Prince Alexander’s Christening

Prince Alexander’s Christening

Prince Alexander‘s Christening was yesterday, September 9, at the Royal Chapel at Drottningholm Palace in Stockholm. If you haven’t watched the ceremony yet and would like to do so, you can view it here. With all the royal children in attendance, there were a lot of Swedish royals: King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle, Prince Oscar, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, Alexander of course, Princess Madeleine, Chris O’Neill, Princess Leonore, and Prince Nicolas.


Prince Alexander was very well behaved – he didn’t cry at all during the ceremony, not even during the “Lion King” moment nor the baptism. Alex is a big baby, almost five months old, and you could see during the ceremony that the Christening gown didn’t close at the back. Alex wore the traditional Swedish royal Christening gown which dates from 1906 and is made of cotton batiste and Valenciennes lace (bobbin lace) with a petticoat of satin woven silk, and the cape which features the names and dates of all the royal babies who were baptized in the gown.



Both Carl Philip and Victoria gave a reading during the ceremony. I love that Carl Philip talked directly to Alexander. Sofia’s sister, Sara Hellqvist, also gave a reading.



When Carl Gustaf presented Alexander with his baby sash – the Swedish Order of the Seraphim – he shook his hand, and Alexander would not let go. Alexander was very grabby, holding on to Carl Philip’s hand as well and also grabbing at his Order and trying to eat it.




Alexander’s monogram and coat of arms representing him as Duke of Södermanland.

prince-alexanders-monogram1 prince-alexanders-coat-of-arms1

Alexander has five godparents: Crown Princess Victoria (Carl Philip’s sister); Lina Frejd (Sofia’s oldest sister); Victor Magnuson (Carl Philip’s cousin/Princess Christina’s youngest son); Jan-Åke Hansson (who was Carl Philip’s Best Man at his wedding); and Cajsa Larsson (Sofia’s childhood friend).



What would a Swedish royal event be without cute moments? I’ll get to the cute baby moments in a second, but quite possibly my favorite moment was when Carl Philip and Sofia were walking to the Palace after the ceremony. Carl Philip rubbed Sofia’s arm while they were walking. It’s just such a sweet moment between the two. One thing I really loved about the ceremony was how besotted Carl Philip and Sofia were with each other and with their son. It’s just nice to see.


Sofia sat next to Victoria during the ceremony and both were holding their babies, so there were some cute moments of interaction between cousins Alexander and Oscar.



About 20-25 minutes into the ceremony, Estelle disappeared from her baby throne, going to sit with someone else in the congregation. But Estelle came back to her seat toward the end of the ceremony and she and Leonore shared a chair for a moment. It’s really adorable how close they are.


Nicolas still loves his toothbrush.


Leonore just can’t be still. And while that must be a huge headache for her parents, it’s a joy to watch from afar. Before Maddie even sat down, Leonore was already grabbing for the program on Estelle’s chair. Something really smart that they did this time was provide little goodie bags on Madeleine and Chris’ chairs, which included snacks for Leonore and Nicolas, and mini toys for Leonore. Leonore, of course, could not sit still – she moved around in her chair and she darted away at one point. She came back to her seat a few minutes later.




After the ceremony, there was a reception at the Palace, where Sofia and Carl Philip greeted guests while Alex was in Karl XV’s cradle.


Now onto the fashion. Princess Sofia went matchy-matchy with Alexander’s Christening gown, wearing a white lace ensemble from her wedding gown designer, Ida Sjöstedt. I’m not a fan of the pattern in this lace but I love that Sofia wore a pearl headband. She also wore the King’s Portrait (which is Sweden’s Royal Family Order, though they don’t call it that). Carl Philip wore his navy uniform and the Order of the Seraphim.

Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle also went matchy-matchy with each other. Victoria went with a new rose-colored Elie Saab lace dress which retails for $4,975, her Kreuger Jewellery Poppy earrings which retail for about $5,261, and a new pair of nude pumps from Gianvito Rossi which retail for $675. Victoria also wore the Portrait of the King. I’m going to be biased here and say that I love me some Elie Saab and I can see spending thousands of dollars on a good Elia Saab dress, just not this one. It’s lovely, and I think Victoria is the best dressed of the adults, but this dress isn’t special enough to warrant almost 5K.

Estelle wore a Tartine et Chocolat cranberry dress (€110.00) and Bonpoint raspberry flats ($245.00). Estelle’s just in all the berries. She also wore a braided ponytail and a little gold necklace. Oscar was also in Tartine et Chocolat, wearing their Soft Velour Dungarees in Heather grey ($102). Daniel was in a morning suit.

