Prince George attends air show with Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince George attends air show with Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince George made his first public appearance on UK soil yesterday, July 8, when he accompanied his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, to the Royal International Air Tattoo air show.

William, Kate, George at air show

The Air Tattoo features hundreds of aircraft both in flying displays and on the ground, and has several different areas of entertainment for visitors.

William, Kate, George arrive at air show

The Air Tattoo is billed as a family-oriented event, which is why the Cambridges brought George. It was too loud for him, though, so they put ear protectors on him after he started crying.

The Air Tattoo also featured a march past of 750 Air Cadets and volunteers to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Air Cadets. Kate stopped and talked to some of the Air Training Corps. Kate is Honorary Air Commandant of the Air Training Corps.

William, Kate, George meet Air Cadets at air show

Kate met with television star Carol Vorderman who is ambassador for the Air Cadets. Vorderman said of meeting Kate: “She is patron, Dawn runs the Air Cadets now and I am ambassador and honorary group captain so we had the three women together. I think it is a highly important message for the RAF. The recruitment of girls to the Air Cadets had gone up rapidly over the past six years.”

William, Kate, George sit in helicopter at air show

William, Kate, and George were shown a Squirrel helicopter by Flight Lieutenant Jim Hobkirk.

Hobkirk said of the interaction:

    “As I suspected, Prince George was a bit overawed with the noise and being inside the helicopter. It was a nice family moment. The Duke was talking about ways of flying. George was very, very quiet. He is not even three years old. He was very interested in the tail rotor. I imagine the Duke has told him about helicopters because he knew what it was – he kept saying ‘tail rotor’.
    “They seemed very relaxed. The Duke said he missed flying, he wishes he could fly more and he said he was envious of me. I think the Duchess was concerned with trying to make the young Prince happy.”

[Daily Mail]

OH MY GOD William “MISSES FLYING”!?!?!?!?! Isn’t he supposed to be working part time as an air ambulance co-pilot!?? If you want to fly more, William, go do your NORMAL JOB you wanted so much!!!!

Here, William, I’ll let your son side-eye you:

George got to sit in the cockpit of a Red Arrows Hawk.

George in Red Arrow at air show

Here’s a video of George at the air show and sitting in the cockpit of a Red Arrow and in the helicopter. I think it’s cute that George kept wanting to be held.

Kate chose a bunch of repeats for the air show: her Stella McCartney “Ridley” blue dress which she has worn a bunch of times now; her Smythe one button blazer ($595) that she’s had for several years; her LK Bennett “Floret” nude pumps debuted during the India tour; her Kiki McDonough Lauren Leaf Earrings debuted last year; and the Alice headband she wore to the horse show in May. Kate also wore a necklace – the gold chain of which is visible in some photos – but it was hidden under her dress.

If there were any engagement where pants, flats, and a bun were appropriate, this would have been it. I think it’s a bit odd that Kate knew she was going to have hair difficulties so she brought the headband, but didn’t think to just wear her hair up instead. At least the dress Kate chose doesn’t have a full skirt with fly-away capabilities, so props to her for choosing an appropriate dress.

I’m glad that William and Kate brought George to an engagement. It’s fun seeing a bit more of his personality and him interacting with his parents, they clearly have a good relationship with him.

Here are some more cute photos of George. He looks so much like my now-18 year old cousin when he was this age it’s unbelievable.

Photos: Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal / Getty

180 thoughts on “Prince George attends air show with Prince William and Kate Middleton

  1. Inappropriate outfit (short, tight dress and heels to show off your bod climbing into aircraft).

    Wait until your kid is crying before you think to put on his ear defenders.

    Make a remark about how “you miss flying” when that’s your “job”.

    It’s true. You can’t fix stupid.

    1. +++1

      Again, George is training to only appear at fun events like whiny lazy lamebridge parents. He is not given the value how ENTITLED and unnormal his life; and his life is to give back/how to make a difference to others less fortunate – for example, DRF and SR Princesses Madeline and Leonore. Sacrifice duties as previous generations.

      It’s amazing how desperate the two lazy entitled parents kept holding and hanging on. George not even allowed to cry. Some photo seem he is not as use to both and they seem anxious for one or the other – whiney bill to have equal time photo op, carrying George.

        1. Yes, Princess Estelle, the master at her role and with her people. Only mention Princess Leonore who is further down the SR Line and nowhere close as the Wales in succession …

          1. I don’t think we need to see George and other Royal children all the time or that they need to work and fulfill Royal duties but I truly think it’s the easiest to learn to deal with media, crowds, events from early age. There are enough “fun” events for them to learn and to get used to it.
            And ofc there are children like Estelle who just seem to be open minded and born to do the job while other are more shy but still support and preparation by parents is so important… but what can you expect if Kate isn’t even prepared for events…

      1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with George starting out on fun events, he’s still a kid after all and it could help make him feel positive about going on official engagements. After all didn’t Estelle started out doing the fun events? Now she’s a pro at royal engagements.

        But considering his parents… Yeah, it might not turn out so well. Hope Nanny Maria and his consequent schooling can instill some sense of duty in him.

        1. I think there are different types of fun events though. Estelle made an appearance at the Name Day Celebration when she was two years old. Standing still, meeting people, accepting flowers, that’s a little different to me than this. I don’t think this is prep for anything. (George is also not asked to engage with other people at all. Nor does he from the look of it. I know this will piss people off, my saying it. I don’t mention this to criticize a child. But it’s something I’ve definitely noticed. We’ve seen family members at The Trooping get the same treatment. This is where more encouragement and a little bit of room from his parents may help too.) Estelle has also participated in some more boring, ceremonial activities. She, in her little chair, has been challenged to sit and just be, while activities had nothing to do with her. That for me is very different than a five minute annual appearance on a balcony, where William and Kate are constantly fussing over him. Or an air show where he’s the center and his parents are again constantly fussing over him.

          1. This his George’s first engagement on UK soil. And his second engagement ever. I think it’s fine for him to go to a few fun events before going to more serious ones.

          2. I don’t believe I said it wasn’t fine. Just rebuffing the idea that these events are all the same kind of fun, with the same type of expectations that we’ve seen with Estelle. I don’t think they are. Because even though the Name Day was a fun event, Estelle was still being challenged and learning certain things.

          3. Dorothy I do have to agree with you. My husband and I took our children places from a very early age in an effort to have them adapt to the circumstances instead of circumstances adapting to them. While I feel that it’s great for him to go to fun events it should be interspersed with duty, and considering this is his 2nd engagement ever is very telling.
            Our youngest is autistic and although it was challenging taking her places I actually backpacked through Turkey and Greece with her when she was 3. She has been conditioned to understand what is required of her and has learned to anticipate her own needs when it comes to a situation.
            Unfortunately for poor George, he isn’t going to see what is required of him unless he spends more time with Prince Charles and I don’t really see that happening. Maybe he could tag along with Harry because that would be AWESOME! πŸ™‚

  2. George is adorable.

    What the heck did William mean when he said that he misses flying? Go back to your job!!! WTH?

    Kate was not dressed appropriately. But what else is new.

    Did you see that Nick Loughran is leaving Will, Kate, and Harry’s team? The Daily Mail is claiming it is because of a ‘love triangle’. It doesn’t seem like anyone stays with the Cambridges long, though. I’m just waiting for Jason Knauf to jump ship next.

    1. Love triangle? That makes no sense. It sounds like a weak excuse. I agree, no ones stays with the Cambridge’s long. It seems like they must be difficult to work for, especially for how little they pay.

    2. I saw that DM article. It also mentioned that Harry had hooked up with his assistant prior to her relationship with the PR guy. That irked me. Harry won’t find a good girlfriend if he is hooking up with the attractive staff. But maybe it wasn’t true (hoping).

  3. I actually like her in the dress for this seems to be among her summer choices, and paired with the blazer, it looks nice. She could have gone more casual, but I’d rather see this than skinny jeans and those fugly wedges.

    George is adorable, and clearly growing up. Good for them for bringing him along, and dressing him like a kid. Kate is so much more at ease with him around.

    William misses flying? WORK THEN. Fool.

    1. This event with George may have been dictated by HM (Windsor Castle talk), and POW. I doubt whiny would have made this public trip for the UK media to get photos of precious George ‘privacy’, never mind PG trying to escape both ….and they are funded by the people.

    2. LOL WORK THEN. Fool!! KMR I think you busted PW!!! I have no problem with Kate’s dress and shoes (the new wedges of doom). It’s important that they continue to take PG to events…practice makes perfect…. he is so cute!!

    3. I agree. I can’t believe I’ve said this 3 posts in a row, but I liked this outfit. While I could nitpick, overall it was mostly acceptable. Not too showy, not too tight or see-through, no strange details, nice colors, appropriately covered. Good job. Imagine if she wore leopard print shoes to match the headband, but that is asking too much.

      1. Can you even imagine how fabulous leopard print shoes would look with that blue? I would wear my leopard flats in celebration for a week!

  4. George is so adorable and I loved seeing him at this event!! The picture of him giving the thumbs up is perfect and too cute for words. He’s also dressed in more current fashions which I also like because the old fashioned dressing was wearing thin.

    I have liked this dress in the past but with all the bending over it was completely too short and inappropriate. I’m also not a fan of the two blues that she mixed together here. Sometimes that works and I didn’t feel like it did this time.

