Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary cover Vogue Australia

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary cover Vogue Australia

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary cover the August issue of Vogue Australia, on sale July 11. Mario Testino took the photos, and Mary wears an Alex Perry dress on the cover. Mary also wore her new Diamond and Ruby Necklace Tiara and matching earrings.

Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik cover Vogue Australia s
[Mario Testino for Vogue Australia]

Mary spoke with Vogue editor-in-chief Edwina McCann and fashion director Christine Centenera about fashion sustainability, gender equality, The Mary Foundation, and being a role model. Below is a preview of the interview.

About fashion sustainability and being a voice for the empowerment of women and girls:

    “It will take time to create real and sustainable change. If we are talking about the textile and fashion industry, it is one of the most female-dominated industries in the world and yet many of these working women are voiceless. I do use the platform I have built up over the years as a vocal and passionate voice for the empowerment of women and girls and the protection and respect of their human rights to bring attention to this.”

About being a role model:

    “I find it difficult to speak of myself as a role model, as role models are defined by the individual. It is what they see in a person that gives meaning or inspiration to them that makes another person a role model for them. It’s not something I consciously think about. But at the same time, I am very aware of my role and my responsibility. If I can inspire others and if others see something in me that can motivate them, then that’s a big compliment.”

[Vogue Australia]

I like what Mary says about being a role model. Role models are defined by the individual and what one person sees as a role model others don’t. It all depends on what one wants in life and which person has those qualities that one wants to emulate.

I also like what Mary says about understanding her role and responsibility. It bothers me when celebs like Justin Bieber or Rihanna say that they aren’t role models, because whether they like it or not there are people who look up to them and view them as role models.

I’d actually really like to read the rest of this interview just to see what else Mary says.

Mary, Frederik, kids inside Vogue Australia
[Mario Testino for Vogue Australia]

Just to talk about the photos for a minute. This is not the first time Mary has covered Vogue Australia – she did so in December 2004, too. Mary has also covered and given interviews to The Australian Women’s Weekly (twice) and Danish fashion magazine, Euro Woman. So Mary has a history of posing for fashion magazines and giving interviews about her life and work.

Part of me thinks this is a bit low-brow since Mary is just like every other celeb out there who covers and gives interviews to magazines. But part of me likes this because I do like and want to hear from the royals about their work, and this is a good way to promote her causes. So I’m still on the fence about whether I like royals covering magazines. Maybe if it were not a fashion magazine?

As for the cover: There are better portraits of Mary and Fred. They both look overly photoshopped in this cover and Fred looks like he’s in pain. I like that Mary wore a tiara, though, since it makes it seem like a step up from the ordinary celeb cover.

Here’s a close up of the tiara and earrings.

Mary in Vogue Australia close up
[Mario Testino for Vogue Australia]

40 thoughts on “Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary cover Vogue Australia

  1. Wow, I get first dibs!

    I really loved this cover and article. To me, Mary looks like a modern day princess, the one that I feel I could connect with. She’s Cinderella-like with her simple, relaxed beauty but is still the woman she was before she married a prince. I wanted to hang the picture of her and Frederick with the kids on my fridge it’s so cute and full of life. She seems like a terrific person to work together on a project where she always has something helpful and constructive to give.

    I’ve made a personal promise not to compare Kate with any of our other princesses because that’s a disaster in the making, and isn’t productive. I’ve suggested in the past that Kate host Sports Events for kids or people struggling with depression, etc. Play to her strengths. She’s got those tuxedo pants, time to pull them out. What she needs to do is get some skin in the game. I’m glad she’s out more, but I’m with the group that gets frustrated with Krazy faces.

    Mary’s work pulls her out and gives her an added dimension. That’s what Kate needs instead of being a staged room. The prison outreach was interesting. I’d really like to see her get involved there again. Depression often goes hand-in-hand with incarceration, so it would complement HeadsTogether.

    Wish you all top of the morning!

    1. +1

      Totally lovely, beautiful, family friendly and regal -tiara and all; what we as children see fairy tale of what a princess life should be. She they not ashame of their status royal role – work, power to make a difference, and portray this!

