Kate Middleton meets Serena Williams at Wimbledon

Kate Middleton meets Serena Williams at Wimbledon

Kate Middleton attended her first women’s match at Wimbledon yesterday, July 7. Sophie, Countess of Wessex was also there, and the two royals got to meet tennis champion Serena Williams (who won her match and will compete in the finals).

Kate arriving at Wimbledon 2016

Kate repeated a Roksanda Ilincic dress which she first wore on arrival in Australia in April 2014. It’s the bespoke “Ryedale” dress in yellow and white colorblock which Prince William, Loving Husband, said looked like a banana (because it’s yellow? Does every yellow dress look like a banana? I still don’t see “banana” and I still think William came across like a jerk with that comment).

Kate debuted yet another pair of nude pumps – this time the Rupert Sanderson “Malory” Pumps in Nude Patent (£425.00). Kate also debuted a new bag from Victoria Beckham, the “Quincy” in white (was £995, on sale for £498).

Kate wore the new earrings she debuted at the Museum of the Year awards. They are the Soru Jewellery “Baroque Pearl Double Sided Earrings” (£130.00). She also wore her Cartier watch.

Soru Jewellery Baroque Pearl Double Sided Earrings

I loved this dress when Kate first wore it, even going so far as to say “This is quite possibly one of my favorite things she’s ever worn”, and that “I like her dress better than the original design in the collection.” My biggest complaint last time was the boring nude accessories, and that’s my complaint today as well. I still like this dress and still think it’s better than the one in the collection – though it’s not my favorite thing she’s ever worn – but the boring nude accessories are drab and boring. The yellow is a bright, fun color and I want bright, fun accessories to go along with it. Seriously, I want bright pink heels and a teal bag.

Kate meets ball people at Wimbledon 2016

Getting to Kate’s time at Wimbledon, she did not just show up to watch the matches. Kate was greeted by the chairman of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, Philip Brook (shown walking with Kate in the top photo and on the left below), and met with officials, staff, and ball people.

Kate at Wimbledon 2016

Kate also got to meet Serena Williams, who Snapchatted the encounter. Kate brought in Sophie for the video as well. This video is adorable.

Kate also met Greg Rusedski, former tennis player who retired in 2007, and talked about Prince George. Rusedski said after the meeting: “She talked about George, her little boy, playing tennis. He’s got a racket and he enjoys playing tennis, and obviously she plays with William… So they obviously enjoy the sport very much.”

I know some of you are calling Kate out for saying George is into every single thing the person she’s talking to does (and I totally agree with this for most of the things she says about George), but since Kate brought up getting George into tennis when she was with Andy Murray’s mom in Scotland, I do think Kate wants/has tried/successfully got George into tennis.

Kate and Sophie at Wimbledon 2016

Kate took her seat in between Philip Brook and his wife, Gill Brook, to watch the match. Sophie – wearing the Suzannah separates she wore to Ascot Day 3 – sat on Philip Brook’s other side.

Yes, that is Dame Maggie Smith sitting behind Sophie in the photo above (2nd row, 2nd from the right).

Here’s a better photo of Sophie’s outfit. You can also see Kate’s VB bag.

And now for my favorite part of Wimbledon: Kate’s faces.

Since I’m fascinated by royals eating and drinking things, here’s Kate eating something and drinking water.

Photos: Wimbledon @Wimbledon / Getty

135 thoughts on “Kate Middleton meets Serena Williams at Wimbledon

  1. I think it is great to see Kate look happy – not a fake smile plastered on to cover up anxiety, but truly comfortable. That picture where her hair is pulled back by her sunglasses is adorable. I love that she is did more than just show up for the games, but interacted with athletes and others. It makes me wonder what is going on behind the scenes that precludes this refreshing change. What is going on behind the scenes to make her look so drawn and anxious at other events? Hmmm. It seems she is more mentally/emotionally healthy here, and I’m honestly glad to see it.

      1. I wish this was a refreshing change, but the fact is Kate is making an effort because she’s doing something that she enjoys. God forbid she made time to speak to the plebs, raise money for her charities or stay at a benefit for more than a couple of hours at a time!

        1. I agree.

          Insincere grin all around including with Countess Sophie Wessex, who looks a lot better than Middleton. IN the photo with lazy katr holding the handbag. It seem the bag weighs more than…

          And the same awful example is playing out with PG. He is visiting RAF Jul 8, but cant be taken to visit sick or less fortunate children charities at Christmas, and other special charities (best of the SWR and the young princesses).

          KMR best wishes to Queen Max who fell and suffered a small concussion.

          1. Prince George did his first official visit today to see helicopters and airplanes. For heavens sake, he isn’t even 3 yet! Why should he be visiting sick children? Give him time!

          2. I don’t see anything wrong with George going to the air show and not visiting sick kids. Given his age, I think it’s appropriate to stick to kid-friendly events.

            Estelle and Leonore don’t visit sick kids either. They only do kid-friendly and family events.

