Swedish Royals at the Nobel Prize Ceremony and Banquet

Swedish Royals at the Nobel Prize Ceremony and Banquet

One of my favorite events of the entire royal year is the Nobel Prize Ceremony because of the fashion and tiaras. This year, the entire adult Swedish Royal Family came out for the event: King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine, and Chris O’Neill. And there were some wows, and some what thes.


I didn’t think anything could top Victoria’s 2014 Nobel look, but man her 2016 Nobel look is probably my new favorite of all of Victoria’s Nobel looks.


Victoria’s bespoke purple/grey gown with gold appliqué is by H&M. It’s gorgeous. I love the one-shoulder detail, the fullness of the shirt, the train, the color – everything.

Victoria wore the Steel Cut Tiara, which doesn’t photograph very well but on the live stream it was glittering like it actually had diamonds in it. Victoria added the earrings, necklace, brooch, and bracelet from the Cameo parure to round out her jewelry. And I think the blue of the Riband and Star of the Order of the Seraphim and the Portrait of the King worked perfectly with the coloring of the dress.


Silvia was just a ball of sparkles in her silver sequin gown.

Silvia chose the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara and the earrings, necklace, and brooch from the Leuchtenberg Sapphire parure. Interestingly, the interior fabric of Silvia’s dress seems to be the same the blue color of the Riband and Star of the Order of the Seraphim and the Portrait of the King.

While Victoria gave me such a fashion high, Sofia and Madeleine… not so much.


Sofia went with a striking color, but her bespoke emerald green House of Dagmar gown just isn’t my taste. I dislike how high up on the throat the neckline is, and how flared the sleeves are. The gown just swamps Sofia.

Oddly enough, the one time Sofia actually wore an emerald gown she opted to forgo her emerald wedding tiara. Sofia finally got another tiara option to wear: the Steel Cut Bandeau Tiara. I think we need to do a Center Part Intervention with Sofia, though.


Sofia’s diamond and emerald earrings are the same ones she borrowed from Silvia for last year’s Nobels. Sofia also wore a diamond brooch attached to the Riband of the Order of the Seraphim, and the Portrait of the King.

Madeleine chose bespoke Fadi el Khoury again this year, but while her 2014 and 2015 gowns worked so well, this year’s didn’t work for me. The sheer top doesn’t seem to fit correctly, and the fluffy skirt just isn’t my taste. This is definitely on the lower end of my favorite Nobel looks from Madeleine.

Madeleine went with the Connaught Tiara this year, and while she also went with a center part I’m giving it a pass since it’s not a harsh part like Sofia’s continually is.


Madeleine wore diamond and pearl drop earrings, and a diamond and pearl bow brooch with a pearl drop. She also wore the Riband and Star of the Order of the Seraphim, and the Portrait of the King.

While I was watching the live stream of the Nobel Banquet when they were showing the vignettes about each food course, I was getting so hungry. All this food looks so delicious. The Swedish Royal Website hasn’t put the menu online yet, but I’ll update when they do.


Here is a photo fo the table setting for the Banquet.

Photos: SVT / Getty

81 thoughts on “Swedish Royals at the Nobel Prize Ceremony and Banquet

          1. I also thought, “Oh, she might be pregnant.” The color of the dress was gorgeous, but the style was not, imo,. Too much going on and I don’t think she could pull it off. Max probably could make that dress rock.

    1. Definitely a possibility, but Sofia has also been wearing a lot of looser clothes post-baby, so it might be she just doesn’t feel comfortable in more closer fitting dresses right now.

  1. Sophia’s dress looks like an ammature designed it. Bad neckline, bad sleeves, too many seams, and too much volume for such a bold color and shiny fabric. Madeleine’s dress looks too big on her, like she lost weight after the fitting. I like the color, but it is too big on her.

    But let’s get real, who will notice anyone with Victoria the Magnificent in the room! I said on the post about Victoria’s Nobel fashions that she looked better each year, and I stick to that comment. She looks so beautiful and so regal here. Still youthful, but very dignified. I love the jewels and the steel cut tiara. I think the tiara is pretty, but I think I like the name more. It sound like it doubles as a weapon. Like Wonder Woman’s tiara. If someone tries to start some trouble, Victoria will throw her tiara like a boomerang and cut that baddie!

