Kate Middleton in white at Natural History Museum for Museum of the Year awards

Kate Middleton in white at Natural History Museum for Museum of the Year awards

Kate Middleton set foot in one of her patronages, the Natural History Museum, yesterday, July 6, to attend the Art Fund Museum of the Year awards and present the prize to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Kate Middleton arrives at Museum of the Year Award
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

For over 110 years, the Art Fund has supported museums and galleries by providing them funding for acquisitions, training and development, and displaying art through tours and exhibitions. They promote hundreds of UK museums and galleries, and have raised millions to save works of art.

Kate Middleton meets people at Museum of the Year Award 1
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Each year, Art Fund awards the Museum of the Year prize of £100,000 to one museum which has shown exceptional imagination, innovation and achievement across the previous 12 months. The 2016 prize went to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Kate Middleton meets people at Museum of the Year Award 2
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Before announcing the winner, Kate said:

    “I am delighted to be here with you tonight for the Art Fund’s Museum of the Year award in this spectacular building. It is wonderful to celebrate the incredible array of British museums which has to offer, and it gives me enormous pleasure to announce the winner for 2016.”

Below is a video of Kate on stage.

Kate Middleton Museum of the Year Award
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate went to her go-to topic when chatting with the attendees, Prince George.

    “At the event Kate revealed that her two-year-old son, Prince George, loves sculpture. And she said he loved visiting London’s Natural History Museum to see the dinosaur models.
    “Nicky Wilson, from Jupiter Artland in West Lothian, said: ‘The Duchess said George comes here a lot. We were talking about children interacting with sculpture and contemporary art and he loves doing that. He loves 3D three dimensional sculptures. He does come here [the NHM] quite often.'”

[Daily Mail]

Since the Cambridges supposedly spend most of their time in Norfolk, I’m not sure how George can visit the NHM “quite often”, but George’s first birthday photos were taken at the NHM and there were photos of Kate and George at the NHM back in October 2015. So I believe George likes the NHM.

Kate Middleton Museum of the Year Award winner
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The menu for the dinner included: a starter of Evesham asparagus and quail’s eggs with shaved summer truffle, granola and lemon oil; a main course of Roast sea bream with courgette flowers, crushed Ratte potatoes, calamansi dressing; and a dessert of Brown sugar meringue with blood orange and almond sugared candy floss and a Negroni sauce.

NHM Museum of the Year table setting
[Emily Andrews @byEmilyAndrews]

Kate debuted a new-to-her designer for yesterday’s event: the Brazilian-born, London-based designer Barbara Casasola. Kate chose a white off-the-shoulder mesh-paneled stretch-jersey dress from the designer’s Spring 2016 runway collection (originally retailed for $2,120; was on sale for $1,105 at net-a-porter, and $636 at avenue32).

Barbara Casasola white off-the-shoulder dress

Kate also wore a new pair of shoes from a new designer, also Brazilian: the Schutz Dollie Sandals in Clay (originally $180, on sale for $90). The shoes also come in Oyster (on sale for $126) and Black (on sale for $90).

Schutz Dollie Sandals

Kate carried a white sequin clutch that dates from 2012 which has not been identified. She also wore some rather large earrings which were mostly covered by her hair and have not been identified.

This look has a very 70s vibe to me with the off-the-shoulder dress and giant hair. While this look did not jump out and wow me when I first saw it, it’s grown on me a bit and I like that Kate went out of her comfort zone with this one.

PS. Kate will be at Wimbledon later today, July 7, to watch Serena & Venus Williams in their semi-final matches on Centre Court. This is the first time Kate will watch a women’s match; she usually only goes to the men’s matches.

184 thoughts on “Kate Middleton in white at Natural History Museum for Museum of the Year awards

  1. I love the look. It’s a summer white with great lines and a silhouette she pulls off. She also looks her age range instead of too old or frumpy, and that perfect touch of classy sexy. It’s a win.

    As for her speech, I would have liked it more if she’d looked at the audience rather than her notes the entire time, and her posture was hunched. She is okay enough to laugh at herself while opening the envelope, which was endearing, but it was the only time she connected with the audience.

    1. Yeah, the speech was a very short basic intro speech so she should have had that memorized. But I did like the off-script moments when she was opening the envelope. It’s that kind of thing I want more of from her.

      1. I hope those little moments- those small fumbles that turn into laughs- build up her speaking confidence, because they can take the stress out of a moment and make an enagement feel less daunting. She has it in her to be a really good speaker with her diction, but she has such crumpled, unconfident posture. (I competed in debate competitions, so that’s where my hope for her as a public speaket comes from. I hope she gets more practice in with more engagements.)

    2. You can tell how nervous she must get; her speech was short and written out and yet she still swallowed her words and got lost in the second sentence. “It is wonderful to celebrate the incredible array of British museums which has to offer.” I am assuming that she meant to say something along the lines of “and all that they have to offer” or “which have so much to offer.”

      I am relatively critical of Kate, especially when she doesn’t work for weeks at a stretch or shows no interest in her chosen charities. However, I can give her a pass on the public speaking. She is trying, but her nerves are just too overwhelming.

      1. I almost wonder if it would help her more to not have prepared remarks and to speak off the cuff instead. She was adorable when opening the envelope.

  2. I love the picture of Kate smiling over her shoulder. It’s very beauty pageant with the big hair and big smile. She looks genuinely happy.

  3. I love the look, and that hair of hers is almost back to it’s former lengthy glory. She won’t be cutting it anytime soon, I guarantee you. Lesson learned!

  4. Here’s what I think:

    The positives –

    1) I liked that she is trying something different! So tired of the near-identical dresses/coats she’s always wearing.
    2) I am also happy she is wearing different kind of heels!
    3) Another positive from me is Kate “is expected to go to Wimbledon every year” (one of her official engagements is it?) it seems? At least this is something our Kate is keenest and most interested at doing.
    4) Our Kate gave a speech. Meh.
    5) Last one would be George is a wonder kid! He loves everything in the world! You name it! He’ll for sure love it!

    The negatives –

    1) The hair is a bit heavy today especially at the top. Easy on the wiglets, please.
    2) I am not in love with the length of the dress. I think a mid-calf length would look better, or even full length. Kate is tall and the length on this dress just made it look as if she bought a full length dress for someone much much petite.
    3) Her posture throws me off again. This dress would look even more amazing on someone with straight posture like Letizia/Mary/Madeleine. Off-shoulder dresses/tops don’t look good on The Hunchback of Anmer Hall (please forgive me for calling her this! Can’t help it ..).
    4) Her facial expressions are starting to give me the creeps.

    Do we know how long she stayed for this event? I am hoping … 4 hrs?

    1. I think she stayed for two hours-ish just judging on times of photo postings on Twitter.

      1. Thanks, KMR. Well at least it’s longer than her standard 30mins. Then again, it’s because it’s a prize presentation with dinner included so 2 hrs is still kinda short.

    2. According to the DM, she left before dessert was served. That seems rude to me, but I guess she had to get her beauty sleep for Wimbledon tomorrow!

      I like that the dress is not lace and don’t really mind the length. As you said, her posture ruins everything and makes the dress look like it is about to fall down. There are some really stange lumps and bumps in very odd places under the dress. See left side of last picture above. It also looks like her underwear is visible but looking at the designer’s pictures above, I wonder if it is some kind of modesty panel the designer put in because of the mesh stripes in the fabric. I think the shoes are way too high and if she is wobbling in them, she needs to lower her heels. I hate to see women in heels so high that the veins are bulging in their feet and the feet look swollen. I think that brighter accessories would have really added something to the whole look – doesn’t really matter what color – red, royal blue, hot pink, kelly green, purple – they would all work. Finally, the thing that really got me was the hands in her crotch. It seemed worse than usual. The thought that those same hands were going to be shaking other hands and horrors, holding eating utensils makes me physically ill. I hope they had massive bottles of hand sanitizer for the unfortunate guests who had to shake her hand.

      1. Erm, really? She left before dessert was served? Can’t say I’m surprised there. Kate really really disappoints as far as her work ethics are concerned.

        I agree with you on the accessories. With white, anything goes! She could’ve let her imagination run wild!

