim a little the flowers. The felt I beautifully modeled and the color suits the occasion. Happy Easter everyone!

    4. I’m so glad I took time out of my Sunday to make such a boring post for you.

      1. I loved this post. It was colorful and fun. It reminds that despite the drama, the families are all growing up and it’s fun to watch it.

        Keep up the awesome work, KMR!

      2. Late to the party, but I loved what the women wore. As far as I know there is no mandate that says one must wear pastels and spring time colors for Easter. I really thought the ladies all looked nice and loved HM in her yellow. The only thing I’m not completely sold on are Bea’s shoes. Great for a club, not so much for church on Easter Sunday. Great shoes, just not for this event.

        You did a great job KMR, keep up the good work!

      3. My bad. I never meant to infer your post was boring. I love your blog, I check here several times daily to see what you have. I meant to say that fashion wise other than the Queen, that was a boring lot of clothing. Also, I am not Carole, I am simply Julie from Ohio. I will attempt to be more specific with future posts. I don’t consider myself a Kate fanatic anymore or less than the rest of you here. IMO even when Kate dresses boring it’s still fun to critique.

  6. Happy Easter! Want to give a shout out to Lady Louise’s ensemble! Love the coat, beret and ballet flats. And I agree with someone up earlier who said the BRF looks happy and relaxed.

    1. Yes, I thought Louise’s outfit rather chic too. Very appropriate for her age plus she looked happy. The family looked relaxed here which is good.

    2. +1! She was dressed appropriately (no more Mary Janes!) plus, she was chatting with her York cousins which was very sweet to see!

  7. First thing I noticed about the BRF was the lack of crotch clutching! Sophie had one moment, but then it was all shoulders back, heads held high, walking like normal humans. I liked their clothes- thought it was all fine. Sophie’s red was pretty but you don’t think of red as a traditional Easter color.
    The second thing I noticed in all of the BRF pics was the degree of familiarity and how relaxed they all seemed with each other. Sure, Beatrice, Eugenie, and Louise are all cousins of the blood, but Sophie and Autumn married in and they are completely one of the family. It probably took a bit of effort, but it clearly paid off.
    Kate, my darling, you are never going to get used to Royal life if you keep hanging out in Bucklebury and only with Middletons. Or hiding with William the Pouty at Anmer. Why aren’t you sitting on the grass chatting with Autumn while the kids run around and play and eat ice cream?? I’m pretty sure Autumn is not intimidating.
    If you are sitting home looking at these pictures of a big happy family while your mom trolls and posts comments here in KMR and are getting a little sad – snap out of it! You still have a limited amount of time to turn things around before they become irretrievably broken. After that, it’s going to take much more than chutney to save your place in the firm.
    Happy Easter!

        1. She supposedly keeps scrapbooks and has asked paps for photos of Kate they took. I would really be surprised if she didn’t keep an eye on the boards.

      1. I was sort of joking, based on an earlier comment about Carole getting lost and posting in the wrong blob. But it would take a ton of self-control NOT to read blogs and comments about one’s self. I don’t know if I could stay away if I were in her wedges. But would probably be angered and horrified within minutes if started.

    1. Kate could have gone to service with HM and the rest of the family. The day has 24 hours. A couple of hours for church and then bow out for time with the Middleton’s.

      Her behavior highlights the absolute disingenuous babble she did for the ‘interview’ on TV.

      How many Easter Sunday’s with HM are in the future? I think the others make the effort to be with HM and her husband because they value the relationships and know tradition is important to the couple.

      I thought Beatrice looked chic in her trench. Sophie looked much better than Christmas. Autumn was a miss. Her coat looks one size too small.

  8. Thankyou for the photos MKR.
    Sophie looks lumpy to me and I like her in pretty much anything. I like the colour just find the style is shapeless and drags her down. Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie looked great and those stilettos are amazing. Mia Tindall has similar features to Isla Phillips and Lady Louise Windsor to me.

