Prince William jets off to Kenya without Duchess Kate or their kids

Prince William jets off to Kenya without Duchess Kate or their kids

Prince William flew off to Kenya for a three day visit which includes attending the wedding of long-time friend and (alleged) former girlfriend, Jecca Craig. Though William scheduled the “private visit” a long time ago, he will meet the Kenyan President and view some conservation and anti-poaching initiatives in Kenya. William is leaving his wife, Kate Middleton, with the kids to go to Jecca’s wedding solo. And because irony, the future Head of the Church of England will not be attending Easter service. Oh, and William “I can’t work full time at my air ambulance job OR my royal job because I’m such a hands-on father” Middleton will be missing Easter with his children.

At least William didn’t try and hide the trip like he did with his ski holiday earlier this month and all of his other vacations. Kensington Palace released the following statement:

    “The Duke of Cambridge will visit Kenya over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend between 24th and 27th March 2016, on a private trip.
    “At the start of his short visit to the country, on Thursday 24th March, the Duke of Cambridge will attend a meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta. The meeting is taking place at the request of Her Majesty’s Government, and His Royal Highness is pleased to have the opportunity to meet the President while he is in Kenya. They will discuss the relationship between the United Kingdom and Kenya, to deepen relations between the two countries on a broad range of topics including defence and security, and conservation.
    “The Duke, who is President of United For Wildlife, will spend the remainder of the day seeing first-hand some of the longstanding conservation and anti-poaching initiatives taking place in Kenya, which are supported by Tusk Trust, the charity of which he is Royal Patron.
    “His Royal Highness will witness vets at work in the field as they fit radio tracking collars to elephants to help with research and conservation. The Duke of Cambridge will also spend time with a team of highly trained rangers in Lewa Conservancy, to learn about their work protecting one of Africa’s significant rhino populations from poaching.
    “The remainder of this short visit to the country will be private.”

[press release via Majesty Magazine FB]

William must be so angry that the government is making him work during his vacation.

The Daily Mail claims William is paying for his trip privately since it was scheduled before the government forced him to work. BUT he will take at least three protection officers and his private secretary, all of whom will be paid for by the taxpayers.

So Mr. Hands-On Father is skipping Easter with his kids so he can go to his (alleged) former girlfriend’s wedding. I guess we shouldn’t expect any less from the man who opted to go to his (alleged) former girlfriend’s brother’s wedding instead of his own cousin’s wedding.

While I know I’ve said I don’t want to discuss religion on this blog, this is relevant to the discussion of this particular royal. I want to make clear, I am not commenting on religious beliefs as a whole and I am not saying anyone should believe anything in particular. In William’s case only: There is a severe conflict of interest if the Supreme Governor of the Church of England is not religious and doesn’t observe his own faith’s holy days. While William is not Supreme Governor of the Church of England currently, he will be, and his lack of observance of the faith that he will one day be Supreme Governor of is a problem.

Oh, PS, William put in a shift at his air ambulance job ahead of his vacation to Kenya. William even raced out of the helicopter to comfort the patient – which the Telegraph says he never does. So the photographer (Geoff Robinson, who is a “News Photographer based in Cambridge” who always takes photos of the royals walking to church at Sandringham) can get better shots of him? Hm…

William ITV interview

312 thoughts on “Prince William jets off to Kenya without Duchess Kate or their kids

  1. Oh I think that Blind Freddy was able to see that one coming.

    Well Kate and Carol will be in their element. Ladies of the manner and no curtsey’s to the Queen at Church at Easter Morning.

    Is it wrong for me to hope that George has a huge amount of chocolate, gets a sugar rush and escapes from poor Nanny Maria and right into the beige living room and wipes chocolate covered hands over everything?

    Or am I just evil?

    1. You are deliciously evil, and let’s hope George’s little chocolate hands and mouth find their way onto everything beige.

    2. Actually, I wonder if scorned Katie, George and the Midds show up at the service or a Bucklebury service, “in solidarity’ don’t ya know, and to stick it to Willy bigtime. That seems to be the Midd MO. This is going to make her look really, really good even without church. There should be a kiddie/Midd sighting for sure.

      1. I think that she is going to stay far far away from the rest of the Royals. She is nervous around them when Big Willie is there, Without him, she would be a wreck.

        I agree that there might be a sighting of Kate with the kids, but I doubt very much that it will be with the Royal family.

          1. I had read that Catherine was admitted to the hospital with a problem associated with her possibly being
            pregnant with twins.

        1. I had read that Catherine was admitted to the hospital with a problem associated with her possibly being pregnant with twins.
          Must have been another rumor; I thought it was reported by Huffington Post but item has apparently been removed. I guess what some people have said ;just because it is on the internet doesn’t mean it is true. Sorry.

          1. Is it possible that you read a really old article? Because when Kate was in the hospital in December 2012 when they announced her pregnancy with George, they said she had hyperemesis gravidarum, which is common in women who are carrying twins so all the news outlets went to “Kate is having twins”. But that was obviously not the case. I have not read anything about her currently being in the hospital.

          2. I’m sure you are right. Sorry about that. Kate must be very busy even with a nanny, caring for 2 very young children.(I had 4, 2 in diapers (nappies ?) at the same time). I don’t wish that situation on anyone.

          3. Grace, as a rule of thumb, such important news, is always announced by the palace. And usually followed by breaking news item on tv. I’m not saying this to be snarky. This is simply how the royals handle such news especially when it involves important life events and or the potential birth of any new members. It’s not handled as a gossip item.

        2. Skipping this wedding could have been planned by lazy duch and ma meddlesome to give negative suggestive PR for Bill the Weak (never mind waity hang around Jecca and Petulant other friends).; meanwhile waity looks sympathetic- and have an excuse for meddlesome carole to have the royal kids away from gandpa POW and the royals.

  2. I always kinda liked Jecca. Obviously I don’t know much about her and I wish I knew more, but she probably was a better catch for William than Kate is. I hVe always heard that she didn’t want to be a Royal though. KMR would you consider a Jecca Craig post on one of these slow days?

    1. I can look into it. It will all depend on how much information I can find on Jecca.

      1. I read that Jecca, knowing that Kate was insecure and not liked by William’s friends, went out her way to try and befriend her, letting her know that she had nothing to fear from her.

        1. That is good of Jecca. I don’t think Jecca is pretty but Jecca carries herself well and there is a photo of Jecca holding the hands of a flower girl.

          1. I think Jecca looks a good deal like Kate. I think Kate is will’s runner up because Jecca is too self possessed for him.

          2. At one point during the dating years Kate was SWFing Jecca. A certain hat she wore, etc. I think one reason she has whittled herself away to nothing is because Jecca is naturally thin.

          3. I think Jecca is stunning in real life, but not overly photogenic. Kate is the opposite. And I agree, Kate is probably the runner up to the wife he desired.

    2. It was understood Jecca was the non-negotiable constant in William’s life. Always. And that was reported to be a real thorn in Kate’s side during the dating years. William would drop everything if she called and would spend much time with her family.. Like how the Midds accommodate William.

      She also apparently made it clear she would not leave her home in Kenya. That was where her heart was and her work. This was also reported as a factor of why an engagement fell apart. She refused to relocate.

      She has a strong conviction to her work and isn’t pushed around. It’s a respected quality. Shes strong and doesn’t bend to William. That might appear as a threat to Kate.

      Also, an early dating story that followed up to the engagement. Kate hated Jecca because of her hold on William. They would fight if he went to see her and eventually Kate had to not bring it up because she couldn’t win. A story that popped up and ran for a time around engagement centered around Kate settling things with Jecca. During the reuniting Kate demanded she go with William when he visited Jecca to put her nerves at ease. And Jecca had to make sure Kate understood she had no interest in William.

      All, odd. There certainly is a history there. And that the history has been so heavily whitewashed makes it appear a bit more threatening to the post wedding image.

      1. Jecca doesn’t need William; she is in the enviable position of being able to steer her own course, create her own future, maybe a source of appeal to him.
        Kate, on the other hand, is just way too much work; what a tiresome, immature woman.
        She and William deserve each other, if only to spare two other people having to put up with them.

        1. I find the phrase Jecca is non negotiable slightly alarming. As others have said I hope to all that is good that Jecca is not Will’s Camilla.

          1. Being kind, I’m guessing Africa, Jecca, the Craigs are held in such affection by William because the particular dynamic there made him genuinely happy at an impressionable time of his young life and the memories and interactions remain a safe haven. Since William listens to/respects so few people, they must have had a huge influence. So he cordons Africa/Craigs off from scrutiny by others – this part of his life belongs to him alone.

            William is still a jerk, married the wrong woman – which I’m sure he realises – but it doesn’t necessarily follow that Jecca would wilfully jeopardise her own marriage. She backed out of a former engagement so she wasn’t desperate to get a ring on her finger. I think William admires her drive and commitment to her work; he can’t muster those qualities in himself – he is too weak and has been too indulged to understand commitment and follow through. Of course, maybe I’m being naive!

          2. Birdy
            I meant that in this context. Sometimes girlfriends will demand the boyfriend stop seeing certain friends because of various reasons. And no matter what Kate’s feeling to Jecca were they were of not enough importance for William to consider not having Jecca in his life. Not calling her a Camilla (like the Midd’s pap did).

          3. Hope all is well with you these days Runaway. Was thinking of you the other day hoping we’d hear from you soon.

      2. Kate definitely has an issue with both Jecca and Isabella Branson, both of whom William would have preferred as his wife over Kate. Kate hung on like a barnacle and got the ring, but it has to sting that she was third choice and the default bride.

  3. Big news, even my mother, royalist extraordinaire, is not impressed by him missing Easter church services.
    She said he should think WWtQD – what would the Queen do – in these situations and she’s pretty sure Queenie would say how very nice dear but obviously you won’t be able to go will you?
    Wow. This is a serious shift in attitude, if she can think critical thoughts, the monarchy may well be doomed!!

    1. Neither William nor Charles ever go to Easter service with the Queen. I think it really is a bad move on the part of two future Supreme Governors of the Church of England.

      1. Charles tends to be in Scotland at Easter where he attends easter services. It’s always low key and occasionally photos surface.

        Everybody else attends at Windsor with the Queen.

        BTW: there are some videos of Jecca working on youtube if you are interested. The more interesting ones are of her giving a talk on conservation and her company’s initiatives, whilst others are of her chatting to some tribesmen in Kenya.

