Prince Harry’s Caribbean tour: Days 12-15

Prince Harry’s Caribbean tour: Days 12-15

Here’s a wrap up of the final four days of Prince Harry‘s royal tour of the Caribbean. I’ve previously covered Days 1-2, Day 3, and Days 4-11. This article will cover Days 12-15, December 1-4.

Prince Harry wrapped up his Caribbean tour in Guyana on December 4. Harry visited Joshua House Children’s Centre – which was set up and run by members of the controversial religious cult the Moonies – where he gave an impromptu interview with the kids where he talked about what Buckingham Palace is like. Harry said he doesn’t get to spend much time there but that the Queen spends a lot of time there. He also said the food at BP is delicious.

Harry then said Windsor Castle is awesome and amazing, but there are constantly planes flying overhead. When asked about being a prince, Harry said he definitely doesn’t rule the country, and that it’s “Good and bad. There’s lots of privileges, of course, that you get when you’re born. But then with privilege comes a lot of responsibility… Being a prince means you’ve got to enhance all the positivity and try and encourage people to see the good stuff about life.”

I can’t help myself, all I can think of right now is Uncle Ben: “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Harry then attended a reception at State House with First Lady Sandra Granger where he heard the stories of young women and girls as young as nine rescued from lives as sex slaves or in domestic servitude. From the Express:

    “Many were snatched from captivity by the Guyana Women’s Miners’ Organisation, a group set up to represent thousands of women working in the country’s interior extracting gold, bauxite, titanium and other precious metals and minerals. In remote mining areas, women are often mistreated, some held as forced domestic servants but many, particularly indigenous people are trafficked as sex slaves.
    “The women’s organisation has set up a safe house with the Sisters of Mercy nuns. It currently houses 29 young women and girls. Its trafficking unit often sends in snatch squads to rescue the victims. ‘If we tell the police and authorities about it in advance, they tip the men off and the women have gone by the time we get there,’ said Marina Charles, head of the unit. ‘It is often dangerous work.’
    “Harry met one nine-year-old girl who was raped repeatedly for two years from the age of seven by a man now aged 38. The girl, who like all the victims cannot be identified, was rescued by her brother, who killed her paedophile abuser, strangling him during a struggle to free her. He has now been jailed for 15 years. Harry, 32, also met a 12-year-old girl who has a six-month-old daughter fathered by her abuser.
    “‘This is very sad. They are so young and little,’ Harry said, shocked. ‘She shouldn’t be a mother yet. She’s so young.'”

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Harry’s tour came to a close as he left from Eugene F. Correia International Airport.

Harry spent the last three days of his tour in Guyana. On December 2, Day 13, Harry traveled from Barbados to Guyana, and called on President David Granger before laying a wreath at the Independence Monument. Harry also visited the Headquarters of the Guyana Defence Force and attended a reception hosted by the British High Commissioner Greg Quinn.

On December 3, Day 14, Harry visited Surama Village in the Hinterland. Harry received an official welcome from the Surama villagers, around the gathering point of the village Totem Pole, where he was presented with a headress of macaw feathers.

Harry visited the Iwokrama International Centre – whose Patron since 2000 has been Prince Charles.

Harry’s final stop was Kaieteur Falls. This waterfall is the single largest free-fall waterfall in the world with a drop of 741 feet, making it nearly five times as high as Niagara Falls.

On December 1, Day 12, Harry was still in Barbados. December 1 was also World AIDS Day, and Harry, joined again by Rihanna, took another HIV test (after his one earlier this summer) while at the “Man Aware” event at Heroes Square in the center of Bridgetown.

The Barbados National HIV/AIDS program has highlighted men as being at significantly high risk – they are more likely to be diagnosed late with HIV compared to women and are also more likely to die from AIDS-related illnesses.

To raise awareness, the National HIV/AIDS Commission in Barbados is trying to remove the stigma associated with the illness and encourage men to get tested and talk more openly about the disease.

Then Harry and Rihanna gave an interview to Camilla Tominey talking about HIV testing.

Harry then traveled to the Nature Fun Ranch in St Andrew which allows young people to speak freely with one another about important topics, including HIV/AIDS, providing them with a positive focus to guide their lives in the right direction, in a rural setting while tending to horses, working vegetable patches, or managing fish hatcheries.

Harry’s final stop was the Kensington Oval for the 50th Anniversary of Independence Military Parade where he inspected the Guard of Honour, before watching the Parade.

Camilla Tominey has a great article about her interview with Harry and Rihanna, and about Harry’s tour in general. Here’s an excerpt:

    “the Prince can be a sensitive soul. As one source put it: ‘Yes, of course he loves a laugh and a joke but he is also more of a deep thinker than people give him credit for. He jokes about his own academic ability but he is actually exceptionally bright.’
    “For someone renowned for his distrust of the press, Harry can be surprisingly willing to give the media exactly what they want, pictorially at least. Despite recently writing to the media accusing them of ‘crossing a line’ in their coverage of his relationship with the Suits actress, the Prince has been open and friendly towards reporters covering the tour, even inviting them to an off-the-record drinks reception in Barbados.
    “An insider said: ‘Harry is acutely aware of how quickly things can be derailed so even when put in awkward positions he will play along so as not to distract from the purpose of the trip.’ […]
    “His relaxed style was there for all to see. He even willingly took a picture of me with Barbadian singer Rihanna – despite the fact the Sunday Express broke the world exclusive story of his relationship with Miss Markle.
    “‘Harry understands that there will be interest in his private life and was expecting the story of his relationship with Meghan to come out eventually,’ said the source. ‘What he objected to was her being harassed and her friends and family being besieged by reporters. Then there was the whole character assassination of Meghan. He knew he could improve her security but how do you protect someone from that?’ […]
    “Harry has a huge amount of input into the planning of his tours to ensure the causes closest to his heart are highlighted. An aide said: ‘He goes through everything down to the finest detail. He was insistent that in every country there had to be a military, sport and youth element.'”

You can read the full piece at the Express.

143 thoughts on “Prince Harry’s Caribbean tour: Days 12-15

  1. There’s lots of privileges, of course, that you get when you’re born. But then with privilege comes a lot of responsibility… Being a prince means you’ve got to enhance all the positivity and try and encourage people to see the good stuff about life.” Yes, beautiful words. But often Harry forgets he is a prince and acts like a mere celebrity, specially in his private life, which affects his royal life and the mess with comes with his girlfriends is something he should considerate as a “responsibility”. Some people say that he does not care for the opinion of others, but I say that a royal who does not listen turns his back on the people. Royals have to serve the people and not vice versa. I totally believe Harry is genuine in his royal duties, specially after seeing him here in Brazil but his attitudes, especially in his private life, are something that often leave me irritated and at the same time sad. He MUST realize he is ALWAYS representing the people of UK, his attitudes show who he is and acting lightly, selfishly and irresponsibly (wanting everyone ingests his choices) is not something that will have good reflexes in the monarchy. As I read in a book “It is not our personality which indicates who we are, are our choices.”

