Crown Princess Victoria celebrates 39th birthday

Crown Princess Victoria celebrates 39th birthday

Crown Princess Victoria celebrated her 39th birthday yesterday, July 14, and Sweden celebrated with her on what is known as Victoriadagen (Victoria Day).

Swedish royal family on Victoria Day 2016

More than 4,500 people gathered in front of Solliden Palace on Öland to wish Victoria Happy Birthday. Victoria, joined by her parents, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, and her family, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle, and Prince Oscar, met the waiting crowd and gave a little speech to say thank you. The crowd sang “Yes, may she live”, and the King led a round of cheers.

Victoria Day 2016

Victoria wore the same white Ralph Lauren dress she wore in the National Day photos. Her (ugly) brown shoes are from Zara.

Estelle is wearing the same blue dress she wore in the photo released in March of her holding Oscar. The dress is one of Victoria’s from when she was a child which she wore to the Te Deum for Madeleine’s birth.

I want to comment on the Swedish kids wearing their parents’ old clothes, because we typically think it’s cute when the Swedish kids wear their parents’ old clothes but get annoyed when the Cambridge kids wear William’s old clothes. The difference for me is that the Swedes don’t make a big deal of the kids wearing their parents’ old clothes, whereas Kensington Palace not only releases the clothing information but posts photo comparisons of William and George. One strategy is trying desperately for us to coo over the clothing throwback, and one strategy allows us to come to the decision to coo on our own.

They should have given Oscar a balloon like Estelle to keep him from getting bored.

I swear, Oscar has only two facial expressions: Permanent Grumpy Face and Permanent Surprise Face.

In the evening, the royals rode in a carriage procession from Solliden Palace to Borgholm where they attended the Victoria Day concert. In a nice little surprise, Estelle attended the concert for the very first time.

You can watch the hour and a half long program over at SVTPlay.

Estelle wore pink ear protectors, but she didn’t seem too thrilled with the concert.

Both Victoria and Silvia wore the traditional costume from Öland. Only Silvia and Victoria have this costume, the other ladies wear normal clothing.

Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine, and Chris O’Neill joined the family for the concert in the evening.

Maddie wore a white button-down with a new Alice + Olivia “Catrina” skirt (currently $396), a new pair of Marchesa “Stella” heels in a nude color ($995 or $400), and carried a Chloe “Drew” bag ($1,488). The skirt is cute, but I dislike the shoes in that color.

Sofia wore a new square lace dress from Self-Portrait ($410) and black wedges. I’m not liking this dress.

The Swedes always take a vacation in July and August, so there won’t be many updates from them for a while. Sofia has an appearance on August 4 and August 27, and then there’s Alexander’s baptism on September 9. So far their schedule is pretty light in September also with Victoria scheduled for a meeting on the 26th, and Sofia scheduled for an opening on the 27th.

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  1. Ok I must be really slow because it just hit me that Oscar inherited his grumpy face from his Grandpa King Carl! I love this family and these two kids are just too cute for words. Estelle has gotten so tall she looks like a little lady already and she seems to be able to enjoy some aspects of these events which is fantastic. As we have mentioned before these pictures seem to show that there is so much love in this family. Finally, the kids are so adorable I’m letting go of all fashion opinions today and just enjoying the fantastic photos!

  2. Happy Birthday Victoria!

    I personally love how all the family (or as many as can be there) are supporting Victoria. I love how they show support for each other at events and share that support with the public too!

    Oscar is just too cute, Loving at yawn!

    And I want Madde’s shoes!

    1. Oh i saw one pic of oscar smiling ,perhaps u missed that…
      Estelle has almost left every child of her age so far behind in being well mannered i guess….she looks so grown up….

    2. Cathy u might have missed that part where cg didnt pick oscar when victoria tried to give him while holding the mike…tht looked so strange and odd…

      1. I thought it odd and sad. I’m not into kids but I love and adore my nieces because well they’re my nieces! I could give a stranger a pass at not wanting to hold a baby but this is the grandfather! At least pretend for the pics. I felt sorry for Victoria

  3. Loving Sophia’s shoes.Estelle is cute and Daniel is always so well presented.He’s one sharply dressed man!The Birthday Princess wasn’t looking too bad herself.I liked her white dress with a ruffle paired with the brown belt,but I think I would have liked it better if the V-neck had been less deep.