      No dark casual dowdy, cowgirl look (sorry fashionable cowgirls), for such an international magazine. – Crown Princess Mary do her family and people proud.

      kate midleton take careful notes.

  2. She looks good – although too photoshopped ! As always well dressed in something that suits her and is appropriate to the occasion. The new tiara is a nice addition to the collection – although something without rubies would be good. However I understand it was bought at auction rather than from a jeweller – so you get what is on offer !!!

    1. I agree! Too much photoshop, but it seems like the over-edited look is Vogue’s thing. i thought Kate’s Vogue pics were way too airbrushed, too.

      1. Agreed, very photoshoed. I am not a fan of Testino either. I am a fan of Mary. She seems intelligent, dedicated and serious about her causes. I know others feel differently, but I enjoy reading about her.

  3. Beautiful photos and many Australians are proud of “our Mary”, but she also has her fair share of critics, and there are various stories around about how she met Fred and their subsequent courtship. The stories in the Australian press are always very complimentary and respectful to both Mary and Fred, and they generate a lot of goodwill.

    1. You make a good point about the press giving her positive stories. I think that could have gone the other way if she acted lazy, entitled, wooden, grasping, or a decorous shell.

      Not saying that’s what Kate is but she seems intent on trying to be an old-style royal: aloof, almost arrogant, posing, expecting to have the ring kissed by “subjects,” adored for position rather than anything she brings or does, which is my disappointment in her.

    2. I can discount stories of how these ladies met and married their princes IF there is a change podt-wedding.

      Anything before the wedding is none of my business unless they carry that into their public life like Kate has done.

      Becoming a royal is a life re-set. Your past is white washed and you are given an opportunity to re-do or re-start anew. It’s interesting where they take that, but we must not forget that thry are beholden to taxpayers for their lifestyles and in accepting that wedding ring they sign a social contract with the taxpayers for noblesse oblige in order to continue receiving that money.

      If they fulfill their end of the contract, i shan’t grumble about the money.

  4. Nice to see Mary wearing an Australian designer (Alex Perry) on the cover of an Australian magazine.
    Mary gets the point of showing support!

    1. I hope we learn more about the cover dress–fabric (interesting!), bodice design, etc. I doubt that I’ll find a copy of Australia Vogue here. I hope “eye witnesses” will share your impressions!

  5. Hello everybody – I’ve been reading this blog for some months now, and I decided to comment as KMR took up this interview I’d very much love to read! First of all I want to say I think this blog looks like a great community with a healthy sense of criticism as well as respect for others’ opinions! Secondly I want to share a personal memory of meeting Mary as I’ve noticed many people understandably wonder what she really is like, and opinions are varied. A couple of years ago I was visiting Copenhagen with my little daughter, and one particularly rainy and windy morning she wanted to see Amalienborg Palace. When we got there, soaking wet, a friendly policeman told us and a couple of others who were braving the Danish winter storm that Mary and Frederik would actually be leaving the palace soon and if we wanted to wait a couple of minutes, we’d get a chance to see them. My daughter was excited beyond description, and believe me or not, they stopped their car and talked to people who’d gathered there to see them. I got an impression they’re a good team, a couple who compliment each other and are genuinely in love. They paid great attention to the kids and I definitely believe what my daughter says – that she’ll never forget this short meeting. And Mary is a very beautiful woman who carries herself well. She was very natural with people and clearly appreciated we’d stayed to see them. Frederik was more quiet, but you could see he adores his wife and wants to let her shine. That’s what I think he looks like even in the Vogue picture of him and Mary, like he still couldn’t believe he’s the lucky one to accompany this stunning lady…

    1. That’s lovely. I get the impression that they are in love and complimentary to each other. A great team!

      1. Grace, Thank you!

        And for confirming her personality. No amount of p’shop could change the natural loving, playful family unit displayed.

        CP Mary reminds me of Countess Sophie, BRF. The Ascot visit was well placed with both couple.

        Thank you KMR.

    2. Grace, what a lovely opportunity for you and your daughter. Your little girl meeting a real Princess. I am sure the time you spent with Mary and Frederik will always be a precious memory for you and your girl.

