Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Sophie, Countess of Wessex debut BFG Dream Jars

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Sophie, Countess of Wessex debut BFG Dream Jars

Two royals – Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Sophie, Countess of Wessex – have teamed with Visit London to create BFG Dream Jars in celebration of Roald Dahl‘s 100th anniversary since his birth and to coincide with the release of The BFG movie (which already bombed in the US).

The BFG Dream Jar Trail sees 50 celebrated famous people’s dreams and aspirations transformed into sculptures which are spread throughout London, mostly, but also Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, and Manchester. The 50 Dream Jars will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to Save the Children and Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity.

Camilla is Patron of Roald Dahl 100, a year-long, UK-wide celebration marking 100 years since the author’s birth. Camilla’s dream is about reading: “The power of a good story is immense. It starts a voyage of discovery into different worlds that broadens and stimulates our minds. My dream is that every child learns to read, and discovers the life-long pleasure of books.”

Camilla's Dream Jar
[Clarence House @ClarenceHouse]

Camilla’s sculpture, by artist Michael Howells, is titled “Read” and features a giant pile of books with several children sitting on top reading.

Camilla unveiled her Dream Jar yesterday, July 12, in St. James Park. The event was attended by nurses and children from Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity. Lucy Dahl (in white to the lefft of the jar), Roald Dahl’s youngest daughter, was also there.

Sophie has also designed a Dream Jar, titled “Innocence”. Her dream is “to protect children from being exploited via the internet”.

The sculpture is by artist Ryan Mc Elhinney and features a girl on a swing made of a keyboard. Sophie’s jar will be positioned outside The Queen’s Gallery in London starting on July 19.

Sophie visits Dream Jar
[The Royal Family @RoyalFamily]

Here’s a video about the Dream Jars.

85 thoughts on “Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Sophie, Countess of Wessex debut BFG Dream Jars

  1. Thanks so much for this beautiful post KMR!!! As an avid reader, I share the same dream as Camilla and as someone who is a bit troubled by the overuse of electronics I share the same dream as Sophie. I am thrilled to see these two royal women add such a personal touch in helping charities, I love the sculptures. And wow, how great that what Camilla and Sophie are wearing doesn’t even enter into the conversation!

    Again, thanks so much for this post, it’s always great to read about royal women who are so much more than the clothes on their backs.

    1. I agree 100% Lauri: a lovely post, a beautiful initiative, and how refreshing to talk about substance and real purpose rather than style (or lack of it). These dream jars become a wonderful set of metaphors for further conversations between children, their parents and caregivers, teachers and others in the community: to dream big, unlock possibilities. Terrific that they are auctioned off for charity. I hope whoever buys them thinks of donating them to their local children’s hospital, school or library. I really like how this initiative is not bound by itself; that each of the themes provide a lot of spin-offs for families, schools etc for further action and discussion.

      1. Yes, Jen, that is a wonderful idea. The jars need to be donated to a library or children’s medical facility. They are so very special!
        I wish I could see them in person. I would love to bring my children along, too.

        Such a wonderful idea. Thank you KMR for bringing this to us.

        Sophie and Camilla are always doing these amazing things and lending their names to wonderful causes.

        As a woman who loves to read, I am especially delighted with Camilla’s choice for her jar. She has made a point of discussing literacy so often, and I remember reading on this blog how her dad influenced her in that way. What a tribute to him that she does so much to champion literacy.

        Sophie has also picked a winning idea for her jar! I love her photo next to the sculpture, which is quite innoative1

        What a great way for sculptors to have their works showcased.

        This post has given me a huge smile. One that will last throughout the day, I am sure. A big thanks to you, KMR.

    2. “Personal touch” is a great way to put it. These women only seem to be patrons of charities that they truly care about instead of charities that just look good for PR. It makes a huge difference in the way they interact with their charities and the people associated with them. The idea for these sculptures actually took time and effort. Kudos to both ladies!

