Kate Middleton and Prince William watch Andy Murray win Wimbledon

Kate Middleton and Prince William watch Andy Murray win Wimbledon

Kate Middleton and Prince William (Founders, Crotch Clutching United) attended the final day of Wimbledon yesterday, July 10, to watch Andy Murray win the men’s final.

After watching the tennis match, William and Kate stopped to talk to Murray about his victory. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge congratulated Murray on his victory before asking about his daughter, Sophia, who was born in February.

    “William joked: ‘I don’t know how you managed that with no sleep….How’s your daughter doing is she alright?’
    “Murray responded with a smile: ‘Yeah she’s great yeah, she’s really good at sleeping. The last three nights she slept through.’ William said it must have been ‘a good omen.’
    “However, when Murray politely asked about the royal children, Kate responded: ‘No, today is about you…. you played so well, well done.'”


You can kind of hear the exchange in the video below. I think it’s nice that Kate didn’t make that interaction about her kids and instead put the focus back on Murray, where it belonged.

I want to take a moment to talk about William’s fashion, because William finally realized that jackets come in colors other than blue. William wore a grey coat with a bit of blue striping over blue pants. If he had just worn the pants to match the jacket, he would have looked amazing.

As for Kate, she wore a new dress by her favorite label, Alexander McQueen. Kate wore a bespoke version of the “Obsession-Print Short-Sleeve Silk Dress, Ivory” (the non-bespoke version retails for $2,995). Kate’s dress is longer and doesn’t have the horizontal row of pattern at the waist.

I’m not super sold on this dress, but, eh, it’s fine. McQueen is so overpriced, though.

Alenxander McQueen Obsession-Print Dress

I like seeing Kate bring back her Brora Gold Charm Earrings (£39.00) which she debuted in Bhutan. Kate debuted so many pieces during the India/Bhutan tour that we’ll probably never see again, so it’s nice to see her repeat something from that tour.

Brora Gold Charm Earrings

Kate also carried her LK Bennett “Natalie” clutch and wore her Cartier watch.

Here are some Kate Faces.

And here’s your men’s champion.

And here’s Andy Murray’s wife, Kim (wearing a Jenny Packham dress), going nuts over his win.

And because I’m a huge fan of Sherlock and they’re finally shooting season four (yay!), here’s Benedict Cumberbatch (who’s totally doing it for me with those dark curls and glasses) and his wife, Sophie Hunter. Sophie wore the “Etta” dress from Temperley London.

213 thoughts on “Kate Middleton and Prince William watch Andy Murray win Wimbledon

  1. Ok Kate, I’ll give you a win for today too. I like the dress. It has some skulls on it. And the earrings are ok. The sunnies look good. Facial expressions are a bit over the top… Way to work on those wrinkles Kate… And the dress would have looked better with the horizontal part at the waist, it would emphasize her slender frame. But all in all a win!

    1. LOL I laughed out loud at the “Way to work on those wrinkles” line!!!! Has she been botoxed again? I thought her forehead looked way better than some of the untouched photos I saw from the Air Cadets show…

      1. Lol.. Yeah I think she’s been freshly botoxed, I bet the bizarre facial expressions is helping to keep her botoxer getting paychecks. I mean, working those wrinkles like that can’t be good for de-emphasizing them.

    2. Skulls are a recurring McQueen motif. He was obsessed with death and turned a skull into his signature. It’s wierd to see a design without skulls or referencing death.

      Sarah Burton said she would move away from the darker elements of the McQueen asthetics and tends to use the skulls sparingly or as very tiny additions to any designs.

    3. The horizontal pattern at the waist would have made Kate’s dress better, but still it isn’t worth that kind of money at all. It’s time for Sarah Burton to close the McQueen shop and start using her own name.

  2. Soooo cute how Mr Cumberbatch had his arm around his wife and how Kim Murray looked so excited for her husband’s win. I wish Will and Kate could look so happy together. (Not in any pictures I saw anyway). Kate seemed to be trying to get Will’s attention all day and/or making silly faces, and they both looked bored… again I’m sure I didnt see all the photos tho.

    1. Charlotte, if you felt the didn’t look happy in any pictures, if you saw the match live as I did you would be sure the were not happy and yes, they looked bored. Only one time a saw Kate to talk to William. When they arrived at the court, William walked so fast that Kate was almost running behind him.

      1. Yikes…. That makes me feel a bit bad for Kate. William is such a royal arse. I didn’t see any video footage, so if their unhappiness with each other came thru in photos alone.. wow they must be really miserable in real life :/

      2. William always does that thing where he walks ahead of Kate and she has to practically run to keep up with him. He isn’t a very attentive husband, IMO.

          1. Yes, that’s correct – it’s protocol that the Royal walks ahead.

            Mind you, I do wonder if William is actually trying to get away from Kate? William may be walking fast at times because he needs to be in a certain place at a certain time for a function to begin and Kate does dawdle. This was most noticeable during the New York trip, that was when I first realised he was not giving her a comforting and reassuring touch on the back like the sugar sites said but he was actually guiding her into place or quite simply moving her along as she was too slow, or standing in the wrong place.

            I watched the Men’s final on tv and every time the camera pointed in the Cambridges direction we all got to see that they both looked very uncomfortable. It was like watching 2 people who desist each other being forced to sit side by side, very icy!

      3. They are such waste of space and good pounds. To spend that much on a frock to watch tennis, royal or not waity do not deserve all that cash on wardrobe totaling £100, 000 for a few months from hiding, and appearing at mainly fun events, airshow,sailing is NOT duties expected by the people who fund their luxuries. Proper royal work is global, needing travel alone to other countries and represent Uk in global cause. Needy charities.(not wealthy Museums only) and surely not hand held by the other – entitled whiny bill.

        POW great Duchy profits should be, given to PRINCE HENRY and his office – he is the only Wales Line working for HM POW The Firm and the people.

        £100,000 and counting, would fund more disadvantaged, less fortunate children and Service members injuries, homeless.

        If this is the bribe to get waity of 15 yearsout – then send her n bill middleton and the kids to the country and remove the RPOs and staff – expenses that give entitlement n luxuries at the people expense. And fully increase funding to the real heir that is Prince (King) HENRY.

  3. I’ll give the dress a pass plus – much better than some recent efforts – but why another expensive new dress ? Why not recycle something from the Indian trip – all are summery, some of them would be suitable for the tennis. As for her husband – yes – pity he didn’t wear matching trousers – that would have been a much more suave look. As for Kim – a cocktail dress with embellished bodice at the tennis – way over the top – guess she wanted to make sure she stood out . . . . generally she is appropriately dressed – so bit of a surprise – unless as a’wife” rather than “girlfriend” she felt she needed to step it up a notch ? As for Sophie Hunter – looks good – these people all have money to burn if a $1400 dress is seen as standard for a tennis match.

    1. That’s a good point about all the clothes from Indian trip. They were suitably summery. I often wonder where she keeps all her clothes and how she remembers what she’s got!

      1. She doesn’t. That’s why she’s got 10 pairs of tan shoes, 10 pairs of black shoes, 10 pairs of blue shoes, 14 green dresses, black dresses, red dresses, etc.

    2. She is always overly expensively dressed at Wimbledon, as she knows she will be lording over people who earned their own distinction, and will be front and center of the royal box.

  4. I love Benedict and his wife. They look nice and connected as a couple. Can’t say that about the Cambridges. William looks so boring. He has given up on being attractive and interesting. He looks like a middle aged suburban dad. Did he drive there in a minivan? (That isn’t a knock on mimivsns, I drive one).

    After three posts in a row liking Kate’s outfits, I’m back to disliking this one. My eyes keep going to the details on the dress to ID what each one is. Too distracting. And I’m not surprised she had the waist changed on this dress since we know she doesn’t like drawing attention to her long torso. But this is her second bespoke dress this week, right? Is this the start of custom clothing for Kate?

  5. I thought Kate looked nice and I liked William’s jacket. She has always been a tennis fan, and the Middletons to often went to Wimbledon
    However, I thought she was a little brusque with Andy when he asked about their baby – he was just being polite but she was quite defensive. It’s the usual privacy issue. She batted it nicely back to him though.

    1. I agree that Kate’s response did seem a bit odgiven their history of privacy issues. I think it’s nice that she wanted to keep the focus on him, but I agree that it may have come across as being paranoid about revealing info on their kids.

      1. Also, when the conversation stopped and Andy started to move away, Kate said to William “let’s go”. William obviously wanted to linger and chat to Andy more as he was clearly interested, but Kate was keen to leave, which is strange as she’s the tennis fan. I thought it was interesting that she was in control at this point.