      1. I always thought that Daniel looked like he could be in the mafia! Can’t tell if it’s because of the double breasted suits or the slicked back hair=) but my version of mob bosses are all very dapper dressers.

  4. This looks like a happy occasion, Victoria has a lovely genuine aura. I like her white dress, not sure about the shoes! It’s interesting how royals save childhood clothes to wear for the next generation, I suppose the rest of us don’t have the storage space!

    1. I have a few of my old clothes that my mom kept, but not a lot and certainly not all. I think the only reason I still have the clothes I’m thinking of is because I used them to dress up a doll I had when I was a kid that I still have.

    2. My mom saved lots of my childhood things for me when I had babies. But drop-side cribs are illegal now, and all my 70’s era baby clothes are in weird fabrics and ugly patterns. Which why I like Estelle’s dress. It doesn’t look dated, and if KMR hadn’t informed me, I wouldn’t have known it wasn’t a new dress. Two of Prince George’s outfits looked very dated, and as KMR pointed out, the media (at the palace’s request perhaps) shows side-by-side photos. Also, since I follow the BRF, I’ve seen a lot of Prince William’s and Prince Harry’s clothes, so I likely would have recognized it without the reminder. I sincerely hope they don’t repeat the blue coat with white trim that Diana went matchy-matchy with. I hated that look.

      1. My mom saved the dress I wore when she took me home from the hospital. I love it and guess who wore it when she came home? I think the sharing of clothing is fine and the Swedes do it in a very sentimental way. When George is put in William’s old digs, I just don’t find it sentimental. It looks to me that Kate is doing what she can to turn her son into a mini William. It’s another way of imitating Diana without really having William’s late mom’s charisma and charm. Or, is that just me?

  5. I love Vic’s dress! It is simple yet appropriate and nice for the celebration. And I don’t really mind her shoes. They match her belt. At least she isn’t keeping it safe, boring and predictable. Nude or black heels, anyone?

    As for Madeleine, the lady can wear anything and still look gorgeous! I hate her shoes but didn’t mind them that much because she’s just too beautiful! And kudos to her for wearing a girly and quirky skirt with an office shirt. Our Missy would NEVER be daring enough to try to pull this off.

    I wanna squeezeeeeee the little nugget Oscar!!! Too cute for words! Estelle is a star in the making!!!

    1. Yes, I agree with most comments.

      All the lovely SRF were repectable and beautiful- CP Victoria Daniel, Estelle and little Oscar are so genuine, lovely and inclusive of the people.

      It’ s also amazing a woman with much more duties responsibilites and expectations, two children and a real spouse is quite capable to cope with those duties responsibilite, her household all at the same time – as a loving hands on mother with young children and family.

  6. I love Victoria’s little family. I look forward to seeing some new photos of Prince Alexander at the baptism, I wonder what he looks like now.

  7. Happy Birthday Victoria!

    It is good to see the whole family out for Victoria day. Estelle is growing so tall and looks very sweet and her range of expressions make me laugh. I like how Estelle wears the old clothes as they are appropriate for her age and Estelle looks confident with the crowds. It is good to see Oscar too. I like Sofia’s dress and shoes.

    1. It is also good to see that Estelle is human with her grumpy face. I don’t understand why parents have such high expectations of children. Children are in front with some things and behind with others.

      1. It’s important that children learn to fit into the adult world. Sometimes they will be bored and tired (as per Estelle in a couple of photos) but they still need to understand patience, courtesy to others and so on. I’m glad they bought the earphones so she could listen to her own music or stories. It would appear that Estelle has been taught to be respectful to both people and the situations she finds herself in.

