Kate Middleton, Sophie Wessex, more talk about the Queen on ‘Our Queen At 90’

Kate Middleton, Sophie Wessex, more talk about the Queen on ‘Our Queen At 90’

I was able to watch ITV’s documentary about Queen Elizabeth II, Our Queen at 90, I’ve pulled some quotes from the program. The documentary was a look at the Queen’s life and had video of her from the past year, videos from her entire life, and interviews from various members of her family – such as Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (in her second ever interview), Prince William, Kate Middleton (in her first sit-down interview as a royal), Prince Harry, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

The Queen Our Queen at 90

I have not quoted the whole thing, but I got many quotes from various family members. Since this is a Kate Middleton-centric blog, I have quoted all of Kate’s interviews. The quotes are listed in chronological order, so the various family members’ quotes are broken up in parts.

Prince Charles:

    “I said to my mother the other day, I said you realize that when you reach 90 that I shall have known you for 68 years. She had to laugh a little bit.
    “But when you think that all these years the Queen has been on the throne that in itself is a huge accomplishment. Coping with so many different challenges and complications and always being there in that remarkable way. Steadfast.”

Prince Charles Our Queen at 90

Duchess Kate:

    “It’s very special of adding a little girl to the family, very lucky that George got a little sister. The Queen she was really thrilled that it’s a little girl, and I think as soon as we came back here to Kensington she was one of our first visitors here. I think she is very fond of Charlotte, always watching what she’s up to.
    “George is only two and a half, he calls her ‘gan-gan’. She always leaves a little gift or something in their room when we go and stay and that just shows her love for her family.
    “She’s been very generous and not sort of been forceful at all in any of her views, but she’s just I feel she’s been there sort of a gentle guidance for me. The most memorable engagement for me I suppose was an away day to Leicester. I went without William so I was rather apprehensive about that. I think there’s a real art to walkabouts. Everyone teases me in the family that I spend far too long chatting. I think I’ve still got to learn a little bit more and to pick up a few more tips, I suppose!
    “She was very supportive, in fact she took the time to make sure that I was happy and looked after for that particular occasion which probably in everything that she’s doing is very small element shows just how caring she is really.”

William Our Queen at 90

Prince William:

    “Growing up, having this figurehead, having the stability above me has been incredible. I’ve been able to explore, understand, slightly carve my own path. So I greatly appreciate and value that protection almost. She’s never dictated what we should do; it’s that quiet guidance. It’s sometimes never seen but it’s always there. And I think that has allowed me personally to explore and understand more about who I am and what I have to do.”

Princess Eugenie on HM’s wardrobe:

    “You know lots of my friends will say, ‘oh she’s just the best style person there is’. She looks great in her clothes. The style is something that is very unique to her. Elegant, classic, she’s got wonderful happy color to her at all times. I think that’s the word: happy.”

Sophie, Countess of Wessex on HM’s wardrobe:

    “Don’t forget that when she turns up somewhere, the crowds are, two, three, four, 10, 15 deep and somebody wants to be able to see that they saw a bit of the Queen’s hat as she went past. She needs to stand out for people to be able to say, ‘I saw the Queen’.”

Camilla Our Queen at 90

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall on HM’s love of horses:

    “If I need to ask about a horse there’s no better person to ask, I mean she is the tops. You couldn’t find a better expert. When she watches on the our horses run I can ring her up and say, ‘What do you think about the race, should it have gone a bit further or should it have been a bit shorter?’ And she’ll say, ‘Well you know I think if you gave it an extra furlong you might see a better result.’ Horses respond to her; they love her. It’s a two-way relationship, they both love each other. She has that wonderful smile which lights up her whole face and you can see the real joy she gets from it.”

Eugenie Our Queen at 90

Princess Eugenie on Balmoral:

    “It’s the most beautiful place on earth, I think. And I think granny is the most happy there. I think she really, really loves the Highlands.”

Sophie, Countess of Wessex on Balmoral:

    “It is a magical place. Apart from the midges, but it is a magical place. It’s a sense of freedom for her. It’s the one place she really can relax and settle in and just be there and be herself and take the dogs for a walk or go riding. And it’s just this beautiful big skies, big hills.”

Princess Beatrice on Balmoral:

    “There is a sense where she can just take a little bit of a step back you know you can catch your breath, because you know her schedule is incredibly busy so I think it must be quite nice to have a few days off if the Queen ever has a day off which I’m not sure.
    “The sense of history and the sense of love that Queen Victoria and Albert built into Balmoral is you can feel it everyday. It’s a very family place.”

Duchess Kate:

    “I suppose what’s really struck me is her love for the simple things in life. You would expect a lot of grandeur and a lot of fuss and things but actually what really resonates with me is her love of simple things, the lack of fuss, and I think that’s a special quality I think to her.”

Harry Our Queen at 90

Prince Harry:

    “I’ve been asking her for years what her secret is, she won’t tell me.
    “It is just incredible to know that someone at that age appreciated exactly what was expected of them and to basically put duty ahead of everything else so early on in her life is quite remarkable.
    “People have always said ‘do you feel as though you are following in her footsteps’. Well that is exactly what we are doing. There is nowhere on this planet that I can think of where she hasn’t been in the last 90 years. She’s been everywhere. Sometimes it is quite hard because I go to a place where she hasn’t visited for maybe 20 years, maybe 15 years, and you just think to yourself how can I ever fulfill this huge expectation that comes with her and with being a member of her family.”

Prince William on the diplomatic reception:

    “At first you think your at some sort of fancy dress because it’s just unbelievable colors and different varieties of dress it’s just incredible, it’s very surreal and there’s a lot of people, a lot of hands to shake, a lot of different cultures and languages.
    “It’s also a diplomatic minefield and you have to be careful what you say and who you say it to and I had my first diplomatic reception was a little bit awkward, I may have mentioned to two particular countries who don’t get along I got the wrong one muddled up so that was quite embarrassing but my grandmother’s very cool about it she was she laughed about it and thought it was all quite funny. Luckily there wasn’t any fallback. It was okay.”

Kate and William diplomatic reception 2015

Duchess Kate on the diplomatic reception:

    “She remains so calm and collected all the time as well, so she always seems so dignified and so calm. I think everyone feels that they’ve had some quality time with Her Majesty and also a personal connection and I think that’s a real skill.”

Sophie, Countess of Wessex on the Women’s Institute 100th anniversary:

    “Lot’s of Queen Bee’s and the ultimate Queen Bee there as well. There was a huge sense of patriotism and pride. I think this really was the icing on the cake for them to have the Queen there.
    “I think that really must have appealed to her sense of irony because of course the Women’s Institute was all about providing and producing the most beautiful cakes and she had the honor of being able to cut the centenary cake which proved to be somewhat trickier than she anticipated. I don’t think she could actually get the knife in to begin with and then it got stuck. She couldn’t actually get it down either. With her innate sense of fun, I think she rather enjoyed that moment, as did we all I have to say.”

Kate Our Queen at 90 interview

Duchess Kate:

    “She really cares, and she is hugely thoughtful. I can remember being at Sandringham for the first time at Christmas and I was worried what to give the Queen as her Christmas present. I was thinking what do I give her and I thought back to what would I give my own grandparents and I thought I’ll make her something, which could have gone horribly wrong, but I decided to make some actually it was my granny’s recipe of chutney, and I was slightly worried about it, but I noticed the next day that it was on the table. I think such a simple gesture went such a long way for me and I’ve noticed since she’s done that on lots of occasions, and I think it just shows her thoughtfulness, really, and her care in looking after everybody.”

[my own transcription of the video below]

You can watch the show online at ITV here.

Here is the YouTube video of the show (while it is still up – it may be removed at some point).

Some quick thoughts that stuck out to me:

  • It was great to hear the Queen say stuff. We so rarely get to hear her speak, and she was actually quite funny.
  • Kate is really inarticulate. I can barely understand half the words she says. She was by far the hardest/took the longest to transcribe.
  • Eugenie has a much raspier voice than I was expecting. I’m wondering if she always sounds like that or if she had a cold when she did her interview.
  • Beatrice has a much higher, wispier voice than I was expecting.
  • Though I have quoted all of Kate’s lines and not all of the others, Kate really did get more airtime than anyone else – like way more. I don’t know why that is.
  • I think it’s interesting that both Kate and William talked of HM’s gentle/quiet guidance and that she hasn’t pushed them to do anything.
  • I loved what Sophie had to say about HM’s color choices and that she chooses colors to stand out in a crowd so that everyone can see her.
  • I wonder if HM really was totally cool that William could have potentially been very rude to two countries at the diplomatic reception.
  • I remember the WI cake cutting incident; it was funny.

Queen with horses Our Queen at 90

Here are various clips from the show that were released ahead of time – in case you don’t want to watch the entire hour and a half long program.

Photos: ITV

245 thoughts on “Kate Middleton, Sophie Wessex, more talk about the Queen on ‘Our Queen At 90’

      1. “I have no idea where she gets her [something] I need to go and ask a few more questions.”

        I think. I really can’t tell what she’s saying.

          1. That’s what I thought she said just based on context and my knowledge of English speech patterns, but I couldn’t actually understand what she said. Maybe it’s because I’m not British?

          2. No KMR, it is not you, nor you Lauri.
            Kate’s enunciation is poor. She swallows her words, particularly vowels, speaking too quickly and not finishing some words properly. For example, ‘here’ is is stopped short and sounds like ‘he’. It gets swallowed.

          3. She isn’t the easiest person to understand I admit, I dont understand why she can’t speak in her own voice, it would make her seem a lot less wooden, and like an actual person not a robot.

          4. Thanks KMR and Rebecca!! I do have to say that Harry did wonderfully well in this interview. I’ve had trouble understanding him in the past as he tends to rush his sentences but it sounded like he’s been working on that and is much easier to understand and also sounds much more mature.

    1. You are and far between – she was very difficult to understand and all about “I”, , to the point of ignoring her..

  1. I was interested to see William give his interview in his EAAA uniform – trying to convince us (and perhaps himself) that he works full-time.

    1. I think he gave his interviews at the time he started at EAAA. His first day interview was also dressed the same.

      And oddly, or perhaps not, his answers to why he was working at EAAA were very similar to this interview ie that he wanted to add value….which makes me think he was interviewed one after the other on the same day.

      1. I do too. I almost used an old photo of him since he looks the exact same in the old photo as he does here.

    2. I also found this funny. Almost like they were trying to imply that he took a quick break for work to do the interview and then he had to run back. No time to change into a suit!

      1. It was his ‘I’m a normal family man’ look. Just out there making a buck (pound) like the rest of you.

    3. I actually thought that him interviewing in a suit would have been more appropriate, everyone else wore their own clothes, dressed up, and just another thought – Willy won’t be working at this place forever. Why save in posterity what will only be a temporary job since his #1 job will be running the monarchy? He should emphasize that aspect of himself I feel. He’s only ever to my knowledge stayed at his part time “jobs” for a couple years before moving on. Just my opinion!

