Queen Letizia attends Pascua Militar

Queen Letizia attends Pascua Militar

January 6 is the annual Pascua Militar in Spain, and King Felipe, in full military regalia, and Queen Letizia attended for their second year since Felipe became King in 2014.

Pascua Militar 2016 1

The Pascua Militar is a New Year’s military parade which is held annually on the Day of Epiphany at the Royal Palace in Madrid. This celebration dates back to 1782 during the reign of Carlos III when Mahón, the capital city of Minorca, was regained from the British.

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After the celebration outside, their majesties moved inside the palace where Felipe gave a speech in which he talked about the terrorism experienced around the world in 2015, Spain’s ending of oporations in Afghanistan, as well as a lot of other topics.

Felipe concluded his speech by saying (which has been translated via Google Translate, please excuse errors and wonky wording):

    “In this day of historic and military evocation, and family celebration, I dedicate an affectionate memory of all men and women, civilian and military, at this time, away from their families and homes, defend Spain’s interests beyond our borders. With their work they are giving an extraordinary example of patriotism, solidarity and commitment to peace and security of people who need them. I want to extend my gratitude and affection, with the desire to return home soon with the mission accomplished.
    “With the Queen I reiterate our most affectionate greeting in this traditional Military Easter and ongoing support of the Crown and of all Spaniards for you to continue fulfilling your mission with the enthusiasm and determination of those who know that their work is carving out a better future for our country.”

[Full transcript here – in Spanish]

Pascua Militar 2016 2

The dress code for Pascua Militar is formal, so Letizia wore a new long black Felipe Varela dress with lace cutout detail at the bottom and a bespoke Varela white blazer she wore in Washington DC in September 2015, bespoke Magrit black suede pumps she’s worn before, and her TOUS cultured freshwater pearl drop earrings. She carried her Cucareliquia “Archy” handbag, and wore her hair in a nice updo.

I really like Leti’s shoes (it’s a more interesting take on the normal black suede pump), and her hair looks nice. But I’m not fond of her dress.

Pascua Militar 2016 3

Here’s a video of Felipe’s speech – which is a good ten minutes long.

Photos: Casa de S.M. el Rey / Getty

47 thoughts on “Queen Letizia attends Pascua Militar

  1. Love the hair, earrings, jacket and shoes omg they are beautiful – black suede but with a twist. Agree the dress is a bit odd, but to be fair it is a bit of an odd dress code for daytime isn’t it? Long dresses and formal jackets don’t really go together but you can’t really wear a gown in the day time. Lauri from Ca will I hope agree with me that Leti’s posture is superb. Shoulders back, abs tight head held high. I think she has a lot to offer Kate. She was, if I’m right, really unpopular but she has worked her little Magrit shoes off to earn her keep as Queen, and from what I can see her popularity is increasing. As a couple too they are gradually exposing their beautiful daughters to the world. They both always look calm, confident and happy when out and about with their parents.
    Of course Leti worked very hard at a high profile successful career before her marriage and I think that helps her – self esteem is so important in such a difficult role.

    1. The lace bottom of the long skirt did not seem to go with the tailored white jacket. A fashion faux pas (finally) by Leti, who seems to always look gorgeous.

      The Kiing’s speech was quite touching.

      Thanks, KMR, for focusing on the Spanish Royals.

  2. King Felipe is really, really tall beside his wife. Even when she’s wearing super high heels she only reaches his shoulder. I think barefooted she will look so small next to him. And yet her beauty & queenly dignity outshine her height. Can’t wait for their state visit to UK when her fashion sense will be compared with Kate’s…….

  3. I dislike maxi skirts in general,very few people can rock them.I dislike this maxi skirt on her.
    She has very good posture.If anyone is interested in knowing Queen Letitzia is 5’7 and King Felipè is 6’4.

      1. Umm she looks at least a foot shorter than him; and her proportions suggest that she is petite. I’d say she is around 5’4”.

  4. As always, nice to learn about the traditions of the royal families. I agree about the dress. I think if it had been worn at a gala it would be more appropriate. I did love the shoes and hair. Felipe is just pretty much wonderful to look at any time but I really miss his beard. It’s kind of crazy because as much as I love the look on Harry, I’m ready for him to shave it off and I miss it on Felipe.

    Leti looks so delicate next to Felipe. She does have wonderful posture and that really helps her image as Queen Consort.

    Overall, 2016 is starting out as a good year for most of the royal families so far.

    1. I miss Felipe’s beard, too. I think he looks better with it. I do love Harry’s beard, but it may be time for a change.

        1. I agree. And I agree that Bradley Cooper looks better with a beard, as does Chris Pine.

  5. I love most of the outfit, not too sure about the long dress with the jacket over it. I know that if I had of tried to pull it off, I would have had my heel get caught in the lace of the skirt and I would have fallen over, (I can’t say that I would have fallen flat on my face because I have large built in air bags), but rest assured it would be incredibly undignifying.

    I am not sure of the dress protocol of these things if one does not have a uniform to put on. Would a skirt and jacket have been better? Or dare I say, pants? I do love the dress, but I am just not sure that it was the right thing to wear today. But I love everything else about the Queen, she just oozes regalness (is that even a word?) without being snobby and she seems incredibly confident in her role. And I am in love with her daughters, they are going to be heart breakers one day.