  8. Love love love Victoria’s outfit!! Simple, perfect for the occasion, flattering… I even love the sandals. She is so very obviously happy in her role as wife, mother, and crown princess. A woman I look up to. Also appreciate how fabulous Daniel looks in his double-breasted suit. He can really pull it off!

    Not feeling Maddie and Sofia’s choices, though.

    My newest edition has quite the grumpy face to rival Oscar lol

    1. How is sweet little Anne doing? I hope that you are resting as well! I truly love a grumpy faced baby. It melts my heart.

      1. Liz B, all best wishes to your little grmpy faced Annie. What a doll, I am sure.
        Hope you are resting as much as you can!

        Lots of hugs to you and your family. Wishing you all the very best that the happiest lives offer. May the world become more peaceful and may joy abound>

    2. LizB, wonderful news. Anne is here! Congrats to you and your family and all the very best.
      I am sure she is darling. And, a grumpy face, too! Cuter than cute!

      I hope you are nowhere near Nice and I send my hopes for your safety and your family, too.
      My heart aches for the people of France. So many heartbreaking violent acts. The most recent one is just devestating. So many people gathered to watch fireworks on Bastille Day.God rest them all and protect everyone in the days ahead.

  9. I can’t say much other than ththat favt that this family makes my heart happy. They seem so genuine, loving, and real. This on the heels of Harry’s big day have totally made my whole week :)!

    Also I love and want all of the shoes! There may be some beigey brown ones, but at least theyre a bit funky, not boring old Kate courts!!

  10. Greetings EVERYONE,

    This will be my last POST.

    I have left a message for you all on the PRINCE HARRY STORY.

    So – My deep and abiding THANKS, Light and LOVE to all.

    Will see you in the sunrise


    1. Best wishes and safe travels, Wild Rose! It is always wonderful to see you. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all that you do. The world is filled with so much turmoil right now. It is good to know that you are out there with your baskets of sunshine.

    2. Thank you Wild Rose for all you do for others. I am humbled by the work that you do for so many.
      Baskets of happiness, and calm seas.

    3. I hope it won’t be your last post, Wild Rose. Please reconsider. I love the fervent passion you have for all that you do, and am humbled by your generosity to others.

      1. Greetings KMR

        “Yes” is the answer you are looking for. YES.

        Out of the respect that I HAVE for ALL of the KMR FAMILY – Yes.

        KMR you have your rules, I am not perfect. With brutal honesty I CANNOT promise what I cannot deliver.

        So rather than let anyone down – annoy, upset, or the like by being UNABLE at all times not use CAPS to either emphasise a word or differentiate in meaning, then again Yes. I am out.

        PLEASE – I thank you KMR FAMILY, you were ALL MY JOY. however, Rules are rules.

        As I am currently in the middle of a SHIP to SHIP transfer of persons so we can transfer people to help out with supplies heading to Europe the satellite connections will only be permitted for a very short window.

        So, as my last sign off –

        Let it go
        With my deep and abiding THANK YOU to you ALL
        Keep a spring in you step
        I hope you find the LIGHT in the darkness
        HOLD on to those you TREASURE

        and with that –

        I leave my basket FULL of HAPPINESS to you ALL
        and I wish you all the LOVE that your Hearts can hold.

        I will see you in the sunrise – beyond that veil of tears.

        Over and out


      2. No, because your tone was rude and cold and condescending. I read what wildrose wrote before she was scolded like a child–she was clearly EMPHASIZING!!!! I know, I do that also. When you feel strongly about something sometimes a regular font just isn’t enough. Waity Katie Taxpayer Scrounger Middleton can inspire SCREAMING…. I’m totally calling you out on this one. You also threaten to shut down your blog when people get into disagreements. Does FREEDOM OF SPEECH exist here???? Because of this incident I will -NEVER- visit your blog again. GROW UP!!!

        1. And you’re not yelling at me right now with your use of all caps?

          If you don’t want to read my blog because I asked someone to refrain from using all caps and explained why, then that’s your decision, but there is no need to scream at me via text.