  2. The documentary really highlighted the difference in character between HM and Kate. I found her scripted, vapid, and almost coquettish in her fake demureness. William obviously has more poise (with an air of arrogance), but he only speaks in empty platitudes. It’s like they’re play-acting, while everyone else interviewed had something personal to share. Even Camilla has a connection with the Queen through their mutual love of horses. Kate has been with William for over ten years and has nothing of substance to say about the Queen or the royal family. I even liked the Duke of York in this documentary.

      1. I agree with you piper: Kate said nothing about the Queen, she said very very generic things, what she said has no substance at all. It show how little she’ s been with the Queen and how they are not in touch. What Harry said is great, I think he said the best things, he highlighted the sense of duty of the Queen and how he feels in awe but indeed he shouldn’ t since he seems to work. He understands the gravity of the role, the lazy duo instead don’ t. It’ s funny how William wants us to believe that he’ s working by wearing his uniform, when instead people know he’ s as lazy as his wife

    1. Kate relates everything back to herself. The chutney she made and presented to HM.
      How she is teased for spending too much time at walkabouts. Really?
      Her daughter, Charlotte, and how HM relates to the baby. Yada, yada, yada.
      I could not understand her too well, either.
      Harry really appreciates his grandmother’s sense of duty. He had such a lovely way of expressing his feelings for her. He is such an inspiration to his generation and others. Ah, the man who should be king.

  3. I definitely agree that Kate is incredibly difficult to understand. I think it is because she’s speaking in a really affected accent. If you compare her accent to Beatrice and Eugenies, it’s SO obvious that she’s putting on a fake voice. I don’t really understand her motives behind this; us Brits would warm to her much more if she sounded genuine and approachable.

    1. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, it may be that her accent has changed by being around the royal family. But she spends most of her time with her mom and her family, who have natural accents, so that doesn’t really fly.

      1. So why does she have such an odd accent Piper? It’s not like William’s and it’s not like her family’s it affected and forced and she cannot speak clearly. I am an English speaking English person and I find her difficult to hear she mumbles in an odd affected posh accent.

        1. If that’s true, then they need to fire that person! You can’t understand a word she says. She sounds like she has marbles in her mouth.

        2. If she has had a voice coach, how about someone to coach her in small talk when appearing at events? She needs help in presenting a more relaxed presence, too.

    2. It was commented upon that Kate affected her posh accent when at Marlborough College, leaving with a posher accent than the actual posh girls. Perhaps she’s mangled it herself in the following 16 years?
      I do not believe for one moment that Kate has had a vocal coach, simply because so much is incorrect: her breathing is poor, coming from the upper chest and resulting in a weak, breathy voice that has no chance of being properly projected. It needs to be projected from further down, from the rib cage. Kate’s poor posture also contributes to the reedy sound; there’s no way a resonant sound can be emitted.
      My hunch as to Kate’s motive for the fake accent is that she is chronically insecure. Her parents had aspirations. Kate wanted to appear to be other than she was and this has continued in many ways that folk here have observed. The Middletons could buy their way into Marlborough College, giving the three children access to ‘high value’ children whose parents were the real deal; the ‘right’ accent helps open doors to that set, such is the snobbery of English ‘high society’. It’s all so silly.
      Maven the First recently wrote that she thought Kate a predator. In all seriousness, I think it started at an early age. It’s all about approval and the phony accent is just one manifestation. Just my thoughts.

      1. Speaking from experience, the “high society” sees right through it. I went to an all girls boarding school. My parents are self made. They worked hard for their wealth and taught my brother and I about responsibility. I went to school with daughters of prime ministers, famous actors/actresses, CEOs of major companies, etc. Trust me when I say they see through all that fake bullshit. What’s more important is being yourself. I was myself and I had no troubles making friends. They didn’t care that my parents were self made. They cared that I was me and that I wasn’t a phony.

        1. Miss K (a working kindred spirit), I find your ‘insider’ information especially interesting since your background and education are similar to Kate’s. I think Kate makes people uncomfortable with her awkward impersonation of who knows what.

          1. G, please excuse me if this post isn’t too coherent. I just worked 14 hours overnight. I’m a little tired.

            This is why I relate to both Kate and William. I had a similar upbringing to Kate and I work in a similar field to William. But I think that’s where the similarities end. My parents and my school raised me to be independent. Basically “I am woman. Hear my roar.” type of thing. I never had the feeling that I couldn’t do anything. I also never had the feeling that I was too good for something.

            I’ve been working since I was 17 and haven’t asked my parents for money since. Do I know that I have my parents to fall back on? Sure. But I don’t and actually hate the thought of ever having to do that. I like my independence. I like that I have ambitions. And I think that’s Kate’s downfall. Her parents. It seems like they raised Kate to see high society as something where you sit around and do nothing and pass judgement on everything/everyone. They truly come across as stuck up snobs. Well, sorry to say, but that’s not the case. Being in high society just gives you a lot more opportunities. Every single person I know went on to higher education at prestigious universities. They all worked hard and were lucky enough to have the connections to help them get further. We all work hard. We don’t care what you do as long as you’re respectful and work hard.

            Compared to my friends, I work a blue collar/labour job. If you were to go by the Middleton’s perceived notions of what high society is, you’d think that my friends would turn their noses up at me and leave me high and dry. Almost like “you’re not good enough for us now.” Yeah.. that couldn’t be further from the truth. I am still very close with my friends. You don’t live together with a group of people for so many years and not become life long friends. Kate comes across as a phony. She’d be eaten alive. So it really isn’t surprising that she has zero friends. It isn’t surprising that she has such a poor work ethic. I’d say you can’t really blame her or Pippa or James. They were coddled their entire lives. But at some point, you gotta grow up and take responsibility for yourself. And with the way they present themselves, that is something none of them will do. It will be a very sad day when Carole and Michael pass. These 3 won’t know what to do with themselves.

        2. Good for you, Miss K. I’ve always wished Kate would just “own it” and be herself. I feel as though William’s long-term high-society friends must’ve giggled behind his back for a while when W+K were first an item. Not because she’s working class, but because she’s clearly a “try hard”. I wish Kate would be more confident in the public eye.

  4. Overall, I don’t feel that the documentary told us anything new. If you watch any of the documentaries made about the Queen, on average every 5yrs, this was more of the same with more horses.

    I couldn’t shake the feeling that the documentary was a showcase for William and Kate, especially Kate. There was a lot of footage of them. It was framed in a way that I felt the journalist was trying to say that the Queen’s achievements were William and Kate’s achievements. Especially when they said that the Queen is training the next Queen…..cue footage of Kate and girlish commentary from Kate. That was a weird moment since the heir is Charles followed by William. The journalist framed that as if Kate was more important than they were.

    And after that, lots and lots of footage or quotes from Kate. More than everyone else. Poor Peter gets just one line. Zara, Anne and Edward don’t feature at all. Lenny Henry went on for too long.

    And it was clear, as night and day, that Kate knows less about the Queen than we do. Despite the anecdotes, she talked of her like she was something distant and removed from herself. Always called her ‘the Queen’ or ‘Her Majesty’. No real anecdotes. It was hilarious how each attempt to describe the Queen felt like an English Lit class where you are discussing a novel and the professor asks you to point out an event/series of events in the book and what conclusion you draw about their character based on those events eg (using Kate’s own example) I gave HM chutney and she put it out on the table next day, so that shows she’s caring..

    And very inarticulate. So much word salad that was chasing it’s own tail and repeating entire sentences.

    having been so judgemental about Kate, I have a better understanding for why she’s so bad at her job. It’s William. His answers about the Queen and her job/duty were really glib and removed and lacked any understanding at all of what she does. There was a sense that it was somehow a joke to him and a sense of incredulity that he might have to do this someday. It was weird. Whereas others were able to really point to something, even the inarticulate, distant Kate, he wasn’t able to point to anything. His answers were all shallow platitudes that could have been used about anything.

    Honestly, I felt that his description of the military and EAAA was more thoughtout and pragmatic than anything he said about the Queen. And i’m convinced he gave his interviews on the same day he started at EAAA because he uses almost the same language for his reasons for working the job, plus the uniform and the hair. He said that he was bringing meaning and value to the EAAA/military in a documentary praising the Queen for *her* dedication to service to the country.

    The fact that he thought a diplomatic reception was fancy dress because they were all in traditional cultural dress, despite receiving an invitation that specifically said dress code ( the BP organisers tells us), not to mention not having the self restraint to not reveal this shows how stupid and dim he really is.

    For me, this documentary was revealing of William and Kate, but especially William. He really doesn’t have a clue, doesn’t realise he doesn’t have a clue, and thinks he can just wing it and get a pat on the back even if he gets it wrong – see anecdote about mixing up countries.

    And it was weird that Kate and William, especially Kate, featured more than Charles and Camilla. This was really to promote them because documentary didn’t tell us anything new about the Queen, but it showcased them.

    1. I think it featured William, Kate, Harry, and to a lesser extent, Beatrice and Eugenie prominently because the young generation of royals are more popular and exciting for TV.

      William was very glib. He can be charming at times, but I don’t like him. The “fancy dress” was just a joke, but I think in poor taste considering these clothes represent history and culture.

      Harry was so engaging, so authentic.

      1. I understand that he was trying to make a joke, but someone needs to tell him to stop it.

        His ‘jokes’ are always at the expense of other people and he gets away with them because he is not Philip. Think of all the times Philip has made an inappropriate joke and everyone was up in arms about it. This is the same thing, and worse because Philip can be excused as a generational thing where inappropriate jokes were the norm and everyone gave them the benefit of the doubt.

        I certainly don’t feel that my traditional dress is ‘fancy dress’. That’s how cultural misappropriation starts. Let’s go look at those other people and their strange ‘costumes’. If he had made fun of Native American dress, everybody would be up in arms and rightly so, but because it’s commonwealth countries, let’s make fun of them.

        Didn’t mean to lecture, but that joke didn’t go well with me because frankly I have a traditional dress which means something, and I don’t go around making fun of it or other people in their traditional dress because it always means something even if I don’t know what the meaning is.

        BTW, it also speaks to a larger point about why William and Kate don’t take the more solemn occasions seriously. William has been pictured squirming with embarrassment in his Garter robes whilst Kate thinks these things are funny. If their first instinct is that all this is fancy dress and a joke, they will never take any of it seriously or appreciate the meaning behind it.

        1. 100% in agreement with you.

          If anyone else made a joke about someone’s national / traditional dress it could be called racism.

          He either doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to understand what his role is.

        2. 100% This did nothing to gain positive public opinion for W&K. They both sounded like knuckleheads.

          I read one TV review which stated Sophie seemed the most ill at ease in front of the camera. I didn’t notice Sophie looking ill at ease, but Kate seemed…

        3. Agree 100% Herazeus. But no-one will tell William, and therein lies the problem. Imagine having no-one challenge him his whole life; William has no compass with which to navigate his words or actions, which is one reason (at least) why everything is so out of kilter. Meanwhile he thinks he’s got everyone’s number, when the reality is that he is just clueless.
          The BRF plays a long game. They won’t correct him, because the main event is to keep the show on the road, privileges in place for as long as possible.

