Prince Henrik of the Fragile Ego refuses to be buried next to Queen Margrethe

Prince Henrik of the Fragile Ego refuses to be buried next to Queen Margrethe

Prince Henrik has a history of being outspoken when it comes to his title, and now he’s added yet another item to the list as he announced this week that he is refusing to be buried next to his wife, Queen Margrethe II, because he was never made King Consort.

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On Thursday, the Danish royal family communications director, Lene Balleby, gave an interview to BT about Henrik’s burial plans. The couple had previously planned to be buried together at Roskilde Cathedral, as is tradition in Denmark, but plans have changed for Henrik because fragile ego is fragile. Balleby says:

    “It is true that Prince Henrik has decided that he will not be buried in Roskilde Cathedral, as otherwise planned. It’s no secret that the prince for many years has been dissatisfied with his role and the title he has been awarded in the Danish monarchy. The dissatisfaction has grown more and more in recent years. For the prince, the decision not to be buried next to the queen is the natural consequence of not having been treated equally in relation to his spouse – by not getting the title and function he has wanted.”[1]

A joint sarcophagus has already been created by sculptor Bjørn Nørgaard out of glass, silver, and stones, which Margrethe will now use solo. Balleby says:

    “Bjørn Nørgaard has committed a piece of art that reflects the royal couple’s joint work for over 50 years – whether the prince is there or not. The queen will continue to be beneath the sarcophagus. Inseparable from here is also the marriage of the prince. And it is very important: The couple’s professional work and their marriage are two different things.”[1]

Henrik will not be buried in his native France, however, opting to be buried in Denmark, just not with his wife. Balleby says:

    “The Prince loves Denmark and has worked for Denmark for more than 50 years. The prince will therefore also be buried in Denmark, but the circumstances are not in place yet. Queen Margrethe has known for a long time about the Prince’s decision and agrees with it.”[1]

When questioned about the Danish court not listening to Henrik’s complaints about his title, Balleby says:

    “It has actually been listened, reacted and adapted along the way. For example, the prince has his own court, but in terms of the title issue, we have chosen in Denmark to follow the European tradition that has been in force in both England and the Netherlands.”[1]

When Henrik married then-Crown Princess Margrethe in 1967, he was given the title Prince rather than the title of Crown Prince. And after Margrethe ascended the throne in 1972, he was still titled Prince rather than Prince Consort or King Consort. Henrik was also not given his own salary or staff.

Henrik has held a grudge about this for 50 years, and has complained publicly about it in the past. Around the time of his 50th birthday, which would have been in 1984, Henrik complained on TV about having to ask his wife for pocket money.[2] He was eventually given his own salary and staff, and in 2005 he was given the title Prince Consort (which he gave up as part of his retirement in 2016), but not before he complained that he was lesser in status than his son, Crown Prince Frederik, Heir Apparent to the throne of Denmark.

    “In 2002, when Margrethe was too ill to greet guests at a New Year’s event, the Royal House opted to have Crown Prince Frederik act as host. Henrik, upset about being upstaged by his own son, vocally complained that he wasn’t allowed to receive guests in ‘his own home’. In a follow-up interview with BT, he said he felt humiliated to be relegated to third-place status behind his wife and son.”[3]

In February 2015, in an interview with Dutch TV, Henrik complained about not being king, and made clear that he does not understand history or how monarchies work, saying:

    “I have always said that I should be a partner, but I am not considered as a partner because I’m not on the same level as my wife which is completely ununderstandable. All the queens in the history of the world have made their husbands king consort. Why should I be under my wife?”[3]

Firstly, no, not all the queens in the history of the world have made their husbands King Consort, just look at Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Consort Philip. Secondly, the married-in spouse always plays second fiddle to the blood royal spouse; that’s how monarchies work.

But Henrik wasn’t done complaining about not being titled king, and in October 2015 he claimed he was being discriminated against by being refused the title. In an interview with a French newspaper, Henrik said:

    “Why just be prince and His Highness but not His Majesty? I decided to call myself Prince Consort in order to find a place in Danish society and a purpose and position in my work as prince. It makes me angry that I am subjected to discrimination. Denmark, which is otherwise known as an avid defender of gender equality, is apparently willing to consider husbands as worth less than their wives.”[4]

Henrik then retired beginning January 1, 2016.