        At first glance, I thought the design of the dress looked like white paper cut in streaks with a penknife for making lanterns for a Chinese Lantern Festival (see this: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/CeZKYGmuZn0/maxresdefault.jpg).

        I have no idea how much further Kate can disappoint me. Guys, if I die please convey to Kate that I wish for her to lower my coffin into the ground so she can let me down one last time …. promise me?!

      2. Not only did her posture ruin the dress, but I think the dress would look far better on a more full-figured woman. Not too full-figured, mind you, but it’s a sexy look and someone so emaciated as Kate does not seem sexy to me. I hope I am not offending anyone. Most clothing is made for thin women and it’s rare to see something like this on Kate, so I agree, she went out of her comfort zone. I thought her butt looked a bit flabby in the dress and there is no way she has a flabby butt. She is very toned. So, I wonder why that came to me as I looked at the rear view of her.

        Yes, the issue with opening the envelope was very real and nice. Made her seem real and fun. The speech? Come on. So short, just memorize it, please.

        And, George loves everything! Most kids his age and older — especially boys — (Don’t shoot me, guys) love dinosaurs. Maybe, she should have given the usual line that George wants to be a sculptor when he grows up.

        Thanks for giving such a complete view of this event, KMR. The menu was intriguing, but I swear, I don’t know what half those dishes are.

        I hope everyone is well and that everyone has a good day/night.


          1. Of course he does, and when next Kate visits a knitting circle, he will love that too. Or to retain their sexist narrative, it will be Charlotte.

        1. George loves everything when it’s convenient. Except he doesn’t love behaving of course, because that wouldn’t go with the narrative of him being a rambunctious little boy and Charlotte being a perfect lady. I wish we heard about Charlotte more…they really are starting off early on the trend of the sister being completely overshadowed by the brother.

        2. Hi Jenny. I agree. Credit for something different, but it doesn’t fit properly and for God’s sake, another cream colored dress. Enough already. The dress looked very heavy for spring summer. It seemed very wintery to me. I like the idea of it but it doesn’t work for me.

          I am so tired of the same colors and the same boring accessories. She looked more alive but otherwise, not a win for me.

    3. I agree.

      The materialis is too casual for such elegant event and for someone from a royal family.

      The dress is wearing middleton – highlight skinny bones with nothing sexy about the look, the big hair. Without whiny Bill, she looks more regular minus underwear? -and not even close to the better dressed celebs (the dress also looks like one Beckinsale rocked in pass months).

      Same dress on CP Mary, Queen Leticia would be regal and beautiful with their presence.

  5. I’ve been lurking here for a month or so, but haven’t commented yet. I love this look on her, though I think her hair would have benefited from more interest. Maybe a half-up-do or something other than overblown curl. The dress and shoes belong in my closet, thanks. But my biggest quibble will always be her posture. Someone needs to put some books on her head and make her walk the halls of KP in those heels. If I could do it at 9, she can certainly manage at 34. (I hated those debutant classes, btw. But I have great posture! Lol)

      1. Hi, Megs. Welcome. NOw, that you have commented and you have gotten your feet wet, so to speak, we hope to hear more from you soon. I love when people “lurk” for a bit and then jump in!

  6. It’s her trying to be sexy as it’s all she has; I mean, it’s how she got William. You can see her panty line (at least she’s wearing them?) and weird bumps and lumps under the dress which is just weird. I just don’t think it’s appropriate to wear a dress like this? it’s too slinky.

    I do like the coral shoes. Add a coral clutch and it would have been fun. She needs to do some pops of color versus all-over-beige.

    She looks happy ’cause she’s at a party. No sick kids or people needing her attention; it’s all on her. She likes the galas, the premieres, the Ben Ainslie events. At least she showed up.

    I know, I’m cynical, but it’s just same old same old to me. Kate trying to vamp it up with the big hair and off the shoulder dress (I love those kinds of dresses, just not with beauty pageant hair)..

    1. If you are being cynical Ellie then I’m standing right beside you. At first glance it’s a good look, from the front. But Kate lifts her hands and its a wrinkly mess! I think she needed to go up one size, not wear it so skin tight, so she could comfortably wear underwear underneath. I don’t want to see another woman’s underwear line, nor do I want to see that she isn’t wearing underwear either!

      1. Glad it’s not just me!

        I think it’s sort of one step forward, two steps back with Kate. Always. Something looks good but the rest is a mess then I feel bad for pointing it out.

        I wish she was suitable but she’s not and has no interest in improving as why should she, when everyone gawks and approves of her every move to her. It’s sad really.

    2. What are those two small round bumps on her left buttock under the dress? I have no idea, and since you mentioned it, it is now bugging me (it’s late afternoon here and I am obviously in need of a cuppa). I think she is wearing underwear this time; always skimpy stuff and the string of the thong twists, leaving the bump on her thigh. Can’t believe I’m writing this…

      On a higher plane, I do like the dress, especially the detailing in the pleated skirt. This is a good look for her but she does need more curves to do the dress justice. Hair could have been in a sleek pony tail, and accessories a zippy colour. If only she would stop touching herself (aka crotch clutching). I feel like I’m intruding…

      I’m sure George loves lots of things; again, the children are her default conversation piece. Would have been good had she prepped for the event by knowing what museums were doing these days; there are tectonic shifts in museological practice these days.

      1. Wow, guys, I posted above with my “butt” comment before reading what you all wrote here. Now, I get why I felt her butt looked badly. You all nailed it.
        Ugh. So many mistakese this woman makes. So many. To me the off the shoulder look would have not been as inappropriate, if her hair was up in a sophisticated look. Another Royal woman may have pulled this off far better. With Kate, it just smacks of her trying to keep the sexy look alive when she’s not forced into buttoning things up to her chin. It’s so odd. She could pull off a far more sophisticated and fun look, but she makes so many errors. The tight back of the dress against the underwear, the big hair. Oh, no! I feel as if I am always so critical, but I think this look was all wrong and I stand by my initial post that on a woman with a slightly more rounded figure, the dress would have been amazing. Maybe, not for this type of event, though.

      2. Jen, I love when you say, “I’ can’t believe I am writing this.” and “I feel like I’m intrulding.” So, true.

        1. Thanks Jenny, but I’m still left wondering about the two small round bumps on Kate’s left buttock!!

      3. I am thinking the ” two bumps” are some sort of a security device and it just happens to show through this particular fabric.

          1. I’m sure there are a lot of security measures taken for the royal family that we don’t know about. You asked a question- I gave a reasonable answer of what it could be- and you gave a rude reply to my suggestion.Check out the comment policy for this website!

        1. I’m so sorry, Marion. I didn’t mean to sound rude in my reply… Another example of the difficulty of conveying tone in script online :/. I was actually really amused at the idea of putting a security tracker on Kate’s behind and got a really good laugh out of the mental image. That could very well be what the lumps in her dress are. Again, I’m very sorry that I came across offensive to you. I didn’t mean to insult you or belittle your opinion at all

    3. Totally agree.

      This dress is not for a royal event, and the backshot to me suggest no undie ; lumps are weird in slinky…

    4. Hey Ellie. I do think this is a bit slinky for Kate. However, I’m happy to see her wear something that’s more appropriate for her age than the dowdy, matronly things we typically see her in. Kate is tough. I feel like she’s a pendulum who goes from one end of the fashion spectrum (boring coat dress) to over-the-top (floral erdem) and can’t seem to find the right in-between for herself. Overall, I like this look though, mostly because I’m happy she had the confidence to mix it up a bit and not dress like my grandmother.

    5. I liked that she tried something new until I saw a similar dress worn previously by her MIL (SWF again…sigh).

      In this case I think she was also trying to make a statement to Billy (“see how sexy I look I can play on your feelings” type thing. Just a hunch. That smirk was off the charts.

      BTW, I didn’t notice the usual number of OTT expressions at Wimbledon. She needs someone with her there for her to play off of (agh ended that with a preposition – sorry). She seems lost without a partner in crime. Metaphorically speaking of course.

      I hope I’m not being catty. I’m just tired of the charade. -___-

      1. I’m wondering if Pippa and Carole/Michael attended the same day as Kate? Or are they spreading out the joy of their presence to the people over the tournament?