    3. I love camilla’s jar! My mom was an English teacher and instilled the love of literature in us. I still remember coming home from school, getting a snack and having her read to us! I love seeing that with my niece as well. Revisiting old friends like Amelia bedalia(she’s still a mess) and Toad and Frog and meeting new ones like Pinkolicious. Sadly my library is getting more computers and less books. Yes, I have a kindle (makes it easy to travel with multiple books) but I still love the feel and smell of an actual book. What I loved about Jk Rowling was she got the world to read young, old and everything in between were reading her books. People who wouldn’t normally read where all of a sudden picking up a book. That’s wonderful. I actually started reading the Harry Potter books because all my friends kids were reading them and if I wanted to talk about something with them, I figured I could read it as well and we could discuss.
      Thanks for posting this! Now I want to see the other jars!
      Pure imagination=)

  2. Great to read about two Royals who know the meaning of the word “charity”and what it stands for. Great to see that their contributions are noted – and that it is not necessary to comment on their clothes – it is all about more than “appearance” for these two

  3. I wonder if this post will get fewer comments because Kate, William or Harry isn’t mentioned. I wasn’t going to comment because I didn’t have anything to say, and then I was disappointed in myself for not being able to summon a “way to go” for two women who seem to genuinely do work for charity and aren’t psychotically focused on their looks. These two should have more written about them, along with Charles and the Queen (I’m not complaining about your blog, KMR) and receive the most comments, but I guess I focus on the negative or scintillating and ignore the less flashy good works. So way to go, ladies!

    1. Agreed JET, it does seem like Kate’s often do-nothing posts get more comments but it is a blog about her so I guess that makes sense. I’ll do my part to help the numbers; I agree with your post on the “way to go!” They definitely should have more written about them, and I’m glad that KMR covers. I love, love Sophie’s dress and am trying to google it now.
      Personally, I’m one of the old Diana mega-fans that absolutely hated Cam, but getting to know her through KMR’s posts has done a lot to help me realize that she’s not a monster. Having said that, I still wish Diana had married a nice Lord so-and-so, had five children, and was the sweet English rose of a village somewhere solidly in middle age. She was an incredible woman and William discredits her every day. Thank goodness Harry is so incredible. It’s time for some confident, attractive, intelligent woman to go grab him and get this done already.

    2. ” “way to go” for two women who seem to genuinely do work for charity and aren’t psychotically focused on their looks. ”

      1. It’s nice to see two women take their role seriously. And that want to help and bring attention to their charities. That are engaged and happy to be there with support. As to Katie Girl getting so many comments on her post. That is true. Yet if it boils to down to lack of commitment, her hair, her clothes, and her dull self. So if I were her I would take the less is more approach in life. If all people have to bring up the negative side of your lack and commitment and motivation. Then that’s not good.

        1. This blog attracts a lot of people who share similar attributes: a strong work ethic, articulate, a sense of justice, empathy, to name but a few. Many, too, have battled all sorts of personal difficulties but through sheer grit and strength of character not only survive, but thrive. And through all that, are still generous to others.

          When Kate Middleton is held up as some sort of role model but does nothing with her life and position to earn that accolade, doesn’t learn and doesn’t care, it goes beyond disappointment and frustration. It is insulting to people who work and give their best each day, at times under difficult circumstances. So the critical nature of this blog comes to the fore, as a foil to the nonsense press. As Eleanor has said, if people see only self absorption and a lack of motivation and commitment, well… expect people to vent their spleen!

          Personally, I don’t judge the value of a post by the number of responses it receives. Sometimes a smile and a sense of satisfaction that someone in a position to attract publicity to a cause – such as this one – is heartwarming in this world. Yet it is so much easier to complain! I’m all for hearing more of what other royals do in order to understand their charity work more. Maybe we should make a conscious effort to comment more about their work, be more knowledgeable.

          1. Well said Jen, I couldn’t agree more!

            Kudos to Camilla and Sophie! I thought Camilla’s dream rather touching and I do understand why Sophie, whose daughter is at a very impressionable ag, would be worried about technology and innocence. I do like how she didn’t go all negative on technology a la William – even though her dream could also be interpreted as a stand against cyber bullying.

