Prince George starts nursery school

Prince George starts nursery school

Prince George is growing up so fast! George and his blonde curls started nursery school yesterday, January 6, at Westacre Montessori School in Norfolk. To mark the occasion, Kensington Palace released two photos taken by Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince George starts nursery school 1

Both Prince William and Kate were there as they dropped George off and Kate took photos to mark the occasion, which were taken in front of the mural on the outside of the nursery building. George is expected to attend the nursery school two to three times per week. Supposedly George’s first day went well.

George’s first day of nursery school being captured solely by Kate is a change, since both William and Prince Harry‘s first days of nursery school were captured by the world’s media.

[William on his first day at Mrs. Mynor’s Nursery School in London on September 24, 1985]

[Harry on his first day at Mrs. Mynor’s Nursery School in London on September 16, 1987]

Royal photographer James Whatling, my new favorite person to follow on Twitter, pointed out something: “Now that #George has started nursery, it would appear that the annual holiday to Mustique will have to be shelved.”

The annual Middleton Mustique vacation usually takes place late-January/early-February. I somehow think they will find a way to go despite the fact that George has started nursery school. Keep in mind, William and Kate have no problem vacationing without George.

Prince George starts nursery school 2

By the way, people are making a thing about the fact that the royals point. I mean, sure. But everyone points.

Royals pointing

Photos: The Duchess of Cambridge via Kensington Palace / Getty / Twitter

Please stop the dust ups

In a huge shift of gears, I have something to say:

I have no idea why there have been so many dust ups and arguments in the comments in the last month, but it seems like every few days something is going wrong, someone is taking offense to something, someone is replying with a condescending comment, and someone is storming off in a huff. There have been more dust ups in the last month than there were in the year preceding it.

Quite frankly, I’m sick of it. It makes the blog unenjoyable. And that’s from me! That’s from the person who devotes hours every day to looking things up, writing articles, and reading and responding to comments. I can’t imagine how unenjoyable the blog must be for the people who simply read and comment, and aren’t as devoted to it as I am.

I know that we are not always going to agree. People have different opinions, ideologies, and beliefs systems, but that doesn’t mean we have to be rude, condescending, or spiteful when people don’t hold the same opinions as us.

Here’s the thing: Replying to what we think is a patronizing comment with a patronizing comment makes us wrong, too.

If someone makes a rude, condescending comment attacking another commenter, they are in the wrong. If someone then replies with a rude, condescending comment attacking that commenter, they are now in the wrong. Two wrongs do not make a right. Responding in that way only escalates things and does not benefit anyone.

I don’t know what I have to say or do to make these dust ups stop, but clearly what I’ve said and done in the last month has not only not helped but in fact made things worse. I told myself after the last dust up around New Years that if things didn’t improve by the end of January I would quit the blog, and here we are just a few days later dealing with yet another dust up.

I am so incredibly sick of the dust ups. There is absolutely no reason to be condescending or rude to each other. Those types of comments do not add anything to the conversation; all they do is upset people and cause more drama. I am sick of the drama!

Yes, we have differing opinions. It’s okay to disagree. Disagreeing adds to the conversation. But disagreeing does not mean being condescending. One can disagree with an opinion without being condescending about that opinion or the person who holds it.

I don’t want to have to not allow comments or quit the blog; I enjoy chatting with you guys. But these dust ups need to stop. Now.

216 thoughts on “Prince George starts nursery school

  1. It seems like yesterday George was born… he is SO cute. I do appreciate that WK shared the photos with the public.
    I hate to say it, but I am of the opinion that they chose a Montessori school near Amner, not because of the philosophies, but because they are obsessed with shunning the public and press. And I don’t believe for a minute the Mustique holiday is shelved because George is in school. He is two. He can miss a week of preschool.

    And we all know WK aren’t opposed to going on long, distant holidays without their children.

    I also am of the opinion Kate releases her own photos, as opposed to a professional or an organized press event, mostly because she gets the monetary benefit.

    Anyways, thank you for the post! As always, you did an excellent job at covering it.

    As for the last portion of your post:

    I think you should change the forum so you can moderate comments. We know you are NOT a sycophant who will only let in praising, unrealistic comments. You are fair. And if you think someone’s comment is undeniably rude, you should feel like you can deny it being published to avoid problems.

    Its your blog – but please, don’t quit!!! You are SO good.

    1. I wasn’t sure if we would even get photos of George starting nursery school, so yeah it is nice to get the photos we got.

      Apparently that Mrs. Mynor school taught the Montessori method so both William and Harry went through it, too. I don’t know if that played any part in why W&K chose this school for George. I’m sure the proximity to Anmer Hall played a big part.

      1. Is Will still working at EMAA? Given that he seemed to have 2 weeks of at Christmas I thought he would have been working?

        1. I haven’t heard anything to the contrary so it is presumed that William is still working his schedule with EAAA. Who knows what’s really going on with that, though. We haven’t gotten a “William the pilot” story in several months.

          1. Shouldn’t you be asleep KMR it is 7.30 am here and I’m in my usual spot in the garden with coffee and iPad watching the dog sniff around to find out how many foxes and badgers have visited his patch in the night. I used to do emails now I do KMR!! So much more fun. Just considering my breakfast options – what to have with my porridge this morning!!

          2. @Birdy

            A question: is porridge what Americans call oatmeal?

            I was never a big oatmeal fan – grits are more my thing – but when my dad forced me, I’d put cinnamon and raisins!

          3. LizB – porridge is cooked oats – so I think it is the same as American oatmeal? Traditionally it is Scottish, made with water and salt, but I make it with milk and fruit.

  2. What a cute little fella, I hope he enjoys “school”. A nice couple of hours a few times a week to make some friends and spread his wings. My children did play school at age 4, before starting kindergarten, and it was a positive, enjoyable experience for both of them.
    As compared to his father at that age, George looks happy and open, where William looked guarded and unsure. Interesting, and obviously two different personalities (whew!)

    1. The difference I noticed was between William and Harry. William was all “I’m just gonna wave a little bit”, and Harry was all “Hi!”

      1. Another example of two different personalities, which we’ve all seen demonstrated throughout their lives. My sister and I are 20 months apart, and are complete opposites! But she has always been one of my best friends (except for when she was nicking clothes out of my closet and then changing into them once she got to school – busted every time grrr!)

    2. Well, George is being photographed by his mother (which he’s pretty used to by now) while William was facing the world’s media so that might be a reason for the differences.

      1. It is a good point. I can’t decide if therefore it’s better for George, so he isn’t scared, or if it’s bad for him, because he will never get used to it. What are their plans, to thrust him on stage when he’s a good-looking teenager?

        1. I’ve also wondered about this too, bluejay. I understand that they want to protect him for now. However, dealing with press and paparazzi will be a lifelong battle for him. It almost might be worse if he knows what life is like without them. I suppose he is only 2, maybe they are planning a gradual introduction?

        2. That would be my concern too. I think they’re doing him a disservice and setting him up for trouble later on. He’s going to pick up on and mimic his parents attitude towards the press and that means that he is more than likely to have a suspicious and hostile attitude towards “outsiders.” Poor little guy needs to be x prepared for being in the public eye. The Swedish Royals are a fantastic example of how to do that right. From what I can tell, the little Swedish Royals are happy, well adjusted kids that are comfortable being around huge crowds and having their photos taken. No one is suggesting they invite the press into the nursery, but there’s a balance that needs to be kept if those kids are going to have a shot at not being totally screwed up. George is cute, but rarely looks happy and always seems bewildered at what’s going on around him. I have a hinky feeling about how they’re handling this. They’re raising a prince as if he was a country gentleman’s son and he just isn’t going to be prepared for Royal life. I do think though that there is a very good chance that by the time George is grown, there won’t be a monarchy and he’ll just be a rich kid other celebrities kids. Their parents behavior sends the clear message that they are in favor of being solely private citizens and not working for the Royal family at all. They’ll lose a lot of perks, which I predict little tantrums about, but they’ll be able to be totally idle and useless and nobody would care. As long as people are footing the bill for them, they’re going to have strong opinions on how much (or little, in their case) they work and give back. Right now they are trying to hang on to all the luxuries and privileges without holding up their end of the bargain. People are getting fed up with this, especially considering how horrible the economy and job market is right now. They will either have to blow us away by suddenly throwing themselves into charity work or just back down and stop mooching off the public.

        3. On the one hand, considering how frightened George looked at the hospital with all those reporters and fans, I can understand why W&K decided not to invite the media to his first day of nursery school.

          On the other hand, I think it would be best for George (and Charlotte once she gets older) to be introduced to the media so he becomes less afraid of it.

