Prince Harry takes HIV test live on Facebook to de-stigmatize HIV testing

Prince Harry takes HIV test live on Facebook to de-stigmatize HIV testing

This morning, July 14, Prince Harry visited Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital and took an HIV test live on the British Royal Family’s Facebook page in an effort to de-stigmatize HIV testing.

Prince Harry getting an HIV test
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Robert Palmer from Guy’s and St Thomas’ administered Harry’s test, which involved a prick of the finger and a minute-long wait for the results. I’m embedding the video below, but here’s a run-down from the Daily Mail:

    “‘We call it either a reactive or non-reactive results,’ [Palmer] tells the Prince. ‘If it was reactive it would be sent to the lab to confirm the result.’
    “Responding to this, Harry admits he is nervous. He said: ‘Even being the person I am and knowing the type of people I’m around, I’m still nervous. Which is interesting.’ Mr Palmer says it is not surprising that he is nervous as there is a fear in ‘not knowing’ – but says it is his job to reassure anyone coming in for a test.
    “After Harry washes his hands, his finger is pricked and the swab is put into a special machine. A minute later, it is revealed his test is negative. ‘It’s amazing how quick it is – some people wait months for a blood test result,’ he said.
    “Had the result been positive, Mr Palmer explains they would have a conversation about it. Then, Harry would then have been sent for a blood test to confirm the diagnosis.
    “Mr Palmer worker reiterated that many people taking daily medication to manage their HIV lead ‘long, full lives’ with a partner and a healthy sex life.
    “Harry added: ‘Gay, straight, black, white, ginger, whatever – why wouldn’t you just have a test? We all shouldn’t be on the other side of the river saying “you should get the test”, it should be normalised, everybody should get it.’
    “Clinics in London and throughout the country offer the rapid result tests, Mr Palmer explained. In other places, people going to be tested will have a blood test and can expect the results within a day or up to a week later.”

[Daily Mail]

Here is the video of Harry getting tested. What the DM doesn’t tell you is that Harry kept talking to Palmer throughout the test, asking questions and getting him to explain why people should get tested. Harry was actually a really good “host” in that he and Palmer discussed the issue rather than just doing the test.

Ian Green, Chief Executive of Terrence Higgins Trust, praised Harry for taking the HIV live on social media:

    “Prince Harry’s decision to take an HIV test, live on social media, is a groundbreaking moment in the fight against HIV. Not only does it show His Royal Highness’s genuine and personal commitment to tackling the HIV epidemic, it will amplify a message to millions all over the world: testing for HIV is easy, quick and nothing to be feared.
    “We have a real opportunity to end HIV transmissions in the UK, but it starts with each person knowing their HIV status. Too many people are either put off testing by the stigma that still surrounds HIV, or simply do not think HIV is an issue anymore.
    “Today, Prince Harry has got people talking about HIV again and has normalised HIV testing to a global audience. In doing so, he could inspire a generation to take control of their sexual health. Thanks to treatment, testing for HIV could stop you from getting seriously ill, enable you to live a normal lifespan and prevent you from passing the virus on to anyone else. That’s why it’s so invaluable to have Prince Harry’s support as we aim to bust stigma and end the HIV epidemic.”

[Daily Mail article linked above]

Palmer made similar comments about Harry getting tested in the below video KP posted to their Twitter account:

    “I think it’s really important for someone like Prince Harry to be tested. I think it normalizes the testing process and let’s everybody know that it’s a simple test really it doesn’t take very long. It’s important to know your HIV status. What we do know is it’s not the people who are HIV positive who are passing the infection on, it’s those who do not know their status, they’re fueling the epidemic. And what we want to do is get those people into the clinic and I think for Prince Harry to come along today and let it be known that even a Prince can have an HIV test then everybody can have an HIV test.”

At the end of 2014, around 103,700 people in the UK had HIV with around 6,000 testing positive for HIV each year. The fastest growing group of people living with HIV are those over the age of 55. It is estimated that 1 in 6 people in the UK with HIV don’t know they have it.

In the US, more than 1.2 million people are living with HIV, with an estimated 1 in 8 of them not knowing they have it. In 2014, an estimated 44,073 people in the US were diagnosed with HIV – a 19% drop from the number of new infections in 2005.

Websites to find HIV testing locations in the UK and US:


I think Harry getting an HIV test live for everyone to see is actually a great idea – not only does it put HIV testing in the news, but it really does help break down the stigma associated with getting tested. Also, it is clear that Harry is knowledgeable and passionate about this subject. Huge pat on the back to Harry for doing this.