    1. “I think it is great to see Kate look happy – not a fake smile plastered on to cover up anxiety, but truly comfortable.” “What is going on behind the scenes to make her look so drawn and anxious at other events?” I think the reason is simple Jenni: Kate DOES NOT like Royal duties IMO. When she is at events she likes, she looks happy and relaxed. But doing charities, OMG, she is the image of anxiety and sometimes sadness. Her smiles don’t reach her eyes, totally different from events like this (Tennis), where she shines.

      1. I totally agree with you, Jamel, Kate doesn’ t like duties. She only likes jetsetting and enjoying the perks of her status. Yet when she married she signed also for duties, she knew it .

      2. The answer is never simple. We say all the time…she knew what she was getting into. And in some aspects I agree. She has to take responsibility for the life she chose and do her best to do it well. But I also know that sometimes we willingly choose a life that at times becomes more difficult than we could have imagined and challenging in ways that others cannot see. (I happily chose to marry a second time taking on full-time my husband’s 5 children in addition to my own 3. I chose it, yes. But that does not make it easy. And it does not mean that at times I question my original sanity. But I put one foot ahead of the other and try to face the challenge and improve each day. But I sure as hell am glad there isn’t a blog devoted to analyzing the job I’m doing. ?).

        I’m not opposed to expecting Kate to perform her royal duties, and I think it is correct to hold her feet to the fire as she is a public servant. But I can also be compassionate and try to imagine how difficult it must be. I do not know her personally, so I don’t feel comfortable judging all of her motivations and attitudes. I do, however, recognize the marks of an anxiety disorder or possible post partum depression. Even when she was chasing William, she could not have foreseen that things like that might creep in and make the life she desired so difficult. Does that make sense? Yes, she needs to figure out how to do her duty more effectively. Yeah, I’m sick of her nude pumps. Yeah, I hate the crotch clutching. Yeah, I severely hate her eyeliner. And her hairstylist should have retired in 1997. But I will point out the things she does well, because WE ALL deserve a little bit of compassion at times. Even those we despise.

    2. Jenni, I agree that there is something emotionally off for her. We’ve all been saying it for a while now. I also agree that it was great to see her looking genuinely happy today. That video of her, Serena, and Sophie is great. I’m such a Sophie fan-girl.

      1. Jamel, I think you are right. She loves sports and why shouldn’t she enjoy viewing a major tennis tournament from a box seat? When she has to go to other functions, she is bored, uncomfortable, or both.

        The yellow dress is ok. The color is rather loud and called attention to her. I think red would do that too, or bright blue. But, still, yellow is an unusual choice and I think gets more attention just because of that. I did like the dress in its style, if not the color. I think I am very picky when it comes to Kate.

        Yes, she may be trying to encourage George to take up tennis, but I still stand by comments that whenever she talks about him, she usually winds up saying he likes the topic that she is highlighting. George likes museums, loves tennis, loves dinosaurs, etc.

        Did she do anything yesterday to honor the memory of those who perished or who were hurt on 7/7? DId William? Anyone in the Royal Family. I have not had time to do my own research, so just asking.

        Serena Williams is a great champion. What a powerhouse! I am in awe of any athletes who achieve such stature. The training is grueling. Both physical and mental. I don’t play sport, myself, but I admire those who do.

        Best to everyone. Today, is another sad day of post-violence in the States. Bless everyone and bring us all together.

        1. +1. the US is struggling and heavy is the perfect word. I cried when I read my news alerts this am about what happened in Dallas.

      2. I agree. Whether it’s because she’s at event she’s enjoying it or not it’s refreshing to see her happy on occasion. I even thought she had a genuine smile at the award gala. We could speculate for the cause, if’s she’s finally turned a corner for whatever has been ‘ailing’ her or if it’s just because she’s at event she enjoys and not really work. Who knows but let’s see more of it!
        I like this dress. It’s nice, bright and cheery! My complaint is the same as KMR’s tho. Shuck those nude shoes for something else. Her bag is white why not white shoes?!? Grrr. I think someone said it best yesterday-one step forward two steps back.. And the earrings are bleh.
        I just want to add with all things going on everywhere, it’s nice to come here for a bit of frivolity. Thanks KMR
        Now I have to go google to see what happened to my favorite maxima

        1. +1 It’s quite heavy in the US. This is a sweet escape.

          I heard that Max took a tumble and got a concussion. Yet she still went to her engagements.

          1. Oh, I hope she is ok. After the head injury that Natasha Richards’ endured, the one that led to her death, one can only worry. I hope Max is ok and will recover from her concussion safely. I am sure she is well. We would have heard. What a trooper, she is!

      3. That is a great video. We see a beautiful and hard working woman who overcame lots of obstacles including public scrutiny, people thinking she wasn’t good enough, people telling her that she was too ambitious and reaching too high, who’s fashion and every gesture have been criticized, but who persevered to make it to the top and earn accolades of the masses, even her detractors. And Kate Middleton was in the video too. Congrats to Serena for winning the grand slam!

  2. Kate looks beautiful. She looks very happy!! I really don’t like the earrings. Do you think Kate feels guilty staying for the entire tennis match but never staying as long for some of her charities?

