Royal Round Up: Tiaras & fashion from Queens Maxima, Mathilde & Letizia

Royal Round Up: Tiaras & fashion from Queens Maxima, Mathilde & Letizia

This royal round up features three Queens on State Visits: Queen Maxima, Queen Mathilde, and Queen Letizia.

On Monday, November 28, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde began a three day State Visit to the Netherlands where they were greeted by King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima.

Maxima wore a blue, ruffled Claes Iversen dress with a brown cape over it when outdoors and a Fabienne Delvigne hat. Mathilde went with a Natan dress and also wore a Fabienne Delvigne hat. I was hoping for some twinning, but I guess not.

The evening of Day 1 brought out lots of tiaras.

To my surprise, Maxima didn’t go with something new and didn’t go for a more substantial tiara. Instead, she choose the Mellerio Ruby Tiara and parure and a repeated Jan Taminiau gown. She also wore the Order of Leopold (Belgium). I think Maxima looks beautiful here, and I love the jewelry, but I was expecting something new.

Mathilde didn’t disappoint, though, opting for the full version of the Nine Provinces Tiara, diamond and pearl earrings, and a large diamond brooch. She wore a gorgeous pink gown from Pierre Gauthier, and the Order of the Netherlands Lion (Netherlands).

Princess Beatrix was in attendance, wearing the Dutch Diamond Bandeau Tiara and the Order of Leopold (Belgium).

Princess Laurentien wore Queen Emma’s Diamond Tiara and the Order of the Crown (Belgium).

And Princess Margriet wore the Dutch Pearl Button Tiara and the Order of the Crown (Belgium).

On Day 2, November 29, Maxima and Mathilde again did no twinning. Instead Maxima opted for a purple velvet top and tartan skirt, while Mathilde wore red Armani Privé.

The Day 2 evening return concert brought out a surprise tiara appearance from Mathilde.

Maxima wore a repeated green Valentino gown with her “Tutti Frutti” necklace and bracelet (which were bought from Christie’s Amsterdam in 2007 as a gift from W-A to Max). She looks lovely, but Mathilde for the win for me. She wore a gorgeous red Jan Taminiau gown and the Laurel Wreath Tiara as a necklace.

Day 3, November 30, Maxima and Mathilde still did no twinning – it makes me sad. Maxima wore a pretty purple dress and a tall feathered hat, while Mathilde wore a grey Esmeralda Ammoun outfit – the design of which looks very familiar, because both Queen Letizia and Kate Middleton have worn coats with similar design.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia were also on a State Visit from November 28-30, but they were in Portugal. Sadly, Letizia went tiara-less at her State Banquet.

Letizia wore a black Carolina Herrera “Short-Sleeve Tiered Lace Evening Gown” ($5,990.00) which is a repeat from 2014. She wore her diamond wedding earrings, a diamond brooch, and a diamond bracelet with the Order of Christ (Portugal).

I wasn’t super thrilled with Leti’s night 1 look, but night 2 was on point.

Letizia wore a stunning green Felipe Varela dress which is a repeat from 2013. I love her green suede Magrit pumps and the emerald and diamond earrings. The earrings are borrowed from Leti’s mother-in-law, Queen Sofia.

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  1. I like Mathilde’s Tiara and I have and off topic comment.

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    Hope ya don’t mind if I post the link to the pictures, a bit of shameless self promotion.

    Boy if the press ever caught wind of this, they’d probably twist things around a bit.

  2. I loved everything Max wore!
    I especially loved her green gown, such a good colour on her. I also loved her burgundy outfit on Day 3.

    Wow, wow, wow @ Leti’s emerald cocktail dress! The dress is beautiful and she looked beautiful. I would love to see Kate wear that dress, she’d look stunning.

    1. I don’t like Max’s style but man, she just wears everything so well! She could wear a garbage bag and make it look amazing.

      1. Oh my goodness, those dresses are stunning too!

        Kate seriously needs to take note on dazzling cocktail dresses that aren’t lace (as much as I love lace!).

    2. I love Maxima. What style and what confidence. She just radiates glamour.

      Love that green strapless gown, too. Wow! Just think she is amazing.

      As for Leti, she is also a gorgeous and confident woman. The last photo of her is just so lovely. She looks happy and basically content with her entire existence. She and her husband seem to really be in love and their girls are so beautiful. She has a good life, you can tell!