    1. Royals must be able to marry who they choose and love. Failure to do this has very bad consequences… Edward VIII, Princess Margaret and Diana. If Harry loves Meghan then I will welcome her into our BRF, and hope she has a greater sense of work than Kate. Meghan is a woman of the 21st century and she uses social media. She’s not engaged to Harry and she has a lot of followers. I think people ( not just you Jamel but lots of people) are being far too judgemental. It’s just my opinion, I’m not in any way intending to be rude, but I do disagree with you on this. ?

      1. MM knows how to work hard in a difficult industry, she knows how to earn a living. Very few people in the BRF have ever really worked for a living and have no frame of reference. Charles, Camilla, William, Harry, Kate, all of Charles’s siblings – none of them knows what it means to earn the paycheck that supports you.

        That is why I think Sophie is so good at the role, after that bad start. She knows this is a PR job and she knows how to work. I can see Markle fitting in just fine too and doing a solid job as a royal.

          1. Sophie foolishly divulged too much info to a journalist posing as a sheik. She bragged about how close she was to certain members of the royal family. And she talked shit about a lot of them. The day she married Edward she was over $1 million in business loan debt. She ran a crappy PR firm

    2. Harry (and W and K) has always had a penchant for the celebrity/jet set lifestyle. The introduction of Meghan hasn’t changed that about him.

      I think royals in general need to be very mindful about openly living a celebrity/jet set life style. Celebrities can do it because obviously they earn their own money and aren’t beholden to anyone. But royals are not in that boat. I used to think that the BRF are in a solid position, but the US election and brexit vote has shown us that anything can happen, and people are becoming increasingly resentful of undeserved privilege. If they aren’t careful and are seen living a completely unrelatable opulent lifestyle a referendum on the monarchy could be next.

        1. I think most on KMR whatever their view on Meghan, agree that Jason et al are all doing a pretty poor job!! Incompetence seems to be the norm.

          The Telegraph, one of our serious papers, always does a huge charity donation thing in December. This year Heads Together is one of their charities. But even reading their blurb this weekend in the paper it is not clear where the money is actually to be used, and who exactly runs this umbrella charity and who benefits. Very poor communication for which Jason must surely take some responsibility.

        2. Well, William and Kate from the beginning took to mixing with the Hollywood sort whenever they could. But what Jason Knauf did was to create a greater presence for them on social media, which I don’t think he intended to make them more celebrity-like but to give them greater control over the traditional media and to connect more closely with young people. But the end result was that he’s made it hard to distinguish between a “royal” and a Hollywood celebrity.

          And, making it harder for Jason, is that his employers are so work-shy and self-absorbed that it’s hard for him to create an image of substance and duty, which modern royalty needs. I think he thought he had this problem solved by giving them a focus–mental health–by which they could actually combine some of their charities into one initiative (reducing the overall workload), actually gain some knowledge and credibility on an important issue, and become recognized world-wide as spokesmen on a topic. But (and a very big but here), his strategy has totally flopped because of William and Kate’s character flaws. Now, Jason finds himself working for clients who really are offering no more than the typical Hollywood celebrity and very little more than publicity-hungry participants in TV reality shows.

          Had Jason let Harry do his own thing, continue his focus and increase his work with Sentebale and the Invictus Games, and not use him to up the Cambridges’ popularity and appeal, I think Harry would be in a better position privately and publicly now. But Jason’s strategy has backfired for Harry, has spread him out too far and has made him seem more aimless. I hope this tour has given Harry the confidence to seek more work on his own, on his own interests, and not be used solely to boost interest in whatever the Cambridges can drag themselves to do.

          I also hope that the last few weeks have taught Harry that he needs a knowledgeable, competent, credentialed PR expert to guide him. Someone who he can respect and who is respected, who will not give in to his tantrums, and who will help him mature in his public role. Someone who can come in and clean up Jason’s mess. It’s time for Jason Knauf to go.

          1. I 100% agree with your assessment. I also think part of the problem is that Jason is American and does not fully grasp the monarchy’s role in British society and culture. The BRF are celebrities to Americans we don’t view them as part of the government or public officials unless you actually follow them.

            I think the biggest mistake the trio has made is to surround themselves with yes men instead of advisers who they respect and will give them solid advice that they may not want to hear.

          2. I think Harry should have stuck with his father’s PR department, instead of moving to the KP. Charles may hire outsiders, but he has enough courtiers around to make sure the outsiders understand what royalty is about.

          3. Yes, nota. Moving his office back to CH would reslut in more nuanced advice, though ELF has been good. We haven’t heard about him lately…

          4. I agree that the PR for the three younger Royals is awful but I’m not entirely sure who is responsible for that… the Royals themselves or the PR who marketing them.

            Prince William, Kate, and Prince Harry have exhibited bad behaviour in regards to (lack of) Royal duties and public funding/fiscal responsibility. All of them should be working a lot harder in the public realm than they currently are. Particularly Kate and Prince Harry. Neither of them have the excuse that they have a job. All they all could a do a bit better in spending public funds wisely. Historically, Prince Harry has done the best at this, but I think this most recent side trip may signal a change in that.

            Regardless, their PR people shouldn’t be held accountable for the Royals actions, but I do think each of them is being marketed very poorly by PR, and for that the PR people are directly responsible. Kate shouldn’t be marketed as the being interested in anything but fashion, art and child rearing/family life. Drop the hospice and the mental health stuff and let her be an ambassador for British fashion or art. Let her patronage councils for the family and healthy child charities. Same for William, they need to let him drop the mental health stuff and focus on conservation and cyber bullying since these seem to be his longest standing passions. As for Prince Harry, let him focus on veteran’s mental health and sports, third world underprivildged children, and big game animal conservation.

            I also have a problem with the Kensington’s PR people lying to the public about public issues to which the Royals are accountable and commenting on the Royal’s private lives. Someone here, I think, said the head of the Royals’ PR, Jason Knauf, is American and some recent article said he came from a PR background. I didn’t know these things, but it seems to fit with the lying by omission/failure of transparency in communication with the public on events of a public nature and all the senior courtier comments on their Royal’s private lives.

            This doesn’t happen with Prince Charles and Camilla and definitely doesn’t happen with the Queen and her Duke. Only the public duties get reported on and we know much less about their private lives. I wish Kensington Palace would take a look at Clarence House and Buckingham Palace and model themselves accordingly.

          5. Charles and Camilla may have a model PR operation now but Charles hired Mark Bolland, in 1996, the year he and Diana divorced and a year before her death, as his Deputy Private Secretary / lead PR person. Bolland was ruthless in his mission to rehab Charles image and make Camilla palatable. To his credit he succeeded beautifully but as part of his ruthlessness he used William and Harry to promote Charles as a good father and legitimize the Charles and Camilla relationship. One example was leaking a very detailed account of Camilla’s first meeting with the then mega-popular William. Charles was seemingly content with letting Bolland use questionable means.

