Swedish royals give interviews for ‘Aret med Kungafamiljen’

Swedish royals give interviews for ‘Aret med Kungafamiljen’

The annual documentary Aret med Kungafamiljen (A Year with the Royal Family) aired last night in Sweden and featured interviews with the Swedish royals while going about their royal duties. The documentary focused on Prince Carl Philip‘s wedding to then-Sofia Hellqvist as well as Princess Sofia‘s work in South Africa with Project Playground, Crown Princess Victoria‘s overseas visits, Prince Daniel‘s work with kids and sports, Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine visiting the Pope, and King Carl XVI Gustaf fishing.

Aret med Kungafamiljen 2016 4

I’m not going to lie, since I started covering the Swedish royal family I’ve learned a few words in Swedish, but any more than the few words I know and I’m lost. Unlike last year, where Madeleine and Chris did their interview in English, no one spoke English this year. So the interviews were largely lost on me. I was able to gauge a few things, though: I know Sofia talked about forming Project Playground; I know Madeleine talked about human trafficking as well as Princess Leonore; and I know Victoria talked about the bridge between Sweden and Peru. I can only guess at what else was talked about.

Because I could not understand what anyone was saying, I was left to judge the royals based purely on the visuals. A few thoughts based purely on what I saw:

  • There seemed to be a lot of focus on Princess Sofia. I haven’t done the math or anything but it seemed to me like Sofia got more screentime than pretty much everyone else.
  • Sofia came off pretty well. She talked fairly confidently when interviewed about Project Playground, she seemed genuinely moved that people from her hometown showed up when she and Carl Philip visited, and she hugged several people in the crowds during walkabouts.
  • Victoria came off very well to me. I sometimes think Victoria comes off a bit cold, but she seemed very playful and light while also holding the air of regality, and she was really nice to a fan who wanted a photo with her.
  • Leonore is my favorite royal. The documentary showed Leonore meeting Pope Francis and the exchange between them, and it was just too cute for words.

Aret med Kungafamiljen 2016 3

I found a couple articles who quoted parts of Sofia’s and Carl Philip’s interviews, but I have not been able to find quotes from the other royals. Quotes translated by Google Translate, please excuse any errors/wonky wording.

    Sofia on the wedding: “It became a real fairytale wedding. We are so happy. We were treated with so much care. Both in Sweden and outside Sweden’s borders.”
    Sofia on founding Project Playground with Frida Vesterberg in 2010: “There was some resistance. Two white girls were in a shanty town and opening a center for children. But with hard work and fighting spirit, we got the respect we needed and were able to show that we were here to stay. We are doing very very well.”
    Sofia on her current status with Project Playground: “I found working with Project Playground. Work is more comprehensive. Still working with the time I can. A couple of days a week in the office in Stockholm. And then I’m down here.”
    Sofia on working with people with disabilities: “To spend time with these so amazing souls gives me enormous pleasure, but at the same time an enormous frustration at how society looks like. But one sees the world from a completely different perspective. I’m glad that I get to have this part of my life. It gives vast insight and I become more humble towards life in every way.”
    Sofia on why she cried when visiting Älvdalen: “I was really touched when I got there and realized that people had gathered. It meant a lot to me. I was of course a bit nervous coming home to Älvdalen. They are used to seeing me in a different role. They met me with much love and warmth.”
    Carl Philip on visiting Dalarna: “It felt so clearly great fun and wonderful to get up there. Especially for Sofia to come home and meet friends who she hasn’t seen since childhood.”

[Quotes from Expressen and Expressen]

Aret med Kungafamiljen can be viewed online at SVT Play through February 4.

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In other Swedish royals news: Carl Philip and Sofia were spotted out baby shopping the other day. Also, the Swedish court released the below photo with the message, “Gott nytt år!” (Happy New Year). The photo was taken on December 10 after the Nobel Prize Awards. Having seen the high resolution photo, I have to say that I love Madeleine’s dress even more now – the detailing is very pretty.

Swedish royal family December 2015

Victoria and Daniel kissing Princess Estelle on Victoria Day in July.

Aret med Kungafamiljen 2016 5

Victoria and Daniel embracing while on a trip to Colombia in October.

Aret med Kungafamiljen 2016 6

Photos: SVT screengrab / Jonas Ekströmer/Kungahuset.se

74 thoughts on “Swedish royals give interviews for ‘Aret med Kungafamiljen’

  1. I’ll definitely watch this on my lunch break today – though I don’t know any Swedish, it’s still cool to see them interact and listen to their voices.

    I remember seeing a video of Princess Leonore meeting Pope Francis and the adorableness just about killed me lol

    Thanks, KMR!

    1. Ok, just finished watching it, some of my impressions:

      – the SRF really know their PR and have hired some incredible people. This documentary and how the family is presented is just very very good.

      – I think Daniel is so cute! Attractive man!

      – Really like the interviews with the people who do things behind the scenes, like the manager of the horses/stables, the chefs, etc.

      – Loved reliving the “Lion King” moment at Nicolas’ baptism

      – Estelle is just an adorable personality

      – Victoria is really impressing me! Her confidence and (seemingly) comfort in who she is and what is expected of her amazes me. Inspiring. I especially thought she was beautiful in the black and flower dress in Peru!

      – At times, it seemed a little Sofia heavy, but she is the new member and I can see them trying to include her in this year’s doc.

      – Carl Philip still strikes me as a feather-head. At least he’s easy on the eyes 😉

      Thank you again, KMR for bringing this to my attention!

