Open Post: Prince Alexander’s Christening

Open Post: Prince Alexander’s Christening

Here’s an open post for Prince Aelxander’s Christening. Hopefully I will be updating this post as a live blog throughout the broadcast, but no matter what I will definitely cover everything in detail later.

SVTPlay live stream link

The livestream starts at 11:30 AM Sweden time, with the service starting at 12:00 PM Sweden time. Some time conversions for when the livestream starts: 10:30 AM in London; 5:30 AM on the East Coast USA; 2:30 AM on the West Coast USA; 7:30 PM in Sydney; and 9:30 PM in Wellington, New Zealand.


That’s is for now. I’ll be back later with a full recap of the Christening in a separate post.





Leonore walked off.

Oscar and Alexander.

Prince Carl Philip speaks.

The Prince Family.

Prince Nicolas still loves his toothbrush.

The Swedish court released the names of Alex’s godparents. Carl Philip and Sofia chose five godparents for their son:

Crown Princess Victoria (Carl Philip’s sister)
Mrs. Lina Frejd (Sofia’s oldest sister)
Mr. Victor Magnuson (Carl Philip’s cousin/Princess Christina’s youngest son)
Mr. Jan-Åke Hansson (who was Carl Philip’s Best Man at his wedding)
Miss Cajsa Larsson (Sofia’s childhood friend)

56 thoughts on “Open Post: Prince Alexander’s Christening

  1. I expected a European Royal to be amongst the group – maybe a German Prince ? Of course CP Vic was a given, as was one of his Swedish cousins

    1. I thought there would be a foreign royal in there somewhere since a previous press release said foreign royals would be in attendance.

    1. Thank you KMR.

      Lovely, regal and dignified SRF, and they didnt disappoint! All beautifully dressed, seem the sister Princesses did a small coordination with elegant ponytails bow/headgear. The beautiful children stole the show with the young Princesses beautiful dresses – P Estelle matching her regal mum, Leonore beautifully dressed – Princes Oscar and Alexi bonding with that cheek squeeze and smiling with each other. A real lovely loving family.

      Thank you SRF for allowing the public/world to join your private family events.

      1. + 1

        They are a regal, warm family. Madeleine’s dress stands out beautifully in a sea of lace dresses.

        KMR, you are truely a wonderful chronicler of royal families.

  2. Gaaah, I missed it! Please tell me that Leonore was a squirmy monkey. For me, the best part of the christening are the babies. I hope we get another Swedish baby because this may be it for a while.

    Alexander is a cute little chubby baby. He’s a pretty big boy compared to Oscar. Estelle is a little light as always and Nicolas is adorable.

    I’ll wait to discuss the couture later. Thanks for covering this, KMR!

    1. You can still watch it at the link. Yes, Leonore was a little squirmy monkey. All the kids were adorable. I wish they just focused on the kids during the ceremony since they are always the best part.

        1. I love that Leonore was already grabbing for the program even before Maddie sat down.

        2. + 1

          Another site had a photo of Princess Maddie Leonore and Prince Nicolas walking strolling the previous day in Stocholm. And Maddie Facebook has another beautiful animal photo this time with Prince Nic.

      1. +1

        The Princes cousins surely kept each other company 😉 CP Vic seem amaze at her son. While Prince Nicolas gave hisnwave with his mum.

        Princess Estelle is becoming a regal ‘young lady, but she is only four!???

  3. Oh, I just love these cherub cheek cuties!! So glad to see Lenore stayed true to form and made a break for it, poor Maddie and Chris 🙂 And how adorable is Nicholas with his toothbrush?!

    Looking forward to the fashion post!

  4. How adorable are those kids! Estelle and Leonore sharing a chair and the picture of Alexander and Oscar, too cute! And Nicholas and his toothbrush. Bet he will hear about his love for them quite often later in life xd Will be great to see more of them in the future…

  5. Wow Alexander is so big! I love the kids. They are so adorable. And I love that Madeleine and Chris continue to bring Leonore to events and let her loose! Many parents would have decided on the leaver-her-with-the-nanny-until-she-learns-to-sit-still route.

  6. Baby sashes! Mini chairs for the girls! Lenore being squirmy! What’s not to love!

    Thanks KMR for the post!

    I’m looking forward to the fashion post 🙂

  7. Thanks so much for the link. Just a wonderful family celebration. Loved all the kids, and Alexander eating his baby sash!

  8. Loved this post, thanks for following the baptism. Love this royal family, they are so relaxed and relatable. Who else thinks Oscar & Alexander look alike? I hadn’t realised until I saw a photo of them side by side. I feel for Maddie, Leonore is full on, she keeps it together well in front of the cameras, I hope she eventually settles down.