Next Wednesday and Thursday, Harry will be in South Africa for the International AIDS Conference where he will speak about the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS and how the younger generations need to take leadership in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

105 thoughts on “Prince Harry takes HIV test live on Facebook to de-stigmatize HIV testing

  1. I love that when Harry says he is going to do something, he does it. He gets actively involved and does not just make speeches and empty promises. He is walking the walk and talking the talk.

  2. Yes! Thanks, KMR. I just saw the article on the DM website and knew you would post this.
    Harry is his mother’s son! Just as Diana worked so tirelessly to make sure people did not discriminate aganst AIDS patients — just as she showed that by holding hands with a patient, one could not come down with the virus, Harry is making such a strong statement, too. Get tested! Even, as he said, there’s a sense of worry involved for anyone, the importance of doing this cannot be stressed enough.

    He is doing so much to help many people. I cannot say enough positive things about him. What a good and caring man. He brings smiles to us all.

    Thanks for this wonderful post and for continuing to highlight the solid efforts of so many people in the Royal Families around the world. Some people really do want to make a difference, don’t they?

  3. How refreshing to see a royal humanizing the disease and testing process. A prince with actually blood flowing through his veins instead of ice and liquid gold, which is the image Prince William portrays. I can’t imagine W or K allowing this to ever occur much less it being recorded. He is so wonderful.

  4. I’m just blown away that he’s done this and hugely irritated that it’s not leading every news bulletins in UK today like Diana’s visits were. Can you imagine the other two doing this? No……I can’t either. He truly is the best of his mother and his father.

    1. No, Mrs. BBV, I cannot imagine the other two doing this.
      Harry is a bright light in the world. He is making a difference with each gesture he makes to help others. He does such acts from the heart!

      1. I find it incredible how much he has achieved and so much doesn’t even make Court Circular. Invictus, Sentebale, AIDS, plus his unsung support for many other military charities……and then there’s the other two. I begrudge him nothing in his Royal lifestyle because he does exactly what I want my Royal Family to do. His compassion and his love of humanity and his attitude to service and duty shows just how much good of his parents and grandparents he has absorbed. I am just so pleased that one of them ‘got it’.

        No wonder he is the most popular amongst his family. Apparently the Christmas he was on active duty and not at Sandringham was a total damp squib and he was hugely missed by the Royals. I can totally see him jollying everyone along and getting them into silly paper crowns and pulling crackers.

        1. With you mentioning that he is the favorite Inhad to think of the documentary on Royals I watched recently. As nearly everyone they didn’t forget to mention his scandals but quickly changed over to the work he does and how he is truly respected for it ans that people love him. Yes Harry has fun at events too, goes on holidays and so on but there is more to say about him than that. He works, cares and puts so much afford into it, it’s great…

          Just to add with the other two it was about their children and on how clothes K wears are sold out quickly… really smt to be proud of.

        2. In his christmas radio message that year, Charles added a line about Harry being away, implying how much he missed him and longing for more regular contact from Harry.

          It made me feel really bad for Charles, especially when William spent the Christmas holiday with the Middletons.

          I thought that was a really selfish thing to do to his father even though i understand the determination to alternate christmases with the Middletons.

          This was one Christmas that William should have spent with Charles.

          And to add insult to injury, William + the middletons showed up to Sandrigham for the boxing day shoot. Charles gad already left by then.

          1. Williams relationship with his father does seem so troubled. I could have understood it being that way when he was a teenager……there was so much to distress him then but I do feel like William has regressed behaviourally over the last 5 years. I don’t think his marriage is the only factor or the influence of the Middletons but something is clearly wrong with the bigger picture that is Williams life.

            Maybe he is suffering from depression as has been suggested by Vonnie. Depression is common to the Spencer, Fermoy and Windsor line. I know he’s always been difficult but he’s lost what little charm he had and all that’s left is this angry, petulant man/child who is drifting through his life gaining nothing from giving and resenting the world for taking.

            All that inner turmoil and conflict is what’s made him look so ugly IMO.

  5. Good on Harry for doing this and better, making it very public. The swiftness of getting a result is amazing. But still, he was anxious even, as he said, knowing the people he mixed with… I hope this well-publicised trigger helps a lot of people. Interesting figures about the fastest growing group to be affected – the over 55’s – and I wonder whether Harry’s test will resonate with them? Probably needs to be other high profile people around that age group.

  6. He has a knack of doing things right. His dedication to his causes and execution of his public duties seem almost effortless. This is how to make a difference and make a mark. If you do this right, most people don’t begrudge you your privilege and your need for being out of the spotlight and have a private side, too. Because they respect you and you’ve earned that respect.

    Is he even related to the other one?

    1. Hyacinth, I loved your last sentence. Is he event related to the other one? Indeed!

      Harry is one amazing man, isn’t he? His being tested in a public way is a major boost to helping people realize the import of such tests. And, the honest way that he expressed his own worries, was so touching.