          PS. Yes, I have threatened to shut down my blog before, because if people are going to make writing this blog and reading it’s comments unenjoyable for me, why would I bother to continue to spend time on it?

          PPS. The First Ammendment only applies when the Government is trying to shut down speech. It does not apply to proprietary websites. Proprietary websites, like this blog and every other blog out there, have the right to delete or not approve any comments they want to. They own the blog, they are the admin, it’s their decision what they allow. That’s why websites like Facebook and Instagram can have policies on what is allowed to be posted and can delete posts that don’t follow their rules.

        2. Geez Anne, you really need to take it down a notch before you burst a vein. If Wildrose or anyone else feel compelled to fall on their proverbial swords just because KMR asked them nicely to not use all caps, then that is their choice. Frankly, I think this whole incident has gotten way out of hand, all KMR asked was that Wildrose not use all caps since in the internet world all caps signifies screaming, she did not scold her “like a child”, she simply stated her preference (as is her right).

          This site has long been one where differences of opinion can be stated without fear of attacks or backlash, KMR has created a community here that supports each other during good times and bad and is a community I am proud to be a part of. As adults (I’m assuming we are all adults here) we should be able to take part in debate without getting our noses put out of joint, we should be able to accept a simple request without responding with drama and theatrics. I’m sorry to see anyone leave here, especially those whose comments I have greatly enjoyed but if they are unable to conduct themselves as an adult, then it is probably for the best.

          KMR, I am sorry if I am overstepping any boundary here but this whole kerfuffle has gotten to the point of being ridiculous, that I felt compelled to say something.

          1. +1
            I was going to stay out of this as well; however, I really enjoy this site and could only imagine the frustation of KMR right now.

            This site has always been about courteous discussion of the royal family. KMR was simply explaining a nuance of Internet etiquette to make sure that the tone of the posts remained respectful of the intent of the blog.

            “Yelling” through the use of capital letters is not the same thing as having a reasoned discussion.

          2. Well said Lauri. I see both sides. Wild Rose has wonderful passion which is behind her strength to help in this world. I saw her use of caps as a part of her writing style.

            On the other side, KMR seems to do her best to keep things steady at this site with polite suggestions.

  11. Such a loving, sweet family. At boarding school I shared a dorm one year with a Swedish girl and she and her family were devoted to their Royal family. They were so proud of their more relaxed style of Monarchy.

  12. I do hope that all the KMR family, especially LizB who I know lives in France, are safe. What a terrible world we live in. My thoughts are with everyone who has lost a family member, has been injured or ‘just’ frightened and terrified by the events in Nice yesterday.

    1. It honestly seems like the world is going to hell this year. Between the terror attacks and all the political turmoil.

        1. =) I’ve learned to take joy in the little things! This little guy was having so much fun. I thought he was going to have some dumbo moments and let his ears take flight

  13. I just love this family. KMR, your description of Oscar’s grumpy and surprised face made me giggle. I always look forward to Victoria Day. Victoria always enjoys herself and will put on the handmade gifts that the children provide her. I think she always looks so happy and confident as she carries out her work.

    Daniel is a handsome man. He is a great example of a loving and supportive consort. Estelle, as always, puts a smile on my face. This man There was also pictures of Estelle gathering flowers for her mom. Victoria and Sofia look lovely.

    This family just radiates warmth and love…well maybe not CG. Thank you for this post, KMR. There is so much sadness going on in the world that it’s a good time to be reminded of the love that surrounds us.

    1. LOL, “…well maybe not CG”. King CG certainly has the Resting Bitchy Face down pat doesn’t he? Now we know how Oscar got it from 🙂

  14. I’m watching the “Grattis Kronprinsessan Victoria” show on tv and it is as boring as every year, I don’t know why I do this to myself every year ;D And this year they have the wrong presenter also.

    I think they all looked lovely but no wow factor here. Maybe Princess Sofia was this years winner, although Princess Madeleines skirt was funny.
    It was really nice to see Princess Estelle (she is a real child after all and can get bored, it was a bit fun to see) and Prince Oscar, he is adorable. Crown Princess Victoria “dancing” in her seat, quite cute and what was really cute was when Prince Daniel tucked in Princess Estelle under a blanket!