    My biggest complaint is about Will. WTF – has he given up his job and it hasn’t leaked yet??? He really is amazingly clueless most of the time or he just doesn’t care-I haven’t figured out which one it is yet. I’m thinking that comment is going to force an article about how he giving up his “job” for more royal duties. Of course the “more duties” part will never materialize. He has been doing more duties according to his slacker version of royalty so maybe they will use that as justification. He clearly doesn’t miss his job or he would freaking work – he misses flying around in a very expensive machine whenever he wants. Dear Lord I can’t even type what I want to type about him!! He is a spoiled brat on steroids!!!

  5. His thumbs up expression stole the show.. ..he is so well behaved cute lil boy .. and thank god kate didnt look for will’s photos when he might have been to such place with his mother to replicate george’s clothes…

  6. George is precious.

    W&K aren’t as involved as the photos would have you believe, IMO. George seemed far more comfortable with Kate, and I noticed when he finally got Kate’s attention when he was upset in the video, she picked him up and William came over; he rubbed his back, and Kate looked furious at William trying to steal her mum of the year moment. I think they love their kids but the kids are also expected to be paragons of behavior in public. William would never put up with a brat like /he/ was. George always seems somewhat anxious. They were too involved in their own thing–Kate camera whoring William talking–to pay attention to their little guy. Ugh. Annoys me, and what a sweet guy he is. William’s comments make me angrier seeing what a doll George is.

    This plays well into their PR of being hands-on parents and all that, which is why they can’t work more, you know. Comments on the Daily Fail seem to corroborate it; you bring out the kids, the defenders and apologists come out to play.

    Sure you miss flying, Will, ’cause you don’t do your job. Shut up.

    1. Yes to the anxiety; George is overwhelmed. It’s lovely to bring children to a family event for the sake of it, harder though if it’s an engagement when the parents’ focus is split between the child’s comfort and official duty. Had the nanny been there I suspect George would have automatically looked to her for comfort.

      I think William is talking about his RAF days that he is missing. Didn’t he nearly lose his wings/job there because he was slacking off, not doing enough work? And as others have said, he has a flying job of potentially great import should he choose to do it. EAAA was provided with a helicopter to accommodate William’s security at great cost. There are some people who can never be happy.

      1. Yes, he didn’t get nearly to his flying hours or barely made it. I’m not sure which. Herazeus knows!

        George seems very nervous insofar as he has to tamp down on his natural energy to behave and that’s just sad in a little tyke so young. πŸ™ He’s adorable.

      2. Perhaps William was talking about his RAF service. In the 3 years he spent in SAR, he logged 231 hours on 156 missions, plus 397 training hours. So about 17.5 total hours per month. About 1 mission per week.

        NATO minimum for pilots is 180 hours per annum or 15 per month. They upped his training flights to get him above the minimum (I don’t know if the RAF has its own criteria).

        EAAA has flown 939 missions since William started there (can you believe it’s been not quite a year? His first shift was July 13, 2015). How many have been publicized? Three or four that I can think of off the top of my head – there may be more.

        Off topic (sort of): EAAA now has two new helicopters. William actually works for Bond Air Services (now Babcock MCS Onshore) not the charity BTW. The original EC-135’s did not have enough room for William as co-pilot plus his RPO – single pilot and 2-3 staff and 1 patient. The new EC-145’s do – 2 pilots and 2-4 staff and up to 2 patients.

        There is a term “competency vs. currency” meaning you are competent to fly but you are “out of practice” or not current because you don’t do it consistently. This is one reason Harry gave up flying Apaches. Harry didn’t feel he would stay sharp enough with limited flying hours and having other people depending on his skills.

        I think this contributes to William’s boredom factor, as we all acknowledge he has the attention span of a gnat. You may be on shift and do nothing but sit around with your new toaster in the breakroom and wait for a call. Or do training. Bor-ing.

        The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, will open the new base of East Anglian Air Ambulance at Cambridge Airport . Wednesday 13th July 2016. Bet I know who shows up for work that day (insert snarky laugh here).

        I had the rare opportunity to see an EC-135 up close when one landed in my field (neighbor had a chainsaw accident). Every air ambulance company here in the metro NYC area uses EC-135’s, but William needed bigger and better…

        Sorry I got so wordy.

    2. They may not be involved in the feeding and dressing and teaching of their kids, but I see loving parents and a loving little boy. My youngest is a month younger than George. I am a good parent, but I wouldn’t have thought of ear protectors for my kids. I also don’t look at my kids every single second, especially when having a conversation with adults. I think we have all been way too critical about the Cambs and their relationship with their kids. Yes, they have nannies. That doesn’t make them bad parents. I don’t have a nanny; I have family and friends to help me. (I wish I had a nanny!) I totally get being critical of their lack of work, clothing choices, all their lies and half-truths, and inability to really connect with people. It would be nice if we could leave their relationship with George and Charlotte out of our criticisms. But that’s just my opinion. And please don’t feel like this is directed at you personally, Ellie. I’ve felt this way for a long time; this is the first time I’ve felt moved to write something about it.

      Also, as someone who was raised to be seen and not heard and expected to always behave, I don’t see anything wrong with expecting an almost three year old to behave for about an hour or so. Like at church or a funeral or whatever.

      1. Oh, I totally wish I had a nanny and I just have one kid!

        But William and Kate should have known better with him being the super-pilot dad. You always have ear protectors for little ones. This is why my dad who’s a pilot hasn’t taken my son up with him yet; he doesn’t think he’ll keep the ear protectors on.

        Kate just strikes me as oblivious. She wants the photo ops, or talk to the celebrities as she does here or Wimbledon or whatever, and is oblivious to her child. I wouldn’t leave a kid alone in a situation like that and I practice what my dad joking calls ‘benign neglect’ (they can play alone, do their own thing, let them be independent but you’re there; sort of the opposite of helicopter parenting). Maybe I’m super judgy when it comes to these two, but it bothers the hell out of me watching video of George ignored and upset while his parents wander off.

        What bothers me with George is it seems that it’s more than expecting him to behave, it’s expecting perfection. It’s William’s jabs at how he’s naughty, bad, a terrible child, when we see anything but; he’s probably a normal kid who’s energetic and fun and could be a bit wild, like any three year old, and he seems overwhelmed, nervous as if he’s expecting to make the wrong step and get scolded.

        I don’t doubt they love their kids but it makes me peeved considering they whine about privacy, whine about how they’re such hands on parents they couldn’t possibly WORK because that must be so bad for their kids (and most parents work their butts off to put a roof over their children’s heads and food in their bellies), but when it’s useful they trot the kids out for a PR statement and no more. I don’t see this as a fun day out but using the children to counteract criticism and it works.

        But we can agree to disagree here πŸ™‚ I do like seeing the kids, it just smacks of falsity with the Cambridges.

      2. I’m guilty of wondering about the level of parenting, not because nannies are on staff, but because William and Kate cry ‘full-time parents’ to excuse and limit their availability for work. The children then become another reason to shy away from doing what the royal work their parents are handsomely rewarded for. They are used shamelessly by their parents. Just the other day, William delivered a video message rather than attend the Diana awards, citing ‘childcare issues’. Please.

        As discussed many times previously, their comments also disrespect parents who need to contend with pressures this couple will never, ever know about. The other thing is that the Cambridge’s have been caught out lying a number of times about aspects of their lives, so their claims regarding the ‘hands on’ parenting are met with suspicion, in my opinion.

        1. Wait Jen, William really said he couldn’t attend because of childcare issues? ????. Does he think we are stupid? He has a wife, nanny and hovering mother-in-law, how could he possibly have childcare issues? I’m shocked

          1. Overit, Earl Spencer said at the Diana Awards that William could not attend due to ‘childcare issues’.

        2. I’ve never believed either is much of a present parent. They are too self-absorbed and that self-absorption is enabled by tons of staff. She spends time on her grooming, and he spends time buggering off like to Jecca’s wedding or partying alone into the wee hours after polo. There has never been a photo of Willy hanging out with his kids in a park or anywhere.

          George is okay with them, like he would be with someone who is a constant in his life, like an uncle or aunt. What I find interesting is that the Cambridge fans often stress that George looks comfortable with them (and therefore they are hands-on), so clearly that is actually in doubt.

          All they care about is their image. George must conform.

      3. I was brought up similarly though to be fair, it would be hard for a (nearly) 3-year old with no knowledge of his ‘position’ in the world understand why multiple cameras are clicking furiously whenever he moves. Any child would be confused, at the very least, and perhaps a little overwhelmed and scared too.

        I have not seen the video so excuse any possible ignorance on my part when I suggest that W+K doing an engagement requires focus in its own right, as does taking a very small child to enjoy a day out with planes just for the experience itself. On this occasion, I would not have combined them.

        1. Whatever happened to “baby steps”? Everyone keeps giving that lazy Dolittle excuse after excuse and praise her for showing up covered, and are encouraged by 34 year old Waity’s “baby steps” after 15 odd years in the sphere of the BRF. *Fifteen years*.

          But this child? He gets thrown full blown into the deep end of the pool with no regard for his age without experiencing any ‘baby steps’. What a twisted world.

