Pick your favorite royal (POLL)

Pick your favorite royal (POLL)

I had a suggestion a couple months ago about a poll idea: favorite royal. I’ve been sitting on that idea for a while because things got busy and I didn’t end up doing that poll, but I thought I’d revisit the idea because I think it would be a fun poll just in general, but it would also be a great way for me to know which royals you guys like the most and which ones I should cover the most. So here are several polls for you to pick which royal is your favorite.

Swedish royal family December 2015 Belgian Royal family Christmas 2015
[Jonas Ekströmer/Kungahuset.se / Belgian Royal Palace @MonarchieBe]

I’ve broken the polls up into six categories: Favorite royal house; favorite adult female royal; favorite adult male royal; favorite royal child; favorite monarch; favorite Heir Apparent.

There are a lot of royals and many royal houses floating around out there, so I could not include all of them. These lists are not exhaustive, but the big name royals are included; if you don’t see your favorite royal on the list, you can go ahead and write their name in. Please read the names carefully to make sure your favorite royal is not on the list before you write their name in – the last time I did a write in option (on Kate’s baby name polls) I got several names written in which were already on the list. The options are listed alphabetically.

Favorite Royal House – You can pick up to two (2).

Favorite Adult Female Royal – You can pick up to three (3).

Favorite Adult Male Royal – You can pick up to three (3).

Favorite Royal Child – You can pick up to three (3).

Favorite Monarch – You can pick up to two (2).

Favorite Heir Apparent – You can pick up to two (2).

Cambridge Ski Holiday 1l Norway royal family Christmas 2015
[John Stillwell / Lise Åserud]

Albert, Charlene, Jacques, Gabriella interview Dec 2015 Prince Nicolas Christening photo family
[Mattias Edwall/Kungahuset.se]

Crown Princess family leaves the hospital Felipe and Letizia at Margrethe's birthday gala
[Kungahuset.se / Casa de S.M. el Rey]

Camilla meets horses1 Stephanie religious ceremony of Felix and Claire 1
[Sergeant Rupert Frere RLC/Army in London Facebook / Grand Ducal Court/Guy Wolff]

112 thoughts on “Pick your favorite royal (POLL)

  1. As an American who still adores fairy tales, Grimm, Disney, and other I have fallen in love with this site. All this is like magic to me because we have a president we elect every four years, and there’s nothing romantic about the process, especially this year. But to hear how other people feel about their royals is as entertaining as it is eye-opening culturally. European royals are so much better than our celebrities, and I feel a bit more posh. (I hope I used that word correctly) Anyway, thanks for making my life less bureaucratic.

      1. A blast as always! Thanks KMR for giving us such a great range and not to only have to pick one. I was glad I could pick Sophie and Vic, both terrific ladies.

  2. Oh thank you for some light hearted fun!! As a Brit I didn’t pick one single Brit except for the red head but I’m thinking his kids are going to be half American so that’s ok.

    But how mean can you be KMR – kids , you can only pick three!!!! I had to chose only one twin but I think they are both gorgeous. And the Swedish girls are in the lead, now that’s a surprise! ( do hope people recognise English sarcasm).

    For some reason I don’t understand really know I do not connect with the Norwegian family at all. Perhaps if they are shown as popular I will find out more about them , the one I do like because she looks so calm and happy is queen Sonja.

    Thank you again I’m sure all KMRers old and new will enjoy the light relief.

    1. I’m with you Birdy – it was waaaaaay too difficult to only vote for *one* favorite royal child! I finally chose Leonore of Sweden, but it was hard lol

    2. Crown Princess Victoria is god mother to Ingrid Alexandra because both of them will be Queen. I believe. Or so I read.

  3. Thanks KMR, I love polls and think it is super nice of you to take up the suggestions of your readers.

    Victoria of Sweden, Estelle and the Queen were my favs. I overlooked Harry on the list and went for Haakon instead, stupid me.

    1. Rhiannon will make up for it I bet she votes a hundred times, although I don’t think she needs to worry we all love her Harry.

    1. I’m more surprised that on a Kate Middleton blog the Swedes are winning everything but fav monarch (at the moment). I’m also fascinated by the fact that Prince Charles has more votes than Prince William. I’m very curious to see the final results.