It’s ironic that Henrik claims not having the title King Consort discriminates against men by saying they are unequal to their wives, yet has no problem with wives being unequal to their husbands by virtue of being a married-in instead of a blood royal because that’s how monarchy works.

I actually think the title King Consort should exist, but not for the same reason as Prince Henrik. Henrik wants the title King Consort for himself because of his fragile ego, but I think the title should exist because not having it makes Queens Regnant not equal to Kings Regnant.

Saying that the spouse of a Queen Regnant should be titled Prince Consort is essentially saying that the title King is automatically higher than Queen, even if the King is a King Consort. If we use the title Queen Consort, for the titles King Regnant and Queen Regnant to be considered 100% equal, we would have to accept and use the title of King Consort.

If Henrik were to position is argument in that way, then I would be on board with his request. But as it is now, Henrik is just butthurt that he is considered inferior to his wife – which the title King Consort won’t fix since a Consort is inherently inferior to a Regnant. If Henrik really wanted to be considered an equal partner to his wife in an official, public capacity, then he shouldn’t have married a royal because blood royals are always considered superior to married-in royals.


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100 thoughts on “Prince Henrik of the Fragile Ego refuses to be buried next to Queen Margrethe

  1. He is such an asshat. I’ve yet to see a single positive reaction to this latest shit fit, so…well played, Henrik! You’ve made people even more sympathetic to your already superior, in every way, wife!

  2. What an offensive thing to do. Henrik, shut your big fat @$$ mouth and go hide away in your nice place in France as you’ve been doing for years. Your wife doesn’t need you.

  3. I believe in equality for all people so having royalty does not work well with that concept. Saying that if there are Queen Consorts then there should be King Consorts as then there is equality within that status. I think Henrick is his own worst enemy. When he married what was he thinking? My guess would be status, wealth and at some level power. It appears he got none of those to his liking and started throwing his toys out of his pram to get his way. But when being funded by the people I would be very careful. He reminds me a lot of my former next door neighbour who we nicked named cranky pants as most of the time he complained but over all he was a really nice guy. Hoping that Henrick is the same.

    1. He is like Prince Hans of the Southern Isles haha.Sorry, I couldn’t resist ×)
      I don’t think it shows of a nice character to complain in public every time about things people couldn’t change for him.His wife or the royal staff could change such titles.And I really don’t understand why it’s such a big deal for him.If his wife, children and the people of Denmark love him and he does great things for them, it doesn’t matter if he has a high title or not.

  4. I agree with you KMR?. We should have a King Consort title but this is surely not the way to go about it. Philip felt the same but he seems to have grown up and got on with it. More and more women are becoming the ‘senior’ partner if you choose to see it like that, earning more money , having a more senior job etc. It really shouldn’t be an issue in the 21st century. I do hope he’s nicer in person.

    1. I think that Phillip was more annoyed with the kids not getting his name at first but seems to have accepted that Elizabeth was head of state and “above” for political reasons. Whatever arranged they made in their marriage, he would never whine like this.

    2. The only Prince consort i can think of who didn’t care that he was second fiddle, infact didn’t care at all about his status and rarely engaged publicly is Prince George of Denmark, Consort of Queen Anne of UK. He engaged so little publicly that no one remembers him. Not even in any discussion about Anne’s multiple pregnancies and how that might have affected him. No public monuments to him, no talk of any influence on Anne or anybody. No discussions of him in the Scandals of Anne and her LIW Sarah Churchill. He is completely invisible and forgotten.

      1. I think about the myriad of ways women have been f*cked over for thousands of years, and then I read about *this* guy! Systemic sexism is not his fault, obviously, but really….. Sorry about your royal title, Boo! Bye!

    3. Phillip took the high road over the long run, and in doing so, demonstrated an incredible respect and love for his wife and country. That is how you go about change.

      Not being a petulant child. Ugh. I have no patience for this. I’m glad she won’t have to share the tomb and listen to his constant whining that she’s hogging the coffin for eternity.

  5. Well one of the things I like best about this site is the educational aspect. Prompted by this post I’ve researched Queen Margarethe and just found out her younger sister is married to Constantine of Greece!
    Also the laws of succession were changed to allow daisy to inherit rather than her uncle.
    On a more shallow note, I vacillate between awe that she clearly could care less about her dreadful teeth, and wishing she would do something about them!