        1. Yes, I think he and Camilla spend some time with her family around Easter-tide, as well? I seem to recall reading that.

          Not impressed with William, but who is. How pathetic. White Savior in action, eh.

  4. It is so obvious that the trip to Kenya is private, and that after they add meeting with the president, work with conservation…

    1. Yep! I’ll bet Her Majesty’s Government was scrambling around like mad at the last minute to schedule that meeting with the Kenyan President!

  5. Gosh, I was never one of the loudest critics of William, but this time, he really messed up.
    He will miss Easter with his kids and this is probably the 1st year that George will really understand what is going on!
    And he will also miss church on easter sunday! Which is, like, the most important day?!!

    I think jecca is not pretty at all, her face looks so old and broad. It’s a shame he won’t spend easter at home.

    1. I agree. I don’t think Jecca is that pretty. In fact, I would go out on limb and say Kate is prettier than Jecca.

      1. There’s more to a person than ‘prettiness’!!!

        She has a heck of a lot more substance than Kate, plus she is fired-up about something she believes in and is fighting for … which can’t be said for Kate.

        I imagine Jecca is interesting to talk to and has a strong, independent personality – which is why she would never have suited the role of Willy’s wife.

        Fast forward 40 or so years though and I know which one I’d rather be with if I was William – Kate, who has about as much depth as a puddle; or Jecca, who would never get boring.

        1. +1! I’m sure William was attracted to Jecca’s personality and energy, and finds her achievements impressive as she has matured. A friendship sustained for over 15 years, and beyond a teenage crush, is worth a lot.
          Being William’s consort would have stunted Jecca’s life enormously, as it would any independent, thoughtful woman. Had William been a different sort of person, with ambition for his role, energy and humility, it might have been a different story. He married the woman who suits him and both he and Kate are the poorer for their choices.

          1. When assessing prettiness one should take into the equation how much money and professional help is at hand. NB Kate pre-engagement/marriage vs. post marriage

        2. Yes, I know. I was responding to a comment about prettiness, though.

          On a purely aesthetic level, I don’t think Jecca is aesthetically attractive. That’s my opinion and I still hold it. Anyone is free to disagree with me, especially since aesthetic attractiveness is so subjective.

          Re Jecca’s personality: I don’t know what kind of personality she has as I don’t know her and have never seen her on video. She may be the most charming, awesome person ever; she may be a wet blanket. I just don’t know. So I can’t comment on her personality because of that.

          Does Jecca have a better personality than Kate? Maybe. Kate is not charming in the videos I’ve seen of her. But then again I’ve never seen videos of Jecca, so I can’t compare them on that level.

          Yes, there is more to a person than aesthetics, but since I don’t know anything about Jecca’s personality I can’t comment on it so the only thing I can comment on is her aesthetics. And on a purely aesthetic level, I think Kate is prettier than Jecca.

      2. I agree but I think Jecca is smarter than Kate, KMR. William doesn’t want a silly wife though it wouldn’t matter if Kate did her duty. All my friends with babies or married are average looking and some with degrees. I would argue that the guy that Jecca is marrying is marrying Jecca because of her passion for conservation and intelligence. I think William not marrying someone who he was friends with first has no foundation.

        1. As I said to Nobody above, I don’t know anything about Jecca beyond what I see in photos, so I cannot comment on how smart she is. And again, I was not commenting on Kate being smarter or having a better personality than anyone. I was purely commenting that I think Kate is prettier than Jecca. That’s it. Kate can be prettier than someone without being a better person than them. And me saying Kate is prettier than someone doesn’t mean I don’t think Kate has a ton of flaws or that the other person is a bad person. It means exactly what it says: that Kate is prettier than someone. There is no hidden meaning to that statement.

      3. I agree, but I’ve heard that Jecca is pretty in real life and Kate looks terrible up close and in real life. My cousin met her briefly and said her makeup was so heavy, it looked like Barbara Cartland and she could see huge pores and acne scars. I don’t find either Kate or Jecca attractive at all, but the Windsor men do seem to favor the rough horsey look. I could never understand why Charles found Camilla attractive, especially compared to Diana, but taste is subjective. I do know that Camilla mothered and pampered him to a ridiculous degree and they had a strong friendship, but I never understood the sexual attraction factor there. Kate has a nice, athletic body and looks best with some extra weight and Jecca is naturally thin and elegant. Kate tries to copy that look, but being as thin as Jecca makes her look gaunt and grim reaper-esque. I would not be at all shocked if it comes out later that Jecca has been William’s mistress and her husband and Kate just turn a blind eye. Kate will never willingly give up the title, perks and power and I can’t imagine her leaving William even if she caught him in the act. She’s a typical Royal wife in that respect, if not in any other way.

  6. Was there ever any doubt that William would attend Jecca’s wedding? I think that would have been non-negotiable (along with Kate’s attendance).

    I have no issue with William wanting to attend his friend’s wedding in Africa. But he needs to fund the trip himself, including associated security costs, as this has nothing to do with royal work. There is no justification to burden the taxpayer further.

    But wait! Now a flurry of official meetings have hastily been added, suggesting that William will seek to have any private travel costs reimbursed; ultimately the burden will fall to the taxpayer. William has done this kind of thing before, hasn’t he: presented with a bill when taking a heli for personal use, it was re-badged as official work. He is known to be notoriously tight when it comes to prying open his own purse but seems to have no problem spending the taxpayer’s money! The BRF is incredibly corrupt in this regard, utterly contemptuous of the public. There is just too much unearned privilege afforded them.

    Personally, I would prefer people not attend church if they have no real, enduring faith. Anything else smacks of hypocrisy. Did we honestly believe William and Kate’s religious devotion at Christmas? They looked bored and out of place, as did others in the party. But if you are going to attend just one service, then Easter has the most import in the church calendar. Whether a head of any family should lead any religion is a discussion the C of E congregation and the British people at large will need to have at some point. For me – one who classes the Church of England as my religion – they have no place in the modern church, or in society.

    Of equal annoyance is the fabrication that William prioritises family. Well, maybe, just not his own! If babies seeing snow is all-important and at huge cost, why are Easter festivities for children not accorded similar importance? Or, for that matter, as Herazeus pointed out in another post, George seeing the beach for the first time in Mustique when William was elsewhere, with Jecca I believe.

    1. On a personal level, I don’t care who believes what religion or attends what services, but in William’s case it is much different. He will one day be head of the Church of England, if he’s not religious, then maybe it’s time to remove the British monarch as head of the church.

      Yeah, William only “prioritises family” when it suits his own selfish goals.

      1. Spot on KMR!

        Fake bill middleton family will be the end of the Monarchy. The made up meetings is to justify taxpayers funding this trip.

  7. If one is not Christian they cannot become future monarch of Britain.I understand that the future monarch of Britain also becomes the Head of the Church of England.I pity them because they have no religious freedom.I have a question though,if a member of the BRF changes their religious belief,would they be disowned by the family?Say Princess Beatrice becomes a Budhist.What happens then?

    1. The Sovereign holds the title ‘Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England’. In his or her coronation oath, the Sovereign promises to maintain the Church. The Sovereign must be in communion with the Church of England, that is, a full, confirmed member. (

      There have been discussions to modernise this, but as yet, to my knowledge, has not been addressed.

      1. Is this yet another example of their modernization of the monarchy – tear down traditions and hide from responsibility as future head of the church?

        I will say that I am not religious and that my husband has taken the lead to raise our kids Catholic. I respect faith, however one chooses to express it, as long as it is nonviolent. So I am never going to judge ones religious convictions.

        Having said that, isn’t head of the church one of the few remaining official roles of the monarch? So taking the religious issues to the side, he is yet again breaking royal traditional. He is not head now, but he will be and he ought to show some respect.

        Yet again, what are they teaching George about duty and responsibility as a future king?

        1. I so agree.

          Petulant Will is going as far as having the Palace malign the Monarch, BP integrity and dedication, by pretending this trip is work on behalf of the GB UK CW, when we all know this trip is personal and shady to the family he pretend to want -having carole and the meddlesome family funded by taxpayers – while he is living a bachelor lifestyle.

    2. *Of course* they have religious freedom. If their religion means everything to them and they don’t choose C of E, they can always give up their place in line to the throne (it’s been done by other royals).

      As someone has mentioned several times before (Herazeus?), if Willy really didn’t want the throne he could have converted to another religion or married someone non-Church of England (?).

    3. In a multicultural UK, and one in which CoE plays less of a role in many people’s lives, it is a role for the monarch that may seem outdated.

      1. As I recall when asked Charles said he wanted to be the Defender of Faith, not the Defender of THE Faith. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

    4. As far as I am aware, if a member of the BRF were to change their religion, they would be removed from the line of succession.

      I dislike the “the royals have no freedom/choice” line that gets thrown out every now and then. They always have a choice, they could choose to remove themselves from the line of succession and no longer be royal, which would also give them religious freedom.

      1. We all have choices to make. Ha, if they want to be so normal make them make a decision like that and see what happens. Us normal folk have to make hard choices throughout our lives without having BRFP to assist.

      2. I find “the royals have no freedom/choice” line tiresome. They may be watched by more people, but they still have wonderful opportunities to travel the world meeting different cultures and trying to make a difference with their position.

        I also get tired of reading a relationship with a prince broke up because the woman did not want the royal life. Of course, this is the only acceptable reason. A prince cannot have any personality flaws which would make a woman give up on the relationship.

        1. I know right. It can’t be the cheating or the not being treated with respect or the terrible personality. It’s never the prince’s fault, it’s always the woman’s fault.

  8. Oh Kate! Just think, if she’d only attended St Patrick’s Day! Not that I assume for one second she was interested in Kenya but she still must be fizzing he has left her behind. She has tied herself in knots and it was so unnecessary. We all know the ‘stay at home mother’ is a myth but after Shamrock-Gate the Press will blast her if she’s seen without the children between now and India. If she’d only done her duty she could have gone to the wedding, or shopping or anything really and (ok we’d grumble) but no one would be surprised at her leaving the children with the wonderful Maria. Now? She can’t leave the house and if she does and gets caught without the kids she’s media toast. Oh I hope she does!

    1. I think Kate’s PR team is hurrying to find something last minute for her to appear at Easter in order to make up her Shamrock lazyness. Perhaps they use the kids. They squeezed in a meeting with the Kenyan President last minute for William to make his private visit in Kenya look less private.

      1. I wonder if not attending St Patrick’s day was her throwing a tantrum about this trip. Maybe she is a fed up with him as the rest of us, not that I am a huge fan of hers and not that her actions are acceptable.