        Kate did touch herself as she was meeting the ball kids, how unfortunate. I think she is always aware of the cameras on her, with her mouth wide open. I agree, though, that she likes to have someone with her when she gets bored and needs to indulge in small talk. Perhaps that’s not needed at the tennis, just church services, paying respect to others, that sort of thing.

      2. Oh, Jen, what dress did Diana wear that was similar to this? I’m sure her butt was more discreetly displayed, though.

  7. I do not like this dress at all. Neither on Kate nor on anyone else. It’s the 70’s vibe I dislike, I’m old enough to remember my mother and her sisters wearing this kind of clothes, but none of it has grown on me. And the zip in the front really disturbs me. I also find this type of dress very difficult to rewear. There aren’t too many occasions where you can wear a piece that looks like a giant sweater falling off your shoulders – not that a person with an unlimited budget would ever find it a problem, though. I’m sure this dress would look totally different on a woman who carries herself well and who does not look like the dress was wearing her, but to me it again looks like the dress was wearing Kate, just like someone else had jammed her into it and told her to go off. I’ve been trying to think what her style is like, and I cannot find an answer. Maybe that’s because she never seems to bring any character into her choices of clothes. She goes from a rigid matron look to this 70’s mess and vice versa like a paper doll, and nothing of her true self seems to shine through. There’s no sparke like you’d think a young, privileged and happy woman would have. By the way I hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings with my comments on this dress – I’m sure you gals would rock it and I’d love the dress if I saw it on you! But now all I can see is Kate wearing giant sweater.

    1. Oh, Grace, I loved what you said. “She goes from a rigid matron look to this 70s mess and vice versa like a paper doll.” I also think you are right that she has no sparkle like a happier woman would have.

    2. You’re right, it is a very summery on trend look so the rewearability (did I just make that up??) factor is low. Would this be too fancy for Wimbledon, or too soon?

      Also, it looks to me like she’s clenching her butt rather than looking droopy as some have thought. She is always clenching and flexing to show definition in her arms
      /legs/ behind, too bad she can’t stand up straight -long neck shoulders down- to complete the package. All she has to do is look at 3 or 4 pictures of Letizia and the lightbulb can’t help but go off.

      1. Hi, Ray, I see what you mean about butt clenching in the photo where she is looking over her shoulder. I was referring to the picture where you see her from the rearview and she’s talking with people by the black and white photos on the wall.
        To me, her butt looked flabby, although, she is well-toned, so why I would think that, I don’t know. That is also the photo where people pointed out the bump that could be part of her thong. BTW, whenever you comment, I always remember your comments when you seemed to be drooling over Kate’s red shoes. So funny, the way you said what you said on that thread. Those shoes WERE to die for!

        1. Haha, ooooh I covet many things in our girl’s closet and those red heels are at the top of the list for sure! If I could ramble through Madde’s once in a while as well, I would be a very happy camper 🙂

        2. She’s well-toned in many areas, but it’s hard to keep a good about of muscle tone and perk on your backside when you don’t eat much. It’s the largest muscle in your body, and as such, needs ample fuel. With how thin Kate is, I’m assuming she doesn’t eat much. Therefore, it’s probably hard for her to build the muscle required for a firm and perky derriere.

        3. All I can think whenever I see a picture of her back side is she needs to squat. She has no booty! She has less of a booty than me and I’m Chinese! (Please don’t be offended by that.) I work hard for my booty. It’s so obvious she only exercises so much to stay skinny.

          1. Oh, and I just read an article that claimed a flabby butt will put too much pressure on one’s knees and cause issues with them later on in life. Squat thrusts, anyone? Miss K and Lindsey, any other exercises we can all do?

  8. First KMR, thanks for giving us the menu! I love when you do that and it just tops off the other info you provide to really bring these events to life. I’ll give props to Kate for trying something new. It’s not the best but not the worse. I will agree with the others that this silhouette highlighted her horrible posture more than usual. Please quit hunching over!
    I think what is throwing me off is the zipper down the middle and fabric. If it was shorter it would be perfect for Wimbledon. I do like the shoes but something bolder might elevate this dress a bit. Finally the hair – she should choose “all wiglets all the time” or never. The switching back and forth just makes them more noticeable and I can’t believe she or her people don’t care about that.

  9. Bags not having to pick one museum as museum of the year out of all the museums in the UK. Actually that would be easy for me as I love the Victoria and Albert Museum so I’d vote for it every time. If you are in London and have time for one museum vvisit then I recommend that you visit the V&A.
    As for George’s preference? He’s a little boy, they like dinosaurs, it doesn’t matter where the dinosaurs are located, they like them 🙂

  10. I gotta say, I love it. I do wish she’d worn a slip underneath, because there’s quite a lot of buns in the side/back view, but I don’t see visible panty line anywhere??

  11. I like this dress but i don’t think it does much for her body type or maybe it’s her posture and crotch clutching that’s throwing me off. I also like her shoes. As for the hair, this is like tame for her. Her hair at the hedge fund gala last year was like the epitome of her big, 70s do.

      1. Same! i love how her bangs were styled at that event. Although, her hair this time around was a little too beauty pageant large for me.

  12. At first I was “yeah she visited one of her patronages” but ofc it was an award ceremony. In general it’s not a bad thing but can’t remember the last time she actually visited a charity when it wasn’t something like a gala… and I even likento see Royals in fancy clothes and all, just them interacting with people and to see them caring is far better.

    And not sure what to think of the dress, the length, the zipper and as it looks bit like a big sweater it gave me some winter-vibe. Not too bad and maybe someone else could pull it off, but as usual it seems like the clothes carry her and not the other way around.

    Not suprised that George likes dinosaurs. My cousins and nephew were crazy about them and loved big statues but also the small ones in supermarket so doesn’t really matter where those are and that “quite often”, could be everything, couldn’t it.

    And ofc Wimbledon. Maybe women’s games and as they are usually shorter. Those two 5-setters on Centre Court yesterday, if she could have stayed that long…

  13. For the dress, I don’t hate it but I don’t love it :mixed. I don’t love the color of the dress (I want color!), I like the motif of the dress. For the form : I don’t like that we see her bones of her back. I think it a little to skinny for a royal.
    I like the form of the school but not the color (even if I hear that it is tendance!)

    Before the beginning, I say that if her hair were not up, it was because she has to speak. She succeeds to touch her hair one time in a court time, but for the first time I smile when she has difficulties to open the enveloppe and made a joke about that. I go on for the airs : I have curly hairs and volume pretty easy, I think her hairs are a little to much….we don’t even see her earring…

    For Wimbledon : there are critics about her never going to women match on this site (or another site), it is for the sister Williams (I love Serena!).

    For Georges, I am like KMR a little sceptic that her and George going more than the two times that we know…but if she said that and it is not true, the person of the museum must be surprised to hear that. So maybe they went and we have not hear that…

    Personaly I find it is not polite to leave before the dessert (even if I would not like the dessert with orange). It is like I worked, now I can leave…

    1. I agree that leaving before dessert is very rude. I would never do this at an event or dinner party, no matter how bored I was. It’s poor form, especially when you know everyone is watching you.

  14. I don’t care about the crotch clutching, dreadful posture, big hair, short speech, lumps and bumps under the dress and ill fitting across the chest. Finally, FINALLY this woman dresses for her age. It’s a fun outfit and perfect for the venue….and no suede shoes! As the bar is fairly low for her I’m giving her 7 out of 10.

    1. +1 it’s not perfect. not what I would’ve chosen for her, but it’s also not something my grandmother would wear! She’s young, so I don’t mind her showing a bit of skin and her body in this way.

  15. I would consider this a win. I thought she looked rather nice. I could nitpick a few details but the main thing is that she looked her age and she tried something new.

    1. Thank you! I think we are in the minority. I really liked this look until I read some of the comments on here. Then I started nit-picking the dress and forced myself to stop. My initial reaction was positive and I’m sticking to it. I just wish she’d wore her hair up. This dress focuses attention on the shoulders and throat, which Kate covers up with her hair. Overall, this is a win for me. But who’s going to pay attention to Kate when there is a giant dinosaur in the middle of the room? I’d be staring at that thing all night and not remember anything else.