    3. Yes, it absolutely will. Most if not all of my posts on royals not named Kate get far less comments than ones about Kate. The blog’s name is “Kate Middleton Review” so I expect that, but it’s a bummer that more people don’t comment on the posts about other royals. I started covering the other royals more because people said they wanted to read about people who actually did stuff, but then they don’t comment on those posts.

      1. I agree KMR. I myself sometimes do not comment about non Kate posts. Yet people a lot of times find more of the negative than positive. Rather criticize than praise. So I thank you for a non Kate post. Highlighting two women that bring something to the table. That understand and respect the roles that they need to fulfill as part of the BRF. It’s also nice see women over the age of 50, that look great, are comfortable in their own skin, and confident in their roles.

      2. I think it’s easier to be critical than positive. In real life, the rule is supposed to be “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” but I think online the rule has become you don’t say anything unless it’s mean!

        FWIW I love hearing about these ladies and the other royals. I’m a Maxima, Rania, and Sophie fan girl. The fact that Kate will one day be a queen like Maxima and Rania blows me away because she’s no where close to their level of grace, elegance, and warmth.

    4. Hi JET, I too have noticed that in the past. I wonder why we complain about Kate’s lack of substance but when we have evidence of two royal women who are actually doing something we frequently ignore it. I’m not meaning to insult anyone here, merely observing an interesting side of human nature.

      1. I love to read about other royals and loved to see this post this morning but yet I found it difficult to express my thoughts this morning. Camilla and Sophie are amazing, the sculptures are lovely and still I found myself thinking “ah wonderful. Love it” sounds like a bad comment and isn’t enough….

        And maybe it’s the way that it is easier to comment in things we don’t like or we discuss them easier as while we often agree on Camilla and Sophie looking fantastic and that they do a great job, everyone seems to have a different problems with Kate (lask of work, style, money spend and so on) and it’s also that we already comment other Royals under posts of Kate as good examples.

        Sorry for the long comment but I do hope we get to hear about other Royals in future too 🙂

      2. I don’t think people ignore the posts. I think many people always make time to comment — even when it’s not about Kate.

        I do think that our disappointment and frustration with Kate makes more people post in far more detail on Kate-centered subjects, though. However, this particular post is wonderful and Camilla and Sophie deserve to be acknowledged for working for such important issues.

        Cam’s love of books and her interest in making certain children love books, too, is close to my heart. And, Sophie is a truly gifted woman who puts herself out there in the most special ways. She is a dynamo, if you ask me Never shirking responsibility and always putting her best foot forward.

        They are people we can all admire and they deserve praise. This particular post is outstanding. And, I will agree with those who say that it’s wonderful that everyone is focusing on what they are doing, not what they are wearing.

  4. I absolutely love this. Cam’s sculpture is fabulous. This is exactly what I love about the BRF, these type of comprehensive, supportive initiatives that they gild the lily on. I wish I could buy a mini of Cam’s sculpture; my younger daughter and I would treasure it as a special piece. They both look great. Cam looks like she got a hair trim which is terrific, and Sophie is gorgeous. Thanks for including this great event!

    1. I love both sculptures, it’s nice to have a break from the dull, self-absorbed duo. Both Sophie & Camilla are women, not girls, the way they carry themselves, engagement and connection with their charities speaks volumes. It’s actually quite refreshing to not have to discuss their clothing, as it does not matter. I’m hanging to hear something about the Swedish royal family.

      1. Victoria Day is on the 14th. Sofia has two engagements scheduled for August, but other than that the Swedes don’t come back from their vacation until Alexander’s baptism on September 9.

    2. I, too, wish I could get a mini version of Camilla’s sculpture; it’s so cute.

      1. You know what I was thinking of too? Pins. How cute would that be to have a pin about the size of the Prince Albert sapphire so you can really see the detail. I think it would be a gorgeous piece that I would wear constantly. It would be a great conversation piece too, and maybe even encourage literacy a little more. Plus, Cam and Sophie could donate any profits to a literacy project. I’d absolutely love that, and it would IMO make the BRF stand out more about why they are “bang for the buck.”