            Bolland was nicknamed the Blackadder or Black Adder, William and Harry reportedly gave him that nickname. It’s unclear if the nickname was after the snake or the TV character, but whichever it was, it’s not flattering. Alledgedly William and Harry breaking away and establishing their own office links back to them preferring not being part of Charles operation beause of a lack of trust of Charles and his staff.

            Another tidbit to throw out there was that the Queen was also reportedly not pleased with how Charles was running things during this timeframe and intervened by putting in one of her staffers as Charles private secretary with Bolland eventually deciding to resign his position on Charles’s staff.

            The point I am getting at is that there is a complicated history when it comes to Charles, his sons and the family business, particularly in the area of PR.

          6. aaa,

            I meant now and not during the War of the Wales or after. Good lord, I wouldn’t want a return of Mark Bolland. He was a leaky sieve and still is. Black Adder, indeed.

  2. Harry looks good in the feathers 😉

    He has the same ease with potentially ridiculous looking outfits/cultural clothing as his father, Charles.

    1. I agree although I’ve often wished these cultural/ceremonial garments were simply given as gifts of honor rather than gifts to actually be worn for photo ops by visiting royals. Of course it would be offensive to reuse to wear the items but the native committees who give them should not put them in that position. Many people do not like seeing articles that are important to their culture worn by outsiders.

  3. The stories of those young girls being raped is horrible. My heart breaks for them and for those situations. I am having a difficult time caring about any of the other topics after reading those stories. Thank you for writing about them.

    1. I agree Shelly. The stories about the young girls was awful. I cannot imagine how Harry felt hearing this. He has a kind heart and must have been deeply saddened. He really is a compassionate man and his tour showed him being very warm and open to all those he met.
      The children were especially endearing. To me, it seems that he does not just meet them, but takes their world in. I think he must remember so many of them. Hopefully, he finds ways to make their situations matter and improve.

      Thank you, KMR, for covering the rest of his tour.

      1. I agree Jenny – I can’t imagine how he felt hearing these stories in person. I am sure he was very empathetic and compassionate and hopefully he can help.

          1. I can’t watch the video of Harry with that baby ( it’s still up on youtube).

            He cries as he is holding her whilst someone is explaining off camera what happened to the baby.

            It’s bad enough hearing the story of the baby’s trauma, but seeing Harry + baby + tears sends me sobbing for days and my brain can’t put together a rational response to such barbarity

  4. I’m at a struggle with harry. This harry was the quintessential Harry that we all love but he can’t be on tour his whole time. I wish he would either step up charitable engagements or get a job he would enjoy. If not, he’ll just be another carl Philip to me. Sweden doesn’t have the population to justify all their working royals the U.K. could justify harry.
    And who ever called this the blue shirt tour was spot on! It seemed most days he was indeed in blue =)
    Thanks for the post KMR and hope all is well!

    1. Sarah, I join you in your Harry struggle. The recent focus on his personal affairs inadvertently raised questions about how Harry actually fills his days. It’s hard to pinpoint the extent of his ‘work’. Sadly, I am coming to the conclusion that Harry runs around the globe to meet his own needs, much of it under the radar. On his own dime, sure, no problem, but when public funding is involved (including security, per diems, accommodation) that is another matter and needs to be transparent. Harry has developed a plausible shtick when on royal duty and which garners good personal PR. I’m not aware of the actual substance of his contribution to initiatives beyond the fact that he has competent teams of people doing the grunt work.

        1. WOW all because he found someone he may truly love. I wish PH the best with MM. I hope it is true love and that it is a good match. Everyone deserves that. In my opinion he is a natural humanitarian and should be discussed on its merit alone not based on who he is dating. It’s so sad that for some it’s conditional.

          1. It’s not that he’s in love. I’ve never actually said anything against her or their relationship in general. I have commented on how they handled things initially.
            The issue is, it’s time for Harry to grow up and this wasn’t a grown up decision. His good will and charm can only get him so far.
            You can still like some one for their humatarism but the rest of their actions weigh into how they are viewed. People’s actions have consequences, his make him answerable to the British taxpayers

          2. LOL. If that were true then people wouldn’t hate Charles so much. Charles has done so much good with his charity work over the years, but all of that gets ignored because of his relationships with Diana and Camilla.

          3. Sarah hit it on the head. Being charming is one thing, making poor judgements and expecting a free pass is another. It’s also pretty arrogant. But any recent critique of Harry’s actions is automatically dismissed as a kind of passive-aggressive act of racism against his girlfriend. Not so. This is about Harry’s behaviour and transparent use of public monies. I’d expect the public to demand greater accountability and transparency from the BRF, as well they should.

        2. “The issue is, it’s time for Harry to grow up and this wasn’t a grown up decision. His good will and charm can only get him so far.”

          I agree, Sarah. I thought Harry changed a lot since Vegas. But he has an immature, impulsive, selfish side.

          1. All good points. There seems to be rebellious duality to the younger royals, a reward to oneself for being forced to undertake royal duty, a kind of f*** you, if you will, even if subconscious.

  5. Full marks for Harry extending the olive branch to the media after the “don’t bully my girlfriend” press release backlash. He proves he is a better man than his embittered, vindictive brother.

    But I don’t really understand the royal reporters’ relationship with the very people they cover. Camilla’s gushing praise and adolescent sharing of her photo with Rhianna (taken by the prince, no less) really seems very quid pro quo rather than straight reporting. Could someone explain the media’s role? Is it just an extension of royal PR?

    1. I was wondering that too, actually. I’m going to put my tin foil conspiracy theory hat on for a second (you call me crazy if you want!). But I wonder if him chosing Camilla, the one who broke the news about the relationship, over all the other reporters there to give the interview to, then him taking the picture for her, and her gushing kind of point to maybe Harry knowing about and condoning the original leak?

      1. I think all the royals have an off-the-record reception with the press corps on a royal tour. The one exception? William & Kate. It’s a two-way street, the press and royals need each other.

    2. I think it’s self-serving to both sides. The reporter curries favour with the royal to get scoops, interviews, leaks etc sand in doing so enhances their career. The royal gets a patsy to leak to and get favourable treatment. In both cases, the public is the loser because there is no reporting, just propaganda.

  6. Off Topic: Hmm i think it’s kind of bad when a royal’s personal life takes preference/gets more attention over the job. PH is kind of reminding of Diana and Charles in that regard. Actually he is reminding me more and more of William and not in a good way. Looks like PH is kind of mixing Business with pleasure recently. kind of disappointing.
    Prince Harry breaches Royal policy as he jets off to see Meghan Markle at end of Caribbean Tour

    1. Yikes. Yet another example of either Jason Knauf and his staff outright lying or of Jason being duped again by his royal charge. Whatever. It proves that Jason’s word means absolutely nothing.