      2. And, she so easily could have said, “George wants to be a tennis champion like you, Andy, when he grows up!”

        1. But that’s making it about George and then we’d only be talking about George and how he wants to do everything every person Kate talks to does.

          1. I was being funny. Or, I thought I was, KMR.
            Seriously, all she had to say was, “They’re doing well, thank you. Today, is all about you, though.” And so on.

          2. Oh. My bad. Yeah that was funny, I just took it way too literally. Sorry about that.

          3. I guess it is easy to take words too literally. Maybe, we should record out comments, if possible. How fun to actually hear how we all intend our words to be taken. An idea, but an impossible one!

    2. I agree, I didn’t think it was sweet of Kate to put the focus on Andy. I thought she was just trying to not give anything away about her children. It felt like deflection to me. I think she could have said “oh they are good, thanks for asking, but lets keep the focus on you. You played so well. ” I actually just thought the whole interaction in the video was awkward. I don’t think Andy is a royalist.

      1. At the end, after he was presented with the trophy on court, he made a big deal about thanking David Cameron for being there, but I don’t think I heard him give a nod to the Duke and Duchess. Or did I just miss that?

        1. No you’re right. I watched the finals live and he mentioned something about Cameron. He was joking actually – something about winning Wimbledon easier than finding a prime minister I think though I am not sure.

        2. No you right Ray, i actually commented on that down below. He was excited Cameron was there and said how hard a job he had. But not one mention of Kate and Will. My telecast was funny because when Andy talked about David the camera went back and forth between the two. Then when the ceremony was over it panned to Will and Kate. Like they thought he would mention them and didn’t. I got a giggle out of it.

        3. Also in the pics I saw, it looked like the new mayor was sitting behind them. Did they have any interaction with him?

          1. Nope.

            Considering they didn’t know the president of France of King Felipe of Spain, i doubt very muvh that they know can pick the mayor of London out of a lineup.

      2. Small talk isn’t her thing and though I think it’s nice to want to keep the focus on Murray, it feels more like she (they) didn’t know what to answer without revealing smt they didn’t plan to say. Like they weren’t in control.

    3. That conversation was quite rich and rude coming from her… The only quotes that kate’s wiglet can come up with are the calculated ones she makes about the kids that convinently tie into whatever engagement. They always bring the awkward into interactions such as these.

      Both w&k ignored the mayor of London at wimbledon.
      Thumbs up guys. Good grief, they are awful. No manners and no sense of diplomacy.

      1. Agree with last paragraph –

        Entitled ‘ I am a prince’ do not know protocol and acknowledge countries leaders and VIPs. He did this with (or didnt recognise) King Felipe, Spain and France President, Franciose at a war ceremony.

    4. What ever happened to, “The children are great. Thanks for asking. Again, our happiest congratulations on your win.”

    5. Did anyone else get the vibe that W+K were talking down to Andy? I felt like they were trying to keep the conversation going the same way they would with a child. I’m not sure why, but I got a bad vibe from them.

      1. I do get a feeling that Wills and Waity think others should be obsequious to them, but it seemed to me that Andy was eager to move on to the next person in the reception line. Andy
        looked like he found their conversation boring and obligatory rather than enjoyable.

  6. Thanks so much KMR for all your hard work. I think Sophie Hunter is so gorgeous and I’ve loved Benedict Cumberbatch ever since he played William Penn the Younger in “Amazing Grace” and later appeared in the role of Sherlock.

    I liked KM’s dress, but don’t find her the least bit attractive. Her gurning, horrible hair and constant looking to Wills for reassurance are irritating. She is so irrelevant especially in the context of today’s current events. William looks ridiculous with the dapper jacket paired with his blue trousers. They are Barbie and Ken Redux. This year Wimbledon was a big let down for me thanks to the sight of the crass Middletons and other boring celebs at Center Court. Gosh, Wills and Waity cheapen everything they are associated with. They just go through the motions of being royal.

    1. I’m getting very sick of the Middletons being treated like they are Royalty. I’ve seen them in the Royal box a few times. Other than events regarding the children, where it’s suitable for the in-laws to be invited, I don’t think the Middletons should get this sort of special treatment. They are just so slimy to me.

  7. I liked this dress as soon as I saw it and then when I saw the original I liked it a tad less. I wish Kate/Tash would stop altering original designs because 99% of the time it is not for the better. I do like the earrings but not that purse with that design. I would have loved to see her bring out one of the colors in her purse. I think I am giving up on her accessories.

    Help me but I do like William’s jacket and he looks good in that color. Of course like his wife, I liked it a little less when he stood up.

    Overall when they were sitting down they both looked great!

  8. Founders, Crotch Clutching United! Oh, that made me laugh out loud!!

    Any idea on her shoes? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess nude pumps.

  9. I have been an Andy Murray fan forevAH, though no man can top the all round perfection of Roger Federer, so it was hard for me today. Being Canadian, I was so proud of Milos. He didn’t have his best game today ladies, but watch this space, he will be back!

    Thought the Cambs just blended into the crowd. I agree with Indiana Joanna, neither looked any more physically attractive or remarkable than any other of the well heeled crowd. Hey, they really are just the people next door (yeah right, I know). Kim looked ten times better- and has she got a gorgeous head of hair to die for! She looks great for a new mom too, healthy and glowing.

    Sorry, but did anyone else catch the clapping malfunction? She did correct herself, though, bless her heart. When WILL she learn there is no posh way to clap. There is really only one way to clap, and babies learn to do it before they can speak, so…

    1. Spot on, and why pay millions to the people next door -for shopping and having a bigger family kids to support!

      It was a waste of Andy’s accomplishment and excitementt to be leqd to spend a minute talking to lames; instead of his fans aand family- Lets hope he spent more with the Duke of Kent Princess Alexandra and the other true royals.

  10. Side note: I guess I don’t get Wimbledon. Why are people dressed up in suit coats?! How are they not MELTING?! The thought of going to a sporting event in dress clothes is bewildering to me. That would suck the fun right out of it for me! I’m supposing nachos and churros are out of the question, too?! Lol!

    1. To be seen and to look good when on camera? Nah guess some like the old fashioned style the game has at Wimbledon but all of my friends who ever went to Wimbledon wore normal clothes like shorts, jeans, shirts, sweaters depending on weather. Maybe life is a bit different for those queuing and moving around between the courts xd

    2. It’s the rules of the royal box. It’s reserved for royalty and dignitaries and their guests. Dresscode is therefore smart whereby Jacket and tie for men and Smart for the women. Just like the rules of dressing for the royal enclosure at Ascot vs rest of the stadium.

      The rest of the stadium is casual. It does confuse because so much media is generated by the royal box and list of smartly dressed occupants and rarely shows the rest of the stadium except the players’ box.

      Considering her seats, Kim is over-dressed. She sits in the players’ box, and that is a casual zone. She wouldn’t stand out so much if she sat in the royal box since everyone around her would be equally smart.

  11. Omigod. William has discovered tan summer jackets. No wonder the boy is much too busy to work. BUT, he actually looks nice in it, and less Grumpy Prince. (I could be fooled into believing he is a pleasant person in that fabric.)

    As for Kate, she looks summery and nice. In general, I don’t like Alexander McQueen because he was a legend, and the designers helming his label have turned it into a bunch of safe, pretty dresses the man never did. But, Kate looks nice. Dress is in her wheelhouse of cute.

    And hats off to Andy Murray. Her response to him could have been brusque, but I liked that she kept the focus on him.

    So does the end of Wimbledon singles mean not seeing them till November or whatever easy schedule they come up with?

    1. We’ll probably get some photos of George for his birthday, maybe one more engagement in July, then nothing until at least mid to late September if not October. They always take August off. The whole family does.

      1. The Cambridges take basically the whole year off – token appearances every now and then – and I don’t count going to a sporting event as a “job” – or a concert, or any “charity” event that is a drop in or social occasion to benefit a charity. Instead of spending a fortune on designer outfits to makan appearance in at these ëvents”- many of which are poor bespoke copies of the original – why not just stay home and donate that money instead. Now The Queen and older members of “The Firm”do actually work . . . .

        1. Yeah, HM has 3-4 hours of state papers and whatnot to go through, read, sign. She could just sign them and not care but I know she reads everything thoroughly and does give her opinion on things. Takes a lot out of her day. i’d say she works all year long!

          1. Considering Ben Ainslie was at Ascot ( with his wife), i wanted to see if there was any interaction between him and Kate. *Or is it only business and ignore each other rest of the time.