The Princess Family broke my heart and made me happy all in one go. Princess Madeleine wore a floral Erdem dress with a collar. UGH. So ugly. The navy bow at the back of her updo was pretty, though. She also wore the King’s Portrait. Leonore didn’t wear blue! She wore a very pretty light green dress with floral embellishments, gold flats, and a bow in her ponytail. Nicolas wore a white shirt with navy shorts and shoes, while Chris wore a morning suit.


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  1. Ha! I thought Madeleine was the best dressed there – besides Estelle – the shoes! Honestly, I really thought everyone looked lovely.

  2. I agree re Vic’s Saab – I don’t see $5K there, and the fabric doesn’t do it for me. As for Maddie – there is something “office worker 1950’s” about it. Sofia looked better than I expected – the dress suited her though I didn’t think white was a great choice colour wise. And all the guests in lace dresses – just NO (check OSS site) – many need a new mirror as they don’t look good – sausages in lace casings come to mind. I would look equally as bad – but I don’t own an outfit like that . . . .

    1. Yeah, there were a lot of lace dresses on the guests. I don’t think white looks great at Christenings since the white blends in too much with the Christening gown. Kate got docked heavily for wearing white, but then no one minded when Victoria wore white. So it will be interesting to see if Sofia gets docked for wearing white (Lola over at LoveLolaHeart already did – she didn’t cover Oscar’s Christening so who knows what she thought of Victoria wearing white).

        1. The Order of the Seraphim sash is light blue. Maddie wore pink and then multi colors for her kids’ christenings. Victoria wore pink for Estelle’s christening.

        2. Was it OSS who had so many pictures of royals wearing white for their child’s christening? I wondered if it was royal thing, too? Or to stand out in photos?

      1. I can only speak of myself KMR, but imo it was the whole retro 50’s look Kate had going on and the matchy-matchy of the Middleton women that got to me more than simply wearing white. Also, the color of Kate’s outfit seemed to be optic white, which to me is a pretty harsh color and difficult to wear. Yeah, Lola did dock Sofia for wearing white (Lola really seems to not like Sofia) noting that by wearing white or cream the mothers seem to be an extension of the child being christened instead of being more of a backdrop, letting the child be the star of the day.

        1. I did a quick search of baptism etiquette: wearing white is meant for the baby but the general consensus was that the child should be the star of the day. Everyone else should not try to take attention away and dress appropriately.

          Lola may have met Sofia in New York – an article written in 2014 gives that vibe – but she definitely found her to be a gold-digger and repugnant.

      1. I think that Victoria and Estelle should have traded dresses, Estelle in the lace and Victoria in the drop waist. I thought the same thing about the outfits they wore to Oscar’s christening.

  3. I don’t like the dresses of Sofia, Victoria and Madeleine : the lace…. the price, the color.
    Love the children (not the color of the dress of Estelle, I don’t love pink)
    Cute moments with all the children!!!!!!

  4. Erdem needs to stop designing things period. I have yet to see anything from him that looks good. I second the UGH! My fave was Victoria, but again, what is with the head to toe in 1 colour? I don’t get it. Other than that, the fashion just didn’t do it for me.

    The kids on the other hand… Oscar and Alexander interacting with each other was extremely adorable! Lenore just can’t sit still. I love it! I like how goody bags were provided. Definitely helps to keep the kids entertained.

        1. My father had surgery recently and my parents have needed a lot of help – so I’m pretty tired and worn out so I really haven’t had energy for much else.

  5. My favorite is Maddie’s Erdem – but I don’t like the bow in her hair.

    All the kids are just too cute. I love them!!!! It’s good to see Leonore in something other than blue 🙂
    Oscar is adorable with that grumpy face.

  6. Estelle wore a pretty bracelet too.
    I would have really loved to know the dress id of leo bit seems that almost noone has any idea about it….

  7. All of the royal ladies looked lovely, my favourite is the Erdam dress that Maddie wore, I like the print and the cut of the dress is flattering. My ovaries flipped when I saw the pictures of the two babies interact, they look so similar! I’ll have to watch the whole thing to see them in action.

  8. Thanks for such a great post KMR!!!

    Wow, Lenore is a quite the handful, trying so hard to get out of Maddie’s arms before she even sat down!! And then in and out of her chair, up and down the aisle and on and on, I got tired just watching her lol. I really do feel for Chris and Maddie, my son was like this (with little to no impulse control) and it just about drove me crazy but the saving grace was that he did get “calmer” as he got older (like in his late 20’s) lol. Nicolas seems to be a pretty mellow little guy, as long as he has his toothbrush all’s right with the world.

    For as much as I’m suffering from lace overload, I do like the lacework in Sofia’s dress. It’s larger and imo not so prissy. I also like the style of Sofia’s dress, the pencil skirt with the peplum blouse/jacket is a look I really like but unfortunately just can’t pull off myself. I also love Estelle’s dress but don’t really like Victoria’s, I don’t know what it is but it just isn’t flattering. I’m really on the fence about Maddie’s dress, I like the dress in general but I’m not sure if I like it for a christening.