    2. I honestly still don’t get the whole St.Patrick’s Day blowoff. Easiest event by far to do, and brings her so much goodwill. I always enjoyed seeing her do it, and she always seemed genuinely pleased to be (surrounded by men in uniform) there. They’ll look back on that one bad decision someday as a turning point, I truly believe.

  9. William must be very close to this family for him to attend Jecca’s wedding and that of her brother’s (obviously closer than his cousin).

    1. William appears to be close to any family other than his own. I wonder how Charles feels about all these “father figures” in his son’s life?

    2. If I remember correctly, wasn’t a young Peter Phillips credited as the cousin and peer that supported William and Harry in the immediate aftermath of their mother’s death? I think Peter was actually flown to London to be with them and he also read the messages of support left outside the palace especially for them. And then William bailed on his wedding for Jecca’s brother’s wedding? Absolutely shameful!

      1. Yep, Peter was the one who was there for them straight after Diana died. I never thought that Wills would miss Peter’s wedding.

  10. Are there different social rules for the upper classes? I feel for most people it is considered really disrespectful to your current spouse to have a close relationship with your previous girlfriend or boyfriend. I don’t know if this is a British thing or not but it is really odd…

    1. Lol, one of my husband’s ex-girlfriends was one of my bridesmaids at our wedding. It did raise a few eyebrows among our guests but she was also a good friend of mine, in fact she helped me select my wedding dress πŸ™‚ We are certainly not upper class in case you’re wondering.

    2. My husband still has women friends from his single days and I have my guy friends. I suggested one of my guy friends, would make a good buddy for my husband, and now they are best friends. I guess I asked for it.

    3. I read somewhere that they royals stay friends with their exes as a way to prevent the sordid details of their lives and relationships from becoming public after a breakup.

    4. It’s definitely weird, but I see why they do it. It’s a way to control PR. I am friendly with quite a few of my exes, but keep good boundaries out of respect for my current love. I think William held the upper hand during most of their relationship and it created a dynamic where he holds the power and she doesn’t stand up to him. Missing the shamrock event was a big clue that something is very, very wrong in their relationship. The kids was a very poor choice as an excuse, as they have full time nannies specifically so they can perform Royal duties. A better excuse would have been illness. I think she was throwing a Kate temper tantrum in response to him missing Easter with his kids to go to an ex girlfriend’s wedding. I’d bet money on it. I think William said, fine don’t do your St. Patty’s duties and ima do what I want, and flew off to Africa. I’m expecting lots of tension and forced romantic behavior on the India/Bhutan tour. That’s the Royal way. Kate will be filmed either grinning maniacally or looking suicidal and self pitying. Can’t wait to see their farce of a pose in front of the Taj Mahal.

  11. It seems to me that William has an almost pathological need to do what William wants, when William wants to do it. At 10 months Charlotte is probably toddling around now it’s such a shame that he will miss her first Easter egg hunt but at least he’s getting to do what he wants to do.

    1. Easter away from wife and Children, and instead spent on ex’s wedding, smells like marriage trouble to me. What made me curious is why he skipped Olivia’s to be photographed all lovey dovey with his wife, but makes effort to attend Jecca’s even skipping Charlotte’s first Easter. Strange…

      1. Maybe he plans on stopping this wedding, confessing his love for Jecca, removing himself from the line of succession, breaking free from Carole and wandering off into the sunset with her Jecca this weekend… Wishful thinking but I guess one can only hope.

        1. All the while the boars, deer and birds make a path for them with their bodies. Oh, look, is that a feeble lion? Makes a great rug. Sorry, had to go there. πŸ™‚

          Hilarious, Aimee and Hyacinth!

        2. In Sicily it is considered bad luck marrying the Easter long weekend due to what happened i.e. dying & suffering. Perhaps this foreshadows Jecca’s union to her partner, i.e. Camilla 2.0.

    2. Well,he’ll have many Easters to look forward to with Charlotte and George,but a good friend’s wedding is hopefully a once in a lifetime event.

      1. When they left George to go on holiday to the maldives, they came back to find he had started crawling. Kate told guests at that NZ playdate. Also told them that William hadn’t been around for George’s first few months and she’d had to cope……

        All very wierd to tell a bunch of strangers when the official PR was saying thst he was spending time with his family and HE was telling CNN the same.

        I’ ve come to see these little negative anecdotes from a previously tightlipped Kate as her way of subtley telling the public the truth. If we are to believe what we read, no one is truly in her corner, carole does all she can to keep william happy, including siding with him against her own daughter.

        This was a girl who dropped friends because they might talk about her and by extension him to the public, who was famed for being tight-lipped as far as media information – left that to mama carole to talk via friends in the media, yet every so often she tells personal details to strangers at engagements knowing full well media is recording her every word.

        It’s a form of revenge, and possibly relief to tell someone the truth.

  12. Sneaky bugger. Now this devoted, hands-on family man padded his trip to make it look like it wasn’t for fun while wife and kiddies spend Easter alone. Funny how he was ‘secretly’ captured acting like the second coming of Mother Theresa.

    Workshy Willy’s neglect of religious duties as future head of the Church is the elephant in the room. It’s about time it was red flagged.

    I’m very glad this is all coming out. Willy’s MO has always been to be seen as topping up his ‘work’ when it might look bad for him and there’s something self indulgent and sneaky in the works. He and his PR believe that that is enough to maintain his image as a prince and to proactively deflect any criticism. The PR is so flaccid now I can only shake my head at Jason Knauf’s lameness.

    I hope everyone keeps putting the screws to him. I want to see how the Dolittle fans spin this.

    1. Wasn’t Will photographed at work after being absent for a month? Someone correct me if I am wrong. Once more he is gone from work.

      His position as co-pilot is not part-time. It is part-time, part-time, whatever that is called.

      1. It was exactly what I was thinking, G. This William “at work” PR is ridiculous, he is away from job again for a “private” event. He works when he wants, or when it is necessary. Oh My. God Save The Queen.

  13. This is why it was a hugely poor decision to make their children their excuse for not working. Now every time they do something personal without the kids they are open to attack – and rightly so.

    I don’t care if Wills goes to Africa on a private visit or if Katie shops till she drops. But when you can’t be bothered to even work 1/3 time (I don’t think they even put in 1/2 the time as the other Royals) because you are hands on parents who can’t bear to leave their previous children with the nanny unless they really want to do something, you have a real problem.

    It will be interesting to see what happens.

    1. “This is why it was a hugely poor decision to make their children their excuse for not working. Now every time they do something personal without the kids they are open to attack – and rightly so.”

      Lol, exactly. W&K really don’t think anything through.

  14. Well sly old Will may have played a longer game if reports of him telling Kate to go home & miss St Patricks Day are true. The criticism of that decision prompted a statement to be made about how Kate wants to spend as much time as possible with G&C before India. Of course that means she can’t leave the kids or else be outed as a hypocrit and a liar.

    Result? William is free of her to fly to Kenya on a jolly with Jecca and her family. Well played, William, well played.

    It is surprising that, again, William has chosen Craigs over Middletons. He missed Georges first foreign holiday (with the Midds too) to go on holiday with Jecca to Spain boar hunting. Now he’s missed Charlottes first Easter to see her married.

    Middletons must be spitting. I said on twitter I expect paps are googling Easter activities in Bucklebury as it wouldn’t surprise me if Kate/Scarole makes themselves seen this weekend. Devoted Mum with kids and spring lambs versus selfish husband and father.

    We’ll see if Kate will fire a warning shot or whether she really will just lie down and accept whatever treatment he gives out.

    1. I would love to see the War of the Midds (Willy v Waity). I don’t see her taking this lying down.

      Great point about Sly Willy’s manipulation of her. Never thought of that- it is also especially cruel. We can add “sadist” to his long list of princely qualities if this was his game plan.

      1. It’s obviously just a thought, but it seemed so odd, even for them, to do something so incredibly clunky like that. With the Kenya info now in hand, it perhaps makes some sense of it.

        Kate is trapped in a gilded cage because of that St Patricks Day debacle. Sly Willy may have just been behind that. It seems obvious that the ridiculously obviously set up EAAA photos were to pre-empt criticism of this trip. It’s not a stretch to think he added another string to that bow with Paddys Day.

        1. I don’t know, I’m beginning to think Kate may have dropped out with such short notice intentionally to leave William hanging in the breeze. If he doesn’t care, why should she?

          1. Yes! It seems so obvious to me that Kate dropped the shamrock gig to “punish” Will, presumably after learning of his intention to attend this wedding. Just like when her HG started after he screwed off hunting with his friends, leaving her at her mothers house. He had to cut his weekend short to be with her in hospital.

            And kudos to Poor Jason for convincing Will not to try and sneak away again. The (ten minute?) meeting with the Kenyan Pres. was surely his idea. At the behest of HM’s government my ass!

          2. Maybe, though it would be unusually defiant of Kate if she did do that.

            It’s shot herself in the foot as she’s still stuck in Norfolk for 3 weeks with no escape of London shopping or hairdressers. She didn’t think that one through.

          3. As I understand it, the ‘private’ gig was planned months ago. Surely she hasn’t stewed all these months just to screw with him at the last minute. We do know the true motive, I’m thinking- that she didn’t want people to expect her to show up every year. Now that sounds more like Lazy Waity.

            I’m expecting a giant Midd photo op instead, the poor wife and family left behind and making the best of it. With dignity.

    2. When Kate attend Peter Phillip’s wedding on William’s behalf, because he was in Kenya attending the wedding of Jecca’s brother, most saw it as step toward royal bridehood for Kate but now it seems that William did that as an excuse to travel to Kenya on his own.

    3. Is William really that smart, though? That takes some serious scheming that I’m not sure William is smart enough to do.

  15. William is the gift that just keeps giving! It’s become a comedy of errors. You keep looking for that part in the script where the hapless hero turns things around, but he just keeps getting it all wrong. Tone deaf is too mild of a description.

  16. What a convoluted trail of contradictions and contrived PR moves. PW abhors the press except when he has to pose for his pretend-work so he can get a free pass to Kenya with a purported visit with the President, which probably was done hastily at the last minute to make it not look like a wedding junket while missing his daughter’s first Easter. He is the biggest lying conniving hypocrite ever!

    1. The president of Kenya should have told Will to screw off! But that will never happen though as future heir, William still carries a lot of diplomatic and media weight, so the President of Kenya is probably looking forward to the publicity that William will bring.