  3. Well I guess she knew she’d be seen in that dress . . . . I’ll pass on it and the earrings and the rest . . . meh

  4. I like this outfit too and think it’s better than the original. This seems to be a designer that can make good outfits for Kate. Wow another nude pump? How many does she have now? Also, I’m amazed that she didn’t just watch but actually did stuff that could conceivably be called work. I think this is a sign that the patronship is true. I do wonder if the novelty will wear off for her like the Irish guards once they realize she’ll be expected to show up yearly. Will this be like sailing and Ben Ainslie, something she actually enjoys enough to show up regularly or will she do as the Queen has done and appear rarely after enough time has passed?

  5. Kate looked very pretty today. I didn’t like the dress the first time, but i like it better this time. Her hair looks much nicer this time around as well.

    Finally! Kate used a real purse and not a clutch. Yay 🙂

    That video is cute. It actually shows some personality for Kate!

    But seriously, another pair of nude heels?????? They look like all the rest, why does she waste almost $700 on heels that look like 6 other pairs she owns? Gosh, I guess since it isn’t her hard earned money she doesn’t mind spending in on identical items. I think a white heel would have look nice, but honestly since this wasn’t a ‘work’ event and she wasn’t wearing nylons, i think a sandal heel would have looked great. It would have felt more summery. Also, is it just me or does this pair look to small? I have always thought Kate buys her shoes a half size too small and her feet look stuffed into them. It really shows in these since she isn’t wearing nylons.

  6. As for Kate wearing the same earrings she wore to the night gala event yesterday, i have a theory. To me, this proves she gets her items for free as long as she shows them off. She wore this pair last night, but due to her hair, no one could see them or even begin to identify them. So, the maker didn’t benefit from the Kate effect. Therefore, Kate re-wore them today so that they would be seen and identified on all the clothing sites.

    I feel like this proves she gets stuff for free as long as she wears them in public. I mean, these earrings were good for a glitzy night out, but not for a day event at a tennis match. They don’t work at both places. They are too fancy looking for a day at tennis. I just thought it was interesting and would explain why she wore them 2 days in a row for such different events. They are not very versatile. I have always thought Kate gets stuff for free, even though the Palace says otherwise.

      1. Umm, ya, sorry memyselfandi, you don’t know that-it’s not like the Palace or Kate are honest. I highly doubt Kate doesn’t get stuff for free. And Springsmom, ya discounted to like 1 pound ;).

        1. I don’t think honesty, integrity, and decency are at the top of the ‘firms’ list of priorities. I rather think that waity gets a lot of freebies, and is generous with her ‘people’. I just don’t believe that she has any qualms whatsoever about accepting gifts and free stuff. These ‘royals’ aren’t into full disclosure either. **Of course, I don’t know this for certain**. In any case when you get down to where the rubber meets the road **everything Kate has is a freebie**. She has nothing she can say she earned, and all purchases are on the British taxpayer via Charles. I wouldn’t particularly care to have her as an advert for any product I sell anyway. She can take the most expensive articles and make them look cheap and at times downright silly. Just my thoughts.
          I don’t think that George needs to be visiting sick children or places that are depressing, he wouldn’t be able to understand what is going on to start with but children can sure pick up ‘vibes’ from their surroundings. Let the little guy have the happiest childhood possible, and let him grow into being able to handle such things.
          I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that the odious and greedy social climbing rest of the Middletons don’t get deep discounts, and probably freebies as well. Again, I don’t know this for certain of course.

    1. It was stated on sites, that middleton at the NY andrews r university fundraiser, that km was indirectly soliciting gifts from designers for JCRew (similar), that she favor with tight fitted jeggings.

  7. Outfit–meh. I do like her in yellow.

    She looks happy and thrilled ’cause she loves sports events where she doesn’t have to really do much but enjoy. Nice work if you can find it. I wish she was this genuine and engaged with her /real/ work, the stuff she does the bare minimum for then scoots as soon as she possibly can, overjoyed it’s over. The only reason they added the meetings in the beginning were to make it seem more legit, like less of a party. I mean, this is the girl who had her office say for a memorial service she was on maternity leave, then two days later went to Wimbledon. I’ll never forget that.

    I do like the dress a lot. It looks like it hangs on her, though. Even moreso than it did in Australia. 🙁 The earrings look ridiculous with this outfit.

    The video is adorable. I wish she was like that all the time but only when she’s doing something she likes, which is this sort of thing. Galas, dinner where she can dress up, and sports. Sigh.

    1. That’s the main difference between Kate and Lady Diana: Diana, although she enjpoyed galas, had a lot of compassions for all the people belongign to all social classes. she was a real princess. Kate doesn’ t care about her duty and her people, she just cares about herself

  8. Oh Sophie looks amazing! I really like her outfit and thenway she carries herself…

    I have to admit that the first thought which crossed my mind when I saw Kates dress was “flat tennis ball” because of the yellow and white, sorry. In general I’m not a huge fan of yellow clothes and can’t blame her for that but it doesn’t seem to fit her well.

    And I don’t mind her going to Wimbledon and being interested in sports. I love tennis and would love watching matches live but what’s keeping her away from visiting a charity, hospital, whatever in the morning? Why not use those days in London then fullest before disappearing again?
    It’s a shame that she gets focus of media for attending a tennis match but someone like Harry visiting organisations and joining HIV doctors get nothing. Even more frustrating that these causes really need attention!