    1. Margarethe is a heavy smoker. She couldn’t clean her teeth & smoke like a chimney. I think that’s her only flaw.

  6. The problem with all that becomes when the Queen dies. He will feel as if HE should retain the power and status instead of reverting to his son. Which is exactly what he bitched about and should have (and did) raise flags. You’d end up with a King Consort and a King? If your partner has died – then what are you as you are no longer a consort? It’s all about bloodlines and his is not the Danish royal one. He WOULD be kicked out of his house if the Queen dies before him so Frederick can take over. Who is this “court” he complains to? His wife?

    1. You develop a role for yourself, look at Queen Elizabeth ( Consort) the Queen Mother. They say she didn’t want to move out of BP but she did, and she had to defer to her daughter, though as a Queen she didn’t have to curtesy. Though people like to remember her as a sweet old lady I think she was actually a bit of a tyrant and she sure liked getting her own way.

      1. I read an article that the only reason Elizabeth, Queen Consort (Queen Mother) moved out was because Phillip turned the heat off. Apparently she likes it warm.

        1. I’ve read numerous times that the Queen Mother and Phillip had a difficult relationship, apparently she referred to him as “the hun” so I can certainly believe that he’d turn down the heat to drive her out.

  7. If Daisy’s father, King Frederick, had been alive, he would have kicked Henrik’s butt all the way back to France. Before marriage Henrik was a French diplomat & he should have done his research about the Danish monarchy & his status once he married Daisy or once she became queen. There’s no excuse flapping his so-called fragile ego. The royal institution cannot change because of him or Daisy who is/was so much in love with him can change his royal status. I think if Henrik had shown his true Colour before his marriage Daisy wouldn’t have accepted his proposal. So sad. Despite his pompous & ridiculous remarks, Daisy kept on smiling in public.

    1. I am not on Henrik’s side but I wonder if, at some point, he started thinking that he had a shot because royal tradition and history was up-ended for Margrethe to inherit the throne because women were not in the line of succession until 1953 – Margrethe did not became heir presumptive until she was 12/13 years old. With that big change occurring in modern times plus Denmark being such a liberal country perhaps he thought a case could be made for him being named King Consort. If my theory is correct, I don’t think that is an outrageous line of thinking.

      What I am wondering is if Henrik expected his besotted wife to go to bat for him to have him named King Consort and became embittered and even enraged when she did not?

  8. My goodness, what an ego. How many queen consorts, married-in princesses and other wives through history have had to bury their names, ambitions, personalities and selves in support of their partner? He knew what the deal was when he married Daisy and even if it started as a love match, he’s clearly a prickly and insecure man who has got less pleasant with time (despite numerous accommodations, including his vineyard which seems to sell wine to no one except the Danish court).

    That said, the clear glass coffin with the elephants and scrunchy gold leaf is just hideous! I think Liberace would take one look and say, ‘maybe tone it down a notch, Marge?’

    1. Your last sentence– hysterical! Now I have got to see the coffin itself; along with many other items in my KMR “bucket list.”

      Off topic, have thoroughly enjoyed the audible version of “Bertie: A Life of Edward VII” by Jane Ridley. Queen Victoria as a mother– no words.

        1. Thank you for the links. Right now I’m listening to a three part series titled Queen Victoria’s Children on Video Dailymotion.

          Just checked, the site is showing the BBC production!

          1. She blew very hot and cold. She could be very generous and loving towards them but also very awful. Quite an opinionated woman. It’s fascinating how Albert tapped into all her insecurities to force her to rely completely, utterly upon him so when he died she wasn’t only shattered with the loss of her husband but of someone who had completely controlled her–she who had good instincts no longer trusted them because they weren’t her Angel’s.

      1. I have now seen the coffin. Thank you, Colleen, for providing the link in the prior post. It reminds me of something designed for a 1930’s Busby Berkeley movie–if said movie revolved around a coffin. Although it looks like it in the photo, surely the coffin will not be transparent.
        It would be more appropriate for Liberace– if candlesticks replaced the elephants.

    2. It is actually a cenotaph, not a coffin, nor a sarcophagus. It will mark the grave, but it will not contain bodies. They (now she) are to be buried beneath the floor of a chapel in the cathedral. But pretty it is not.