      1. I’m rather surprised that Kate got as many votes as she did for Favorite Female Adult Royal, it’ll be interesting to see the final scores.

          1. Perhaps the petulant duchess should have been placed in the children’s poll, but those kids are more enchanting and lively than she could be. So she falls flat again. She’s consistent!

      2. I wasn’t surprised by the results because there have been so many positive comments about Victoria, Daniel and Estelle.

        If you had the same poll five years ago the results would have been very different. William and Kate have worked hard for their lack of popularity.

      3. I’m glad to see some love for Queen Daisy, i.e. Margrethe II.

        I’ve recently seen a wondeful program on Danish tv where she opens the doors to Christian VII’s Palace (part of Amalienborg Palace), which is used as guest accommodation and for representative purposes. She has had a strong hand in the decoration which is both colourful and bold, much like Daisy herself.

        She comes across as unpretentious and dryly funny in the program where she also reminisces about her childhood, upbringing and her parents. One of the ebst parts of the program is when she opens the main door and pops her head out to look at the Palace square (it is not cordoned off). A couple of tourists look very surprised and a couple of ladies recognize her and wave. Daisy returns that wave with enthusiasm. It is all very down to earth. This program is part of a series of four where you get to see parts of the royal palaces not open to the public (including private residences!) and you get insight into QMII’s personality.

        I’ve have yet to see the rest of the programs but my father has recorded them for me.

          1. Quite recently on DR1 – danish television. I’ll try to find a link but it is in Danish and not captioned – but you can always enjoy the visuals.

            She has a really dry humour and I get the impression that she’s not a personal that suffers fools. I also very much liked that her office was shown as it usually – with piles of paperwork and books.

    2. I honestly think it’s because some of the Kate fanatics that come on here to defend Kate are voting several times. I think they are messing with the poll since most of us on here are annoyed with her at the moment. Hello magazines most recent poll had dropped Kate to the 3rd or 4th most popular British royal. So I’m not trusting the votes too much since in the real world Kate is not too popular anymore. I think the Swedes have taken over due to KMR showcasing them. They honestly don’t get much world publicity, so a lot of us didn’t know how amazing they were. KMR pointing it out eclipses Will and Kate

      1. I would really be interested in knowing more about the Belgians; they have a pleasing refined / quiet air about them – doing their work, not searching out the limelight.

      2. well at the moment kate is at the 10th position 🙂 not so popular then.
        Instead prince Harry 🙂 !!! he’ s first!

  4. Fun poll, KMR! Great way to de-stress after all this hilarious but exhausting negative press coverage of WK!!!! (although I thoroughly enjoy the commentary and gossip about it on this site!).

  5. Thanks for such a fun post KMR!!! It’s like a royal palette cleanser 🙂 Even though this is a Kate Middleton site, I’m not surprised to see how well the Swedes are doing, I think most of us here really like Victoria, Daniel and Estelle plus Maddie’s gorgeous and Carl Phillip’s pretty handsome!

    I really appreciate that you cover the other royals KMR! English language information on some of them is pretty hard to find and you always have the best photos 🙂

  6. Long time reader, first time commenter- always enjoy your site but super loved the Poll today! Everyone I picked was first or second, just means i’ve found a great place to continue coming for my favorite royal coverage! Some of them I didn’t see you could choose more than one! It was hard enough to pick one 😉

    Keep up the great work with covering anyone you can when Kate “goes dark”. It is much appreciated!

  7. Is it wrong that I want Princess Beatrice to beat Kate in the poll as Favorite Female Adult Royal? 😉

    Also, I wish there were 3 “clicks” allowed regarding the “favorite royal family” because I sooo wanted to select the Japanese Imperial Family. I think they’re very interesting.

    Last, you can’t go wrong with CP Victoria or Prince Harry (yum!). 😀

    Thanks for the fun poll, KMR!!

  8. Hurrah for the polls. However, I had a hard time picking my favorite adult female royal. I needed three.

    For the kids, I would have loved to be able to pick the Monaco twins together, but I went with Prince Jacques. Again, I needed more than two choices. As much as I think I like George I couldn’t vote for him because he’s just a glimmer of hope in the midst of Middletonmania that we get a random glimpse of on occasion.