    1. Absolutely! Harry is actually doing important work yet a lazy woman attending a tennis match received more media coverage. No wonder Kate doesn’t have the self
      Awareness of the desire to improve upon her performance, as anytime she farts, she gets fawning media coverage.

  9. I must say I sometimes wonder how the Cambridge children will feel later on as their characters and interests have already become kind of predestined by the stories their parents keep telling about them. I undersand people want to hear about the kids and as they are so rarely seen in public, people have not been able to really see what they’re like, not in the way we “know” e.g. Estelle. I understand parents want to talk about their kids and even control their public image, but George is not yet three and already has it all covered, he’s a future scout, he plays tennis, is interested in art, and the list goes on. Of course it’s a bit ridiculous the press makes so much out of it and cannot see him as a little boy who understandably participates in the activities his parents introduce him to, just like every kid does. It’s possible he won’t care about tennis at all once he gets older. Just random thoughts, but I hope those kids would be free to find their own interests without being constantly reminded about how they keen on this or that they were at a certain age in the future. I also think these kids are growing up in a small circle in which they’re only introduced to the “right” kind of activities, so it’s hardly surprising George has a tennis racket or a polo mallet. I can only imagine it’d cause quite a stir if he started taking ballet classes some day. I only hope his parents are strong enough to support him in finding what he really is interested in, even if it means something they’re not so interested in themselves, and understand getting your kid into tennis does not automatically mean it’ll be his thing later on.

    As to Kate’s appearance at Wimbledon, it’s nice to see her engaged and genuinely interested, but it really bothers me how seldom we see her this relaxed and interested in what she’s doing. She’s a totally different person when she e.g. visits her patronages, and it’s sad. She could do so much for her causes, and I’ve never had the impression her heart would really be into it. What comes to her dress, I hate yellow (another 70’s trauma as all I had was yellow) and just can’t like this dress although I like the tailoring itself. Wish it was hot pink!

    1. I wish his parents could say that George is interested in being a pleasant and smiling child. So far most pictures we’ve seen of him, make George come out like an ill tempered, unfriendly, bratty little child, IMO.

      Good for Kate for looking happy and pretty, for once. This is what she signed up for when she married William- not for any of those pesky charity and poor people crap, right? Really boggles my mind why this shrivelled banana receives more media attention than accomplished women who were in the Royal Box like Dame Maggie Smith or Sophie Turner.

    2. I have great difficulty believing Kate and Wills whenever they speak about George and Charlotte. In some instances, I think they make up such stuff to make the children seem like whiz kids. That tale about George referring to the Queen as “Gan, Gan” I think is totally made up. Waity probably told George to refer to the Queen in that way, if indeed, he did say that. There was an article for Trooping the Color, wherein Kate stated that George looked through the window that morning and stated: “Today is not a nice day, isn’t it mummy.”?I don’t think he said that. Kids his age do not know how to use contractions. It reminds me of the answers she gave to the indian people that it’s running behind her kids that keeps her so thin, and the other, was the question about her laughing so much — to which she replied, that the Indian people are so lovely, and that makes it so easy for her to always smile/laugh. I suppose she is of the opinion that the Indian people don’t watch TV or read stuff on the internet.Those people are definitely a lot more educated and smarter than waity could ever be.

      Both Kate and Wills are narcissistic and seem to thrive on embellishing stuff they and the kids do — but only time will tell.

      I think Kate is emulating the Queen in her choice of colors — she wants to stand out and be noticed. Her style and outfits do indeed reflect the 70s look. Perhaps, it’s her mother’s choice of clothing, jewellery, etc., and she feels safe with whatever her mom chooses. Kate took mom’s advice and look what happened, she got William, hence, mom knows what’s right.

      I often wonder how much photo-shopping and air-brushing the magazines and newspapers have to do for her pictures. Some sites do the touch-ups and some don’t. These pictures were definitely airbrushed. The deep wrinkes on her forehead and neck are not visible. When it’s not done, she looks much older than her age. I suppose they do that stuff hoping she would allow them to take photos of the kids. Poor little kids, they are like Rapunzel in her tower. They’ll grow up to be recluse. I honestly feel that Kate and probably William are battling depression, and it seems to affect George. He behaves differently when he’s with Kate, withdrawn and sullen. Anyway, it’s their kids, but just saying.

      1. I think some anecdotes might be exaggerated but as for contractions, it totally depends on a child’s language ability. My oldest started speaking at nine months, sentences at one, and by two was saying pretty complex stuff. And she had friends who did as well.

      2. I think William probably was the one that got George started with the Gan Gan thing. Other royal family members called her that, too, so it’s probably a family name for her.

        1. The late Queen Mother was known as Gan-Gan by her great grands, I believe. I’m not surprised this generation, including Savannah, Isla, and Mia call her maj Gan Gan.
          What bugs me is the constant identification with their audience. When the Cambridges went to Canada, W said that K had always wanted to go. Same with New York. Same with Australia. Same in India. I don’t think he said it for Bhutan. Maybe he didn’t think people would believe that she had heard of the nation previously.