            *a very reliable poster on celebitchy once said that Ben hates the royal events and can’t wait to get to the pub afterwards.

    2. Lexistential – I so agree about McQueen. He created some beautiful pieces. Some of them pushed the envelope, but were still works of art. The line has become more mainstream since his death. And he was anything but mainstream.

      1. EXACTLY Rhiannon! In his heyday, McQueen took my breath away. The sheer creativity and detail on his gowns made me understand why haute couture could be so revered. And his work was just gorgeous to look at.

        At the time of the Cambridge wedding- which was a year after McQueen killed himself- I remember feeling thrilled at his label surviving. But now, I can’t tell it from other designers, and none of McQueen’s daring is present.

  12. I had the same reaction today KMR-finally William wore a different colored blazer. 🙂

    I thought Kate looked pretty today. She chooses the same style dresses though, but I don’t mind so much today. This dress reminds me of the red one she wore last year to Wimbledon. It has the same shape. I am happy she tried a print though. Yay! Something different for her.

    While i am happy Kate chose a print, I can’t decide if i like this print. That has nothing to do with Kate, but actually Sarah Burton. When i first saw it, all i could think of was the game Candy Crush. And now that is all is see from afar :).

    And Kate’s clap was back ;)……

    1. Having seen the close up of the print, I actually dislike it. From a distance it looks fine, though.

      1. I agree that it looks much better from afar. But the orange and blue balls really reminds me of Candy Crush :).

  13. The fabric of Kate’s new dress looks familiar – has she or another Royal got something similar ? Maybe CP Mary ?

    1. It looked familiar to me, too! Then I realized why: my granny used to have a dress with a pattern like this in the 80’s…

    2. I thought it was familiar, too. I remember seeing it just in the “v” of a coat or jacket. I thought it was a blouse. Could Pippa have worn it?

      I wish William would go to a proper tailor. English men’s tailoring is the best in the world and he just looks messy and rumpled. His jacket looks like off the rack and too short. But, as you all say, at least it wasn’t blue.

      1. And his ass always looks like it’s eating his pants, but I think that has more to do with having a dad bod, rather than tailoring.

    3. I remember – I have seen Pottery Barn table cloth and napkins in a very similar looking print/colour effect a few months ago – a botanical type pattern

  14. I like during the interview at the trophy ceremony, Andy was excited that the Prime Minister had come to the game. I like that he acknowledged him and not Will and Kate. He even commented on how hard of a job Cameron has. I really get the feeling he could care less about Will and Kate and their ‘position’.

    1. Yes, I liked that acknowledgement too. I’m not a fan of Cameron but I do like that the role of Prime Minister is respected, and that royalty did not figure at all. Kudos to Andy for that in the moment of sheer exhilaration. When Andy mentioned Cameron, there was a lot of booing which I think prompted Andy to mention the difficulty of being PM.

      I thought Kate’s comment regarding her children terse. William had inquired about Andy and Kim’s baby; Andy was simply reciprocating out of courtesy. It could have been met with a simple acknowledgement that they were fine, then returning to Andy’s success.

      As others have mentioned, Kate was distracted at the final, chatting away and looking for attention rather than focusing on the tennis. That’s odd behaviour for someone who proclaims a love of tennis at the premium event of the season. She’s quite the madam. You don’t see the Duke of Kent behaving so discourteously, do you?

      1. May I ask what Kate said back to Andy?I thought it was lovely William asked about Andy and Kim’s little one. Great names too. Their little one shares one of my eldest nieces names.

        1. I think William asked after Andy and Kim’s baby daughter, wondering how Andy managed to sleep. Andy replied that she was sleeping well. he then asked after William and Kate’s children, to which Kate rather tersely (imo) dismissed answering his question saying, “this is about you.” As others have said, Andy responded out of courtesy, and was met with, at best, deflection, and at worst, with rudeness.

          1. Thank you Jen. Andy said he wanted to get a photo of his daughter with the trophy to Sue Barker. I can’t get over how positive Andy was towards his child.

          2. That is true. The way he is just a proud dad. I think Kate and William underestimated how much work George and Charlotte are. I hope Prince Charles gets to see his grandson on his birthday.

          3. Neither has given themselves over to anyone else in their lives; it’s always been other people tending to their needs. No wonder they were unprepared for children! Luckily they have money at their disposal to buy care.

  15. I respect that Kate did NOT talk about her children today and thought the focus should be on Andy. 10 plus points from me. However, a new dress with that vulgar price and it looks like something she’s worn before? Minus 100 points! If she’s just sitting down to watch tennis, a repeat of any outfit from yesteryear would have been great.

  16. I think this dress was made for the India tour. She really went all out with the prints and colors back then. This dress has that vibe plus she paired it with the earrings she also wore then. Glad to hear you’re a fan of Sherlock. Can’t wait for the next series.

  17. Yeah for William wearing another colour but as I’m not a fan of light coloured suits, I’m not sure if I actually like it. Maybe it’s the combo of jacket and trousers, idk. Imo not that many men look good in light suits anyway but maybe it it looks even more boring here as he looks bored.

    And though I don’t get why it needed to be another new dress, it’s a nice one…

    But recently I realised that those 2 just bore and annoy me so much that I find it hard to appreciate the good moments. Like yes George is cute, some outfits are nice but that isn’t what we should remember from them! Why can’t they, when even in London, do some real work there? They could have easily visit some charity or held some meeting in the morning. Not just speaking of Sunday here…

    1. Love Lola likened them to “watching beige paint dry” on her latest post. Made me laugh out loud. They are rather boring.

  18. Hello everyone. I saw the match live yesterday by SporTV. Another dress extremely expensive, and the media loved to call Kate “the low price Duchess” because she used to wear expensive and cheap dresses, but lately she has abused the expensive dresses. The non-bespoke version of this dress is $ 2.995, imagine how much is the bespoke version. I noticed that when William put sunglasses, Kate also put, and when he took the glasses off, she took it too. That is, our duchess is a “wife so devoted that does everything her husband does” (I’m being sarcastic, of course). And in the end, when Murray was getting the trophy, the cameras showed the Cambriges, Kate was laughing but William had his face bored as ever. By the way, Kate clapping, no comment.

    Regarding Kate refusing to talk about the children, well, I think she was rude. She could have just said “They’re fine, thank you” and ready, put the focus back on Murray. A simple answer that would satisfy the conversation as they were talking about children. When Kate tries to draw attention away from herself (which is rare) she becomes rude IMO.

    Have a great day.

  19. I cannot begin to imagine paying 3 thousand dollars for that dress. It was not worth it…horrid print. I know one is paying mostly for the brand name but awful costly for what was a very simple dress to sew up. I did not think Kim Sears Murray’s dress was very becoming on her. I do like the fact that Wimbledon is a dress up affair kind of like the Kentucky Derby except no hats required. The British know how to have special occasions. Not a Murray fan so was pulling for Canada. However Roger is my favorite. And lastly I am among the minority but I do like William in blue and casual tighter pants.

  20. The dress from afar is pretty and summery. Up close, the print is very distracting. But I like these cheap earrings better than her usual Kiki choices. William is getting out of wearing the blue suit for every event and this was a good choice. I know many online commentators bemoan the fact that they and the Middledons attend Wimbledon every year, but I don’t see why it’s a problem. They are wealthy, like tennis, and their presence (or that of any celebrity) doesn’t take away from the athletes’ moments or distract from the game. And this year I read Kate also checked in on the wheelchair event and talked to many officials (although interestingly enough, no pictures of that, sadly only her fashion is the focus), so they can combine their personal time with official duties easily at sport events.

    1. Anne, I read that Kate had spent time with the wheelchair event and was sorry that the press did not report this further or take pictures. It’s a shame because this sort of event deserves to be highlighted. And it goes some way to assuage people who complain that they are always at the tennis. I don’t have a problem with them going; if they had as much enthusiasm and joy in doing other charitable events as they do in attending Wimbledon, all the better.

      1. What is the article please? I read that she says hello to different people, and there was people in wheelchair.

        1. This is from the DM, they are talking about Sophie and Kate. Sorry I’m not very good at linking… I thought I saw another mention of it on an official Wimbledon page but haven’t had time to pursue.

          After watching Venus Williams play Angelique Kerber, they paused for afternoon tea before cheering on 18-year-old wheelchair player Alfie Hewett on court seventeen from a Centre Court balcony.

          The duo were seen laughing away like old friends as they enjoyed their day out.

          Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3678807/Duchess-Cambridge-recycles-dress-Wimbledon.html#ixzz4E7wkovD0
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  21. I don’t like her dress, I love the earrings. I don’t like the look of William. Apparently her assistant was in the Royal box.