    1. I agree with your assessment. But when I hear the name steel cut tiara instead of a weapon I think about steel cut oatmeal. Can you tell I’m currently breastfeeding constantly thinking about ways to increase my supply?? LOL

    2. Hi Jet, The Order of Splendor mentioned that Madeleine wasn’t happy with this dress and tailors worked most of the night trying to fix it, maybe that’s why it wasn’t fitting well.

  2. Victoria looks magnificent! Wow. Just wow. She looks vibrant and beautiful. Girl knows how to rock a tiara and ball gown. I always find it interesting when she wears couture H&M. Is H&M nicer in Sweden compared to the US? In my mind it would be like Michelle Obama getting a couture dress from the GAP for a state banquet.

    Madeleine’s dress looks like it needed some editing. Like either that top with a sleeker skirt or the skirt with a simpler top. Both together is too much. The color looks lovely in her though. I like her hair and makeup here despite the center part. And though I don’t usually like the Connaught tiara, I actually like it with this look.

    Now onto Sofia. I love the color on her, she can pull it off. That’s about all I like. I’m also underwhelmed by her hair and tiara choice. Overall this look is a miss for me.

    1. I’m pretty sure that H&M is a Swedish company so their designers do couture stuff. I’ve seen it on some European celebs.

  3. Yippee!! This is my favorite too!
    Victoria: looked absolutely perfect. I loved the cameo necklace with her outfit I wish my local H&M store sold that dress =) Just lovely all the way around
    silvia: dress would work better if it was more fitted IMO. Love the jewels tho
    Madeline: love the bottom part of the dress and reminiscent of some Oscar de la renta dresses a couple years back. I would like it more with a bodice type top. Again love her jewels and think she looks lovely as well
    Sofia: nope the dress looks like something out the 60s formal wear. Still dislike the center part. Do like that she has a different tiara tho as I’m not a fan of her emerald one.
    Thanks for including the tablescape =) I think the look beautiful

  4. Thank you for a wonderful post with everything, gowns, tiaras, jewels, food, place settings and flowers.

    That is a supreme look for Victoria. Love the gown, especially the color. I also am a huge fan of the cameos and am so glad she wore them. I never thought I’d like steel cut, but wow, who needs diamonds with all that sparkle?

    Silvia is okay; makes me wonder if she is going to go the white hair and caftan route. I thought the beautiful sapphires were a little lost in all the silver beads and sequins.

    Beautiful color on Madeleine, but I think the organza (?) top wasn’t right for pinning on the brooch and order, it look like they pulled the fabric askew.

    Sofia’s reminded me of a hostess gown my mother had in the 60s. I also thought the blue sash killed the green of the dress/coat.

    I noticed that all the Swedish ladies wore their tiaras correctly, even Sofia, because hers really is just a hairband. Kate’s hairdresser please take note.

  5. Wow! Wow! Wow!! Victoria brought her A-game!! She looks so regal, beautiful, sexy, confident, and happy!!

    Silvia? Love you but…..just no.

    Maddie? She’s got a smile that can light up a room, and she can totally work the color pink (and I can’t stand cotton candy pink!) but the cut is all wrong.

    Finally, Sofia?! Good gravy we definitely need a center-part-intervention! Also, though the color looks fabulous with her skin tone, the cut/layout/design of this dress is all kinds of wrong for her. And yes, she definitely should’ve worn her emerald tiara plus, why wasn’t her hair up to show off the earrings? Sigh….

    Good news: I MAY be able to bring my dog, Missy, with me to Tampa. I’ll be there for a week for my annual transplant checkup (eek!). Christmas (YAY!!) and spend time with my familia–especially my sisters!! The last time we three were together was last Christmas (yes, I’m quoting the song and yes, literally ;-)) and next Friday, we plan on getting a sisters tattoo and it’ll be my first!! For anyone with a tattoo, got any tips for me? I already talked to my transplant clinic and they gave me the green light for it and my sister, Mel, has been doing her research on tattoo parlors that are safe for me. 🙂

    Anyway, whew!

    1. Hi Kimothy, congrats on your first tattoo!!! I too am a painted lady and have always loved tattoos! The most important thing to remember of post-tattoo care is to keep it hydrated. Most tattoo artists recommend Aquapher, so be prepared to apply a generous amount on your new tattoo every day for about a week. Can I ask what kind of tattoo are you and your sisters getting?

