Royal Rewind: Crown Princess Victoria at Nobel Prize Ceremony

Royal Rewind: Crown Princess Victoria at Nobel Prize Ceremony

I covered Princess Madeleine at the Nobels last week, so let’s continue our look back at past Nobel Prize Ceremonies with a walk through Crown Princess Victoria‘s past appearances.


Crown Princess Victoria turned 18 in 1995 and that year she attended her first ever Nobel Prize Ceremony. She wore a pretty red dress with short sleeves, her 18th Birthday Tiara, a pearl necklace, a brooch, and the Sash and Star of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden) and the Portrait of the King.


The purple gown Victoria wore in 1997 is not quite iconic, but it is one of her most memorable gowns. The gown is so memorable that when The Princess Diaries went looking for gown inspiration for Princess Mia, they turned to this one, recreating it for the film.

Victoria wore the Four Button Tiara, a diamond necklace and earrings, a diamond bow brooch, and the Sash and Star of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden) and the Portrait of the King.

PS. This was the year that the palace announced Victoria was seeking treatment for anorexia.


Victoria wore a pink gown in 2000, along with the Four Button Tiara, diamond earrings and necklace, a bug brooch, and the Sash and Star of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden) and the Portrait of the King.


2001 saw Victoria in a red, spaghetti-strap gown and the Baden Fringe Tiara, diamond earrings and necklace, and a diamond and ruby brooch. She of course wore the Sash and Star of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden) and the Portrait of the King.


2003 brought on more spaghetti-straps (this time in light blue) and the return of the Four Button Tiara. She wore the same diamond earrings and necklace as in 2000, and wore a diamond flower brooch pinned to her Sash of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden). She also wore her Portrait of the King.


2004 was a much better year for Victoria, although she was still working those spaghetti-straps. She wore a slinky pink gown with a small train, and brought out the Steel Cut Tiara. She wore a diamond necklace with a pearl drop, pearl earrings, and a diamond flower brooch. And the Sash and Star of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden) and the Portrait of the King, as always.


Victoria really adored spaghetti-straps in the early-2000s. 2005 brought even more of them, this time in white with a bejeweled midsection. Victoria wore the Baden Fringe Tiara, the Processional Necklace, pearl earrings, and a diamond floral brooch. The Sash and Star of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden) and the Portrait of the King made an appearance as they do at every white tie function.


2006 finally saw Victoria move away from the spaghetti-straps. The berry-colored gown she wore is a repeat from Prince Albert’s 2005 enthronement celebrations. For the Nobels, Victoria paired the gown with the Baden Fringe Tiara, a diamond necklace, the earrings from the Amethyst Parure, a diamond floral brooch, and the Sash and Star of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden) and the Portrait of the King. This whole look was used for Victoria’s Barbie.


In 2007, Victoria wore a black and white Pär Engsheden creation made of satin and chiffon. The bodice is black and white ombre, and the black skirt has some white fabric sticking out of her butt. The skirt isn’t a good look.

Victoria wore the Six Button Tiara, diamond earrings, a diamond necklace with a flower pendant, and a large diamond brooch. And of course the Sash and Star of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden) and the Portrait of the King.


Victoria’s fuchsia red 2008 gown was also designed by Pär Engsheden. Victoria wore the Baden Fringe Tiara and the earrings and brooch from the Amethyst Parure. She also wore the Sash and Star of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden) and the Portrait of the King.


Victoria’s 2009 look is near perfection for me – but it ended up my fourth favorite Nobel look from Victoria. She wore a plum purple dress in silk satin with the Six Button Tiara and the earrings, necklace, and brooch from the Amethyst Parure, along with the Sash and Star of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden) and the Portrait of the King.

The only thing I would have changed would be to swap out the Six Button for the Baden Fringe.


Elie Saab designed Victoria’s 2010 gown and I think this is the third best Victoria has ever looked at the Nobels. This gown features beige chiffon and silk crepe with sequin and pearl embroidery. Victoria wore the Steel Cut Tiara, and although it’s one of my least favorite tiaras it still looks alright with this gown.

Victoria also wore pearl earrings, a diamond necklace, diamond bow brooch, and the Sash and Star of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden) and the Portrait of the King.


In 2011, Victoria was pregnant with Princess Estelle, and her sequined sapphire blue maternity gown at the Nobels that year was designed by Pär Engsheden. She wore the Six Button Tiara with the earrings, brooch, and hairpins from the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Parure. As always, Victoria wore the Sash and Star of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden) and the Portrait of the King.


2012 was another sparkly year for Victoria. She opted for an emerald green Elie Saab creation in tulle and chiffon with matte sequins and beads. Victoria dug out the Four Button Tiara and added an extra line of diamonds, and paired it with an emerald necklace and two brooches (one on her shoulder and one in her hair). She also wore diamond earrings and the Sash and Star of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden) and the Portrait of the King.