      1. His visit to his GF shouldn’t be tax payer founded. He drew a very blurry line with that visit. I just think if this were PA there would be no sympathy, but since it’s PH people are trying to give him a free pass. Just airing out my thoughts.

          1. You’re right–PH has blurred the lines and gone directly against the RF policy, even if he pays the extra cost. That’s the main issue here. The secondary issue is the problem with Jason Knauf/KP lying or being caught unaware yet again. Poor jet-lagged Jason….bet he is fuming.

            And Uncle Gary? Good lord, hasn’t the man enough sense to know he shouldn’t be tweeting anything in relation to the royals? All he learned from hanging out with PW is that what the prince wants, the prince gets; and best to give in to his demands to stay in the good graces of W and Carole.

          2. I think the issue is that he may have payed for his tix (still questionable imo to jaunt off after international tour) but did he also pay for RPO’s tix too? If not, the taxpayers did. Very disappointed in this action what was a successful tour for him

        1. Oh if this were Andrew people would be tearing him apart. Hell, if this were William and Kate people would be tearing them apart.

          1. The press didn’t tear William apart when he went to Jecca wedding and tried to justify the money paid by the taxpayer by meeting Kenyan officials.
            What about when Harry stayed a week longer in Nepal? Don’t recall the outrage from people when his RPO stayed an additional week.
            If Harry stayed longer in Bahamas to work with a charity, let’s say, would it be more acceptable than him visiting his GF? Is the issue Meghan here?

          2. On here, we all tore William apart for going to Jecca’s wedding even after it came out that William was meeting with officials. We all tore W&K apart for taking vacation days during their tours. We all tore W&K apart for going on vacation instead of heading home. I think we gave Harry a pass in Nepal because he was doing charity work, not going off on vacation. And yes, I do think if Harry had stayed in the Caribbean to do charity work, everyone would be giving him a pass. Because he’d be doing charity work, not taking a vacation. The issue here is not Meghan, but going off on vacation (even if it’s a short, less than 24 hour one).

          3. I think the press/people did question William’s trip to Africa. I thought that was why they issued the statement about William buying his own tix?
            I now we were all critical here.

          4. I know on here people rip W&K to shreds. It’s the press that I was aiming at.
            And whether he was sitting in his flat a KP or seeing his GF he chose the latter. How is he supposed to find a wife and have the kids he always wanted if he’e ripped to shreds every time he sees her?
            Whether the trip is now or 2 weeks from now what is the issue?
            People talk about him taking secret trips to see her as if it’s a bad thing.
            Many of you have wished Harry to find someone who can handle this life. He spent probably those first 6 months preparing her for what the press and the public are making her go through right now.
            Not surprised if every single girl bolted after a while.

          5. maya86 that was the point I was trying to make below, but I didn’t do it as well as you did!

            Anyone who has been here awhile knows that I am not a W&K fan. What I’m finding interesting (questionable, disingenuous) is the press calling out Harry on this. Or rather, the press only calling out Harry.

            We all know that W&K have gotten away with this behavior many times. Camilla does something similar. For the most part, the press let’s Camilla slide. There were grumbles and the occasional gossip article about W&K, but not a full court press from the Telegraph.

            To call Harry out for this when they don’t call out the others? It smacks of heir-vs-spare treatment again. And it smacks of them being upset with themselves about finding out about Markle 6 months in – so they’re taking it out on Harry.

        2. Perception is everything with those in very high public office, particularly royals who are unelected. Harry exercised very poor judgment and it makes them both look like teenagers who have no inclination to resist hormonal urges, instead of 30-something adults. This is not the image the BRF or any monarchy ought to project.

    2. As raised elsewhere, he stayed an extra week in Nepal to do charity work. That wasn’t on the original or official schedule and it was personal time. That wasn’t criticized.

      W&K likely headed off on a skiing trip from the Australia tour. iirc they weren’t photographed arriving home in London and disappeared for a couple weeks. Dead giveaway that they hadn’t gone home.

      They take luxury private vacation days in the middle of their tours. One involved flocks of RCMPs out in the woods protecting a cabin, because W&K wanted a private getaway during their trip. How does that not breech this policy as well?

      William went to Africa to Jecca’s wedding over Easter. Only once news broke that he was going was a quick meet-and-greet with officials set up. All of a sudden his private trip to Jecca’s wedding became paid by the taxpayers and an official trip.

      If Harry has gone to Toronto, I don’t have a problem with it. I don’t have a problem with the Palace not admitting he was going to Toronto either.

      If they had said he was going to Toronto, his entire 2 week tour would have been all about him visiting Meghan afterwards. He has worked for 2 weeks straight, done a good job, and may be spending 24 hours in Toronto before flying home to another work engagement.

      I do think he should pay the difference in the ticket prices, if there is one, and RPO accommodations out of his personal funds.

      1. +1 !!

        I hadn’t thought about it but you’re right: if KP had in any way announced that he was going to Canada the entire tour coverage would have been about that I think.

        1. For me it’s not what KP said or didn’t say its more of the matter that PH blurred the lines with visiting his GF, and thats not good. Agreed if there is a difference he should pay after all he was visiting his GF and he wasn’t representing the royal family or doing charity work.

        2. I don’t understand why Jason even answered the question will Harry go to Toronto to visit his girlfriend after the tour instead of saying something to the affect of we don’t comment on the prince’s personal life. It’s been their go to response in the past to questions regarding his personal life. It wouldn’t have changed anything. The press was already writing that they were going to meet up after the tour. Answering so firmly then doing the opposite opens him up for criticism.

      2. Most of here have been critical of all those things. Especially WK’s private time while on tour.
        I think we were all critical of Williams Easter jaunt that included one day of business.
        I don’t want to say there’s a difference to extend a trip to continue the charitable work vs flying off to see your girlfriend but there is.
        Most of us have been saying that Harry is at a crossroads and this decision relects poorly on which way he’ll go.
        We all know the palace/royals are great at obfuscation/blurring the lines but when it’s done so blatantly in the face they should expect justifiable outrage/questioning.

      3. I don’t care what Harry does as long as he pays for his bit and does not place any extra onus on taxpayers.

        The fact that he broke with protocol is a worry. And it does blur the lines, because the BRF is not known for its financial transparency. Show us the receipts!

        Man, that is some self-indulgent behaviour.

        1. It’s not only his bit but his RPO’s. The taxpayers usually pay for them so he needs to show that he paid his as well.
          This is a terrible time with the bp renovations and other time to show that he doesn’t care.
          I guess that was just lip service he gave about his great responsibilities as a prince..
          Time for people to really question things

          1. I also think it is a bit inconsiderate for Harry to bring his RPOs to Canada if that is not what they agreed to. They might want to go back to London and see their families, too. And they may be tired from the tour. Seems a bit selfish.