      1. Hope the link works!


        I would get the Resurrection Stone (because of fact that I keep my donor alive and the fact that I’m into genealogy and keep our deceased family members memories close to me), Sam wants the Invisibility Cloak (because she’s afraid of death though I reminded her that the third brother greeted death like an old friend), and Mel is left with the Elder Wand haha!

        Also, I’ve been having this tattoo idea of my own cooking in my head and I hope the artiest can at least draw it so that I can get it down. I’ll try to explain it to you:

        Okay, so you’ve got a square cut in four pieces, like a window pane I guess. The one on the upper left represents Spring with the Japanese Cherry Blossoms because I love what the blossoms symbolize (the fragility and beauty of life….and reminder that life is beautiful but tragically short). The Summer section (upper right) would have the sun, some Sunflowers and white Daisies (my favorite flowers!). I wanted to include it because I got my transplant during the summertime (June). The lower left pane would represent Autumn because it’s my favorite season. Of course, I’d have shades of orange, red, and yellow. Don’t know if I’d do it via trees or what. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The last pane (lower right) would be Winter and have a Christmas tree, winter scene (yeah, I know it’s weird since I live in Florida 😉 ) and a birthday cake since my birthday is in Winter (January!).

        Anyway, in the center of the window pane (and seasons) would be a butterfly but not just any butterfly. The human lungs would be the wings and the human heart would be the body or so. I can (mostly) picture it in my head and ugh!! I know it’s not a cheap idea and yes, I’d probably do it in increments but wow….I so want to do this!!

        1. Oh, this design sounds beautiful and so meaningful for you and all that you’ve experienced! I love the heart and lung butterfly, I bet it will be gorgeous!

    2. Tattoo Tips:

      Don’t laugh. I laughed at one point when I got mine and it caused my arm to move and the guy messed up a line. I can still see where the mistake is.

      Remember to breathe, and kind of just zone out while it’s happening – that’s what got me through the pain.

      It typically hurts more when they’re tattooing over bone than over more fleshy areas.

      Make sure you are certain about what design you want and the placement of it. Know that the tattoo artist knows more about tattoos than you do so if he says not to put the tattoo on a certain area (like the wrist if it’s an intricate tattoo) then trust that he knows best. BUT don’t make a rash decision to move the placement of the tattoo. If he says to not place it in the area you want to place it, then wait a while and make sure you want it in wherever you choose to change the placement to. Tattoos are permanent (well, there is laser removal but that’s much worse than the actual tattoo process) so make sure you really want the tattoo in the spot you want it before actually getting it.

      Tattoos hurt worse afterward than while getting them. It hurts a bit while getting it (it was much less painful than I thought it was going to be, though), but it will sting like crazy after it’s over.

      DO NOT SCRATCH YOUR TATTOO! It warrants caps lock. I forgot I got a tattoo the morning after I got mine and I scratched it (because it itched) and it hurt 100X more when I scratched it the morning after than it did while getting it or any time afterward.

      Know that tattoos “bleed” and fade over time. What will look dark black when you get it will start to fade in about two years. And a thin line will start to “bleed” and be much less thin and defined.

      1. For me it was more having to sit in an awkward position because I have 1 on my ankle and the other on my back. Both aren’t huge. It took maybe 20 minutes each. Other than that, it wasn’t painful for me and the one on my back was over my spine. But pain tolerance is different for everyone. And I agree on the not scratching part. It was unbelievably itchy after! I kept scratching around it hoping that would help. Nope. It didn’t. But I love both of my tats.

        1. Thank you for the tat tips ladies! I’m both nervous and excited!!

          Update: I *will* be able to bring my dog with me to Tampa!!! YAY!! Mom and Dad are coming up here on Thursday and we’ll go back on Friday!! I’ve already put the gifts in my suitcase to make sure it’s not available to the naked eye haha!! Missy doesn’t like my parents dog, Chico (Jack Russell Terrier, he’s a sweetie but suuuuuuuper hyper and affectionate/playful) but I’m sure she’d rather be around him than be bordered here in Tallahassee!!

          My annual is next Tuesday (12/20) and I’m already sending up silent prayers to God and my donor!! I’m going to be experiencing a battery of tests like blood work (first thing! Ugh!), PFTs (pulmonary function test), bony density scan, X-ray, ultrasound, echo, EKG, clinic (where I’ll get to show off my tat!), aaaaand I think that’s it! I have to be at the hospital by 6:15 and it should take up all of my morning.