      1. I wish she would try a red lip or a matte fushia maybe? It’s a great look for summer and especially with that dress, since she didn’t wear much for jewelry.

    2. I have to agree with you! It’s not her complete monochromatic look, it’s not lace, it doesn’t look like her team got their hands on it to do terrible alterations…
      I hate that the 70s look is making a comeback but if you’re going to embrace it, why not embrace the big jewelry aspect of it? I can’t even see the earrings.
      I will say it’s nice to see that she’s apparently getting mani’s and pedi’s and got the ring redipped too

  16. My first thought was “She looks good finally” but my second thought was “Where is the jewelry?” She always manages to look like a random woman in expensive clothes and not like a future Princess Consort. Damn, in times like these people need fairytales, a little positive distraction from all that frightening mess going on in the EU. That’s part of the Royals job. It all about stability, continuity, identification, …..

    1. I was thinking a nice necklace would have been great. Or if we could have actually seen the earrings.

  17. I like the look, and I feel she was more comfortable with the speech than I’ve seen her before. She looked happy too. I think she had a pedicure, and she looked rather glamorous. And lately I’ve noticed she’s praising George, which is lovely to hear. I also like the fact that she choose a designer that could really use a boost in PR. When she wears brands like Dolce and Gabbana, it doesn’t help the British fashion industry, so it’s really great to highlight up and coming brands.

  18. She’s thin and I like the dress but she hasn’t the shoulders for off the shoulder. Eva Longoria seems to wear this style a lot but she’s got the swagger and the tan to pull it off. But it is something different which is great and the shoes are finally proper evening shoes, not clunky great wedges. Her hair really is a safety net and she’s hanging on for dear life, still. After all the lace, I’m keen, like George, on anything that’s new. She seems to be wearing dresses which really emphasise her thinness, this is very, very important to her I think. She’s worked hard for that thinness and she’s going to show it off.

      1. Oh, my Lisa and Jen, well said.
        I think someone like Eva Longorio, who is so cofident and so sexy, would look amazing in this dress. Kate? Not so much. She just never seems to have it together enough to pull such a look off well.

        I will give her credit for a different look, but here I go being critical once more, it didn’t seem so appropriate to me. The zipper in the front? No! The back of the dress and her inability to wear better undergarments was a huge turnoff to me.

        I did like the fact that she chose coral shoes, but why not a clultch with more punch, too?

        Her shoulders are so rounded and on the big screen behind her, she looked so very uncomfortable and that discomfort was blown up for all to see, even if looking at her at the podium didn’t pronounce her poor posture enough!

        George the sculptor who is into dinosaurs! Hey, aren’t all little boys of his age and older into them? Some little girls, too?

        George has so many things to live up to when he grows up. A sculptor, a tennis player, and so on and so on.

        The one endearing moment was when she tried to open the envelope to announce the winner. We need to see more of Kate like that. Last time she showed us that side of her was when she rolled her eyes after being “reprimanded” by the woman when she was wrapping Christmas presents in Harlem. That was quite a while ago, too!

      2. Jen, that’s all she has, her body. Her body, a title, and a dead woman’s ring, and the ring always always always brings to mind Diana. No matter how long she has it, no matter how often she flashes it in our faces that ring is Diana’s. I personally think that waity is convinced that she looks absolutely totally and beyond fit and gorgeous, the very picture of class and elegance. Me, my thinking is a universe away from hers. I think she looks like a vain and self absorbed woman, or a little girl playing dress up. There are child actors and actresses who could play her role far better than she, and that’s in my opinion what she is doing. Playing. And she couldn’t even stay for dessert? That’s rude and says, I was here and that’s enough of an honor so take what you are privileged to see and hear of me and be grateful. ‘Royalty’ aside, that’s just plain bad manners without a good reason communicated to the host and hostess, and perhaps even a little thank you and sorry I have to leave ‘speech’ to those who were in attendance. Or, maybe she did that and I missed it?

  19. Interesting to see that KP twitter talks about Kate in Wimbledon…

    To be faire, I just see that CH made the same things for Camilla.

    Just a question when Camilla or Kate goes in Wimbledon, it is not a official engagement?

    1. No.

      It is an official engagement for the Duke of Kent who is the president of Wimbledon. The Duchess of Kent often accompanied him and presented prizes until she withdrew from public life.

      The Queen is the Patron, and i don’t think she has ever attended. Doesn’t care for tennis.

      The Kents do a fantastic job representing her at Wimbledon.

      All other royals in attendance are simply there for fun.

      There is rumour that Kate will become the patron in 2017 or even this one, but we shall see.

      1. So, Kate met the ball kids, players because she could and wanted to? If not an official engagement, that makes everyone having to line up and be available. The Australian tv presenters last night (ex-champions themselves) said she spoke to them and others for “a long time”.

  20. Different day and dress but same “lights off and no one home” POW must wonder about value for money for all her clothes – but maybe he is as dim too

  21. Good Morning! First off, thanks KMR for always giving the background on these events and explaining what the Art Fund is. Now on to my review of Kate: First of all, if she really did leave before dessert, how does she manage that without looking totally rude, did she just stand up and tell the people around her, thanks but I need to leave early to drive the babysitter home. Second, the dress…..I really liked this dress and the shoes, it was way more fashion forward than most of her choices. As a person who was a teenager in the 70’s, I do not see this as a dress from that era, trust me, dressy clothes back then were pretty awful. In my Kate fantasy the look could have been made super fabulous if she had worn her hair with a deep side part and then had the length kind of rolled under to make it look like she had a chin length bob. She could have then accessorized with some serious bling earrings or some type of diamond necklace or choker (I am sure her grandmother-in -law had something she could have borrowed). All in all I think it was a good look for her, but if she had dialed up the accessories, this could have been a game changer. I am sure at Wimbledon today, she will be back to her usual boring, predictable style.

    1. I am glad you said what you did about the 70’s. I graduated from high school in 1975 and I just don’t remember this as a look from that time. I have seen a lot of comments that reference this as a style from that era – makes me wonder if I am having memory problems or if people just went ‘s through a different 70’s than I did. My biggest memory of this style is actually with Diana. She wore a lot of this off the shoulder style in probably the mid to late 80’s. I don’t want to get the whole Kate copying Diana thing started because with fashion stuff always comes full circle. Having said that, when I saw the pictures of Kate, it really brought to mind a dress Diana wore that was the same long sleeve, off the shoulder style with the same length skirt. Diana’s dress was a kind of shrimpy pink with narrow bands of horizontal white lace across the bodice.

  22. I am glad that she gave a speech. She’s gotten much better. I love the shoes, but agree that they are a wee bit high. I’m not a fan of the current off the shoulder trend. In another video, she was pulling up the neckline. But I do love it from the bustline down. I love dresses that look a bit textured. She should have gone a size up and wore sleek undergarments.

    Now for the whopper. That hair!!!! She could have achieved the same look with her own hair. Her natural curl is beautiful and she could have made it big and bouncy. That wiglet is horrible. It’s way too heavy. You can always tell when she wears it as there’s the ubiquitous bump halfway on her head. It needs to be smaller and well blended. The purpose of a wiglet is to look natural. This looks anything but.

    KMR, the menu seems sumptuous. I think that when I marry Harry that I may need to up my gym time. I would insist on trying everything. Just because.

    On another note, today is the anniversary of 7/7. My thoughts and prayers are with the nation and the victims families. I would rather wish she pay her respect to that versus Wimbledon.

    1. Every time Kate wears that awful wiglet we (and probably just about everyone else) see it. I wish she would stop. Frankly, I think it looks cheap.

      1. I can see why you would use one – volume, protect your own hair. The problem is that they just plop it on there. A good hair stylist should know how to style it in a way that it looks natural. I’ve worn one and no one knew.

        1. Yes! This is exactly the problem. I used the word cheap and that isn’t really what I meant. Like you stated, it looks *plopped* on the back of her head. It reminds me of a man with a poor hairpiece.