          2. I see why the RF isn’t transparent…they would get raked across the coals either way. PH is obviously in love or infatuated with MM. Whatever the reason he needs the space and time to sort it out. I do have concerns for how he expensed the trip. It would be nice if he could provide the documentation to shut the naysayers but I doubt it, even if he has the proof. Poor PH he lives in a glass house!!

          3. CrazyAMG, the BRF needs to be far more financially transparent than at present because it derives its funding from the British public; the family exists to serve the public.

            Harry does not have a job, let alone one that requires consistent, ongoing effort on a regular basis. He has plenty of personal time to do whatever he wants, and clearly does just that.

            It’s the breach of established royal protocols, and lies deliberately peddled that was Harry’s choice and for that he needs to take responsibility.

          4. W&K and Camilla have breeched these protocols, and the press has for the most part let it slide.

            Them going after Harry about this is questionable, when they (not posters here, but the press themselves), often let it slide for others.

            They’re mad they didn’t get to hunt him down in Toronto, so they’re pouting. That is a lot of what this feels like.

        2. The receipts will be shown, when we get the financial tally of what this tour cost. Just like we do with all the other tours. As long as he pays for it, I don’t have a problem with it. Nor do I personally have a problem with them not telling the press.

          Now that so many people are insisting this is the end of the world, they will make sure to make sure that it is clear he paid for this himself. It is already being stated by several royal reporters on twitter that he paid for this himself. Although there is no confirmation that he’s even gone to Toronto, just everybody quoting the same story from The Sun.

          How is this different from Camilla going on her rest cures before or after tours? She flies from those vacations to join Charles on tours, or she flies from the tours to her rest cures.

          My personal opinion. There is more fuss being made of this because some people don’t like his girlfriend. And because once again, if he has gone to Toronto, the wool was pulled over the press’s eyes about something that wasn’t their business (his personal life). They’re still smarting that they didn’t find out about Markle until 6 months in.

          1. I don’t know what a rest cure means, but if it pertains to Camilla’s health, it is understandable and can’t be compared to young Harry’s swanning off to be with his GF.

            I don’t know MM at all. Don’t follow anything and don’t care. Frankly, I would love a posh royal wedding to watch in the middle of the night! All I care is that he does his bit financially and that he not inconvenience others or mess with protocol that has a sound reason.

            On the transparency issue, we know they fudge the books all the time so I’m not convinced we get to see the real receipts.

          2. I agree with maven about not knowing what rest cures are. I do know that Camilla’s almost 70 and I believe has back problems (or some other health issues) she also does considerably more than Harry. So I’d be willing to give her a pass.
            I get that you’re okay with Harry doing whatevs and that’s your prerogative. People aren’t acting like it’s the end of the world, I think people are at their limit with poor behavior/des ions made by royals this yr. and are starting to question things more loudly. In a time when transparency is even more important, he does something like this.
            That’s my frustration. I’ve always liked Harry and have don’t really care about his relationships or about Megan in general. As I said before tho, this comes at a time when Harry needed to act smarter and he didn’t

          3. I think people developed a fondness for Harry thinking he had matured. To find that he has lied, have staff lying for him, breached travel protocols, burdened taxpayers with RPO costs (at the very least) makes people question his sincerity across the board. It’s poor judgement from years of undiluted entitlement.

            The root of this is lack of financial transparency practiced by every royal, from the Queen down. They are a venal family, using lies and obfuscation to preserve their very undeserved privilege.

            It’s not okay for Harry to use taxpayer funds for personal jaunts. It’s not okay for ANY royal to use taxpayer funds for personal jaunts. But they do, and clearly breach all manner of rules. They really need to go.

            Harry’s relationship is only relevant in this instance if taxpayer money (including RPOs) has been used for private purposes. What he does with his own money and time is his business but if using taxpayer funds, he answers to the public. That’s his responsibility. Nothing to do with the girlfriend.

          4. Hi Jen, I get that and agree. However, PH deserves the right to determine whom he would like to marry. It is my opinion that some are using protocol etc. as a disqualification for his interest in MM. That’s really my issue. It’s seems as if some are saying he didn’t follow protocol therefore MH is wrong for him. I’m just really hopeful that PH has found happiness and would like for him to have the benefit of the doubt. I have read some terrible things about MM and I don’t understand all the outrage…

          5. I agree. It’s not like Harry went to see her during the tour. But after it was done. And it’s likely he had to fly to some destination in North America before flying back to London, so why not detour to Toronto.

            I suspect KP and the RPOs knew along this was the plan and only Jason screwed it up by saying he was heading directly back to London.

          6. Hi CrazyAMG

            I agree that Harry should determine who he dates and marries. He has to be incredibly careful in separating work expenses/ responsibilities from his private expenses to avoid being accused of milking the UK taxpayer for activities unrelated to royal work. Unfortunately, his family has a history of behaving poorly in this regard. But we are in a post-Brexit, post-truth, post-democracy world where the ordinary person is rejecting the establishment and demanding massive change. Royalty is not immune.

            Had Harry kept it clean and simple, ie abided by whatever protocols are in place, returned to the UK as was stated by his PR and security, no-one would have been any the wiser had he left again quietly. Instead, the stories don’t match up and people realise they have been fed another lie. Harry and Meghan would have been wiser to be discreet, enjoy and get to know each other before/if taking it public. They would have then saved themselves a whole lot of unnecessary drama.

          7. Nic919, I doubt it was last minute either. This may have been the plan all along, so the RPOs were well-aware and knew which of them would be in Toronto. They weren’t surprised or burdened by this.

            As long as he pays his way, I don’t have a problem here. As stated above, he is not the only one to breech these protocols, but he is the only one being raked over the coals for it.

            The press doesn’t have a right to know his whereabouts every minute of every day, nor do we. If the press had been told about the visit to Toronto, the entire tour would have been ruined.

            Camilla goes off to spas to be pampered for a week. That isn’t for her health, it is because she likes to be pampered and Charles likes to pamper her.

      4. Sorry, but I disagree. W&K were wrong and so is Harry. The fact he’s willing to ignore the transparency issues his actions would raise because he has to do as he pleases just shows he’s as self-serving as the other two.

        1. I agree, Paula. Richard Palmer says that Harry’s aides told the media up to 30 minutes before Harry’s departure that he was in fact going back to London. The fact that they lied is not good. And taxpayers have a right to expect a certain amount of transparency.

          It’s bad enough that Will, Kate, and Harry are in a position right now where they have to try and prove that their “royal tours” are more than just a taxpayer funded vacation. And Harry goes off and visits his girlfriend with a ticket paid for by taxpayers? Even if he says he will pay the difference, that’s wrong. And Kensington palace says they have no comment? Mindboggling.

          1. I am without words. Please help me to understand who’s approval does Harry need to see his girlfriend? I find the outrage a tad ridiculous, with all do respect.