      He is following in the footsteps of his late mother, who helped put an end to the stigma surrounding AIDS patients years ago.

      I will always be in Harry’s corner. He is just one amazing human being. A prince among men. And, hopefully, one day, a King.

    2. I never read this before I commented but it’s so true Hyacinth. He has total forgiveability in the UK because everyone knows how much he gives of himself and that it genuinely matters to him. Sincerity, caring and compassion ooze out of him like it did his mother.

      1. Ladies, I could cry reading your words. Soon will be the anniversary of the passing of the amazing Princess Diana. What a short life she had. How much of an impact she made, though.

        Harry must be the one in the family who brings on the smiles. He does for the rest of the world, too. How proud all the people in Britain must be of this wonderful, compassionate, caring person. His life and his actions need to be praised. I hope others are inspired to act on their special causes, too.

  7. What would really break through the stigma is if Harry tested positive (heaven forbid) and he announced it to the world.

    This seems like a good educational effort, but I wonder if he has much influence in this case. Diana shaking hands publicly with the ‘untouchables’ way back was a real breakthrough, but then, she had a massive public presence and was adored. Mr Palmer seems thrilled so I guess the effort is very welcome and worthwhile.

      1. This is extremely groundbreaking. A member of the BRF being tested for HIV and having it recorded. HIV is still out there. I think a lot of people seem to forget that. It is not shoved down your throat like it use to be. I remember being in junior high and this was the focal point of health class in the early 1990’s. Protect yourself and know your status. Now I think kids and even older people do not think they can get it. So I commend Prince Harry for keeping this out there. That testing is important and knowing your status.

  8. All Hail King Harry!!!

    What a great thing for Harry to do, not only getting tested but continuing to shine a light on this disease. The statistics showing the number of new cases being confirmed each year is scary but by getting tested publicly Harry is helping to take some of the fear away. Well done Harry, well done!

  9. I am happy that you decide to cover this engagement of Harry, I am happy that the change in PM has not give the full publicity that William wanted to show his work (sorry for his coworkers).

    1. I was going to cover the Queen’s engagement yesterday as a “William is still playing pilot” post, but I thought this Harry post was much more interesting and significant.

  10. I really really love his afforts and dedication! If he says he will do something, then you can be sure he will actually do as told and he will stay close to the cause. He is still with Sentable and cares a lot about this place of the world, he does work with veterans outside Invictus Games and now with HIV/AIDS he spoke with doctors and experts at hospital, got tested, will go the AIDS conference… that’s not just getting your pic taken at some gala!

    Beside getting tested, which I think is a great idea to bring attention to it and hopefully make some people think, I really like how he asks questions. Like he really wants to learn and get information on the topic. It’s nice to see him care and using his position the right way!

  11. There is only so much we can say we are proud of him but know this Harry, we are proud of you and grateful how sincere you are with the work you do. Good job!

  12. I’m so proud of this man who gives so much of himself. I love how this video shows him as a human being who doesn’t hesitate to express what everyone is feeling when having a test like this done. He uses his position to change things in this world and that is what a real prince should do. I hope with all my heart that he finds the one who is destined to help him champion his causes and bring him happiness. He deserves nothing less!

  13. I hope that this raises awareness and encourages people to get get tested. Harry has truly inherited his mother charisma, her warm heart and her sense of duty. His family should be proud.

  14. This is quite signifcant! A Prince taking a public HIV test. What an important thing Harry has done. Encouraging others to do this, too. I was impressed when I read he had apprehensions. Just like anyone. That made his gesture even more appealing to others, I am sure.

    Princess Diana broke ground with all her charitable acts. Her willingness to meet with AIDS patients and take their hands helped end the fear that many had of the disease. No, one cannot catch HIV from hand-holding. That was something so many believed back in the 80s. Some, still do.

    Now, Prince Harry goes one step further and does his part to help people understand the import of such testing.

    I simply am in awe of this man who does so much for so many different causes. He brings a beautiful sense of understanding to all his acts. How sad that his brother doesn’t stand up and acknowledge Harry’s hard work and important gestures. Each man is different, I realize that, but William needs to honor his brother. I so think that he does.

    1. I agree, this is really quite extraorindary when you think about it. Even royals that are considered “workhorses” aren’t doing real work or things that can really cause a shift in the way people think about important issues. Every once in a blue moon, one of them will do something significant and change-making that people remember for decades (sadly, with all the royal resources and opportunities, Diana touching AIDS victims without gloves is the best and most recent example I can think of, prior to this). I think Harry’s test is one of those rare things.

  15. I try to write with my IPhone so sorry for faults. Elton John writes on Instagram about Harry about aids and in relation with Diana.