    1. I don’t understand why Rebecca has to accompany Kate Everywhere!!! Doesn’t that poor woman get a day off? Maybe that’s why she always looks so rough.

      1. She’s a LIW in all, but name. They go everywhere with their royal.

        Considering Kate barely works, Rebecca isn’t overworked. And i’m sure she’s thrilled at the perks of the job even if it means attending Kate as well.

        1. Some LIW, though. Consider all the Royal Disasters occurring while Rebeccas is right there. All the flashings, etc.

          I want to google some photos of Princess Diana at her appearances when I have time. I’d like to know is she was so adept at showing off HER ring, too!

          My God, in the Daily Mail there are dozens of pix of Kate at Wimbledon, left hand over right hand, so that Big Blue gets the star treatment from the press. Yes, Kate, we know you got the ring and the Prince. Yada, yada, yada….

      2. It was weird during the walk about for the 90th bday picnic because Kate was the only one that had to have her pa there! I also think they either share shoes(yuck on so many levels) or she gets the same one/style as Kate. Her shoes seem very similar to what Kate has.

  22. Founders of Crotch Clutching United. KMR, I actually lol’d reading that! Kate actually said “today is about you”?!??!! Glad to see she isn’t totally self absorbed. I hate the dress. It’s the same ugly cut as most of her dresses in an awful print that’s way too childish. I really don’t like McQueen. It’s sad though that she had a few good days and then is back to something horrid. 2 steps forward, 1 step back. I swear that girl has zero game when it comes to style. The other celebs were all much better dressed than she was.

  23. the dress was ok but the print busy and distracting – expensive for what it was
    william looked bored and had the air of ‘dad on holiday’ clothes. not a good look

    why does kate keep oulling those faces it is not geniune and looks silly

  24. kim murray’s dress was far to evening and over the top for an afternoon event.
    the colour was not good on her – wish she would do something with the hair – the hanging curtains never change – she has a high forehead and a fringe would look better for a change and some layers.

  25. Not a tennis fan, so I usually look at the photos to check out other Royal Family members.

    Love the Duke of Kent’s Wimbledon tie, plus I get to see most of his family (still miss the Duchess though). I spotted Lady Helen and Tim Taylor – glad to see Tim looking so well. His other kids, George, Earl of St. Andrews with the Countess attended the Ladies Final, and Lord Nicholas and his wife, Paola were there one day last week. I’m in awe of Paola – she speaks 7 languages.

    It’s always a treat to get a glimpse of Princess Alexandra. She is such a beautiful and regal lady.

    Prince Michael (always dashing) and Princess Michael are fun to see. I loved the color of her dress – but I’m not sure why she wore such a big hat? Son Freddie and his wife Sophie were there as well.

    I think (but not 100% sure) I spotted Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia. It would make sense – she is the Kent family’s cousin. Her mother Olga and Princess Marina were sisters.

    Of course, the Duchess of Gloucester was there. She recently turned 70 – doesn’t she look fabulous?

  26. I didn’t love the dress and I didn’t not love the dress. It was just a nice dress. Loved Will’s jacket! Didn’t like Kim’s yellow too formal dress at all. I wish I could have watched the Tennis match. (We don’t have TV) I’m happy Murray won so impressively. The interview video at the end was definitely awkward.

    1. I agree. This dress is just kind of in the middle. It’s fine – not as bad as some, but not great either.

  27. Liked seeing William in a different color jacket. Would have liked his trousers to have been a different color, though.
    Kate matched him a bit too much, imo,. Beige and boring, despite the print. The dress was dull, dull, dull!

    Crotch Clutchers United. Great tag line, KMR. I’m still smiling.

    I’m so bored with the Cambridges at this point. The beige duo just are so behind the times when it comes to doing good and reaching out to others.

    1. Hi Mary Elizabeth, now that you mention how behind the times W&K are, has anyone heard anything about that HeadsTogether scheme they introduced in May? I thought they were introducing some new intuitive for mental health awareness but since that one video I haven’t heard a thing about it and now Harry is all involved with HIV/AIDS issues, what is going on at KP?? Has their “keen” interest in mental health issues waned?

      1. Nope. Kate hasn’t done anything related to mental health since the Heads Together launch on May 16. So almost two months and no mental health at all. Plus I doubt she’ll do anything with it this month or in August so it most likely won’t be until September until anything with mental health happens again, making it a four month gap at the least. So much for the mental health kick.

          1. So we can be expecting a lot more run up to the event starting late 2016 early 2017 then. It will be interesting to see how far the Cambridges really do get involved with it.

      2. Hi, Lauri, Good question. I am also wondering if “keen” actually means flash-in-the-pan when it comes to the Cambridge’s interest and action concerning their “causes.”
        Yes, it would be wonderful to see and hear of an actual plan on new initiatives for mental health awareness. Also, some solid info to read and see just what of merit may be in the works. This is a subject that needs constant addressing. It’s not good enough to highlight it here and there, is it?

        It must be difficult to be “keen” about so many things, though. I can see how they must lose track of all they said they would do. (Snarky me).

        Hope you are feeling better, Lauri. Wishing you a very happy day.

      3. Didn’t Harry also join the Campaign to Change Directions? I think it was also during Invictus Games but still something… and he actually visited charities/hospitals and stuff which seems bit more than work than galas and dinners.

        It’s especially bad as HeadsTogether was supposed to be her thing and there would have been so many options – even sports related as she is supposed to love it so much.

        1. I hate to play the ‘i told you so’ drum, but really…I TOLD YOU SO!!!

          There is always a big launch of something they are ‘keen’ on, some platitudes and then nothing until the next big launch of something else they are ‘keen’on with no mention of previous cause they’d been so ‘keen’ on.

          1. They are just filling in time, being ‘keen’ because they have to show their faces every now and then. There is no commitment. The latest parade of fun events is really all William and Kate are prepared to do; anything with gravitas requiring more than putting on a silly headband and smiling inanely is just beyond them. They really are irrelevant to this world.

  28. I have to say, I think that Kate’s dress was hideous! First off, same old boring sexless style; short sleeves almost to elbow, a set-in waistband and a flared skirt. Nice if you are 65 years old.The pattern reminded me of a penny slot machine in Las Vegas. It was just an ugly nothing. Who is telling this woman what to wear (or maybe no one is). I guess that off the shoulder white dress was a fluke. Kate just never looks elegant, I don’t know what it is, is it just her fashion choices, that mop of hair and heavy make-up or does it also stem from her personality. Something is missing, could be a lack of maturity. Ugh!!! Put this one in a bonfire along with those horrid Erdems and Roksanda’s.

    1. “same old boring sexless style”

      But then most people didn’t like her trying to be ‘sexy’ at the NHM dinner. So I’m not sure what Kate is supposed to do if this dress is “sexless” and the other one was too ‘sexy’.

      1. Well, yes, there are many criticisms that Kate must face. Still, I, for one, don’t hate the dress for being sexless. What’s she supposed to turn up in when she watches a tournament? I think she should be criticized when her dresses are too short (this one wasn’t), when she’s flashing, when she looks too tight and rigid and yes, when she looks a bit too tramp-like. But, I get it. With some folks, she can’t win, can she?

        1. Personnaly I don’t like the price of the dress, the motive are not for me but the lenght is good and it is appropriate for the event.

          I would like to see her wear again the blue and white dress she wore the day of the Taj Mahal.

        2. Hello, I am not saying she should be wearing a form fitting stretch dress like a Kardashian, it just would be nice for her to show a little more skin, like a squared off neckline or more of a scoop neckline. Both types of necklines can be high enough where she would not be showing an excessive amount of skin or any cleavage she may have. Too me she just looks so buttoned up and stiff all the time, but as you all have written, I guess some would find that too revealing.

  29. So, I just watched a little video of W&K talking with Andy and at one point Kate is saying something and William completely interrupts her and takes over the conversation. Kate kind of side-eyed him and looked so uncomfortable and then when she makes the comment about today’s is Andy’s day, let’s not talk about her kids, she glances at William seeming to seek approval. Who knows maybe they’re going through a rough spot right now.