          As a middle ground, W&K could have invited only a handful of media. Or they could do another engagement with him, a smaller one, where they can control how much media is present while also getting him used to the media being around.

          1. Both William and Harry started it on September, Harry was three, I don’t know if they also started by being schooled part-time.

            Could it be that they are introducing George to school now so he can adapt and then have a photo call when he starts full time? – that way he might not be as apprehensive as now because he is familiar with the teachers and little peers.

  3. It’s clear that George looks much more Middleton – he looks very different than William at the same age! That might change, though, as he gets older.

    He’s very cute and hope he has fun.

    I’m kinda over Kate’s style of zooming in on the subject of the photo and never seeing their surroundings or other people. A pic with William and George would have been nice. Or something. Guess I’m getting too demanding lol

    1. I can understand the “zoom in on the subject” thing for photos like the first four photos of Charlotte, or even the two photos of Charlotte that were released in November because for photos like that we want to see the baby’s face since we haven’t gotten a chance to see her much yet. That was one of my problems with Michael Middleton’s photos of George that were released a month after he was born because they were taken from so far away that we barely got to see George’s face. But for photos like these it would have been nice to get more than a close up. But I’m okay with them because at least there is color.

      I did notice that George has much fuller cheeks than either William or Harry when they started nursery school.

  4. Thanks for the photos, I think George looked cute with his little backpack already to go! My god daughter’s son started kindergarten last year, he’s a similar age to George and he was so excited to be a big boy and going to kindy-school, his words! I’m sure George will be exactly the same. It will be a great way for him to make friends. I, personally, really like Montessori preschools as a way of starting a child’s education.
    Re the second part of your post KMR.
    I am very sorry that you have to state it again and hope that you don’t give up on the blog. I will be doing my best not to have that happen, mostly by thinking and rereading before sending a comment.

    1. At that age it’s more about playing than anything – at least it was for me – and I’m sure it will be good for George to get out and meet other kids.

      Re the second part: I hate that I have to say it yet again. I don’t even know what’s happening. Most of the commenters are great, but for some reason these heated arguments keep happening. And I know I’m not above it. I reread that part of my article five or so times to make sure it came across the right way and that I wasn’t being condescending.

      1. Hi KMR, please consider moderating this blog, which would solve the problem you note above in a nanosecond. The “dustups” are embarrassing for everyone and detract from the excellent work you do. In other blogs I follow, name-calling, nationalist slurs and personal attacks get the offenders banned without exception.

  5. Every time I see Diana I am reminded of how well she wore her clothes once she gained her confidence! Let’s hope Kate too grows into her skin a little more this year.

    George does look like a gorgeous little monster just as little boys should be.

    I stated my posting rules just for myself personally but to repeat the third bit – if something upsets you just scroll on by. This is a fantastic community but we are only cyber friends, and just as in the real world we don’t have to like everyone. If I see someone in the supermarket I don’t like I just scoot off down a different aisle. Here we should all do the cyber equivalent!!

    Look at the wide variety of topics you have blogged about just this short year and the huge number of comments. Please everyone for KMR’s sake let’s all be good, fair, rational commentators and be kind to each other.

  6. George is quite cute and seems like a very confident little person. Of course there were not public media taking these photos of his first day so that might make some what of a difference. The announcement if I recall correctly was he was to start the latter part of January which no doubt caught everyone off guard.

    Also there was indication that when they were in London he would not be attending, so going on their annual family vacation could still happen.

    It is sad if people choose to be negative towards others on this forum. Everyone should be given due respect for their individual opinions. I know I definitely do not agree with everything written and try even to see what the other person might be seeing which I still do not. But that person might see something or know something I do not. Bravo for your patience KMR I do not know how you are able to preserve on. Thank you.

    1. The press release said “before the end of January” so it could have been any time, but I was surprised it was so soon as I was not expecting it at all. Especially since they released the photos at 11:30 AM (my time) / 4:30 PM (London time). That’s really late for them. Usually when they release photos they release them at about 6-7 AM my time. I’m sure they waited to release the photos until George left the school for security reasons and such but it still took me by surprise.

      There are a lot of times where I just have to keep scrolling. There are times where I will stop and saying something because it’s an issue I truly believe in but for the most part I can move on.

      1. Do you find it interesting KMR, that they released the photos on Twitter again instead of through the press? I really don’t know anymore if it’a about their privacy as much as controlling their image.

        1. I wonder if Maria was there & that doesn’t fit with their devoted Mum storyline. At the Christening George got upset leaving with Will, Kate & pram & I suspected he was actually upset at leaving Maria behind – hence William telling him “they’re coming to Grannys house” or somesuch. I doubt George would be so upset about leaving the other Royals as by all accounts they don’t spend much time with him. Could have been Carole, I suppose, but as Maria is his full time Nanny my odds are on he was upset at leaving her.

          Anyway! Long paragraph aside, I wonder if Maria had to be there to soothe him & William really would freak if that was seen by the public.

        2. On the one hand I think using social media is a good thing in this day and age, but on the other hand it really seems like KP/W&K are deliberately trying to stick it to the press. And I don’t think it’s so much about privacy for the kids as it is about privacy for W&K and controlling their image.

          1. Good morning, KMR -first time poster.

            Unsure of the year (2014 or 2015) but William, Kate & Harry copyrighted their names, so the monetary gain is definitely a factor. Add in the control Will has over photographers & it’s a win/win for him & the missus.

            Except it’s not, in the long term. He’s pissing off the people who elevate him,keep him relevant. On occasion, they strike back. These occasions have been more frequent, the past year.

            It will be interesting to see what 2016 brings( from both sides).

          2. Hi Mairin – welcome! 🙂

            I remember reading, when Prince Harry revealed pics from his work in Africa, that they were not sold to generate any profits for the royal. I never read something similar with Kate’s.

            I think it was 2014, curiously, the names they use now in the pics are not the same as the ones about the copyright/brand thing . I remember Kate choose to use her Scottish title and Harry the nickname given to him by Lesotho’s kids.

        3. I think maybe they sent a copy beforehand to the press and told them when it would be released so they can all publish online simultaneously. This is just a theory tho, it may be entirely possible that they just uploaded this.

          1. I don’t know if they send a copy to the press this time, I think the last few times it was not sent anything to them – we stopped hearing about ‘broken embargoes’. But some journalists knew about the release of the pics, Tanna wrote about it on twitter.

            A good thing that happened, in my opinion, is they stopped with the publicity tweets I never liked the ‘watch this space, in a couple of hours we are going to reveal a special photo’.

          2. KP has done that before, but the embargo was broken and KP got a lot of backlash about it. I don’t know if they did that the last few times or if they released it straight to social media.

          3. KMR, i never seem to stop hearing about broken embargoes all the time so maybe no wonder KP doesn’t run by the press anymore.

  7. well george is a cutie, and hope he remains that way, Gosh, hope he will never ever end up like william poor fellow, anyway, It would have been nice to see both parents holding his hand, maybe talking to other parents or teachers, he looks lonely on that pic!!

  8. OMG, I’m obsessed with James Whatling, too! My heart officially belongs to Richard Palmer but James Whatling is quite the delight. Happy New Year, btw, I don’t think I’ve wished you one yet. May it be filled with magical moments, delicious royal gossip, peace, love and happiness.

    1. Richard Palmer was my main man for a good while there, but James Whatling and Mark Cuthbert have snuck in there and stolen his spot.

      Happy New Year. I saw your post about Nightwing; he’s adorable.

      1. I third James Whatling as The Man, especially since Palmer appears to have been swallowed up by KP after the oh-so-exclusive meet & greet, I love JWs tweets – it’s so good (important, really) to hear the truth so we’re not hoodwinked into a Royal dictatorship. Kim Jong Will may end up getting his own way but a few decent folk aren’t making it easy for him.

        Whatling for the win.

        1. Royal photographers can be a bit more candid, though, royal correspondents have to play the game. Those quoted inside sources are usually Palace press staff. The Palace trades bits of gossip about the royals so correspondents have stories to sell in exchange for the Palace being able to set a lot of the rules. Royal correspondents who haven’t abided by them have been shut out and their careers ended. Palmer not only has to walk a careful line with the Palace, he also gets reigned in by his editor. Palmer plays the game well, he’s managed to get in a level of candor most of his journalistic peers wouldn’t dare. Royal photographers not only have a bit more freedom, they’ve also been pushed more, being shut out across the board. As far as entertainment value goes, photographer James Whatling definitely leads the pack. Palmer’s Tweets are interesting on a different level, they reveal much more, even what he doesn’t say can speak volumes.