      I am impressed that the Royal Couple were so gracious. They could have gotten in their car and kept going!

      I will remember this, too. You really gave life to two beautiful people most of us will only see in photos. How lovely that Mary was so natural and how wonderful that Frederik really allows her to shine.

      Thank you for sharing this.

    3. Welcome and thank you for sharing. that’s a sweet story and as a mother, it is always special when an event or person touches your child in that way.

  6. Even with the pics far too photoshopped, I really like them.
    Their wedding was the first one I really paid attention to and so I kinda have a soft spot for them but they actually seem to be a great match and the children are just lovely!

    And though covers and photoshoots for fashion magazines (which other magazines would there be though?) can be questioned and can seem to be bit celebrity-like, I do like to read about Royals and appreciate it when they take the time to actually speak to the magazine about their role, life and (charity) work. And ofc it’s even better if they actually have something to say…

    1. It’s a tough balance between royalty and celebrity. I also like the access and hearing from Royals, but I also agree with KMR’s point about it being a little low-brow. I remember when Eugenie did Tatler and I couldn’t help think it was a little beneath her. She’s a princess of the blood, so I thought perhaps she wouldn’t do that type of thing. I don’t know how to feel about it…

      1. Tarler is the in-house fashion magazine for British Aristos. All of them have posed for it or been it’s cover star. It’s much more glossy than the lady, but E posing for it isn’t low brow.

      2. It must be indeed tricky to find the right balance but as long Royals mostly focus on their real job and do these photoshoots and interviews just here and there, I don’t mind lovely pics and new quotes.
        And maybe on other side, why wouldn’t they do something which seems fun and maybe reaches another audience. At the end those interviews also end up on different websites etc. so good public for their work.

  7. I like how she talked about her work,her charities and the causes she supports.As for the cover I’m not a fan of the shadows.

  8. I didn’t recognise her in the pics with the kids. Wayyyyyy too much photo shopping for me, which is a shame as she is a beautiful looking woman.

  9. Before the digital era, Testino took beautiful photos. Nowadays his lighting is harsh and photoshop excessive…the same thing with Charlotte’s baptism pictures. Lovely images if they weren’t so altered!

  10. I will say that I love the pics of the family much better. Seeing Mary in an impeccable dress and tiara is quite normal. But to see her relaxing with Frederik and the kids were beyond sweet. I will agree, KMR, the second photo of him look much better.

    I am glad that she’s using her platform. It’s a fine line though. She’s a 21st century princess who knows how to deliver her message. That message includes actual action versus talking points.

    Thanks for a beautiful post, KMR!

  11. Thanks for the lovely post KMR! I am so thrilled that you cover the other royal ladies as well as the Duchess, I love reading about the causes the other royal women are supporting and how they use their particular platform to be of service to others.

    I have to say the Mario Testino’s photos of Diana are some of my favorite but his more recent photos of royals, the Cambridges and now Mary and Frederik, leave me feeling rather cold. The overuse of shadows and digital enhancement takes away from the subject and moves his photos into a realm that imo is too artsy-fartsy, too “done”. Although my opinion is rather biased as I am more of fan of print photography over digital photography, I have a hell of a time getting photos developed now that everything is digital.

    When I first started reading about Mary, she struck me as a bit cold, maybe a bit formidable but over the last couple of years I’ve been very impressed by her “boots to the ground” actions. Her travels to Africa to support women’s issues is inspiring. KMR, you questioned her giving interviews and such to mostly fashion magazines and I thought that maybe one reason for this is that most of Mary’s causes center around women’s issues, particularly women in developing countries, and what better way to highlight those causes than to give interview to magazines whose readership is mostly made up of women.

    Like Sunny, I too made a pledge at the beginning of the year not to compare Kate to the other royal women (I do admit sometimes I don’t quite stick to that pledge) but I have to say reading about royal women such as Mary makes it very difficult not to make comparisons. I so wish that Kate would reach out to some of these other women and try an foster some sort of friendship. I really feel that she would benefit greatly both personally and professionally from those friendships.