    Next year again, maybe it isn’t so boring because she turns 40! *hoping*

    1. This is just pure speculation but I’m wondering if there will be a much bigger events surrounding next year’s Victoria Day since it’s her 40th and that’s a big birthday. I hope so.

  15. Awwww, thanks for such a sweet post!! The SRF always puts a smile on my face!

    I just love that we all have our own opinions! I actually like Victoria’s shoes and wouldn’t mind getting a pair. And how sweet that she wears all the jewelry that the children have obviously made just for her birthday, it must mean so much to those children to have their future Queen honor them in such a sweet way.

    How adorable are Estelle and Oscar?! And I just love seeing Daniel with his children, this is certainly one father who doesn’t “babysit” his children while his wife is away. I have to add that over time I’ve come to notice his fashion choices as well as Victoria’s and he always looks so dapper, a Swedish Prince Charles if you will.

    I agree KMR, it’s lovely that the royals dress their children in their old clothes for special events. I really don’t mind when W&K do it, but like you I do mind having it shoved down my throat. Plus, Kate’s “styling” of George makes him look like he’s dressed from the 1940’s or something, too themey for my taste.

    1. If W&K dressed their kids in William’s old clothes and didn’t mention it at all and just let fans figure it out, I think it would come off much better. It’s the shoving it in our faces I dislike.

    2. Another big difference is that the Cambridge’s created this themed ’50’s vibe – I’m thinking of Charlotte’s christening in particular – with not only the clothes but the old pram, Testino’s colourisation of the photos, etc. It comes across as very staged.

      The Swedes are much more low-key regarding the re-use of family clothes, as has been pointed out. It is more a nod to tradition and is charming.

      The other striking difference is that the Swedes seem more relaxed with themselves, each other and with the public at large. The Cambridge’s are much more aware of themselves, their status and interactions seem stilted. The children of both families are sweet but here again, Estelle (4) and Leonore (3) seem at ease around people and generally appear to be carefree; George (nearly 3) seems more anxious and alarmed and/or confused with so many people around. All kids are different, of course. Just an observation at a great distance.

      1. Leonore is actually 2 – she was born in 2014 – so it makes it even more odd that she is more at ease with people around than George who is almost 3.

        1. I agree. Leonore is trusted a lot more by her family. Whatever the Swedish Royal family do they boost the confidence of the children and make it as interesting as they can. I think the more they are exposed within reason the more they are used to the public and the media. George always looks petrified. I think giving the kids balloons or dummies makes the kids feel secure. Of course we don’t know what goes on but the way the Swedish Royals are so warm helps. Victoria looks fabulous with her hair down but I understand when she is in public she likes to have it up so she can’t fiddle with her hair and the public can see her. I think some things are just left private.

        2. Thanks for the correction, KMR. That indeed makes it more odd. George may just be an anxious child. The Anmer dynamics must be very interesting.

          1. George may just not like crowds. And it may have nothing to do with not socializing properly. Some kids, even though they are socialized well, just don’t like crowds.

          2. True. We have not seen George in anything but public situations that could be classed as stressful for anyone. It doesn’t augur well for the little chap if he is uncomfortable with crowds given what his future may hold should a monarchy exist.

  16. When you wrote ugly shoes, KMR, I had to scroll up again because I didn’t really pay atyention to those looking through the article, all I saw was a nice dress which fit occasion and summer, a happy family and mostly a smiling Victoria! It’s never like the clothes carry her, instead it’s her personality ahich shines through and I really love that!

    It’s also nice how they come together as a family to support each other and celebrate. No one stealing the spotlight, no one putting themselves in front… I really like this family!