          I think Kate looks better without it. Perhaps, Kate has bought into the media exclaiming about her glorious hair. From the front it is alright, but any profile photos look bad.

          Wishing you continued progress. I once took care of a young pregnant woman with GB. She was in ICU on a vent. She recovered and had her baby.

          1. Thank you, G! This was my first week of PT. I’m learning to walk heel toe heel toe versus waddling with my walker. I can stand upright without falling. It’s the small things we take for granted.

            I won’t be able to do my 2 mud races next month. That’s okay. I know thiswill take time. Just looking forward to continued progress.

    2. Oh, rhiannon, thank you for remembering. I had forgotten today’s date is July 7th. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Britain. Such a sad and horrible event that occurred years ago. May blessings be with all who suffered and their loved ones. The Cambridge’s need to pay homage to the day and forget the big T matches. I am really saddened to remember what happened. May peace be with everyone in this dangerous world.

      1. I was in London yesterday to go to an exibition at the British Museum. We walked from Euston station to the Museum. We passed the memorial plaque on the railings where the bus blew up. It is inscribed with the names of the people killed that day. There were flowers tied to the railings, on our return to the station there was a beautiful wreath propped up on the pavement. I’m sure there are more today

        1. Matty, thank you for sharing this. You must have had a lump in your throat after seeing the little monument that good hearts made to honor the memory of those lost.

          Yes, I hope some mention is made of this day by the Royal. I am sure others will, but why not W and K?

          The sadness of the horrors should not be forgotten. Innocent lives lost. My thoughts and my prayers are with those dear souls and their loved ones.

          1. I forgot to mention that there is a sculpture in the garden at the front of St Pancras Church. It is a head of St Michael the protector and dedicted to the victims of the bomb blast. You can google both the sculpture and then the plaque on the railings. I have just checked to make sure . If you are interested in the history of St Pancras Church it is very interesting (WIKI)

          2. I agree. Just ordinary people going about their day. My brother was in London then and I was so pleased that he was safe along with his then girlfriend. I know that is probably not a selfless thing to say. Hopes and prayers for those victims and their families.

        1. I don’t remember, but she certainly is not doing anything today to honor those who perished, is she? How are you, rhiannon?

        2. I think she skipped it last year because she was still on “maternity leave’ but was able to attend Wimbledon a day or two later. Today she missed the Order of the Thistle ceremony that William took part in, so she could attend Wimbledon. It appears that nothing will every come between her and Wimbledon, at least it’s the one thing we can expect to see her at annually.

  23. “Wow, Kate looks beautiful!!!” This was my very first thought when I saw the photos of her last night, finally a dress that really suits her!! This is quite a departure from her normal go-to lace or buttoned to the throat ensemble, that I’m just thrilled!! Finally she looks like a beautiful 34 year old woman not a matronly 60 year old.

    I noticed that the delivery of Kate’s speech was much better than normal no long, awkward pauses. I think it helped that there were no visible cameras trained right on her, like there is when she gives speeches at her charities. While I’m sure she was aware that she was probably being filmed, it would be much easier to ignore when the cameras aren’t 5 feet away.

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that she left before the dessert course was served? Does she always have to leave an event at the first possible moment? I guess she had to head back to KP and practice her facial expressions for today’s match at Wimbledon.

    Lastly, while I really liked this dress and how it looked on Kate, the bare shoulders and upper back really highlighted her poor posture. One photo with her shoulder blades jutting out looked like she had back boobs. And must she always touch herself in public?? Ewww, I wouldn’t want to shake her hand as I know where it’s been.

    1. Yes, leaving before dessert seems odd and rude, but on looking at the menu, she would eat the first two courses and pass on the dessert. The Aussie commenters at Wimbledon just now said Kate spent a lot of time talking to them (ex-W champions) and players etc so when she enjoys something she puts in the time/ stays the distance.

      I agree that this look suited a 34-year old, posture and accessories not withstanding.

    2. If she did leave early that’s a negative for me. We’ve all been at events where we wanted to bug out early but manners dictate that we stay. Especially since she knows all eyes are on her. Plus, this should be in her wheel house of enjoyable events as a person with an art history degree.
      On the list of things her team needs to tackle posthaste is posture and hand placement!!! She can walk around anmer with a book on her head=)

  24. Here’s the thing about this outfit, and I find myself thinking this about many of her outfits, I like the pieces separately but not the way she put them together. So the dress is fine, but she should have had more color in her bag and/or shoes. I like the strappy shoes, but they don’t ‘pop’ because they are a neutral color with a white dress. And the sparkly bag would look great contrasted with a darker dress, but it sort of blends in with the white dress. Plus, I think the sparkly clutch may be a little too dressy since most of the women are wearing knee like dresses.
    What is the point of wearing earrings if no one can see them? She does that a lot.
    I think maybe Kate just needs a stylist. She has very expensive clothes, and the individual pieces are nice, but she doesn’t know how to put them together. She does look good, though. I don’t mind the big hair except for the fact that you can’t see her earrings. (I would like her to wear different lipstick and change up her makeup, but that’s nitpicking).

    The speech was really not a ‘speech’. It was just her presenting the award. I feel like she shouldn’t have had to read those words from the paper. She could have just said the same kind of thing but in her own words off the cuff.

    I just don’t think Kate looks like a Duchess. And I wish I could talk about more than just her clothes, but when she doesn’t give bigger speeches that’s what I have to comment on. I have felt for years now that Kate really needs more ‘royal’ jewelry. Jewelry is a major way that royal women create their image. She needs more brooches for her endless dress coats. She needs to wear more princess-y diamonds. She has super expensive Kiki stuff that all looks alike, she could spend that money on investing in some Van Cleef and Arpels brooches and some nice pearls. Maybe even a pearl choker to wear for things like Trooping the Color. Just IMO.

    1. I think that the earrings are the same that she wears today for Wimbledon.

      I don’t think that royal jewels will transform her in a royal…. She has not the grace, the dignity or the capacity to make speach like Victoria, Letizia or Mary

    2. I agree with you about her wardrobe. This is an area that I think the York girls are more natural at. Mixing up pieces to make a look pop, or take something up or down a notch. They have fun with their clothes. It may not always work, but I love that they go for it. When Kate rewears something, she usually styles it exactly the same as previously worn. Same clutch, shoes, tights, belt etc. She will change up the hats sometimes, but I don’t think she has the “style” bone and is hesitant to stray from a set look.

      1. Hi Ray, waity has a very generous wardrobe allowance, and she still cannot ooze class. Can you imagine what she’d look like if she had to live on a normal person’s salary? She is a total mess who used her body to get what she wanted. The see through slip landed her with Wills, plus a million dollar wardrobe from Charles.

    3. I agree, Kate does not know how to put her clothes together, or accessorize. So she usually comes off looking “okay” but not “great”. She is often 80% there, style wise. Her hair is often a big problem for me because it hides the earrings and she skimps on necklaces, and jewelry would often complete the look. This is such a simple fix, I don’t know why she can’t do it. Maybe she doesn’t like jewelry.

    4. Kate’s a celeb and wants to be a celeb. thus her ignorance of sports unless it’s super-famous athletes, etc, etc. She only wants to be a clothes hanger who’s photographed and adored, I think.

  25. Not a big fan of the dress, the color, or her hair. Kate has beautiful hair. I will give her that. Yet she is so boring. It always seems to me that her hair is her security blanket. Also her clothes always wear her not the other way around. Don’t even get me started on her posture. I wish she would shake things up. She plays it too safe. Be a little daring with her fashion. Be a little outside the box Katie Girl.

    1. Most of her hair is extensions and wiglets. I doubt that her hair would be healthy looking due to her starvation diet. Hair, skin and nails always reveal healthy or unhealthy diet.

  26. My grandaughter was at the Natural History Museum yesterday with her 3yr old son because he wanted to see the dinasaurs. All little kids love them. kate is quoted as saying that George loves
    sculptures. Today at Wimbledon she said George loves tennis, he’s got his own tennis raquet.Is there anything this super kid doesn’t like !! By the way she’s wearing the banana dress.

    1. Kate has that my kid is special snowflake mentality. He loves everything. I will buy that he loves dinosaurs. My son is a week older than George and he loves them too. The whole George loves sculpture give me a break. Maybe he loves flubber or play doh.