      2. Palmer stuck it to them big time in his article about George’s school yesterday, though. He reminded everyone that they spent 3.2 million of taxpayer money on KP because they said they would be based there and they aren’t.

          1. We don’t really have a detailed coming and goings of the Cambridges so we’re not really sure where they spend their time on. I think maybe they spend more time at KP than we thought they do but primary residence is still at Anmer Hall especially now that Georgie is at school.

      1. I meant to add –

        What are they going to do for any future documentaries. Film not available? Voiceover?

        Will and Kate are really encouraging public apathy.

  9. Nice pics. I hope George has a great time in school.

    Re: dust ups. We have a lot more people now so arguements are bound to happen. I do understand that as owner of the blog, you feel more responsible but please do know that these happen because people want to one up each other. I used to manage a popular facebook confession page (it’s a thing in my university) and arguements blow up all the time. Mostly us vs them (we have a lot of university pride and are the most popular university in the country. “Them” is every other university). You might disagree because I know how hands on you are, but unless it’s starting to get really nasty, we just let them tire themselves out.

  10. It’s nice to see George again & hasn’t he grown since October (the time the last pics were taken, albeit released in December). I can only imagine how much Charlotte has grown in the last 2 months too!

    THANK YOU KMR for saying what you have about the petty bust ups. Enough already. I don’t know how often you have to warn the same people before you have to ban them completely, to be honest. It’s spoiling it for everyone.

    Everyones opinion is as valid as everyone elses. There is no hierarchy on here.

    1. Only hierarchy is that KMR is the top of the tree and the rest of us are the leaves. Or as she said to that strange comment on the Japanese section “it’s my blog I will do what I want” or words to that effect. As we say in England ‘ if you don’t like it, lump it’ – ie go somewhere else.

    2. It really is. Dealing with all these flare ups is not enjoyable for me; it must be awful for you guys. Every opinion is valid and no one deserves to be put down for it.

      1. One of the problems seems to be that many people just want to have the last word, and it becomes less about the point they were making in the first place. I’m a scroller too, Birdy, lucky we can, instead of having to decide what to deal with and what to let go! You are doing a good job KMR, not sure what more you can do.

          1. Actually, I think the person on the Japan post raised a valid point. It’s like going to a hardware store to find out about tools and being presented with the latest fashions in scarves. If you’re going to create a specifically-named blog then stick with it.

            I don’t ‘tune in’ here enough to see the aforementioned squabbles, but if they are happening then consider disabling content, OR setting your blog up so that people have to comment under more of an official system – such as Facebook or Disqus.

          2. I disagree with your analogy because tools and scarves have nothing in common. The name isn’t “Kate Middleton Review” and then I talk about puppies. Kate is a royal; then I branched out to other royals. Yes it’s different from the namesake but it’s still in the same category of thing.

            A better analogy would be: It’s like going to Panera to buy a plain bagel, being told they’re out of plain bagels, and being offered a different bagel instead. If I’m super hungry and can settle for any of the other bagels, then I’ll buy one of those and come back the next day when they have more plain bagels. If I really don’t want any of the other bagels, I’ll not buy one of the other bagels and wait until they restock the plain bagels.

            I cover Kate whenever she does anything. But she does not do something every day or even every week. So like the bagel analogy, when Kate is “out of stock”, I offer up a different royal. If people are happy with that for the moment until the Kate comes “back in stock”, great, if not, then they can wait until she comes “back in stock”. It’s not like I’m not covering Kate in favor of the other royals (I’ve only bumped Kate once – for Carl Philip and Sofia’s wedding – whereas I’ve bumped other royals in favor of Kate plenty). If I didn’t cover the other royals during the times Kate is absent, then the blog wouldn’t have new content until she did something. So either you guys get nothing until Kate does something, or you get something that may not be what you ultimately want but can settle for until Kate does something.

          3. Nicely played katemiddletonreview 🙂

            Blog title disagreement aside, I do think your coverage of all things Royal is stellar; please keep doing what you do.

        1. Not sure this will be in the right place of sequence.

          KMR, you wrote a wonderful and appropriate response. Your bagel analogy was perfect.

          I appreciate during lull times we can experience what the other Royals are doing for their people and the world. So thank you.

          1. Oh I would put it even more strongly than you Kat. I came here for Kate ( the plain bagel could be her new nickname – plain clothes I hasten to add not plain face) but now I am just loving the wide varieties of bagels that previously I knew nothing about. So excited about Queen Leti visiting here and the Bhutan trip , loving watching all the European royals grow up, mainly because we are completely starved of our own Royal kids ( could they be doughnuts ? ) I was so excited this morning – you’ll be getting this now…dog, swing chair in the garden , coffee and KMR. The dog loves it because he gets such a long run around.

  11. You’re right Birdy – I was talking about hierarchy amongst the squabbling, sharp-tongued commentators, not KMR herself who is neither of those things. Infact KMR has far more patience than I would have had!

    Indeed we do say that here (I’m a Brit too – born in Norfolk & now live in Sussex).

  12. Which kp halfwit forgot to add “hrh” to waity’s copyright tag? Defacto queen scarole will not be pleased.

  13. I have to say George does look like his mum. I hope George had a good first day. I expect he will like his Montessori if they stick with the main teachings and learning how to sew etc sounds useful skills to learn. I wonder if Kate went to one. I like his warm coat. A colleague showed her little one’s first day at Nursery and his stance was more open. George seems a bit apprehensive which is normal I suppose.

    1. Eh, I think it’s fine if he was apprehensive about starting school. I was apprehensive on my first day of school every year until 10th grade when I finally relaxed a bit.

      1. I agree. I was apprehensive starting school particularly remembering with a friend where to line up on the first day. Its more closed body language towards his mum taking the photo. It s lovely of William and Kate to share George’s first day though.

    2. I had separation anxiety as a child. Everytime my mom would leave me at school I just blow up in tears. I was so glad that George didn’t have the same problems.

  14. Georgie is a cutie with those curls. I wish him luck and fun. This will be a good way for him to interact and have some fun. I also think that the Cambridge’s need to be careful with the media. They are circumventing them with these releases. I guarantee there will be another dust up.

    KMR, I love this blog. I jumped in a fracas recently and I totally apologize. You have my commitment that I will keep scrolling and not do it again. I agree that there has been more traffic (which is an awesome thing) which has created a few dust ups. I beg you to not quit. I will keep it classy and respectful and hope others can do the same. You have a quality blog and I marvel how you have the time to put it together. Case in point, you broke down the Japanese line of succession and how to properly wear orders. No one else does that.

    You’ve also created a community where we celebrate babies (Jenny and Maddie), support when family members are sick (Seth), learn good posture (Lauri from CA), and oatmeal preference (yours truly).

    Just know that I enjoy your blog and all that you put into it. Keep up the fantastic work.

    1. Before it seemed like it was the reporters who were upset, but now it seems like the photographers are the ones upset. I don’t blame them. Not allow photographers around to do their jobs and releasing Kate’s photos as the only photos of the kids is a detriment to the photographer’s livelihoods. I guess Whatling and Cuthbert and Rooke weren’t invited to that meet-and-greet in October.

      Thank you, Rhiannon. I’m really hoping things will get better now.

      1. Whatling & Rooke definitely weren’t as I remember them both ribbing Palmer about being a sell-out (all in good fun) I bet Chris “Mr Tash” Jack was included though.

      2. I know that reporting has to change in the 21st century. However, W+K need to work with the journos and photogs. They will be the ones to keep them relevant. W+K don’t know how to effectively advocate for themselves and play the game. It won’t end well for them if they keep it up.

        I think that Georgie and Char are cute kids, but I don’t feel excited about them like Estelle and Leonore. I’m American, so I can only imagine how citizens of the UK feel.

        1. I’m a tax paying, Royal funding Brit & I feel warmth & affection for George. I feel nothing for Charlotte – I don’t know why, and it’s a real shame as I remember feeling interest & affection for both Princes when they were little. That’s changed now i see what William is really like, but Harry is the Peoples Prince for me. Kate is just an overwhelming disappointment. She doesn’t represent the modern woman at all.

          I’m jealous, really, of how lucky Sweden are with Victoria as heir – she genuinely wants her role & welcomes the public in to the life of Estelle so warmly. I wish the UK had that.

          1. Perhaps, it’s hard to feel anything for Charlotte, because we are not given much of a chance to see her. I think the Swedish Royals handle things with their children, the media and the public in a far more generous, warm way. They are giving everyone a chance to get to know and care for the little ones and they also allow their children to have a good deal of privacy. Albert and Charlene seem to do this, as well.