        4. I agree full stop, Herazeus. William’s joke about the traditional outfits the guests were wearing was appalling.

        5. I am from the south Asian culture where sarees are our “fancy dress”, to use the dumb William’s words. He thinks he’s being funny, but I am sure he’s that guy at the party who tells a joke, and people laugh awkwardly and then silence..knowing that the joke was a poor one. And then he’s that guy who doesn’t realize that he just made a bad joke and keep his mouth shut. William is also that guy who thinks his body gasses smell heavenly. I have said it before and I have said it again- I hate him and I hope Canada tosses out the monarchy by the time William comes around. I don’t want this tone deaf, lazy, idiot and his moron, skeletor wife being my country’s head of state!

          1. The problem with William is that he’s deliberately surrounded himself with sycophants who just laugh and laugh like it’s the best joke they’ve ever heard.

      2. Great post KMR! William was glib. When he said referring to the Queen, “she’s been there done that and got the t-shirt” like it was no big deal what she does and the tshirt reference made it sound common, I know it’s just a saying but it still evokes ordinary. Which she is far from. It’s just an odd statement to be used in reference to the Queen. Is he trying to commonize the throne so people won’t expect things from him. Shucking duty and tradition are already present with he and the missus in his “pre-reign” time.

      3. I find Charles quite charming and God knows he’d have a lot of interesting things to say about one’s duty, service, and the role his mother has played but I understand pushing the younger generation over him. People won’t like Charles no matter what he does. See how most people still adore W&K despite their clear glib behavior regarding their current and future roles and disregard for it all.

        Herazeus, your note on William’s humor is so true. William makes fun of other people. He does it constantly. Can you imagine what he must be like in private? Good Lord. Philip doesn’t take the piss out of people like William does or make fun of people on purpose to make himself feel better, as William does–see the constant jibes at Harry, for example, who just takes it.

    2. Why Camilla, Kate and Sophie? Why not Anne , Edward,Zara – her blood family?

      I agree that this was all sorts of rehashed rubbish, Easter Sunday pleasantries. For me it is what the queen does behind closed doors that is fascinating, all the official work she carries out as HOS and Head of the Commonwealth – I think the success of the Commonwealth is her true legacy.

      I don’t disagree with your views on Will, but if he had a good strong, energetic and enthusiastic wife he could do so much better – think QE queen mother, Queens Mary and Alexandra etc.

      I too thought the fancy dress comment was hugely insulting and showed a complete lack of understanding of the immense pleasure HM gets from bringing so many diverse people together under one roof. In today’s age getting people together and talking in private in a relaxed environment can only be a good thing.

      Ok I’m ranting now, I will go back to my ironing!!

      1. Rant away, his parts of the documentary left me furious. And yet more knowledgeable about him and Kate.

        Every so often I feel pity for her because she has to put up with him, BUT like you say, she’s no Queens Alexandra, Mary or Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

        There is no there, there. And it was so strange that the journalist called her the next Queen following in our Queen’ footsteps, as if she was the heir, not Charles or William.

        BTW: once again, we have affirmation that the Queen doesn’t tell them what to do. Both Kate and William said it. Every documentary about her tells us this, from one of her children or grandchildren or all of them. Yet people persist in believing that she’s telling them how to do it. Particularly WK fans.

        1. I wonder who encouraged her to cut her hair and change her style of dress. She dresses so dull now — like she’s afraid to make any mistakes. She was overrated as a “fashion icon” before, but at least she didn’t dress like a 50yo matron who looks more dowdy than Sophie who really is 50.

          1. Piper, in all honesty, I think Kate made those decisions. I think that she is a very anxious person and like you said, she’s afraid to make any mistakes. She just always seems so timid and nervous, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had some type of legitimate diagnosable anxiety disorder. However, even with all their talk of getting rid of the stigma on mental health, I bet she would never see a doctor. That would screw up her image of perfect.

    3. I agree uo to a point. Kate is no more a little girl, she a 34 year old woman, so even if Will’s demeanour might affect her, she’ s old enough to make up her mind and be blamed. IMO blaming Carole first, then Will is a huge mistake since when Kate married was 29, old enough , a woman, not a naive teenager and right now she’ s 34

    4. I find it odd as well that they focused on Kate a lot, referring to her as future queen. Even more funny that Camilla’s part was limited to speaking about horses. I feel that the creator of the doc indeed wants to belittle Camilla, and in some ways a Kate’s fan (or may have been bribed to somehow focus more on improving Kate’s image).

      The speech HM made in South Africa was incredible and very moving. To decide to dedicate your life to your duties from such a young age is indeed remarkable. Shame that the younger royals do not inherit the same spirit, especially the Cambridges.

      Queen Kate…*shivers*

      1. We have been promised and assured that Cam will never be Queen , so Kate will be the next person to be Queen, although a consort not as HM queen in her own right.
        In the UK there is still a majority who do not want Cam to have the title Queen, I am one of them.

        1. Birdy, I’m genuinely curious as to why that is. Is it just because of the whole Diana shenanigans? Or is there more to it?

          1. Diana shenanigans and the fact that Charles is married to a divorcee . I appreciate he should have married her not Diana, but given she didn’t and the next heir is. It her son , IMO she can never be Queen and more than half the population agree with me.

        2. 40 percent of UK marriages end in divorce. The Anglican Church was started by a king who divorced two wives and killed two others.

          Camilla may not end up being called Queen Consort, like she isn’t called Princess of Wales now even though that is one of her legal titles. By the time Charles is crowned I don’t think it is going to be a big issue. It might be that a lot of people online don’t want her to be crowned Queen Consort, but there are a lot of people in the UK who likely don’t care one way or the other.

        3. Legally, Camilla will be Queen Consort. She just may decide to go by Princess Consort. Who knows. It was to appeal the Dianamaniacs who hate her and Charles. I wonder if Camilla has warmed on people. I really do like her and think she is a fabulous person, but as someone who grew up in a broken home, I can’t blame her entirely or hate her for what happened.

      2. If the filmmakers think they have done W&K a service by showcasing them so much, then they are sorely mistaken. They are their own worst enemies. Without trying they come across so very poorly. “Queen Kate shivers” indeed.
        And this comment was supposed to come earlier, but the internets, you know?
        I think I have heard him say the stupid “t-shirt” comment before. Perhaps even more than once.

    5. Nothing new at all. I watched several documentaries that came out around the time of the Diamond Jubilee and they had all the same information. The only difference is this one had interviews with different family members.

      I found it really odd that Kate got more screentime than anyone else. And that Anne and Edward were not included at all.

      William really is inept at his royal job and this documentary/interview shows it. I was appalled at the way he talked about the diplomatic reception.

      1. I was horrified by the way that William spoke about HM and the Commonwealth “Fancy Dress”. And the “Been there got the Tshirt ” comment was just stupid. It is like he does not have a filter and whatever comes into his head comes out of his mouth.

        I was able to understand a bit of what Kate said, It was strange to me that the last segment hat she did ,her voice was very shaky and she sounded very very nervous. Or maybe it was because she had been expected to concentrate or a long period of time.

        I do think that the York girls spoke the best about their grandparents. It is clear that they are very very close to them. When they referred to the Queen as Granny it was great and when Beatrice nearly teared up talking about DOE I nearly did as well. I was close to my Pop who died three years ago, so I can understand where she was coming from.

        Harry was just gorgeous as ever and he really is Diana’s son. When he was in South Africa and he told the school kids not to worry about the cameras, I could see so much of Diana in him.

        I had seen a of the footage before in other documentaries but it was lovely to see HM out and about last year and doing her duty.

        I shudder to think of what will happen when will Big Willie and Waity are in her footsteps. I think that HM will be spinning in her grave.

      2. I was very disappointed that Anne and Edward were not included. They both have an amazing sense of duty and service. Plus, the Queen’s only daughter wasn’t included. Seemingly passed over to give more time to Kate. Rude. I think Anne has a unique perspective being HM’s only daughter. I would’ve loved to hear some of her stories.

  5. It was supposed to be about the Queen and yet almost everything Kate said was about her. This just reinforces (in my mind anyway) that Kate is very self centered and truly believes she is the star of the Royal family. Her accent – I don’t know what to say about it.

    1. Exactly! It also sounded as if “special” is becoming Kate’s new “keen”.

      Apart from the York girls’ genuine and rather sweet remarks about their grandfather, it sounded like everyone apart from William and Kate reflected on the queen’s life and her achievements before the interview and went into it with a good idea of what they wanted to say – William and Kate just sounded like they were winging it.

      The deeper, more well thought out comments by Beatrice, Sophie and Harry not only carried the interview part of the documentary but showed off their love and admiration for the Queen very well.

      1. She may alternate it with “I think” which popped up at least once every sentence. Considering she is a native English speaker and also university educated she appears to have a very limited vocabulary.

        I wish there was more time dedicated to other members of the RF as they were the more interesting ones and they actually provided insight into the Queen.

        When I watched the documentary last night it was the first time I have heard the York girls speak!! It’s a shame they don’t carry out Royal Duties even if it were only to reduce the burden on the older members of the RF. They could pick up the void being left by W&K.

        1. I cannot believe how often Kate said “I think.” There was one part where she was talking about marriage and she used “I think” in every sentence. It seems like her speech coach has trained her not to use fillers like “ahh” or “umm”, but instead she uses things like “I think.” Which is still a filler and shows how uncomfortable she is.

          1. In the U.S., people are guilty of constantly saying, “You know.” To which those who are listening should reply, “No, I don’t know. Tell me.” Kate using “I think” constantly shows that she is not comfortable speaking — or giving her take or opinions on things. SHe was just so unprepared to say anything interesting. Just like she is so unprepared when making her appearances at charitable events.

            I think she is very nervous around HM. I also think she did not give too much thought to what she was going to say. Don’t you think prep work was supposed to go into this?

            As for Anne and Edward not being included, that is just terrible. Kate did get a fair amount of air time and frankly, that is sad fact that she and lazy William are being taken seriously as the second in line to the throne and his “Queen Consort.”

            Everyone seems fine with that in the Royal Family. How Harry’s hard work and his charisma — his way of relating to everyone — is not being given the response most of us — and others – would like is very disheartening . But, everyone seems willing to keep cutting William and Kate slack. “You know.”

        1. The documentary had a segment about him. How the queen couldn’t do the job wiyhout him. It wasn’t justbthe Yorkies talking about him. The Queen’s cousin, Margaret Rhodes alsomhad alot to say about him. She said she (margaret) was initially intimidated by him because he was so handsome, but rather abrupt in his manner. She went on to say that the queen fell for him immediately and never looked at anyone else. This was followed up by commentary about their time in Malta and their marriage – sidebar : it’s aggravating when journalists don’t do their due diligence and present lies as facts because the Malta stay was presented as queen staying consecutively in malta wiyh no duties when the national archives tell a very different story and has records of her work and visits to malta.