      4. I don’t think they(W and K) thought of ear protectors. I think someone at the air show did.
        I’m glad muffs were available for George, though. The noise must have been so very difficult for him. And, what an adorable little boy. The thumb’s up was just precious, as was his wave. He is darling, that’s for sure.

        1. Kate and William did bring them, but who knows if they thought of them or not. Kate got them out of a bag Rebecca was carrying. It was probably their people who thought to bring them since they are the ones involved in planning the events. Will and Kate just show up. So i give credit to rebecca for the ear protectors.

        2. This. When I took my 3 year old to the circus she freaked out due to the noise and lights. I wanted to leave, but my husband wanted to give her a chance. After 15 minutes or so (and the motorcycles in the ball were done and the animals came out) she relaxed and had fun. Kids have to be exposed to things in order to get used to them. And how many parents have auditory protective earphones?

          1. Most events have a checklist of what to bring/FAQ section on their website.

            From the FAQ from this event Air Tattoo:

            “I am bringing my baby/young child to the Air Tattoo, do you hire or sell ear defenders?

            We do not hire ear defenders. The Air Tattoo merchandise units sell ear defenders, however they may not be suitable for babies and very young children. We recommend ear defenders for babies/young children as the majority of aircraft displaying are extremely loud. are one of the main suppliers of ear defenders for babies and small children.”

            People that regularly attend air shows just know to bring them.

    3. George (and charlotte) behaviour/mannerisms and level of personality independent spirit, seem encouraged and all thanks to his loving Nanny Maria.

  7. I actually like the outfit, but not for this event! She knew she would be outdoors and probably climbing into aircrafts so why not pick some nice pants bur well, it’s Kate and ofc she couldn’t think it through…

    And William misses flying? One would think he is around aircrafts often and flies weekly through his job! You know the one he takes so seriously and which is so important that he can’t be a full time Royal. Really wonder how often he actually works and how he manages to get his flying hours like that.

    George is cute though and nice they brought him even though one could think of attention seeking and nice headlines.

    But what actually bothers me with William and Kate and their “work”, it’s either galas, sports events or family trips and the focus in on them. It’s never about some cause and never about the charity. There are no words which stay in mind or make me look up the charities and wanting to learn more. And sure William just recorded the video, but the headstogether thing seems to be another hospice and whatever they cared about before thing.

      1. And she has great hair which would have looked really nice in a ponytail! I also don’t mind tight pants as long as they fit the situation. She really could think more of event and dress according to it.

        1. She was there to show off herself and her pins. And what a good mother she is. It’s so transparent. Her behaviour is suffused with artifice.

    1. We all know Kate doesn’t wear pants, and I wonder if it’s because they would ruin her long-torso-hiding tricks. Pants stop at the waist, and God forbid she reveal her natural waistline, so she will never wear pants, unless she can wear a shirt that hides it.

  8. George in my opinion is very well behaved for his age. His parents know that much about him to trust this public situation. They may not have anticipated the Oopsie few moments but hey noise and lots of unknown people might do that …and was resolved quick. I think it’s adorable that he wanted to be held that much as he did…something else I don’t think either of them expected. I think he normally is quite independent and totally fearless. I am amazed at his trying out all things new without hesitation. I think too he is a smart little guy. He is going to be tall one day…he seems older than nearly 3 yrs old. They both seem quite attuned to him. George has always seemed to do well in all public situations so far.. very impressive. I think they do want to be the best kind of parents and their kids do mean alot to them. Thank you for so many photos of his different expressions.

    1. There is no evidence that he is smart or that he is usually independent and fearless. Nor any evidence he is a ‘bruiser’. The evidence showed that he had a meltdown because he was overwhelmed and that he’s controlled and manipulated throughout this photo op.

      I am sure George is an average little boy without special powers, sadly thrust into situations beyond his coping skills at this point.

      1. For heaven’s sake. I don’t think it is crazy to think that a not quite 3 year old who is talking about “tail rotors” may be intelligent. The “evidence” does not show that he was “controlled and manipulated”. It seems obvious that he has an interest in helicopters or planes… It is not manipulative to take him to an event that he might enjoy, even if it was a little loud and overwhelming at first. As a parent, sometimes you don’t realize something will be overwhelming (like the noise here) until you’re in the moment with your child (and then you think later… How dumb was I not to start with headphones! Or at least I’ve done that with my son in various situations).

        1. Of course George possesses intelligence. It doesn’t make him smart.

          Given the past behaviour of the Dolittles and their general lack of empathy, it’s logical to assume that they are manipulating him for their own self-aggrandisement.

          One would think that people like Willy who have been around flying machines forever would have had some clue about the noise factor. But more so, it’s obvious George was dumped into a situation that was overwhelming.

          There are smaller events to take him to to indulge his interest and especially as a royal you have your pick. No. It had to be BIG.

          Nor is there any way to know that he is independent and fearless.

        2. He probably talks about tail rotors because William talks to him about them. At three years old my daughter knew all the planets, some moons, some comets, and basic facts about the solar system. But that is because I’d rather read her science books than watch another brain melting episode of Peppa Pig. Parents pass on their interests to their kids. My daughter also knows a lot about hockey thanks to her dad. But it doesn’t mean my daughter is super smart, it means we talk about these subjects enough for her to remember them. But my daughter really is super smart, just FYI.

          1. My then two year old knew the words “contractor” (though she said it “trontactor”) and “studio” because we were renovating a photography studio. And then she started drawing and cutting her own “business cards”!

          2. Emma and JET, I think your kiddos sound intelligent too! Maybe I just have low standards for considering kids smart? Mine is only 1 currently so I think everything he does is brilliant πŸ˜‰

      2. …and hindered by whiny the entitled and the middletons, to be broken develop into a public role around the people who fund his family luxurious entitled lifestyle. Instead he was overcome by ‘noise’ AND people (rather than being locked away in the country and palace gates).

  9. This was actually a great event for them. I could nitpick things, but overall i think this was a great day. Bringing George was so smart. I loved it because he brought some of Kate’s and William’s real personality out. So yay!!! I loved seeing them together. What a fun event btw! How could you not have a great time?

    The thing i will nitpick on is, it drives me nuts how William always takes control. This was Kate’s day, not his, he was accompanying her, yet he took the lead a lot. I know he is the blood royal, but in this instance, he should have followed her. There is one video where they are all walking and William is talking to the official at the event while Kate walks alone with George. It just seems likes today, the roles should have been reversed. Kate is the patron and should be the one the officials talk too. Wiliaml always has to be in charge. And like everyone else said, seriously….you miss flying????? Isn’t that your job, or thanks for giving away the fact you don’t work.

    The only other think i will nitpick about is, Kate planned ahead with a head band due to wind, so why didn’t she just wear her hair up in a pony-tail or half up???? Half up would have been perfect!!! Come on Kate.

    1. Maybe he took the lead because he is the one who flies/ did fly? It’s no excuse, of course, given the situation. I don’t think he can help himself: “I am a prince.”

      1. I think Kate was happy to be in the background with George. These sorts of events don’t interest her as much as the sporting events.

        1. He likes to be centre of attention it seems and likes everyone to focus on him… as long as he controls it ofc.

          And ofc he was the one flying and should have knownledge about aircrafts and the job but he should have also realised that Kate is actually the patron here and should have supported her before and during event.

          And I agree with Cat that those events don’t interest her but she is still the patron and has to act like one. But actually there are million things to choose from, I don’t get why she can’t pick patronages and charities she cares for. Aports alone gives you tons of possibilities.

          1. This particular patronage appears to have been forced on her by HM and Philip.

            All others were considerations that she picked. This one belonged to Philip until Christamas last year.

            Another forum had fun with how Kate suddenly had this patronage because despite various attempts to link her to anything military since she became a royal, she’s been slyly firm about not taking the offers up. Taking credit by signing letters to military type organisations eg RAF wives’ club book, but not actually taking up invitation to join – sidebar: i still can’t believe she wrote a foreword to their book when she categorically refused to join yhe club.

            Anyhue, she shows up for Christmas lunch at the Palace, and voila she’s in a photo op with Philip and top level aircadets who immediately releases the photos with a statement saying she’s the new patron.

            I’ve never enjoyed an ambush so much as i did this one.

            That forum’s take was fanfiction, but considering the sequence of events and the people involved, it didn’t seem to farfetched.

            What is certain is that lunch was the first time Kate had met anyone from the organisation, and the photo op seemed more awkward than usual.

        2. I agree, I think he took the lead as Kate carried George quite a bit. It was the polite thing to do in that situation as someone needed to pay attention to the local dignitaries and someone needed to pay attention to the child – they could have swapped roles tho’ so that she could take the lead.

    2. First thing I noticed was how much William was taking the lead when Kate is the Patron. I was uncomfortable with that right away.

      1. But we all know that Kate doesn’t do her research prior to events and is bad at small talk, so she wouldn’t have anything to say here. At most events with William, she just hangs back and stays mute and let’s William do the talking. Not surprised William took the lead here. And it’s nice to see George out and around and playing inside planes. It must’ve been a fun day for him! But what strikes me is that he still has the same sullen and anxious expression in every picture, one would think that a child would be laughing and smiling being around planes and getting special tours inside of them. Maybe if they took him out to events more and not hide him away, George would be more used to people and crowds.