  6. Victoria’s look is all around perfect. A great match of wearer to design, and the jewelry choices were inspired.

    I love Madeleine’s head – hair & tiara & face are flawless. Her dress? Not so much.

    Sofia can rock that smaller steel cut tiara remarkably well, but I’d put in a few bucks for the center part intervention and kindly suggest she not wear gowns that appear to be inspired by her mother-in-law’s wedding dress. It just doesn’t work for her, even in that glorious shade of green.

    1. I thought the same thing of Sofia’s gown, it is reminiscent of Silvia’s wedding gown. I don’t mind a middle part, each to their own. I think Sofia wore her crown & hair well but was disappointed not to see her wedding tiara 🙁

    2. I totally agree about Madeleine. She looks amazing from the neck up and the Connaught tiara suits her really well, as does he current hair color. Though I kind of like the skirt portion of her dress and like others here think it could have looked amazing with the right bodice/top.

  7. Thanks for such a wonderful post KMR!! I look forward to this Nobel Prize post each year, I don’t really care who won what Prize but definitely look forward to see what the royal women will be wearing and they certainly didn’t disappoint this year! Victoria, imo, just gets more beautiful with each passing year! And her choice of dress, tiara and jewels this year is perfection!!! While I might end up being in the minority here, I like Silvia’s dress. It looks comfortable, yet perfect for this event with all the bling!

    Now to make the Christmas season complete, Victoria and Daniel need to release their annual holiday video with their cuties, Estelle and Oscar!! I have loved seeing Estelle baking cookies, trimming the tree and just being adorable, how great that we’ll get to see Oscar this year too!!

        1. In theory yes in reality no. Most Nobel committee members are men.Plus, They aren’t above politics.
          Many thought that a Syrian poet Adonis (who was considered a favorite) wouldn’t get it becuase of the situation in Syria. Another favorite was a Kenyan writer Ngugi but for some reason they thought bob Dylan was better?? Please, if we’re going the popular route, why not jk Rowling who got the young, old and in between, all over the world reading again?
          I maybe could give the science categories a pass as they are usually nominees from decades past but that too seems to be the Nobel stance, most women have won in literature or peace category.

  8. Agree, Victoria’s gown is perfection. Just stunning.

    I actually love Madeleine’s dress, but I think she looks great in anything, she is so beautiful. And always good to see Chris.

    Poor Sofia.

    I love The Nobels because they occur on my birthday. Oh, and because they honor some of the greatest achievements. Congratulations to Juan Manuel Santos!

      1. Thanks, everyone. I watched the doc Hamilton’s America. Sooooooo good, I was tearing up.

        Chernow’s book is excellent. Hope you get it as a Christmas gift, Sarah!

        1. Ha, I finally got it from the library! Slow readers when your anxiously awaiting a book?
          I do think I’ll ask for the mixtape soundtrack for Christmas tho! It just different enough that a I could have both without seeming to have a problem =)

  9. Maddie has to be the most beautiful royal of all lliving royals! Victoria was stunning. Sofia was a hot mess. The food looked absolutely delicious!

    1. Maddie won the gene lottery. She’s stunning, but she’s also such a good person and pretty funny. I got a good feel for her as wife, mom, and daughter during her and Chris’ interview on TV last year. All of that character just adds to her beauty.

    2. +1
      Maddie’s beauty is breathtaking. If I were another of the royals (they are almost all unfortunate looking) I would be dying of envy ?

  10. Absolutely stellar showing from Victoria this year. I know many hate the steel tiaras but I love them, and she rocks that big feathered hunk of metal like nobody else can. Poor Maddie. She always looks fantastic and this year is a miss. But after reading what was going on with it prior to the event, I’ll give her some credit. Her hair and makeup are always on point. Just no, Silvia. You’re not 22 anymore.

    I, for one, am happy to finally see Sofia in something other than her wedding tiara. It’s not my favorite and it’s always plunked on her head without any styling whatsoever. It sits so flat and rigid and never looks like it fits. I’d love to see her in this bandeau with a proper updo and some backing for the tiara. She’d kill it in her wedding tiara with the right hair and better placement. The dress would get a pass from me if it was fitted in the bodice. I don’t hate it but it doesn’t fit.