    I have to say that I like this dress, the pattern is fun and very McQueen and the fit is great. Also, I’m so glad Kate opted to have the skirt lengthened, it would have been much too short if she had kept to the original length. My only compliant is that the cut is a bit “tweeny” for my taste, I think it’s mostly the sleeves that give me that impression. Forgive me for a moment while I go off on a bit of a tangent…how can anyone justify spending almost $3000 on a dress to be worn at a tennis game??? Yeah, I’m looking at you too Kim Murray! When I think of all the people all over the world who are struggling to provide basic needs such as food and shelter for themselves and their children, the thought of anyone spending that kind of cash on a dress to watch a tennis game in makes me sick to my stomach. I’m not just going after the Duchess here, Kim Murray’s dress is about the same price and I’m sure many other women in the crowd are wearing expensive clothing as well, I don’t know it just seems obscene to me. Okay, rant over.

    So, is this the last we’ll see of the Duchess until fall? Historically, the royals take the month of August off and as far as we know W&K haven’t had a “vacation” in quite some time, after all the grueling “work” the Duchess has done I’m sure she is just wiped out.

    1. Yes, I noticed how they looked at each other as well. Their body language is off. They just seem really aloof. And yes, William takes over the conversation. But when Will, Kate, and George made that visit to her patronage the other day William did the same thing. He took over. It is like he doesn’t want to let her have her moment. She always looks to him for approval and reassurance. Like a little girl with her father as opposed to a husband and wife. Very weird.

    2. I do agree – all the clothes worn are too expensive. However, to be fair Kim isn’t taxpayer funded and it was her man’s big day – she knew all eyes would be on her. It’s outrageous the money they are spending on clothes but we all agree there is a big difference in where the money has come from. I think Kim can go for it, Andy has earned every penny whereas what has Bill and Waity ever done to deserve their perks?

      1. Hi ABC and Overit, my real complaint about the cost of the dresses worn today isn’t really about who pays for them but the fact that simple dress costs almost $3000.

    3. Hi Lauri, i agree with you about spending that much on a dress for tennis! However, if it is the person’s own money, then they can do what they want with it. Even though i think it is crazy. Where as Kate’s isn’t her money, so that is harder to accept. I have a feeling though Kim didn’t pay that much for hers. It is either on loan, like with celebrities or was given to her or was incredible discounted since she would be seen in it at Wimbledon. Designers want to be seen, so if you are famous, you get things free or discounted.

    4. While I share your distaste for conspicuous consumption, particularly in times of economic uncertainty, it’s also true that when rich people spend, working people earn. At least, in this case, Kate wore a British design which was likely tailored by British seamstresses.

  30. Will W and K head to Must-escape with Carole? Won’t that be coming up soon? They’ve worked so very hard these last few months, I am sure a major get-away is in order.

    If I may latch on to Lauri’s comment about the cost of the dresses worn at Wimbledon, I agree. There are so many challenges facing so many families lately (worldwide) that such lavish spending is somehow indecent.

    Also, the holidays! I believe everyone is entitled to get away, but sometimes I think the Royals get away so very much. The Cambridges, at least. That Ski vacation was certainly one for the books. Most families today can hardly go away once a year, or so, and so when the Royals go go go, it is disconcerting. And, the India trip, etc, was one giant holiday, if you ask me. Wouldn’t you have loved to see Bhutan, a safari, etc? For no money out of your pocket, as well?

    I’m very cranky today. I feel as if the world is in such turmoil and there’s so much anger and hatred out there. I want to be fair when it comes to William and Kate, but I guess I just think if they actually did more to help people, if their efforts were ongoing and seemed more sincere, I might be willing to cut them more slack.

    My husband and I and the kids went away for a long weekend a while back. My aunt and uncle who live near a beach, gave us use of their home while they were away. If it had not been for that generous offer, we wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere this summer. And, I realize that most people don’t even have that type of offer. It saddens me that it’s so hard for families to make it these days. Most people are not asking to become super wealthy. Jut want to get by — especially after working hard and tending to one anothers needs. End of my rant. Thanks for the opportunity to do so.

    1. Sending hugs, Jenny. My heart has been breaking over the events of the last few weeks. I had someone to drive me to the mountains to decompress.

      I make sure that I practice gratitude each day. I am very blessed/lucky/fortunate to live the life that I live. I totally get when you say that you just want to get by. I want to have happiness and love and peace in my little corner of the world.

      1. Hello, Rhiannon,
        Good to hear from you. Nice that you could go to the mountains for fresh air and peace of mind. I hope you are feeling refreshed and healthier, too. I always think good thoughts for you and wish you the best. Keep you in my prayers, too.

        I also practice gratitude. What a way to boost one’s spirit. There are so many things to be thankful for and when you realize that the tough feelings, as I expressed in my above comment, just don’t have the same impact on your well-being.

        Onward! And thanks for your hugs. Right back at ya! And, Maddie is crawling! Watch out, world!

  31. I like that William is finally wearing something different. I was actually shocked by that because I have grown so used to seeing him in navy blue and nothing else. Kate looked fine. I still don’t like the beige clutch bag but that is how I always feel. The dress isn’t my favorite but at least it had some skulls on it which was a bit different for her.

    I watched the video twice and I feel that Kate came across as aloof. All she had to say when he asked how their children were was “they are fine, thank you.” The way Kate and William looked at each other when Andy asked about the kids almost felt secretive to me. Like “uh oh, someone is asking about our kids. Better not say anything lest we give anything away.” They just always seem really guarded and stand offish. It was awkward.

    1. Hi Cookie, you know sometimes (because sometimes they do act superior) I get the feeling that W&K are so socially awkward that it can come off as aloof. I guess because I have a similar problem, especially in situations that I’m not comfortable in, I can see where Kate especially struggles with it. Great going Carole, you really did well by your daughter! Also, I got the impression that Kate didn’t know what to say about the kids for fear of pissing William off even more.

      1. Hi Lauri, yep. They are socially awkward which is understandable given that every word that comes out of their mouth will be re printed and analyzed by the whole world via the internet. I’m sure I would put my foot in my mouth and come across awkward if I were in that position, too.
        “I got the impression that Kate didn’t know what to say about the kids for fear of pissing William off even more.” This is what bothers me the most. There was a lip reader who said that when Will and Kate were exiting the church after their wedding ceremony William told Kate when to smile and wave and was barking orders at her so she said “There, are you happy?”

        I feel you are right. Everything that Kate says and does, she has to ask William for his approval. I just get the feeling that if Kate says or does something Will doesn’t like, he probably scolds her when they get home from an engagement like a child. That’s what turns me off more than anything. The weird dynamics of their relationship as husband and wife. She seems almost childlike and he is very controlling. I hope I’m explaining that correctly.
        I just remember after Kate flashed photographers in Australia when she wasn’t wearing underwear near a helicopter. There were pictures of William with his fist clenched telling off Kate and she was looking down at the ground like a child being reprimanded by her father. It is really, really odd.

        1. Yea I remember that picture…it made me feel so sad for her as she seemed to be in tears. I get that William would be embarrased by this flashing, as Kate had done it many times before; but that’s no reason to reprimand her in public, as if she is an errant toddler.

    1. I wonder if any of these designers/design houses look at what Kate has done to their work and reel in horror. I would probably start sobbing if that had been my design that was butchered. And if they are providing this shoddy work (which I truly hope they aren’t) then shame on them.

      1. Oh, my gosh. Thanks for the link. Way to butcher a designer’s work. What a pity.
        It doesn’t seem like anyone on Kate’s staff knows what they are doing.

  32. I am in the minority and I like this dress. I like the fun print and I like how Kate lengthened th dress, makes it look more suitable for someone in her role.

    However, it is obscene to spend thousands of dollars in other people’s money in buying new dresses and accessories, almost everytime she steps out the door. I have read comments that have stated that she’s spent $100K on clothes in 2016 alone and we are only halfway through!

    Fine, she has married into an important public position, thus her clothing budget is going to be larger than most wealthy women, but she barely does the public service job that she gets paid so much for. The majority of her recent appearances have been due to special anniversary events and is with the rest of the Royal Family, like the Queen’s 90th bday, the Somme Centenary and the India-Bhutan tour for Her Majesty’s 90th bday. She has barely done any charitable endeavours, minus the fancy galas for SportsAid and EACH and NHM. Where are the mental health initiatives in all this?

    It is fine by me if she had married a random rich guy and he paid for all her expensive clothing out of HIS OWN hard-earned money. I won’t begrudge anyone to spend their own hard earned money and treat themselves. However, what she is spending is British public money, at a time when British people are being asked to cut back and cut back and make do with less in receiving public services.

    And what bugs me is to see how fresh-faced and joyful she looks at these tennis events! Yet she can hardly muster up the same enthusiasm; looks behind the eyes, terrible posture and is anxiety-ridden, when she actually has to attend charity events and bring a smile to other’s faces.

  33. Oh and Benedict Cumberbatch is so handsome! Love those curls! He, and not William, actually has the aristocrat/princely look!