        1. +1 Definition of Cenotaph by Merriam-Webster

          The word cenotaph is derived from the Greek kenos taphos, meaning “empty tomb.” A cenotaph is a monument, sometimes in the form of a tomb, to a person or group of persons buried elsewhere.

  9. Regardless of the semantics of “consort” or prince or king, how heartless to want to be buried apart from your wife out of spite? If my husband had the title of weevil I would love him all the same and be heartbroken if he wanted to be buried away from me.

  10. I understand the historical place of royalty but these titles, trinkets and traditions are all inventions of man at some point in order to wield power over others via an imagined superiority. It is an odd anachronism in a contemporary world that strives to privilege merit. Poor old Henrik drank the Kool-Aid and believes he’s… well, owed. Clearly, his sense of entitlement subsumes any humility he should have ever felt as he whinges about his lot, all the time burdening the public with his unnecessary self for over 50 years. However, this incident does provide insight into how unfettered privilege distorts reality for those with a ‘royal’ moniker, married-in or not, as we have seen all too often with members of the BRF.

  11. I had never thought of your perspective on why we need a king consort KMR but I wholeheartedly agree. I have supported the notion of king consort in the past but mostly because of Prince Phillip. Yes he did whine about his lower status at one time, but you can’t argue he has always been publicly supportive of the queen and he has achieved a lot as a royal, so I always felt a King consort title would be a great way of acknowledging his contribution.

    Prince Henrik seems to have not considered his wife in this decision. Ultimately he has chosen an eternal temper tantrum over eternal rest by his wife, and I can’t help but feel sorry for Daisy. Whether she knew about it or not, it must hurt to know your spouse feels forever reminding the Danish people that he felt under appreciated is more important than the love and life you have shared.

    1. Hi El, I never knew that Prince Phillip whined about his rank, as I understood it he whined about the Royal House not being styled as Mountbatten, which meant his children wouldn’t have his last name (which wasn’t really his true last name anyhow) is that what you are referring to?

    2. Philip didn’t really complain about being of a lower rank than his wife, he was just angry/disappointed that his children would not have his last name which was totally understandable.
      He once said: ‘I am the only man in the country not allowed to give his name to his children. I’m nothing but a bloody amoeba.’

      1. I’ve read a couple of books about Phillip and Elizabeth and the courtiers, early in her reign, really did make things difficult for him. His being a “man of action” and wanting to get things done, make some probably much needed changes around BP really had them in quite an uproar, they didn’t know quite what to make of him and of course, strenuously resisted any changes he felt would result in a smoother running house.

      2. That quote if Philip’s always makes me chuckle because when Philip renounced his status as a Greek and Danish royal he re-christened himself Philip Mountbatten with Mountbatten being and anglicized version of his mother’s name. If he was so gung ho about children having their father’s name then he should have christened himself Philip Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderberg-Glücksburg or Philippos Andreou Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderberg-Glücksburg.

        1. As I understand it, Philip had to give up his royal title of Prince, which he was born with, when he joined the British Royal Navy. The family in the UK had anglicized the family name around the time of the First World War so Philip didn’t come up with the name Mountbatten by himself. The name was adopted by the members of the family residing in the UK before Philip was born. After marriage Elizabeth reinstated the title of Prince for Philip.

          In some ways it was unfair that his surname was not used but he did get over it.

          1. If tradition was followed, Philip’s surname would not have come into play until Charles ascended the throne. The point I was making was that Philip played the man card when he complained about not being able to pass on his name to his children, but when Philip, who BTW was an only son, gave up his titles and had to take on a surname, the surname he chose came from his mother’s side of the family.

            Philip joined the Royal Navy as Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark. he served in World War II under that moniker. He did not give up his Greek and Danish titles until after the war, shortly before his engagement to the then Princess Elizabeth was announced. Queen Elizabeth made Philip a Prince of the United Kingdom in 1957, they had been married almost ten years at that time and she had been queen for five years.

          2. What aaa said.

            Also, Philip didn’t give up his proper name or titles when he arrived in the UK.

            He formerly became Mountbatten when he renounced his titles and name so he could formerly be a British citizen. At that point, he became Philip Mountbatten no titles or fancy foreign name, taking surname from his mother’s side of the family.