    The men are yummy, as always. This is my favorite event of the year. The BRF could do to learn a few things from the Swedes.

  11. WOW! I need to expand my top-looks-from-Victoria list. She definitely knows how to make entrance. I really want to see in what form H&M has this look in the normal range. I guess it will be a skirt?
    Silvia: Nice try but no
    Sofia: The tiara is well placed but the hair is a no for me. The green dress has a lovely colour. The frumpy look reminds me of a lot of cuts that are said to be in style right now. Doesn’t make it better.
    Madeleine: Gorgeous from the chin up. The dress is like a Barbie explosion. I can’t bring myself to like it. The colour is awful. The ruffles overload might have worked in a dark colour.

    Victoria made up for them all. To me her looks are rather huge hits or misses. This year she outshined everyone.

    1. It is not new but it is unclear whether it is part of the Bernadotte Family Foundation or Victoria’s personal tiara.

  12. I adore that a simple egg is elevated to art on that plate. Lol.

    Must remember to present my hard boiled eggs thus!!?

    I love all their looks except Madelaine’s dress.

    I can see where she was going with the design, but she’s going 80s Dallas matronly with that dress. I can see texan socialite Lynn Wyatt in that dress.

    The colour looks good on her though and she wears tiaras with such a casual air.

    I like that Sofia experiments with her dresses. At some point a ballgown is a ballgown blending into each other. If i have any criticism, is that it looks a tad too big for hervand the material looks stiff, but green is her colour and i like the gown.

    Victoria the magnificent. Nuff said.

    Silvia the Queen mum.

    Btw, does anyone know why the norwegian royals attend the ceremony, but do not stay for the banguet?

    1. The Norwegian royals do their own ceremony and banquet in Norway for the Peace Prize. They don’t attend the Swedish celebrations.

  13. Victoria looks amazing! Really like the colour and cut on her. And does she ever age? Looking at pictures of her at the banquet one can see changes but overall she looks the same over the years.
    I’m kinda envious!

    Not quite sure what Silvia is wearing. Trying smt new is okay but no.. not working for me.

    Madeleine can wear pink pretty well and with her look she can hardly look bad, yet she done better before.

    Sofia can wewr this kind of green pretty well and her wedding tiara would have work pretty well here too.. just the cut of the dress, idk. Somehow old fashioned and wondered if she is pregnant again.

    1. Agreed, Victoria is a warrior princess in this dress. I love that she pulls out the steel cut tiara and goes for a completely different vibe than Disney princess. She totally gets what being a “princess” is in today’s world–it is respect for tradition, solid PR, natural yet strong, leadership with a sense of intertwined destiny. Sounds hard but really isn’t once you get it, which she does. I’m so glad that Vic isn’t going to be skipped for Carl Philip. When people don’t have to work for something, they often get spoiled, petulant and boring. Sound familiar?

      I think the BRF released the Diplomatic pic because they knew the Nobel Prize ceremony was coming and they want to grab media attention back from the SRF. I think there’s a little jealousy how popular the SRF has become. BRF has always had the lion’s share of attention and we’ve all seen how silly, frivolous, entitled and workshy many have become.

      Charles and Cam work hard, but Charles has something about him where it really seems like the visits are always about him and not the people he’s representing or highlighting. Anne is great, but ditto. Sophie is the only one that seems to go to things because she’s there for others. An interesting note is how she wore the gold cuff necklace recently which Di famously wore, and no negative feedback (although I felt a sad pang remembering Di) but no one wanted it back in the vault for 20 more years. It’s not as iconic as the CLK but the pics of Di in it are well known, so Sophie’s work and genuine outreach make the necklace more about interest in her rather than a posed picture. This says a lot about Kate not creating an identity for herself, so it seems she’s trying to riff her MIL popularity, which is only going to get her largely negative blowback.

      If I ran things, I would look at the family, not on a direct line of succession. In these times, people are torn with keeping cultural traditions, which these families in part represent, but with pressing financial concerns and not wanting the continuation of entitlement oppression. A balance could be struck by continuing the royal line as given by the people at decided on times to a member of the family, and that member serving until say 70 years old. The people could add on another 10 years if that member wants to continue and is doing a good job, or choose someone new in the family within a certain age group. This uncertainty might push the members to step up, and the ones that don’t want to be public spokespersons, etc. don’t have to–they just don’t get the money or the titles. They would have some freedom which maybe they would prefer. I think would be an interesting combination of republicanism and monarchy. Thoughts?