      2. I wish I had the money to bid on it because it would be sitting somewhere in my house if I did.

        A miniature would be wonderful! Maybe we need to send letters encouraging this with proceeds to go towards a charity promoting reading that Camilla chooses. I’d also like one of Sophie’s, it’s cute too.

        Thanks for the post KMR, it’s so nice to see royal women doing good things.

        1. That’s exactly what I was thinking, what I could cut so I could bid on it. Would my husband hate me if we ate veggies only for a year… I don’t think he’d see my appreciation of Cam’s jar, but I want it. I love books. I was a very sick child and books were everything to me. They took me out of my weak body (I had extremely severe asthma and spent months literally tied to the couch or bed–that was all I could move). We had 6 channels back then and not much for kids, so I read. I am so grateful now to have lived in a time before mindless 24/7 TV but I do like some channels and series. It’s just too easy to get sucked in. The kids have no idea. My daughters are both big readers; the boys so-so. They all do love a story though and I’m proud of that. I wrote down Clarence House’s address and I’m going to send a letter. Maybe they’ll do a limited sculpture series with the Bradford Exchange or someone else.

      1. Thanks for posting the link! I liked Helen mirren’s tree and the amythest owl one but I think camillia’s is still my favorite! At least of the one’s that were shown.

      2. I didn’t see one for HM. I would love to see what her dream is (unless it’s the monarchy staying after she passes) if she didn’t make one. Maybe something with the sledding when the children were younger. The video of the RF was adorable.

  5. I love Sophie and I love Camilla so this post made me happy. Thanks KMR!

    It’s always great to see what they are up to, as these two do not get nearly enough press or information out there about their charity work and the things they do, the places they go and the people they meet, which is a damn shame.

    they are both warm people who everyone seems to enjoy interacting with. I especially love Camilla’s banter. She reminds me a lot of my stepmom, who also had a rough road to be with my dad; no affairs, but my dad kept trying to convince her when he was still married to my mom, and my mom is convinced they did have an affair. Anyway. That’s neither here nor there!

    I enjoy hearing about these two. More, more! and Charles too and Edward! And HM and Philip! And ANNE the rockstar!

    1. I’d also love to hear more about Edward. I’m now realizing I don’t know much about him or his charity work! Although, his outfits probably won’t be very interesting to talk about 😉

      1. Edward doesn’t do much.He is criticised for his medals which he didn’t properly earn.He didn’t complete his training with the Royal Marine.Yes,Prince Phillip didn’t pay much heed to his artistic interests and pushed him to join the Royal Marine and that was unfair.But why award medals to Edward when he didn’t work hard enough
        for them.

        1. The medals are all honorary and have nothing to do with service, like the Jubilee medals and the like that are given to everyone in the armed forces during events like that if they’ve served X amount of years. they are not combat medals like the one Harry deservedly has.

    2. I totally agree!

      Thank you KMR for such posts, another meaningful sincere and real charity from the Duchess of Cornwall/Princess of Wales and Countess Sophie Wessex.

  6. Great post. It gives me hope to read about royals who sponsor creative, concrete projects for the dreamer in all of us. I found it very touching and generous and hope the auction raises a lot of money.

    When I see Camilla, I see someone who makes Charles happy and that’s all that matters at this point. She always looks lovely and completely engaged in her charities. Sophie is beautiful and dynamic. Cheers to both of them and to you, KMR.

      1. I love Roald Dahl. I read a story of his in English (about a crime realised with a chicken thigh that was eated by the policemen after…if I remember correctly normally I read in French), it is so good!!! I remember the day I see the film Charlie and the chocolatery, so beautiful… I was disappointed after, because I was in camping with friends and the meal that they made was not delicious like the river of chocolate….

  7. The more I hear of Camilla the more I like her. As a bookworm I’m always so happy to see her promote reading. I also think she’s balanced her difficult position in a very dignified way and I respect that. My own marriage ended due to my ex-husband’s unfaithfulness, and although it cannot be compared with the situation of Charles and Camilla, their example has really shown to me how it’s possible to move on, grow into your role and be humble – by which I mean Camilla’s dignified way to act in the royal family.