            The irony of course being that as a direct descendant of Sophia the Electress of Palatine, he was already a British citizen, but uncle dickie was so determined to make him a suitable candidate for princess Elizabeth that he made him go through the process instead of emphasising his rights.

      3. Yeah, I’m not on Philip’s side with this one. Boo hoo he didn’t get to give his kids his name outright. Women have been losing their name upon marriage for ever and very rarely get to give their kids their last name. Philip needs to get over it.

      4. I have a recollection of reading some years ago that QEII offered to make Prince Philip Prince Consort but he turned it down saying he was happy with DoE title. Apparently part of his reason was to avoid as many of the inevitable comparisons with Prince Albert as possible.

        There were also some order of precedence issues that were a problem. But QEII issue an order that he would always have precedence next to her. Prior to that he was outranked Charles. I think she fixed that one in the first year of her reign.

  12. I’m a fan of the DRF so I’m tickled by how much press this has gotten internationally. Almost all the non-royal blogs I frequent have covered it. I think it’s unfortunate because Henrik’s attitude is the complete opposite of rest of the DRF and it’s humiliating to the Queen. Mary or Marie would be divorced out of the family if they made comments or had tantrums that Henrik has had. People complain that it’s sexist against men but patriarchy created these rules; it’s not Margethe’s fault that a King outranks a Queen. That is a ‘global standard’ and now that the tables are turned and it’s negatively affecting a man he wants to have a hissy fit about it. Oh well, again no one cares and I’m glad the Queen is unfazed.

  13. Such great points about the situation with King Consort as a title. Everyone’s argument is always that a king outranks a queen, not anymore really. A king only outranks a queen in people’s minds.

    On the subject of Henrik. After reading more about his life in Denmark. I’ve realized that people never really accepted him, they’ve never thought he spoke danish well because of his thick accent and in spite of his mastery of the language. It seems he’s endured some form of bullying or dislike for many years. In that respect I feel for him. I also know that if there were a situation in which a king was ill his wife as queen would be the head lady and attend to events as the main royal. For instance Victoria has never outranked Silvia. Despite being a blood-royal and next in line, there are rules, I just wish they would be followed equally.

  14. Thanks for such an interesting post KMR!! There are so many interesting royals besides the BRF and I’m so glad that you’ve decided to cover some of their events, weddings, births and the occasional odd bit like this story.

    Wow, Henrik’s a Class 3 Whiner!!! I’m wondering if Daisy is breathing a sigh of relief that she doesn’t have to spend eternity next to him? I think she should be awarded an Oscar as Best Actress Ever (sorry Meryl) for being able to stand next to this dolt and smile. My husband and I have no plans on being buried together, but if we had and he changed his mind and publicly stated that, I think my feelings would be very hurt so I really feel for Daisy.

    1. Just out of curiosity (and if it is too personal you of course don’t have to answer!) why are you and your husband not planning on getting buried next to each other? I have never heard of a case where a husband and wive were not buried next to each other (apart from the obvious reasons like when a man died in war and was buried on a cementary for soldiers or such things)…

      1. Thanks for asking M, no it’s not too personnel. My husband and I both wish to be cremated and our ashes scattered to the Four Directions, also we both have different places in mind, in the Four Directions, where we’d like to have them scattered. We believe that we’ll meet up again, regardless of where our bodies are.

      2. Some cemetries do not allow for “reserved” plot to be purchased – particularly in large cities where the land is at a premium. My parents are buried together – but that is in a rural cemetary. They lived in Melbourne Australia – whn dad died in 1994 there was no space available in any “local” cemetary.

  15. Wow, taking one’s anger to the grave and beyond. By not choosing to be buried next to his wife.
    To me, that’s hurtful. How can the rest of their marriage, as stated, above, be any better when that’s what he thinks? To me, because I am religious, it’s what is there beyond the grave that matters. Still, I would think Daisy’s feelings are hurt.

    1. Thank you for the pic! I think it is good for Queen M to be under the sarcophagus instead of inside it. It might be a security concern otherwise considering Diana’s brother says some people have tried to get to Diana’s burial place.

      1. When I first saw it I thought they would be in there together! Too ghoulish and too Snow White. I was relieved they would, or she alone would be under.

        I thought maybe Henrik was suffering from dementia, but obviously his nose has been out of joint for decades.