            William is certainly not too media friendly. I guess Kate follows his lead for reasons that are either that her feelings are the same as his, or that she won’t challenge him on any level.

            In the beginning, we didn’t see too much of PG and then there was the trip to Australia and he (in my opinion) was used as a prop. Once home, he was absent from public viewing for quite some time, but now, we see much more of him. Charlotte? There really have been too few photos or sightings of her.

            I live in the States, so I may not be privy to as much info on George’s earlier months of life as people in the UK are. But, now that he’s out and about more, I think it’s delightful to see how he is growing!

          2. Maybe things will improve with Charlotte once she’s a little older and out more. It’s surprising how quickly people can be caught by a cute face or innocent encounter.

          3. I don’t feel anything for Charlotte either. She’s just a blog (a ladylike blob). We’ve seen enough of George’s personality for me to actually remember him but we haven’t seen that at all with Charlotte.

      3. I do pity the royal photographers. If W&K keeps this up, they’d be out of business soon. It’s not like there’s a lot of British royals that are working or of even interest to most that they can photograph.

        1. You know it might behoove them to begin covering the other royals and giving them more exposure while reducing the coverage/exposure on W&K. Give them their privacy, I can pretty much assure that as soon as they realize they are not the center of attention they will change their ways.

          1. Big ticket will always be the Cambridges, though, and they don’t want to miss any opportunity. I’m sure 5 pictures of other BRF members out working for the public and dressed to the nines are worth one of Kate coming out of John Lewis and heading straight for her waiting car, holding a bulging bag, hair up in a clip, make up barely scribbled on. Any day. Cambridges sell copy, that’s the name of the game at this point in time. I just don’t see that changing anytime soon.

    2. I second that this is an incredible blog and I always marvel at how KMR is able to cover so many royals and maintain such a high level of quality. I have no idea how she does it, it requires a lot of time and dedication. Not only that, KMR has always been very supportive of other bloggers, generous with her time, wisdom and is always incredibly gracious. I have a lot of admiration for her.

      1. Nice comment Lola!
        And I love your blog too.
        You both write well and I like the free flow between both of you too. Great rapport there 🙂

  15. George is really a cutie!! It looks like Kate is getting a bit better with her photography, I like the shot of him at eye level.

    It seems that W&K enjoy bypassing the press and releasing their photos and such directly on Twitter. I really don’t think it’s about protecting their son’s privacy anymore as much as it is controlling their image. It will be interesting to see how this works for them in the long run.

    1. I liked the photo of George pointing because it had more movement in it. But that’s just me.

      I think W&K are shooting themselves in the foot in the long run.

      1. I have a feeling that once Harry marry s (we have to get Rhiannon to England, stat!), especially if his wife works more than 4-5 days a month and knows how to accessorize properly, the Cambridge’s are going to be in for a rude awakening. The public mood is already starting to turn, I’ve noticed that Kate’s appearances no longer garner front page headlines for the whole day, people are starting to see through the post wedding haze and taking a good hard look at their future King and Queen and are finding them lacking.

        The Queen herself once said that We need the press more than they need us.

        1. And of course Rhiannon will understand the importance of POSTURE which can transform a plain outfit into something fabulous – a la Queen Leti.

        2. I agree, Lauri. If Harry marries a woman with even one hard-working bone in her body, the DOC is going to have to step-up, big time. The comparison between the two ladies will be inevitable and I think it will become even more obvious that this isn’t a real job to the DOC.

        3. We are putting all our money and hopes that Harry will not marry – as KMR stated in another post – a blonde Kate 2.0. Trouble is, the circle of ‘eligible’ women is extraordinarily small. Those who would be great probably don’t want to lose their voice and independence; those who want it may be there for the perks and a financially easy life. If only Harry could be like CP Frederick from Denmark and find his wife in the pub!

      2. I like that one too. You can almost feel his excitement and/or apprehension. However, it could be that he was just overwhelmed by the colours on the wall it’s not like he would be used to that with all the white / beige that Kate uses at KP and AH!!

  16. Very cute pictures of George. So is the new normal Kate taking all of the pictures of the kids? Guess this is William’s way of really controlling things. He must have bad flash backs of when he had to face the media on his first day of school.

    He looks like he’s going to have a lot of fun. I certainly hope he does. He’s got a lot of energy and this will be very good for him to get out and see someone other than his immediate family.

  17. George starts nursery in a nearby school, in a small establishment and controlled environment, away from prying eyes. He’s also going for part time attendance, in the middle of the school year when usually fewer children start and this way get a little more attention from the teachers, anyway. It’s obvious that W&K want to acclimatise him gently, in a way they can have maximum control of.

    Of course there is no harm about it but I understand the possible frustration of official photographers. Maybe if these were pictures Kate would put on her personal page, it would make much more sense, like Princess Madeleine does.

    Overall George and his locks are wonderful. He trully is little Mr big cheeks, isn’t he. I suppose this comes from grandpa Middleton.

    Please KMR I want to join the rest in begging you not to let go of this blog, especially now that I’ve just started posting! Have more confidence in all of us in establishing a forum and community that ultimately ditch the dust ups people. Thank you.

    1. It’s not the middle of the school year in that sense – at pre-school/nursery a child starts the term when they turn 2y 6m at the earliest. My own sons started at 3 as they were still too little at 2.6 – but its very much a personal thing.
      I worked for ny youngest sons nursery & we always had new additions start towards the end of the week as it gave a couple of days for the older, established kids to settle down with new term excitement & so be a tad less bouncy when around the shy new ones. Sounds like this nursery has the same sensible practice.

      1. I see. Where I come from, nursery is a very personal thing as well with no fixed age of entrance. My daughter started at 2,6 but on September which was a bit overwhelming for her.

        1. Where are you living, if I may ask?

          I find the different standards and customs for school very interesting. I’m in France, and it’s not obligatory, but just about everyone sends their child to school at 3 years, starting September.

  18. Good afternoon,

    First I would like to say that an English is not my first language. So probably there will be mistakes.
    Second I do not want to be rude but I really need to say my opinion. Now I am doing it for the first and the last time.
    I started to pay attention on duchess shortly before her wedding in 2011. I have to admit she seemed beautiful to me. But it was all. I did not see anything special on her. I truly understand the royal family needed a woman who will not shine too much. So I think that the fact she works so little is welcomed. On the other hand I think she is satisfied with it.
    I really do not want to sound mean but I have an opinion. She could do more (much more if she wanted). Usually the public can see only the official appearances (on the internet, TV) because there are reporters who take photos. Because of that she is seen by public. But she could do one offical appearance and one or two secret appearances per week. So she would be working for her charities but she would not endanger her husband. There could be great results of her work.
    I must say I am jealous of her. Not because of her her husband or body but because of her position. She has a voice which is heart. She has a position which is respected by people. If she truly wanted to help, she could.
    There is other big topic. She has full stuff. She does not have to do anything at home. She even does not have to take care about her children. The only things she can take care are her charities. I think it is not fair to compare her to common wifes and mothers of children. Her job is not difficult. She does not have to do anything special. She has to look good and smile and wave. Then she sits on the chair for a short time or she has to say a short speech. It is all. We all have to be nice and relaxed or smile in the presence of other people. She has to do it for an hour. It is not a long time.
    My last topic are comments. Everyone of us is criticized every day. Many people are bullied every day. We have to cope with bad comments and even with false comments. There is nobody who would criticize a bully because of us. If you complain about it you are told that it is a life and you have to get used it. But if you are rich, nobody has the right to criticize you. Even if you meet other people, they are not strictly nice to you. Most of time they are rude or even aggressive to you.
    I do not approve it but the poor human being does have no choice. There are comments. You can write them and they still stay on the webside. But most people would not say a bad or rude words out of a webside. There will always be nice people who meet her personaly. And she does not have to read these comments.

    I am sorry if I said bad things. I really do not want to be rude, mean or selfish. I definitely do not want to hurt anyone. But I needed to say my opinion and I will not do it again.

    Have a nice day

    1. Hi Elis and thanks for posting your thoughts. I’m hopeful that this year will be a better one for Kate. You raise a really important point about people being bullied or criticized every day. I wish I had people to protect me from when I’ve been criticized for my youngest (special needs son) bumping into a child at a play place because he has limited sense of depth perception. I was trying to keep my son in a line to not have that happen, and the mother tore into me, didn’t care about his challenges or that I was trying/accident. I left in tears as much for him as for myself. KMR has had some people drop in to cause trouble or rip commentaries because we raise similar points to yours. I hope you keep reading and will post when you’d like. I’m always glad to talk to new people, even those I don’t agree with but have a specific reason for their point of view and not a fanatical Kate or BRF worshipper.