    1. I love Benedict as well! I don’t know where you live but there is a British talk show called graham norton (I have to watch it on YouTube) and he got him to mimic otter pictures! He was such a good sport about it. If you haven’t seen it you should google!

        1. It makes me smile. There’s one where he has pics of Martin freeman being compared to hedgehogs! I don’t know much about British talk shows and their censorship but he gets people do things or tell stories you’d never see on an American talk show!

      1. Sarah thanks for posting this! That was hilarious and now I am going down the rabbit hole of watching other Graham Norton videos! I have had a busy few days and will be starting a new job soon, requiring a longer commute and a change in daycare, so its been a bit busy…thanks for providing this belly laugh!

        1. I love him! Your first one should be awkward family photos! Here’s another one for good measure that show’s benedict being so nice to his fans in the audience. I can say I didn’t know his fans called themselves that until this video. Chris Pine is a little cutie too. To help destress with all of the change=)


  34. http://us.hellomagazine.com/royalty/2016071132362/prince-william-kate-sailing-engagement-revealed/

    So I guess Kate is going sailing again, this time with William. If they can do things like this how come they can’t find time in their schedule to do something for Heads Together? I was hoping when Harry joined them something would happen with HT since Harry can accomplish so much with Sentebale and Invictus, but the fly in the ointment appears to be Will and Kate who don’t like to do anything unless it is fun. I’m glad I don’t have to pay taxes for these two.

      1. Oh my, I don’t mind them go sailing or watching tennis at Wimbledon, I guess I would love all these fun events too but seriously that cannot be called worked and all they do! Even with 2 kids and Wills “job”, a day has 24h and there would be absolutely no problem to visit a charity/foundation/hospital or whatever each day for like an hour!

        And though I hoped we would see more of HeadsTogether, I’m kinda glad Harry isn’t with them too often. He is much better alone, prepared and caring for all he does.

    1. Just appalling that they’ve added another funtime engagement to their schedule. They just don’t get it do they? If Madam put as much effort into her other engagements as she does into her sailing / tennis / artistic events we’d all be a lot more satisfied with her performance. Personally I feel a strongly worded letter to the papers and the palace is long overdue……and I’m a supporter of the Monarchy so now the republican movement are feeling I can hazard a very good guess.

      It’s like private joke that we commoners aren’t privy too. ‘OK you want me to do more engagements, I will but only the fun stuff that I enjoy and as long as I have a new £3000 dress out of it. It’s like a form of prostitution ‘Will Work for Designer Frocks’ should be hung on a placard around her scrawny neck.

      It is now in the open that the actual gritty charity work will be left to Harry and the grown ups.

      I really am fuming.

      1. My sentiments entirely Mrs BBV. Didn’t The Wild Rose send a letter to the Palace a while ago? I wonder if she ever got a reply.

    2. So the Irish Guards are blown off so they don’t expect kate to show every year but they can make time for sailing again? Pathetic

      1. It’s not on at all. Hell would freeze over before she would miss Wimbledon or sailing and yet her other patronages just get the crumbs from the Royal table. I thought we had moved beyond the workshy and cherry picking of events she find more attractive. These should be rewards for doing the grittier work not instead of.

        1. Did she drop the Girl Scouts? That would be a nice summer time event. She could even have some over to work on a badge. They could do an archery event because we know from the Bhutan pics she can’t do that!
          Plus a nice tie into their name only mental health campaign

          1. I’ve not seen anything with the scouting movement since she did that outdoor event with them. As for the mental health campaign…..it must be nearly three months since they did anything with that. I don’t think either Kate or William are great finishers of projects. They have the attention span of fruit flies. That much is clear from every event they have to sit through. They are both lacking in self discipline, they whisper, giggle, fidget. They don’t seem to be able to concentrate…….especially Madam.

          2. They also lack commitment to anything beyond their own selves and interests. William can’t follow through, becoming ‘bored’ and has to be ‘helped’ through – RAF, EAAA, university, Cambridge course. Kate just doesn’t start anything. Given that the BRF costs its taxpayers a third of a billion pounds per year, you’d think there would be better value for that money.

  35. I am going to go against trend here but wow I love Kim Murray’s reaction. That and her dress.

    I watched a bit of the final live and William and Kate looked bored, with Kate’s maniacal expressions. The dress costing $2,995 is insane when you think of people needing money for food, paying bills etc. I hope it was brought by Prince Charles.Earrings are fabulous. Kim’s husband actually works so I can pass that. William does look cool in his tan jacket. Blue tie though. I don’t understand the relationship dynamic between these two. I think it is co-dependent though where one can not function without the other.

  36. I wondered is it me or does Kate enjoy sailing and William doesn’t. I don’t know how much William enjoys tennis but I get the impression the only reason Kate learnt to play tennis was to be accomplished so to impress and do what William wanted. It seemed sadly her all life has been geared to pleasing William on a mere crush.

  37. Oh and another sailing, I mean work event, added to their busy wotk schedule!
    Do they even think about that in same time Harry visited Blair Project, met hospital stuff to raise awareness for Aids, does events for Sentable and plans to travel to Africa for Aids conference?
    It’s not supposed to be a competition but how can they not see that smt is off when they look at work schedule of Prince Philip and their own for example? Or when they see how Harry is doing his Royal work?

  38. I know, Kristin. I agree with you. Sadly, perhaps, they just don’t care.
    They probably think they are working hard. How they could, though, is beyond me.

  39. Sorry if I repeat what others have said, but jeesh you guys have been busy!

    Congratulations to Andy Murray and Serena Williams for their wins!

    While I’m happy William has realized there is a world beyond the blue suit he still has some studying to do on fit. Particularly his pants. Seriously what is with these two and sharing their body parts?

    I prefer Kate’s dress in black. And she more than likely had them remove band at the waist because it would kill her illusion of a normal waistline. And again with the nude accessories although this may be the one time they work so they don’t clash with the dress. Such a busy pattern doesn’t really need funkier shoes. Or maybe just the right pair would work. Either way if I ever get inside her closet I’m torching every pair of nude courts she owns and shredding more than a few blue coats.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think she could have acknowledged his question about the kids and brought it back to him. The way she brushed it off was a bit abrupt and a little rude to me. He was politely inquiring after William opened the door. Maybe she figured George stole enough of her spotlight at the air show, she wasn’t giving up any more on her stage at Wimbledon.

    So I heard they’ve committed to another outing with Sir Ben Ainslie. Nothing like keeping the lightweight events coming.

    1. Lisa, every time I see William and Kate crotch clutch I think of Devinyls “I touch myself” :

      Kate’s spending on clothes is out of control and totally unnecessary. It really is an abuse of privilege. When all is said and done, the money comes from Charles but really is public money hijacked to keep a few people in luxury.

      I think Kate should stop bothering Ben Ainslie too. It’s a kind of royal stalking. We’ll be in for a parade of more teeth, more gurning, tight clothes, phony coyness… enough already.

      1. I’d be less inclined to complain about the cost of clothes if 1)she worked more 2) was supporting uk/common wealth designers

        1. One other quick thing. I wonder if William is tagging along because of her reactions to Ben Ainslie. Trying to keep her under control, although it never really works she still manages those grins and side eye semi-leers.

      2. I wish we could send them a copy of that song. But they wouldn’t get it, it would fly right over their heads.

      3. Oh gawd Jen, know I’ll have that song ringing in my ears for days!!! LOL. I have never seen one woman touch herself so much in public and am kind of surprised that the press has never mentioned it.

        1. Nor have I. But it’s just about showing the ring, right? I suspect she’s been groomed to crotch clutch but she has versions of it eg when one hand (usually the left) is flat against her crotch. Surprising that the press hasn’t mocked her mercilessly.

      4. I knew I shouldn’t, but I clicked on your link anyway. I’m going to have a wicked earworm from this at future crotch-clutching Cambridge sightings. So, who do you think she’s thinking of.. not William, not with those lyrics.

    2. She was too busy twinkling and sparkling her eyes and twiddling her hair at Andy to make coherent conversation. I don’t think he was picking up what she was laying down and seemed relieved to be off with his trophy as quickly as he could.

  40. Crotch Crutching United! KMR, you outdid yourself, lol! I find it odd that Kate mimics everything that William does. At one point, William had something in his eye and rubbed it and she did the same. These two….

    I actually love the dress. I do like that it was lengthened. But that horrid black strip in the middle was ugly. I do like the print of it. It is both sweet and a little playful. But, I think that the dress has more personality than Kate does. William – I can’t. He seems like such an unhappy soul.