        1. My guess is that he is dragged around without much explanation of what will be and is happening. He is kept ignorant and overwhelmed and without thought to his sensitivities (already stereotyped as a ‘bruiser’). Reminds me a bit of Charles as a babe, actually.

          He’s thrust into situations without the remotest bit of preparation, unlike Estelle. Meanwhile, there is crushing expectation for that kid and it shows.

        2. Totally agree. George seem like a unhappy, unfriendly innocent child, and more of anxious around the public/burdened grown up, like his whiny bill n kat middleton.

        3. The picture of him laughing at his mom making bunny ears/ funny face while William carried him was my favorite moment in time of the day. Think I saw it in the DM online.

          I can see they love that little boy, but most likely do not spend much time with him. It is probably a wonderful novelty for George to have the attention of both parents at the same time. As well as I am quite sure nanny Maria is his go to for hugs and kisses and all things in between.

      2. Kate’s patron of the Air Cadets but not of the RAF Charitable Trust, which is the Duke of Kent I think… The RAF Charitable Trust puts on the air show. πŸ™‚

        I loled at them saying Kate’s a good patron for the air cadets. Uhhhh.

    3. That was the thing that bugged me too, most of all. He shoehorns himself in all the time. At least he didn’t make (or we didn’t hear about) some dumb remarks and jokes. Well, other than the missing flying. Total gaffe to show his real intent.

  10. Yes, sheath dresses suit you Kate, but pants would have been more appropriate. WTF is she wearing a headband and high heels? She should have taken inspiration from Princess Maddie and worn an outfit similar to that (when both she and Chris took Leonore to Gottland) with her hair tied back due to the wind factor as they were at an airshow. George is super cute and all things considered did well, could you imagine if he’d pulled a Leonore and had run off from the dim duo? Can you see Kate chasing after him in her high heels? Perhaps Nanny Maria was lurking in the shadows for back-up.

    1. It’s funny you mentioned leonore, because I was thinking how Will and Kate would have freaked out if George ran off like she did. George has to be perfect at all times so they are commended on their parenting. When really they are just stifling him. And I’m positive nanny Maria was there. They don’t leave home without her. She probably had to stay out of the way though so the Cambridge’s got their family photo op and good press.

      And the headband is so tacky. Just wear your hair up! She knew it would be windy.

      1. Wow some people cant say anything nice. He doesn’t look like he is being stiffled to me, he seemed to be amazed a lot and he seemed to feel very comfortable around his parents.

        1. He did seem in awe and engaged and seems like a sweet little boy. No one was being nasty, we were just stating our opinion. The Cambridges are lucky to have an obedient, docile child, not sure what they would do with a feisty, spirited child like Leonore. They would struggle to maintain their ‘perfect’ facade.

        2. Oh shocker, a ‘new’ rude poster. I actually said something nice above in my original comment. Kate fanatics can’t handle criticism! You mistook what i said by ‘stifling’ but after you rude comment, i feel no need to justify myself.

          1. Oh wow haha, pretty messy you think I am the one being rude. As much as you have a right to your opinion, I have a right to dissagree. I don’t think I misunderstood the stiffling Part. You see, i do critisize Kate and William, but the way you were critisizing their parenting seems unfair and cruel t me. Critisize their work, not their parenting. How does that make me the rude one?

        3. KMR is there a way to flag a post? I am so sick of rude new posters making attacks on the poster. It is unnecessary and speaks volumes about them.

          1. Greetings Overit –

            Thanks for taking the words right out of my mouth!!!!

            Had to fire off this email (the ship is just 280 nautical miles off the Coast and managed to pick up a signal)

            As far as I am concerned Britain had better wake up because by the time the BREXIT issue is in full swing who is going to foot the bill for these SPONGERS?

            Is every person in Britain going to be happy to pay for jollies like this?

            Are they going to be happy being rewarded by 100 plus photographs of two pampered 34 year olds and their offspring to keep the lifestyle they are lapping up now?

            The dress was hideous. Half way up her thigh to give anyone an eyeful. George is not the be all and end all – especially when compared to the composure and behaviour of the Swedish Royal Family, Spanish and Danish – George and his sister are going to grow up to be waited on hand a foot just like their sponging parents.

            Stuff being polite about this – Britain is going to hell in a hand basket, she is wearing thousands of pounds of clothing on her back, picks and chooses what she does, he whinges about missing flying – well the pair of them are all that is wrong with Monarchies.

            I am fed up to the back teeth with these idiots. I sick to the back teeth with thousands of pounds spent to keep their lifestyle when ordinary people have to work 60 hours plus a week and still fork out for idiots that could not give a toss.

            Royalty or not – this is a have. “Child care issues” my butt – they wouldn’t know what the real world was like.

            Niether one of these two spongers have walked a mile in their “serfs” shoes and it makes me sick just to look at her middleton’s smug face and bill’s fake interest.

            I apologise if my “rant” has upset anyone – if they want a “worship middleton site” for turning up clothed then go find one but people want an honest assessment and unblinkered, unbiased views then this is the place to be.

            Obviously one of middleton’s family (or advisors) have got onto this site to feed us all a line of bull dust to try and justify the critics.

            I stand by what I say and think. I will not defend the indefensible and these two are not worth the adulation that is heaped upon them.

            As for that Media thing I reckon it was Bill Middleton who was involved and not Harry!

            Overit – apologies if I have hijacked your comment, but just saw this, had people on the ship commenting on how pathetic it was and what on earth have these two lifelong Spongers ever done or will do that will make a jot of difference to every day people.

            Hopefully you are able to get this message, I may be able to pick up a signal again in a few hours – have been working in the ships “hold” lower deck since I last got a message through.

            Meanwhile, my humble thanks to all who send me good wishes, you are the light in my world.

            A basket full of happiness to you all, a candle to light your way, a hand to hold when you need it the most and of course I will you all the love your hearts can hold.

            The Wild Rose

          2. “worship Middleton site” for turning up clothed.

            wildrose, that tickled my funny bone in a big way, thanks for the lol

      2. I think William would have freaked out the most because he really reminds me of Phillip in his “do this or else” mentality with George. It makes me so sad because Charles got squashed, sent to Gordonstoun, and made to feel like his natural personality was a fault. And now I see William doing the same thing to George. At least he’ll give him a little pat or back rub or hold his hand.

  11. George is a precious child. He looks quite comfortable around his parents, I wish they’d stopped saying that he is a little hellion. Kate doesn’t know how to dress appropriately for the occasion, I give up on that and Will should really just stop playing his “I work card” we all know he doesn’t and he confirms it with his freudian slips.

    1. I agree. He is a cute boy. He is a toddler and behaves as such. He is curious. He has energy. That’s what toddlers do.

  12. Will always looks happy with George, and I never see him really happy at events so the dad and son events will probably always be my favorite William moments. Kate also seems like a very good mom. I don’t understand why she likes her hair down at windy venues. Personally it would drive me crazy to have hair in my face and knowing that bad pictures would be unevitable. Plus wind makes hair look straggly after a bit. A ponytail would be more comfortable and flattering and it would have been entirely appropriate for a kid friendly event. I like the dress a lot, but wonder if we’ll ever see her in trousers at an official event. George seems well behaved and once he got the sound protection he was quite interested in the things and people he saw.

    1. In some photos on other sites, it seem with george (and as the children are used for PR), i am prince/whiny and Kat will be in a photog battle to outshine the other in phony ‘hands on’ parenting . This may be the last straw in future RIF to get rid (as cannot and carol won’t relinquish to bill).

  13. nope dont like kate in this dress, not on this occasion for gods sake , what was she thinking, you need to bend over to attend to your child and you are flashing the whole world, at the plane all her skinny legs on display, its just too much, its not cute or sexy, shes a 34 yr old mom and a Royal, not a teenager she needs to stop with all this antics, its all looks tacky gosh!!

    1. Agree with you !!! I think the dress looks too big for her now. I hate her headband (in general on everybody, I thinks it is ridiculous….). She could make the same ponytail (when she was in Scotland I think when she wears the blue coat).

  14. KMR, I hope you don’t slaughter me for pointing this out but: in the group photo, you can tell that Kate isn’t the only exhibitionist (if you get my drift). Good gravy dude: wear tighty whites, boxers, boxer-briefs or SOMETHING so that I don’t know where it’s hanging!! Also, William? You’ve got a big mouth and I’m sure you’re already kicking yourself for saying you “miss flying” πŸ˜€

    Kate’s hair was ridiculous (should’ve been in a ponytail) and she should’ve at least worn those flipping jeggings with a stripped tee (which we know she has a fair few of).

    George is super adorable and has personality in spades but, I’ve got a feeling that they’re already draining out his personality so that he’s more robot-like. Don’t ask me why I say that, I’ve just got that feeling.

    It just drives me bat-crazy when they use the kids for oh-so-obvious PR.

    1. Kimothy I saw that picture on my phone on Twitter and gasped out loud. I could not believe he didn’t realize how on display he was. It was like a contest between the two as to who could show the most. William definitely won today.

      George is adorable. I’ve liked this little guy since he popped out and was fussy during the hospital photo op. I’m just fearful that they are smothering his natural rambunctiousness. Heaven forbid he should behave like a normal, curious little boy. It also doesn’t help that he has had so little experience seeing these types of events and crowds. I can’t help but think that if this had been Estelle we would have had a lot more joyful involved photos.