  9. This such a lovely ceremony. CP looks absolutely besotted with his wife and his son. Alexander was bursting at the seams in his gown. Estelle loving on her daddy! I love it!

  10. Kmr , i would really appreciate if you post clise up pics of leo and estelle..the only best dressed persons over there…
    Estelle was also wearing some kind of chain or what…!!

  11. How beautiful this family is. How loving and real.

    Leonore is priceless. I love the fact that Maddie brought snacks for her. Just so normal!

    Baby Alexander is adorable. So chubby and cute. Love all the kids. They are just beautiful and their parents’ responses to them are wonderful.

    A happy day and a beautiful service. Full of spiritual beauty and such family bonds.
    Thanks, KMR. This is just a nice way to end the work week and think about the good things that life offers.

  12. Oscar and Alexander could be twins! It will be interesting to see how much they continue to resemble each other as they grow. Love Estelle, what a little princess. And Madde is my fashion winner of the day once again….sigh, would love to dive into that girl’s closet

  13. Wonderful post, KMR. I loved the beautiful ceremony, with the celebrants speaking directly to Alexander. And Alexander did great! Also loved Lenore’s jailbreak (not unexpected); Nicolas with his toothbrush is too funny. I thought everyone looked lovely, and the entire atmosphere seemed so happy.

  14. What a beautiful event! Everyone looked so happy to be there. I think it is wonderful that the public was able to see the christening, as it really connects the people to the royal family. The SRF does this so well.
    Everyone was beautifully dressed as well, but for me personally, I am suffering from lace dress exhaustion.

    1. Nope. CP got to hold him just as they were entering the palace after the ceremony… Once they walked past all of the cameras.

      What is with the stronghold grip on the baby — Both Sophia and the kate do it.
      Are they really that insecure about losing the attention, if they aren’t the main focus of the cameras?

      I don’t particularly care for Sophia or CP, but little Alex is adorable!

      1. What “stronghold grip”? Looking at the photos, I don’t see how Sofia holding Alex is different from the way Victoria held Oscar (other than positioning), and neither are gripping the babies overly tightly.

        1. By stronghold grip — I meant that for the most part, no one else is allowed to hold the kids for the cameras, but mom.

          When they are in public or photoshoots, Kate tends to hold on to the kids and keep william to the side. (Which happens to give the papers ample opportunity to cut him out)
          A notable exception being 2015 ttc when w held g.

          I’ve only seen this posturing from kate and now Sophia.

          I find it a bit sad that CP didn’t get a moment with Alex at his christening. Especially, when CG put the precious baby sash on his grandson.

          1. Daniel didn’t hold Oscar (in fact Daniel rarely does – only twice in public since Oscar was born, and then only for a shirt time before Victoria held Oscar again). Does Victoria have a “stronghold grip”, too?

          2. I think there’s a difference once there are two munchkins in the mix. We see William more with George and Daniel with Estelle. I don’t know if they are doing the stereotypical mom with baby thing, if it’s because Victoria is the heir thus people want to see her with the baby or maybe the baby prefers mom right now to dad.
            I’d have just liked to have seen a pic during the ceremony with him holding the child.

  15. Love these kids, they are so cute.

    Sorry to thread jack but this is hysterical–
    “Why Do We Still Call the Duchess of Cambridge ‘Kate Middleton?'”

    There’s even a little swipe at blogs like this one where we are all considered mindless, “call her Kate Middleton if you think like a Web site.”

    The line about “they want to forge that more intimate relationship with their public and with their subjects” is amusing when Will doesn’t want to play the drums with a child who asks or Kate who won’t push a button.

    Goes on to talk about how American audience is imp. to show how modern and relevant they are. Really? We aren’t paying to support them. As pointed out here by several commenters, why not do more in-depth visits at home if they want to demonstrate this “intimacy.”

    Maybe a Middleton or two has their buns in a twist ala an Irene type and called up a media friend?

    1. I finally got around to reading that VF article. I did not read that “call her Kate Middleton if you think like a Web site” line as a swipe at anyone in particular. “Thinking like a web site” is about thinking about search terms and clicks, rather than proper titles. I put “Kate Middleton” in my titles because “Kate Middleton” gets searched for more than “Duchess of Cambridge” or “Duchess Kate”. That’s me “thinking like a web site”. I will fully admit that’s why I continue to call her “Kate Middleton”, and am in no way offended that the VF article commented on that.

  16. I think sofia’s pearl headband is so chic and cool with her middle part. What an awesome tiara affect. I love pearls anyway though, more than diamonds. I wish kate mid would try something like that.

    1. Ha to me with the middle part and head band she looks like a picture of Anne bolyen!
      I love pearls but this was a miss for me

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