  17. If you want to talk about hypocrites – why did Will and Kate go to the French embassy to sign the condolence book after the Paris attacks and not to the Belgian embassy after Brussels? Answer: Paris happened in November when they are doing everything they can to get their year end numbers up and Brussels happened in March when they don’t care. Plus Will had to get to Jecca’s wedding.

      1. That is a good point. People all over the globe have expressed their condolences. I really think W and K should have made a point of doing so.

    1. That is a very good point and really sad. They didn’t do anything for the California terrorists attacks. They only do what suits them.

    2. I prefer that they don’t go to the embassy if it is for banality and gaffe from Kate (like in November).

      1. I agree Clem. I also find it so sad that considering what is going on in the world, they are completely disengaged. I know there is a political line, but AIDS was not a “safe” issue when Diana took it on. She had empathy. These two are pathological in their lack of empathy.

        1. Reilly AIDS was far from a safe topic then, you’re right. Some right wingers have talked about concentration camps for gays. Separating them from the “normal” people. People wouldn’t shake hands with homosexuals and Diana went and hugged them. She has done a lot to take the stigma off. That was brave in those days’ atmosphere.

          1. And it was a political issue at least as here in the U.S. I read somewhere that she had to work hard to get HM’s approval.

            Her son cannot be bothered to show empathy or awareness of the world. Mental health is an important issue and they are failing at that. The things any one of us could do with their resources and platforms are countless.

    1. I must say that her being friends with William does make me question this character and integrity of hers. If he’s so incredibly awful while trying to put his best foot forward (he sure isn’t trying to keep it out of his mouth) in public, one can only imagine how insufferable he must he when he lets his guard down in private.
      Like the Middletons, all his friends strike me as hangers-on, who simply put up with him, because of his status, for their own good.

        1. I think Jecca is fine with or without William. I think Jecca is one of the few people that William trusts. I think William looks on Jecca as a sister. I wonder why he didn’t go to Peter Philips Wedding though. I was surprised Kate was there.

  18. The best thing Willilam could do for his own PR is literally nothing because right now it’s own goal after own goal. I see once again her Majesty is busy doing what the Supreme Govenor of the C of E should be doing on this religious weekend. Whilst the future Supreme Govenor of the C of E does absolutely nothing to suggest that Easter is of any significance and his family are of even less relevance. William needs to give his head a wobble. I know nothing about the art of PR but even I could do a better job than this shower of sh*t who are currently running William Wails PR.

    1. Totally agree with you MrsBBV, he would be better off doing nothing. At least then there would be nothing actively negative, and some positively minded people might believe he is working away quietly somehow.

      My mum said – oh well, just because you’re born the future king doesn’t mean you’re born with brains.
      I’m starting the revolution, one royalist at a time!

    2. So many elements of wrongness! The reports of William jumping out of his helicopter to tend to an injured man. Wouldn’t you know it – there was a photographer *right* there to document it. The same guy who took the pics on Will’s first day of work. And Tannna says that Chris Jackson was called away from Nepal at the last moment to take the pics of Will with the Kenyan President. And KP puts out a statement that makes it sound like Will is slaving away at the conservation issue and doesn’t mention the wedding.

      1. It’s is a right Royal cock up isn’t it? I think Jason might be gone within a few weeks and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see J L-P back in the office albeit temporarily to see through some changes. The guy was ‘rescued’ by William has sold his story about what a top bloke William is. As for the rest, they are leaking like sieves at the moment. Whatever happens someone needs to sit William down and tell him how it is, not how William thinks it should be. There is definitely mutiny in the air but I don’t think the majority of people want a republic but what they do want a Royal Family who support her Majesty, work hard, are committed and compassionate and stop using spin in the manner that was so typical of Tony Blair. Which is definitely more in keeping with Harry style of working than Kate & William’s.

        1. Yes it’s funny how there are many stories about W saving people : the guy who you speak about, the kid with the balloon….
          But I think that many people see through that -many make the link with the Kenya travel- and often many think that he must leave this job, to be a “full royal” and to let his job for a person who really want it.
          We don’t know the name of the charity which he gives money.

      2. He actually pulled Chris Jackson off his brother’s tour? What a nasty piece of work that William is! I mean really, are there no other photographers in the world? I know for a fact that all the big wire services/news bureaus have excellent photographers based in Nairobi but I guess they just aren’t special enough for or kowtow to William.

        1. Strange because we have not photos for the moment (there are on twitter one next a rhinoceros).
          Maybe the photos will be appeared the day of the wedding or the beginning of the next week in order to show that he works but it will another failure

        2. Could be that there was no interest in covering William’s “private” weekend jaunt so he pulled Chris because he knows Chris will say how high when William says jump.

          1. In general there is not interest in William : he gains popularity when he is associated with Kate.
            If we base on commentaries/likes in Twitter, he is less popular than Harry and his tweets win in commentaries/likes when he is associated with his brother of his wife.

  19. Wow there are a lot of moving parts to this story! It is becoming a soap opera of sorts! I don’t think Kate would have wanted to go to Jecca’s wedding. Kate is far too insecure for that. She doesn’t even go to the weddings of their friends stateside. What I can’t understand is that she is letting William off the hook on Easter! Religion aside, though Easter’s message is the foundation of my religion, the holiday is rife with colors and eggs and candies and bunnies, all of which delight little ones. Can’t believe he is blowing off his children to attend the wedding of an old flame. I can’t help but be thinking Camilla 2.0.

    1. Yeah, even if one is not religious, Easter can still be fun for the kids because of egg hunts and coloring and whatnot. George is old enough now to really enjoy that stuff, so it’s odd that William wants to miss that.

  20. The Cambs are disaster after disaster in the past few weeks. I don’t think they even care, they for sure think the upcoming April tour will boost their popularity and make people forget everything negative about them.

    1. It’s curious that a more detailed itinerary hasn’t yet been released for the India trip. I suspect that’s because its full of fluffy things. The Indian equivalent of ‘glamping’, yachting, and wine tasting. Another jolly holiday disguised as a serious tour will not go over well.

    2. I feel like the tour would make or break them. If they work hard (which we all know they won’t), all will be forgiven. But if they do their usual bare minimum kinda tour, they’re going to dig themselves an even bigger hole. I’ve got the popcorn ready if anyone wants some!

      1. I hope that if they don’t make enough serious work that the press will critize them, but it’s only hope.

      2. Post-tour might be more telling. The tour will get all the flashy press, but if they come back and go into hiding for months then the complaints will start again. With good reason.
        And they won’t be able to attend Wimbeldon for fun if they’ve done nothing for weeks to be “with the children.” Well, they CAN, but hopefully the press will once again call them out.

        1. I agree post-tour will be the real telling point. If post-tour they take a month off like they did after the OZ/NZ tour, then things will get really bad.

          1. I agree post-tour will be interesting, but it will a little biaised with the ceremonies for the 90th birthday of the queen, no?

      3. It depends on what the tour comprises. If it’s primarily fluff, it won’t play well. Neither of them has the gravitas to handle serious issues, as evidenced by their mental health events. Will be interesting to see how the Taj Mahal visit is documented.
        There may be some obligatory engagements after the tour, to look good. Kate can legitimately attend Wimbledon; as its patron, she will force herself and make sacrifices to go. Beyond that, I reckon they will retreat to their own individual pursuits.

  21. I find it extremely strange that Kate doesn’t attend the wedding of any of William’s friends. Sure, she doesn’t have to be buddies with them but as the other half, most people would expect to maintain a friendly relations with their partner’s friends (especially close friends). And we never hear of Kate and William attending the wedding of one of Kate’s friends or relatives.

    I personally think it’s a red flag when your own close friends and family members do not like your partner and have very little to do with them. Usually, that signals that something is wrong with the said partner. It’s happened to me in my own personal life too.

    1. So true! It is a big red flag when you family/friends do not like your significant other. I know my family always disliked most of my boyfriends and once I got out of those situations, I could see why. It helps having someone seeing it from a different perspective as you and how they treat you. Where as, my husband was the first man they loved. So, I knew I found a good one then πŸ™‚

      I do think it says a lot that his friends don’t like Kate. And sad they we never hear of them going to any of Kate’s friends weddings. Probably because she gave up all her friends in the chase of William :(. I just think of how lonely her life must be. But maybe she is not a pleasant woman either since Will’s friends don’t like her.

      1. Really good point Overit that we never see any Kate-friend-wedding! To go through life without a friend is incredibly sad. So she either gave them up for Willy or she’s just a dreadfully boring person to be with.

      2. Devil’s advocate: William’s friends are snotty a-holes who still look down on Kate because of where she cam from and the friends don’t like her because of that, not because of her personality.

        1. Dear KMR! I truly think it’s opposite. Kate’s personality and lack of goals makes her volnurable. After all Jecca is a cow girl but got a personality and works taword a noble goal.

      3. One of the few friends she’s kept is Emilia (sp?) She after all introduced her to William while they were at boarding school. It was a party at Highgrove.

      1. I didn’t know that Kate were not present for the christening of the girl of Zara (I forget the name). Do we know which royals were present during the christening?

        1. Mia Grace Tindall. I don’t think Kate is interested in Mia or Zara. Zara doesn’t have much to do with Kate. Is Mia in the succession after Zara? I think Mia would have a better chance of learning the rules in the royal family than George.

    2. It was always implied that his friends were horrible snobs who made her feel left out and snickered behind her back. I mean, I can see that. These people are very insular. But I don’t believe that all of them are devoid of manners and some measure of kindness.

      1. Then how rude and disrespectful toward his wife, if William continues to be friends with those who treated Kate horribly. But I agree with you Piper Grits, that not all of them would show such rudeness to Kate. So makes one wonder why Kate seems to avoid William’s circle.

        And as others have commented, Kate has kind of shot herself in the foot. If she was seen going on this Kenya vacation, she would have been raked over the coals for skipping out on her royal duties, even fun ones like handing out shamrocks, and going on another vacation so close to the secret French ski trip. So she most likely has to stay hidden until the India vacation/tour.

      2. She dropped all of her friends, befriended women of the set, then drove all of them away from William if they looked at him. Why would they like her? If they knew they were being used by the social climbing Wisteria Sisters, why are they required to like them anyway?

        Many of them seem to accept Pippa, so they aren’t all complete snobs. The doors-to-manual story was started by the Middleton’s PR guy after the breakup, it didn’t originate with William’s set. The Limpet title did, however.