    Monarch for me hands down was QEII, then Margrethe. Now if Victoria was the monarch, she would’ve gotten the vote.

    I’m actually surprised at how many votes Kate has gotten so far.

    Can’t wait to see the final results.

    1. I don’t know if I’m surprised about Kate getting so many votes. After all this blog has her name.
      It may be because people do not want to lose her being covered here, even if this turns out to be unpleasant or even depressing some times. I have noticed that the posts with the most comments are usual the ones referring to Kate or lately, William. But it’s only KMR who knows which of her posts are the most read ones. This poll will give KMR another good indication of the popularity of the royals she covers. I’m really looking forward to the final results.

  9. Did you read (at least) last People’s title. Kate following Diana ‘s footsteps? Did not read the content yet, but must be funny. Lazy royals adored in the US, maybe because the lack of fairytale history (kings and queens, princes and princesses, intriques, castles etc.) and a very good PR stunt. Howgh

      1. People I know who know of them think they are wonderful and like Diana and Charles is an evil Disney villain, so’s the queen, and Harry is a drunk.

        1. Sorry Ellie, but I could not disagree more. Honestly even the memory of Diana is not what it used to be here in the States. You don’t hear much about the BRF except that Harry’s interview got a lot of attention at least from what I can tell.

  10. A wonderful idea. Thank you! The only problem I have is that I have 4 fave Royal Children. I hate to say this to any twin out there, but in this case can Twins count as one vote? Otherwise, I am stumped. I chose Estelle and Leonre, but need to pick both the adorable Monaco twins.

    1. Hi Jenny.
      Sorry, I know that this blog has become very big and is difficult to know who is who and I’ve been confused about this, but I’m just curious if there is another Jenny with a different ’tile’ (more greenish coloured) or you two are the same person. Are you the one who is friend with Mary Elizabeth?
      Just curious, as I said, sorry for the trivia question.

      As for the poll: I have to particularly thank KMR for this post since it was something I brought up as a random thing some months ago. Thank you KMR for making it such a fun poll. And so, I had the opportunity to express my fondness to my favourite little monkey, Leonore of Sweden and of course her cousin. Although I have a feeling that their brothers will soon claim a place in our hearts.
      But really, that was the most difficult to choose because there are many royal little cuties.

      1. Hi, Elina:

        Yes, I am friends with Mary Elizabeth. I did not know there was another Jenny on this blog. I thought people had to have different names, but now I understand that the color of the tile near your name never changes, so I guess the other Jenny has a different color tile.

        1. Oh, I just realized, Elina, there is another commenter named Jen and I think someone else named, LadyJenn. I know that it can be difficult to often sort everyone out.

  11. Thanks for this poll, this was fun.

    Like the others, I am surprised how many votes Kate has gotten.

    I’m glad Maxima got some votes. Besides the Victoria and Maddie, she is my favorite. I had no idea she works for the UN. Very impressed she keeps a job as well as doing as many royal engagements as she does.

  12. Thank you KMR for the fun poll. I do not know much about the Royal Houses of Belgium, Norway or Luxembourg but it is because of this blog that I do..

    1. ps It was difficult choosing I have to admit. The Spanish Royal princesses’ are always so neat in appearance. Is one of them called Leonore as well?

  13. Great poll!

    Just a tiny nitpick. Chris O’Neil should not be counted as a member of the Sedish RF since refused a royal title. He is married to a member of the Swedish RF but is not a member himself, unlike Daniel and Sofia who both have royal titles.

  14. This was such a fun poll! Y’all know where my vote went for favorite royal male… Max and Vic also scored high for me. Thanks, KMR! This brought levity that we needed.

    1. For anyone who has ever worked in emergency medical situations, there is such a thing as too many people involved and it it best to step back to let people do their work.

      I do not buy this. It is PR.

      1. G, it depends. I’m a medic and there are times when I’d love the extra help. Bigger patients is obviously the most common one. But there are other times when I’m working the patient and I need more than another pair of hands (it’s 2 people per truck here). So it depends. As for if this patient needed the extra hands or not, I wouldn’t be able to say with any certainty unless I knew what the patient’s chief complaint was. But judging from the pictures alone, it doesn’t look like they need the extra set of hands. That being said, it also doesn’t look like they have too many sets of hands there. Based on what I know about the UK system, there’s 2 on the ambulance, a pilot, co pilot, doctor and a flight medic so it doesn’t look like there’s any extra set of hands. I hope you get what I mean.