Crown Princess Victoria Nobel Prize Ceremony 1

Victoria skipped the 2013 Nobels (because she flew to South Africa for the memorial service for Nelson Mandela), but returned in 2014 with a bang. Victoria wore Pär Engsheden: a strapless, rose-colored ballgown in silk with a voluminous skirt, elegant draping, and a train at the back.

Victoria wore the Baden Fringe Tiara, a large diamond cross necklace, a ruby brooch, a diamond bracelet, and diamond earrings. She also wore a diamond brooch in her hair, and the Sash and Star of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden) and the Portrait of the King.

This is definitely my favorite Nobel look from Victoria.

Crown Princess Victoria Hair and Brooch


The 2015 Nobel Ceremony brought my second favorite Nobel look from Victoria. She wore an aubergine silk chiffon gown and cape from By Malina paired with the Connaught Tiara and the necklace, earrings, and two brooches (one securing her sash; the other in her hair) from the Amethyst Parure. She also wore two diamond bracelets and the Sash and Star of the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden) and the Portrait of the King.

Victoria’s Nobel Tiara Scoreboard:

  • 18th Birthday Tiara (1): 1995
  • Four Button Tiara (4): 1997, 2000, 2003, 2012
  • Baden Fringe Tiara (5): 2001, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2014
  • Steel Cut Tiara (2): 2004, 2010
  • Six Button Tiara (3): 2007, 2009, 2011
  • Connaught Tiara (1): 2015

52 thoughts on “Royal Rewind: Crown Princess Victoria at Nobel Prize Ceremony

  1. That red ballgown is just perfection.

    Thanks for the retrospectives, KMR! I love them and I love Victoria and Madeleine, so it’s great.

    Mmm tiaras and gowns.

  2. The red gown from 2014 is my favorite of her looks ever. The only thing I’d have skipped is the heavy necklace as it seems to be weighing her down. I really hope this gown won’t be a created for special occasions never wear again gown for her.

    1. Typically, both Silvia and Victoria have new gowns created for the Nobels and then repeat them for different functions later on like the Official Dinner, State Visits, or weddings. So we may see that red gown again (I hope). Maddie usually does the same thing, but she did wear at least one repeated gown to the Nobels.

      1. Yes, I know they tend to repeat gowns from the Nobel festivities (our family has a long history as royal followers, my great-grandmother started it in the 1920’s!) but somehow I doubt we’ll ever see this one again. It’s just that the skirt is so wide and the color is so eye-catching that I cannot really imagine Victoria wearing this to Sweden dinners, foreign weddings or state visits – she’d most likely overshadow everyone with a dress like this. But we will see, I really hope to see this one again.

      2. Maddie also wore her mother’s 2001 Nobel gown as her wedding reception gown. I wonder, if they’d had a smaller wedding, if she would have worn that dress as her wedding gown.

  3. I just adore the way she wore her hair in 2012! I love the tiara, and with the braids on her updo and the brooch in her hair, this was literally perfection.

  4. Victoria has an uncanny knack for looking great in tiaras that, up until she wore them, I did not care for. I did not like the Cameo Tiara but she looked spectacular in that tiara on her wedding day. The Connaught Tiara seems popular but it never did anything for me until Victoria wore it to Carl Philip’s wedding. Now looking at this Rewind I find myself liking the Four-Button Tiara!

    Also, are my eyes deceiving me, but did she change necklaces in 2000?

    1. Yeah, for some reason she changed necklaces between the Ceremony and the Banquet.

      1. No, the jeweler was there and put it back together. Hence the gap in the front where it’s crooked in all the wedding photos. It was properly repaired after the wedding.

  5. My favourite look (till now) is the sapphire blue maternity gown by Pär Engsheden and the six button tiara in 2012. I love just everything of this look.
    Also in the top three: the red ballgown in 2014 (every inch a queen!) and the green Elie Saab in 2013.
    Honorably mentioned: The bodice of the black and white Pär Engsheden dress in 2007. A different skirt and this look would have been beautiful.
    I think she wears the six button tiara so great. This rewind made me realize how much I love this it.

  6. Victoria. Step away from the spaghetti straps. It’s for your own good. 😉

    I think my favorite overall look is 2010 – the dress is just perfect with the Steel Cut tiara, which is hard to pair well.

    Her hair is just wonderful in 2012 and I love how the Swedes do formal up-dos and sometimes with the brooch in the hair. I think it was Queen Silvia who started doing that, saying that so many people only get to look at her from the back, so she wanted to give them something nice to look at haha

    2014 was amazing in it’s wow factor. I remember when I first saw her, I actually gasped!

    Poor thing looks really tired in 2015. It’s sometimes tough to keep up during pregnancy, I know from my own experience.