    3. I read from a source at Lovelolaheart that Kate does not show William’s friends even basic courtesies. In turn, they find her ‘a negative void of personality’. There seems to be a clear line of demarcation. He sees his friends, she does not bother.

  22. I don’t understand why the whole family didn’t go to Jeccas wedding. Heck, PG could have been in the wedding as a ring bearer. Kate could have visited a mental instition, PW his thing, etc. Great photo ops, the happy family attending wedding, George in a tux, Char is a lacy cute dress, etc.

    1. I get the impression that Kate doesn’t enjoy the country or country pursuits or going to Africa? Maybe that’s why he’s always going without her.

      1. She doesn’t seem to be all that interested in anything and she hardly ever seems to be enjoying anything. It seems like a bad match, with two very self destructive personalities.

        1. They are well-matched in terms of mutual selfishness and entitlement, and in agreement that William has his freedom too. I agree with you that neither brings out the best in each other.
          Kate and Jecca couldn’t be more different: Jecca – confident, articulate, intelligent, actively involved in her foundation; Kate – interests unknown, lacking in personality, clingy, work-shy.
          William once said that he liked Kate’s sense of naughtiness and fun; maybe, but we don’t really get to see that, just a distressingly thin, anxious and awkward woman.
          I doubt they disagreed about William attending the wedding and alone. It would have been known months ago when invitations were sent, if not longer, and Jecca has always been one of the non-negotiable parts of his life.

          1. I can’t help but wonder what Jecca
            sees in Will. So far his priorities are all about him, he “job” is for photo snaps, and they kids are trotted out when they aren’t feeling the love from the public.

            They must have bonded when they were young, but I bet Wlls has changed. Then again, some friends are simply soul mates.

    2. But, but, but they had that really romantic vacation (with friends) where he (turned over Big Blue) proposed! Come on guys, Kate loves Africa for just that reason!!

    3. Also, their wedding anniversary is next month and Kenya is where William proposed. A family picture in Kenya 6 years later would have given the media plenty of sugary feels.

      1. Where are these friends now? A photo of them would have been good. Did any of these friends go to their wedding?

  23. I just binged on Kate Middleton akward moments on youtube. There were a few that happened while William was present. Unlike some of the Scandinavian Royal men or other junior royalty, he didn’t seem to help her out. He left her standing alone all over the place. I remember Haakon or Felipe staying very close to their wives when they first ventured into public on official engagements. Willem and Maxima, too. Even Charles treated Diana better at first.

    If Wills suffers from buyers remorse, he should own up and finish the farce.

        1. I dont know why and how Kate puts up with him. I’d leave him and learn to stand on my own two feet. Its sad how he just ignored her.

          1. Me too, his personnality (that we know : his humour or the comments from others persons) doesn’t attract me personnaly.

        2. You know,he knows better than most how mistreated Diana was by Charles. It is sad and infuriating to see him treat her this way. Like father like son. Kate made her bed and had plenty of time to back out, but she’s his spouse. He seems cruel and she seems lost and vapid.

        3. I watched that video some time ago and it made me painfully embarrassed for her but then again, wherever she goes and whatever she does, she always seems out of place and sadly it doesn’t change with the time. Sometimes I really think royals shouldn’t marry commoners especially the ones who can’t learn their lessons.

  24. It must be nice to be able to jet off to faraway places so often! But, to leave your children and wife alone on Easter doesn’t seem so hands-on for this royal dad!

    Little George will be into the fun this year, I am certain. Little Charlotte, not so much. Still, I find it odd that William didn’t bring his family along Oh, wait, that ski trip! Right. Wouldn’t look good, would it? But, does he think he looks good?

    If Jecca did indeed have a relationship with William, she’s lucky to be free of him. I don’t think a woman with such apparent substance would have put up with his shoddy behavior.

    I’m not a fan of Kate’s, but I do feel sorry for her that she will be a solo parent to two this Easter. I bet her Mum and family come around to help!

    The Cambridge world is certainly very much like a soap opera.

    1. William keeps saying he wants his kids to become interested in conservation work, what better way to introduce them to it than by taking them to a wedding on a wildlife conservation park? Huge missed opportunity there.

      1. William says a lot of things. So does Kate. It’s very hard to discern what they really think and feel vs their desire to dissemble, or just fit with whatever the PR theme is that day. They don’t impress as honest or open.
        Had they not gone to France just a couple of weeks ago, Africa could have happened. It would have been another big expense in terms of security on top of the 50,000+ pounds spent on security in France. How could that seriously be justified, especially in light of their continued bad press because of their continued poor behaviour?
        I suspect Africa is William’s place to escape, just for himself. If he put his son before his own needs, then it would have been sweet to take George along. As you say, KMR, a wasted opportunity.

  25. I found this extremely odd that they didn’t go to that wedding together. I can’t imagine the situation like that with my own husband. I have been married for 10 years now and we never attended any wedding or special family occasion solo – for me it looks like they don’t really care about each other (or rather William doesn’t care about his wife) and on the top of that it’s Easter time and family (especially young family) should be together. Call me old fashion but I simply don’t understand that thing with Jecca, I just can’t envision my husband going to some old girlfriend’s wedding without taking me and leaving me alone with our kids on Easter – how would that look and how would that feel? There is something very wrong with these two? I am telling you, happy couple don’t act like that. It’s actually makes me feel sorry for Kate because I don’t believe she was the one who didn’t want to go. I think she just had no other choice. Now I am pretty sure that William does what he wants and when he wants it without any regards to his wife or kids.

    1. She dropped out of two other weddings last minute, so I can fully believe she doesn’t want to go to some of these things.

      They have always spend a lot time apart. Remember the first 6 months of their son, when she was living with her parents and he was in Wales? Then he went hunting with Jecca while she went off to Mustique. Happy to vacation apart, then they dumped their son to spend 10 days together in the Maldives.

      I think the public is now starting to see more, to see the fact that they have always spent a lot of time apart. Doesn’t mean anything is wrong or different in their definition/relationship/arrangement. It is that the press and public are now catching up to something that was happening all along.

      1. This is pure speculation, but I always have thought that Kate didn’t know Will’s Spanish hunting holiday included Jecca until the photographs appeared, then all hell broke loose. Perhaps that holiday in the Maldives was suddenly ordered by the Queen to repair their relationship before their foreign tour. Not that I think the Queen said, “You must go to the Maldives.” But that she suggested taking a break away, and Kate snatched the opportunity to make it somewhere exotic. Also at that time, Kate suddenly began wearing a fabulously expensive watch, which we were told was an early anniversary present. I have always thought that was a making up gift from Will, because who gives anniversary presents weeks in advance? Guilty husbands perhaps?

        1. She’s always known about his wandering eye, hence the “cheating comes with the territory” bit with Chelsy.

          I think he would have needed a good excuse to miss the annual Middleton holiday in Mustique. That’s what makes me think the hunting, Mustique, and Maldives would have been planned in advance. Maldives happened about 2 weeks after the hunting and they had the entire resort to themselves. That takes long-time planning plus security checks to check out the resort ahead of time.

          He isn’t known for buying her gifts. She even bought the diamond band herself (with Charles’s money). Maybe he bought her the watch, maybe he said, “Go buy yourself something nice with my father’s money”.

  26. I’m reminded of comments that one of the reasons William married Kate is that Kate would let him continue living his life on his terms.

    Kate is a doormat and got what she asked for.

    1. India you are right – Kate got what she asked for but still I am sure she imagined things would be different once she has that big blue ring on her finger.

    2. I don’t think she’s a doormat. It took some spine to cling all those years. She ended up with what she wanted. She won, she got the Prince, she got the houses, the spending money, the title and position.

      If their traditional relationship pattern of being apart most of the time no longer works for her? She had 10 years to decide not to marry him.

      1. I don’t know but she often looks like she can’t decide about herself. She doesn’t seem like the strong-willed person. Who knows, maybe she was just stubborn for all those years when she waited for him – that does not require spine or character.

      2. Nota: i always think back to that nickname : wisteria sisters (given to kate and pippa).

        Superficially, Wisteria is very pretty and a ferocious climber – in the sisters’ honour, that saying was modified to highly decorative and a ferocious climber.

        In reality, Wisteria is tough to get rid of. It’s essentially a weed that needs alot of attention to keep from overgrowth and smothering whatever it’s wrapped itself around. It needs constant trimming back. The branches aren’t hardy, yet they wrap themselves or cling to whatever surface very strongly. To remove it entirely, extra measures have to be taken because trimming it back isn’t enough, it grows back very quickly.

        When people say that kate had to have backbone to withstand all she did as a girlfriend, i always go back to her being described as wisteria. All she had to do was plant her root and then hold on. William never cut her back completely, so her branches simply grew back around him.

        It’s notable that for all his faults, his reason for breaking up with her repeatedly was always that he was being suffocated as she wrapped herself around him. Very wisteria-like behaviour. It also describes Harry’s own nickname for her….the limpets. Limpets are banacle like creatures that hold on tight tightly to rocks. Also hard to remove due to their clinging nature.

        And it says alot that they are more apart than together since that 2007 breakup because Kate had to learn that if she wanted a relationship with him, she had to give him space. More space than most, but i think that was HIS reaction to being suffocated in the previous incarnations of their relationship.

  27. I’ve been following this blog for a long time now and I enjoy the articles and the comments as well. Mostly I try to stay neutral and keep all positive and negative aspects in mind, but this made me really angry. Which father of two adorable kids leaves them alone on Easter? It’s such a fun holiday for the little ones and George will surely have so much fun this year. That’s leaving his position and duties out of the picture…he simply should be with his family if that’s supposed to be the most important thing in his life.

    1. Hi Lisa! Welcome! I agree with you. It seems very odd that William is prioritizing Jecca rather than the family he keeps saying he is prioritizing.

  28. Have you seen these tweets by a former palace chef?

    The Royal Chef ‏@DarrenMcGrady Mar 20
    I raised $20k for charity TALKING about Prince William. Imagine what HE could raise for charity instead of messing around in helicopters

    The Royal Chef ‏@DarrenMcGrady Mar 20
    Kate wanted to (quote) “prioritize family time before she leaves on a trip in a month” YIKES ! #TimeForNewAdvisors

    The Royal Chef ‏@DarrenMcGrady Mar 17
    “They will take care of the Heir, I will look after the Spare”… Princess Diana. She did a good job of that in what little time she had

    The Royal Chef ‏@DarrenMcGrady Mar 20
    @CamillaTominey William is stubborn like his dad. The boss said that several times. He needs to be careful what he is wishing for

    The Royal Chef ‏@DarrenMcGrady Mar 18
    @britishroyals @allthingsregal @jemmacrew Meanwhile, somewhere in Norfolk. Prince William is working 20 hours a week.