  16. If I’m remembering correctly, hasn’t Henrik pretty much holed himself up in France since his retirement? Judging by the public tantrum, I imagine it was no great loss on Daisy’s part. Sheesh.

    1. Yes, I believe you’re correct Amanda. Henrik’s been at his vineyard in France, which I have to ask would he have been able to afford a vineyard in France if he wasn’t the Prince Consort? Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

        1. I’m confused with the winery operation being turned over to another company a year or two ago. That has to take a cut in his profits, but I wonder if he still owns the whole thing himself? I also don’t know if the house at Cayx is part of the winery property or a different one entirely?

  17. Quick question:
    Why does everyone keep calling Queen M Daisy? Is that her real nickname or what the media call her?

    I had once been told that Philip never accepted the title Prince Consort because he wanted to avoid comparisons to Prince Albert who really acted as a King behind the scenes in all but name. Is that true?

    1. Marguerites flowers are daisies, thus it’s a common nickname for the many variations of the name Margaret. Though I’d pity anyone who called Princess Margaret that. I think her nickname was Margot.

    2. Daisy is Queen Margrethe’s childhood nickname and like Fifi said the origin of the nickname has to do with Marguerite also being the name of a daisy, so women named Marguerite and it’s variations like Margaret, Margrethe have been nicknamed Daisy.

      Margrethe’s maternal grandmother is Princess Margaret of Connaught, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria and she was also nicknamed Daisy.

    3. Thank you both for the info! I had no idea Daisy was a nickname for Margaret. I have a friend named Peggy who says her name is Margaret. I guess Peggy comes from a Celtic version of Margaret or something?

  18. Well it is sexism but not in the way this baby thinks of it: the title of King is always considered superior to a Queen (consort or regnant). So if there was a King Consort Henrik or King Henrik, then traditionally that would make his status above that of Queen Margrethe, the person who was actually born into this status rather than marrying in like Henrik.

    Either way, I don’t know how Queen Margrethe or their kids have put up with his petty and selfish man for this many years! And it also underscores that the whole monarchy, built on inequality should not even exist. It’s rich that Henrik expects equality within a wholly unequal institution

  19. I must be the only person to sort of like the sarcophagus. I’ve visited other royals’ graves and they have the human figure carved in stone above the actual grave, so this is a fairy-tale/modern version of that. Very Snow White.

    And yes, Henrik is an ass. I like Philip. I understand his frustration and he’s always done his duty and more. Henrik is a boy compared to Philip the man.

    1. You’re not the only one. The artst Bjørn Nørgaard also made the tapestries for the Banqueting Hall at Christiansborg Palace. A lot of people hated the sketches because the colours are very strong but I love them. It sounds weird but despite the garish colours they actually work with the room.

      So it’ll be interesting to see the final monument at Roskilde Cathedral (where Margrethe I is buried as well).

      1. Hi Art Historian!

        Nice to see you post 🙂

        I hope you and your family are all well?

        I’m hoping to see more of your comments as I always learn something when you make a comment.


        1. Thank you for you kind thoughts.

          I am well.

          I haven’t been around because I’ve just lost interest in the Lamebridges. They’ll never change and it feels like the discussion is just going in circles.

          I do sometimes check in on the other posts.

      2. I watched a documentary about Hampton Palace and they mentioned the tapestries that would have covered the walls of the Great Hall (I think). The colors people today associate with tapestries are actually faded, pale versions of the originals, so I’d love to see brighter tapestries and get a better idea of what these old places really looked like. By candlelight, of course.

  20. Well as women usually live longer than men, maybe he’ll go first and she can bury him where she wants! =)
    These older generation royal men really get on my nerves. He obviously wasn’t independent wealthy if he had to ask his wife for spending money so maybe he should be happy that the Danish people provided him luxurious homes, clothes, money and general lifestyle! At least Philip seemed to come to terms and do some good. This guy just seems to be a general jerk.
    no one wants to hear people gripe and complain about their lifestyle when they are living that kind of life. Hint hint William and Harry. I don’t want to trivialize the .01%ers issues but in the grand scheme asking your wife for spending $$ isn’t high on my list of world problems.
    This just seems like a last f-you to wife and the Danish people

    1. What strikes me is that he wants to be buried in Denmark and not his native France, so it seems like this move is directed at his wife, and perhaps the royal family and court, but not Denmark and its people, which IMO makes the gesture seem that much more contemptuous of the parties he’s unhappy with.