    1. The dress code requires a long dress, so Leti could not have worn a shorter skirt or pants.

      I feel you about getting caught in the lace; I would too.

      1. Ahh see this is why I don’t say straight out what they should or should not have worn as I knew that there would have been a dress code. Maybe a longer dress without the lace on the bottom and the jacket up the top? I would love to see the dress without the jacket.

        You and I can be on the floor together KMR! We would have a ball .

        1. The problem I have with this outfit is the lace at the bottom. I think the outfit would have been fine if it didn’t have the lace and was just a plain black dress. I’m wondering if she threw on the jacket because the dress doesn’t have sleeves and she needed long sleeves. Given how much Leti repeats her clothes, I’m sure we’ll see this dress again, hopefully without the jacket.

          1. I think that you are right KMR and that the jacket was an after thought, which is unusual for Leti, she usually has it down pat. I cannot wait to see the full dress.

  6. The last picture is the best where Leti’s face is so expressive talking to Felipe.
    Leti has some interesting things coming up in the next few months; looking forward to her speeches

      1. I agree. It was nice to see some personality from her. I feel like I have not become a big fan of hers because she looks aloof and cold to me in photos. It would be great to see a more lighthearted and warm side of her.

        1. Lindsey as with other royals if you watch videos you might warm to her. She is a bit of a hugger and her body language around people is much warmer than you think from the still photos. IMO of course ☺️

          1. Great idea, Birdy. I found a few videos of her online and she does seem much sweeter and warmer in live action. It’s a shame that doesn’t come through as much in the still photos.

  7. Felipe is a super tall guy and Leti is petite. Their contrast is striking but they are one of my favourite royal couples. Only Leti is so thin! She has the body and posture of an ex prima ballarina, although I don’t know if she was ever into ballet. I admire her confidence and presence.

    Both Felipe & Leti saved the monarchy in Spain since Juan Carlos abdicated and their girls are gorgeous.

  8. I actually like this look. She’s so very thin that many of her outfits (in my opinion ) make her look anorexic. Leti is a beautiful woman and truly carries herself as a queen

    1. If she had to wear something else than trousers, I would prefer a long pencil skirt on her. She is a beautiful woman with a glowing complexion but raises remarks about her weight. I had read somewhere that she is so thin that she makes the Duchess of Cambridge look like Marilyn Monroe.

      1. Well, Spain is making a state visit in March, so maybe we’ll be able to see the difference. Kate and Letizia are both extremely thin, but I think Leti might come out on top of that comparison. If they stand next to each other, Leti’s almost exaggerated posture will certainly highlight someone’s round shoulders!

        1. Oh please don’t let this state visit inspire Kate to compete with Leti on the thinness level. That would really be scary.

      2. Letitzia is one of those who naturally have a thin physique,however I’m not saying that she is naturally this thin.Perhaps dieting and stress of being in the public eye contributes to that.I don’t believe that she is unfit though,check out the definition of her forearms.She definitely works out.

        1. In pictures of her during her journalist days, she wasn’t as thin as she is now. More than likely, as you said, it’s due to stress of being in the public eye plus becoming a new queen. Those two things alone have to, unfortunately, take its toll on you emotionally, mentally and physically.

          Like Lisa said, I hope that this doesn’t encourage Kate to compete with Leti (or vice versa) in terms of thinness because that would be dangerous for both women and on so many levels.

  9. Strange look. Hair very nice but neckline seems to suggest a necklace but there isn’t one? Not sure if lace belongs at a military event either – she could have worn a plain dress or one with subtle detail e.g spots or stripes. That dress especially with those spindly heels says ‘evening function’ to me. With the ‘business-woman’ jacket and clunky clutch bag it’s a convoluted look IMO.

    1. I agree. Something just isn’t right with the outfit. It looks thrown together. I can’t stand the white jacket. She isn’t doing the crotch clutch though!

  10. It is a strange look, would love to see the dress without the blazer. I think the blazer was a bit too stark, but kind of a hard fashion call, with having to wear a long dress in the middle of the day. Maybe a short black bolero type jacket would have worked better. Kate take note: great shoes: pumps with a bit of detail, hair pulled back, no raccoon eyes. I agree both women are naturally thin already but have taken it to the next level and this will probably never change.

  11. Yes yes yes. I love them. I love Leti. I just hate the skirt. It’s a lot of look. Her beautiful shoes are competing against the busy skirt. A longer pencil skirt, wide legged trousers would be great. I love how she carries herself. She’s a class act. And Felipe is very easy in the eyes. Especially with theach beard.

    You are a gem, KMR. Thank you for a beautiful post. Now, please take a much needed break. You give so much to us.

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you KMR for a post about my favorite royal lady!!!

    I really like this dress, the lace cut out adds a certain pop to what could be a rather bland black dress. I’m not the biggest fan of this white jacket though, I wonder if the color scheme needed to be black and white? Personally I would have picked another color like midnight blue. Again, Leti has shown that it doesn’t take much to make an outfit stand out, of course great posture and a warm smile are the best accessories, but a chic up do, great clutch and killer heels don’t hurt.

    Felipe please bring back the beard!!

  13. Letizia’s posture is amazing – she always looks confident. I love the way Felipe looks at her – so proud, but also sexy!! I don’t love the skirt, but thought ‘eh, Spanish’. It does have the nice lace detail at the bottom – much better than Kate’s all-over lace ‘daytime’ dresses, IMO.

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