  9. I love Madeleine’s dress and hair bow. For me it has a late 1960’s vibe. The lace dresses moment is long over, although I loved the color of Victoria’s dress and how her family was color coordinated.

    What I really love is that the Swedish royal women look healthy and therefore beautiful. I am disturbed by the extreme dieting and cosmetic surgery of other royals, including Queen Rania who I really like for her work.

  10. Wonderful photos, KMR, thank you. The cousins are adorable together. On fashions – I’m the last person who should comment, as I’ve never progressed beyond dorky, but I thought Sofia looked lovely in her ensemble, and just generally radiant. On the other hand, I didn’t care for Victoria’s dress; the lace to me looks like Granny just couldn’t stop crocheting, and I don’t like the look of that uncomfortably short “modesty panel” behind the upper part of the skirt with the rest being see-through. Re: Erdem – heretofore I’d have said I never met a floral print I didn’t like, but his designs, on Madeleine here and Kate previously, are challenging me; the prints seem rather overwhelming.

  11. Cuteness overload! The babies and children are so precious! My heart melted during many moments.

    Funny, I don’t usually like moms wearing white at the Christenings of their babies, but I did think Sofia looked very nice. The lace on her gown appealed to me even though, I agree, lace is being overdone! Interesting how we all have different takes on things. I really did not like the pearls on Sofia’s hair, though. Ugh.

    I didn’t really like the color of Victoria’s dress and so wished Estelle had not matched her. A lighter pink would have been better on Estelle. I just didn’t like that matching mother/daughter look.

    Hated Maddie’s dress, but loved Leonore’s. And, the boys? All so darling. Nicolas is becoming more of a boy than a baby.

    Baby Alexander putting the sash in his mouth was too cute. And, he and his cousin reaching out for each other was darling. They will be good friends, I am sure. Also, Leonore and Estelle and their gift bags with snacks was wonderful. Smart moms, those Swedish Royal Ladies.

    And, the two little female cousins sharing a chair was really sweet.

    Leonore is one handful. I know I could not handle that on a steady basis, so I am impressed by Maddie and Chris!

    The ceremony was filled with such love for the baby and all the children. It made me shed a few tears several times. Christenings are very special moments and to share the happiness with those you love is truly a blessing. I wish all the Swedish Royals health and happiness. They are giving the public a lovely opportunity to take a peek into their loving world. Everything was beautiful, yet so real.

    Thanks to you, too, KMR, for such nice coverage.

      1. Hi, Rhiannon,
        How are you? Life s busy at our house. Madddie is fine, thanks! A busy baby, that’s for sure. She will be eleven months on the 18h. Hard to believe, but true. Lots of smiles and many words. She babbles on and on and when you take her hand, she takes some tentative steps as of this weekend. Lots of work as she is into so many things, but also much fun. She is well natured and mostly happy. Has a stubborn streak, too.

        It’s always good to read your comments and I trust that each day finds you doing and feeling better and better.

        1. This year has flown by. She was just born! I am so glad to hear that she’s a happy and healthy baby.

          I’m getting better. I walked my first 5k this weekend. I probably shouldn’t, but I needed it for my spirit.

          I always smile when I see your name. Have an awesome day ?

          1. Thanks for your kind words, rhiannon and right back at ya!
            Glad to hear that you are making strides! I am in awe of you. My advice: Don’t push it! But, I think you know yourself very well and I wish you the best.

            Yes, it does seem not too long ago that Madeleine was born, I guess this is the future — time flying by so quickly. Before one knows it kids are in college!

            Be well and stay strong and happy.

  12. Loved Leonore’s girly dress and Estelle’s more grown-up silhouette. Was her dress lace or a damask print? I’m okay with Vic’s dress, and I’ll bet it’s a relief when sitting with a baby to have a longer skirt. I just don’t like Erdam but Mad is pretty enough not to look dowdy. I really thought the Queen had a miss with mis-matched materials and blossoms adrift on the jacket. I thought Sofia looked fine. Men and boys looked good.

    I am really tired of lace, and fascinators and headbands. I like HATS.

  13. Nothing special about any of those dresses. Yuck on the lace. I do love Sophia’s hair and that beautiful pearl headband. It looks sooo much nicer than that tiara that sits on top of her head. The babies are just adorable. It will be fun watching them grow. Hate that white collar on Maddy’s dress. Why is Sophia wearing false eyelashes? I can’t even see her eyes, but maybe it’s sun glare. Too much makeup for her. My favorite is the photo of the baby in the gold cradle. Loving that gold crown.