      1. Not surprised that a little boy like dinosaurs and sports like tennis but with Kate it feels more like she has nothing else to say. And ofc mentioning the kids will get attention

        1. I agree with you. Mentioning her children will give Kate attention. Yet it’s her only go to for small talk. I do not think she is very bright or savvy. She has a tough time navigating on her own. I think that is where her insecurity plays a huge part. Just my opinion.

          1. Eleanor, I think you are right. Mentioning her kids is one thing she can talk about She has trouble with other aspects of small talking, though. And, she does seem to have major insecurity when appearing at events sans William. Although, he can be a bore, in so many ways, I wonder why she needs his presence so much.

          2. I agree. Also with jenny… and as you say that she has a tough time navigating on her own, the kids are also a safe option. She can hardly say something wrong there, people normally likento hear about them an ofc media loves them. Like her security blanket. Especially if William isn’t with her…
            But I really wonder how this will go on, she should have really accepted the offer to learn from Sophie.

          3. When she met a cousin during the engagement at an event said cousin told the press something like how Kate has absolutely no interest in other people, only in herself and her own interests, so she’ll find it difficult. Not verbatim, but the gist of it; it was said kindly but you can tell she knew she wasn’t suited for this.

  27. Thank you Rhiannon.. I just thought these snippets of information might be interesting.I did post earlier about my grandaughter visiting the Natural History Museum with her little boy…just to clarify in case I caused any confusion.. Grandaughter No 1 and her little boy at the Nat Hist Mus. I was at the British Museum with grandaughter No 2…. we all met up for something to eat before we caught our respective trains home.

  28. The Positives:
    -Kate finally chose a more youthful dress
    -She also chose a different style of shoe
    -She wore larger earrings
    -Her hair looks very pretty
    -She spoke

    The Negatives:
    -Her hair being worn down destroyed the off the shoulder look that was youthful. It was hidden under all her hair as well as the earrings. This dress would have looked so much better with a high ponytail, as well as show off the earrings
    -The heels are way to high, they look painful. Her feet look painful.
    -This girl really needs to learn how to style an outfit. A white dress, with pinkish-tan heels, silver clutch and pearl(?) earrings. Only Kate takes a different outfit and ruins it. Please hire a stylist Kate, they will help take a nice dress and knock it out of the ballpark. Her throwing things together just doesn’t work.
    -her horrible posture 🙁

    1. She’s too insecure to hire a stylist. Major trust issues. So she relies on those girls–her pa and archer–who don’t seem to have much of an idea themselves.

      1. Kate is probably scared someone would tell her she didn’t look good in something. Her and William both surround themselves with yes people. Wouldn’t want to rock the boat. Ruining they’re thin skin and huge egos about how wonderful they are.

      2. I thought she had a stylist? Amanda something. Didn’t she take her on the hike to the monastery on the India trip? I just think she’s not a very good one.

          1. I was thinking hair stylist not clothes! I don’t think she has one of those but does need to add one of thiose and get a new hair one while she’s at it.

          1. I’d say Kate and the the other two, Carole and Pippa, have an inflated idea of their abilities, taste etc and feel no need to take professional advice. I’m sure her mother advises on clothes as several choices are very much in the style of Carole’s wardrobe.

  29. This dress with its long sleeves + maxi length + open shoulders combo confuses me. It’s like summer on top, winter on the bottom. Also, the bunching and stretching of the fabric around her breasts and butt areas are distracting because I feel like I can see the contour of her body through the fabric.

  30. I think this is one of her worst looks yet. The dress is wearing her, not vice versa.

    If she was going for a sexy look, then she failed. Protruding back bones, hip bones, goofy facial expressions and overly done hair – it’s just not attractive at all. Her so-called stylist let her down big time. And if she is ‘wobbling’ in those shoes then obviously they either don’t fit or are just too high. Get it together, Kate.

    1. Thank you Sequin Queen! I’m in the minority who believes this was an Epic Fail too.

      1. The big overwhelming hair that covered her shoulders as if she changed her mind at the last minute about showing too much skin. That hair alone needs its own address.

      2. All white blah with no accessories and jewelry to elevate the look. Really, a white clutch?

      Overall, this look screams trying too hard to look edgy but she can’t pull it off. Zero sex appeal. Bad posture.

      1. LOL……………….yes that hair does need it’s own address! hahahahahaha……………….it was truly awful.

        She was wearing the wrong undergarments with that thing too. Spanx would be her friend in that mess.

        1. With her (actually PC) money, you would think she would have splurged on seamless undergarments. She does everything half baked which is mind numbing.

          I also want to like the shoes but I can’t. It’s another pastel colored pair!!

          The dress itself does not flatter her figure. She desperately needs a brand new “capable” stylist!

  31. I want to like the dress but I just can’t. When I first saw pictures last night I thought, “it’s July and she’s wearing a sweater-dress?!” and then I remembered that it’s the UK and not sweltering Florida but still! It just looks too heavy and something she would’ve worn to a club, say in December or January, when she was still in her 20s! It looks very childish for a duchess to wear an overly-slinky dress (that looks kind of big) to an awards banquet! I know we’ve harped on her for dressing older than her age but….in this one, she appears to be trying to look/act/seem like she’s in her 20s again! Not working for me.

    Also, I like the color of those shoes but, as someone mentioned, they blend in too much with the dress.

    Last, that hair. Holy schnikies. it could’ve been in a cute French twist with some loose hairs on the sides and looked great! It would’ve definitely upped the “va-va-voom” she’s attempting.

    Also, I saw the pictures from Wimbledon and it looks like she’s wearing the same earrings from last night and they soooo don’t match the dress. **shakes head**

      1. Greta,
        Yup, the banana dress. Personally, I think the color looks great on her and can’t fathom why “William the Prince Charming” told her she looked like a banana. Sigh….

        1. Yellow might be a good colour for her, but this dress reminds me of a giant post-it. Maybe someone should scribble some notes on it like “Don’t crotch clutch”, “Posture, honey, posture!” or “Take makeup off before bedtime”

    1. Those earrings are something else, they look like a couple of shucked oysters dangling from her ears. Maybe one should just stick with pearls…

  32. When I saw this outfit I wondered if Kate actually likes her hair. She seems to be attracted to dresses with interesting necklines and likes to wear statement earrings, both of which disappear when she wears her hair down. I know that when my friends and I reached our mid-twenties, most of us had at least experimented with short hair (and the older and more confident we’ve gotten, the shorter the hair has become) Those that didn’t tend to have husbands and or boyfriends who love long hair and are vocal about it. Kate has a thin face, with delicate features, chin length or even a pixie cut would probably be flattering. I wonder if this is a rebellion against expectations, a concession to William’s preferences, or her own preference, or if she’s caught because of how she has been portrayed in the media as having beautiful long locks? I hope she likes her hair, but wish that she would take it into consideration when choosing clothing.

    1. I experimented with a bob when I was 8 or 9. Never again. It was traumatizing. The shortest I’ll go now is shoulder-length. Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with having long hair, and I think long hair is pretty. Also, I don’t think having long hair necessarily means being insecure. I like long hair because 1) I think it’s pretty, and 2) I have more options that way. I can wear it long and down, or up in a ponytail, bun, or updo. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Kate having long hair for whatever reason she chooses, if she were to wear it in more styles than just down or the one updo she favors. I’d like to see her branch out with different stylings. She has the hair to pull off many different stylings.

      1. The beauty of having long hair is you can do so much with it in terms of styling. But Kate’s one-note stylist comes up short more often than not.

      2. eh, maybe it’s us. I live in Central California and it gets pretty hot. Long hair in 105 degree (40-41 C) weather is pretty miserable, even when it’s up. Also, I was never great at updos, so long hair has always been more traumatic for me. I still think that she’d have an easier time with chin-shoulder length hair (better to see necklaces, earrings and cool necklines). But I can see your point about versatility, especially as she has a hair-dresser on call.