    And for Estelle wearing her mother’s old clothes, I already forgot that it was the dress she wore in the first pic with her little brother because what stayed in my mind was a happy and proud big sister and not what she wore. Same now, you see this happy little girl (maybe not so happy during concert haha) and these are clothes which don’t scream “my parents already wore them, please pay attention to it”

    1. I like the dresses/coats, etc that Victoria and Madeleine have passed down. However George poor little guy doesn’t seem to have anything new clothes. Dressing George in old clothes of Williams is cute but the more they do it it starts to have a creepy vibe. I don’t know what clothes Victoria or Madeleine wore but I do not think Estelle minds. George looks as though he doesn’t have a choice. The only outfit I liked on George was the soldiers pullover when photographed on the steps.

  17. The SRF is such a breath of fresh air. The right mix of modern and traditional and genuinely warm and loving towards each other. I love them all!

    To France, what a vicious disgusting act of fear by the terrorists. They keep trying to break your people and your country down. They just don’t understand, our great greats fought terrible battles for our freedom and not one of us will give that up. My heart goes out to the families affected by these brutal acts of violence.

    1. My heart goes out to the people of France, too. The people who were hurt, those who witnessed this horror and all the victims and their loved ones. Ray, you are right. The resilience of the French people is to be applauded. Prayers and good thoughts to everyone.
      Such a horror and on the anniversary of such a special day in history. Blessings to all.

    2. Thanks for your words. (I am French)

      I am stunned, and these attacks become more and more usual. The question that I asked myself is what is the next target, the next city? The issue is that we can’t protect all the cities, all the possible targets…
      The process is always the smae : choc, angry, we cry, we listen to song or share drawing, an hastag about these attacks, somoe politcal men made bad comments… We return to normal life and another attack comes.
      I live in France, not in Alep or Bagdad…. What is exceptionnal for me, is the normality for others… The global situation (political, economical) is not brilliant. The future seems not too great now.

      1. I broke into tears when I read about Nice and I thought like you too Clem, how many more senseless mass murders? What city is it going to be next? How many more people have to die like this? When can these people be stopped- the ones who are depraved enough to take lives like this? And also the fearsome thought enters my head, when is it going to be me or someone that I love?

        My heart aches for Nice, along with all the other places that have violent attacks this year. France, in particular, has bore the brunt of these attacks in the Western World. Stay strong, Clem and there is the hope that this will all end one day. That is all I can say for now.

      2. I am very sorry to hear about the heartbreaking events in France, Clem. I am originally from Florida and we just had a major mass shooting recently. It is always hard when these things hit so close to home. It makes you realize just how fragile life is.

      3. Clem, I can understand your shock and your worries. After 9/11, here in New York, it was as if people expected the other shoe to drop at any moment. I am hoping that the authorities drum up security in all of France — all of Europe — everywhere. Such hatred and violence cannot win! Please take care of yourself and know that people from all around the world are sharing your sadness and pain. We may not be where you are, physically, but we are with you in spirit and heart. LizB, thinking of you and your family, too. And, everyone in France.

  18. I love Victoria and her little family. I do wish she’d wear her hair down more often. On a previous post that KMR did on her showed a pic with it down and she looked lovely.
    I loved Madeleine’s skirt and I actually liked her shoes as well.
    I was thinking about the double standards in the kids clothes and why It doesn’t really bother me about the swedes is we also see them in other clothes that aren’t their parents. Most of the George pics that have been released have all been William throwbacks. Also a girls dress hasn’t changed much over the years so can still look modern. Where George always looks like he belongs in the 50s.
    I saw part of the video where Victoria tried to pass Oscar off the CG and at first it looked like he was going to take him but in the end didn’t =(

    1. Victoria has only worn her hair down once or twice since I’ve been covering her (beginning in 2014). And I’ve only seen a handful of photos of her with her hair down from previous years. She tends to wear it up most of the time – she’s the opposite of Kate in that way.

  19. Birthday wishes to the lovely Victoria and may she her loving family continue to live happily.

    Estelle is getting so big. What a sweetheart! And, Oscar? So adorable. Oh, that yawn.

    This is quite a loving family. Love to see them together for special occasions, don’t you?