    The Royal Chef ‏@DarrenMcGrady Mar 17
    @RE_DailyMail @mapaction This is EXACTLY what William should be doing too. Promoting awareness, raising millions #NotFlyingChoppers

    The Royal Chef ‏@DarrenMcGrady Mar 17
    Just watched Prince Harry interview @ABC @RobinRoberts If ever there was a mother’s son, it’s him. The Boss would have been so proud of him.

    1. Yes I had read this : it is very informative about the different personalities of the brothers from an insider and from a man who knew Diana.

      He also said that :
      -Prince Harry is his mother’s son. Prince William is his father’s son. #EnuffSaid
      -Kate in trouble again for taking the helicopter instead of the train, but she had to get back to the kids so Wills could get to work…Wait!
      -The Royal “never complain, never explain” (and it will go away) doesn’t seem to be working for Wills and the “Too Lazy To Work” stories

      It is very interesting to look at his twitter : sometimes he gave info about royals (relationship between H/W and Charles Spencer)

      I would love to know what Philip and the Queen really think of William, Kate.

    2. I have his Eating Royally cookbook…’s really beautiful with some gorgeous recipes. He comes across as quite a feisty character too. Not an obsequious, yes man mentioning no Burrell’s. Wasn’t he the employee who Burrell was supposed to have offered Diana’s diamond earrings to, for his daughter, as a momento after she died? His Twitter feed certainly packs a few punches.

      1. Paul Burrell is (imo) a vile man. It looked like he was carefully stealing from Diana for years and when caught with the haul managed to weasel his way out of it. I hope they made him give all Diana’s stuff back. And I hate the way he made money off Diana’s memory after she was dead.
        What right did Burrell have to be offering Diana’s jewellery to anyone? I’ve read that he claimed to have taken William and Harry to see their mother’s jewellery and he claimed to be the one to offer the watch to William and the sapphire ring to Harry. Unless someone steps in to correct his claims then what Paul Burrell says is taken as truth. I’m surprised we haven’t seen anything from him lately.

  29. This whole situation is such a mess. I don’t even know what else there is to say.

    Has anyone else seen the story (and I’m now going to forget where I read it, but I usually do the rounds of RoyalDish, Celebitchy, and here) where there was actually a picture of #poorJason included? It’s probably unfair since obviously I have no idea how the guy really is, but he just looked like such a bro ::eyeroll::

      1. Thank you, notasugarhere! I just realized there was one of him in there today! That actually wasn’t the picture, it was from an older article about W&K (I did go on there and look but haven’t found it yet), but I feel the idea is the same. He strikes me as someone William would want to hang with or something? Definitely not an authority figure, but someone more like a partner in crime.

          1. Wearing sunglasses when outside and having slightly disheveled hair makes you a “bro”?

          2. He does look like one of the guys rather than a high echelon press secretary. He doesn’t even keep his facial hair/stubble tidy. So unlike his professional photo. Not impressed.

    1. My snarky side sees this as Jason’s chance to get in some good travel before his time is up. He’ll probably be traveling with W&K to India as well. I hope he enjoyed himself in Nepal because he’ll be up to his neck with the India tour and making sure things go right.

      Personally, I’m putting Harry’s success firmly in the lap of ELF and Harry. To me Jason is just there.

      P.S. I wonder if he went for the beard after seeing Harry with his?

    2. That new look of Jason’s makes him seem terribly vain and shallow, I think. Before, he looked the part of a PR wonderkid, kinda geeky and bright and squeaky clean; but now he looks as though he spends almost as much time and effort on his hair as Kate.

      1. As I said earlier, it’s totally unfair of me to say anything, the guy could be lovely. (And honestly KMR, I could be the female version of a bro since I go out plenty with messy hair and sunglasses lol) But someone on RD nailed it: SCOTT DISICK. He kind of has that look to him now and maybe that’s what I was picking up on without realizing it. Which again, is unfair, guy could be great.

  30. I was not raised in a faith that celebrates Easter, so correct me if I am wrong but isn’t this holiday and the week that precedes it very important and more solemn than Christmas? Yet Billy boy as an heir to the throne chooses to be away from his family and in particular, his daughter’s first Easter. Aside from the fact that his behavior has been awful, there is this aura of creepiness that seems to be emerging with him.

    1. As a Catholic, there are many services the week leading into Easter Vigil, or Easter Sunday. I’m not totally sure how CoE celebrates, but it’s a pretty big thing to blow off Sunday’s service at the very least. The Windsors as a whole never really struck me as a hugely religious family anyway.

    2. Yes, the entire week is important. Today was an important day, for example. Like Brighton I was raised in the Catholic tradition. Today was Maundy Thursday. Basically it commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus before his Crucifixion. So yes, it is important. But neither William nor Catherine appear to be religious which would be fine, ordinarily and I wouldn’t typically judge otherwise. But considering he will one day be the Head of the Church of England it is peculiar. Even if a person is not religious I would think that most wives would want their husband to be there for their baby girl’s first Easter and for the first Easter that 2 and a half year old George will really understand and be able to have fun with in regards to Easter baskets, Easter egg hunts, the Easter Bunny, etc… Considering how much Kate’s family loves parties and holidays I can’t see how she would be ok with this but then again she seems to let William do whatever he wants anyway. I would tell my husband (if I were married) that I would want him to spend Easter with his family. Children grow up fast and you only get so many memories with them when they are little enough to believe in the magic of an Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. I wouldn’t want to miss that if I could help it. It’s not like William had a work shift like so many other working parents or that he was called to a foreign country like people who are in the military. This is a voluntary vacation to go to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. I find that very odd, indeed.

      1. Yes, it is a Holy Week and the truly devout celebrate with prayer and church services, as well as living life in a way that reflects the teachings of Christ. That said, if W and K are not devout, they would think of Easter as just another holiday. Still, he will be the King one day and have enormous responsibilities to the Church of England

        Frankly, I am surprised that Jecca would choose Easter weekend for her wedding, but perhaps, she is not that devout, either. But, then, I am religious and would never consider having had my wedding at that time of year. Others, feel differently, I am certain.

        At any rate, if I were Kate, I would want my husband home with me and the children on Easter weekend. Especially, on Easter Day. Hands-on parenting is taking a break isn’t it? At least where W is concerned. It’s a special day filled with wonder and fun when you have tiny children. Of course, the family — if truly not religious — could recreate the fun of Easter on any other day once W gets home. Sad, but true.

        1. Neither William nor the Middleton are religious.

          Over 300 people attended the wedding, and there are Anglican churches in Kenya. You can be both a devout Christian and attend a Saturday wedding over the long Easter weekend. Since Easter and spring are times of rebirth it seems a fitting time for a wedding/start of a new life together.

  31. I do not think there will be divorce, Kate isn’t going to give up the ultimate prize of being the queen. I think she knew W had a creepy side and like all young women thought she could change him for the better, but after knowing W for 15 years she is now facing the reality that she married a narcissistic snake and he is not going to change. I foresee she will get her 3rd child with him and then they will appear as a united front for the children’s sake but pretty much be living seperates lives. This is her reality and she chose this and now has to find a way to deal with it.

      1. I wonder if Will would time a divorce based on the age of the children, how popular Kate is at the time, the length of marriage and the cost. They say he is cheap, so he may time things for it to cost him the least in money and public opinion.

        1. Diana’s settlement was based on Charles’s personal net worth, not his worth as heir to the throne. KM’s payout would be based only in William’s 10 million pound inheritance and his salary. Everything else belongs to the State.

          If he did use a big chunk of his inheritance to help them buy the new house in Berkshire, any divorce settlement might be quite small. She’d have a suitable secure house to live in (because of the kids) but she wouldn’t own it nor would she get a big cash payout like Diana. They don’t want another Fergie, so she’d need to have *enough*, but they wouldn’t support her in an extravagant lifestyle especially if William married again.

  32. KMR, can you try to find any pics of the wedding or stories about it when it’s over? That would be fantastic! πŸ™‚ thank you!

      1. The telegraph has been covering the wedding weekend. No pictures, but a running commentary of events, plus one or two pics taken from social media of a couple of guests which detail guests’ time at Lewa.

        Per the commentary, wedding is 300+ guests, some guests staying in tents. Champagne reception held on friday, saturday wedding service held on a hill top overlooking a watering hole (this isn’t an actual hole, but a natural river oasis where different animals gather at different times of the day to drink and enjoy the water), and a party later at Lewa lodge.

        William has been photographed with some rangers tagging/changing collars of some animals on the park – pics in african papers.

        He is expected to take a sunday night flight to arrive in Britain on monday morning.

        Article describes him as having a great time, chatting to guests, although it also points out that this is ‘an emotionally charged occasion for him’ direct quote.

  33. Well, I hope Kate sent a couple of jars of her famous chutney via William to give to the happy couple. If so, it may even appear on the table at the reception!

    1. That’s so funny. The Queen apparently loved her jar of chutney so much.
      Kate will have plenty of time to whip up some more this weekend.

    1. The red dress photo has to be photoshopped or something right? It looks like they put Jecca’s head on someone else’s body. Proportions seem… off.

      1. It’s a photoshop composite of two different Jecca photos.

        In the original photo, Jecca in the red dress is looking ahead such that her face is in profile – google jecca boodles ball to see the original image.

        They’ve taken the head from a different photo where she is looking straight into the camera and superimposed it onto the photo in a red dress.

  34. AND…..the Ring of Doom strkes again. Kate, just mail me the damn thing and I will go dump it in Mt. Rainer’s smoking cone to rid the world of it’s evil.

    William is the bad guy here. Ditching his kids on a family holidy to attend an EX’s wedding? Oh, and the hastily scheduled, last minute meeting with the president of kenya doesn’t fool anybody, except maybe the govt agency responsible for doling out royal reimbursements.

    William is narcissistic, damaged POS man child. Good luck with that Kate.

  35. I cannot understand why Charles is not putting a stop to billy? KM I am not a fan of. If waity went alone to an ex boyfriends wedding there would be an outcry! I am so disgusted billy’s father for not being tough with billy! the duke of Windsor did not do half the stuff William did & was thrown out. What is wrong with bill? Thanks for listen to my whining!