  14. I wondered at Prince Oscars christening that how many had problems seeing the little prince and all the happening, behind Crown Princess Mary’s hat. And there were a few other hats that probably were in the way. Maybe the Swedes asked that no hats this time ;D

    I am a bit disappointed clothewise but my winner for the day is Princess Sofia. She looked fresh and I really liked the pearls. Maybe some other color or shade of white would have better. Crown Princess Victoria looked nice, but not much more, liked the lenght of the dress though. And Princess Madeleine looked nice too but something was off. The little princesses looked really cute!

  15. I love Ellie Saab but this one is a miss for me. I think I’d like it better if it was knee length. I would like mad’s dress more if it didn’t have the Peter Pan collar. I didlike Victoria’s low pony tail. It was slightly different from some of her pulled back dos. I commented on the previous post what I thought about Sophia and middle part head band do- still not a win.
    To me, all the kiddos looked great. What I think is funny is the differences in sizes of Oscar and Alexander considering that they are about a month a part!! I’ve decided he no longer has chipmunk checks but more pika cheeks!
    I do enjoy that the SRF makes these things public.

  16. The picture of the two princes is too adorable. Princess Sofia looked good and Prince Alexander is too cute.I didn’t like Princess Madeline dress is was a miss but she normally gets it right. The Swedish Royal family seem like a very close knit family its nice to see .

  17. I usually like what Madde wear but this dress makes me want to hide in my wardrobe, it reminds me too much of 1980s fashions, that could be due to the hair bow?

  18. I love this royal family! I think it’s great that the kids have cousins their own age to grow up with. They’re the only royal family that I can picture having family functions like a normal family. Their christenings remind me of my own extended family get togethers for similar occasions (minus the incredible fashion and press, of course).

    It’s great how they pose for pictures. So different from another royal family we know. With the Cambridge’s you either catch them walking (and they’d really rather you didn’t) or you get carefully selected photoshopped pics.

  19. I adore the photo of Estelle and Leonore sharing a chair. It really shows the close bond between them. I find Leonore moving about amusing. It was a good idea of Chris and Maddie to bring toys and little snacks. Leonore and Estelle sitting though the christenings must find it tiring sitting down alot. The photos of the babies together are adorable.

    I prefer Maddie’s dress and like her hair do. Yes a bit 1950s. I am not keen on the pink lace dress worn by CP Victoria but it is very feminine and Estelle looks lovely in her her dress. I think it is the first time I have seen Estelle wear pink. Apart from the coat. I like Princess Sofia’s dress. Yes it is white but it is well fitted and Princess Sofia looks very smart.

  20. I was in 7th heaven on Friday! Sofia looked beautiful. Her headband was gorgeous. I didn’t care for the white lace, bit she looked like a happy woman surrounded by family.

    Madde’s dress was ugly. Erdem is horrible. She looked amazing at Oscar’s christening. She wore and owned that outfit. I liked the color and pattern of Vic’s dress. However the modesty piece under it was way too short.

    The best fashion was the men. CP is handsome in that uniform. Daniel and Chris cut dapper figures in their suits. Leonore looked precious. She is a spirited girl and has the sweetest face. I find it hard to wrap my mind around the fact that Estelle is as young as she is. Her demeanor is so much older than what it is. Thanks to KMR, I always think Oscar has a surprised look on his face. ? Nicolas looks so much like his daddy.

    Alexander is an adorable baby. I want to squeeze and snuggle him. I was surprised when his gown wouldn’t close despite Sofia’s attempt to close it in the back. All in all this was a nice family event. Thanks for the coverage, KMR!

  21. There is talk in the Swedish press about the seating of the non-Royal grandparents during Alexander’s and Oscar’s christenings. Sofia’s parents were in the front row, while Daniel’s parents were relegated to second row. Well-known fact that the King favors his son over Crown Princess Victoria.

    1. I thought that too – and then watched Prince Oscar’s christening again. Perhaps the seating was because the royal godparents’ spouses (Crown Prince Haakon & Crown Princess Mary) take precedence over Prince Daniel’s parents.

      1. Chris O’Neill’s mother sat between King Carl Gustaf and Crown Princess Victoria during Nicolas’ Christening.

        And sat between Queen Silvia and Prince Carl Philip during Leonore’s Christening.

        So I don’t see what the big deal is with Sofia’s parents sitting between the Queen and Daniel at Alex’s Christening.

        With both of Victoria’s kids versus Maddie and Carl Philip’s kids, you have to understand that the venues are different. Vic got the larger venue due to her status as heir, plus there were foreign royals in attendance, so that changes up the seating arrangements.

        1. Maybe I didn’t make clear enough that preference was my initial impression. Like I mentioned, after watching the video of Oscar’s christening – I realised it was because of the presence of foreign royals. I knew the location was different, just didn’t think it factored in so much. My comment was just an attempt to rationalise, that’s all.

    2. See my comment to Az. The seating arrangement of Sofia’s parents and Chris’ parents were the same. The reason Daniel’s were different was because of the different venue and the addition of foreign royals.

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