  16. Thank you for posting this KMR, it wasn’t even on our local news. Such a good way of encouraging people to go for a test. I love his inclusion of “ginger” as a minority group!! On another note, he has been seen a couple of times in the local Nando’s with friends, going up to the counter to pay etc,also at the supermarket, not using his status, just bagging up his food and paying. Very down to earth.

  17. Well, I’ve learnt something from this and that’s surely the point? I don’t know how I’d imagined an HIV test to be but I guess it would have involved several syringes of blood and some agonising months waiting for results. A pin prick and results in a minute?! Really?!?! Good for Harry, he’s doing his job right.

    1. Same here actually. I knew there would be blood tests but I imagined it more like taking blood samples and that one would have to wait a while afterwards… in school we spoke about but back then there was even the information on retests as 1st ones could be falsely negative or positive… good to see how far we’ve come!

    2. The earliest tests used to take 6mths. Also, the virus takes months to take hold, so you need several tests several months apart to know for sure.

      In the old days that was stressful beyond belief because by the time the results came through, you might have developed the disease at which point you were put on extreme round of drugs to prevent progression to full blown AIDS.

      These days we know it’s important to catch the disease early to gave a greater chance of not developing it or having the virus not progress to next stage.

      My GP told me that if you start the 3mth course of drugs within 72hrs of being exposed, there is a greater chance for it not to develop.

      You treat it like the morning after pill type emergency whereby if you think you’ve been exposed, you start the drugs immediately.

      On the other hand, even if you get a positive answer, the quicker you start the antiretroviral drugs, the higher the chance of containing the virus so that it doesn’t progress to the next stage or takes a very long time to do so.

      And if you do test positive, it’s life-long medication and testing to contain the virus so that you can live a long life.

    3. In the states, the still most common form of testing is done with venipuncture and a vial of blood and takes about 1-2 wks to get back. If you do the rapid test and it’s positive then you have to get blood done again.
      With the drugs available now people can live long and relatively healthful lives. That’s what made me so mad about Martin Shrekeli when he increased the price of daraprim by nearly 5000%! $13 a pill to $750!

      1. Thanks a lot for information, ladies!

        Thankfully things improved over the years and we can help people earlier and better! It’s still a long way to go with so many diseases but hopefully one day… but actually what Sarah mentioned, the pharma industry makes you so mad. Sure they have costs and to develop new medication costs money but the way they act is absolutely wrong! Just to think that we could help so many more…

    4. I think that was part of the message, you get a result then, there is no waiting. I think in the past people would put off having the test as they didn’t want to go through months of waiting, seeing Harry get an instant result helps stop that worry.
      I think it would be scary to do it with the whole world watching so commend Harry for doing so!


  18. Harry is Faboo! In this day in age you wouldn’t think there would be a stigma to getting tested but when I was doing work as a public health nurse you wouldn’t believe the reasons I heard on why people needed to be tested! I’m a nurse, I know why you need to be tested and it’s not because you sat on a public toilet!! we want people to come in and get tested, to be proactive about their health but it’s the stories that actually make us laugh.

  19. I had such hopes in my heart for William……especially when he slept rough overnight with Centrepoint and when he went and volunteered in homeless feeding shelters. He really shone in those early efforts…….naturally. Somehow he needs to find that William again. I know he’s his own man but he had some of those qualities that Harry has. Sadly it’s got lost in his advancing middle age and the relationship he’s in doesn’t seem to bring out the best in him.

    1. Wow, Mrs. BBV, those acts have truly been forgotten. Until you mentioned them, I did not remember the kind acts that William did. He really did seem to want to follow in his Mum’s footsteps.

      It is so sad to see the difference between the brothers. I know that all siblings are different, but William and Harry were once so close. When one sibling marries, of course, the relationship between them changes, but I just wish that William would praise his brother for all the wonderful work he does. Harry is always offering positive words about William. It’s not fair that this is one-sided, is it?

      1. William changed long before he got married. It was kept hidden. His marriage brought his changed character into light.

        Even with the Palace PR editing the footage to make him look good, it comes through in the documentary made during his gap year in chile that he had plenty of empathy , wanted to help and more willingly had the desire to help.

        The longer he embedded with the Middletons, the more he changed for the worse because they have noblesse oblige ans see no need to go there unless there is personal fain of the material kind.

        Even Pippa’s charity efforts are really self serving efforts that allow her to indulge in her personal passions without doing anymore than the personal plasure she gets from the events ie she loves to partake in marathins, but have we ever heard how much her participation helps the charities? Don’t we just receive fabulous pictures of Pippa, wonder at her stamina and call her charitable, but infact she doesn’t do anymore than these events for said charities? Has she ever visited the actual charities to see how they are doing their work? Are her events the only way to help the charities? In the case of the heart foundation, does she encourage people to get checks?