      It’s just a PR move in the end. I’m sure William wanted to share his love of flying with George. For Kate it was just a mother of the year photo op. Trousers, flats and her hair pulled back would have been perfect and appropriate. Instead we get the whipping hair and heels.

      Win some battles, lose others.

    2. LOL, Wills is very much on display in some of the photos, but, yesterday, it was even more noticeable, and his clothes were extremely wrinkled. I mentioned previously that Kate needs a full length mirror, but now, it’s obvious that Wills need one also.

      On Kate’s hair, I’m of the opinion that she deliberately wears it that way.Since she loves attention from men, I want to think that some guy or guys may have told Kate in the past that she looks nice with her hair blown all over her face. Models are made to look that way when posing for shampoo commercials — the wind-blown look. It’s OK for the models who are teenagers or in their early twenties, but, waity is 34, and is no longer young in that sense.

      I don’t know why some journalists refer to W&K as a very “young” couple. At their age, a lot of couples have teenaged children. I do believe such commentary appeals to Kate’s ego, and it’s the reason why she behaves that way. I also feel that she needs a reality check, because pretty soon, she’ll have have hit the middle-age category. As it stands, Kate already looks closer to 45 than 34.

      George is a cute kid, but it appears that he feels neglected. I feel sad whenever I see him with his parents as he is being used as a conversation piece, and they are fully aware, that they’ll garner enormous press coverage. Kate’s always posing for the camera. I guess George is learning that crying gets him attention, e.g., William’s whining, and Kate’s exhibitionism. When he’s with Maria he’s happy and exuberant, and with W&K, fearful and compliant. I know many feel that W&K are great parents. However, we only see them with George at events. I doubt they would be so attentive if they had to live like most of us, working 40 hours per week at a job and then doing chores, errands, plus parenting when we get home.

  15. Kimothy, I feel guilty about this but LOL’d at your first comment.

    George seems like he’s got a better handle on how to do public events than his parents. Sure, he cried for a few legitimate moments, but then settled into the atmosphere. Wills never stops crying and has never settled into his duties. Kate’s crass attention seeking over her looks is endless. God forbid anyone else, even her own child , should steal the spotlight from her legs. Sorry, but I have a difficult time warming to this family when I see how at ease and natural the Swedish royals are with their children.

    1. Indiana Joanna, I’m glad you enjoyed the comment **evil grin** πŸ˜‰

      I think George is so serious is because of the fact that he’rs rarely out in public. He needs to be brought out more to be eased in and not so easily startled each and every time.

    2. Hi Joanna, I too have a tough time warming up to the Cambridge family unit. I guess between how disappointed I am with William and Kate and all the whining about privacy, I just don’t have the warm feelings toward them like I do with other royal families. Of course, George and Charlotte are cute, little kids but I don’t feel like I “know” them like I do Estelle or Lenore. And yeah, we don’t see Leti’s kids a lot but since I have loads of respect for Leti and Felippe it’s easier to have warm feelings when I do see photos of them. If that makes any sense πŸ™‚

  16. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see George out with his parents today but this was a perfect event for them to bring him to. And I’m so glad that the knee socks were left at home today and they went with a more casual outfit for him. He seemed to be comfortable with both of his parents but did seem to want to be held by mummy more than daddy, I just loved his little pick-me-up dance!! Personally, I wish that Kate would bring George to all of her events as he keeps her from touching herself constantly and her posture was much better today πŸ™‚

    So, it appears that I might be the only person on the internet that actually likes the hairband on Kate. I think it looked nice, the leopard print and thinness of it kept it from being frumpy and it did it’s job nicely keeping her hair out of her face. It did get me thinking that Kate really needs a pair of leopard pumps, they would provide a nice bit of “something different” to her many boring dresses. I’m not really an animal print kind of gal but have found that a animal print shoe, belt or purse can really make an outfit come together and god knows Kate needs something to make her outfits pop. And while I do agree that a nice pair of trousers would have been perfect today at least Kate wore a dress that didn’t fly up over her head today and on the whole I thought she looked nice today.

    Is it just me or did it seem that William and Kate were a bit tense around each other today? I don’t seem to recall much interaction between the two of them and in what interaction there was, Kate wasn’t smiling from ear to ear like she normally does around him. Is there trouble in the snow globe that is Williamsville?

    1. Lauri from Ca,

      I think there has been a lot of trouble in that private snow globe “Williamsville” (LOVE how you refer to it as that!) for a number of years, it’s only just now that the cracks are starting to show.

      1. I totally agree that they do not look very happy. Looking back to a photo 5 years ago and compare it to now. Wills looks miserable, and I’m sure for her the “fairy tale” is not how she imagined it would be. I’m sure he is no joy to live with……

        1. Given how manipulative she was to score the ring… I’m guessing she’s not too great to live with either…

          1. I agree Kathy, coupled with the fact that she has made William her entire existence and has little discernible personality of her own would imo put a lot of pressure on William. I remember my mom telling me and my sisters and brother that we were her whole world and I can’t tell you how much I hated that, hated the pressure to be everything to someone else, hated it because inevitably we would get something wrong, do something wrong or be someone she didn’t want us to be and then it would be all our faults for disappointing her. In watching the relationship between W&K I can see a bit of that between them, Kate desperate to please and William finding fault…as the Queen once said “this will end in tears”.

          2. The Queen’s comment it will all end in tears makes you wonder, who’s tears now? The royal family or the Cambridges?

          3. George seemed uneasy and went to the 2 people he knew best. I’d say if Maria was there or one of his other nannies he would of ran to them. Wonder how long this pr trick will last.

    2. Yes, there were tense non smiley cheshire eagerness moments with entitled will n kat middleton; also competing for who get the most photags carrying George.

      Part of entitled williamsville whiny fallout, maybe from HM POW and the Firm about – royal undress – butt flashing that was skin/bones tight in the knit shawl of a dress to the Musuem. Hence, we had next day yellow AZ dess at Wimbledon to drown out the news cycle of the Museum butt pics. Countess Sophie was sent to Wimbledon to help edit waity cannot.

  17. This should give Kate more subject for conversation. “Yes George is showing such an interest in flying helicopters” (and tennis,sculpture, and whatever else)………

  18. George is so big now. I also think it’s cute he likes to be carried. He seems both grumpy and shy. And well you can judge me for comparing but I kept thinking if this was Estelle she’d be shaking everybody’s hand. Clearly he is mor like Leonor.
    On Kate, i just think we should all be grateful that there were no flashings but yeah she should’ve worn pants or flats. This dress is ok but ut keeps riding up when she bends or sits.
    Lastly I think the fact George’s bday is coming may also have played a part in his appearance.

  19. George is uncannily like William at that age. Let’s just pray he grows up without his father’s unfortunate personality however I have to say William does strike me as a very devoted and good father to his son.

    As for Missy…..if I didn’t know any better I would say she wore that tight dress specifically to tease when getting in and out of planes / choppers. She’s no innocent anymore. Thank God it wasn’t a dress with volume in the skirt but she knows as well as we do it should have been trousers or smart jeans. I really do think it was chosen on purpose to titilate the RAF boys & William. Now Diana was a bit of a flirt and tease but she would never have demeaned herself like that which just goes to show that it’s all in the breeding.

    1. Mrs. BBV, I love they way you always call her “Missy”. My grandma would always call me or my girl cousins that name whenever we were naughty or sassy. Don’t stop; so appropriate and I love it.

      1. Hee Hee……my Gran used to call me Missy if I was getting a bit above myself or thinking I knew best. Grandma’s are just the most precious thing at levelling a young girl who’s head is in the clouds.

        It’s not that I particularly dislike Kate but she doesn’t have humility, doesn’t listen to advice and seems to think she’s some great strategic mind who knows best. There is a rampant ego out of control with that one I fear. Missy indeed. Xxxxxx

        1. One of my grandmothers used to call me tuppence. I used to wheel in the tea trolley for that Grandmother. I only knew my great uncle on my dad’s side and three grandma’s. However I treated them all the same. Apparently that grandma said that my grandad would have adored me. I wish I had met him.
          I find the photo’s of George cute but my favourite is the photo after the one with William. I am pleased that George was given ear defenders. The only time I saw a celebrity do that was GP with her daughter Apple. What a dream come true for George seeing all the aircraft and going into the cockpit of the helicopter. William seems to be able to manage his son and it works both ways.

          I like Kate’s dress but I think trousers and the ponytail would be better. I don’t get the no knickers concept for public outings.

          William misses his job. I wasn’t aware that he had stopped. Work then you fool.

    2. George seems like a sweet child; what I dread is when the sense of entitlement descends upon him and Charlotte, as it has with all the royals to varying degrees, bringing on a permanent state of arrested development. Privilege and status then become a life-long crutch. Potential as a human being will never be reached which is very sad when one looks at that small child.

      As for Missy, she needs a good slap into reality. Her outfits are simply a mechanism to show off her body, that’s it, regardless of the occasion or appropriateness. It’s just personal vanity looking for a camera that is on display.

    3. She hasn’t been innocent since she showed up at school after Carole’s Chrysalis Project (or summer holidays whatever you want to call it) looking and acting like man bait. Sorry, it’s the truth, she was groomed young for that role and it’s all she knows. She favours the demure sexy look in public, always something on show (a bare back, miles of leg, thigh high skirt slit etc)to titillate William or…? It’s for someone, that’s for darn sure. I blame her mother so much for ruining what could have been a very pleasant young lady for some other very nice (most likely wealthy and running in the same high society as she does now) young man. We will never know who this woman truly is, it hasn’t been allowed since she was 16.