          Anyhue, the Yorkies’ comments were part of that segment in which everyone was praising Philip for being the rock the queen and the family rely on.

      2. Yes. They all seemed to have reflected on the Royal Family, the burden the Queen had, her legacy, and their role in perpetuating that legacy. Very respectful. Very in awe.

        William and Kate’s ascension is inevitable. They take it for granted. They don’t see it as personal service to the Queen. They see it as something to which they are entitled and which will happen to them no matter what.

        1. But it may not be inevitable. The appetite for a monarchy could well abate by the time William’s ‘turn’ comes. Even if it does exist, it could look very different eg radically reduced in scale. If only they knew it, citizens of the UK hold the choice in their hands.

          1. Yes, I agree with you. William acts as if he would prefer that and I don’t think he understands the consequences at all.

  6. Odd the Princess Royal was not involved at all. She is the Queens only daughter and I would expect her to have something to say about her mothers 90th birthday as the only daughter and one of her closest family members who has witnessed her mother working and in private but perhaps she has her reasons.
    Lenny Henry was given so much air time and I wonder if he will be showcasing something later as there was no reason for his extended appearance.
    Kate seems to have difficulty articulating her thoughts and her pronunciation causes her words to sound mumbled. She looked unhappy and scripted rather than able to comment off the top of her head. It does sound as if she is speaking of someone with whom she has a vague knowledge. I think she would speak and sound different in private. I feel sorry for her as she comes across as the third wheel .

  7. A pleasant documentary, nothing groundbreaking, but it was nice to watch. William’s humor often falls flat, it seems to be his protective armor, just like Kate has her hands crossed in front (even when walking at the state dinners). In both of their cases, it doesn’t help them, but rather makes them seem uncomfortable in their roles. William’s attempts at humor may get him into a bit of trouble in the future, much like Phillip’s comments have in the past. I think Harry is really beginning to get more comfortable in his role and in front of the camera, he often talked about how he got nervous but his appearances as of late have been more natural/relaxed in front of an interviewer. He admits it’s hard to follow in his grandmother’s footsteps yet he seems to embrace the challenge. I was impressed with the York women since we hear so little from them except by the Daily Mail commenting on fashion and vacations. They seem sweet and devoted to the family and I hope they will be able to take on Royal engagements as the older generation retires some of theirs. I have a feeling they would do well, and enjoy it. I really adore Sophie, wish we heard from Edward and Anne, but I know the television programmers probably thought the younger royals would draw more viewers. Camilla does well, and I think the public is coming around to accepting her a legitimate, full member of the family. Charles has a lot on his shoulders when his mom passes. The world is very used to the Queen and i think it will be a difficult transition. His long history with the Princes Trust, though, is a good indication that he is persistent and thoughtful in his work. As this is a Kate centered blog, I will say she is hard to understand and a bit awkward with the accent, but to me, she seemed genuine in her admiration for the queen. I got the impression that they don’t know each other well, but that Kate does feel like the queen is rooting for her, and gently guiding her, as is mentioned in the documentary. People watching this documentary and who don’t keep up with the day-to-day ups and downs of the royals will likely come away with a positive impression of Kate and her role in the family.

    1. Great analysis, Anne. I also hope the York girls are able to become more involved. However, I respect that they have both found their own jobs and seem to be working hard to make independent lives. They came off as much more genuine, comfortable, and articulate than Kate.

      I think the difference in William’s humor and Prince Philip’s is that PP is not the sovereign and he never will be. I think you can get away with a little more when you are the consort. PP also has the “old man” excuse. I’ve always sort of taken his poor-taste humor with a grain of salt because he is from a different generation.

  8. Sophie, when talking about Balmoral, says “apart from the midges” not “itches” 🙂 Midges are irritating tiny black flies!

    I had high hopes for this documentary – it did solidify my love for my Queen, and why she is so revered and admired. Charles was just a footnote, which was a great shame. Introducing Kate as a “princess who will one day be Queen” was galling! Was it the Kate Show and I misunderstood?

    William was, as others have said, glib, disrespectful, juvenile – as thin as paper. He has no gravitas – any of his comments could have been by a young man in late teens. He has no growth at all – is stuck in youth.

    William showed no respect for other cultures or the deep importance of the Commonwealth. “Fancy Dress” is just bloody insulting. Stupid twit.

    Interesting how highly Harry was praised – he appeared, through footage and his own respectful words, as a worthy successor who understands the importance of the role. William appeared to find it all one big joke. He’s the only one laughing though – the Commonwealth will not accept him as Leader.

    Eugenie always has a wonderful husky voice & Beatrice impressed me, as she often does. Kates accent was ridiculous and all her comments highlighted she barely knows Her Majesty at all. That is be design, not accident, and is very interesting to me indeed.

    1. Oh, lol. Thanks for the clarification. I replayed that line several times and had no idea what she was saying.

      1. Oh JL you have to have experienced the Scottish midge to fully appreciate the horror!! I’m well travelled but nothing comes close except maybe some ants that walked up my legs and further in Sierra Leone!!

    2. “princess who will one day be Queen”

      I can see Carole jumping on the couch with this statement. Ha! Not so fast…so many things could happen between now and then.

    3. I watched the entire documentary and was infuriated as well by the line about how Kate “..will one day be Queen.” No doubt it was intended to help place Kate as a future Queen Consort on equal footing with HM The Queen. It was insulting to HM and to women generally by diminishing the position of Sovereign when held by a female.

      1. Our sovereign queens have been great leaders. Elizabeth 1, Victoria and Elizabeth II . Elizabeth I was one of our longest serving and greatest monarchs. Kate doesn’t hold a candle to these amazing ladies, nor other great female leaders around the world.

          1. Completely agree. HMs dedication to her role is inspiring, as are the other women noted. They changed their era. I don’t see WK doing so. All the talk about her voice makes think of Jacqueline Kennedy. She had a breathy barely above a whisper voice, and she was terrified of public speaking. When you listen to her, though, her training and dedication to do her job shine through. So many amazing women. Pick one and emulate until you find your zone.

            BTW, I am not comparing Jacqueline Kennedy to royal monarchs. She is just and icon in my opinion.

          2. Oh, I agree. Jackie was an icon. She had that little breathy voice, but she had a steely strength and the amazing resolve to help her country through the horror of her husband’s assassination.
            Kate should find a role model among the many brave and dedicated women who have taken on major roles in their countries. She should start the arduous task of becoming ready for her life as Queen Consort. Of course, that would require work and she does not seem to like working, does she?

        1. I have to disagree on Victoria but I’m am completely fascinated by Elizabeth I who was a really talented politician as well as a highly intelligent and well educated woman. She survived some horrific situations throughout her life and the fact that she could keep a cool head on her shoulders and survive a dangerous situation as a young teen is remarkable indeed.

          1. Victoria was Queen when the British Empire was at its greatest. The first Empress of India, whilst I appreciate fully where you are coming from she was HOS of the greatest empire the modern world has ever seen.

          2. Yes, but that wasn’t her achievement! She was simply a figurehead.

            Elizabeth I was a ruler with real power who personally steered England through an incredibly tumultuous period. Along with Charles II, she was the canniest and politically most successful monarch England has ever had.

          3. I have to agree with Arthistorian. Victoria may have been Queen Empress during the height of the British empire, but she was not a great queen or even effective ruler.

            Albert had more contribution to public life. Victoria was extremely lucky in her capable, moral ministers, though she tried often to block their policies, not because she thought said policies were wrong, but simply for personal emnity of which ever politician had written them. She was petty like that. Any attempts to steer her from one course to another always resulted in a mini crisis because she was stubborn as a mule and hated being told what to do. The only politicians that could influence her are those that appealed to her vanity.

            And despite being jealous of her own power, she was appalling to women. She signed into law appalling policies and wouldn’t repeal them without major public uprisings/mini crisises. She was very anti-feminist to the point of pathology.

            And she was an appalling mother in an age when brutal childhood was the norm.

          4. Of course Liz I was saved by a storm – nature alone. But for that the Armada would have succeeded. History would have changed.

          5. Elizabeth I was extremely lucky that the Spanish leaders chose to disregard the people with naval knowledge and sail out at a time when it was not advantageous to them! Luck is always a factor but you cannot deny that she had been an able monarch a couple of decades before the Armada. The failure of said Armada was also a product of poor leadership on the part of the Spanish.

            However, before that she had managed to secure her hold on the throne and forge a religious compromise in a country torn apart by religious controversy. She also managed to stay on the throne whilst not repeating the mistake of her sister, i.e. marriage with a foreign ruler. It took immense skill and political acumen for a woman unwed to sit the throne until she died of old age with no officially designated heir! Especially at a time when the political situation was really unstable in Europe due to religious conflicts.

            Elizabeth I understood the value and power of language and theatre. She was in many respects a consummate actress herself. Her Tilbury speech is perhaps one of the best examples of those two talents of hers.

            Regarding Victoria. I really think she was a victim of that extremely odd upbringing she had.

    4. I was impressed by Beatrice’s beautiful speaking voice and enunciation and also by how articulate she was. The love for her grandmother shone through her clearly spoken words. Definitely gives me a better impression of the York Princesses.

      1. I thought the same too. Seemed like her go to word was “special”. There are a lot more words in the English dictionary she could’ve used. Someone needs to give her a dictionary and thesaurus, STAT!

        I don’t profess to be an expert when it comes to English and grammar. In fact, English is actually my second language. But this girl seriously needs to work on her speaking skills. I get that this is her first solo interview. But it’s not it’s live or anything. She wasn’t put on the spot. She probably knew the questions well in advance and could’ve/should’ve prepared for it. They could’ve stopped and re-filmed it if it didn’t sound right. We’ve known about this interview for quite some time now. And this is what we got? It makes you wonder how dull or slow she really is.

          1. I think many non English speaking posters on here could do a better job than Kate. She uses simplistic language and her sentences do not flow.

  9. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3511873/Naturalist-Bill-Oddie-slams-Prince-William-trophy-killing-says-future-heir-s-remarks-lead-returning-OBE.html

    Oddie (pictured), who is vice-president of the League Against Cruel Sports, says this makes William a hypocrite. ‘I think it’s ridiculous. It’s grotesque. When I saw what he said, I thought, well that’s commercial euthanasia then, isn’t it? We may as well start doing that with our grannies and grandpas.

    ‘The Royal Family is steeped in blood sports and always has been, but William’s comments did make me think about giving back my OBE.
    ‘I don’t mind disrespecting the Royal Family; I’m surprised I’m not on some sort of black list, because the Royal Family does seem totally pointless to me.’

    In a final blow to William, Oddie adds: ‘It was hypocritical of him, although, really, it was more that he’s just not very bright sometimes. I’m afraid that’s more what it is.