      3. I agree with you that George appears sullen and scared out of his wits in public. I do not get the sense that he’s a pleasant child. Charlotte seems a lot more smiley and pleasant, but since WK do
        Not appear naturally warm to people, we will see if Charlotte retains her smiling nature.

        1. I think part of it’s the hiding away to be “normal” makes him uncertain in social interactions. Once he seemed more comfortable with the seen he seemed to enjoy And looked cute.Also, my niece didn’t have the terrible two’s she had the terrible three’s. I jokingly told my sister that I’d catch them when she’s 4!!
          I will say this dress looks absolutely ginormous on Kate! She should embrace pant suits in settings like this and of course windy day=hair down!

  10. I find it funny how we were talking about how she never goes to the women’s matches and then poof, she does 🙂

      1. Whiny PR team is on the blogs and Dailymail and others, making sure to counter in quantity, what the public has learned and comments.

  11. I don’t hate this dress .. but how is this any different from the new baby blue/peachy orange one she wore during one of the Queen’s birthday celebration this year? You know, the one where there was slight drizzle? It looked like this one and I am seriously bored with her identical dresses purchased with an absurd amount of money!

    My question is, will she be attending Andy Murray’s semi and final(if he gets through!) matches? Many of us expressed our anger/disappointment with her for not attending the 7/7 Memorial event so I am putting a bet that our Kate will surprise us by proving and confirming just what her priorities are. I did comment about this on DM and boy, I was attacked for it! Sheesh!!!

    And it’s funny how she didn’t mention to LeBron James during the NYC trip that George is a pro-basketball player in the making, huh?

    I’m just wondering, any one in this KMR community has the same facial expressions as Kate? I wanna know if it is normal because she looks overly excited on all types of occasions – both sombre and joyous ones. Sometimes she even looks like she’s neighing! So I am guessing it might be involuntary muscle spasms for her?

    1. I am tired of people worrying over Kate’s ‘health’ because she is, generally, disengaged with many engagements, staying for very short periods of time, or as we have seen, leaving a dinner before it is over. So there must be something wrong. Whereas, she is alive and happy and has all the time in the world when the engagements suit her interests (sailing, men, tennis). So the answer is: Kate likes to have fun, Kate does not like to work.

      The facial expressions are grotesque, pure and simple. Goodness knows why no-one has told her. I don’t think they are involuntary spasms; it’s all for the cameras.

      1. Also, is she left-handed? She features her left hand so much — to show off Big Blue, most likely. Between that and her facial expressions, ugh!

        1. No. Kate is right-handed, which is why her showing off the ring is so obvious because a normal right-handed person wouldn’t show off their left hand so much.

          1. Yes, that was the cynical point I was trying to make. You stated things more effectively, though. Thanks for the confirmation that she is right-handed, KMR.

          2. KMR, and Jenny, I’ve always felt that she intentionally uses her left hand to show off the ring. It’s always done when she uses the clutch under her abdomen, and clasps her hands when standing — the ring is on the top. I’m right-handed and am somewhat clumsy when I do some things with my left hand. Gosh, this woman has some serious issues and will do anything to garner attention. To me, when she showcases the ring, it’s as though she’s showing all of Wills’ ex-girlfriends that she’s the one and only. Too bad she’s so shallow or else she’d have that worked out a long time ago.

          3. Ah well, this may explain the crotch-clutching/ hand on crotch – just a ruse to show the ring?

      2. It’s not her lack of work ethic that makes me think something’s been off with her over the last year. She pretty much established that she didn’t like doing engagements early on.
        It’s her near skeletal frame, sallow complection and vacant eyes/expression that makes me think all is not well.

        1. Kate prioritises exercising. She has gone overboard, hence the skeletal frame. The vacant look at engagements she needs to own. If Kate is genuinely unwell, then it is only fair that she be excused for as long as is necessary; if it’s just pique played out as boredom for being forced to work, I have no sympathy. My take is that both William and Kate have played the royal family for far too long in order to defer responsibility, that the RF has grown weary of the excuses and are demanding the couple do some work. Personally, I find this couple juvenile and very tiresome.

      3. I don’t know if she is or isn’t healthy but as someone who has struggled with postpartum depression and also anxiety in general, it’s much easier to *look* happy when there is an activity that is pleasurable. And then sometimes, even within an hour or two, that can wear off. She can be struggling, and still look happy.

  12. Did she seriously buy another pair of nude pointed heels?? I can’t spot any difference between these and her LK Bennett nude pointed heels :/

    1. I thought they were the Ferns when I first saw them. They look so similar.

  13. I agree with other comments about what Kate says about George being “interested” in the things related to the places she visits and people she talks to.

    George is apparently into dinosaurs, painting, tennis, wants to be an air cadet, etc, etc.


    She’s so bad at small talk, the only thing she has going for her is bringing up George and trying to flatter them or something by relating George to whatever the charity/organisation/event is about.
    It happens so frequently that it seems too farfetched, I hope whoever she talks to sees past her bullshit.