      1. +1. Though I wish Kate (and Pippa) had been brought up to have more to aspire to than just marrying money and position. IF the family business is as successful as claimed, it is curious, then, that hard graft was not imparted to the children.

        1. Carole should have renamed the company “Princess Pieces” , and gone into that line of goods. Sales would have went through the roof once Kate actually pinned down her Prince. ?

    4. Mrs BBV, I agree that Missy (love it as others do) deliberately chose that outfit to show off her parts, to make sure she was the center of attention. Personally, I don’t think the men were impressed and the women were probably cringing. These are people who have a purpose in life, who are serving their country and their fellow human beings. Kate knew exactly what she was doing and who wears heels on a tarmac unless they have to. From the skin tight dress to this. All this woman has is her body, a title, and a dead woman’s ring which she shows off at every opportunity, and doesn’t seem to realize that it is going to bring back memories of Diana and inevitable comparisons which are ludicrous. Two entirely different people. I think that you’re right in that Diana was a flirt, but for the most part she was an adult flirt, not a cutesy little girl type, and she never ever looked (I can’t say the word). Breeding, or for the peasants upbringing plays a part for sure, but really I think that most women would be wearing pants and comfortable shoes, and have their hair back. A braid coiled around her head perhaps, but not blowing all over the place. She is not a model for some shampoo as said upthread.
      As far as George, his interaction with his parents, and his demeanor? In my opinion a typical three year old faced with a bunch of cameras and strangers. I agree that when Kate made him laugh it was delightful. I’m not seeing a needy or neglected child here but I could be missing something. I am seeing a human prop, and a flat out PR stunt with George as the main attraction but that’s it. Just another episode of the ‘Middleton Dog and Pony Show’, featuring George.

  20. The first time in a long while that I can be more positive in my posts. Thanks KMR, for this nice entry in your wonderful blog.

    I was so happy to see little George with his parents. He brought out the best in them, as he must at home. (Charlotte, at home, too). Who could help but adore this little boy? He is just darling and at the age where he’s still a tad needy, but on the road to major explorations on his own, too. (Well, not too far from the adults, but still…)

    I think Kate seemed to be great with him. Very motherly, indeed. And, William, obviously loves his son! All in all, I got a good impression of caring parents with their darling son.

    The negatives? Oh, I just have to, sorry: Kate’s dress was way, way, way too short. And, I don’t get the fanfare of Stella McCartney. How hard can it be to design something like that?
    I guess it’s not a special design of her’s, but part of a collection available in stores, but still… I think trousers would have worked far better.

    I think Kate’s hair would have looked better up at such a windy venue. And, I didn’t like the headband at all. Too much like the very wealthy moms in my town, who just want to look casual while dressing as they all dress so very much like each other.

    I think William’s comments about missing flying were from the RAF days, not his helicopter ones. Though, we need another PR stunt to show us that he’s still got that gig, if, indeed he does. Get on it, Jason, please!

    Let’s get back to the positive notes, though. This really made a favorable impact on me concerning Kate and William as parents. Bringing little George, and later Charlotte, to such events, allows people to get to know the children, but see their parents in a better way, too.

    As Prince George would say: Thumbs Up, KMR! Loved this post!

  21. I am not going to comment about William. He makes my blood boil and it’s not worth it. The one thing I can say is that it is evident that he loves his son. Kate looked happy. I do agree that even a pair of ankle length trouser with a blazer and flats would have been perfect. I am not a fan of that blazer due to the cutout in the back. It isn’t flattering to her backside. A high pony would have been perfect. I do love that shift, it just wasn’t the right time especially with all of her bending.

    On to Georgie. I think that he is an adorable little boy. Will and Kate love to characterize him as a wild animal, but he obviously isn’t. He is curious. He is almost 3. His attention span is the same as every other 3 year old. And you have to adjust for that accordingly. I will admit that I loved that he gave his daddy the side eye, lol!

    Thank you for covering this, KMR!

    1. My toddler son is very well behaved outside but he can be more needy and whiny when he’s at home with me. So it could be that George is a rambunctious little fellow when he’s at home and in familiar surroundings but is not like that when he’s out.

      1. +1. I loved it when my daughter’s kindergarten teacher told me how well-behaved she was at school but then admitted that her own daughter got high marks for her behavior but was a little hellion at home.

    2. @KMR, thanks for this article in particular, as I’m unaware that there is such a huge air show in the UK. My husband is absolutely crazy about air shows and aircraft. He began building aircraft kits since he was around George’s age, and has a huge collection. I’m thinking of making this air-tattoo as a must-do for next year’s vacation. We have a lot of air shows in the US, but it appears that this one is the tops. Again, thanks for enlightening me!

      @Rhiannon, how are you? I hope you had your tests done and will have favorable results.

      I do agree with you and all others that waity could or should have dressed more appropriately for the occasion. Who in their right mind would want to wear such a tight, short dress and heels? Only waity would! I do try to see her in a more positive light, but gosh, she is absolutely hopeless. I cringe at the amount of money that is wasted on her wardrobe, and it’s obvious that she’s just a clothes horse, who does not care about her over-the-top spending. I’ll bet if she had to work for a living, a regular 9:00 to 5:00 job, to earn money for her clothes, etc., she’d be more careful in her clothing choices. She gives me the impression of “why should I care how much anything costs, because there’s a lot more available for my indulgence” if she makes a mistake.” I do not/cannot respect such a wasteful person, considering that there is so much poverty right there in England and the whole world. One of her dresses and accessories could feed and clothe a family of 4 for about 6 months in a 3rd world country. Four years ago I lived for 5 months in India and was amazed that a man in the IT field there was only paid $500 USD per month, and that amount was thought of as a great salary. Hence, my comment.

      I would have thought that after the BP balcony fly past with Charlotte having to endure pain and crying from the noise, Kate would have considered George’s needs to ensure that he’d be comfortable. However, it’s obvious that waity is not attuned to her children’s needs, only her own. I’d hazard a guess that she probably leaves such details to Maria who is with George more than his mom. I’d love to see a daily log of how much mommy-time she actually spends with her children. George is a very hyper little guy, and most of that energy is due to the fact that Kate keeps the kids penned up at home. W&K are depriving those kids of healthy energy outlets, and, George’s behavior is the end product of such deprivation. Also, the kids need regular play clothes so that they can run wild and release their frustrations. Mia Tyndall is a prime example. They are not kiddie models. And, since W&K expound on wanting them to have “normal” lives, then dressing down should be the norm. George always appears to be very docile and fearful when he is seen with W&K, but relaxed with Maria. hmm, I wonder why that is so?

      Anyway, R, have a nice day and take things, one day at a time. I know I try to do so for myself, but it’s not easy, as anxiety always raises it’s negative head.

  22. LIttle George is so very cute! What a little scene stealer!
    It’s nice to see him out with his parents and I loved how they dealt with him.
    Hooray for the ear protectors, too! After the suffering he and his little sister did during the fly overs during Trooping the Colour.

    I think Kate looked so much more at ease with little George than I have seen since the day in Australia when baby George snuggled against her shoulder. I guess they do have a very positive relationship at home. And, WIlliam looked so happy and at ease with him, too.

    Nice for people to see. Spreads warmth and good cheer.

    Kate’s dress really was chosen to show off those gams. She really is very into her bod, isn’t she? How much nicer it would have been to see her in a sharp pair of trousers and a nice blouse. The head band annoyed me, too.

    All in all, I will say this was a very heart-warming entry to a great blog. Thanks, KMR.

    Loved seeing such warm family moments.

  23. Wow, What a nice surprise to see George with Mom and Dad. That went really well. I can’t tell you how many Air Shows we took our boys to at a very young age and never brought ear protection. Was it windy there because of weather or location or what, airports are not usually so windy. They did a great job with George. Neither ever seemed impatient or frustrated. I like the headband. The dress and jacket are beautiful. I would say that would be a difficult event to dress for, you are the Patron and expected to be dressy, but it’s outside on the tarmac. The uniformed women wore skirts and smaller heels. I didn’t see any Monroe moments so that seemed fine. George is just a beautiful boy. Really the only thing bothering me is that William seemed to take the spotlight and Kate is the Patron. I guess that might be awkward no matter what. He is the future King and a pilot so I understand deference to him. Still I would have liked to see a stronger female presence from Kate. I bet even when Will is working there isn’t actually that much flying involved, mostly sitting around waiting for calls. I can understand his comment about wanting to fly more. The photography was really excellent all around. Too bad the DM had to focus on a few seconds of understandable fussiness by George. So many Kate sightings! I’m on Kate overload. I hope to see her again at Wimbledon.

  24. I’ll say though: it does appear that WK are loving parents and George trusts them and has a good relationship with them. This is important as there are too many kids who are abused and neglected, no matter their family’s socioeconomic position. And with all the time WK spend at not working, they better take the time to cultivate a close bond with their children.