    ‘I don’t want William to be King because I suspect he’s a yes-man. I do have time for Prince Charles. He’ll say some crazy things but, my God, he’s involved in his thinking and it’s not somebody else’s words.’

    1. Bill Oddie’s remarks would be far more cutting had he actually returned his OBE rather than just ‘think’ about it. However, he is absolutely right. Good on him for being so blunt. Not many people in public life would take that opportunity to call out the BRF and especially William.

  10. My thoughts on the documentary:
    -Where were Princess Anne and Prince Edward?
    -It appears that speaking is not one of the Duchess of Cambridge’s strong points.
    -I would personally have liked Prince Phillip to also say something.

  11. I can’t recall where I read the comment that Kate is trying to be too much like Diana’s Panorama interview in this documentary, but I completely agree. From the battering of her eyelashes, to the slow considered speech, she’s playing a role. But failing. I just want to give her a shake and tell her to be herself!

  12. It is telling that Kate and William’s comments about the Queen both include them essentially bragging that she doesn’t tell them what to do. It’s because that’s what is most important to them. In fact it might be the only thing that is important to them.

  13. My expectations that Kate would speak in her over the top fake posh accent and sound neither intelligent and poised were all met in this documentary.

  14. William makes jokes, but doesn’t have a true sense of humour. His grandmother does, his father does, his brother does. He also did not get the genuine curiosity, or that sparkle of fun in his eye that the above listed have as well. He somehow missed out on all the important humanizing traits that would benefit his future office so well. Unfortunately, he got a heaping helping of general disdain, ennui, and snobbishness. And this is Kate’s go to for learning the ropes. She doesn’t have a hope if she’s taking all of her cues from him. Gentle guidance (from afar) from the queen, you better hope for more than that chickie, or I’m going to think she doesn’t take too much interest in you at all.

    1. He has no empathy as shown time and again. I think this character flaw makes him completely unable to gain perspective on issues or to check his language so it is in line with the audience. How can you relate to others if you have no ability to understand and empathize with them. Lack of empathy is a classic narcissistic trait. I suspect is results in his ill timed jokes and often ugly sense of humor. Unfortunately I do not think it is easily changed.

      I am in no way a professional or doctor, so this is purely observation. I have just come across this before and it is disturbing.

  15. God save the Queen. She is one-of-a-kind in world history! I thought it telling when Charles said, somewhat sheepishly, “… She puts up with us.” Indeed!

  16. I should not be shocked that Waity is so inarticulate and shallow, made worse by the marbles in her mouth struggling to sound posher than posh. And Willnot with his flippant remarks and obtuse jokes made me realize that he is just as shallow and out of touch as his dim wife. No wonder they married each other–they are kindred spirits! They enable each other’s idiocy. There’s no adult in the house so no surprise their reputation is in shreds.

  17. After listening to minute 1:27ish (a segment of Kate talking about chutney) does anyone else feel like she sounds like her voice is about to crack and she’s going to burst into tears? The inflection in her voice is exactly like mine when I’m trying to hold back tears.

    1. Yes. It’s when Kate is talking about HM putting the chutney on the table in the morning. Kate’s voice definitely cracks and sounds like she is going to cry. I don’t know if that was because Kate was so moved by HM’s gesture, or if Kate was just overwhelmed by the interview. But she definitely sounded like she was going to cry.

      1. Yes, I agree. I noticed that as well when I watched the documentary today. It makes me feel bad for her. She is obviously overwhelmed and extremely anxious. I believe the blog “LoveLolaHeart” also made a point of saying that if the Queen made a point of asking Kate if she was OK during their joint engagement as Kate claims she did then that suggests that the Queen may have been concerned for Kate or maybe the Queen saw that Kate wasn’t OK. That engagement was back in 2012 and Kate hasn’t had a joint engagement with the Queen like that since (I don’t think).
        Honestly, I thought that she sounded like she was going to cry throughout the whole interview. Her voice was being projected from her upper chest like what happens when someone is having an anxiety attack. Your breathing because shallow and your voice higher pitch. I think that she must be finding it really difficult to cope with the pressure. Something isn’t right.

        1. I agree with both of you. I would love to think she was just so moved by HM’s gesture that she got a bit teary eyed. I’m a huge crier myself, so I wouldn’t blame her. However, as I stated further up, I believe we have a real anxiety problem on our hands. Kate seems constantly nervous, timid, and on the verge of tears. That’s not a good state for anyone to live in. I hope that she is able to find some relief and some confidence.

          1. Completely agree Lindsey from DC. I actually live in DC.

            I have suffered from anxiety since my daughter was born. She was five weeks early, I drove myself to the hospital, etc. I was in shock and had an emergency c-section. I had to go through a different meds and therapists to get through the post-partum PTSD like impact and the anxiety never went away. I have a supportive family who helped me through and never made me feel it was time to get over it and I still have a doc that I check in with when I cannot manage.

            Everyone is different, but anxiety is no different to me than any other condition for which I would seek medical attention.

            Everyone is different and I know many on this board have similar or worse conditions. Please know that I am not at all being flippant or disrespectful. I just wish that Kate would seek some medical attention. Something is not right and personal opinion of her inability to do her job aside, it is sad to watch someone seeming to unravel before my eyes.

          2. Thanks Lindsey. My daughter is now in 5th grade and almost taller than me and I have found ways to manage the anxiety. Love that we have two from DC here.

        2. I suffer from anxiety and you are correct. It did sound like her breathing was very shallow and that she might burst into tears. Someone better take her under their wing and help her. Anxiety is tough, but it can be handled. Again, it takes a constant effort. ie. work.

          1. “Again, it takes a constant effort. ie. work.”
            Yes, it takes so much work to conquer demons. Kate has never impressed as one of life’s workers but she has also been burdened by having William as her advisor on all things royal. His approach is disrespectful to the role and citizens alike, as it seems to consist of (a) winging it, rather than thoroughly preparing (b) blowing it off if possible, and if not (c) leave asap.
            Had Kate taken up the suggestion that Sophie help ease her in, rather than William putting a stop to that, it might have been a different story by now. I don’t think William wanted a bar of it. Not absolving Kate from this but she was bound to follow her husband’s lead.

  18. I watched the entire program and I liked it. I have seen other documentaries so I agree there wasn’t anything new exactly, but I enjoyed it anyway. The highlights for me:
    – All of the old video footage. Loved every bit.
    – The Queen running out to the balcony while watching the horse race. It was pretty cute and a side we don’t really get to see.
    – Bea talking about her grandfather was sweet.
    – I actually really enjoyed Sophie’s interviews. I haven’t heard her speak much and thought she was funny.

    Only con was the absence of Anne and Zara. I like them and wish they were included.

      1. I loved two parts. The one where the Queen hurried to see the race and I liked the part where one of the children (was that a very young Harry?) stepped on her foot. I thought HM was great with the children, kept an eye on them and had a good deal of patience.

    1. I found the absence of Anne and Zara strange, particularly with Kate rambling on during her interview about how delighted HM was that Charlotte was born a girl – as if Charlotte was HM’s first and only female great granddaughter.

      1. I would have thought HM would have been more excited that George was a boy since he’s HM’s only male great grandchild.

      2. Yes, that was a strange comment, as if Kate thinks Charlotte is more special than the other great-grand daughters. Unless she is being snobbish and elevating Charlotte because she is a princess. If so, she needs a good slap.
        Oh, what the hell; give her a slap anyway.

      3. I haven’t had time to watch the documentary but from reading the comments Kate made about Charlotte, your comment was almost exactly what I was thinking of writing. Maybe Kate is under the illusion that she is the first woman to give birth to a girl since the Queen was born. This, of course would eliminate QEII, Anne, Sophie, Sarah, Zara and Autumn to name a few!

        1. I absolutely think that’s the case. Chutney’s so myopic and is only concerned/aware of things that affect her. Scarole, thus Chutney, were only “concerned” with Prince Charles and his offspring. The fact that the Queen has other children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren (girls) isn’t in her orbit. This comment, as ALL her others, were about HER and how the Queen’s behavior affects HER.

          I was appalled that she bragged about being merely a gentle guidance. WE GET IT, CHOPPER AND CHUTNEY…. YOU BOTH CALL THE SHOTS. If I were her I would have said that I’m privileged beyond belief that I have the opportunity to learn from this incredible role-model and am always doing so and will continue to do same. Funny how she knew how to be a barnacle on the side of Chopper but runs the other way when it comes to learning from the Queen. HILARIOUS that they both, in their own way, express glee that they’re on their own.

          Oh, so, so, so much more to comment on re Chopper and Chutney’s “performance.” I don’t know where to begin!

          1. Honest question: Why is it so bad that Kate made chutney as a Christmas present, or that she told that story, that warranted her a new nickname of “Chutney”? Other than that story being more about Kate than the Queen, I don’t understand what the problem is or why it warranted becoming a new nickname.

          2. KMR
            I think it’s more that both W+K do so very little work, yet both brag about what little they do. It’s all a bit eye-rolling.
            We know that it’s a big stretch to say that William works even ‘part-time’ on his chopper shifts, yet plays at being the hero as per his latest ‘candid’ pictures.
            Similarly, we know Kate can’t do much of anything so making chutney for the Queen stretches credulity too; Carole probably made it, or perhaps they employed a chef to do so, with Kate loitering in the kitchen, if even that.

  19. Greetings Everyone,
    Just popped in over the Nautical Magnetic Line and was able to check out a message or two.


    Absolutely telling in the sense that only one member of this BRF has the actual ability, understanding of and capability to be on the throne of England after Prince Charles (if he makes it) and that is Prince Harry.

    In order of interview commentary and honesty:

    1. Prince Harry – absolutely the same belief systems of Her Majesty and Prince Philip.
    Service and Duty above self.

    2. Sophie (has seen Her Majesty in more than one role – Queen, Mother-in-law, companion and friend).

    3. Prince Charles – overall observation – however there is a better interview he gave during the Jubilee year at Balmoral, which was exceptional.

    4. Princess Eugenie – Honest

    5. Camilla – Common ground but the interviewer did not want to raise her up…..

    6. Bill – fake, arrogant and no concept of anything or anybody except himself

    8. Katie – a complete idiot, rambling, uneducated, housewife material.

    Prince Charles gave an exceptional interview at Balmoral (a personal Tribute) in the Jubilee year if you can pull it up it will bring tears to your eyes. It has the only real pictures of the moments the Queen became Queen and showed the filming in the airplane before landing on British Soil. That is the Truth from Charles. Deep love and respect all the way.

    Camilla they side-lined because of the “issues” still abounding.

    Prince Harry – he may well be the next King and if history has taught us anything – it is possible.

    As for the other two arrogant, work shy, wishy washy idiots – need I say more? There is absolutely no excuse for the pair of them. They are 34 year olds, this is a Constitutional Monarchy not an Absolute Monarchy which if billy boy ever gets near the throne he will rule with impunity. It will be a nightmare because it will go back to the days of Henry VIII, Charles I etc – I will do what I like attitude and then there is no way back.