    I think the other royals dress less bulky and I loved the photo of King Felipe and Queen Letizia with their family in the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca. Its such a solemn place, filled with tradition and suddenly I noticed directly behind Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia someone taking a photo. So 21st century, lol.

    If Kate didn’t spend Easter Sunday with the Royal family was she at home ? She may have other plans but her son is a future King so surely she must understand she has to encourage that connection and teach him to be comfortable in that setting.

    We do know Jecca had a children friendly wedding and lodges set aside for families and we know Kate stayed at home or with her mother depending on the story you read .
    Ultimate gossip says ‘ Prince William is going to pay dearly for bailing on his family obligations, including attendance at Easter church services.
    Just wait and see! Kate and William will spend more and more time with the Middletons over the summer as payback for this Kenya trip. Would it surprise anyone if Carole manages to worm her way into Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebration’?

    I think she must be ill. It just does not make sense. Charles would do something like this as that made sense t him but William keeps telling us how family is everything . How they are private and hands on.

    Now we are being given stories of George and his new school or the Queen’s 90th as a distraction although Hello magazine is running a piece that tells us, ‘The celebration will no doubt be a particularly special one for Kate. It is her daughter Charlotte’s first Easter holiday and George, who turns three in July, is at the stage where he will be able to take part in traditional celebrations like an Easter Egg hunt’.

    I know I sound petty but something is not sitting right.

    1. I don’t understand how any young couple with a family can lead such separate lives. It will be interesting to read their body language when they embark on their India tour next month. If she were brighter she would have joined the BRF in church in order to distract the press and generate some positive PR. I read a comment in this thread saying she’s not interested in people hence her awkwardness in public. What a lame excuse and it clearly proves she’s in the wrong line of ‘work’ (the irony), as her position currently and in the future is dependent on public service and dealing with people from all walks of life.

      1. Oh Kate would have thrown William so far under the bus had she attended Easter church with HM. What a giant slap in the face that would have been. It would have been marvelous; too bad that didn’t happen.

    2. “Would it surprise anyone if Carole manages to worm her way into Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebration’?”

      She managed to worm her way onto one of the ships in the flotilla during the Diamond Jubilee. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Carole were to attend some of HM birthday celebrations.

    1. I watched it too. Kate and William are the only 2 who I can’t really understand. They sound like they’ve got marbles in their mouth when they’re speaking. Everyone else is really clear.

    2. I just watched it, it’s a very inspiring and well put together documentary, but Kate was so hard to understand. She says some words so quickly and under her breath sort of and not completely clearly that it just is frustrating to listen to her.

    3. Finally got done watching and transcribing it. Will have a post up soon. And yeah, I can barely understand what Kate is saying – she was the hardest to transcribe.

  9. For me Queen Sofia is the best dressed of all the royals at this occasion.I like the green with the purple-not too busy,though I would inject a bit more purple in the coat.

      1. To be fair it’s probably spring weather in Mallorca whilst it is cold wet windy and stormy in the UK – winter coats are still essential.

  10. Apparently Amner Hall is shut tight. Bucklebury is open though. Not attending church was a last minute decision so 2 different people tell me.Thats all.

      1. Someone told me that That Kate went to her mother’s home for Easter.
        There was expectation of Kate attending church which did not eventuate.

  11. Firstly Happy Easter everybody!

    I like the yellow outfit on the Queen. It certainly is happy. Sophie looks very striking in her red coat and I like the way Lady Louise is dressed. Very sweet and pretty looking girl. I like that Beatrice and Eugenie include her. Eugenie’s hat is elegant, not sure I like the mac on Beatrice though.

    It is good to see the Spanish Royal family on the holy week. I don’t really see what is wrong with jeans and a top for the girls. They look decently dressed. Lenore and Sofia look sweet.

    Good to see Mia on Mike’s shoulders supporting Zara. Peter and Autumn are there as well. I like the fact they are holding hands. Though they do look cold walking about.

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