          2. I don’t think anyone is saying Harry needs approval to see his gf. People (me) aren’t upset that he went to see gf, it’s the how and when that have people (me) upset.
            My last bf was an officer in the military. There are all these rules and protocols that had to be followed that I, as a civilian, found a little absurd but that’s how they roll. Harry is essentially in the same boat. The U.K. Taxpayers fund his lifestyle and his RPO’s. It makes him answerable to them and he has rules and protocols that he has to follow. If he was Joe Schmo he could do f**k all.

          3. How do you know the ticket is paid for by taxpayers?

            Hell, how do we know he even went there aside from everyone picking up Emily Andrews’ tweet?

            If he went there on his own dime, sure, fine, I don’t care. We don’t know he went on the taxpayer’s dime and knowing Harry I don’t think he did. If he did, I’d criticize the hell out of him.

            Let’s not make crazy blanket statements we have no proof for.

            This is why the Meghan thing annoys me so much; I do question Harry’s judgment being with her, but they barely know each other and are probably just enjoying their sexy times and not much more, honestly. 😛

            Harry dating someone means people lose all sense of proportion.

          4. Ellie, in the Telegraph article it said he had a taxpayer funded ticket back to London and he canceled it last minute, so it’s unclear whether KP would get a refund on it. I’m not sure if that’s the ticket Cookie was talking about, but he did cost the taxpayers a ticket by suddenly changing plans. Hopefully, if they couldn’t get a refund, Harry paid or will pay back the difference.

          5. Exactly, Sarah. Same for the corporate world as well. My husband’s company has plenty of rules and regulations regarding company travel time, because they have a board and shareholders to answer to. Finances are tight these days and everyone is being held accountable for how they are using corporate time and funds. Everyone. Regardless of their position in the company.

            So it’s frustrating to see an institution, like the British monarchy, saying that they hold their members to abide by a specific policy, keeping them accountable to the people they represent, when in practice they allow all sorts of loopholes and means of evading the protocol. It doesn’t matter if it’s Camilla or W&K or Harry. It’s just another sign that they can’t be trusted and supports the demand for full financial transparency.

            I think that this maneuver by Harry with the direct lies and deliberate misleading by Jason Knauf will only make the media more insistent, more pressing and more assertive in seeking out Harry/Meghan info than they would have been otherwise. They aren’t going to accept what Jason says any longer. Harry and Jason have destroyed whatever trust they had regained.

          6. I still don’t buy it.

            Now, if he did cancel a taxpayer funded ticket last minute, for this tour, and didn’t get a refund, I’d be pissed and the first to criticize Harry but I find a lot of the hysteria going on about Harry and Meghan is pretty nuts since it’s all hearsay and taken from The Sun’s Emily Andrews…

            Sad it overshadows a good tour, but Harry should know better. Jason sure doesn’t seem to, but he’s unprofessional and William’s man.

          7. @Lizzie, then we will see they will break up because this is negative press for the monarchy and Harry who ruined his image for that woman!

          8. CrazyAMG-
            As KMR, Sarah, Liza, and Lizzie said, it isn’t about Harry needing permission to see his girlfriend. Harry can see his girlfriend on his dime and during his private time whenever he wants.
            The problem is the lying. Harry, Jason Knauf, and Edward Lane Fox have list their credibility now because no one will be able to trust anything they say. If they did not want the public to know Harry was going to Toronto, all they had to do was say “we don’t comment on Harry’s private life.” End of story. The issue is that this was an official royal tour paid for by the taxpayers and as such, the press had a right to know what plane tickets were purchased for Harry and his RPOs. Transparency is important because when Harry is on official business on behalf of the Queen, he has a responsibility to answer to taxpayers regarding these expensive. As I said before, there are many people who don’t even support the monarchy or these official tours because they just seem them as extravagant ‘holidays’. So Harry and his team did not handle things properly by lying. If William and Kate came back from their tour of India and instead of going home to London, they changed their flight at the last minute to go to Mustique, all of the media would be absolutely furious and would rip Will and Kate to shreds. Harry needs to take responsibility and be held to the same standards. He should know better and so should the people advising him.

          9. Cookie has made the right points. With respect, some might be forgetting that Harry is public person, representing the reigning monarch and HoS in GB and most Commonwealth countries. He’s not an ordinary person and he has to be more aware as to how his actions reflect on his public person. Now, if he were to fly from London to Toronto every second week without any risk of conflating public and private time, then that would be his business. But there was a recommendation that this not be done. That he has flouted that recommendation ought to set off alarm bells. I think it was a message to his family, frankly.

          10. Cookie, if I can figure out W&K likely went skiing after Australia instead of flying home, the press can figure it out too. And they hid it instead of calling them out.

            The Palace lies all the time, for all of them. Why so much upset this time? It wasn’t so he could get out of working, as W&K do. It was to get 24 hours of private time after working hard for 15 days.

            If the Palace hadn’t lied, the tour would have been ruined. I doubt this was a last minute trip, but rather the staff all knew, the plan was in place, but didn’t tell the press.

            He is a public figure but he does have a right to a private life. The press does not have the right to know every one of his movements nor do we.

            The criticism of W&K around their secrecy comes because they use that secrecy to avoid work. IE. having the Palace lie so they could get out of a previously scheduled set of events with the Paraolympics and instead go on vacation.

            That isn’t what Harry did here. He worked hard, then took one day off.

          11. “The Palace lies all the time, for all of them. Why so much upset this time? “

            Because it is Harry who seemed different from WK and is eminently likeable. Now, maybe not so much.

      5. The only thing on your list that wasn’t criticized was Harry’s extra time in Nepal since he was doing charity work. W&K taking off on vacation after their tours has always been criticized. William’s trip to Africa over Easter was criticized heavily. W&K taking vacation days during their tours has always been criticized heavily. Harry’s trip should be criticized in the same way.

        1. +1 This is all I am trying to say as well, KMR. I have been very critical of Will and Kate and their vacationing on the taxpayers’ dime before. All I am saying is that Harry should be held to the same standard. It doesn’t matter if he was dating Meghan, Chelsy, or Cressida. It isn’t about him visiting his girlfriend. It’s about the fact that he lied. And his staff lied. And Harry is pulling a William right now with the way he is behaving. I have let Harry get away with a lot in the past because he is popular and charming and I like him. But now I am coming to the realization that if I am going to criticize Will and Kate for their behavior (whatever it may be) Harry should be held to the same standard.

          If William or Kate did this, they would be raked over the coals. And it didn’t bother me at all that harry stayed in Nepal longer, that was charity work. But many people had already been saying that Harry’s tour looked like a vacation, and then he finishes by going on vacation to Canada with his RPOs after Kensington Palace repeatedly told the press pack he was going back to London? This was a foolish move on Harry’s part.