    1. Not sure if you remember but look how long it took the queen to finally say to Charles and Diana, it is enough, either make it work or get a divorce. Although I do not think there will be a divorce for W & K, Kate is too invested in having the good life with all the perks of being royal, but I think right now they are having some problems, kind of like the 7 year itch, but it is happening 2 years early. I think they will get through it and they will stay together because the big tie that binds them is their identical “work” ethic and their love of being wealthy, privileged and the country life. Kate and William do not have any real aspirations to make a difference in the world given their position, they are very conventional and conservative and they love the status quo and embrace the trappings of their class, they feel it is their right to be who they are and they do not care what others think. Still, this whole situation of Squirrwill going away on Easter, which is such a religious and family holiday is just totally mind boggling.

  36. I read an article about Andrew yesterday and found one too many similarities with William, both in behavior and the Royal family’s attitude towards them.
    I realized that I haven’t introduced myself in my first comment. I’ve been reading KMR for a couple of months now and it has really helped me change my opinion on Kate and William, the coverage and comments here are very thorough and objective and I’ve learned a lot.

  37. This may be a stupid question, but since Jecca and her Hubby have already married in the UK, why didn’t Big Willie attend that wedding, instead of flying all the way to Africa for the second one?

    1. Was there ever confirmation that it happened? All I remember was one Tanna tweet, but no (illegally obtained) copies of a wedding certificate were published.

      This event is the big celebration for all their friends. If they did marry a few months ago that may have been a simple legal ceremony in an office. This event in Kenya may be the party and celebration but not a ceremony that legally marries them. I don’t know marriage laws in Kenya, merely speculating.

  38. Anne, Just thinking about families. Does the saying, ”the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” still hold true? I am talking of human nature. I understand the wish to do things better with one’s own family if one’s childhood left something to be desired however one’s nature is supposed to be set by around 7 yrs old. ‘Give me the boy till 7 and I will show you the man’.
    William did not have an outstandingly bad childhood if you think about it. Of course he had to pander to his mum’s emotions on occasion, and his father as well however he was a bit of a brat at that age and fully aware he would have people showing him obsequience for life. He was given an expensive, upper crust lifestyle regardless of his mother’s efforts to simplify it by making him wait in line at fun rides.

    How unusual would he be not to feel it was natural to go his own way in a marriage to some degree as he saw his father and friends fathers do.

    I imagine his thoughts for this trip fall into this way of being and Kate would have had to accept some differences from her own family as she was marrying royalty and she saw the responses Diana received from Charles when she tried to change how things were done.

    Prince Andrew, it was said, as a child was caught watching a soapie on tv in the nursery and when he was caught he started to made fun of the poor people thinking it was the right thing to do. He was scolded but I can see his confusion. He also, so the story goes, once told Harry: ‘Look, you’re not normal, so stop trying to be. You’ve got certain responsibilities.’

    Not many people would be able to give up their privileged lifestyle regardless of how much they help others. Diana is testament to someone understanding and retaining how privileged she was whilst helping others. I think William may be trying but its his nature to expect more leeway than others.
    The story of wanting to be a normal family man is not his. He has shown his attitude every year since Uni when he expected to live like a normal person but still accepts the deference and funding from the public purse to facilitate that life.

    1. An excess of anything distorts. Excessive privilege has led William to assume that society’s rules do not apply to him, nor consequences apply. This view was not tempered by his family during his formative years.
      However, as an adult William can choose how to behave. He can enjoy his privilege and still work diligently by an established standard, be truthful and honorable, keep the commitments made to family, and so on. He just doesn’t want to. And William needs to own the consequences.

      1. They aren’t going to change how they live, despite what the public thinks. They just said that. So, no, he won’t own consequences. He’s a prince and doesn’t conform to our ideals, he lives by his own. What a special snowflake our Wills has turned out to be. Ugh

        1. You’re quite right; they’re not going to change the way they operate. As long as the goodies keep rolling in, no need to.
          I hope the press keeps the screws on, just to keep the discomfort level high for the snowflakes. The BRF will close ranks to safeguard their position and privilege. PR will mop up the mess, distract the public with pictures of the kiddies etc. Same old, same old.

    1. I just saw that article too… I had a good laugh because the captions under the photos of Waity with her skirt blowing up have nothing to do with her skirt blowing up… As if to say… Make your own decisions about this woman. Lol

    2. Yeah that article was full of barbs at Kate However, I’m sure Kate and her minions will read it as a praise piece and clip it for the scrapbook.

      1. I used to think that Kate wouldn’t accept any training but maybe she has actually had too much because it has taken away all of her personality. I can’t imagine a voice coach encouraging her to put on such a fake accent. It sounds so forced.

          1. Cookie,

            I don’t know. I’ve only known of her since the wedding. I imagine though that under the oppressive auspices of her hubby, she becomes whatever he wants. I also am guessing that she has moulded herself into a caricature of an upper class, super royal matron (twit), so much better than the rest of us.

            Good manners and comportment do not remove personality, they enhance it, IMO. Training just provides a framework.

        1. Absolutely about the forced accent.

          Has anyone noticed that in her interview about Charlotte and the Queen, she says ‘visitors’ as ‘vusitus’, sounds like a badly put on NZ accent.

    3. Cookie, I saw it, too. Front page and all.

      In PR speech this is an evisceration. And I wonder whether it has been orchestrated from above for when Willy is away. I read the article as a warning. Toe the line, buckle up and work, or else.

      There may be some higher power behind it all. Someone is annoyed by the girl and it is not only William.

      1. HyacinthBucket did you notice that they removed the option to leave comments? I saw what some people had to say before Daily Mail removed the comments section. People seem pretty fed up with Will and Kate. I used to be really excited for them when they got married but after George (and especially Charlotte) I could see how snobby they were being. I am sure the Queen and Charles doesn’t like that G and C are not being raised in or around the royal family. I do believe Charles purposely leaked a story complaining about not seeing George so I wouldn’t doubt it if something is going on behind the scenes. Maybe the Queen wants us to know something? She has her way of getting stories out. Considering that the Daily Mail produced this 90th birthday documentary I can’t imagine that they would want to upset her.

    4. Hi Cookie, thanks for sharing! What I find interesting about this article and the ones about William and Jecca is how long they are staying around. Normally the DM will post an article online and by later that day or the next day it’s gone, but these articles have stayed front and center, at least online, for almost 3-4 days. It seems that the DM is really stirring the pot against these two, of course they have given the DM lots of ingredients for that particular soup πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Lauri, you’re welcome! ☺ Did you see the article saying all of the Middletons including Pippa and James are going to help Kate give the kids an Easter egg hunt? Now we won’t know that until after Easter has passed but like you said I’m just fascinated by the whole thing. There is a Daily Mail article that shows William holding a man’s head on a stretcher-blatant PR!- but nobody seems to be paying attention. Most people are focusing on how William is partying with Jecca’s crew in Kenya while Kate stays with the kids for Easter. Considering how Diana complained that Charles wasn’t there for important things like when William had to have stitches on his head and C went to the opera instead this seems to be both very strange and foolish. We can’t know exactly what is going on in that marriage but the divorce speculation will soon follow of that I am certain.

        1. AFAIK Charles was there at the hospital, but he had an engagement later so he and Diana agreed Diana would stay and Charles would come after, which he did. They both tried to be good parents, I think, but it must be difficult when you must put duty and royal engagements above other things.

          I find it interesting William skips off on everything but I think it shows he has no regard for his family. Not his wife, children, or the royals, he doesn’t care, he does what he wants and bugger the rest of ’em.

    5. This is hilarious. There are two pictures of Kate with her skirts blowing up and the caption is how Kate is determined to become more regal. Definately a DM snark.

  39. Jecca and her husband-to-be are so removed from the desperate, passionless drear that is the life and times of the occupants of Amner Hall. I feel bad for her that her wedding wekend has been so (media) drowned in his petulance.

    I like her, she’s vital, intelligent, independent, engaged, everything that William needs but everything equally he never made room for.

    1. I’m not sure it’s touched her at all. Her nuptials have been hidden away securely on a 55,000 acre piece of gorgeousness, so she is untouchable. She’s really insulated from everything. Also she’s handsome, intelligent, very rich, and is marrying a fabulous, smart, good-looking guy who shares her passions.

      It’s really Willy that’s getting the grief, where it belongs, and he is not insulated anymore except by his own delusions and sycophants. His appearance there also makes him look like a clingy, pathetic loser in contrast, who flew 4000 miles and left his wife and kids and Easter behind for the sake of an old girlfriend/friend. Now, who’s the limpet?

    1. I don’t know. I’m hoping the show will be available online either at ITV’s website or on YouTube. But the last time I tried watching an ITV show on their website it was geoblocked. So I’m not sure if I will even be able to watch the show.

      1. KMR, you can get a VPN blocker on your browser like Hola! and say you’re from the UK so you can watch the documentary. I know it works with BBC iPlayer but I’m not sure about ITV.

      1. They’ve left out about 5-6 girls. And have’t mentioned the 2004 break up.

        William and Kate broke up a lot. The 2007 was significant and widely publicised because everyone thouhht that would be the final break, and everyone would go on with different people.

  40. I do think William is incredibly close to the Craig family. I would go so far as to say that Jecca’s father helped William through with a lot of things surrounding the death of his mother. He knew them before the Middletons. The wedding happened to be over Easter.

    What I find odd is that Kate rarely attends any weddings anymore. Kate could have easily gone with him.

    I find Jecca a refreshingly natural beauty. You can tell she isn’t the sort of girl to sit around worrying about her makeup or botox/fillers.

    There is a sense all is not right with the Cambridges. I’m not a William fan, but I feel he was slightly forced in a way to marry Kate. She stalked him for years. Only living her life on his terms. William realized he didn’t have girls simply waiting to date him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he took out his frustrations on her. After all, who is Kate? Does she even truly have a personality? Fake accent, heavy makeup, who knows. Prince Daniel of Sweden was basically groomed over the years how to be a Prince. But we have seen so much of him. His personality shines through, etc.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if Kate tried to have another baby soon.

    1. I’m sure it’s been heavily debated over the years, but I often wonder why they married at all. She’s not suited for the job, and that must have been clear to William, his family, courtiers, etc. If it had been a love match, then it would be understandable to try to forgive her shortcomings and hope she could be taught. But it doesn’t feel like a love match either.