    1. I see it as small talk. I would find it difficult to have to engage so many personalities all the time. I don’t blame her for sticking to something safe and familiar. It’s Kate we are talking about, it’s best she sticks to the children.

      1. Meeting so many people with such rich life experiences gives Kate an opportunity to (a) prep since she knows who is coming and why, and (b) become more knowledgeable in her role, understand and respect the work of others etc. She misses the opportunity to learn and grow by defaulting to her children, which yet again, and as always, focuses the attention back to herself rather than the others’ achievements. The bar is set too low for this woman. The children are just used to deflect Kate’s own lack of preparation for an event as well as her disinterest in others and disrespect overall.

  14. Yellow does suit Kate and it is great to see her looking so happy. I am over the nude shoes though. I think that Kate should be shown a colour chart to make her see that there are lots of other colours out there.

    1. Yellow is a difficult color to accessorize, I think. Combining it with other colors than black, blue, nude or white makes it easily look like there was too much going on, but at the same time such colors are so boring with this dress. I think this dress would look great in hot pink or Mediterranean blue!

    2. IMO this shade of yellow does not suit her as well as the pastel yellow shade she wore (when she flashed her arse)

  15. She looks lovely and the video is cute. I’m so glad she did more than go to the match, meeting with people and watching some of the wheelchair tennis match as well. It’s really interesting but in the last couple of months I’ve joyed her solo appearances more than those she attends with Will and/or Harry. we get glimpses of her personality at the Andy Murray tennis camp, sailing, and here that are really warm and fun. I hope she considers making sports one of her solo focuses in the near future. Maybe something similar to Michelle Obama’s “let’s move” idea?

  16. From what I can tell from the video, Serena is the adorable one. Kate looks wooden.

    Kate’s crazy facial expressions make her seem unhinged. But she and her mother have the same over the top reactions when being photographed so it may just be part of her social climbing upbringing.

  17. I loved the pictures online of Kate and Sophie laughing together and seemingly enjoying each other’s company. I’d love if they became close.

  18. Weird, over the top facial expressions, an unflattering shade of yellow, tacky expensive earrings that don’t suit the outfit and boring accessories, sorry to be so negative. I hope Sophie takes her under her wing and points our bland duchess in the right direction.

    1. lol. took me a minute to get that one! not a day older than 51. hilarious. imagine how much “work” has been done on her face recently to look as young as 51!

  19. I adore Serena Williams! She is an amazing player. Her Snapchat with Sophie and Kate was adorable. I will say that Kate knew how to nail a pose, lol! It was also nice to see her interact with Sophie.

    Kate did look quite happy at Wimbledon as she normally does. My favorite picture is the one with the sunglasses on her head. She looks quite pretty. Kate seems to be a little more personable when William isn’t there. That being said, Jason needs to keep her with charities that are centered on sports.

    I wasn’t a fan of the yellow dress then and I’m not now. I do know I want the earrings and purse. I would love the purse in a camel color. I would have rocked the yellow dress with an electric blue purse or even a cheetah shoe. Sophie looks lovely as ever.

    Thanks for a nice review today, KMR!

    1. Cheetah, shoes! Fantastic choice, rhiannon.
      I’m with everyone else when it comes to Kate looking happy. Good for her. But, when one is able to view a top match at Wimbledon, I think anyone would be thrilled!

      The dress is pretty, but I am not a fan of yellow, either. I do think it looked fairly well on Kate, however.

      I’m also wondering if anyone in the Royal Family did anything to honor the memory of those who lost their lives or were hurt in the July 7th terror attacks. I’m dong work now and just snuck away to visit this site, so I have not looked that up, myself.

      I wish that something meaningful was done.

      P.S> Sophie looked awecome. Kate withuot her clutch was quite novel.

  20. Just an aside, I love tennis, but don’t have ESPN to watch the matches. When did the celebrities attending the matches become the focal point of Wimbledon? When did jockeying for a visible spot in the royal box become more sport than the sport? I guess I’m in celebrity overload. I don’t even know who most of who these people are. They don’t seem that in to tennis, only in being seen.

  21. I am not a fan of anything Roksanda . I think the clothing by this designer is very boring and to me the material always looks kind of cheap (which I am sure it was not). I also loathe those big exposed zippers on anything. Is that supposed to make clothing look edgy? To me this dress looks like something you could pick up at Marshall’s or TJ MAXX for $50-$60 USD and wear it to the office. Boooooooring!

    1. I tend to dislike a lot of Roksanda designs also. This dress is probably the only one like like.

      1. Beatrice & Eugenie wear quite a bit of Roksanda and there have been some nice dresses on them but it’s not a brand I would automatically gravitate to either.

        1. I haven’t been a fan of the Roksanda on B&E either so other than this one Kate dress I’m pretty not sold on Roksanda.

  22. I think kate would be happiest being the stay-at-home wife of a rich man. She doesn’t want to work, she wants to have children, lunch with friends, shop, work out and have a few pleasant pastimes such as trips to Wimbledon. I think she endures the Royal duties but actively encourages Williams reluctance as it suits hers.