      Of course, I bring this up because of HM. The more I think of it, I would pick Zara to be the next royal. She and Mike are very grounded, very English, tough but fun, loving but not spoiled. I think they would do an excellent job. I love Harry but I think he wants his own life too, or would prefer something on the lower tier. Ultimately, I think they would like the Choice rather than the Must. But they aren’t honest enough to admit it and give up the money and privilege. Sorry, long post!

      1. “…grab attention back from the SRF…”They don’t need to tbh.The British royal family is easily the most popular royal family in the world.Don’t know about it’s future popularity,but in the current world it is the most recognizable far and away.

        1. I agree. I think the SRF are popular among “royal watchers” but I don’t know how well known they are among the general populace.

      2. The necklaces are not the same. Sophie wore HM’s piece; Diana had one of her own. They look similar but are not the same.

  14. I don’t think I’ve ever, ever said this before about anyone, never mind a royal, but Victoria is perfection. The dress is gorgeous, the accessories amazingly apt. I want that dress. I had no idea that H&M did this sort of thing. Really, she’s a vision.

    No contest here- I agree with KMR, hands down this is the best (and most exceptional) dress she’s ever worn at the Nobels.

  15. KMR, are you going to cover today’s Nobel dinner? I can’t figure out quite what part of the ceremonies it is.

    Anyway, there are pics on Royaldish if anyone is brave enough to venture to that site.

    1. I’ll have coverage of that event later – it’ll probably post at midnight depending on when I can get photos.

  16. I want Victoria’s dress! I’ll never have anywhere to wear it, but I want it. It’s absolutely gorgeous. She looked stunning.

    Did not like Silvia’s dress. Too big and loose and sparkly. She’s too trim to start wearing caftans.

    Sofia… Oy. No, just no.

    Maddie can never NOT look spectacular. The dress wasn’t great, but she sort of managed to pull it off as only she could. What a beautiful woman.

  17. Kudos to Madeline for taking a fashion risk,though the gown is hideous. But she’s such a pretty lady and nothing can bring down the sparkle of her smile! Sophia looks terrible and her skin looks super dry- does she smoke?

    Victoria looks amazing! The neckline is so interesting and the dress so dramatic and princessy. Can’t believe it’s a H&M dress! And the steel cut tiara suits Victoria the best!

  18. I never have anything nice to say about Sofia because she disgusts me so much.

    Madde and Victoria look great. I’m not a fan of Madde’s dress, but she is so beautiful and so content in her own skin she makes it work. Victoria as always: I’m here, I’m the Crown Princess! She looks beautiful. Not a fan of the tiara, though, and I’m not keen on he one shouldered gown; sleeves like her wedding dress would have been lovely.

  19. Has Victoria or any of the other ladies ever wore the cameo necklace and earrings Victoria is wearing? They look gorgeous!!

    1. Victoria has worn them a few times. As far as I am aware, neither Madeleine nor Sofia have. Silvia of course has worn them a number of times.

  20. Victoria stole the show! She looked amazing and the gown is one of the most spectacular I’ve seen of late. She is just exceptional in so many ways.

    Maddie is so beautiful that her gown just got lost in her sparkle and stunning overall appearance. I did not like the sheer top an sleeves and the fluffy skirt didn’t rock my boat, but she really is so beauaiful.

  21. I was so looking forward to this event. The SRF never disappoints. They all looked amazing. Victoria stole the night with her look. Her dress is exactly what Princess should be wearing, her elegance and poise + her jewels ? and accessories (I loved her bronze/ gold heels) ohhhh her tiara goes perfectly with her gorgeous gown.
    Victoria is also rocking and amazing body. So slim and fit and healthy.

    I have always considered Maddie the prettiest of all the blood royals and I think she looks lovely in baby pink. Her dress is *different * but I like it. Her tiara compliments her look too.

    How surprising Sofía did not wear her emerald tiara. I kinda get the feeling she planned on wearing it with her dress and then maybe got the new loaned tiara at the last minute? Her dress is not flattering. The color is nice on her but the shape of it is just odd.

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