      3. I don’t have a problem with her hair length. A woman’s hair length is a personal decision. I’m constantly changing mine up. What I do have a problem with is the constant touching, fidgeting and hiding behind it. Wearing down on a windy day should automatically be ponytail/updo day but she always has it down.
        She could do some great updos with that length but even those are usually low on her neck( I think to mask hair extensions) and all essentially look the same!! Letiza always has great updos and her hair is much shorter.
        I think she needs a new stylist

      4. I think her hair would look nice with a deep side part, then pulled to one side with a loose braid. She really does have a lot of options I just wish she would make the most of what she has (in every aspect).

        1. I would love to see her style her hair into a braid! There are so many options available when it comes to long hair…
          I’d love to see her with a bob too; i.e. an inverted bob (shoulder length) if she’s not comfortable with short hair…

    2. Letizia’s long bob has been very versatile. Charlene manages to do different things with her short hair. As long as you have a creative hair stylist, you aren’t required to have long hair to have versatile styles.

  33. I want to like Kate, I really do, but I don’t. I feel like most people praise her because she is royal,not because of her own merit.

    1. Well Ops, that would be correct because really what merits does Kate have? Is she a great speaker? nope. Does she go above and beyond to help other? Nope Did she work hard to expand her mind and spirit while waiting for the Ring? Nope. So really being royal and wearing expensive clothes is about all she has going on, so that’s what she gets praised for.

    2. Kate comes across, to me at least, as lacking sincerity, no genuine warmth: the constant playing to cameras, the over-the-top guffawing and over-the-top expressions like she is playing to the theatre’s back row, the huge open mouth. She is too dependent on the superficial for approval – her body and hair – rather than constructing a role of substance for herself. But then, she is not one of life’s givers, is she. Sadly, Kate is surrounded by people who are not professional enough to provide frank and fearless advice, a weak-minded, uncritical press, and an army of fawners, all of whom contribute to blocking true self-knowledge and personal growth.

      1. Nailed it. I completely agree with you Jen. It’s all about the exterior for Kate. That’s all she has. She is a hollow person. No substance. You can’t even warm to her. At least Diana was relatable and worked. What has this thirty four year old woman done in the past five years of her marriage, besides birth an heir and a spare? The Firm thought Diana was bad for their brand??? What about this free loader?

      2. I wait for the day when no amount of money and surgery will be enough to make Kate look good. If she hasn’t stepped up by then, she is in for a rude awakening.

  34. Hello everyone! The first time that I looked at this dress I didn’t liked, but now is growing on me. I believe that Kate doesn’t have the ‘it’ factor to carry this dress, I feel like something is missing… but I appreciate the effort.

  35. I agree about poor KM. She tried a sophisticated, modern look, but it doesn’t work. I think it’s because she is horribly thin which makes her head look enormous with the massive hair, and she had no discernible waist. Add in poor posture and something is always off about her. The off the shoulder dress should flatter her neckline, but it just looks like it’s pulling her entire body downward.

    I wonder if Kate is stuck in the time warp of her mother’s fashion advice. Carole looked desperate to be “hot” looking with her childish above the knee dresses at Wimbledon. Pippa wears dresses that somehow always look cheap. Compare Carole with Alexandra Knatchbull’s mother at her wedding. Alexandra’s mother was absolutely radiant and dressed beautifully. Maybe that’s it–the Middleton women lack radiance. For all their so called togetherness there’s no genuine comfort being in their own skin. They seemed very pleased with themselves all the time, but I don’t see any moments of owning who they are. Is that a symptom of social climbing? That you’re never completely happy wiyh yourself? I don’t know, but these women just don’t have “it.”

    1. Hi. it seems like she simply cannot find her own style. I am by no means into high fashion, but I know what I like and I have talked to enough stylists in stores to have learned what works on my body. she just seems so confused.

      grace Kelly figured out that her face looked most beautiful with her hair up, Jackie Kennedy hated her hands so she woreither gloves. there is a self awareness that comes with understanding your body and yourself. she just doesn’t have it so everything wears her.

      you are so right. they lack radiance. I think because they lack self awareness. it is tiresome!

      1. “They lack radiance. I think because they lack self awareness.” Absolutely. The family is so very hungry, scrambling for status, public attention, material goods – all achieved through social climbing – that they appear hollow ‘cos they are hollow. Everyone has their number: the press plays with them because they provide such vitriol from the public to ensure clicks. The preening at Wimbledon is funny to watch, and yes, Indiana, I had the same reaction to Carole in her white, high-waisted dress too. Embarrassing to watch but at the same time, you can’t BUT look, all because the Middleton women are so very, very pleased with themselves.

  36. It seems that she enjoyed herself at this gala. If she has an interest in arts and sports, then she should spend more time being an active patron of arts and sports related charities. that can be her focus vs. This mental health kick that she’s on, where she has proven time and again that she knows very little about it, doesn’t care to learn more about it and doesn’t care to work on it.

    As for this dress, it’s an interesting one for sure. But her posture and her lack of confidence ruin anything that she wears.

  37. Greetings Everyone,

    Just dropping in for an hour or so – we are about to refuel so figured this will be my only chance to connect with the KMR FAMILY….

    First and foremost this dress wearing exhibition was about her. The same old “look at me” “look at me” “look at me” – well the Anmer Hall inmates can stay locked up as far as I am concerned.

    Middleton obviously got a damn good slap for turning up at the Somme Memorial looking like a snake in her patterned coat (and no really important people for her to give her the worship she requires)
    and then that lace crochet doily monstrosity standing out like a peacock – again she tried to upstage Camilla. Well that certainly back fired…

    The Somme was about remembering the dead not giving her a runway to flaunt herself.

    My feeling in this knitted jumper and flaunting the over shoulder (trying to smoulder….) is because she copped a look at the August Vogue shoot of Crown Princess Mary – which is absolutely stunning and received a massive amount of praise from all over.

    That is what prompted this knitted shawl look, trying to ooze sexiness out of jealousy.

    Middleton has no social graces whatsoever, she is not interested in anyone who upstages her, you do not leave a dinner before dessert is served unless you are going to stick your fingers down your throat – again it is about control. Her control over all she surveys. The minions do not matter. It is all about her.

    People are sick of things like The Somme Centenary being turned into a kate middleton triumph, same with the Queens birthday celebrations (3 days of trying to upstage everyone), then of course turning up at Wimbledon every year but oh no stuff the Irish Guards – and no she was nowhere near the 7/7 Remembrance Ceremonies either.

    It has come down to being all about her clothes, shoes, jewellery, big hair, and whether or not she is pregnant and how miserable she is because she has to “work” for her goodie bags. Like bribing a little girl – which she pretends to be.

    Well that is not good enough – Brexit is one thing but by the look of it a Republic may well be on the cards after Her Majesty passes.

    By the way, in my travels have come across a book that is about to be published called “Game of Crowns” by Royal Biographer Christopher Andersen – this little beauty is a tell all about the nasty cat fight between Middleton and Camilla which dates back to middleton NOT be allowed to attend Charles wedding to Camilla even though middleton was bill’s girlfriend. It has come out that middleton holds grudges until the end of time – which would explain why Prince Charles and Camilla are being kept at arms length from the spoilt George and Charlotte. Also Prince Harry is not a fan of middleton’s either no matter how much they try to sell it – the brother’s are nowhere near as close anymore.

    One other thing that is that Camilla has been appointed to the Privy Council (an inner sanctum group to which Charles and Bill Middleton are on) but middleton’s nose is out of joint, fuming to be exact about it – because she considers herself, big willy and the rugrats as the Favourites of the Queen. She was pissed and so was billy boy when the Queen told William to stand up and get to his feet on the balcony when he was fussing with George, and the Queen gave George a look that said it all.

    So all in all – though I have been “at sea” – if I am in range I try and get what news I can but middleton is a lost cause.

    She has been shown up by Crown Princess Mary at the Races – now with this absolutely brilliant Vogue article the vindictive side of middleton is out in full force.

    Of course she will show at Wimbledon, for attention of course – but it has been said all along that the only reason she does engagements is because she was called out for being lazy and so was her gormless husband, and thus ordered to get out there.