  20. Love, love this family.
    And, the Happiest Birthday wishes to the very lovely Victoria. What a role model she is to so many.
    I just enjoy seeing photos of her, Daniel and the kids. All the other family members, too.
    There’s such love among them. And, a sense of decency, too. I will say that Vic’s dad has a grumpy look, though. And, no, Oscar’s grumpy face is not inherited. It’s just a very cute little baby look.
    Estelle is charming and getting so tall.

    Here’s to more news from this wonderful family.

  21. I’m loving the SRF more and more. I know they have nannies and plenty of help but I’d love to babysit Estelle and Oscar the Most Adorable Surprised Grouch in the World for a few hours.

    Vic’s official photo for the day is a nice photo of her. She looks very relaxed, content and happy.

    On the clothing front, I did not care for Vic’s shoes at all. They made her calves look bigger. The do look better from a side view, but then you see that wedge and well, wedge shoes are in the lace dress category of if I never see them again it will be too soon.

    I do really like Maddie’s skirt with the flower embroidery. I’d like to see a teeny dress version on Leonore as she runs through the fields.

    Sofia…what was she thinking with that dress. No, no, no.

    All in all a very lovely outing from the SRF.

  22. Sorry if I am repeating something that has been said, I haven’t read everything.
    Part of the reason why I love the Swedish kids wearing these clothes is because Queen Sylvia’s mother did needlepoint and made many of these dresses for Victoria and Madd, so they are being passed down in the family as handmade pieces. I think that is very sweet and lovely.
    On the other hand, Kate *sometimes* may use the same exact clothes William wore, which is fine. But when she goes out of her way to find a brand new lookalike outfit from Rachel Riley in addition to flaunting her engagement ring awkwardly at every opportunity as well as copying Diana’s clothes herself, well that’s when things get a little weird. It is just too much, IMO. So I think that the way the two families do things is just completely different. Plus, the Swedish kids have been photographed wearing less formal clothing while George and Charlotte seem to always be dressed like they are from the 1940s.

    1. Lovely point about the hand-made nature of the Swedish children’s dresses; yes, that’s special.
      Kate’s approach is heavy-handed. It is forced, smacking of manipulation of the public; it doesn’t ring true, unlike the Swedes.

  23. Thank you for sharing pictures of Victoria’s bday. I love the Swedish royal family.

    I had a daughter named Victoria. My sweetheart.

    Prayers to France and all those affected. Troubling times we are in. May there be peace and love against terrible evil.

  24. Just looked at the photos again and I loved the picture of Daniel holding Estelle’s right hand and little Estelle’s left hand touching her mother, who was holding her son. Not a needy grasp, just a loving display of affection that little Estelle obviously feels for her mother. This family seems to be most loving. I am sorry if the King has a sour way about him His lovely wife instilled such love and kindness in her children and they appear to be passing it on.

  25. I have a lot to catch up on this weekend. Starting with Crown Vic, a belated Happy Birthday!

    I love a crisp white cotton dress in the summer – it makes me feel cooler just looking at it. The shoes can vanish, please and thank you.

    I love Estelle’s “hand-me-down” dress. Silvia’s mother was such a talented seamstress. I have a few smocked pieces that my grandmother made (what’s older than vintage? Antique? Mine are from the 1930’s!)

    I *think* Estelle is grumpy because…they forgot to bring the Throne of Estelle! I know she’s growing up quickly, but I miss the small blue chair that says “Reserved for Princess Estelle” 🙂

    Loved Maddie’s outfit (again with a crisp white summery look for the shirt). Cute skirt and wow, nude shoes don’t have to be boring.

    IMO, a miss for Sofia.

    Silvia looks wonderful as usual. I know it’s not a tiara event, but Sils rocks tiaras like nobody else (except QE2) so, to me, it looks like something’s missing LOL.

    Such a gaggle of good looking gents – CG when he smiles (OK, I had to watch the video to see that), Oscar of two faces, the ever dapper Daniel, Carl Philip, and Chris-I-wish-he-would-grow-his-beard-back O’Neill.

    What a lovely day and such a nice outpouring of love and respect for Victoria by her family and her people.

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