    Sophie has always been my favorite and I think she deserves much more credit than she gets, and as someone in her early 40’s I’m happy to see that these two royal ladies are elegant and comfortable in their own skin. Style really is something more than just the way you dress and how much you spend on clothes. Sometimes I wonder how the media is going to treat Kate in, say ten years’ time when she’s definitely not a young girl any more, and if she continues to be as shallow as now. Will there be something more in her than expensive clothes?

    1. “I also think she’s balanced her difficult position in a very dignified way and I respect that.”

      Very well put, and I agree.

  8. This is beautiful initiative and the sculptures are beautiful! I’m an avid reader so I’m happy to see Camilla promoting the benefits of reading, I hope it encourages others to read more.
    Sophie’s jar is going to be even more meaningful, too many children are left on computers unsupervised, more than once I have seen my younger cousin get involved with weird people on the web who have no business approaching a 14 year old.
    Both women are such hard workers they truly deserve more recognition.

  9. Oh Camillas sculpture is so pretty! The artist has really done a fabulous job… ah I don’t even know what else to write but as someone who loves books and loves to read I find it just wonderful to see something like that.

    And also Sophies one, it’s quite different but not less great. Amazing that art has so many faces and ways to express something!

    Thanks a lot for this post, KMR 🙂

  10. These two Royal ladies really are a template for what Royal ladies should be doing. And done with such grace, dignity and sense of fun too. What an enjoyable and worthwhile project to get behind.

    1. I’m glad that they’re working together, not competing for attention, a great example of how two people can share a charity initiative without one upstaging the other. They respect and work towards the common goal.

  11. There is something inherently sweet and touching about this initiative. As an avid reader since childhood, I truly identify with Camilla’s sculpture. I’ve been told that I’m very articulate and I largely credit that to being an avid reader all my life and getting a feel for syntax and semantics that way. As a mother, I worry for my child’s safety esp once he is a little older and I won’t always be physically present to protect him- so I identify with Sophie’s initiative too.

    These 2 ladies do a lot of work for their initiatives and actually have a sustained focus. Bravo!

    On a fashion note: love Sophie’s dress!!

  12. I love this project. It is a perfect way to highlight the causes, and the artists as well. Like Camilla, I am an avid reader, I have spent hours trying to get my young nephew and nieces to appreciate book, unfortunately the computer wins more often than not.

    It is great to see these women working without a mention of who made the dress, and what shoes they are wearing. I so don’t get that, who goes out and spend thousands on a dress because Kate wore it, very weird.

    I have loved Camilla for years, I think her grace and poise in a difficult situation is an asset to the BRF. I hope that she has the same long life gene that the Windsor family seems to exhibit, she is perfect for Charles, and will hopefully be along to support him later in life.

    1. Charles and Camilla were both very impressive when they visited Adelaide last year. They both took their time to meet and talk to all sorts of people in the walkabouts and acquitted themselves very well. Both were engaged, charming and well-mannered – all the attributes expected for people holding their positions. I have no idea of what they are like in private, but publicly, they acquit themselves well. Camilla impresses each time she steps out with her various charities; she seems genuinely engaged and in their corner.

      I think the clothes thing would apply to any young-ish woman joining the BRF. If not Kate, someone else. And should Harry marry, his wife will come under scrutiny. Same with the other girl royals as they become older. It is ageist, most definitely, as we live in an era where youth and attractiveness is celebrated. Women become invisible as they age. As someone noted above, it is lovely to see women over 50, comfortable in their own skin, and very accomplished, lending their abilities to causes they support. They are very attractive in that they have substance and depth of character.

      1. Oh I agree Jen! Any wife of either Harry or William would be watched and evaluated closely, with many comments on her style and how it emulates (or not) Princess Di’s. After the initial “honeymoon” period it would then be up to that royal wife how she would like to be perceived in the long run, as a vapid, shallow clothes hanger or someone who works hard to make a difference and be of service to others.