        Etc and more questions.

        If you look carefully at the past 18mths of her events since that bike race across America, she’s racing for the Mathews Foundation….her current boyfriend’s charity, so which came first, the boyfriend or the foundation? And why is there no higher profile of the charity considering all the races she and the boyfrend undertake? Or is it a charitable way to share a passion with her bew boyfriend?

        I digress so i’ll walk back to William and the pernicious influence the Middletons have had on him. He is as entitled about the perks as they are, whilst not being bothered about work or charity.

        And he has their entitlement now. He introduces himself as ‘Prince William’!!! His own father, a man as entitled as an Edwardian Prince, is more humble than his own son!!

        He was already entitled enough without surrounding himself with people who would reinforce this.

        And he is getting worse with age.

        1. Herazeus, I can only guess about the cause for Will’s self centeredness, but your assessment of the Midd’s influence on his horrible attitude sounds right to me. As others have mentioned I think Waity and Wills bring out the worst in each other. They ditch charitable events whenever they want. Waity snubbed the military wives and moved to London during Will’s time on the base to resume her shallow lifestyle. She shows no growth in understanding what it means to give back as a royal.

          And I think Carole and Pippa’s efforts at positioning themselves in the best light always are transparently hilarious. Carole is desperate to still be young and sexually desirable (she’s just plain disgusting). After Pippa was rejected for every high profile job for which she was clearly unqualified, she decided to do fun stuff for charity. She gets attention for herself but her feats leave no memory of the actual charity. The Midds are complete degenerates and anyone who is in contact with them should keep their interactions as brief as possible.

          1. I was in my local shop today and as I walked past the magazine rack a headline caught my eye. There was an awful picture of Carole looking haggard with the headline ‘Why Carole Middleton’s been frozen out by the Royal Family’. I know these magazine are salacious but I do wish I had stopped to read it…..I might go back tomorrow for a snoop and find out why this publication thinks that.

        2. I think William is becoming a curmudgeon or maybe he always was but it’s just more noticeable now.
          Mrs. BBV., I won’t buy People or magazines like that but a month or two ago In Touch had the headline about “trouble in Paradise” regarding William and Kate and I wished I scanned the article in the store. I was so shocked they were publishing anything negative about them since usually all the magazines here fawn over them ad naseum =( so if anyone read it, let me know what it said!

    2. @Mrs. BBV: “Somehow he needs to find that William again. I know he’s his own man but he had some of those qualities that Harry has. Sadly it’s got lost in his advancing middle age and the relationship he’s in doesn’t seem to bring out the best in him.”

      So very true! I’ve seen so many instances of men /women whose star shone brightly and full of promise, pre-marriage, only to be snuffed out due to their partners’ disinterest and non-existent work ethic.

      It appears that The Queen, being a visionary, expressed concern with respect to Kate not having any type of work ethic, and she was right!

      I remember a pre-marital William being very enthuastic over his charity “Centre Point” (I hope this is correct and it’s still functioning) but somehow it does not seem that William is still on board, after his marriage to *Her nibs’. Also, it’s very difficult for anyone to summon up enthusiasm from a marriage partner if he/she is devoid of any type of work ethic whatsoever, and/or lazy. The marriage is one-sided. All that we read about is what Kate wants and needs, and William is only needed as her prop in public.

      Presently, IMO, William is very confused, angry and/or depressed — probably all, as his actions are atypical of someone who is going through some type of mental problem(s). People handle depression in different ways, and I could be totally incorrect, but only time will tell..

      1. I do agree that William’s life is troubled at the moment and probably has been for some time. Our clever, wiley old Queen knew that this marriage would not succeed. I don’t think it’s bringing him happiness. They both look miserable. Xx

  20. Hello to all: I just skimmed through some of the comments above, and there is very little I can add to what you’ve all articulated so beautifully concerning Harry’s innumerable, selfless acts of kindless, worldwide. That being said, I’ll just add that “Harry is the Prince/King of people’s hearts, and, “he IS da man”, BRAVO.

    I recently watched some BBC shows on PBS, featuring the Queen @90 and her relationship with her family. Some of the show shifted toward Diana, wherein she told the Morton guy, who had begun writing a book on her life, that she would like to be remembered as “The Queen of people’s hearts.” And, albeit her life was so tragically cut short, her legacy lives on through her sweetheart of a son, Prince Harry. Harry, is already leaving an indellible print on the hearts of people, worldwide. He is not only a “Prince of people’s hearts”, but is *da man*.