    The reason they gave the dimwits the airtime is because they were trying to do some major damage control however it has gone from bad to worse.

    I am and always have been a Royalist but I am very sad to say that unless Prince Harry gets to the throne – I swore my last allegiance to The Queen. I would to King Henry IX- but no other.

    Bill and Katie are the Edward and Wallis of our time.

    Nothing new in the documentary except to reaffirm to many people that Prince Harry is the natural successor, Prince Charles will do the best he can, but the others are not worth the time of day.

    The Princess Royal and Zara being left out was because Prince Andrew has always been The Queen’s favourite son. The Princess Royal cannot stand bill & kate, their laziness and arrogance, and would have said so.

    All in all I know more about The Queen than bill and his god awful mrs – that is through years of observation, reading, seeing her and listening.

    Summing it all up – what Her Majesty has inside her is what Prince Harry has inside him – an innate sense of service and duty.

    Happy 90th your Majesty from a loyal subject – you have inspired me to do the best I can, and be the best I can be. Duty and service above self – always.

    A basket full of happiness to you all

    The Wild Rose
    out on the high seas….

      1. Why did I write that what does it mean am I going mad??? It was very late and I had a very busy week but even so I am at a total loss!! sorry folks….

    1. Huzzah! Excellent point about Charles’ tribute at Balmoral and that film of the Queen on her way back from Africa. I actually cried at that final close up. Her face was so conflicted and beautiful. What a time – what a life!

    2. Wildrose, has the Princess Royal said she doesn’t like William and Kate? I am really curious. Thanks in advance 🙂

      1. Well not officially but unofficially she let it be known she thought William Wails bride was lacking in gravitas as a future Queen Consort. In typical PA language she’s apparently called her an airhead and a lazy madam to her set. But PA has always had a preference for Harry, as do most of us.

      2. I would be really interested in P.Anne’s view too – and more on her in general. KMR, could you cover her? I would really like to know more of what she does and who she is. She certainly is a hard worker, judging by the number of engagements she does. And a great character! Have you seen the interview she gave with her then-husband re. the attempted abduction? What spunk! And great sense of humour!

        1. The problem with covering Anne is that there is rarely information released about her visits. I’ll try and include her in the royal round ups if the BP Twitter account releases any information.

    3. Good to hear from you Wild Rose. Many good points. I doubt the Royal Princess is amused by W&K’s behavior.

  20. WOW! Kate really seems to think everything revolves around her.

    In all of the snippets everyone says “I” a couple of times.

    The amount of “I”‘s in her snippets jumped out at me. If I counted correctly she said it 29 times

  21. I really enjoyed this, but also have some observations – sorry if they’ve been said before but I wanted to write this before I forgot! No chance to read all the other comments yet.

    1. Kate sounds very insecure. I also found her a bit difficult to understand and was mostly struck by her posture and presence. Or lack thereof. She looks dreadfully shy. I agree with those who feel maybe Carole is the Lady Macbeth of the family (so to speak). I watched some of those “awkward Kate Middleton” YouTube vids and kind of feel sorry for her. Will is …
    2. Wills is an arrogant ass. Nice uniform. Yes, yes, we know. You play with helicopters. How FUN for you! Keep stressing how much Granny isn’t pushing you while you bring down everything she’s worked for.
    3. Every time I see an interview with the York girls I am so impressed with them. They seem like lovely people and truly love their grandmother. Eugenie does seem like she’s recovering from a cold with her raspy voice. Beatrice is absolutely beautiful. Why is she still single? She’s like the perfect version of a princess. Please don’t start in on all of her holidays as she has no royal responsibilities. Chas has forced her to be a private person, so she gets to be.
    4. Harry is a dear. He really is the best of both Charles and Diana. Unfortunately his brother has the worst of both of their traits. More Harry, please!!! In everything really. Maybe W&K would be much happier living the life of Beatrice.
    5. Sophie and Camilla are both great to see and more importantly hear from. They both focused on the Queen, not how much the Queen has done for them, like Kate. But maybe that’s what Kate was asked about.
    6. Peter Philips looks like a male version of the Queen.
    7. The Queen’s cousin said at the beginning that the Queen feels that if you accept your role, they you can do it and succeed, but if you don’t, then it won’t work. Looking at you, Wills.
    8. As always with these documentaries, I always come away so very impressed with the Queen. She was just 25, had two young children, and had just lost her beloved father. And she didn’t whine and winge about it. She had a great sense of duty, that she’s passed on to her children. Hopefully one specific grandson will get a clue before it is too late.

    1. Beatrice has been dating Dave Clark for 6 or 8 years now so while she isn’t married yet, she isn’t single.

      1. Um, then get on it Dave! I really want to see her fantastic wedding. And please before the Queen is too old to enjoy it.

          1. I have a feeling they will wait until they are absolutely ready to have children because being married to a commoner and leaving the royal fold to an extent (it is a different mentality for women marrying “out” than “in”) will give William and Charles another reason to force them out.

        1. From what I understand, the first 6 in line for succession need to have their prospective spouse approved by the Queen. the Queen would probably consult William in Beatrice’s case and William doesn’t like Dave Clark. However, with the birth of Princess Charlotte, Beatrice gets knocked down to 7th in line for succession, therefore not having to have approval. So we shall see.

          1. Well, William’s opinion doesn’t matter in this case, thank goodness! Don’t know much about Dave Clark, but if William doesn’t like him, he’s likely to be a decent guy.
            Given his choice of Kate, William should not approve of anything or anyone, ever. He’s a total numptie.

          2. Is there an age factor in that? As in it only matters if they are under 25 or something? I recall a royal marriages act by George III, but I thought it was only to a certain age. Even so, it’s likely all for show now. I can’t see the Queen denying one of her granddaughters just because Bill Middleton might object.
            And OH how wonderful would it be if Isabella Calthorpe would become Harry’s sister-in-law?!? If Rhiannon turns him down, of course.

          3. I’m not sure why Wills doesn’t like Dave Clark. Maybe Dave Clark has a good personality or is a hard worker and it makes Wills uncomfy. ‘Indiscreet’ is the term they used as to why Will doesn’t like him.

          4. AFAIK William was the one who got them together!

            I love the York gals. I think they are suffering from the sins of their parents brought upon the children. They can do as they like. I think they’d be an asset as royal workers, honestly.

            It’s nice to hear someone like Eugenie who has a similar voice to me. I’m so embarrassed by it.

          5. Do Anne and her children not now come before Andrew and his children? Or was the law just changed for the generation after that?

          6. The law was changed but it was not retroactive, so it did not affect the line of succession as it was prior to George being born. The change in law only affected future royals – George on. So Anne and her kids are still in line behind Andrew and his kids and Edward and his kids.

          7. I think Dave is fun-loving and gregarious for Will. There were photos of him floating around flashing his bottom to the camera. I’ve also heard the “indiscreet” phrase before. Although, I don’t know exactly what that’s pertaining to.

          8. I doubt Her Majesty would ask William’s opinion on whether or not Dave is a suitable candidate. I mean, look at the person William chose to marry!

            Andrew is HM’s favorite. The girls are both very close to HM and Philip. William isn’t going to figure into this decision at all.

      2. Sadly, it might be waiting for her grandfather to pass. With the enmity between Fergie and Philip, Beatrice might think she can have one or the other at the wedding.

    2. Amy i agree with everything you said! One thing I noticed that come across more in the video than pictures is how warm a smile the Queen has. Her smile lights up her face and is very inviting. Charles and William are going to have some large shoes to fill!

      1. I like Beatrice but I do wonder why there is no announcement. I must be in the minority but I think Dave Clarke is a bit of a player. They can afford financially to get married and as my grandmother said if a guy loves a girl he would be shouting it from the roof tops and taking her off the market. Beatrice hasn’t exactly been discreet with her relationship but there is just something strange that they are both adults and cannot commit.

        1. Sometimes I’ve wondered if it’s not Dave, but Beatrice. She seems to lack direction in her life, at least, career wise. Sometimes it can be hard to commit when you don’t know what city or career track you’ll end up in. She seems to have a good base of friends and always looks happy when she’s spotted by the paparazzi. I do really like Beatrice. Even more after this video. I’m about her age, so I feel a bit of kinship.

  22. I watched the documentary as well yesterday. I have to agree with a lot of other contributors here, her accent is just totally off. She doesn’t come across as genuine because of it. She obviously worked hard to fit in and just totally lost herself. The Queen had much plummier accent when she started out as Queen, Princess Diana had a very aristocratic pronunciation when she got engaged, but they all toned it down a lot because 98% of people don’t talk like that anymore. It is almost comical to watch, she tries to sound posher than the whole Royal Family. BTW. her sister, who also went to Marlborough was obviously more settled and didn’t feel the need to acquire a posh accent. I also remember that Prince William said that Prince Philip never overstepped the line and try to take center stage. He actually did overstep the lines frequently, but this might be very revealing of PW expectations. I truly think that she walks a very fine line and just tries to be as perfect for Prince William as possible. Prince William and Kate enable each other. Instead of helping him overcome his hatred of the press and his uneasiness about his future role she obviously encouraged his behavior. In return she got a very light work load in order to help her ease into the role, which was counterproductive. People defending her shouldn’t forget that after 5 years in the RF Princess Diana’s marriage was already over and she played the press like a fiddle. At the age of 26. This will all be very interesting to watch. I think this didn’t help to make her more relatable.

    1. Very good points you bring up. I do not want to speculate on someone’s marriage, as it really is their personal business but Kate seems to have lost herself and her spark. She was a happy and attractive woman when she had first married and as a newlywed royal. Now, watching her on video was cringe-worthy and I had trouble understanding what she was saying.

        1. Hhehhe the English language has so many beautiful and descriptive adjectives Amy!!! I love cringe-worthy along with vomit-inducing, myself.

      1. Thank you Red Tulip. I also don;t want to speculate on their marriage. Looking at pictures she genuinely seems to adore him. For the sake of their children I hope they have loving relationship behind closed doors. But you are absolute right she has lost her spark. I commented once before here that I think that she probably really underestimated what it really meant to marry into the RF. It does come with an insane amount of perks, but it also has downsides. I doubt that the Middletons always had live in help and having “strangers” constantly watching you might be very unsettling. It sound great having someone there to help with basically every need, but is is also restricting. Someone watching what and when one eats , how one runs around in the house, potential listeners to every conversation one makes…this is difficult. One probably feels judged all the time and it is very difficult to relax. They all have to sign non disclosure contracts but I suppose one is never sure. I don’t talk about the protection officers that have to follow their every move. I think that is the reason she sets off to her parents all the time. She probably finds it very hard to adjust to that. The total loss of personal freedom is probably what most “commoners” find hard to adjust to.

        1. They chose to have both a cook and housekeeper at the house in Wales. It was a 4 bedroom house but they hired someone else to clean it and to do the cooking. That doesn’t indicate people who dislike like having staff around.