    2. Your third paragraph, Elis Maria, could be the situation in a nutshell.

      BRF didn’t want another Diana figure, and Kate herself doesn’t want to be one either. Or we would have seen more from her by now. She is happily doing exactly what she wants to be doing, working as hard as she was told she had to, etc. Because, don’t you all think things would have changed drastically by now, if the BRF were not happy with the status quo?

      Here we are banging on about how she has to jump in, pull her weight, use her platform to speak out for the less fortunate…when Elizabeth and Charles and Anne and Phillip and whoever, are quite happy for her to continue doing exactly what she is doing now – wealthy full time mom and homemaker, who enjoys sporting events, does casual work for a handful of charities, and vacations whenever she can get away. Malleable personality and won’t make waves. Just (as we say around here, about people who don’t want to work hard for something they are lucky to be a part of) happy to make the team 😉

      1. You’re so right Ray. What is the point of our criticism if there is no hope for change though? BRF may be happy with obedient Kate and Kate may be happy with mediocrity but then, public opinion doesn’t matter if this is a public forum setting higher standards for Kate and the royals in general. My cynical self is tempted to just give up.

      2. I think you and Elis Maria are right. I think Kate does what she is told to do as part of the team. I think Prince Charles and Prince William are shaping this lifestyle, or PR campaign, for lack of a better term, so that there will not be another royal fiasco like the Charles/Diana marriage.

        However, the amount of work for the Cambridges does needs to increase. They live in luxury and have access to all the perks and privileges. It’s time to step up, maybe not to Prince Charles’ level, but more than what they are presently doing. When HM passes and Charles becomes King, at their current levels they will not be able to adjust to being P&P of Wales. They will be too set in their minimum effort ways.

        1. I like what you wrote, BamaLynn. I think Kate is so used to doing what she is told (first by her mother, than William, now the Royal Family) that it would be hard for her to change.

          BTW, I am not on the blog as often as I once was, so I am sorry not to have replied to your question as to where I live. I noticed the reply button was removed from that thread.

          I live on Long Island and grew up on Long Island and for a while in Pennsylvania.

          I should have known that the Bama part of your name refers to Alabama. I can’t believe I was stumped by it until you mentioned it, though.

          Wish twinkies — or the knock-off twinkies were around here. Maybe, I am just not looking as hard as I should be!

          1. Twinkies and all the other Hostess line of treats are all back. If you have a Walmart anywhere near you they carry them. I just picked up a pack of Ho-Ho’s and Ding Dongs from my local market, so they are definitely back in a lot of stores. Take a look around and get your Twinkie on!

          2. Hi, Lisa. Thanks for the info on the Hostess products being available at WalMart. Are they knock-off twinkies, or the real stuff? As I mentioned on the other thread, I am more of a fan of those Hostess Devil’s Food cupcakes with the choc. frosting and the squiggles of vanilla on top. Also, the Snow Balls. Of course, this stuff probably tasted better in the mouth of a first or second grader than an adult. I’m sure the sugar content is through the roof!

            I better stay away from WalMart. Still dropping weight after Maddie was born. Still, good to know.

          3. Jenny they are the real deal. I bought a pack of those cupcakes today too! 🙂 (Not whole boxes, just the individual servings in case anyone thinks I’m going nuts…lol)

            They had the Snow Balls too.

      3. ‘Just happy to make the team’ – oh, my goodness, you are right. A malleable personality indeed; that is abundantly clear now, and most likely seen as wholly desirable. Whoever is pulling the strings has not accounted for one rather large player in this cosy state of affairs: the citizen who funds this fantasy land for a few, and whose very livelihood is increasingly under pressure. I can’t see that funding an independently wealthy family who hide away and do little will hold much sense or appeal for too much longer. It makes no sense. It goes against the grain of what we understand and value in contemporary life.

      4. IMO and others may disagree with me I think the one really major error the queen has made during her reign has been the way the Diana situation was handled throughout her life and of course the week of Diana’s death. The week of her death the British papers were getting more and more angry with HM to the point that she had to completely change her stance. I’m not trying to cause a row here I am getting to my point. The Diana issue has caused bust ups and I mention it just for ‘historical’ ( if I dare use that word too!!) context .I think appreciating they made fundamental errors re Diana, they are now terrified of getting it wrong again, and now just don’t know how to handle Kate and the increasingly grumpy and difficult Will. Trouble is lack of action will cause problems just as much as the wrong action. A few years ago there were increasing and very genuine calls for the crown to bypass Charles. Has anyone heard these calls recently? I don’t think Charles is doing anything different I think people are just falling out of love with the second Windsor fairytale.

        1. +1. So true.

          Diana has been the lens through which so many things have been done or undone. Her presence is still huge in the Windsor family, for better or for worse.

    3. I don’t think that was mean at all and most of us agree with you. I do, for sure. It’s very sad that such an incredible platform is being wasted. I have given up hope that Kate, or William for that matter, will ever step it up.

  19. Cute little George! Glad he’s excited about school and hopefully, we’ll get to hear a little bit about what he enjoys doing during his day. I used Montessori for my special-needs son, and the explorative nature was perfect for him. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more pictures of George this year too.
    On the dust ups– I add my voice to those encouraging you. You’ve staked out a great course for this year. In the year I’ve been here, I’ve seen this blog grow exponentially. As pointed out though, the problems are mostly unknowns dropping in and causing issues.
    I think the biggest thing is that we support you. You are the castle, I think we’d all like to be your walls. Don’t feel like you’ve got to do everything alone. People who come to cause trouble, everyone here will instantly spot and scroll by or point out your golden rule. It just means your blog ruffles the Kate-fantatics feathers or you are seen as a threat. Too bad, free speech sucks for those people. And if someone who’s a regular blogger gets upset, leaves or whatever, it’s not your fault in any way. People get upset at things (sometimes because they have their own issues going on) and there’s no way we can be all things to all people. Great post as always.

    1. We’ve had some trolls, for sure, but its not limited to newbies where the dustups are happening. That would leave the wrong impression, imo. Everyone needs to listen to KMR regardless of length of posting history.

      1. Agreed but I was talking about recent issues. Regulars know that KMR is the final word, or better yet, they’ve already let it go.

      2. Exactly. There have been older commenters causing flare ups as well. I just want everyone to stop taking the debates into argument territory.

    2. “what he enjoys doing during his day.”

      Playing. My mom used to pick me up from preschool and she’d ask me what I did and I would say, “I played”.

      1. Really? Montessori usually isn’t playing, it’s real and actual work. I went to preschool and primary school there and I learned to do heaps of things. Ironing, serving tea, cleaning, cooking, sewing … In preschool you also learn how to read, to write, to make simple basic level mathematical operations, you learn a little of a second language (one you like) and you take turns in setting the tables for the other kids when it’s lunch time. You go on loads of school trips in museums and you also learn a lot about agricolture and how to grow vegetables. Primary school is fantastic and very stimulating.
        It’s great training for kids and I loved my experience there. In mine you got to play but not the whole day long, only after lunch for a couple of hours and then you return to class. Many schools though don’t use the original method but only bits and pieces of it because they think it’s too hard on kids. I think it was a great choice for George, this way he will learn to do things he would not normally do at home!

        1. It’s an anecdote about something I said when I was 3.

          It does not matter what I actually did in school; it matters what I told my mom that I did.

          Anecdote from the perspective of a 3 year old: School = “I played”.

  20. Am I overthinking these photos? Have we ever had a photo of a happy George holding the hand of his parents? The Christmas card (photoshopped) snap seems to be the only time we see him smiling and happy to be with mom and dad. I think back to long ago park pictures and him never making eye contact with mom. This whole thing just seems off to me. Is the lack of a little picture holding hands with mom and dad just because he is 2 and that sort of thing doesn’t happen, or is it because the only hand he happily holds is Nanny? My lack of George and Charlotte pics have obviously pushed me over the edge in crazy thoughts.

    I’ve only been here a few months and must be missing the fireworks (or perhaps I’m used to the complete lunacy that I see elsewhere and KMR just seems so friendly and normal).

    1. I wouldn’t think too much into it. I saw my pics when I was that young and I didn’t look too happy. I don’t recall resenting my parents and they were always so hands on. I suppose he looks happier in pap shots with Maria because he doesn’t know his photo is being taken. Unlike in family photos, the camera is trained on hin and his parents, conscious that they need a good photo, are trying to get him to behave.

      1. I believe it depends on the kid’s personality.

        I love my pics with that age because I was always smiley and happy and carefree, actually those are the only pics of me I have in my room because they make me remember the good times and make me very happy.