  21. A friend of mine is HIV positive. The day she found out and the weeks and months following were a nightmare. The amount of pills she has to swallow every day…in every sense of the word…is insane. Doctors told her that she probably won’t die because of AIDS but because of the side effects of the medicaments (aka cancer). Her son is 5 years old. My friend is a tough cookie. She has to deal with so many nasty people and a heavy load of prejudice on a daily basis, but she doesn’t give up. She called me today and told me about the test Harry underwent. She was moved to tears and really greatful that someone like him, someone so genuine and warmhearted took action the way he did. Normally she isn’t bothered by Royals. But Harry impressed her deeply. And I am happy for her. Because everyone and everything that sheds a light on what she has to endure has a place in my heart.

    God bless you, Harry! ❤️???????????

    1. Greta, blessings to you and your friend. I can see how this impressed your friend and you!
      I am sure countless others have been touched greatly, too. All best wishes to your friend. You are a good friend to her, I am sure.

      With each passing day, I think more research will be done to help people who are HIV positive. Let’s hope so for the sake of your friend and for others, too.

    2. Greta, my heart is touched by this. I too have a friend with HIV. He’s had it over 25 years now. He showed me the amount of meds he has to take, and I agree that it’s astounding. He says that he is grateful to live with HIV now versus when he was first diagnosed.

      When he shared his status with several people, including me, I was touched. I hugged him and told him that I will always have his back and people who love him will to. I am so glad that Harry did this because we cannot forget them as we still have a long way to go.

    1. Yes, tomorrow. I wanted to get the Harry post up today while I was waiting for Victoria Day celebrations to finish.

          1. Baby girl, 2 weeks ago 😀

            Fast intense delivery, we’re both fine and healthy. She looks like my mother…

          2. To LizB, I sent my best wishes to you and yours. Congrats and welcome, Baby Anne! I am glad you had a fast labor and a healthy baby. Such wonderful news. How’s her big brother handling this? I so hope all will continue to be good.

            Another KMR baby! Yeah!!!!! Afre you in France, LizB? I thought you mentioned that a while ago. Wherever you are, may peace and harmony rule! I am so very sorry about the recent horrors in NIce. Blessings and support to all.

          1. I am okay. I am in physical therapy. I still have some of the issues that GB patients have – tingling in hands and feet, dizziness, foggy brain. But, I am here. I am on a walker and am learning to balance without it. I am able to do mini squats, small leg lifts and curls. I am still battling a bit of the blues, but met a fellow GBS survivor who also offered support.

            Every day is a new day 🙂

          2. I’m glad things are progressing, Rhiannon, even if slowly. Patience will reward you, I’m sure. Given your determination, you’ll see the back of GB sooner than later.

        1. Wow!
          Congratulations LizB and welcome to baby Anne!

          (If she was born 2 weeks ago I’m thinking she must have arrived either on or close to my birthday (2 July)? A very good time of the year to have a birthday!)

          Sending hugs for New Zealand!

          1. And, Rhiannon, all good wishes for your continued progress. I know you must get blue at times. Just know that so many people care so much for you and are sending out all positive energy your way. Jen is right. Patience is rewarding. Of course, if you are like me, it is often hard to find that virtue. Take care of yourself. I trust the trip to the mountains lifted your spirits!

          2. Oh, LizB, just read your post again. I thought you only said fast delivery. Then, I read the word intense too. I hope you are doing well! It’s hard to get rest with a newborn, but I trust you have people helping you and you can get some rest yourself.

            My goodness, I wish you well. Hugs from New York too. And kisses to your baby and her big brother. How’s he handling this?

  22. Harry is just wonderful.It’s refreshing to see him be so passionate about HIV, I’m sure Diana would be proud. HIV is an important topic and it’s great to see him use his position to bring more awareness to it.

    Plus he’s so hot ( icing of the cake)

  23. This made my heart sing! I saw this earlier in the doctor’s office and smiled from ear to ear. Good on Harry for his running commentary. The more we talk about HIV – from testing to treatment – the more we learn. Regardless of our 21st century innovation, this is one of the diseases that still have a lot of bias and prejudice.

    Harry is beyond amazing. Good job, Good King Henry! Thanks for covering this amazing visit.

  24. I’m so impressed with Harry’s heart, mind and his media savvy. He completely understands the power of the image and how to present it in a humble way. Wow, again. He completely got the message across that no one should hesitate or feel ashamed to get tested. What a masterful stroke for humanity. All achieved by getting the test himself. No lectures or empty speeches, but doing what he is asking of others. Harry has that rare gift of being able to see the world as others less fortunate do. Candidate for Man of the Year.

  25. On a side note. We’ve all complained about Kate’s spending but I just read an article where President Hollande spends roughly $10,000 a month on a hairdresser!!! I believe he has her topped

    1. Greetings Sarah,
      Except President Hollande has done more than stalk a man for 10 years for a dead woman’s ring, almost copy every outfit she can of “his mother’s” in one way or another, the Clot of Cambridge has done nothing relevant to spend 100K on clothes.