  7. My favorites are the red ballgown and the blue sequined maternity gown. Some of Victoria’s dresses and tiara placement were pretty bad. But what stood out is her beauty. There’s something about her that I just love. I remember that the jacket for the periwinkle was made because of her eating disorder. I will always respect her for her honesty about it and seemingly flourishing from it.

    Thanks for the rewind with beautiful Vic and jewels, KMR.

    1. It’s always interesting to see these dresses from the early 2000’s. I have to remind myself that they were likely quite elegant and fashionable then, even though they don’t look like it now. The 2000’s were a weird time for fashion.

      I don’t like many of the tiaras that Victoria wears on a regular basis including both of the button tiaras and the Baden Fringe. The Baden Fringe is too spikey for me and the button tiaras look too disjointed.

      My favorite look is the most recent purple look. I think the color was amazing with her skin and hair color and her make up accented her eyes and the dress/jewels perfectly. I also have dark brown eyes (almost black, very rare for a ginger like me) and often wear this type of dark purple eye shadow. It looks great with brown eyes!

      I would love to see her wear the Amethyst Tiara to the event this year!

  8. Daniel is so supportive. I like the first photo of Victoria. I think the first I know about Victoria and Madeleine was back in the early 2000’s. I adore the Baden Fringe Tiara and the Four Button Tiara. i Also like the intricate plaits in the hair and the broaches used as clasps. The green and the red broach especially. Thank you KMR, for both rewinds.

  9. I like her in the more form fitting cuts because she has the shape for it and wears them to good effect. The Elie Saab gown- a big no, because the colour is awful on her, but it is probably my favourite styling. I love the addition of brooches to her hair.

    I had no idea the Nobels were so blinged out! I’m always disappointed that the gems don’t sparkle in photos.

  10. Victoria is another beautiful and self-assured woman. She glows. That red strapless number is just sensational. I agree with rhiannon, that there were a few misses, but all in all, I think she is gorgeous. Interesting fact, KMR, that the purple gown was used as one to be used for style purposes in The Princess Diaries.

    I love the four button tiara and the other one, was it eight button, as well.

    There’s something very special about Victoria. She takes her role seriously, but is so welcoming. You just feel as if you are in the same room with her and want to converse with her, too! She has a way of making those who are with her feel as if they matter. There’s nothing fake about her. The people of Sweden must adore her. Great post, KMR. Thank you!

  11. I didn’t like the first two looks because they were too matronly. I thought she looked better with the thinner straps, more youthful. Besides, only young women can pull off spaghetti straps, so wear them while you can. But with each year, she kept looking better and better. I love that she embraces color, and gemstones. The amethysts, the emeralds, oh la la! She is a stunning woman. I wish good things for her and her beautiful family. Victoria and Daniel are doing it right. Congratulations to them.

  12. Victoria is my favorite. My all time favorite.

    I had no idea she helped inspire the Princess Diaries but I remember exactly which dress she wore that looks just like Victoria’s I think it was when she went to a dinner and got brain freeze from eating ice too fast. I can totally see how Disney would be inspired by Victoria.

    Victoria has such class and elegance and grace. But she is also a very warm person with a friendly energy. I also think she is a fantastic mother. I was watching some videos of her with Estelle where I can see her gently guiding her daughter when Estelle was only about two years old. Victoria was reminding Estelle to shake hands and greet someone properly. I thought it was lovely to see that Victoria is trying to gently train Estelle for what her future will be.

    Victoria can rock a gown. My favorites are 2008, 2012, and 2014. I also love how Victoria puts brooches in her hair. It must take the longest time to get her hair done because some of her hair styles are really intricate. I love it!!!

    My favorite necklace is the processional necklace. It looks so romantic and princess-y. It looks like it could be a great tiara. Does anyone know if it can be worn that way?

    But my all time favorite jewelry from any royal family is the amethyst parure. It is simply stunning and I love seeing one of the Swedish ladies wear it. I must say that the 18th birthday tiaras for both Victoria and Madeleine were a bit ugly, though. Especially Maddie’s. It looks like cyclops.

  13. Hey KMR, if I post a comment with my iPhone I never get any following comments but if a post via laptop or tablet I do. It’s happened all the times I used my phone. It’s not a huge issue but thought you might like to know

  14. Apologies for highjacking this wonderful trip down memory lane. 2014!! Kills me every time.

    Anyhue, wanted to share this quote from an official ( unspecified) working/travelling with Harry on his carribean trip.

    I’m trying to find the reason the official felt the need to publicl praise Harry so we can all understand this quote better, but it’s glaring that we’ve never heard any praise for any of WK’s tours from any officials and usually only get trouble or indifferent shrugs.

  15. This was a great look back. You can see her style evolve to that spectacular red gown. I also like the Elie Saab. But nothing can make me like those button tiaras.