        To me the way William portrays his kids vs the few occasions we’ve seen them, made me have different opinions of them. According to him one has a rather difficult personality, the other is all rainbows and sunshine. From the times we’ve seen them I got the other impression, Charlotte was the only one we’ve seen cry and the photographer did said she was not very disposed – don’t get me wrong I know kids are difficult. They are not always happy and we’ve seen them so few times that making these time of assumptions is pointless but I can not stop wondering if is Will who is exaggerating, or if he’s just being truthful, or if it is the spare curse.

        Either way Imo he has to come up with better adjectives…

        1. Perhaps William was unprepared for the amount of work required to parent a child? Regardless of a full-time nanny on site, plus others doing all manner of housework, he has clearly found it a struggle to keep up with a boisterous child.

          But yes, the stereotypes are a bit old. I think he just uses them simply as ‘noise’ to cover the fact that he doesn’t think his family is anyone’s business. He obviously has to answer some questions so he rattles on with vagaries that neither inform nor illuminate.

          1. Maybe he wasn’t. It seems it was a odd thing for him, to learn first hand, that babies tend to cry … a lot.

            I found it so weird because we know they had a night nurse/nanny with them both times, it took them less than two months to hired a nanny, and Charlotte had always a ‘full time’ nanny. So I agree with you I also think he just trying really hard to keep the private, private, but I also think he is trying to connect to people by given those examples (Imo it happens the same when they bring up ‘normal’ is just for purposes of connecting). However I feel he has a need to tell those generic ‘normal’ [ 😉 ] stories because he is not that present in his kids life – am I the only one who finds strange how we never saw Kate, Will and George playing together in a park, as a family?

            I, personally, don’t like his way of describing his kids because of the stereotypical point of view, of course it can be true, but due to the press constantly telling us how modern they are without them having actions that validate those ‘facts’ I have a hard time believing him….

            About George being boisterous, I have a hard time believing that too, from all the instances we got to see him, no one has distressed or running after him, to me he always seemed quite calm. The press did a thing on a polo because he run a bit and really that is all it takes? Like you said, it might had been unpreparedness, maybe they had not been close to/spend time with kids in a long time so George might be boisterous in their standards, but as someone who has worked and babysat kids I don’t agree.

          2. There’s no sense of a family portrayed here. Since both William and Kate have been tended to their entire lives I imagine it would be incredibly difficult for them that the position is reversed!

            I don’t believe any of the ‘modern’ royal stories. There is no evidence or substance to support this. They seem an overly-indulged couple, with little interest in anyone else.

    2. I liked the photos but I wish we could have seen one with the three of them.

      I think George was happy, in terms of photos, on his sister christening when he’s with William – Is the most happy he has been publicly recorded with either parent.

      IMO the happiest was with his nanny in 2015’s trooping of colour.

    3. The pictures of him playing at the polo match last year showed some happy times with mum & dad, I thought. I do wish there was more frequent evidence of the allegedly happy fabulous family life they have, however.

  21. I find reading the blog more enjoyable when I skip the comments, which is a shame because so many of them are thoughtful and fair. I hope your plea for civility bears fruit!

    1. I’m sure there are a lot of people who feel that way. Hopefully things will change and the comment section will be a better place going forward.

  22. I was hoping Kate would shine with more photography this year, and she already has, I think these photos are very cute! I enjoy more candid photos so I’m glad they weren’t deliberately posed. I also thought he would be going towards the end of Jan, so this is a sudden surprise.

    I only just started coming here, like I said before, so the idea of you quitting the blog makes me sad, this is how I entertain myself during the work day! I wouldn’t blame you though, some people don’t know when to stop and they don’t care or consider the consequences.

    1. One of the things I said would be a good thing for Kate to improve on would be her photography skills and that she should release more photos. So it’s good that she has done that. And these photos seem to be better than some of her previous ones, so she’s improving. I can understand the photographer’s concerns/complaints and do think it would have been nice to see a photo of the three of them together, but at least Kate’s skills are improving.

  23. PG is so very cute! I loved the photo where he was pointing at the mural the best. He seemed to love the art and who could blame him? Happy pictures to make school a happy place, too. I am sure his teacher and other students help with that, as well.

    I liked that Kate photographed her little boy. What parent doesn’t want to do that as one’s little one takes such an important big step in life.

    Here’s to enjoying yourself, PG. And, to an all around good time in all your classes through life. May you learn and grow each day. And, may you be given the calm you deserve in the midst of many storms.

    BTW, KMR, you have created an amazing site and the subject matter of this board does bring out the best and often the worst in people. A full-time or part-time moderator might be in order. I bet you could find a college intern to do that job effectively. You need to focus on more than the fights. For any participation I have had in such frenzies in the past, please accept a humble, “I’m sorry.” If I am being too forward, forgive me.

    Rhiannon’s right about this blog bringing many people together in positive ways. I prefer to focus on that than the fights, but then again, it’s not my blog to worry so much over.

    Be well and happy and keep going, if that is truly want you wish.

  24. IMO, the fact that the pictures were taken by Kate and no press was invited is a double edged sword. On the good side, maybe Kate has now decided to pursue her interest in photography, more seriously but on the other side, not letting the media have access to this event is not a good decision as it just makes the relationship between the Cambridges and the press more contentious.
    I know I will probably be skewered for this, but I just do not think George is that cute. To me he looks kind of like a little grumpy old man all the time and I think he has inherited the downturned Windsor mouth, which probably contributes to his overall appearance. I do not understand why the pictures Kate chooses to share with the public do not have him looking more animated. Maybe if there were more pictures of him smiling my opinion of his cuteness would be different.

    1. Someone else has said he’s cute but she’s not connected to them as we are all becoming to the Swedish princesses. KMR said she thought Sofia was more pretty having seen ‘ moving photos’ . I think your point ties in – if we saw him playing around being a little boy, squirming in his Mummy’s arms etc I think we would engage with him more. Personally I think this would benefit him in the longer term.

  25. George is such a gorgeous little lad, I hope he had a great first day at school. People do say that by keeping him away from the media Will and Kate are doing him some harm, but look at William, he was exposed to the media at a young age but he has always been uncomfortable with it, I think it just comes down to personality.

    I just want to say that I hope commenters listen to you and stop with any unnecessary comments. I love this blog and its my escapism, I too have some mental issues and I’m going through a rough time, you honestly have no idea how appreciative I am for this blog and the commenters who help me get through it without even realising. I also appreciate how much time and effort you put into this and would be upset if you stopped writing.

    1. Rebecca, so sorry to hear about any problems you are experiencing. As so many others have done so many times, it’s my turn to say, if you need support from us, we are here for you.

      Life can be so tough and not only is this blog a great place to come to be educated and find diversion, but it’s proven to be a place where many kind and caring people visit on a steady basis and reach out to each other.

      I wish you well and hope you find your way through the tough patches to a happier side.

    2. Best wishes to you Rebecca. I think so many of us use this blog as a bit of escapism and as I have said a couple of times FUN!! We all ( almost all) really appreciate the amazing KMR as well as the hilarious comments made by so many posters. Long may it continue and let’s make sure that anyone trying to cause trouble is simply ignored. Take good care of yourself.

      1. Yes, Rebecca, I also send my good wishes to you. I hope things are better and that you are finding your way through tough times with support and love from others.

  26. He’s a cute and happy kid. Love the blonde curls. He also looks like his Grandpa Middleton. But why only 2 pictures? I wanted to see more — with his classmates or his parents or his teacher. They doled out the pics with such stinginess.

    On the dust ups—I have noticed from the recent posts that they have been primarily initiated by avid Kate supporters, whom I believe may be the same poster/s (or troll) on both dust-ups. If they are unhappy with the more critical views here, then this is not the place for them. Let them move on or create their own Kate fan blog. Sayonara. KMR, this is your domain and you should feel free to delete comments that are just beyond the pale.

    1. I think I’m glad they didn’t share any of him with his classmates. Someone once made a great point that W&K are so paranoid about making sure that no one gets a photo of their kids out and about, but they’re more than happy to ensure that pictures of themselves with other people’s children are widely distributed, since it makes them look good. I think that, if pictures of George’s classmates had been published, it would have just fit into that contradiction more.

      1. I’m wondering if the kids the royals visit and are photographed with have their parent’s permission to be photographed. Because if it were my kid I would want to have a say in what photos of my kids were publish for the world to see.