  25. Kate wears this colour a lot, doesn’t she? I don’t think it’s the right choice of outfit for climbing in and out of an aircraft, though. Tomorrow she’ll be at Wimbledon again, her favourite sporting venue. Next year she takes over from the Duke of Kent to present the trophies. The Middletons have been going to Wimbledon for years, they’re all fans.

    1. When William was “dating” Kate, Kate was in with the hoi-polloi on centre court. I think if Kate is entitled to sit in the Royal box, then Kate could take time with charities, respecting bomb victims.

  26. The more uncharitable side of me felt that Prince George had been wheeled out so Mum & Dad could attend the Wimbledon Men’s Final with less adverse comment. But then the RAF event is every little boy’s dream, I don’t know for definite that Dumb & Dumber are going to the tennis tomorrow and if they are would they care what the proletariat thought anyway? I wonder how the Duke of Kent feels about having the Wimbledon patronage given to Kate……he’s made that his life’s work. I believe he doesn’t like the jazzing up of the Royal box with celebrities and commoners / Middletons. I once many, many years ago met him and Duchess Kate Kent at Wimbledon, it was the year that Boris Becker won Wimbledon age 17. And now I feel very old.

    1. Where was it officially announced that the Duke of Kent was being replaced? He is the President and the Queen is Patron. I would hope the Duchess of Gloucester would take over, as she is already Patron of the Lawn Tennis Association, which is why she is at Wimbledon. Too bad there are never any photos – I just love the Gloucesters.

      1. I haven’t heard it officially announced but Judy Murray mentioned it as if it was already in the public domain at that engagement she did with Kate. The tennis clinic with kids earlier this year? Personally I think it would be a real shame to give it to her because it’s almost like rewarding her with something she likes and she doesn’t deserve it. Now you’ve said that I’m assuming she’ll take over the Queen’s patronage and not the Duke’s presidency but seeing as she actively enjoys tennis it will look a bit top heavy with two Royals very involved in the club? The Queen has no real love of tennis so it doesn’t clash much with the Duke of Kent.

        1. Oh, I think that’s just another sugar rumor. Just like Kate would get the Royal Family Order.

          Oops, I was wrong about the Duchess of Gloucester above – she’s not the Patron, she’s the Honorary President. Might as well get this straight ’cause I always get it confused:

          All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club
          Tennis club based in Wimbledon, London, which stages the annual Wimbledon tennis championships.
          The Duke of Kent, President
          The Duke of Edinburgh, Honorary Life Member
          Her Majesty The Queen, Patron
          The Duchess of Gloucester, Honorary Member

          The Lawn Tennis Association
          Body which promotes the sport of tennis through funding training, competitions and facilities throughout the UK.
          Her Majesty The Queen, Patron
          The Duchess of Kent, Associate Member
          The Duke of Kent, Joint Associate Member
          The Duchess of Gloucester, Honorary President

          1. Just the most beautiful, gracious and compassionate lady. I just hope she’s happier now. For a while I believe she was a very troubled soul.

        2. I agree that rewarding Kate with this patronage signals desperation and defeat – giving in to a lazy woman who only wants to do what she wants to do. Compare her recent engagement at Wimbledon to this event where she is patron but hangs back. If an honor of patronage is bestowed on you, then you step and perform regardless of your personal likes/dislikes, end of story.

  27. I was happy to finally see a few pictures of George smiling. He just seems to always be grumpy looking. He also bears a striking resemblance to Princess Diana’s brother.

    1. I just want to stick up for George a little πŸ˜‰ My son is happy and will laugh/smile/be silly with us at home, but he gets very serious and observant (aka… grumpy looking!) with other people or out and about. Just a comment that George may be much sillier/outwardly happier in his own environment!

  28. I couldn’t go through all the 105 comments so maybe my words will sound like a repeat. Pardonnez-moi ?.
    First things first: George is a cutie ❀️ I’m in love with his chubby cheeks.

    The event seemed to be perfect for a family outing, so many things to explore for a little 3yo adventurer. ?

    But….there’s a big BUT coming up…..his mothers style always was, still is and probably will ever be a mess. That dress is Stella McCartney? Really??? The fabric looks so cheap, probably because it’s so delicate that every movement leaves traces. This dress is not made for carrying around a child. And the blazer is not made for combining it with that dress. And the shoes! But worst of all is – again – the hair. Girl, you have your hairdresser on speed dial and you only need her a handful of days (at best!) per month, so it can’t cost a fortune!

  29. I think it was probably a hard juggle between patronage and parenthood but… I think she’s allergic to the idea of a) pants and b) ponytails since her marriage. Maybe she just likes dresses more but seriously, a pair of smart trousers would look so great. I worked at JCrew for years and love to put my dress pants back on instead of my mommy uniform when I need to do something practical and dressy at the same time. And if she wants to wear a headband just add the ponytail in the back!

    I said this in a response to another comment but it makes me so sad to see another generation be squashed in personality. William really reminds me of Prince Phillip in how he expects George to just cowtow and suppress his emotions. I think Charles and Diana were likely told to do the same thing to their boys, and now William is emulating that type of parenting that he received from his dad. I did love seeing some demonstrative affection, though, with William. It’s lovely that Diana’s influence was there to counteract family expectations, instead of like Charles where the queen had to be occupied by her duties or chose to let Phillip just take over with Charles (not sure which is the real story on that one). And he’s so vocal about that George isn’t contained enough. Maybe I just can’t remember but do we hear that kind of thing from Kate? He’s such an adorable little boy and this was the perfect type of event to bring him to, something where his natural interest could be entertained as the cameras caught on too. I, personally, don’t think that Kate exaggerates when she talks about what George is into because what little boy isn’t interested in dinosaurs or art projects or tennis, especially if he has a court at home? The noise was an unfortunate side effect but not something that couldn’t be overcome.

    And the missing flying thing? Just ugh.

    And stop taking the spotlight off of your wife, William! She’s the patron. He could have had his conversations to the side, or walked second, while she stayed front and center.

    1. That’s what I was reminded of too.

      I don’t think Charles or Diana were much like Philip wanted, and to William’s detriment as they never really disciplined him or told him no until HM stepped in. Charles didn’t want to be like his father, so he went totally the other way and was coddling and soft, IMO.

      Before the engagement there were loads of pictures of Kate in trousers, so I think she just dresses how she thinks she should with the dresses. And you could tell she wore no underpants; the wind blew the dress against her, when she was chatting with people. Ugh.

    2. Let’s cut Philip and HM some slack.

      Firstly they are of a generation that had endured a war or two. That generation was and remains very conservative in terms of their emotions, presentation, expectations and manners. They’ve endured worse, so we seem soft and fussy to them.

      Philip had a very hard life. This is something people either do not know or forget. By hard life, i mean that his parents were penniless. They relied on the charity of richer relatives. Philip barely lived with his parents because his mother was in an asylum whilst his father lived in a monte carlo in a tiny flat. Monte Carlo in the 20s wasn’t the glamourous resort it became in later decades.

      He grew up with whichever relative would have him because of it. His older sisters married and settled in Germany. He essentially raised himself. He simply had to get on with it because he had no options, and no whinging about wanting a ‘normal’ life like his grandson William.

      He might have come with illustrious family ties, but he and his family were as poor as church mice. Right upto his marriage to the Queen.

      In terms of his attitude to parenting, he was probably unprepared for a child as sensitive as Charles. His other children are on record saying he was a fabulous father. Anne in particular came out very strongly in his defence when Charles first talked about Philip as a terrible, brutish father.

      Out of all the Mountbatten-Windsor kids, only Charles condemned Philip as a parent and went in the opposite direction as far as parenting his own kids. Heir coddling aside, Charles’s kids have turned out to have the most issues. Right from the beginning. The others never caused issues for their teachers, nannies or school mates. The others were all fairly disciplined and well behaved from the beginning. Charles’s kids have been forced by external circumstances to grow up and or develop proper dosvipline and consideration. The Jury is still out on Willuam though Harry has settled down.

      1. + 1,000,000

        Different generations, different attitudes but I’m sure the love for their children is there.

      2. I had read a lot about his past but had never put it in the context generationally, and I hadn’t heard about Anne’s comments. I still think that he took it too far, and that it’s now backfired with William, but I appreciate your comments.

      3. I like Philip and I just hink he wanted Charles to be hard and tough. Like Anne. That’s how my father was with my dad; he wanted his oldest son to be a tough action guy, not a sensitive soul, and tried to beat it out of him. Not saying Philip did that physically, but emotionally that’s just what you do with sensitive boys back then. You try to toughen them up to make them men. For Charles it was probably devastating and I’m sure he felt terrible and worthless; for Philip it was upsetting and he wanted the best for his kids, and HM always deferred to him. Like you said – different times. Philip chilled out by the time Andrew and Edward came round and I think HM was more involved as a mother then too, whereas Charles and Anne didn’t have that.

        I think we all agree Charles really went the other way entirely with W&H and thus the problems. Not out of malice or out of being a bad parent but wanting to do differently. It’s that, or you end up the same; my dad was the same with me as his father was with him, very, very tough, demanding and strict, but as a grandparent he is VERY indulgent and puts up and encourages everything.

        1. Yes, different times and different expectations. Since Phillip had a precarious childhood, his natural instincts would have been to make sure his son could handle whatever came his way. In turn, Charles would never have inflicted what he endured on his sons. In both cases, the pendulum had swung to extremes.