      President Hollande is dealing with a nightmare right now – where is the Clot of Cambridge? Tucked up in her pyjamas, waiting to be hand fed breakfast more like.

      I am that damn furious with the Cambribge Clots that I am writing to Prince Charles for the third time to remind him of the pure and utter crass life they lead and that most of Britain will be mortgaging their own children to look after these two idiots as well as their offspring.

      I am sick of it…..

      Sorry to toss this into the mix but by the powers – I am on a ship, in the freezing cold and once I get a chance to retouch with the world I see Do less and Do Lesser smirking while watching a damn tennis match with a 6k dress on.

      Do not take this as a personal rant… but I am sick of these leeches being given a pass and it being acceptable.

      Check out the last post I left, I think that was on the Tennis Match KMR thingey – the ship is currently passing within a 200 nautical mile zone where I can get a faint signal and ended up seeing this.

      A world of happiness to you all – which is what we desperately need right now.


      1. I don’t take it personally! I love a healthy dissent and by no means am I giving her a pass. I think anyone who has a hair budget of this is way over the top. I think Kate pays too much for her sloppy, matronly and generally blah styles.
        I actually look at it differently, as the President of a country that’s going through huge economic difficulties it should be hard to justify what amounts to $130,000+ a yr. on hair,especially as a male who doesn’t have a lot of it =) even Kate and all her over the top spending doesn’t spend that on her hair (that we know of)
        Sadly, Hollande as bigger issues than his hair bill at the moment.

      2. Oh Wildrose! So glad to hear you’re doing well. Love when you express yourself and that you write letters to the Queen and Charles!

        A basketful of happiness to you! Stay dry. 🙂

  26. Got the announcement about the live feed but couldn’t see it. Doesn’t matter, it was a wonderful thing for him to do. I believe this will help some people to see it’s not a stigma, it’s a necessary part of life in the world today.

    Harry is the real deal. End of discussion. William is really trying with the bullying movement but, at least for me, because of his own history of bullying I just can’t take his involvement wholeheartedly. I really wish he would do an interview where he discusses some things he’s done or said to people and how he now realizes it was wrong. THAT would really make people stand up and take notice. Kate just dropped off of the radar with the mental health subject. She only shows up when all three are together.

    Harry is now taking giant strides with his charities and patronages. He’s moved far beyond the baby steps and if KP tweeted everything he did he would eclipse W&K in the blink of an eye. As it stands now there are floods of tweets on Heads Together and William’s bullying with Harry bringing up the rear. Some people on Twitter have been calling KP out on this and hopefully they’ll start being a bit more fair in the coverage.

  27. Harry is simply wonderful. Full stop!

    I was up late as I had surgery this morning (a minor thing, it went fine!) and was so glad to have caught this to watch.

    It’s really fantastic seeing his follow through and his intensity in wanting to really change the world through his fame and fortune.

  28. I gasped when I saw this. This is a BIG deal! I am so impressed with Harry, he seems to be doing more and more to make a positive contribution to the world. I haven’t heard of any world leaders taking a live AIDS test have you?

  29. I cannot applaud and praise Harry enough for what he has done here. Seeing this in the news gave me such a wash of pride, respect, excitement… He makes me think of the expression “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I just wish all the blessings and good things in life to happen for him when I see what a heart of gold he has; and I hope if he is lonely, he finds an equally selflessly loving woman with whom to share his life.

    I don’t mean to take anything away from him, but it just makes me have to wonder if Carole pays any attention to this kind of thing when Harry gets involved and brimgs about results; and does she not wonder why William is not as actively involved in *ANYTHING*. Does she not worry about the future of the Monarchy (and her daughter’s meal ticket) and the fact that Kate and Will are under such a barrage of discontent and frustration with the people? I would love to know what goes on in her head.

    1. I wonder, if caught up in that peculiar bubble that is British aristocracy, that life gets so skewed that it is impossible to see clearly. If the sole aim is to become ‘someone’, then perhaps the bigger picture gets lost in the getting to be ‘someone’. And staying ‘someone’. It’s all about self, not service. So, in answer to your question, no, I don’t think Carole is concerned about William not being involved in anything. If she was, her family ethos would be vastly different; they come across as a family of ‘chancers’ (= people who exploit any opportunity to further their own ends). Sadly, William was so estranged from his own family that he was ripe to be exploited by Middleton ‘family values’ (= utter self-serving greed). They are far too up themselves and thick-skinned to see that their lifestyle and status could be threatened.