          1. Exactly. Abiding by the protocols in place and flying back to London as stated was all Harry had to do. If he took off after that, no-one would have been the wiser. But no, he lied and had his team lie. And for what? Harry has seeded distrust in himself, and reminded everyone that he is more like his entitled brother than we cared to admit. He’s old enough to be accountable for poor judgement. And it’s so not cool to make your staff lie for you. That’s little boy stuff.

        2. I was trying to point out the difference in press response, not the difference in fandom response. We may have all criticized those things, but the press didn’t. In many cases they covered it up. They’re going after Harry, when they didn’t go after the others nearly as hard.

          The press response hasn’t been equitable. It again smacks of heir-vs-spare and their anger over Markle.

          1. Nota, imo, the press and some instance people give William and Harry a break because of who their mother is. William lacks Harry’s general affable personality and the press has started to turn against him in some instances. His glow is now more glow from radioactive wasteland than golden boy persona.
            For some reason the media is still trying to sell Kate as Diana 2.0 it’s more the emperor has new clothes for me. The media is telling us how fabulous her clothes are (in this case literally and figuratively) but many people (especially here) see her through the child’s eye and realize she has no clothes. Instead of the pretty supposedly enthusiastic woman he married, 5 yrs in, we see a gaunt shell of a woman who is just as lazy as her husband.
            Instead of doing their job the press seems just as invested in promoting the royals. Until enough people finally call the royals out for their general lies and poor behavior, the media will keep up. The royals reporters might snark on their Twitter but the overall tone of their articles are positive.
            Harry still has some of his glow but it too is waning and poor decisions don’t help.
            I’m not invested in Meghan and really know nothing about her for the most part.
            Whether people see her as a savvy woman with business acumen or a gauche attention seeker is their own prerogative.

      6. cI don’t buy it until there’s actual proof considering the magazines have been salivating over some Harry drama for some time, wanting it desperately, and now they have it. All the outage and clicks make them money. He’ll show up to work on Wednesday for the ICAP Charity Day.

        What Harry does on his private time and presumably paid for by himself because he’s no skinflint like his brother doesn’t bother me. I just want him to step up and work more but he’s in a catch-22 situation here with that. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. And presumably blinded by lust considering the attention Meghan is getting of it and how joyful she is for it. (And Harry being Harry is probably fine with it. I mean, they barely know each other. Look at her pap walks with her H + M necklace and how pleased she is by the attention!)

        Everyone turning on Harry for who he’s dating and whatever he does on his private time is weird. If the taxpayer isn’t paying for it, who cares. It’s not like William who inconveniences other people either in the RAF or the EAA, skipping off on private planes and living it up with taxpayer dollars in ski chalets. Or leaving his family on Easter, to go to Jecca’s wedding.

        I’m fine criticizing Harry for not working but what he chooses to do or who he chooses to date, it’s none of my business. It’s just a shame he won’t be working very much for a long time, until William is forced to step up–if it ever happens. Harry needs the structure and guidance, and with that, he would be in fine stead. Look how well he did on the tour and his dedication to being professional and taking it seriously, and all the diplomatic honors he was meting out from HM, stuff they don’t let William do on tours. Or his dedication to his causes that get little attention excepting Invictus.

        I just don’t get the rage I’m seeing. Not here specifically but elsewhere. What, do they expect Harry to be a monk and a saint?

        1. Yes, Ellie, they expect him to be a monk and a saint. And marry them, not MM.

          I want him to work more too, but I think he’s bound by that damn promise to Diana. He needs structure or he gets in trouble, and sometimes that structure needs to come from the outside.

          The Palace needs to get W&K in line, but until they do, Harry is in limbo because of his loyalty to his brother. If nothing else, the work with MOD needs to become official to get some people off his back.

    3. I think a Royal’s personal life will always get more attention than their “work.” That’s the just the way things work, I think.

  7. Is it possible that harry just ruined all of the good work he did on this trip by ending the tour with a visit to Toronto instead of heading directly back to London as promised?

    Can any English posters explain if this is illegal? Surely tax payers will object to Harry using the ticket to fly to see his girlfriend. If Harry wants to see his girlfriend he should use his own money.

    This is in very, very poor judgment and I think Harry deserves to be criticized for this. Especially since he has an event tomorrow, December 7th in London. So he flew to see Meghan for what, two days?

    If William and Kate did this the public would be furious. Harry shouldn’t be exempt just because he is charismatic. This Meghan Markle has made Harry lose all of his common sense. And Jason Knauf dropped the ball again by lying to the press. Now he has lost all credibility.

    This reminds me of when William took a helicopter and landed in the Middleton’s back yard to impress them. As soon as Meghan came into the picture Harry started to show that he is much more like William than I had previously thought.

      1. He won’t be allowed to marry her. It won’t ever happen. She can never jump over the hurdles. All of this debate is for nothing, except to give MM more attention and give us royal watchers something of interest to debate/discuss, LOL.

        1. If he wants to marry her, he will. The BRF is a powerful machine that knows its time is short. They cannot publicly go against this union, and I personally don’t see reasons to have objections to Markle.

          She understands PR, Sophie understands PR. Would have been interesting if all this access and forums had been this active when Edward and Sophie were dating. I have no doubt she used all of her PR smarts to gain a foothold. I doubt she would have been as criticized as Markle, however, since she was with Edward not popular Prince Harry.

    1. By all accounts, he paid for the trip with his own money. I’ve read that the royals have a policy against mixing business and pleasure travel: it is “strongly discouraged” because of…idk something about public outrage over Andrew (or some other royal) combining his official duties with golfing trips a few years back.

      1. That is why Harry ought to be raked over the coals. In light of the backlash over the BP renovations, this isn’t the time to be stupid, negligent or rebellious.

  8. We know Harry didn’t fly back with KP team on commercial flight. What everyone skipped was the St Lucia extra activity and extra night. It involved John Warren who is in charge of QE racehorses. It was suspected that H&M had rendezvous in August. See lovelolaheart blog. Misha Nonoo and Suzanne Warren are friends. Jake Warren and Misha soon to be ex husband are longtime friends of Harry. Meg had friends in Toronto take various pictures to be leaked to press to cover the fact she was with Harry in St Luci with the Warrens. When news broke that he didn’t fly home with Team everyone assumed he flew to Toronto. He rejoined Meghan and the Warrens in Barbados and flew on private jet. KP covering by letting the Toronto story distract from worse truth that he spent time with her while on tour.

    1. Is there any evidence that Meghan was in St. Lucia? Is there any evidence that Harry flew back to St. Lucia after the tour wrapped? None of those three articles mentions either of those things.

      1. I had trouble understanding too. I think it’s supposed to say that Harry didn’t fly back to st. Lucia but rather partied there with Meghan and friends during the tour not after. Maybe?

          1. If true, Harry has really lost any credibility and right to respect. Not even entitled Will would pull a shady stunt like that.

    2. Lol who knows if this is actually true but if it is I am super impressed. It’s so hard to believe that a little bit of leisure time during a 2-week business trip would generate a scandal. Seems like an overreaction to me.