  30. Do forgive me because I’m about to thread jack terribly but I just wanted some opinions. I commented once before and no one really noticed but I am praying you won’t vilify me too much for this.

    I was thinking of all the things Kate could do (a la Willian’s United for wildlife or Harry’s invictus. Though I know she commissioned the research that led to M-Pact) and all the empty promises KP have made.

    Came across *read: was trawling archives* Kate’s visit to the Shooting Star Chase hospice and KMR was curious as to why Kate chose children’s hospices. She also gave us this: “A Kensington Palace spokesman said: β€œThe Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry is currently developing a pilot for a volunteering programme to support families of children with life-limiting conditions. A key component of today’s visit is for The Duchess to meet a group of Shooting Stars volunteers, to better understand how they support the hospice and its families.””

    this was December 2013. WHAT HAPPENED?! Just another big idea that never materialised? Gosh, I don’t know what to think if Kate anymore.

    Or maybe I missed it? Do let me know.

    Like i say, please don’t attack too harshly for this thread jack. It was bothering me and I wanted to share but couldn’t find an appropriate place

    1. WK have a record of announcing intentions for WK and sometimes there is a visit or a big announcement to go with the intentions, but there is no follow through.

      They seem to think announcing intentions of initiatives is enough work

  31. Official update from KP……the Busy’s are attending the Wimbledon Men’s final today. Conveniently William has the day off chopper duties and they have no childcare issues.

    1. Yea and the comments are on DM are hilarious! I think DM moderators filter the comments section to be positive to wK one day (esp after they bring their kids out) and then negative to WK the very next day, when they are doing something fun. It does give credence to the theory that WK do bring their kids out to get positive PR, right before they will attend a fun event like the Wimbledon men’s final. KMR, I can’t wait to read your post on WK’s appearance at Wimbledon’s Men’s Finals. I know you are so very busy and we are so hungry for your well written and balanced posts and keeping this community going! Thank U for all that you do KMR.

      1. I notice Missy had Rebecca with her at Wimbledon……what is that scruffy girl’s job description? Royal arse kisser? bottom washer? chief petal thrower? I have never known any Royal so dependant on the hired help as Kate is on Rebecca. And most of the time she looks like she climbed out of the tumble dryer before leaving the house.

        As an aside I had to laugh at Princess Michael wearing a great big hat in the Royal Box…..sod the proles sat behind her.

        1. Why shouldn’t Rebecca be there? Kate was meeting with people at Wimbledon in at least some sort of official manner. She wasn’t just there to watch the game by herself. So Rebecca should have been there.

          1. It’s not the type of event that any member of royalty needs a lady-in-waiting for. Diana didn’t. Camilla doesn’t nor Sophie. Duchess of Gloucester, Princess Michael don’t so why does Kate need assistance? I can’t even recall the Queen having a LIW with her when she’s attended although I’m sure she did.

          2. Sophie’s lady-in-waiting sat next to Sophie in the royal box on Thursday.

          3. Her status at LIW to Sophie is ambiguous as she’s an old school friend & old flatmate and she’s doesn’t tend to fulfill a traditional LIW role. Rebecca’s role is a lot more prescribed than a social walker.

  32. Oh yes, the Cambs were on full display at Wimbledon today. My first thought was that she should have not worn her hair that way, because it was a windy day. However, who am I to criticize the illustrious one, who’s God’s gift to all of human kind? Ask one of her adoring worshippers just how sacred she is to them and can do no wrong. In their eyes she is perfection at its finest. Seriously though, she engaged in her usual attention grabbing antics. At punctuated intervals she would lean towards William and whisper something, he gave a half-smile and she would return to watching the match, with her open-mouted smile for all to see that W smiled for her and approved of what she said. And, so it continued until the match was over. I often wonder what they have to say to each other that can’t wait for later. Sadly, she’s still a mess when it comes to clapping. I don’t think she’ll ever learn how to clap lady-like and proper. Unfortunately for her, this is one of the little things that conveys to well-bred individuals that Waity was not born into that type of family. She’s clueless and shall remain that way.

    The clutch K she used today was similar in color to the shoes she wore with the sweater dress and would have matched perfectly, but the middleton women don’t know how to accessorize and are not noted for their taste in footwear. And, the dress was high-waisted. I suppose it’s the teenager look. William did not wear his usual navy blue suit, but a taupe colored one and he had it buttoned up, while sitting rigidly upright .

    1. A poster on the Daily Mail also mentioned how distracted Kate was during the match, constantly talking rather than simply focusing on the match. You’d think – because she loves tennis so much – she would be respectful of the players, others around her and the occasion itself.

    2. A friend of mine was overjoyed by all the W&K coverage. “Showing us how FLAWLESS Kate and William are, better than the tennis! 60% W&K and 40% tennis! SLAY!”

      I wanted to comment. Ugh.

      I’ll not comment about the event and how she spent $6k again this time on a dress for tennis…

      1. Your friend kind of missed the point of Wimbledon: it’s about tennis excellence, not preening for the cameras nor demanding attention.

        I had to laugh at Serena’s comment the other day about ‘making it’ because she was talking to ‘royals’. I know it was said in jest, but still… She is a supreme athlete and has achieved excellence through harnessing her ability through sheer tenacity. Anyone should be privileged to be in HER company.

        I’ve said many times that whenever William and Kate enter a room (or tennis court) they are the least accomplished people there, and I stand by that comment. As I was watching the final live in the wee hours of this morning, the camera went intermittently to the Royal Box and to William and Kate in particular. I couldn’t help but think that these two have no claim to excellence or achievement in anything whatsoever in their dull, coddled lives.

  33. I agree, but as KMR said this is only George’s 2nd engagement ever.

    I think in the end it boils down to how Vic and Dan seems to know how to raise a future queen, so far, but Will and Kate haven’t done anything to inspire the same confidence.

  34. The singular item that seems lost in the ‘stories’ about this engagement is the RIAT is run by the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust. The airshow helps raise money for the trust. One of the beneficiaries of the trust are the Air Cadets. The Cadets celebratory march on the showground (75th anniversary) took place the day after W&K visited.

    This engagement seemed to downplay the reason for the airshow because of the emphasis on little G’s presence. Not handled well by W&K’s office. OK to let G see some planes. Then he should have gone off with nanny and let the new Air Commandant give her full attention to the Air Cadets and their accomplishments. This is where Big Bill could have helped his wife get her footing in a short engagement with the group.

    Turned into a PR photo-op because Dad wanted to see airplanes and took Little G along. Missed the message and the meaning for the airshow and the appearance by the new Air Commandant.

    Take a closer look.
    The charity:
    The Air Cadets:

    1. According to the Air Tattoo and Air Cadets Twitter accounts, the Air Cadet march took place the day of W&K’s visit, about an hour or so before they got there.

    2. It’s sad this just became a photo op with no mention of the charity or the Air Cadets in general except some generic comment about how Kate’s a great patron for the Air Cadets. This was just a day out to show them as hands-on parents, and something fun for George, not about the event or charities it benefits. But that’s the norm.

      I wonder why William hasn’t ingratiated himself with the RAF Benevolent Fund, etc, the charities that take care of aircrew and their families…

      KMR, I read the march was the day after… Hrm. Needless to say no mention of W&K watching it even if it was the same day. Very weird!

      1. Seriously, what else, when pressed, could the Air Cadets person say in response to a question about Kate’s performance as patron of their unit? That they have next to nothing to do with her, that she never contacts them, that she has no impact on their work at all? At many functions people just gush; they are put on the spot and fall over themselves to say what is expected of them, that is, to flatter.

      2. I don’t know where you read that, but both the Air Tattoo and Air Cadet Twitter accounts talked about and posted photos of the Air Cadet march on July 8, before they posted stuff about the Cambs visit.

  35. So the Honorary Air Commandant couldn’t be bothered to show up an hour earlier for their 75th Anniversary march. Typical.

    I, too, thought that had taken place on Saturday, Fairfax. It appeared to be from the website info.

    1. Shame that the point of the Air Tattoo, as Fairfax mentioned, was lost in the royal photo shoot hoop-la. And that’s all it was.

      I agree with both Fairfax and Szolo that as Patron, Kate’s role was to bring a spotlight to the 75th Anniversary March as well as to the work of the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust as a whole. Instead, it appeared that William and Kate wanted their child to experience some aircraft on a day out. I have no problem with their parental desires, but Kate here just appeared as a mum with a kid, deferring to her husband, rather than as Patron. William also needed to remind himself that his wife was Patron, not him. Perhaps he should have stepped up to take it on?

      It seems that yet again these engagements are viewed through their personal lens of what they want (William playing the big RAF guy, photo op, good PR when they trot out George). They are not at all sensitive to the people/organisation they are meant to serve. I agree with Fairfax that George should have been shown around briefly, removed by the nanny so that the focus of the event – the work of the RAF charity – could proceed without distraction.

  36. As willing as I am to throw shade at at the Cambs, I did note two positives. One, George did seem comfortable with his parents, to the extent that I wondered if hunching over George all the time is where Kate’s bad posture has developed. Two, William did look comfortable in the pilots seat of that Helicopter. So, even if he doesn’t do it anymore(what???) my take away was that he did do it in the past.

    KMR, thanks for doing such good write ups and for keeping a well informed list of followers. I learn so much from them.

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