    1. I agree. I think Kate should have married some random rich dude rather than a prince.

      1. I agree, I always wonder why she didn’ t marry a rich man instead of a prince.
        The point is that wealthy men work usually work hard to get their wealth, they are sly and usually can’ t be fooled by people, like the Middleton and Kate. Plus if a very rich man want a trophy wife usually get a model, a very beautiful woman. Kate definitely is not

        1. I think the main reason Kate pursued and married William was because of the influence of her mother. If William had not been HRH, heir to the heir Kate would have moved on to someone else. Bottom line.

          The Wimbledon visit was like her others. There should be a review of her Wimbledon faces throughout the years. I’ve never been a huge fan of the yellow dress and am amazed that the clothes from that year are loose on her. That’s actually more than a bit scary.

          1. For sure. William would have been considered quite ‘the prize’ at that time for girls and worth mounting a campaign to catch. The Middleton’s would not have pursued anyone without a certain amount of money and status attached to them. The proof lies in Pippa’s multiple campaigns to hook a rich/titled man. Like her sister, she waits and makes herself available rather than pursue her own interests to get somewhere under her own steam. I would think that would have made her more attractive.

    2. Hi Ruby, I totally agree and outside of the perks of having a title and marrying the heir to the throne, she probably could have bagged some incredibly wealthy guy who also may have had a title and a big country home and a London home as well. By wealthy for Kate, it would be someone who was worth in the neighborhood of $250 million or so.

      1. She has never had a job. So why would she work now? The Queen knew she wasn’t fit for her role or the work that goes with it. I was really hoping she would step up. After five years though it’s not going to happen.

        1. Marrying William it gave her the title and the attention of media, something marrying a rich guy wouldn’t have though it would have been better for anyone involved.

          I guess when you start dating you have other things in mind than working but wouldn’t, during all those years she dated William, it have crossed her mind that her life would be like the one of the Queen, Princess Anne, Sophie and Camilla when it comes to work? Has she never paid close attention to them? Learned something? Also what did William tell her? But well at the end he didn’t seem to work more than he has to and to really care either.

          1. Exactly, Kristen. I’m sure William told Kate that they wouldn’t have to do much, he had granny sussed, probably because he had been protected for such a long time from having to step up to royal duties due to gap years, university etc. Perhaps he thought that could continue indefinitely or that he could whine to granny that he needed more time? They did ‘go slow’ when W+K married – they were able to live privately etc for Kate to get used to royal life, then there was the endless maternity leave, then EAAA, moving to remote Norfolk. They’ve been delaying work for as long as possible. Now they have been called on it and told to step up. Okay, so they don’t like working, or rather, only like doing things that please them. So what? Who cares? They are both on the public teat to a ridiculous degree, so they need to shape up, stop the bored looks, and ‘packing a sad’ to elicit sympathy et al.

  23. I do like yellow. This color is a little too much for me. Another nude pump? How many does she have already? It’s pretty revealing how much Kate comes to life when she is at an event that suits her. Maybe she try to look this lively at her charities. KMR you did point out Dame Maggie Smith sitting in the Royal Box. Is that Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees behind Kate?

  24. hold onto your fascinates KMR family – her makeup was light, event appropriate, and as close to natural as she is ever going to get. it’s a win for me on that point alone!

    I love this dress and am happy that she wore it again. her weight is frightening. the earrings are not to my taste at all, but at least she wore something that can be seen with her hair down. they look like oysters as someone pointed out.

    she clearly had more fillers or botox or some sort of facial work done. her face looks unnaturally smooth and her faces are so contorted, on top of the manic looks, her face is moving in different directions than normal. that probably makes no sense . . .sorry!

  25. I have the Victoria Beckham Quincy bag in Moonshine (off white). I got mine in the sale but unlike Duchess I won’t have a lackey to carry it for me. I needed a white leather ‘neverfull’ for Summer. I wonder if it was gifted by Victoria? And I bet you Victoria Beckham is weeing herself with excitement with Kate finally being seen with something from her brand.

    1. Those bags are great. I want one! I’m just too cheap. I only have a Coach bag and it’s a vomitous bright pink but in great shape, I got it on major clearance at Macys. lol LK Bennett has some lovely bags too, almost bought one myself in Cardiff but couldn’t justify the expense even if it was an outlet.

      It’s nice to see Kate with a REAL HANDBAG.

      1. I have a Michael Kors one that looks almost identical to this VB one… and it’s a fraction of thr price!

  26. Another unsuitable look for Rebecca. Dress way too short. In private, fine, but when traveling with Kate, a definite “No.”

    Did Rebecca recently get dumped by a guy? Someone, who supposedly is now dating someone on Harry’s staff. Saw another photo of Rebecca walking behind Kate somewhere yesterday and she looked like she was waiting for another Kate misstep. I don’t think it would be easy working for the Duchess, but I also don’t think Kate has a crackerjack staff who go the extra mile, or any other mile, to ensure that things go well when she’s is out and about.

    1. Rebecca looks fed up and bored most of the time, lately. Maybe the camera just gets her at the worst moments…

    2. Everything about Rebecca makes me upset. She always looks rumpled and unkempt to me. Imho, her look shouldn’t take away from Kate.