  30. Very proud of Harry for demonstrating this test and encouraging people to get one done. His personal touches, sharing how he felt nervous waiting for it to be done connects beautifully. I hope these clinics see a surge in testing and less HIV cases going undetected and unintentionally spread. Glad he will be able to reference back to this when he takes the stage next week. Looking forward to your follow-up post on this.

  31. Greetings Everyone,

    I will make this short – THIS IS HARRY’s DAY, HARRY’s Moment – how about we leave the Clots of Cambridge out of it.

    Bill is a spoilt manchild and has a vain, vacuous, arrogant wife (perfectly suited to each other) who spend more time congratulating themselves on how to get OUT of work.

    Let HARRY have his time in the LIGHT…. he has earned it with every fibre of his being.

    The ship is passing within a 200 nautical mile zone so I can only pick up a weak signal for a couple more hours.

    Hold those you love close, hold out a hand to a stranger, keep a spring in your step, try and find happiness in the smallest of things and I wish you all the love your hearts can hold.


    1. Please refrain from putting words in all caps. Putting words in all caps on the internet is considered shouting.

      1. Greetings KMR

        I am not sure if you are referring to my typing – I only use “CAPS” not for “shouting” but to either emphasise a word/words or use CAPS as a diferential in a sentence or as a Heading.

        Literally to separate out various points not to scream…. when I want to “scream” it is never in “CAPS” as I do it in writing, extremely restrained and clearly to the person concerned. My letters to Prince Charles or Her Majesty are a case in point. Polite but with the emphasis where applicable.

        If there has been a complaint or concern – I do apologise however it has been taken completely out of context.

        I always sign out my emails as THE WILD ROSE – sometimes it is in the lower case with caps but rarely, again I am balancing my laptop on my knee, sitting on a 44 gallon drum of diesel or in some sheltered spot and therefore I am concentrating on having the email flicked off before loosing connection rather than “shouting”

        If this is a problem – jumping from script, from lower case into capitals to using CAPS as a diferential in sentence or emphasis only then I am probably out of KMR altogether because I cannot promise that my expression will be any different due to how fast I type, my limited connection time and the instability of where I am.

        So this maybe Goodbye for good as I am not perfect and cannot promise the impossible.

        I will be out of range again within the next TWO hours as we have just changed course heading into open waters and I will be out of the 200 nautical mile range. Have to scoot – the claxon has just rung.

        Once again – apologies if it is me – thank you for the work you do, you were all JOYS in my life.

        A basket full of happiness to you all, hold a hand of someone who may need it, hope there is a candle to light your way and more love than your hearts can hold.

        THE WILD ROSE … see you in the Sunrise.

        1. I understand your intentions, but you have to understand that people do not and cannot know your intentions behind your use of caps. On the internet, most people assume the intention behind the use of all caps is to designate shouting. That’s what most people assume when they see all caps, no matter your intention because your intention is not stated.

          You do not have to stop commenting, just please be judicious with the use of all caps and understand that most people won’t take your use of all caps in the way you intend.

  32. Greetings Again KMR

    Thanks for a quick response however I honestly cannot promise that it is NOt going to come out as everyone wants it.

    Please POST my humble apologies to EVERYONE – I am not perfect, I cannot promise what I aM not certain I can deliver SO really I do not want to let anyone down.

    My LaPTop is losing signal as we are moving a rate of knots so just Let it be, keep safe and PLEASE post my apologies.

    So – My deep and abiding Thanks, Happiness, light and LOVE to all

    Over and out


  33. As to be expected, this went viral on social media, and was covered by major news outlets worldwide like CNN. I am sure it will have an effect. Harry is wonderful at following through with his goals, and I look forward to his upcoming engagements since I always learn more about the issue. For example, I was certainly aware that there was HIV testing, but was unaware that the test can be read within minutes nowadays and that there are many clinics in big cities offering such efficient services. It’s wonderful to hear good news in this day and age. Too often we are reading about people hurting one another, instead of reading about those helping to save lives.

  34. I can’t remember who recommended ‘Game of Crowns’ by Christopher Andersen but my copy has arrived this morning. As hubby will be glued to the golf at Royal Troon in Scotland for the next 3 days I shall no doubt have plenty of solo time to read this cover to cover. And maybe report back if you think it’s appropriate KMR? But thank you lovelies for the recommendation. Xxx

  35. I don’t know much about him Lauri but I know he’s an American author and that his books regularly get to No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list and he writes a lot of biographies. If it’s a sycophantic, puff piece I’ll donate it to the library. Xxx

  36. When you hear and witness evil in the world, it is t is a wonderful & refreshing breath of air, to see someone doing so much good- in service to and benefit of someone else. Bravo Prince Harry. Long may you live and long may you continue to do good deeds in service of others.

  37. Diana called it, she said that William has potential to do great, but Harry– “Harry will be extraordinary”. How right she was. Mum always knows best.

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