        1. Go back and look at the number of people in the photo. Does Will really look necessary? It still looks like a photo op to me! I am on the small side 5’1″ and 95-100 pounds, so when I need help it is one thing, otherwise get out of my way and let me work.

          My background is a CCRN in ICU. I was on the team which covered all the cardiac and respiratory arrests in a large teaching hospital/level one trauma. When an arrest is announced too many people show up and the unnecessary staff either leave on their own or the physician in charge makes a request for people to leave.

          It is just my experience that too many people can make it difficult to maneuver hanging fluid, pushing drugs, bagging and with CPR.

          1. A kindred spirit!! YAY!!! I’m just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, which is on short supply lately. Plus, I’m also used to having a ton of firefighters around so there’s always extra hands around me. I’ve kinda just gotten used to it and just keep doing what I need to do.

    2. In my book William’s image is now so bad that I take all stories like this with a huge grain of salt. In fact, I find it absolutely tasteless to use an ill/injured person to prop up Workshy Will’s PR. I guess he and his team have no shame at all.

      I don’t care for Kate because she is so damn boring and because she is squandering the platform she has. I cannot respect her because she has no work ethic and because she appears neither genuine nor informed when she does manage to drag her carcass from Norfolk to an engagement. I seriously doubt that she’ll ever change.

      William, however, I actively dislike. Frankly, I’d wish he would just go away.

      So bring on the other royals!

      1. I share the same opinion :
        – I find Kate boring too, but mostly fake and insincere.
        – I am indifferent William, he seems that he doesn’t want to work when he works, that he is forced to be here.
        They can make great things, help really lives of other but I think that they think first on the benefices that they can win. It is very calculated. I have the impression that when they work, they are marionette guided (or try to be guided) by secretaries. I think they lack of personality when they work.

        Today I had difficulty to speak in English (I’m tired) so sorry if I don’t make sense or I don’t make nuance in my sentences.

        1. I am not sure that I would want someone who works less than half time in that position touching me at all if were injured. Picturing season 1 of greys anatomy, absent McDreamy.

      2. ArtHistorian!! William seems to be hell bent on making people dislike him. Maybe he believes that if people don’t want anything to do with him he and his family will be left alone by the press. Only problem with that line of thinking is that as long as he is living off of the money basically provided by the citizens of the countries he will one day (presumably) be the figurative head of, it won’t work. Marrying a wife with the charisma of a pile of wet leaves and zero work ethic doesn’t really help either.

        1. Marrying a wife with the charisma of a pile of wet leaves and zero work ethic doesn’t really help either.


    3. Rhiannon get yourself on a plane to Nepal and help Harry this is your chance. We can do a crowdfunding thing in here for your flight!! Invitations to the wedding will be fabulous compensation.

    4. Bang! Workshy Willy is affected by criticism. He does care about his image. Too little, too late. His ‘help’ is ludicrous and lame, but more importantly, irrelevant. Oh, swoon, he caaaaaares.

      I don’t understand how anyone can be so dumb as to believe this kind of PR being peddled actually works. It also sounds like #poorJason, aka, Jason Knauf, is a giant dud.

      1. Jason made the mistake of believing he could turn William from a lump of coal to a diamond. Instead he’s learning he’s dealing with an hard head filled with a massive ego who wants things his way, with the money but he doesn’t want to put in the time and effort to at least attempt to show that he deserves it. He also has to promote the wife who gives him even less to work with.

        Fortunately Harry has ELF to look after him and enough sense to keep a distance from W&K whenever possible.

    5. He is supposedly off in Africa without Kate and the kids for Easter. What a devoted husband and dad! Future head of the Church of England never going to church, either.

  15. Thanks KMR for the fun poll. Its Victoria and Mary for me as far as hardworking younger-generation princess royals who can juggle family, fame, and duty with grace.

  16. Mr Cambridge fakes it again. The Sun shows him ‘at work’. Why a pilot would stand in the way of medical personnel, so he can use a man’s misfortune as photo op, beats me, however.