  27. Kate is in her element here which is great. And if that is an M&M she’s popping in her mouth—hurray—she’s eating!

  28. I actually really like this dress but I’m in the minority in that I like the original. I like the cut of the dress and Kate can usually pull off sheath’s very well. She does look good in yellow, which is difficult for most, but at Wimbledon it reminded me of tennis ball yellow! Yay, yay, yay for the real purse, I love it but I am not a fan of the earrings. At the DM I saw some pics of Rebecca Deacons dress and I loved it because I’m a sucker for Chevron stripses and I think she looked fantastic! Kate would probably look great in that dress.

    1. I agree, I like this dress and Kate does wear sheath dresses very well. I just wish she’d nix the nude heels. Just about any other color would be better.

      1. I have completely given up on her shoes!! The nude heels, I thought they were gone for a while, are back with a vengeance. I agree, anything but the nude pumps!

    2. I’m also a sucker for chevron and liked Rebecca’s dress. But she looks like such a slob! I don’t get it. So unprofessional!

      1. I do agree she looks sloppy a lot of the time. I always think, can’t Kate’s hairdresser do a quick turn on Rebecca’s hair before they go out? Rebecca is a reflection on Kate. But it doesn’t stop there, some of her outfits have been so wrinkled I can’t believe anyone let her walk out of the palace.

        1. I have this theory that as long as Kate looks better than her staff then she thinks she’s got it nailed. If Rebecca looked more pulled together Kate would have to up her game. And that requires effort and that’s not something she likes to exude energy on.

          1. I think you might be onto something there. Kate needs to be alpha female and it’s easier if you’re around other women who you feel are “inferior” and I only say that in the looks department. I’m not saying Rebecca’s not attractive, I’m just saying in Kate’s eyes she may perceive herself as above Rebecca in that sense. Kate seems to place a high effort on her appearance.

  29. I don’t have much to say about today’s visit, as it feels to me like the same old, same old. Boring dress, extra boring shoes, earrings that don’t “fit” with the outfit, references to George liking whatever his mother is doing at the moment, Rebecca looking inappropriate as usual, manic facial expressions and on and on. I have to say my biggest complaint today is with Rebecca, does she always have to look like she just rolled out of bed?? Doesn’t the woman own a hairbrush?? Sigh…I guess unprofessionalism filters from the top on down in the Cambridge office.

    While I do like these earrings and I’m sure they would have looked great with last night’s dress, if we could have seen them through the blanket of hair, but they really don’t work with this dress or this event. I just don’t understand Kate’s or Tash’s total inability to properly style Kate for even the simplest event. I sometimes think that they put items together by price not style, color, texture
    meaning that if a couple of items are both expensive then they must go together, even when they obviously don’t.

    1. I thought that Kate stayed at KP overnight and the earrings were immediately at hand. She didn’t give any thought to it.

  30. Good outing for Kate, she looks nice and I agree with upthreads that like the picture of her with sunglasses. She looks more like the younger Kate in that picture than I’ve seen in awhile, almost like she’s a little freer and blurring the edges just by taking some the “staged” out of her appearance. I saw a show on TV with well made-up rooms and suddenly I realized I was reminded of Kate so I’d like it if she broke out of that. Glad to see that she’s favoring shapes and designs more that prevent or limit fly-ups. I would have liked to see her/Sophie or better-together make a short speech about the Wimbledon Foundation to promote charity efforts. It would make her look a little less like fluff if she mixes business with pleasure. The earrings are ugly beyond words, but Kate’s putting some numbers up which is a plus. I’d like to see a Twitter pic of her playing with George since he’s so keen. Maybe Richard Palmer could squirrel suit fly-by for a shot.

  31. Looks like Sophie and Kate were very comfortable with each other and enjoying spending time together. Sophie is a wonderful woman, and I hope Kate spends as much time as possible with her so some of it rubs off!

  32. Rebecca is a mess. Why the nude pumps with that dress?
    I don’t know, she seems so slovenly, Of course, one shouldn’t be stealing Kate’s thunder, but a subdued, sedate, put-together look is far more appropriate for Bex. Her appearance is indicative of her work ethic, if you ask me. I really don’t think that she and the rest of the staff prep Kate enough for her visits. Of course, I am not talking about this one. No preparation needed for watching a beloved tennis match. And, Kate, on her other appearances should be taking more of an interest in doing some prep work,herself.

    I will say that some women get away with Rebecca’s looks. One of my older cousins always looked so rumpled, sloppy and chubby (but not in a flattering way). And, she’s now on her second rich husband! Go figure.

    When I said chubby, not in a flattering way, I was trying not to insult anyone who may be chubby. There’s well put together in every body type, but Rebecca is just a mess.

  33. I don’t read all the comments.
    I loved the dress and I love her here but her team could use an iron because on some photos it looks very bad and unprofessionnal. On some photos I have the impression that the dress is too big for her like the blue Friday(?)
    I hate her earrings

  34. In the first picture: who is the woman walking behind Kate – her assistant? Same nude shoes… Dress much too short if her assistant I think (taste and respectability not an issue if ‘just a private person’, but very much up for scrutiny if her assistant and out in public with her)

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