    I attempted to Watch Wimbledon with my mom. She hates when the camera pans to the Royal Box. She said that the box has now been filled with (her words folks) “tawdry people who haven’t given anything back”. I would agree to a sense. I am fine with the royals, but some of the other people are questionable.

    The good news is that we are three days away from Victoria Day!

    Thanks for the great review, KMR!

  41. Over the weekend, I was watching a TV special on Kate and Will. There was one particular segment that really, really bothered me. The segment was on how many children Kate and Will will have with the comment that Kate wants more, but Will doesn’t, and that one of the reasons is because the Royals don’t have a normal life and have royal duties. Then the person they were interviewing said that it is “really difficult” for Kate because she didn’t grow up with a household staff and she wants to cook for her family…

    Really? Royals are not normal and they have duties that take time away from their families? What do they think normal families are like? Middle-class mothers all work these days. They struggle to get up, get ready for work while also getting their children ready for school. They take their children to school, fight traffic to get to work, work all day, fight traffic and rush to pick up children on time, get home, help kids with homework, make dinner, etc. Normal middle-class mothers don’t have the luxury of nannies and staff. Normal middle-class mothers don’t complain about how difficult it is to leave their children for 2 hours while they go to a “work.” They leave their children all day while they do actual work. Comments like this, even if not directly by Kate or Wills, make them seem so out of touch with reality.

    On another issue, I wish someone would teach Kate what to do with her hands. She’s always holding them in an awkward position in front of her waist when she is walking or just standing still. Seeing as how she really doesn’t have much to occupy her day, she can at least devote some time to looking her best in photos by doing something with her hands.

    1. “The segment was on how many children Kate and Will will have with the comment that Kate wants more, but Will doesn’t”. I read exactly this, that Kate wanted more children but William doesn’t (he thinks two kids are enough). So I doubt they will have more children if William doesn’t want, because Kate does what he wants. HE is in charge.

    2. “Then the person they were interviewing said that it is “really difficult” for Kate because she didn’t grow up with a household staff and she wants to cook for her family…”

      LOL, to waity finding life difficult now compared to her previous non-Royal lifestyle in her parents home. I may be misinterpreting this statement, but if I’m assuming correctly, (1) Kate wants to have another child; (2) she wants to cook for her family, and (3) having the household staff has made life very difficult for her, e.g., cooking for her family? If this is so, then she won’t need nannies, housekeeper, cook, chauffeur, gardener, night nurse, and most of all, Anmer Hall and KP.

      This poor woman has lost her marbles. It’s so very obvious how manipulating and calculating she is being. Her reasoning is without merit though, vis-a-vis, she left home for many years to be at school, and she lived in London to work and be on call whenever Willy needed her. That being said, how much time did she spend with her relatives/siblings before and after her graduation? Ergo, all of this talk that she wants more children due to the reasons she set forth is just her and her mother’s scheming minds working overtime.

      I’m sure Kate/Carole are thinking that a third child will seal the deal for Kate not having to leave her home, and, when she does leave it’s just for her hobbies, dinners, shopping and social engagements. Also, if there is a divorce, she’d be paid a lot more money with 3 kids than having only 2. What a wonderful life?

      If indeed Kate is so desperate for a 3rd child, and Wills is so very adamant against it, then waity can do what always works best for her, i.e., use her fabulous body and do some pole dancing/stripping. After all, she did land Wills wearing her see-through slip, and she did graduate from her pole dancing/stripping class after Charlotte’s birth and while being on post-maternity leave. Or she can think up some other sexy moves. Wills’ only defense will be abstinence. LOL

      1. William wanted to wait a little longer before having a second, but apparently Kate had other plans. So if Kate wants three she will probably have her three. Of course she needs to plump up a bit and he should probably stay home more.

      2. The idea of a humble, ordinary Kate who likes to cook for her family could have traction (well, to some) if she didn’t run through hundreds of thousands of pounds on expensive clothes, helicopter rides, expensive holidays, hugely expensive home renovations on two residences, and when ‘working’ was prepared not bored, dressed appropriately, behaved appropriately, and spent more than half an hour at engagements.

        If William does not want another child with Kate, it may well be that he (a) doesn’t want to dig his grave any further with the woman, (b) realises what a fool he was, and (c) sees her and family for the manipulators they are who won’t let go.

        If William is not home much, it is because he does not want to be. That says everything about the state of their marriage. I doubt he needs to practice abstinence; if not in an alternative relationship already – something, by the way, Kate had informed Chelsy Davy to expect from royal men – his friends can procure him women, as they did when he was a student.

        1. Or he just only wants two kids. Some people only want one or two kids and then they’re done. It’s perfectly reasonable that William only ever wanted two kids and it wouldn’t have mattered who he married he would have only ever had two kids.

          1. At best, it’s usually a discussion between two people, rather than one imposing their views on the other; maybe not when it comes to being a prince… When you get through all the PR fluf and journalistic dribble, that William looks increasingly sour, and Kate increasing haggard, does not give the idea that they are a particularly happy couple/family unit.

            Apart from the Queen who had four, though two together x two, William comes from a family where an heir and a spare is the norm: himself and Harry, Zara and Peter, Louise and James, Beatrice and Eugenie, Savannah and Isla, George and Charlotte. He has fulfilled his royal duty in that department, and is not known for doing more than he needs to!

          2. @KMR and Jen: I remember reading that Carole told Kate that it’s best to have the kids close together and be over with it. Even though Wills wanted for Kate to wait, she ignored him, and got pregnant with Charlotte. Apparently, there was some ruckus between them and Kate moved out taking George with her to her parents home. From what I’ve read on the matter, the Queen got involved and told them to make the marriage work. Kate moved back home and the two of them made that trip to NYC for St. Andrews University.

            Post Charlotte at 1 year, 2 months, I suppose the pregnancy bug is again biting.

            I’m somewhat baffled about Kate wanting more kids. She does not transmit as being the motherly type. I’ve never seen her kissing her kids. Last weekend, she lifted up George when he was crying but no kiss. Charlotte crying on the BP balcony, no kiss.

          3. Pardon the rant, but I need to get some stuff off my chest:

            How do we know that Kate wants three kids? “Sources”.

            How do we know that William wants two kids? He said so during a walkabout.

            William wanting two kids is a quote attributed directly to him. Kate wanting three kids is speculation based on “sources” and Uncle Gary’s speculation (I believe).

            We don’t know for sure that Kate wants three kids; that’s pure speculation. We do know for sure that William said he wanted two kids.

            We don’t know what kind of conversation William and Kate had about the number of kids they want. If William wanted two and Kate wanted three, then one of them would have to compromise and I don’t understand why it should have to be William. The idea that William put his foot down about having another kid even though Kate wanted another one is saying that William should have compromised and had another kid even though he didn’t want one, and that Kate should not have to compromise about not having a third kid. Whether or not they have a third one, that’s up to them and I’m sure they’ve had that conversation.

            If they don’t have a third kid, that doesn’t make William the bad guy; and if they do have a third kid, that doesn’t make Kate the bad guy.

            And Vonnie, I don’t know where you read that Kate moved out of Anmer when she got pregnant with Charlotte and that the Queen had to step in, but I’ve never heard that before.

            But after reading several Celebitchy articles recently where the writers used the phrase “locked that down with a baby”, I’m really bothered by the assumption that one party is “locking down” another with children. It takes the agency from the other partner, makes the woman (because the woman is usually the one who is referred to as “locking down” the other person) out to be a monster and like the man didn’t want to have children with her. How do we know that the man and woman didn’t BOTH want a child and decide to have one together?

            Sure, William said they would wait a while before having a second baby, but guess what things happen, that doesn’t mean William wasn’t thrilled to get Charlotte and it doesn’t mean Kate did anything nefarious.

            I’m really sick of the whole “The evil woman did nefarious deeds to lock down her man and his money with a baby” narrative that gets thrown around so much.

            Deep breath… Alright, rant over.

        2. I think it would have traction even without all of that if they let the media do a puff piece on life at Anmer, which they will never allow. A tour of the inside, pictures, etc. Otherwise, forget it.

  42. Crotch Crutching United— that is hilarious KMR!

    Dress is meh. Too busy and it reminds me of a dishtowel. And the mop of a hair – please cut it already.

  43. I forgot to mention that all Kate’s talk of wanting a *normal lifestyle* for her children and her whining over the *pseudo-work* she has to do, probably is back-firing on her. Kate demanded Wills spend more time with her and the children and less with his friends. I’m thinking that Wills probably feels like he is in a straight jacket. Kate’s incongruent. She says one thing, and does something else — she can’t have it both ways.