          1. As far as I know the new Duchess didn’t live there a lot. She didn’t want to live on base, she shunned the RAF wives club and she basically took off. She spend most of the time in London and with her parents. I think it’s a myth that she so enjoyed living in Wales. Having a housekeeper for a few hours every day might also be different than having people around all day. There is no way a 20 room palace and Anmer Hall can be managed by just one person, Ms. Fresolone might be exceptionally good but she would have to be wonderwoman to do all of that. But, of course, she knew having staff and especially managing staff, would come with the job.

          2. We don’t know “she” didn’t want to live on base. It is more likely William and his secrecy obsession caused that.

            It was their choice to have staff at that small house, whether or not she chose to spend time there. if they didn’t want anyone “up in their business” they wouldn’t have had any staff there. If you don’t want anyone knowing your secrets, you clean up your own messes (literally and figuratively).

            It is their choice to have multiple live-in nannies, instead of a babysitter like Marie and Joachim of Denmark (who do as much work as these two and have a combined family with four kids).

            They have two housekeepers, one for KP and one for Anmer. When they went to France, she changed on the balcony in full view of the staff at the house and the security personnel. I don’t see her as someone who cannot deal with having staff around – she acts like they are invisible or don’t matter. I agree that she has no idea how to manage a household.

            There are also stories running around about how poorly she treated the royal staff in London. Their head of security quit, their main PR guy quit, the original housekeeper and groundsman fled Anmer after 5 months. W&K aren’t the easiest of employers.

        2. Yes as lovely as it would be to have endless wealth and the beautiful clothes and jewellery- I would not want to trade my freedom and privacy for all the wealth in the world. It takes a different kind of personality to adjust to this level of scrutiny and to make your mark. The married-ins like Sophie have managed to do it. Other married-ins from other Royal Houses have adjusted well (as far as we can tell). Kate simply does not have the innate intelligence, confidence and strength required to adjust to this scrutiny. She seems to be crumbling. She should have just married a rich, aristo guy and lived privately off of his wealth- that’s the life that she seems to prefer.

  23. The thing that struck me the most was how different Eugenie/Beatrice are compared to Kate. In their interviews they are articulate, relaxed and actually show some personality. Kate is so stiff and seems to talk without moving her jaw. She is so hard to understand. But then she comes off like a little girl by giggling all the time. Kate felt so uncomfortable. She constantly stumbled over her words and mumbled. I would expect that from someone who’s first language is not English. You would think she would have grown by now.

    Around the 30 minute mark, there is an interview bit with Sophie, then Beatrice and then Kate. And it is amazing how different she is compared to them. She mumbles and is so breathy. It reminds me of the fake voice Marilyn Monroe used to sound more girlish. Maybe Kate is trying to sound posh and sexy/girlish at the same time? Though it is not working.

    “Being a mother and new in my job as well. I have no idea how the Queen has managed to do it.” Please Kate, you act like you have so much to balance! You don’t work at all. The Queen was the Queen when she had her little ones. She really did have to balance. I am sick of Kate acting like she is doing this great balancing act between work and home life. It is insulting to working moms everywhere!

    1. I was thinking the same thing about her breathy Marilyn voice. But lovely Marilyn always had enough breath left to get to the end of her sentences! I’m wondering whether she was so scared out of her pants that she popped a sedative or two before the taping. It was beyond bizarre listening/watching her and there was more going on than her trying to ar-tic-u-late.

      You have no idea how the Queen has managed to do it? This statement is idiotic, and SHE is the one, to quote dear Diana, who’s “thick as a plank.” Does she really think the Queen of England was at home, trying to be a stay-at-home mommy preparing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for her children’s lunch boxes every day and organizing play dates too? And trying to squeeze in her queenie stuff on the side? She’s the damn QUEEN of ENGLAND!!!!! It’s all so disturbing because this is a clear window into her mind. She, along with Mommy Dearest, WANT this for themselves: to sit home and raise the kids and throw birthday parties with the Party Pieces paraphernalia and throw on a gown and jewels occasionally. She’s so simple it’s mind-boggling.

    2. That is so insulting to QE2, totally degrades her entire life’s work putting it on par with what Kate herself is going through right now. How much rope is this girl going to get? I guess the BRF is well used to sensational scandals, and think they’ll just ride out the bad press. Social media has changed everything in such a big way and I just don’t think it will be possible. Charles, start damage control tout suite!

      1. Interesting observation about social media. While the BRF utilise it, social media cannot be controlled like print media was in the past (or even now). Look at where we are meeting now, a global virtual community espousing none-too-flattering views on the BRF. Think of all the other sites that exist that are equally fast-moving, interpreting/dissecting royal press releases and newspaper articles. Riding out bad press is not necessarily an option anymore.

        1. Could you imagine how it Charles and Diana’s War of the Wales’ played out of there were social media? It would have been exponentially worse.

    3. After 5 years you can no longer be considered new at your job. The lost little girl act is well and truly worn out now. Surely she has to be aware of how childish and immature she comes across? Or at least her mother or sister would notice and say something to her?

      1. I read something up thread about someone saying Kate’s voice sounded like Jackie Kennedy. I think I read it was considered a ‘finishing school’ voice. I wonder if the soft voice along with the fake accent is put on by Kate to appear posh +.

    4. Overit, brilliant comment. So true. Kate does act as if she has much to balance. Mommyhood and her role as Duchess. But, when the going gets tough, she surely knows how to back out of an appearance of two and say, “I need to be with my children.”

      The Queen is a terrific role model for her to emulate, but since she does not know what work entails, I doubt she would understand the juggling act HM often had to do. Sometimes, no doubt, at the expense of her kids.

  24. This interview has done nothing, but confirm ‘in their own words’ Lamebridge 1&2 are not fit for their current role, unsuitable to be the heir couple, and severely lacking in intelligence, interest or a sense of duty for the top job.

    In comparison, the “simple” ginge is able to articulatly state what effect the queen’s role has on him as he walks down a similar path years later.

    Almost as if these are the clips that will be played back in future times.

    I thought it was an interesting comparison to see Charles interviewed in his fancy dress uniform and normalbill in his.

  25. Thank you so much for the You Tube link KMR! I didnt think I would be able to watch the documentary. What a great surprise. Harry seems to be the only one who realizes what the Queen has committed her life to and the only one trying to make her proud and honour the legacy.

  26. I think it’s interesting that Kate has to go back about three years to tell stories about HM apart from the comments about George and Charlotte. Like with the chutney, I don’t really care that that is what she gave her (I don’t even know what chutney is) but it would have been nice to know what she gave them last Christmas. Perhaps it’s because it was last Christmas? Maybe if she actually spent time with them she would have more stories. She should really go to the Windsor horse trials or the horse races or even went with them to the recent Easter outing because these events are like pseudo family reunions. I mean, she’s part of the family now there’s no reason not to integrate herself with them even without her husband.

  27. I could never see any of these female Royal family members snubbing tradition of the handing out of shamrocks to the Irish guard in favor of staying home like Kate did. They all have way to much respect for the Queen. That’s so wrong.

  28. Interesting piece about the cambs managing to crash the queen’s 90th bday photo shoot.

    They won’t spend any serious quality time with that side of the family….
    But will show up if there is a camera and press opportunity. Charming.

    1. Where did you hear this? It would be impossible to crash the queen’s photo shoot; I’m sure she wanted pictures with her great grandchildren for the 90th birthday official portraits. I can accuse William and Kate of many things, but they can’t boss around the Queen. I, for one, look forward to such pictures; I think the highlight of the official baptism pictures was seeing a delighted queen with her family.

      1. https://twitter.com/byEmilyAndrews/status/714702177936220160

        There is an official photoshoot of the queen with George and Charlotte for her birthday, the photos were taken yesterday. source : Emily Andrews. Kate take her own photos but a professional photograph has taken the photos.
        But no Kate in the Easter Service. She prefers to stay with her children (the nanny doesn’t work maybe) before the photoshoot ? she doesn’t want to go to the service ? She arrived later?

        1. I would think the official photos would be given to Kate for her personal album, and outtakes could be shared with her as well, so I don’t think it makes sense for Kate to bring her own camera. Oh, well. I guess the Queen didn’t mind. But to me it seems to be further proof that Kate doesn’t know the Queen well…if an official photo shoot is considered a great, unique opportunity to get your own candid shots…

          1. Just because HM didn’t react and order KM and her camera out of the room (in front of a pile of witnesses) doesn’t mean the queen didn’t mind.

          2. Maybe QEII didn’t mind but I bet that Anne Leibovitz wasn’t too pleased. Artists are often don’t like other people butting into their work and Leibovitz is notoriously hard to work for. Then again, Kate is a royal so Leibovitz would have had to keep her mouth shut. It does, however, shows a lack of consideration and respect on Kate’s part.

            In the end, we don’t know what took place, and I really don’t care. I do, however, find it interesting how this incident is presented to the public. It could easily have been spun as amateur photographer Kate takes a few snaps at an official photo session. Instead it is reported as Kate ‘muscling’ in, which creates an entirely different narrative.

          3. She was heisting liebowitz setup, lighting,positions as if they were hers and she had done all the work setting it all up. What a mooch.

      1. I make a mistake : the photos were taken monday. KMR made an article about these in the article about Inde and Bhutan trip

  29. Program of the India tour has been revealed : not sure we have many photos of K and W and the Queen and King of Bhutan.
    Interesting sentence :” the Duke of Cambridge is of course aware of the huge esteem his mother, the late Princess of Wales is held in India and he appreciates the iconic status of the images that exist of The Princess at the Taj. ”
    These photos are seen like the symbol of the failure of the relationship of his parents, I’m not sure how he can love theses images.

    We will see how this trip will unfold : I had my answer to my question : they will not do engagement separatly for the moment…

  30. I’m on maternity leave and couldn’t get back to sleep after the early morning feed so I decided to re-watch the documentary (admittedly I did fast forward parts of it!!) and it occurred to me that KM would have known about the interview at least a few weeks in advance and is this her being prepared? As it was pre-recorded they would have done retakes – is this the best that they had? If so, it may explain why when she does work she doesn’t stay for long; there is absolutely no way she would be able to carry on a coherent and articulate conversation with people.

    I actually feel sorry for her. She is in no way prepared for the role she occupies and in my opinion she knows this and it probably affects how she behaves. She over compensates with the manic facial expressions, the pseudo-posh accent, the over-the-top hair and expensive outfits all in an attempt to detract from the fact that she has nothing of substance to add.

    KM strikes me as somebody whose concept of royalty and being a princess was influenced by Disney and fairy-tales and the reality has probably crushed her. In may ways she is the modern epitome of Peter Pan i.e despite being 34 years of age she has never really grown up.

    1. You may be totally right. But if knows that she has shortcomings, she could work on them. She has the time and money. So while I do feel badly for her, I can’t at the end of the day, you know. If she wanted to, she could change and become someone of substance.