        1. I definitely agree with you both! That’s why I think young royal women should work particularly hard to create a role for themselves, that is, get involved in charities and find causes they want to champion. I know it’s diffucult, but there are royal women who have succeeded in this. That’s when people start listening to them and think there’s more in them than their wardrobe, and the respect and position the royal women gain that way is what they have left when they age.

          1. I might be daft asking this, but why is it difficult for a young royal woman to get involved in something? We all have interests of some sort or care about something. There would be any number of charities and causes that would be discussed with a new Windsor family member, plus any amount of advice on call. Once a ‘fit’ has been identified, it’s surely up to the royal to decide the level of involvement and go from there. In other words, it’s a job.

            It becomes difficult only if interests and causes devolve to oneself, and work is a four letter word!

            I agree that once the outer looks ago, and the inner beauty never developed, it’s sad. Trading on your body never ends well.

          2. Talking about Kate, I don’t think she’s ever been really involved in anything – after her studies she never really worked, sought a job, looked for her place in life or anything, or at least that’s what it looks like to me. Waiting for William to propose seems to have been her main occupation. When you’ve spent your whole adult life like that, mostly just kind of drifting around, it must feel very difficult to really start something and get involved. You’re not used to it and cannot split your time between different roles or activities very well. That’s what I believe!

          3. Grace, you’re right in that Kate has done nothing much before, during and after university: entirely her choice. She did not take up offers to do (or did little) charitable work while ‘waiting’. I don’t think it is difficulty or lack of experience that has held her back. Her interest in others just isn’t there.

  13. I love the idea of the Dream Jars. I love the involvement of Camilla and Sophie, too.
    In the past, I have enjoyed the posts that profile Cam’s interest in reading. I am in her corner on that subject! The joy of losing oneself in a good book is time to be treasured. Introducing kids to reading is a plus in so many ways. I love Cam’s devotion to this and with her it is not just a one shot deal, is it?

    Sophie, also has chosen a worthy idea for her Dream Jar. The internet has brought so many great people together, like on this blog. It can be a scary and dangerous place, though, too. Especially, for kids. So, here are two Royal Women making powerful statements and helping others.

    Thanks for this post. It is wonderful to read about such actions by these ladies. They are fine role models. They are worthy of our praise.

  14. This is such a sweet, lovely idea. I love how both Camilla and Sophie could add something personal to the project.
    I can’t help but think that if Kate got involved it would have been a perfect way for her to create a jar that either promoted children and sports (since she seems to love sports) or maybe a sculpture of kids painting to represent the Art Room or one of her charities that encourages kids’ mental health by expressing themselves through art. I could imagine a sculpture of kids painting on art easels or something like that. Or maybe a bunch of kids playing sports. It would have been a nice way for Kate to reinforce that her focus is on children’s mental health and/or art and/or sports.
    I know this particular post is on Sophie and Camilla, not Kate. But I just thought I would throw that comment into the mix. It was a missed opportunity by Kate but a real win for Camilla and Sophie. If I were a member of the royal family I would love to give my dream to one of the dream jars and participate in some way. I can think of a few causes I am passionate about, Camilla’s would actually be my first choice (reading).

    1. Kate lack of work ethics, refusal to adopt a royal dress code, protocol, represent HM and the people are all missteps we are reminded of by waity quick meet greets. The result undermine the media positive publicity for the charity and promoting the cause.

      Let’s hope we will be able to purchase miniatures online.

  15. I learned how to read via reading the comic strips in the newspaper as a kid. I can remember sitting at the kitchen counter; continually putting the spoon back into the cereal bowl and my eyes holding the comics and trying to figure out the punch line.

    I also checked out books from both the school and local libraries. To this day, I can remember the scent of the local library from my hometown. In fact, when I was in 4th grade, my school had two copies of Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and I checked out one copy or another so many times that year, I’m amazed that the librarian didn’t just give me a copy for keeps. Even now, whenever I read that book I’m transported back to the age of 9.

    Also, I LOVED reading “The Baby-Sitters Club” and it constantly felt like I had seven friends in my backpack, courtesy of the books; I learned about diabetes since one of the characters had the disease and, later on, having that knowledge in the back of my head ended up saving my life because (you guessed it) I was diagnosed with steroid-induced diabetes at the age of 28.