    I remember when they got engaged, they were being interviewed. Wills stated that he waited to propose to Kate because he wanted for her to experience and understand his public life, work,BRF, and the public scrutiny.

    Kate’s answer to what Wills stated and the interviewer’s comments, is that she does not care about what other people feel/think about her, and she only cares about the opinions of her family.

    1. Kate spoke the truth at that interview; she does only care what her immediate family think. They are a very closed unit, predators as tough as old boots in pursuing and getting what they go after.

      I said further up that if William is not at home much, it is because he doesn’t want to be. It says a lot. Such behaviour has been explained away as ‘normal’ in aristocratic circles, as Kate once did herself. These just don’t want to be with their wives and children much. This is perhaps why women in William’s circle did not want a bar of him and his choice was limited to a limpet who would do and put up with anything to get the ring. An independent, well-educated woman does not have to put up with that.

      No-one is the innocent in their relationship, except their two children.

      1. Hi Jen: “No-one is the innocent in their relationship, except their two children.” I agree with you that the two little ones are on the receiving end of their decisions. I mentioned on another article on this site that the kids are kept penned up at home too much and should be allowed to play in “play” clothes. Mia Tindall is a natural, and her parents gets it. It’s too bad George and Charlotte are not afforded the same freedom.

    2. At the time of the interview, I thought she meant that she would focus only on the opinions of those people she knew and respected, as opposed to those of random internet critics, for example. Now, however, in light of her subsequent behavior, I think your interpretation is more accurate. She really doesn’t care about anyone else.

      1. My observation, random as it may be, is that Middleton’s don’t worry about what other people think. They go after what they want. I’m sure Kate’s comment was meant to be interpreted the way you have described, but in reality, she is a hard-nosed woman who wants what she wants.

  44. First things first: Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’m fine, just been having some PC issues over the weekend plus, I was summoned for jury duty on Monday and was actually selected as a juror and got that taken care of yesterday (Tuesday). Whew! I saw this post but wasn’t able to respond properly.

    Now onto Wimbledon: William Arthur Philip Louis! Just STAHP going commando! Seriously! I know you’re male but don’t need to see an outline of your package, m’kay? Wear underwear! It’s not going to kill you and will lessen the trauma for the rest of us! 😉

    Kate: dress is cute but the curtain of hair makes me want to just twist it up and place a clip to keep it out of the way and so that Kate can’t use it as a shield.

    Interaction with Andy: I saw some GIFs and also noticed the little glances W + K exchanged: burr!!! Soooo cold and icy!!! You can’t camouflage that or brush it aside! Yikes!! I understand why Kate said that the attention should be on him but she was too brisk with him.


      1. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. They’re image files compressed to reduce transfer time. Another definition is “a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images”

  45. @KMR: “And Vonnie, I don’t know where you read that Kate moved out of Anmer when she got pregnant with Charlotte and that the Queen had to step in, but I’ve never heard that before.”

    There was a blog on another site,I can’t remember which one, and it’s stuck in my mind since then.

  46. http://www.celebdirtylaundry.com/2015/kate-middleton-marriage-trouble-another-separation-looms-as-prince-william-tires-of-carole-middleton-running-royal-life/

    KMR, per my post above, here’s the article:: “The Duke and Duchess’ behavior is reminiscent of their previous and well-guarded separation during Kate’s pregnancy with Princess Charlotte that CDL exclusively brought to the world’s attention in Autumn 2014. The royal couple split for over a month. Kate returned to home, to stay with parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, in Bucklebury, but the Palace played the separation off as a second case of hyperemesis gravidarum. Which, in itself, makes little sense.”

    “Aside from the comforts of home – let’s not forget Kate and William spent $6.6 million on renovations to their place in Kensington Palace – why would the Duchess of Cambridge stay at her parents’ house for a severe medical condition and not the Palace where she will have the aid of an entire staff and access to top medical care? In fact, not only did Kate snub the help of Kensington Palace, she refused the help of her Spanish nanny, Maria Borallo. Carole Middleton cared for Prince George, often being seen in shops and restaurants with the royal baby. However, during the first separation, nothing was more revealing than the fact that Prince William didn’t see his wife for almost an entire month.”

    “Queen Elizabeth finally stepped in, forcing Kate Middleton and Prince William to reconcile. The royal couple returned to the public scene and The Great Kate Wait temporarily boosted the economy. Kate gave birth to Charlotte, and now that the excitement and post-baby euphoria has waned, the royal couple’s relationship has returned to reality. The same signs of marriage trouble are beginning to show again, and the Queen is on her annual holiday to Scotland, giving the Middletons more room to do as they please. While Kate and Carole want to ensure a “normal” life outside the confines of Palace walls for the royal children, it doesn’t seem to apply to Prince William.”

  47. Greetings Everyone,

    It has been a little while since I have been able to get a signal – the ship is down south of the “Auckland Islands” – yes have stood on them! World Heritage Site and majestic beyond belief.

    As for the WIMBLEDON FARCE and all that flows from it….

    THE CLOTS of CAMBRIDGE along with ANDY MURRAY who has a snarls as much as middleton CROTCH CLUTCHES (both need an attitude adjustment)
    So this is Great Britain at it’s best is it?

    A good damned dress worth SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS
    Hair extensions
    A new jacket for bill middleton
    And the Royal Box now for showing the Royals are total Jokes?

    Britain is going to hell in a hand basket, this pair of unadulterated tossers show up, REAL PEOPLE (you know, the Peasants, the Serfs) have just about having to mortgage their kids to pay for this hell hole of a charade the Clots of Cambridge and the people fawning all over them just lap it up.

    I am bloody sick of it. I have fired off another letter to Prince Charles and I am going to cut and paste every word I have ever said about the gratuitous two prats.

    I cannot get it off the ship for another month – has to be Choppered off as we are two far south for safety but by God this has just got to be dealt with.

    It will a while before I am back in NZ waters (fully home maybe by Christmas/New Year) after sailing back up North to Vitu Levu (Fiji) and then on to Tonga, finally back to Christchurch if there is still a home to go back to.

    Meanwhile this bull sh.t has to be addressed by someone sometime – and stuff the consequences.

    This was a CRASS display, a dress which looked like it had been hauled out of a dress up box and a pure “look at me” – well she is a peasant and her lack of breeding along with bill’s ungrateful and entitled lifestyle will see King Edwards throne in Westminter Abbey collapse with wood rot before they get their pampered butts anywhere near it….

    Marie Anotinette in the making – and middleton is a peasant – there will be no making a silk purse out of this sows ear, so treating the rest of us like the dirt her precious little feet walk in are surely in for a rude awakening.

    Must away the ship is turning, may have a connection for another hour or two – keep up the good work KMR and all posters.

    You are my light in a cruel sea – we are taking a hammering.

    A basket full of happiness for your all, a hand to hold when you need it the most, arms to comfort you when your spirits are low, keep a spring in your step and all the love your hearts can hold.

    See you in the sunrise…


    1. Hello, Wild Rose: Let me introduce myself. I’m fairly new to this site and blog, but you’d never know, considering I write so much I’m sort of a wordy person. My sister who has a Ph.D., in English Lit, and an English major, keeps making fun of me, and tells others that my father is/was: Wordsworth, so they all need to excuse my penchant for being wordy. LOL.

      I posted a reply on one of the other blogs, You’re super in getting to the point, and leaving a mark. I applauud you. Thanks for dropping by and validating what others feel concerning “His and Her Nibs.” They are probably No.1 on the Barnum and Bailey Ringling Bros.
      I don’t know whether you remember the unfortunate Palace Guard who attempted to show Waity some friendliness and was royally snubbed. From the little I have read on the matter, he was loudly vocal in expressed his sentiment about waity’s snubbing and got fired. So sad.

      Bye, Wild Rose, until you return to land again. Happy trails. Vonnie

  48. To the ever wonderful, always loving, Wild Rose, a heartfelt thanks for all that you do. And, for your indignation, too! When you fire off your letters to PC, my heart sings! Good for you!
    As an American citizen, I doubt any words I could write would be taken seriously!

    If you have the chance, please look at the wonderful post concerning the strong work ethic and honest interests of Prince Harry. He took an AIDS test in public in order to encourage others to do so. And, he admitted to feeling a tad apprehensive. That, too, will help so many people oversome their own fears.

    Thank goodness, the Royal Family has Harry. Charles, Edward, Sophie and Cam (who continues to do some lovely things, too) to count on for good things.

    I wish you a safe journey and continued good health and happiness. When you post, the world seems right. Thank you for all you say and do.

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