  3. Rania of Jordan at the German Charity gala ‘Ein Herz für Kinder’ (= a heart for children)? Crown Princess mette marit of Norway has attended this event in the past, and it is for such a good cause. Last year they raised (I think) 19 million euros. Many private people donate really small amounts of money, and it really adds up. They always present different charities and touching causes of children in need. It is such a worthy cause!

    Rania was awarded the ‘goldenes Herz’ (golden heart) award (which mette marit has also received) for her charity work and role as an UN ambassador and work with refugee camps in jordan there.

    The event took place yesterday and raised over 18 million euros! The scorpions performed and many celebrities were in attendence (besides Queen Rania who gave a marvellous and heartfelt speech), for example formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg

  4. All the ladies look lovely – polished, happy, relaxed, friendly. Max and Mathilde look very chic. I’m a fan of Leti and think the emerald green looks stunning.

  5. For a change that is a Natan outfit that’s looks good, fits …… it is late Sunday night in Australia – hopefully I’ll think the same in the morning

  6. KMR, I smiled at the twinning comments. Maxima and Mathilde are a breath of fresh air. Both are beautiful and have a wonderful presence. I especially like the second photo of them together.

    1. There was a little twinning going on. I read elsewhere online that Maxima’s brown coat (or stylish horse blanket with frog closure) is one Beatrix used to wear.

  7. Gah! Max and Mathilde have so much brio, I feel like I’m on vibrancy overload after you know who. Looks like their time together was a party. They just looked so good and their outfits so varied and colourful and fab, I feel like I just hit the royalty jackpot. Talk about two babes in the classiest sense of the word- breathtaking.

    I really like Queen Emma’s Diamond Tiara- it’s graceful and not pointy. It looks like something someone young might wear to great effect.

    Thanks, KMR, for this bountiful feast for the eyes. So refreshing and yummy!

  8. I liked Maxima’s outfits more than Mathilde’s, but they both looked good. Mathilde dresses more like the BRF, very covered and buttoned up, all the way to the neck. Those stuff, formal coat dresses just look like nice straight jackets to me. Maxima’s clothes are more feminine. They show off her figure and reveal a little more skin, but she is still appropriate ad dignified. I loved her purple outfit. I also love that tutti fruity necklace! Finally, someone who mixes gemstones, and doesn’t just wear diamonds all the time. Bravo!

    1. I think my comment is stuck in moderation. With Mathilde, it varies from event to event. For more formal things, like state visits, she wears stiff fabrics with fuller skirts. Other times, she wears body-conscious sheaths and tight evening gowns. Reminds me of Sheikha Mozah – modestly covered from head-to-toe, but the clothes are tight to the body.

    1. I forgot to add that I enjoyed all the tiaras but one of the favs is the diamond bandeau. I like the simplicity of it, if you can call ginormous diamond headband simple =)

  9. I was lucky to attend a lecture from the head of Cartier about how they design certain items (including the tutti frutti ones). The design and construction process was interesting, but the resulting tutti frutti pieces weren’t attractive to me.

    Placed against the other items in that exhibit, the multicolor sets are low on my list. Maybe it is that the carved jewels used in them are more visually included (less valuable and sparkly)?

    ArtHistorian, do you have an opinion on them?

  10. Two of my favorites. I love Maxima, but this visit I thought Mathilde knocked it out of the park. She looked great, the clothes fit properly, and I’m glad she borrowed the idea of a big hat from Max.

    I’m a fan of tutti-frutti jewelry, but somehow the green gown seemed to kill that necklace. I would have thought the pared down style of the gown would have worked with spectacular necklace.

    1. Maybe if the green gown had the neckline of Mathilde’s red one, complete with the shoulder straps? And she’d worn her hair up? That look would provide more of a frame for the necklace. Now the necklace is competing with her hair (and a dress that looks like it might be falling off).

      1. Shoot, didn’t edit fast enough. I’m surprised he got away with buying her something this expensive, but they are known to have a big private fortune.

        It showed up around the time of his 40th birthday not hers, which is random. I wonder if it was for a special occasion? They met in 1999, not 1997, so it wouldn’t seem to be a 10th anniversary gift.

      2. Yep, hair up would have helped. I didn’t realize it was a new purchase. I just assumed Max found it rummaging around in the jewelry vault, where it was jumbled up in a dusty corner ?

  11. Oooooh, I absolutely LOVE Maxima posts- she is my ideal in every way and I think she runs away with the show but huge props to Mathilde for upping her own fashion game. The red Armani Prive- wow! I am very impressed and look forward to seeing more style evolution from the Belgian queen.

    Thank you KMR!!! That was candy for me 😉

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