      1. He isn’t suitable for the job either. Sometimes I think he married her to spite his family. Charles wouldn’t have pressured him to marry; he knew first-hand the dangers of that. If William had held-firm, dumped her once and for all, and moved on, the press would have gotten over it. They would have lambasted him for awhile, but if he’d eventually married someone hard-working, KM would be a footnote. But she proved, breakup after breakup, that she wouldn’t go quietly. He would have had to be prepared for a media war with the Middletons.

        1. It’s weird to marry someone your friends don’t like and your family disapproves of if you don’t love them. I think he must have cared for her at the time of the wedding?

      2. One of the most revealing answers in the pack of lies that was the engagement interview was a response to a question about whether she would cope with life in the royal family.

        His response was a lot of waffle about giving her a chance to back out (as if she would!), but somewhere in that waffle, the phrasing is such that it appeared he had been persuaded that she could handle it. Something in his words or perhaps it was tone that was momentarily open that gave impression that he hadn’t thought she would be ready and against his better judgement he had been persuaded.

        His subsequent tense reactions to her public inability to learn or cope or perform as a royal always takes me back to that moment.

        And I always think that for a time, engagement through to Canada, he was happy that he married her and it showed somewhat. He wasn’t tense with her in public and probably thought her little gaffes were cute as a new royal.

        Somewhere after Canada, it all changed. By the time of the Danish Engagement in October 2011, where she wasn’t performing, couldn’t speak coherently to extent that he had to jump in, where she refused to taste the paste destined for the starving people, something had changed. He was very tense in that interview, and he hasn’t looked happy again. Except when George was born. He was glowing outside the hospital and she was looking at him like all her christmases had come at once because she had finally done something that made him so happy. I’ve never seen a mother barely glance at her newborn whilst eyes are glued to the father like that.

    2. I do believe she’s a predator. She stalked him, hunted him down and bagged him. He is her trophy. Karma. If all things were equal, she would be the last Dolittle standing, not he.

      I believe he can’t stand her. Who could put up with that level of life-sucking neediness? I also believe there was pressure to make a decision about her and of course, he took the cowardly way out. Out of spite, too, as mentioned above. He deserves his misery; unfortunately he likes to spread it around.

  41. All day I have been seeing pictures of Jecca in the red dress taken back around 2011. The internet is awash with outraged people commenting on how William would have agreed months ago to the overseas trip, aware he would be leaving his family at home through the holiday.
    There is talk the Queen is not happy with him for creating this spectacle after their, ‘family first’ reasoning, when Kate missed the St Patrick’s Day presentation. At that time they knew he would be missing Easter completely as well, and there is talk he did the presentation as he knew how attending this wedding would be perceived and their may have been some unhappiness at home which is why Kate did not attend or spend much time visiting the charity shop either. Others are saying she must be newly expecting as they would have known months ago about this wedding. Royalty does have to schedule ahead.

    Its has echoes of the speculation surrounding Charles and Diana, before they divorced. Hurriedly made meeting added to private trips, unusual separations, frightfully thin wife and the husband looking more and more stoney faced. Wedding guests being quoted and sounding on the defensive.

    This is worrying unless the reason he didn’t take the family to Lewa, close to where they were engaged, as other guests did, is she is pregnant. I suppose the trip to India will be telling.

    1. Jonathan and Jecca’s wedding would have been known months ahead, at the very least. Of course William would be attending, with or without his family. Nothing would have kept him away. I’m of the mind that he considers Africa his personal escape, and that Kate did not want to attend anyway.

      It’s predictable that security would be ultra-tight, predominantly because it is the couple’s day after all, but also given the prominence of many of the guests. Sadly, the Cambridge’s mess of their public lives, and what looks to be increasingly odd private lives, overshadows the couple’s nuptials.

      1. notasugarhere True she may not be expecting.I could be totally wrong. πŸ™‚ I am just trying to make sense of it. No one I talk to seems to know anything so I was thinking she may be in her first trimester which is why she keeps disappearing.
        I can’t recall any news articles on Kate going to the wedding when they initially were first invited. They only speak on William attending.
        Thats why I am thinking the trip to Nepal would be a clue. She may drop out of some appearances if she were to feel unwell. If not then its their way of doing things .

        I did read somewhere they may have been encouraged to move residences and the papers making much of George and his new school seem to drive home the point that they won’t be changing their minds.
        With the Queen in her 90th year they may have had it explained to them the necessity of stepping up as William would become the heir to the throne if the Queen became ill or unable to continue.
        I do know he is not religious however he does have to make a stand at some point.Perhaps this was their last private hurrah as it were, before getting down to working as a royal is expected to do?

        1. I still don’t understand why Big Willie did not go to the wedding that Jecca had in the UK. Was it very very private or was there another excuse? He might of been pretending to play Budgie the Helicopter Pilot. I really don’t understand why he went all the way to Africa when she has already been married in the UK.

          1. Because it would have been completely inappropriate and intrusive of him to be at the event in London (if it took place).

            There is no proof that a marriage ceremony took place in London. It was only mentioned once by one royal reporter, that doesn’t prove it happened.

            If it did, it would likely have been bride, groom, judge. That’s all, just the formal legal ceremony. No one else would have been invited or welcome to a 10-minute quick legal event.

            The wedding and celebration for friends (William included) was in Kenya. If he’d tried to force himself to the private legal event in London he would have been an unwelcome intrusion.

            Think of it as legal vs. religious ceremony. In some countries, the religious ceremony is NOT considered legal. You have to do the quick legal ceremony in a judge’s office for the marriage to be legal. If William had shown up at that it would have been completely inappropriate.

            The wedding celebration in Kenya, the big celebration for family and friends was in Kenya. That is the ONLY event William would be welcome to attend.

          2. Thank you so much for clarifying that Notas. I thought that it must have been something like that for him not to attend, if it did happen.

        2. I think if Kate were in her first trimester and pulling out of stuff because of “HG”, KP would tell us. They did the last two times. Plus, it could potentially get Kate’s critics off her back if she were to announce a pregnancy as why she skipped St. Patrick’s Day and Jecca’s wedding, which KP would be more than happy to have a go at.

          1. KMR, It is possible you are correct. The hair and nails happened on the day she was supposed to be working however something changed her mind about handing out the Shamrocks.
            Its gossip, I wasn’t there to see for myself and locals speculate along with everyone else but I expect she wouldn’t die her hair if she knew she was expecting. Back to square one for me.

          2. Charlston
            She’s dyed her hair while expecting continuously. It’s not a huge deal outside of mommy blogs that claim the chemicals poison the unborn… I have a lot of built up aggression on these issues. And many mommy blogs. And “HG” as t’s applied to Kate.

            KP would absolutely tell us because it’s a magic card. From my observations of dates and photos and documented actions Kate doesn’t experience Morning Sickness until her late 1st to mid 2nd. This is supported by seeing her on date nights with William. Patrons at restaurants noticing her eating fine. Out and about being active. Then there’s the perfectly normal period of ms and back to 100% active and out on her feet all day shopping in london or flying around for vacations.

            I agree something last minute had her pulling out of the event. I don’t think things are roses at home and this was a power move. Or she just couldn’t be bothered to do it.

          3. RunawaySnarker I had my children years before they were talking about hair dye so its new to me. That was my last idea. πŸ™‚ Trying to not judge too much hence looking for possibilities. People I know who live around there are not really fans for some reason, they make jokes about William as they say his heart is not really in his job and Kate as withdrawn. Shrug


    Although she relishes raising George, two, and his sister Charlotte in the privacy and tranquility of the countryside, it now seems that the Duchess may feel duty-bound to return to London and become full-time working Royal.

    It would also explain why Kate undertook a taxpayer-funded Β£4.5 million refurbishment of Kensington Palace in 2014. If George takes up his place, he will start at Wetherby next year.



    1. I thought that was so odd when I read it late last night. All they talk about is privacy.

      If they are making London their main home, I’m sure HM had something firm to say to them.

    2. They have the timing wrong, but the DM writers must think we’re idiots. KP was started in 2011, Anmer wasn’t rumored until January 2013. The spokesperson even said KP was intended as their main home.

      I think Anmer was meant as a placating gesture by HM. “Yes, you can have a big country home for weekends if you will just start WORKING William. You should take the estate near Highgrove that your father has been fixing up for you for years, but I’ll let you live at Sandringham instead so your pathetic wife can be near her mummy.”

      W&K demanded the biggest space at KP, giving the BRF hope that W&K would finally start working. Once they caved and kicked the tenants out of both spaces, he pulled the rug out from under HM and Charles.

      He declared the EAAA thing before anything was in place, and then declared they were moving full-time to Anmer. Nothing had been thought through about EAAA, the RPOs taking paramedic jobs, the size of the helicopter, lobbying the government to buy the bigger helicopter. All of that had to be patched up hastily after William decided he was going to make them MAKE a job for him there.

      There was no reason for them to move for the job; his commute time is the roughly the same from either house. IF they move back to London, he may keep the EAAA job. With his new insider in place as the director at EAAA, any negative comments about William’s work ethic there will be silenced.

      1. That’s interesting. I didn’t know Charles was fixing up an estate. Is it part of the Highgrove property?

        Perhaps Harry can use it in the future.

        1. Since 2006 or 2007. It is about an hour from Highgrove and is called Harewood (not the famous one). Both are owned by the Duchy.

          Charles designed a new house to build there in addition to the manor house he already renovated. Hasn’t been built yet.

    1. Nor could he be bothered to spend the family weekend with HM . Future head of the church can’t be bothered to go to church on Easter Day?? I’m not religious but this shows just how low he and Kate will stoop. She should have spent this very important weekend with HM and family. Shame on them both. Selfish conceited lazy .

      1. It certainly appears he’s not invested in his fiture and current roles. Both of them.

        Speaking outside of a job and just to inlaws… You make time for the things they find important. I hated my former inlaws. But, I bit my tongue and attended the few occasions it was polite to do so. If my ex was there or not it didn’t matter. I had to have a relationship with them. And they weren’t paying my bills like this situation. Hell, if they were i’d be there with bells on!

  43. My heart goes out to the children! Why does Charles not do something about bill? The situation comes across that everyone is afraid of will? I know it sounds ridiculous, this is to much! Kate so very helpless, what in the has happened in her life! I know it is none of my business. but I cannot help wondering……?

  44. Who the heck gets married on Easter weekend, anyway? Nobody would have noticed or cared otherwise, had William attended, even without Kate. That seems like some kind of statement. Camilla V. 102.

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