    1. Haha, Fifi, I like Victoria but have nothing to say about her style except that I really don’t like those button tiaras at all. Four, six, doesn’t matter how many buttons, nothing can make me like them either.

  16. Thank you, KMR, for this luxurious feast of gowns, tiaras, and beauty. Having come late to an appreciation of Princess Victoria, I was fascinated to see her here in her younger years. Thoroughly lovely all the way.

  17. Thank you KMR for this retrospective and for reminding us how much we love Victoria here. I’m no exception to this. I admit I’m a huge fan of Victoria not only for her style (I’m particularly into her intricate updos with the amazing brooches) but also for her personality and the family she created with Daniel.

    I have also to thank Notasugarhere for posting above a link about the Steel Cut tiara. While looking for this tiara, I discovered this from the finale of the Pre-wedding concert for Victoria & Daniel back in 2010. I think it is true to say there was not a dry eye in the house. Hope you enjoy:

    1. Oh how sweet that was! No dry eyes here either. How sweet it was when those two children sang. “I hear you have someone you love, don’tbe afraid to show it to the world…” “you got the one you loved and suddenly you are a prince…”
      And the blackboard was funny 🙂
      I was suprised to see some of the artist, but perhaps Victoria’s and Daniel’s love story was something that touched even the “toughest”

      1. Thanks for the translation of the lyrics Summer!
        I know, it’s such a sweet video and both of them look really cute.
        I enjoyed the cameo appearances of the other European royals as well.

  18. I really like the 1997 look.
    2000 is perfection
    2010 is perfection
    2014 is perfection
    and the close up from 2008, she’s stunning! She is always beautiful but in this picture there’s something extra.

    Thanks KMR for this, some sparkle in the winter darkness <3

    Those 18th birthday tiaras, do they re-do them or are they lying somewhere under a layer of dust? Since we never see them after they have once been introduced.

  19. Well, it looks like Kate is *finally* going to do an event on December 14th, and for the scouts no less. Maybe someone read this blog and saw the conversation some posters had about how Kate hasn’t done anything for the scouts in such a long time? I think it was Miss K and some others who were just talking about that a few posts ago. Seems like quite a coincidence. I have been waiting for either a work announcement or a pregnancy announcement since Kate has been MIA for so long. I am disappointed that the media didn’t call Kate out more for missing the EACH gala and the SportsAID gala. Since there has been no pregnancy announcement, I can only assume that Kate just felt like she did enough engagements during her tours of India and Canada and just didn’t feel like doing any more since in previous years she normally does more the last couple of months of the year and she hasn’t done zilch. I am so annoyed with her. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt in case she was suffering from HG again, but to miss both galas? Ugh.

    1. Kate work engagemens should be treated as a surprise rather than routine. Afterall, she doesn’t want to create expectations, does she? Continually making up excuses for her absence or her skipping events or general poor work record is foolish when she has consistently demonstrated that she’d rather not work and her preferred state is to be coddled and looked after like like cheshire cat.

      Further, she has discovered that there are no consequences for skipping/cancelling events nor does she have to give reasons for cancellation/no show.

      1. I so agree! I think people just go with the status quo of these two that they now hardly question how little they really do!
        It’s last time that Charles and the queen talk t them.
        Do find it odd after how many years she’s now doing something with the scouts

  20. Sylvia must be so proud of her wonderful accomplished warm daughters and beauty is the least of their draw!

    1997- top to toe love and I think she really looks like her younger sister here…maybe partially due to the hair color?
    2000- the half up half down hairstyle looks so lovely
    2004 and 2010- my favorites. I loved the Elie Saab period of ethereal “forest fairy”
    2014- she looks like a queen, poised and confident and happy. And that picture of her and Daniel holding hands…you can really see their love and support for each other.

  21. She and Madeleine look gorgeous in all of their gowns (okay, except for the blonde hair that Maddie was sporting for a while but whatever). I like the spaghetti strap gowns because Victoria was young (in her 20s) and having some fun! She especially looks great in jewel-colored tones (purple, emerald green, and that raspberry) and reds add some va-va-voom! I especially like the fancy up-dos (those braids!) and add some spark to a bun that can look dull.

    **goes over to comment on the Maddie post**

    Update: I can’t comment on the Maddie post because it has been over a week!! Wah!!


    Both women have such natural, warm smiles and they’re clearly close friends and I love how their daughters are good buddies too. I can see them (Estelle & Leonore) in about 10 years, gossiping and advising each other on this outfit or that hair style!

  22. I was about to write that she had always the same style, bit different cuts and obviously different colours but no huge differences overall but then the red ball gown appeared and she just looked amazing (not that she looks bad in other pics)! So royal, confident and yet still so lovely… I just like her!
    Just one tiny thing, even though I love how the swedish royal women wear their hair with tiaras, I wished Victoria would wear her hair down more often. She has such pretty hair so would be nice to see different hairstyles.

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