    Last, towards the end of my illness, reading was the only thing I could do that wouldn’t wear me out! To this day, I carry 1-2 books with me and I’m usually in the middle of 4-5 books at one time!

    I truly applaud Camilla for encouraging a love of books and reading. For many, it is the only outlet a person has from a difficult life. I also like how she was eased into the public and into her work plus, she’s been consistent–no wishy washyness from her!

    Of course, I can’t forget about Sophie! I remember watching hers and Edward’s wedding (was it really 17 years ago?!) and loving the personal touches: the fact that Edward created/made her earrings and necklace, the wink he gave her when she was walking down the aisle, how “homey” the wedding seemed, instead of an explosion of pomp and circumstance. Granted she did stumble a bit in the early years but I think that once her children arrived (and the scare on her and Louise’s lives) has really helped soften Sophie and made her much more relatable as a parent and person.

    Also, she is so right regarding the internet and how, even though it’s supposed to make us closer, it has sometimes made us more divided and can easily cause children to learn things sooner than they should and force them to “grow up” and whatnot.

    Whew! Sorry for the length hahaha! Anyway, I love posts on other royal women! Do you think maybe you can include the York girls? As I’ve mentioned, I’m a York sympathizer and I absolutely hate how they get treated by the press, media and royal commentators in message forums.

    1. Agreed Kimothy, I’m an avid reader and I worry about the kids today being so attached to the computer, and wanting everything to be short and quick. We are such a fast-paced world that it’s hard to slow down and read a big novel over the course of a few weeks. Sometimes people will even say, “You’re still reading that?” like you’re slow=stupid. I’ve had to argue with some people that some of the best things need time to absorb, but I think the world has changed to valuing gulping down everything as fast as possible. Far and fast are the ultimate goal because our time in life is limited. It’s good to challenge these ideas and remind people that marinating in things often gives life the best flavor.

      I’m a York supporter too and appreciated KMR’s posts about the fashion wins and their charitable activities that the DM totally ignores. I hope they fight back against negative media and keeping getting involved. They have a lot to offer and probably would appreciate our little cheering section.

  16. What a wonderful, lovely, inspiring, heartfelt idea ❤️ I love, love, love the “Royal jars”. Camilla doesn’t only look proud next to her (great) jar, but really joyful. And Sophie’s is wonderful, too.

    A really inspiring peace of art from people for people!

  17. I’m happy to be educated about the dream jars.

    I was going about my day yesterday when i came across one. I genuinely thought it was a movie promotion for the film because the BFG sign is huge compared to the other writing.

    As i’,m not the target audience and i’ve never like any Roald Dahl transfer to film, i didn’t investigate any further.

    Thank you for this post. If i come across another jar, i’ll definitely take a closer look.

    On a different note, i wonder whether Camilla had any say in this promotional idea. Her late brother Mark Shand did something similar for his elephant charity where they had artists paint elephant statues which were placed all over London and NYC and later auctioned for his charity.

  18. KMR, thank you so much for writing this up!
    It really is wonderful to see Camilla and Sophie get behind such important issues and I also liked learning something a bit more personal about them both.

    But what I really loved, it scrolling through this comments section and seeing such lovely, heartfelt, positive reviews from other readers. It has certainly brought a smile to my face and just makes me feel so good.

    Also, how wonderful is it that none of your commenters care about Camilla and Sophie wore?,

    1. Em, I agree with you. Everyone is impressed by these ladies and these lovely dream jars, Such a great idea and such a lovely thing to read about and remember.

      1. Camilla told Mail Online: ‘I think if you mind a lot about things that it makes it much easier to do. ‘I can’t do things that don’t come from the heart, really. You have to mind desperately about something. ‘

        Absolutely perfect from Camilla

  19. Thanks for this great post! I am a huge Roald Dahl fan, and the BFG is one of my favorites. I have been an avid reader since age 4, so loved Camilla’s jar. Sophie’s is also wonderful. She’s my favorite British Royal these days, for sure. Thanks for posting about two women who are using their passions to change the world!