    I am of the minority, I do not feel sorry for her in any way at all. She stalked bill for 10 years to snatch a dead woman’s ring, well there is a price to pay for greed and unfortunately the Royals, landed gentry and anyone else taking more than they give will suffer the same referendum that has broken Britain apart.

    I am glad Her Majesty is my Queen, I hope Prince Charles and Camilla get their time, I hope Prince Harry finds the love of his life and she will have more substance than bill and kate put together.

    In the meantime – I will go on trying to do the best I can for the people around me, try and get home before Christmas, and hope that when the walls come crashing down on the Anmer Hall Inmates that they realise they brought it upon themselves. Privilege means responsibility.

    Enough of my rant – sorry it is so long, apologies if I offend anyone –

    I am too tired to care anymore about this vain person and her self indulgent attitude and disregard for others.

    A basket full of happiness for you all, I hope that you find joy in whatever you are doing,
    I wish you all the love your hearts can hold…

    The Wild Rose

    1. WR, as far as I know the book is more like a novel and explains what the author may think has been going on and plays at Kate being the poor saint and Camilla the devil trying to make her life hell.

      Glad to hear from you again!

    2. I read “Game of Crowns”, which was very interesting. I was actually bothered by how normal cheating is with wealthy Aristocratic families. I think the book was more of a knock at Camilla and praised Kate too much (although it did paint a pretty bad picture of her).

      1. Greetings and Good thoughts to you all,

        My PC will be shut down in the next 14 minutes – until the next “refuel” which could well be in October so I will keep this short.

        Thanks Ellie, Indiana Joanna, FormerKateFan and Overit for responding, at least I will know what to expect when that book arrives in my mail bag (will have six months mail to get through if I get back by Christmas). Had parts of it attached to an email so figured it would be worth ordering it – just for a bit of light reading!!

        Meanwhile back in the my world, the ship is battleship grey and merges with the grey/blue hue of the ocean except when in really rough battering seas. I smell like a 44 gallon drum of diesel. The wind is howling so scrambling to answer what I can before the “all hands on deck” call.

        Sorry if I covered a heap of topics but I just picked the last KMR report I received and fired my warning shots of being OVERIT to borrow the term!

        Keep posting, keep this lot who are answerable to the people who they are taking money from honest, and say it like it is. Thanks KMR for all the updates.

        Clothes do not make the person. Substance, duty, care, consideration, respect and humility goes further.

        (I live in hope that this fact will dawn on the pampered one) when it happens I will be first in line to praise the Anmer Hall Inmates!

        With the privilege of being “kept” and living life as if middleton is a sacred or fragile doll instead of a calculating, self indulged spoilt madam does her nor the BRF any favours – it destroys any goodwill there could be and by “turning up at the opening of an envelope” just demeans it further.

        So enough from me, I gave up any shred of hope when she blew off the Irish Guards for a photo shoot, then flashed her private parts at the India Gate.

        Take care wherever you are in this world of ours, there are hearts breaking all over the world tonight for many reasons and having middleton’s pampered life spewing over every available magazine or website is just too much while the rest of us watch the world we know going to hell in a hand basket.

        Well, the first call to start powering down is just ringing in my ears – have been up for 16 hours and need coffee by i.v. to get through the next 8 hours or so.

        My last thoughts for a while;

        Hold each other close, remember that kindness costs nothing, if you walk past someone sleeping in a door way or on a park see if you can spare a blanket.

        Thanks again for your kind thoughts – they keep me sustained.

        Keep a spring in your step, a basket full of happiness, a candle to light your way and all the love your hearts can hold.

        The Wild Rose

        The Captain has ordered the lines to be hauled in. Time to sail – see you on the flip side.

        1. With the priviledge of being “kept” and living life as if…

          That’s what it all comes down to wildrose. They are both “kept” judging by how much they are given. Coddled like a couple of fragile eggs wrapped in cotton wool and given their own special shelf in the fridge.

          Exorbitant clothing allowances, grand residences, gorgeous holidays, etc. To whom much is given, much will be expected…is that how the saying goes? Anyway, still waiting. And showing up done to the nines to present an award or whatever does not count.

    3. If waity is thinking that she is getting back at Charles and Camilla she’s a dimmer bulb than I thought. I don’t think she’s even plugged in at all. You don’t mess with your money source and I could be dead wrong but I suspect that the only thing between this odious family (they come as a package deal) the Middletons is respect for the current monarch. Waity had better watch it, I suspect there are metaphorical knives aimed at her bony back. Charles is no fool and I don’t buy the supposed closeness of the Buckleberry wannabes and the ‘firm’. I think that Harry has to be around again to take the focus off of waity for even a moment, wimpo’s ever so bored expression and now the ‘show off’ pants, and besides he’s the only live one in the trio. Kate all but drools over him and I’ll bet that he feels like showering after an engagement with her.
      Wild Rose, your posts are beyond awesome, but I can’t bring myself to have any use for any of the ‘firm’ at all. They are essentially scroungers funded by the taxpayers, living a life of obscene luxury while their country men are cold, hungry and homeless. Having said that, our politicians are just as bad for the most part, but at least they have to make a pretense of ‘running for office’. I think part of the reason the ‘firm’ is so twisted is that their futures were set before they drew their first breath. That, to me is just asking for issues, each and every one of us is an individual with a purpose and to deny that is to squander the only life we’ll ever have. Wimpo is a big boy. He can tell the ‘firm’ to stick it where the sun don’t shine and live the life he wants. He’s a coward and a bully, a stunted bitter little man who hates his life and blames everyone for all his problems. Back on topic I truly believe that he married waity to spite his family, and/or at the very least to shut them up about getting hitched and reproducing. George sure is a wonder child, so many interests at such a young age, not to mention that he is able to communicate so well with his mother. I sincerely and devoutly hope that George and Charlotte refuse to be pigeon holed and fight like mad for their own identities.
      The dress? I guess if you can’t flash, skin tight and painted on is the next best thing. I thought at first that it was flannel (I’m a hick) but then read that it was wool. And I thought the shoes were pink, not coral. This get up seemed totally inappropriate for the occasion, but at least she tried to choke out a speech. Short and bungled a bit but with waity the bar is set so low that a worm would have no problem getting over it.
      I guess I’m in the minority here as well.

  38. Thank you KMR for the update. I like Kate’s dress, including the length, because it allows us to see the fun shoes! Kate and fun shoes! They should be seen. 🙂 I think this is a win for her and good on her for trying a speech and staying longer than a half hour.
    KMR you are rubbing off on me and I’m trying to give her credit where credit is due.

  39. “Iam of the minority, I do not feel sorry for her in any way at all. ”

    @Wildrose, bravo, bravo! You nailed it.
    I cannot stand this middleclass brat who thinks she’s God’s gift to our planet. I don’t know if waity realizes it, but she was just *an I also ran*, in the line for Billy boy’s bride-to-be. She got there by default as she was the only one who wanted him. They deserve each other.

    I also liked what the Queen did, especially since waity jumped out of the gates in the race to be in the first row of the balcony. From what I can see through some pictures, George is a very hyper child and seems to scream for attention. Charlotte is a handful and fussy, despite what Will tries to relate to others. It’s plain and simple, little kids don’t need a mom who is pretending to be some runway model, and don’t have any energy due to starving herself.
    Happy trails to you wildrose. I love your comments.

    I did not find this cream sweater dress to be anything to write home about. Is this what’s called evening dressing? It’s amazing that waity and her other family of womenfolk have never learned how to accesorize. And, for goodness sake someone needs to get her a full length mirror. Those bumps on the back to side of the dress looks to me that her thong rolled up or tore apart and lodged itself there. Was it another wardrobe malfunction? Why would she wear 5 inch high heels if it caused her to wobble? The shoes could have been paired with a like color clutch bag. Nothing on the dress was trimmed with anything similar to the bag.

    Considering waity and billy wants to have their kids live a “normal ” life, why then were the kids dressed in those outfits for a walk in the park? I know waity is familiar with play clothes. There were pictures of her and pippa when they played together in Dubai dressed in some very ordinary clothes. The poor little ones were dressed for winter not summer. Perhaps Charlotte was maybe too hot from being over-dressed? I feel bad for the nanny. She probably does not get a moment’s rest.

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