    1. Hi Lauri,

      I was curious about your opinion: I think the palace/Jason was thinking on the same lines of having Kate with other European royalty more (maybe from reading this blog) because I was struck by the sudden efforts to have her mix with CP Mary, Queen Maxima, and others. Almost like she’s supposed to graft from the respect others have. If so, IMO, it was a big fail. I know Kate’s had pictures smiling and interacting with the others (most recently, Mary), but there are ones in the Daily Mail where she’s giving a hostile eye (Maxima) or seems irritated/bored (Mary). I can see Kate prickly if Mary said, “I helped raise 10 million last year for my charities. How was your year?” and Kate taking that as a challenge or slight put-down rather than an honest question. But, and this again is just me, I think Kate has a really thin skin now because she’s got the ring–in her mind, she shouldn’t be challenged or questioned, or anything she doesn’t like. This is where she and Will seem to be the same.

      1. I think Jason/KP are desperate to have something to stick on Kate, some worthwhile cause or maybe a high profile friendship that would lend her some credibility(which she just doesn’t have). However, I can’t imagine what she would have to talk about with women like Maxima, Mary, Leti or Victoria, I guess they could talk about their children but really Kate’s done nothing of any substance to bring to the table, I can’t recall the last time she actually visited one of her charities (galas not included). I wonder if she will ever regret all those lost years of shopping and partying when she could have done something, anything to improve her mind and prepare for the biggest role of her life? Also, I don’t believe that William would want to be with a woman like Maxima or Leti or Mary, they are simply to smart and strong for him. He seems to prefer a woman who will always be one step behind him, there to bolster his ego, to make him look good and of course take his emotional temperature on an hourly basis and make cheese toast on demand.

    2. I agree! His photos are so downhill. I also didn’t like Annie Lebowitz’s photo of the queen. I love the queen, and thought the photos were great poses, but the editing and shadows were way too much for me.

  12. When I first saw this cover I thought “that’s what Kate’s could have been like”. Of course there is little to no chance of William participating or allowing the children to, but the play of royal life with home life would have been better than standing in a field somewhere in 70’s jeans.

    I’m a little tired of Mr. Testino’s pictures. He did take some wonderful photos of Diana, but his work of late leaves a lot to be desired. This is strictly my opinion as I’m sure there are tons of fans out there. Photoshop is good when it isn’t abused. It’s almost to the point where they just replace a person’s face with something they like better.

    I love Mary’s work ethic and a lot of what she wears. Sometimes she appears to be a bit too nose in the air, so it was nice to read the account of them stopping to meet the people who gathered.

    Not a big fan of the tiara. It’s a little dinky for me. They don’t all have to be huge, but it kind of gets buried in that mass of hair. It would be interesting to see it worn as a necklace (or has she already done this?).

    Sometimes I think of Mary as Kate’s big sister and I wish she’d call her up and tell her to get off of her butt and get out there working on a consistent basis.

    As always, thanks it’s really nice to read about the other royals.

    1. I jusr realized that his pics remind me of the style used by Terry Richardson. I can honestly say I don’t like his photography and him as a person.

      1. Terry Richardson is a disgusting human being and a crap photographer.

    2. I’m over Testino! All his pics are so heavily photoshopped =( I actually applaud th celebrities that have come out and said they wouldn’t do the magazine if they were photoshopped. Nothing wrong with showing the world the real you. I think part of the shock of seeing some bad pics of Kate is that we were all used to seeing the photoshopped pics of her and then when the media got fed up they started publishing pics that weren’t. It was a shocker for me.
      A lot of the Royal women do work with the UN promoting great causes. Since it seems Kate has yet to find a calling that’s a real fit for. Maybe she could take note…

    3. Yes, the first time we actually saw this tiara was when Mary used it as a necklace. For me it works both ways! However I’m curious to see if we’ll see it as a necklace again in the future.

  13. Long time no see….Hello from Munich, everyone ? Let’s go in medias res…. Do I like the pictures? No, I dont. I really dislike Testinos style nowadays. But I really, really like the spread itself and the interview. It is stylish and full of substance. It’s exactly what Royal PR has to be like in modern times. Thumbs up for Mary and Frederik. Well done, Royals, well done! ❤️

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