  21. I am starting to think QM should call his bluff. File for divorce and put something in the petition to the effect that since he is unhappy with his title, he can go back to the Count title he had before they were married. Also take away his diplomatic passport and most of his money from the govt.

    I guess he doesn’t realize that if he isn’t buried next to her, no one in the future is going to care where he is buried.

  22. Thanks for the interesting post KMR, you have summarized this very well.

    How horrible for Daisy to have her husband still complaining about this and then saying he doesn’t want to be buried with her? That’s just another slap in the face. How rude!

    As for him wanting to be made King Consort? He’s not the one with the Royal blood. Has he been sitting in France reading Fairy Tales all these years and thinking he would be King if he married a Queen? It just doesn’t work like that! It would be like Kate expecting to become Queen and rule over everyone if William died, if he gets to the throne that is. No, it would be George next, then Charlotte and then Uncle Harry. So someone needs to take his books away from him?

    As for having a title of “King Consort”? If he was given that title then, it seems, he would still find something else to moan about?

  23. Hi everyone, sorry to intrude on this article (and I agree that Henrik is being a pos, shames me to think to think that he is French-born) but I found something interesting regarding the “exodus of senior staff” as the DM has dubbed it and wanted to share it with you.

    I have mentioned it in the previous article on KMR (Mathilde and Philippe) but we have here the quasi-confirmartion of Edward Fox Lane leaving as well as Miguel Head. Fellow commenters have guessed it right and it appears that the Queen is retiring without really retiring and giving more power to Charles (and Clarence House appears to be the only stable office).

    The article mentions that HM is annoyed by the emotional outburst from WKH (videos about Heads Together, Diana our mother documentary, the statement and nobody wants to be king) … Which I agree with.

    Now that Charles seems to have a firmer hand in it, I wonder how the lazy trio react ?

    1. I think a lot of this goes back to how William was behaving around Christmas with their rival court, and all the leaks about how William considers himself a Middleton and not a Windsor; he’s probably really angry they’ll be attempted, once again, to be brought to heel… I doubt it will work.

  24. Prince Henrik should stomp off to the vineyard and just stay quietly out of sight. This latest outburst surely signals a broken relationship between himself and the Queen? She should banish him! I think the glass sarcophogas thing looks absolutely hideous. Striking yes, but hideous, much like some items of the dear Queen’s flamboyant wardrobe…..

    1. I agree, an occasional glimpse makes them feel real. Leti in holiday dresses off duty is great PR. The BRF just vanish…..holidaying on my money.

      1. I would love to see pics of Charles and Camilla on that yacht. Saw one pic of Charles in shorts – WEARING SHORTS!!- somewhere on the internet but it seems to have disappeared. Do you think they laze around drinking gin and tonics???

  25. I know I’m late to the game here, but I for one am thrilled for Queen Margrethe at this turn of events. She’ll actually get to rest in peace for once. #marriagejoke

  26. I had already heard about this so clicked it in a hurry when I saw that KMR had coverage. Then, came back this morning for my daily-read and just now noticed the headline…

    Thanks for the morning chuckle KMR!

  27. It wasnt an open Google seminar Kensington palace refuses to comment on it and only one main newspaper spoke about it about 5 days to a week after it was finished Google barley paid 36 million from a 1 billion profit last year should the royals really be anywhere near them

  28. In anew interview he said his wife has ‘made him a fool’ and how she wants to be a queen more than a wife and wah wah poor me wah wah so he doesn’t want to be buried alongside her. He only will if she makes him king consort. Wow, what a cad.

      1. I think he has always been this petulant, but damn,, it’s appalling! I can’t wait to read your article about it!

  29. What a strange and spiteful announcement to make. Who does he think he is punishing with such behaviour? I don’t understand why he thinks he should be King. He’s the partner, the foreigner who married the Queen. She’s the Queen first, everything else second. Honours and gratitude should be earned – if he has been an exemplary support to his wife then people will honour him, regardless of titles. Stamping his foot like a child, maybe he’s a bit senile? He can buy a plot in some suburban cemetery and he’ll be forgot.

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