    1. Because Chopper and Chutney will take advantage of ANYBODY if they need good PR–even children with cancer. This tactic has become so infuriating–and they need to get skewered by the public and media every time they do it now. Everyone is onto their little scheme. But this is also beautiful karma at work. When you read about Harry’s work and his latest interviews about Invictus Games–OMG. He is killing it right now. He is staying 6 more days in Nepal to help with the cleanup effort. Chutney can’t be arsed to give out a shamrock. And Normal has to have a pap on speed dial when he’s about to do something “compassionate”. Where are the complaints about his privacy? And, more importantly, what about the patient’s privacy? If I was being loaded into an ambulance I would NOT want to be a spoiled, petulant, lazy prince’s F’ing photo op!!!!! The arrogance is stunning. Do they always photograph the victims even when Petulant isn’t there? No, I don’t think so–because I haven’t seen any of those photos in the DM. If Petulant is there the victim becomes more “important”, I suppose. Why isn’t KP issuing a warning to photographers harassing Petulant at “work”? And yes, he was totally in the way of medical personnel. Stupid loser. Seriously, a petition needs to be started to remove him ASAP.

      1. The commentary are very negative (almost all negative) about this story of William : failure of operation to show W in work. In contrary, Harry has more positive comments

      2. Not that I’m trying to defend him, but sometimes you don’t even realize your picture is being taken. I’ve had pictures of me show on social media of me treating a patient. I don’t remember there being media around to take the picture. I do know that the media choppers are out and about and will capture everything if it’s a big enough story. The media don’t care. To them it’s just a story that needs to be covered. All that being said, I don’t know what the source of William’s pictures are.

        Also, our pilots here are also trained flight medics. One of my friends is currently in training to be one. Unless the UK is different, William is probably trained as a medic.

      3. ya what about the hardworking paramedics, doctors, nurses and all health workers in various fields, wimpo needs to go out there and assist hes 90 yrs old grandmother with charity work!!

  17. Totally off topic. Did you all see the photos of the gorgeous Irish Guards doggy who was in attendance at the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace this week. Honestly I would give up a haircut any day of the week to meet that magnificent beast.

    1. I saw him in Richard Palmer’s twitter feed. When asked how he felt about not getting a shamrock from kate, he said “rough”. I thought that was cute, but then I’m a dog nut.

  18. Apparently William goes to Kenya this week-end in order to see the wedding of Jecca Craig according to emily nash. That explains the photo of William working….

    Anyone know the history between W/K and Niraj Tanna?

    1. I think he’s been used by the Middletons to promote them when they’ve felt like it. Been contacted by them in the past to provide copies of photos he taken that they liked etc and then been on the receiving end of legal letters and action by for photographing / harassing Kate, children & nanny in public spaces. I believe there was some action taken against him for taking a picture of Kate on a tennis court. Usual moaning from William Wails about privacy and being normal when it doesn’t suit and then turning a blind eye when it does. I’m think that’s the sum of it.

      1. Niraj tanna is the middletons’ preferred pap on speed dial. They call him for exclusives and they use him to get information out.

        He confirmed Emily Nash’s story. Since kate and the kids aren’t mentioned, i’m assuming they aren’t included in the trip. Or niraj has an ‘exclusive’shot of them in kenya which will surface post holiday.

        Niraj is also the source of all those ‘william might be having an affair with jecca rumours. He started them when william’s spain hunting pics, with Jecca front and centre, on the eve of a conservation conference had gone unnoticed beyond the hypocricy of his hunting.

        Simultaneously kate had gone to mustique with george on a first family holiday whereas william had chosen to go hunting instead thus missing his own baby’s first beach holiday…..

        1. ‘…william had chosen to go hunting instead thus missing his own baby’s first beach holiday…..’
          These people are such hypocrites. I wish someone would disclose the reality of their lives so that we wouldn’t have to endure the happy family rubbish they dish out.

  19. I was just thinking yesterday that I wished you would do a poll of favorite royals, and voila! Here it is! I was curious what the other readers favorites are. I have been following your blog for over a year. I love it. It is one-stop shopping for all the coverage of the Royals that I need. I like that your “critical” blogs are fair and balanced, giving the good with the bad. Thank you for all your efforts!