        1. At my 6 year old’s school, we sign or don’t sign a permission slip for the school to use our child’s likeness in the paper, on the website, etc. It’s the same with his soccer league. However, we didn’t have anything to sign when he went to pre-school because it’s a small private school. My other son is a month younger than George, and he will start preschool in August when the regular school year begins in my area of the USA. (If I can get the stubborn boy to potty train, that is!) edited to add: I must’ve typed in the wrong email address. Isn’t my avatar usually yellow?

          1. I had to sign something like that for my graduate school, but the understanding was that any photographs taken would be used for the school only: on its website, in its press releases, in news articles about it, etc. One of my fellow students couldn’t start distributing school photographs of me without my permission to market his/her business, for example. Had W&K used pictures of the other students, it would have been to promote their own brand, as it were, which would have flown in the face of what most of those agreements usually address.

    2. Teacher maybe, but not classmates. Not unless they had express written permission from those parents to have their kid’s photos taken and published. But it would have been nice to get one with W&K&G.

      1. True about the other kids. But it would have been nice to see a picture of little George with one or both parents. If they want to endear themselves to their subjects, they have to show some of their human side too.

  27. Maybe it’s something wrong with me but I really can’t warm up to this kid. I like kids I always did, I have three on my own but I just can’t say George is cute or adorable and it’s not because he isn’t but because there is something about him which is unpleasant or rather odd. Maybe it’s because every time I see his pictures there are no interactions with other people or kids – he is like sole island not aware of anybody. I absolutely agree with Cathy’s comment above that it would be very nice to see him with his Mom and Dad together (especially with his Mom) – who knows, maybe it would make him seem more like a little kid than weird person in a skin of the little kid.
    And there is another thing, I am almost sure Kate it’s very distant mother – you can say I am prejudiced but I have this instinct based on how she interacts with other kids. I can tell she is not natural mother or maybe it’s just the curse of her position – there were to many people to help her or even entirely take her job as a mother and as the result she had no chance to bond with her own son. Surely it can be just my false impression but I can’t help it to see it that way.

    1. George does seem like a solitary figure since he’s mostly alone in all his photos.

      1. We don’t know how much George interacts with other kids at home or on play dates, but in an earlier post you alluded to the fact that at the polo match he didn’t interact with his young cousins. But there was another photo, at a park I think, where a group of young girls were all over him – and he was loving it. Hopefully, some of his energy and curiosity will be happily channeled at nursery school with other young children. My concern is that in their zeal to be so special and private W and K deny their child everyday interactions. Must be boring for the kid to have adults around him so much.

  28. I think it was nice of Kate to take pix of little PG on his first day of school. He looked all grown up and quite excited. Hope he had a good experience and that he will love school and do well as he grows.

    I did think, in a way, that keeping the media away from him was the main reason for Kate taking the photos. I agree with KMR and others, the Cambridge Twosome does not understand how much they need the press. Still, something inside me wanted to cut some slack to the parents, as young Geoge really did seem happy and assured on his first day of school.

    PolishGirl, I think the times we have seen George photographed with his dad, there seemed to be a nice bond. When he is with Kate alone, she does seem distant, but maybe, she is worried about press coverage. I hope that she is a warm and happy mother in private. I guess we won’t know until the tell all books finally get published.

    1. Also, I remember a really sweet photo on this blog many months ago. PG was at a park and was photographed from behind with his arms around a little girl. He was very demonstrative and the photo was very sweet.

    2. Mary Elizabeth you are right – there were some nice picture of George and his dad together but I’ve never seen one which particularly showed the special bond between George and Kate. I think it would be far better if instead of seeing George alone we would see Kate and her son holding their hand together before that special event in George’s life.

      We saw that special warm closeness between Diana and her sons, there were hundreds of pictures which showed her love and affection to her kids since they were little babies. She wasn’t afraid to kiss them or hug them publicly. She was constantly present in their documented life.
      Why we don’t see that with Kate?

      You said you hope Kate is warm and happy mother in private, I hope that too for the sake of her children but being a warm mother is not about being in public or in private – it’s always the same relation no matter the circumstances.

      1. There were many more demonstrative photos of Kate and George when he was a baby. The darling photo at his christening when he was in her arms looking up and smiling and she was smiling back. Then, the photo in Australia where she is holding him on her shoulder and he is cuddling so sweetly. The smile on her face was very happy, indeed.

        I agree, we don’t see many other photos of her with the “older” George relating with him in a more demonstrative way. Maybe, she is uncomfortable being like that in front of cameras. I don’t know why she would be, though.

        I think Kate and William do love their children very much, but for some reason are not comfortable expressing such love in public. William does seem more able to do that than Kate, but I refuse to believe they are not totally enamored of the kids.

        Yes, Diana was always photographed lovingly with her boys. It surely would be nice to see such photos of Kate with the kids, but if we don’t, we don’t. It doesn’t mean that the kids are not well loved.

        1. I so agree with you Mary Elizabeth.

          The British Royal family are not known for PDA. Diana was cut from a different cloth from the very beginning. I doubt there will be another like her. It would have been so nice that both William and Kate continued this precedence. I believe they do shower their children with love but will be behind the scenes. They both have the desire for extreme privacy and we have no choice but to be respectful. Their public personna presentation appears to be very important.

          1. Exactly, I believe that, as well. I mean, they wouldn’t even give out the name of their dog, so that tells you something. Very private people.

  29. Cute little guy with his backpack! I hope he has a wonderful experience at school and can’t wait to go back each day. I’m fine with Kate taking the pictures, rather than professional photographers; it seems to me that starting school would have the potential to be a little scary, without strangers there taking your picture. It was an important family moment and yet got shared with all of us, so seems fine to me.

    KMR, I love coming to this site and reading your latest. Your research is amazing, and the photos are always a treat. To be honest, I have been bothered by the rancor, ill will, and mean-spiritedness in some of the comments, to the extent that I’ve avoided the blog at times. I hope readers will take your message to heart.

  30. Without the media the royals are irrelevant. They need the media and press interest to survive. Them controlling things is just a slap in the face, I think, but that’s how they roll.

    George is a doll.

    I found it curious how there are no pictures of him with his parents, or at least mum taking him to school. That would have been sweet and perfect, and play into the hands on mom PR. But nope, we never see him interact with them. It’s the strangest thing.

  31. I do not mean to be negative! Where are this child’s parents? Are W.K. in Mustique or another warm country? Why have they not taken George to school, this is an important millestone in their son life? They do not want be photographed? Did the nanny take this little guy to school? I cannot believe these parents! I am very stunned! What is going on here?

  32. Love the pics of George, he is too cute! As an Early Childhood Educator, I am happy to see him in school and socializing with his peers. Love that W&K took photos and shared them. I think we sometimes forget how scary it could be for W&K to share their children with the world. Our world is a scary place these days. I know I would be pretty freaked out to have hordes of paparazzi around my child’s first day at school. Plus worrying about nutcases doing who knows what. Watching the video of the Swedish RF as they came out of their cars and posed for pictures, I was amazed/appalled at how many flashes went off. Imagine that for a toddler! Also I am curious, George looks much younger than William when he started school. Are they starting at the same age or is it different?

    1. William was born on June 1982 so he’s more than three years in the vintage picture. So if you compare, George is now almost ten months younger than his father was when he started his nursery. I wonder if this will be now the pattern on George’s life i.e. the constant comparison with his dad’s milestones, because it sounds really heavy on his little shoulders.

      I do agree that since we now see more of George alone, we need to see him more interact, as a next step. To Kate’s defence, I know how difficult can be to get a decent photo from a two year old, let alone with a pose and a perfect smile. But that’s alright. I think Kate or Will are not that keen to show emotions in front of cameras. They will be too reserve or self-conscious around their children when caught on cameras. I think this goes especially for Kate. As much as I think she’s a lovely parent privately, she’s not very comfortable with that role publicly, partly because of her overall lack of confidence as a public figure.

      KMR, now that I think of it, I really worry that you may quit the blog not so much because of dust ups but because of pure exhaustion. You’re posting every single day and maybe twice a day. If you read this, please either get a helper or slow down with your work. We’ll survive!

      1. I was not alive when William was born so I don’t know if the media did that comparison with William and Charles. Does anyone know?

        I think the comparisons are inevitable, especially since several times last year W&K dressed George deliberately in clothes that reminded people of William as a child. So W&K kind of courted the comparison.

      2. Yes constant comparisons have been made right through the Eton/ Gordonstone and the Cambridge/ St Andrews days
        Charles didn’t go to school at such an early age but we did see photos of him with the queen – eg when she returned from a 6 month trip following her coronation and Charles met his Mummy on the station platform and shook her hand – that was compared to Diana on the Royal yacht running to hug the boys for eg.