      1. I totally agree with you. She could change but changing would involve work and Kate doesn’t know what work is. She would probably only change if William told her to and that’s not going to happen unless he has an epiphany some day and suddenly discovers the meaning of what being royal is!!

        There are time when I feel sorry for but for the most part I’m just disappointed and sometimes angry with her. She is a disappointment to the RF, she is a disappointment to women in general. And as a full-time working mother of 4 children (Aged 6 yrs, 4yrs and 5 week old twins) I get angry when with all this she can’t work because she has two children c**p.

        1. Congratulation for your children : twins babies must be difficult, I hope you are not too tired!
          I agree with you about the idea of disappointment : but for some who knew how Kate were before the wedding they must not be disappointed, she didn’t work before and not so much now.
          About a disppointment to women in general : that’s why I am happy that she doesn’t make a special event for the Women’s day, she had not credibility for me.

        2. What a beautiful family! Congrats on all of them, but especially the little 5 week old twins. Hope all is well and you can get bits of sleep. No wonder Kate makes you upset (along with many of the rest of us at KMR). Bless you.

        3. Thank you for your kind comments. If my eldest son ever finds out I said he was 6 when he is 9 he will never speak to me again!! He takes his role of big brother very seriously!!

  31. Anyone know if the documentary was seen by many people in Britain? I know that there is competition because there is The Night Manager with Tom Hiddleston (little disgression : Anyone has seen the series? Good or bad?)

  32. I agree with everyone about Kate’s speech patterns. One thing I would add is that I don’t like tentative language. Kate’s a grown woman and needs to speak as such.

    I love the York girls speaking voices. It’s a shame that they have been pushed to the back. I wanted to hear from Anne. In my opinion, she’s crafted a life of duty and service. She’s rarely spotlighted and deserves praise.

    Thanks for transcribing this, KMR!

    God Save the Queen!

  33. Well I finally got to watch the whole thing last night and really enjoyed it! I have to say my favorite part was watching the Queen feed carrots to her horses, the smile on her face was simply beautiful.

    I have to say Harry has made huge strides in his interview skills. He has slowed down his speech which has made him much easier to understand, thank goodness 🙂 And I loved how he spoke about the Queen and her duty and service to her country and her people, I got a real sense that he understood this better than his brother.

    Also, loved hearing from Eugenie, Beatrice and Sophie. They each brought their own thoughts about the Queen from the perspective of granddaughters and a daughter in law, I can see why the Queen thinks so highly of them all. I do have to say regarding Eugenie’s voice, my granddaughter has a rather gravely voice, she always has and she’s only 7, so it’s just the way Eugenie is.

    Lastly, how sweet was Beatrice when talking about her grandpa? I don’t think any conversation about the Queen and all she’s accomplished would be complete without mentioning the support of her husband.

  34. Well, I watched the show and it seems to me that Kate has picked up William’s accent. Both of them sound as if their mouths are filled with marbles. I’m surprised how prevalent they were in this production, it was sort of revolting really.

  35. Okay, so I FINALLY watched the whole shebang. Here is the good, the bad, the ugh and the bonus.

    The good: the York girls. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a fan of theirs and it was great hearing from them. I’ve always loved Beatrice’s sweet-sounding voice and seeing her get teary-eyed about her grandfather was so touching. Eugenie always said how her Philip is HM’s “rock” and her love for the two of them as a unit is obvious.

    Also, it was great hearing from Sophie and Camilla. Wish Cam had had more to say but oh well. You can tell that Sophie truly has a relationship with her mother-in-law and that it’s a close one. I also noticed that Sophie referred to Phillip as a “gentleman and a gentle man” which really struck me but maybe, by the time Sophie and Edward married, Phillip had become a softie in his old age.

    Last, Harry clearly admires his grandmother and her devotion to duty and service and that was wonderful to see. Interesting that the documentary highlighted a tour he went on (and connected it to HM) but non that William and/or Kate went on.

    The bad: Kate. Like others had mentioned, she really *did* sound like she was about to cry and was trying to keep her emotions in check. It’s like she never fully grasped the concept of becoming a royal and being a member of this particular family on a psychological and emotional level. I say those two words because, and I can’t believe I’m doing it, but it sort of reminds me of my transplant. (It’s a bit complicated and if you’d like for me to explain it, don’t hesitate to ask.)

    Also, her speech was mufflled and waaaay too fast!! Very difficult to understand her!!

    The ugh: William. Wow. He just seemed waaaaaay too amused by the whole thing like, “haha granny….haha….” Like others, I wanted to slap him. Unlike William, I would’ve been fascinated by the other individuals clothing. There was one woman in the footage, she had beads framing her face and I thought she looked absolutely beautiful and was curious as to where she was from!

    Also, I thought it was a slap in the face to Peter/Autumn and Zara/Mike that Kate put soooo much emphasis on Charlotte as if she were HM’s ONLY great-granddaughter. Nuh-uh! **shakes head** If anything, George should’ve been mentioned here because he’s HM’s and PP’s ONLY great-grandson!

    The bonus: I wish we’d heard from Edward, Anne, MORE from Peter and definitely from Zara!

    1. Totally agree Kimothy hope you’re ok. Would love to hear your transplant story, you are a real inspiration. Baskets of happiness and pain free feet to you!

      1. Thanks for asking Birdy. Unfortunately, my tootsies are still acting up but–YAY!–I FINALLY have a diagnosis: I have foot ulcers! These are related to my diabetes and it’s actually a good thing that I”m experiencing pain; if I wasn’t, it would mean my circulation is poor and my nerves in that area were shot and some people don’t know anything is wrong until it’s so bad that it’s down to their bone!

        Thankfully, I have an appointment with wound care at the end of April. I can’t wait and pray that they can help me so that I can stop being in so much pain!! **makes pained emoji face**

        As for comparing Kate’s becoming a member of the BRF to my transplant? Here’s the thing: the transplant itself is a journey; not only does the recipient have to recover physically, they also have to recover emotionally and psychologically. They have to truly go through it to fully heal in each and every way. The recipient has to hit every marker along the way:

        -First accept that they’re sick and not just regular sick, but DYING SICK.
        -Then, they have to come to terms with the fact that, in order to get better, most of the time, someone has to die in order for you to live.
        -Next, once you get the transplant, you have to allow yourself to physically heal at your own pace.
        -Then, grieve for the donor and the person that family lost.
        -Also, make peace with the fact that that person didn’t die because you needed the transplant, they would’ve died anyway regardless of whether or not their lived ones decided to donate those organs.
        -Finally, take care of and guard your gift and, try to pay it forward as a way of thanking your donor and donor family by doing good in the community and offering your advice and insight to those waiting.

        Connection to Kate? It’s a bit of a stretch but hear me out: she’s gone through a journey too (how much of it was her own, I have no idea). IMO, she’s still in the middle, she went from “grieving the person she was” (whomever that person might’ve been and I doubt Kate herself even knows) to “trying to pay it forward” as a way of thanking the BRF, the people of the UK, etc but doing a sh!t job of it hence why she’s doing so poorly. In a way, almost 5 years later, we’re seeing HER go through rejection but instead of her body rejecting the organ, it’s her soul rejecting herself and the person she’s allowed herself to become.

        Thoughts? Let me know if you think I did too much “arm-chair analysis”

        1. Your comment was very moving Kimothy; I am in awe of your strength of mind and spirit.
          You are very generous in explaining Kate’s journey. To construct an artificial persona, accent, etc to my mind shows self-loathing.

          1. Thank you very much sweet Jen. Believe me, it baffles my mind too but I’m just trying to understand it. It stinks that Kate never allowed herself to make some allies within the BRF. Autumn and Sophie could’ve been a big help in the transition but nothing every took place.

          2. I think the lack of being able to make strong female friendships of any kind (beyond Carole and Pippa) is key. Kate has a competitive nature, usually linked to sport, but it seems to extend to women too. If you recall, when at school she was mortified to be seen as not particularly desirable by the boys and then it all started…

          3. Yup! That makeover she got from mama when she was a teenager. I think it took place during the summer of 1999 (when she was 17). It makes you wonder how the before looked and how she looked once she returned to school that fall.

        2. Kimothy, what you wrote about your experiences as an organ recipient shows how special a woman you are. You have my sincere compliments for your ability to take a tough hand that you were dealt and turn it around with gratitude for what you eventually received.

          Your connection to Kate in regard to what she has gone through? I wonder if she has even half the depth that you do when reflecting on her own life. Grieving the loss of the person she was doesn’t seem possible to me when it comes to Kate because her whole reason for living for many years was to snag William. She doesn’t grieve the loss of Kate Middleton — at least not to me. She celebrates everday the catch she made. Even, if sometimes, things may start to crumble a bit. I don’t see her paying it forward, either.
          How amazing it would be if she was grateful for the way her life has turned out. And, if she passed that on by sincerely trying to help others. What I did find incredible was your statement that she may not be rejecting any organ, but that she was rejecting the person she has allowed herself to become. That’s rather an amazing thought! Still, you give her amazing credit for being so deep.

          I hope my criticism of her — my opinion of her, actually – is not too mean. I just think that when someone comes through what you have come through and works so hard to help others, real compliments should be sent your way. Kate, has yet to show me, she deserves such kudos.

          I hope each day finds you doing better. You are a bright and shining light in this world. Here on the blog, we embrace your spirit!

          1. Thank you so much jenny!! Believe me, it baffles me that she has this amazing platform where she can do SO MUCH GOOD for so many people yet……she does jack sh!t!!! I would be bored out of my ever-loving mind if I just sat around, took my meds but didn’t actually DO anything to give back to the community. It would be incredibly insulting to my anonymous donor and donor family so, when you think about it, Kate is insulting the BRF and the entire nation with this behavior of hers. **sighs**

  36. Parts of this vid were nice, parts were eyeroll-worthy.

    Kate seemed hard to understand for me – almost like she is swallowing her words, if that makes sense. Maybe a function of her accent being fake?

    What I found very telling about Kate’s part was that it was all about the Queen and *her* – how the Queen helps her in her events, how she’s so nice to her kids. Not much about the Queen herself as a person, monarch, leader, figurehead for the country. She could be talking about anyone, really, anyone’s nice granny-in-law — not the Queen of England and the British Commonwealth.

    And I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, and say maybe that wasn’t her idea. Maybe the ITV people wanted to humanize the Queen, so they had Kate talk about her from the perspective of a family member (albeit an in-law). But if it was just her speaking extemporaneously, it is very telling. Kate’s focus really is all on herself and her family, and she views everyone and everything through the lens of what they do for her. There doesn’t seem to be any focus on anything greater than herself and her immediate circle. That doesn’t bode well for the future queen of a country.

    Very much a contrast to the other Royals talking about how much Elizabeth has done for so long, and her sense of duty.

    And, to be fair, William’s was pretty unimpressive as well – some very strong passive-aggressive undertones about how Granny is so supportive of him doing what he wants when he wants it.

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