  20. Ooooh, we get to see two lovely, smart and hard-working Royal ladies without a dissection of their hair, makeup and/or clothes. Yay!

    Loved Camilla’s dream of books and reading. I fear “the 3 R’s” are becoming endangered species. I can’t wait to see Sophie’s jar when it’s finished. I really dislike the effect of rampant electronics and the lack of social interaction these days. The other day, I watched two teens texting each other while sitting in the same damn rowboat. Aarrggghhh.

    Very interesting idea for an art installation. I do wish it wasn’t tied into a movie release (smacks a bit of commercialism) but publicity for the charities is a good thing.

    How wonderful that Lucy Dahl is involved. Boy, she looks a lot like her mother. You are all probably too young to remember how Lucy’s mother, actress Patricia Neal, came very close to dying during the pregnancy.

    I’m looking forward to seeing all the jars – so far my favorite (excluding Cams/Sophie) is a tie between Stephen Hawking and Buzz Aldrin, but a couple of the “Coming Soon” ones sound interesting! What’s your favorite?

  21. Love it as well, look at all of us avid readers! I think a KMR field trip is in order, we need to see these jars. Roald Dahl was such a wonderful part of my childhood…Charlie and James and Matilda, and the best movie of his books EVER done was The Witches with Anjelica Houston. I was almost out of school by then, but never too old for that! Still one of my favorites (and my children’s) to cozy up to, with some hot chocolate and popcorn when it’s snowy and cold.

    So happy to see Camilla and Sophie support something so dear to their hearts. There is nothing like the heft of a real book in your hand and the rustle of a turning page. Even the smell. No Kindle for this chick!

    “The power of a good story is immense.”

    1. Hi, Ray, I’m with you 100%. Oh, a field trip would be wonderful and sharing those jars. What a thought!

      Holding a book in one’s hands and turning the pages is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things to do, if you ask me. I love going to bookstores and losing myself in all the different thins I can purchase

      Here’s to Camilla for keeping the joy of reading alive. She has made that a consistent goal, one she works toward with love and ease. I admire her for that.

      I admire Sophie, too. She walks the walk all the time. She takes her role seriously and even if she weren’t a Duchess, I think she would be active in many causes.

  22. LOVE this! It’s nice seeing their personalities shine through. I especially love Camilla’s. I’m a book worm so it really spoke to me. It’s nice seeing something of substance for a change. None of the “keen on” or “interesting” crap we get from Kate. I highly doubt this would even work with Kate. What’s her dream? It would basically be the ring inside the jar. Hardly anything to aspire to.

    I looked at the rest of the jars and some of them are absolutely amazing. I think my faves so far are Richard Branson’s and Buzz Aldrin’s. I can’t wait to see Sophie’s finished jar.

  23. I think we all need to pool our money together and bid on Camilla’s Dream Jar. We then could create a calendar for all of us to enjoy it! I adore her jar. I love books. They have been one of the few constants in my life. I’ve traveled many lands amd been many “characters” due to my love of reading. You feel that Camilla is just as passionate about them too. I loved how she told a crowd a fear or so ago how her father introduced her to the love of reading.

    Sophie’s was just as sweet. Like Lauri, I would like a little version of this to put in my wondow. It’s just lovely.

    These two women are amazing in the fact that thier words and work show action, caring, and empathy.

    Please continue to write about other royals, KMR. We get “style” (and I use that term loosely) in regards to Kate. Camilla, Sophie, Max, Leti and company give us sustenance.

  24. I enjoy your posts KMR. I don’t have time to comment until I catchup and I don’t like doing it at work.
    I really like Camilla’s sculpture. It reflects Camillia’s love of reading and consistency in her endeavors to get children into enjoying reading. I also like the way Sophie has expressed herself through her fears and trying to help children. Both of these royal women realise that substance is important to becoming a role model. If only Kate had got involved as she has children. It would show how caring Kate was. Maybe that is why Kate keeps mentioning George and Charlotte.

    I am surprised the BFG has done badly in America. Maybe it is more British focused. I know that when A little princess was turned into a film it was changed to being set in New York not London.

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