      1. Yes, I’d like to see some evidence. Otherwise it’s just like all that crazy speculative gossip rampant on social media and this site is fabulous for not indulging in it. I hate it. I took a peek and man, it’s nasty out there.

        1. I can see why Harry feels protective of Meghan judging by the insane hatred out there for both him and her now that this is out. Everyone’s out for blood. It’s insane making mountains out of mole hills and attacking them both on ridiculous, gossipy charges that only belong on the pages of The Sun and giving them legitimacy when it’s probably BS.

          It’s why I’ve mostly avoided the topic as I don’t care what he does in his personal time. I find it all pretty sketchy.

          1. I’d say a big majority don’t care about Meghan. What is funny though is how much those who don’t like her are really invested in her.
            I happen to like her but I don’t go out of my way researching everything like crazy. I just read here and there and that’s it.

          2. I am amazed at it as well. I guess not surprised, but amazed at the sheer amount of scale 10 anti-Meghan comment that has happened so quickly.

            If he marries, he will have to find someone to marry. He isn’t going to find that someone on their royal-related tumblr or on a royal forum. He’s going to find them in the real world.

      2. It’s the perception. These tours cost a lot of money for taxpayers. That he interrupts the tour to take private time is really inappropriate. It’s not like he works 9-5 and has not free time, so has to sneak in leisure time because of his busy schedule. It could also be perceived that he wasn’t concentrating on representing his grandmother, but counting the minutes until he could be with MM. It’s called duty. And there is unfettered privilege to counteract Harry’s duty.

        1. All due respect, I think the reaction is overwrought and melodramatic imo. He didn’t actually interrupt the tour, and U.K. taxpayers are on the hook for this trip no matter what he does during his downtime.

  9. My gut says the trip to Toronto was always planned and Jason outright lied about it. It also stinks of Will & Kate/Middletons throwing Harry under the bus to cover something up. In this case, probably that Kate flew off to some vacation since we haven’t seen Kate in a while.

    1. Considering Kate’s disappeared and there’s hardly any talk of EACH and SportsAid, I can believe this. Harry makes it easy to throw him under the bus, as well.

      1. That plus Uncle Gary putting his oar in on twitter makes me lean this direction too. He makes it easy for them, but they have no ethical problem throwing him under the bus.

    2. I don’t know. He’s a 32 year old man. If he makes questionable decisions, he needs to be held accountable for them. It’s not his SIL or her family’s fault that he breeched protocol and possibly misused tax payer funds.

      1. Exactly. I suspect Harry is in rebellious mode over this woman. I think that he is angry that he cannot have her stay at Sandringham with the royals. I think the Queen and Charles have put their collective feet down. To balance my thoughts, I tend to think he is absolutely besotted with MM and in no way has cooled off with her. That doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s being manipulated by a serious media player, nor do I think he isn’t being driven by hormonal urges. It also strikes me that he wants to settle down with a mature woman who will nurture him, to his mind. Aggressive, ambitious, controlling woman are very adept at conditioning vulnerable minds to that thinking. Harry won’t be the first nor last to confuse controlling with nurturing. I sense that Harry is searching for a mother-type figure to marry. Fortunately, it won’t be MM because he won’t be permitted to marry her.

          1. Anything else to add, which, I don’t know, might be remotely intelligent? I don’t write fan fiction, maybe you do with your substantial contribution, LOL. I only go on evidence available. We’re all just shooting the breeze here, really. But when a poster doesn’t use any critical analysis with which to assert an opinion but rather just diminishes another, I really lose interest. Harry’s actions don’t exactly scream maturity. There are too many people who cannot handle dissenting views on this topic. I’ll leave those of you to your infantile delusion and frustration.

          2. Please don’t insult people (“infantile delusion and frustration”); it’s against the comment policy.

        1. Can we lay off the “evil woman manipulating the poor innocent man” narrative, please. We really don’t know anything about their relationship dynamics – we haven’t even seen a photo of them together. Until we have any sort of evidence to the contrary, I’m going with the narrative of Harry is a grown ass man and his decisions are his own.

          1. No worries. I won’t be back. It wasn’t even nice whilst it lasted. Not exactly laying out the welcome mat, LOL. I ascertain democratic freedom of views isn’t embraced around here. It’s a pity because it seemed so at first glance. I think I might start up my own blog.

          2. It seems like you’re the one who doesn’t like when others have differing views. If I didn’t allow “democratic freedom of views” I wouldn’t have approved your comments, but I did because I do. I actually agree with many of your comments you’ve posted tonight, I just disagree with the narrative that Meghan is an evil manipulative person since we literally have no idea what their relationship is like. But if you don’t like people disagreeing with you then that’s your choice to leave. All the power to you in starting your own blog. If you need advice, just ask.

          3. KMR, sending you a virtual hug. I have no idea how you deal with all of us (me included) most of the time. I will clearly never be as politic as you are!

          4. KMR: I think if you review the post at first instance which attacked my view, you might understand the chain of events. Anyway, thanks for your kind offer, but I don’t think I’ll need it. It’s not that hard to start a blog, is it? I doubt it’s beyond the intelligence of any person who can post on the internet. LOL. Seriously, I do appreciate it. Good luck with this one. It’s just not for me. You probably knew all the posters from elsewhere.

            To be clear: I didn’t have a problem with your post per se, but it wasn’t welcoming and in light of the fact that you paid no mind to the poster who insulted me in the first instance. No matter, your prerogative. There are many people here who are over-invested in this relationship, not I. I had a day off and got bored, LOL. Hint, hint re Harry: when one is bored, one tends to get into all kinds of strife!

            I wouldn’t have responded if not for the false allegations you made. To point, I have the utmost respect for democracy and dissenting views. But it’s others who don’t, eg, calling my post ‘fanfiction’ and me ‘hilarious’. This is otherwise called mobbing, to get another to cease posting by bullying, hopefully with the support of like-minded posters. It worked, but it’s not that important to me. However, for your edification, do you not see your bias? Really, I don’t care enough to stay around, but I needed to make my point as against false allegations. All I did was express my opinion and I was insulted and then rebuked. That doesn’t equate to my not accepting differing views. Someone above disagreed with my take wholly and I accepted that. So, you see, there is no evidence of my not accepting the viewpoints of others. As I said, we are all just expressing opinions. No need to accuse others of writing ‘fanfiction’. LOL. Pot meet kettle and all that.

  10. Is anyone really surprised by Harry flying to Toronto? I figured it would happen. I think it was planned. Meghan’s media appearances seem to have hinted. The KP PO lied so the tour wasn’t hijacked and he could have a chance to get there without the press pack. Royal press officers lie routinely about private lives of their charges. Remember Anne’s engagement to Mark Phillips? Is it right, or ethical? I don’t know, but it’s greener than Harry flying to London and flying back to Toronto.

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