  33. Cute photos, but of course Kate releasing more photos of him just gives her praise as being a ‘keen photographer.’ I actually think it was a good idea to take photos and not have the media there, however, they are playing a fine line. Instead of trying to control the media, they should be trying to work with them. Eventually their strategy is going to backfire. The media can control their image.

    As for the dustups, everyone has pretty much said stuff above. But I wanted to comment anyway :). I have been guilty of stepping in when someone finally went to far, so I will try to just stay out of it. But I have to say that most of them are started by ‘new’ posters who are Kate fanatics just trying to start something here. KMR, this is not the first time you have threaten to close the blog. Have you thought about the fact that maybe that is what these people want???? The die-hard Kate fans can’t stand to see a critical blog about her that doesn’t praise her every step. So, I have to wonder, when you talk about closing the blog, it may encourage them to continue to cause problems in hope that you shut down. They know you are frustrated and if they keep pushing our buttons, you may give up, which the truly fanatical fans want. I doubt KP reads here, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they had ‘people’ doing the same thing. Will has mentioned how Kate doesn’t like criticism or handles it well; that is partly why he controls the media. It wouldn’t surprise me if they wanted a critical blog shut down too since Kate is looked at more realistically (and they want to control her perfect princess image). This blog is gaining popularity as people are becoming less and less enchanted with Kate. Sadly, that will also bring it to the attention of people/fans who don’t want it to exist. I just wouldn’t threaten to shut down the blog or actually do it because then they win. That is what the want so please please please don’t give in! I am afraid dust ups will happen occasionally due to gaining popularity of this blog and Kate fanatics that can’t handle it. Please don’t loose heart KMR. Hey, it is a backward compliment on how popular you are :). It honestly just proves how you are doing something right!!!

    1. Overit – Bingo you hit it right on the nose! You are on to something that these trolls want to see this blog shut down that’s why they have been popping up like a bad rash lately under the same name or assumed name. Let’s not hand these trolls or KP minions an easy victory by shutting this blog down. I say “Hit the Delete” button on these troublemakers. They don’t own this blog nor our views. Ergo, they can suck it up.

      1. Scroll on by – worst thing for them is to be ignored. Not easy sometimes but hopefully the trolls will be spotted quickly.

  34. Polish girl sorry about that, I did not read your comment before printing mine. I think the baby distracted the adults, so the 2 year left home. George had no choice but to hitchhike to school by himself!(sarcasm.) honestly this situation only makes some people question the parents mental health? Just my humble opinion!

  35. I forgot who asked above, but I was alive and living in London when Wills went to his first day of preschool. The Times did a front page article and picture, which I still have because I’m a nerd. If I’m recalling correctly, it was sort of a big deal that Wills was mixing with other children and not sentenced to a nursery and home-school tutor like his forebears were. And — as always — the media loved a story about Wills. My how things have changed. While I believe Wills was older on his first day of “school” than George is in this story, my first thought was: Wow. They really are going to live at the country house. What was the multi-million dollar KP renovation for anyway? I do love George. He’s a doll.

    1. The photo of William on his very first day of school is quite telling. He looks so nervous. PG looked pretty confident, if you ask me. Different personalities? Of course, George did look so scared when William took him to the hospital to see Kate and meet his baby sister. The huge throng of media seemed to really upset him. So, perhaps, W&K know their son very well and wanted his first day of school to be stress-free. It’s hard, though. I mean, eventually, he and his sister are going to have to deal with the media.

      KMR, I was surprised to hear that Princess Madeleine has always felt shy around the press. She has found such a wonderful way of appearing in public and presenting her little ones, too. She is an amazing lady. Her sister is, too.

  36. I’m so sorry for the dust-ups, KMR. I think I missed them but as someone pointed out above — maybe you should start moderating the comments. If a commenter is nice, they have a reasonable assurance the comment will be posted. I love this group, and I’m sorry you have been discouraged by negativity. Thanks for all you do!!

  37. George is cute! And he looks exactly like Michael Middleton. Though in the earlier pics on the stairs, George looked frighteningly like Pippa. Esp the facial expression and eyes. Re: the Middleton kids- IMO Kate looks like her father (and his mom, her grandmother Valerie), Pippa looks like Carole, and James also looks like Michael (and Kate). Biggest difference is the eyes. For George’s sake, I hope the Michael Mid looks prevail over Carole. Worried as Charlotte looked a lot like Carole in Dec photo released and Christmas card. Would love to hear others’ thoughts! Ps- KMR- your blog is fantastic. A great community for people to come to. Please, this is simply wonderful.

    1. Just out of curiosity, why is it a bad thing if Charlotte looked liked her grandmother? I get that people hate Carole but I’m not exactly sure why it’s such a bad thing that kids looked liked their mom’s side of the family.

      1. I think people would be disappointed that we’d be getting a “mini Carole” instead of a “mini Diana.” I personally don’t hate Carole (that’s way too strong of a word) and certainly don’t think she’s ugly or unattractive. We shall see which genes come out via children! I love how Harry has the Spencer hair but the rest is all Windsor/Mountbatten! 🙂

        1. So far, at any rate, it seems as if George and Charlotte bear remarkable resemblances to the Midds more than the Royals. Still, things change each and every day.

          Michael Middleton has a happy face, while Carole does not. At least, to me. Kate bears a striking resemblance to her father.

          Over the Christmas holidays, my sister and I were going through old family photos and it was absoloutely shocking how much we have changed. No plastic surgery, either! At times, in the early months, both of us looked more like my dad’s side of the family — particularly our paternal grandmother. Then, in our early school years, we looked more like our mom’s side of the family. As teens, she looked like my mom’s family again and I looked more like my paternal grandmother.

          Now, we seem to each be a good combination of both sides of the family, yet we have achieved that look in vastly different ways. I have my mom’s eyes and her coloring, while I have my Dad’s mother’s smile and a combination of both sides of the families in the shape of my nose.

          My sister has my dad’s family’s coloring, Dad’s eyes and my maternal grandmother and mom’s smile. My sister and I when we were in grade school looked very much alike. Now, not so much anymore. You can see a slight family resemblance, but for the most part, we are each our own woman.

          Genetics is really fascinating. I guess someday people will be able to pre-order what they want in their offspring’s appearances. I hope not, though.

          1. jenny,

            Agreed that genetics are interesting/fascinating. I have two younger sisters myself. I’m definitely a mixture of my parents-I’ve got Dad’s eyes and a weird combo of his and Mom’s noses (front view: Dad’s nose on me, profile? Mom plus, in 4th grade I broke my nose so there is a small bend at the bridge). People have told me that I look like my mom and (at times) I can definitely see it. I’ve also been told that I look like my maternal grandmother but I definitely don’t see it. She was a beauty and I’m “cute” at best, even at 36 years old.

            My sisters? Definitely Dad’s daughters, especially the youngest. We say she’s a female, better-looking version of him! My first sister has naturally curly hair (mine is semi-straight, like Mom’s) and the baby used to have corkscrew curls at the tips when she was little but now, also has straight hair.

            My first sister and I have the “snaggle tooth” from our paternal grandmother’s side (even after first sister had braces) but the baby’s teeth are straight, like Mom’s (grrrr).

            Apparently, all 3 of us have Dad’s eyes but I don’t see it haha!

  38. Can a middle-aged, noncomputer savvy lady get a hand, please? Just started posting here & cannot figure out how to reply to a post if there’s no Reply at the bottom of it 🙂

    Snowsie & KMR, thanks for the warm welcome & KMR, that LLC was what I was thinking of – you’re the best.

    1. Hi Mairin. I think there are only a certain number (5?) of ‘Reply’ per post. However, if you go up to the original post, there usually is a ‘Reply’ there. Hope I’ve given you the right advice! Someone will no doubt correct my mistake. Looking forward to your comments.

      1. Perhaps the problem with the commentary on the blog is that the premise of the blog is unkind and invites those more willing to engage in unfriendly comment.
        The sort of conversation that the blog encourages is a picture of the culture of tearing down.

    2. The comment threads go five comments deep, which means only the first four comments deep have a reply button after them. There is a general reply button at the bottom of the page.

      I closed the comments for all articles before the latest Swedish one because of an issue I was having to deal with. So that’s why there are no reply buttons for older articles right now.

  39. Someone above mentioned the human side. I feel that was what Diana was so trying to cultivate that Royalty could have a human side. Interviews seem to assist in a human side to those who participate. Or as much as we are allowed to peer in.

    I just get the impression of controlling the way of the presentation more on the side of perfection with no components of normalcy or humaness.

  40. In some photos I think George looks cute, others not. But here he is adorable. I just don’t know why there is no photo of his parents with him. I looked on the internet and found none.

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