  20. Thanks for the poll. Narrowing the Royal women down to three was a real challenge. Have you noticed that finding updated news reports on Harry’s tour has been quite challenging compared with the usual Duchess of Chutney wears a new dress fodder we are all used to? I had to actively put Harry into the search engine on the Daily Mail this morning to get up to date news of his tour extension, girls conference speech etc. That really p*sses me off. H is doing the kind of tour that makes me burst with pride about our Royal family and for whatever reason he can barely scrape a mention. Duchess of Chutney recycles a frock and hauls her boney arse out of AH for 30 minutes and we get a half of the site dedicated to her compassion & beauty. To paraphrase ‘something is rotten in the state of Denmark’.

  21. None of my favourite royals are included. I like Prince Sessio of Lesotho-often seen with Harry working on Sentebale, i like Shekha Mozar of the Quatari royal family for the fashion, Queen Rania of Jordan for so many, many reasons, there isn’t enough space to describe how awesome this woman is AND she gives speeches saying in no uncertain terms that ISIS are scum. And for eye candy, crown prince Hamdan of Dubai, and Crown Prince of Jordan.

    1. I’ve heard lots of sketchy things about Hamdan, but oh boy, is he handsome. Raina is another one I wish people heard more about.

  22. I saw on DM that Willy is heading to Jecca’s wedding.. sans Kate. What is up with that? How telling is it that Kate won’t be going. Yes they have two young children, but they also have a whole brigade of help and could easily go to the wedding together. I really hope Jecca isn’t Willy’s Camilla. I thought it was strange that she was with them on that hunting trip when Kate was also absent. Why would he repeat history with the disaster he witnessed with his parents. Even if it’s not physical, it’s always suspect to me when a man is emotionally attached to a woman (an unrelated peer) who isn’t his spouse.

  23. William attended Jecca’s brother’s wedding, missing his cousin Peter Phillip’s wedding, to do so; he would never, ever miss Jecca’s wedding. Their friendship has been enduring to the point that William’s conservation interests are linked to her foundation. I doubt Kate would want to go or that he would want her to accompany him.
    William and Kate are now a bit conflicted though: first, dragging an entourage to Africa for a private event still incurs taxpayer costs in terms of security and would not play well publicly, especially hard on the heels of the luxury French ski trip. Secondly, if they left the kids, well, there goes their golden excuse of prioritising parenting to the exclusion of work.
    There have been comments for some time that William does not spend that much time at Anmer, though it has been remarked here and elsewhere that this is the dynamic of Kate and William’s relationship. Where he does spend time, who knows. It seems he requires space, and given his temperament, Kate accepts that as she has accepted all his requirements for well over a decade. Aristocratic families seem to have a unique moral structure. Not quite the ‘normal happy family constantly together’ narrative that is thrust in our faces ad nauseum.

      1. There is a photo of Victoria with her son too!!! Their photos are very simple, beautiful, natural : I love them!

  24. Imo trying to make the Kenya trip about business as well is ridiculous.
    Sure he’ll meet for a photo op with the president (thankfully boy wonder was able to make the trip from Nepal to Kenya).

    99% sure the tusk trust is the one jecca is also involved, considering it’s her wedding. That “job” sounds pretty hollow.
    110% sure willy is a useless parasite.
    How many horse teeth will he break at this wedding?

    I wonder what stunt Kate and the midds will pull this time. Last time he got caught boar hunting. They sold g’s first pap shots to hello magazine.

    Loved the poll! Not surprised to see Vic and Harry deservedly on top.

  25. Oh this was so nice! I’ve just finished the gigantic project of going through all the 63 pages of posts, so this was a perfect ending for that!
    Thank you KMR so much for a nice blog and thanks to everyone who comments, it’s a joy to read others opinions too!
    I came here to read about Kate but quite soon her doings became boring and I found other royals much more interesting. I’m especially glad to read about the swedes. Because they are our neighbours, we quite often call them our royals too ;D
    I will most definitely be checking this blog every week (who am I kidding, every day… ;D ) in hope of news and interesting opinions! And tiaras!!
    (And sorry for the poor english, it used to be a bit better but has became really rusty 🙁 But perhaps I get to work on it here!)

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