        1. Hi KMR, I’m not sure how Liz meant it. Where I’m from I’ve frequently heard the term “feather head” to refer to someone ditzy or not particularly up to speed, like with feathers for brains. It’s a term I use to describe myself a lot lol…

          1. Oh, okay. I’ve never heard “feather head” used to describe someone ditzy or not smart.

          1. Okay. It’s cool. That’s why I was asking. I’ve actually never heard of that phrase used to describe someone ditzy, so I wasn’t sure what you meant. Thank you and Charlotte for clarifying.

      1. Girl u gave one hell of a good review!! Thank u n u 2 KMR! ! 🙂
        Note: princess Sofia says she be in the Office 2 days a week!! Nice. I loved her interview!!

  2. Love the Swedish Royal Family!

    Interesting that a good deal of the time was focused on Sofia. I wonder if they are trying to improve her image with the people or if it’s just because she’s the newbie. Was it Sofia mostly or CP and Sofia?

    Very cool that you’ve learned a few words in Swedish. Would be nice if there was a transcript somewhere even if we had to have it translated.

    I am crazy about Estelle and Leonore. I’m sure Nicolas will be in that group as soon as we get to see more of him. Then there will be Vic and Dan’s new baby and Sofia and CP’s.

    I like that they do these year end pieces to kind of review what has happened. I think it’s a great way to keep the interest in the family. This royal family is quickly becoming my favorite. Maybe it’s because they seem a bit more open but can still pull off the royal/tiara moments so well.

    Doesn’t matter, I just love learning more about them. Thank you for the post.

    1. Sofia and Carl Philip did an interview together, but there was also an interview with just Sofia down in South Africa.

      BTW, I’m predicting a girl for Vic and Dan, and a boy for CP and Sofia.

        1. I’ve only discovered the Swedish royals since discovering KMR and already they are my favourite. I don’t see Vic as cold, but I do think she is very aware of her position (in a good way), particularly given that some in Sweden want to get rid of the royals. I think she works incredibly hard. I like Sofia – sure she has done things that most of us would disagree/disapprove of, but she has moved on and is doing what we want Kate to do – even as a more junior royal. She is taking on causes, making speeches, trying to get fully involved and trying to justify her role. I would be incredibly proud of her is she was BRF, and I think if Kate stepped up to the plate (sorry I know we are not supposed to be comparing KMR) we would also forgive her a lot of her past laziness and embrace the new hardworking Kate. Those little girls are just too cute to mention, and clearly so happy and so much loved by all the family. The Queen is clearly a wonderful grandmother.

          1. I think part of the reason Victoria came across as cold to me was that I usually only see her in still photos. Seeing her on video she seems much warmer.

            I like how Sofia has conducted herself in her first year (half a year) as a royal. I hope she continues on the path she’s on.

            Re Kate: I, too, think people would be more forgiving of her past sins if she worked hard. However, I think there would still be people who would be negative about her no matter how hard she worked. In the same way that people still hate Camilla for her affair with Charles no matter how long she’s been a royal or how hard she works. And in the same way that some people will always hate Sofia for her nude modeling no matter how hard she works.

  3. Hello everyone. As a first time commenter I chose this post to say hi and also congratulate our lovely KMR for the great blog. I’ve been reading for over a year and at times wanted badly to comment especially when ‘conversation’ got heated, but finally got the nerve to do it today (new year’s resolution?) over this delightful SRF video. Now, I have only started to know SRF from this sight so I’m hardly an expert. Without being able to understand a word being said, one can just say that their PR team does a great job. Nevertheless, PR or not, this looks like a happy royal family. Kudos to KG and especially to QS for raising their children in this down to earth way. The personalities of Sofia, Maddie, Victoria and also their spouses’ are showing, not to mention the adorable Estelle & Leonore. I was going to say that I agree so much with you KMR, Leonore is my favourite royal too, for being such a cute little monkey. All in all, SRF is definitely gaining credits in popularity against we know which other RF. I don’t think I’ll go on the compare game, being my first post and also so close to our new year’s decision KMR brought up. I’m not a judgemental person myself, I’m more of a low profile, not particularly loud or critical about others person. Having said that, this blog has given me a lot of pleasure following it, especially when comments were constructive and justified. I have every faith that the same interesting people will keep on following this year and that we’ll enjoy plenty of different views and arguments.
    Happy new year to you all.

      1. And this is a party Liz B. Let’s keep it a party lovely people, wherever we come from. This year we have so much to look forward, babies, tiaras, more babies and tiaras! I predict girls for both Vic and Sofia.

        1. Hi, Elina and so good to hear from you.
          I agree with your enthusiasm for the Swedish Royals, too.
          I think they are so special. Victoria has such a true sense of duty and she and Daniel make a great couple. Little Estelle is adorable. They have a fun, family flair and are not afraid to introduce the little Princess to the media.

          I also love Maddie and Chris and their adorable little ones.

          Yes, this year will be fun. Two new babies and even more happy moments for the family. Wishing then all well.

    1. Welcome I am now not the newest newbie. People who post here have such incredible knowledge as well as great senses of humour and it is all driven by the amazing KMR who does an amazing job of controlling egos. Look forward to hearing more from you in 2016.

    2. Hi Elina! Welcome!

      Leonore is such a little monkey. And they let her be even in the middle of church. It’s great.

  4. I don’t know how they do it, but the SRF hits it out of the park consistently. They have found a way to walk that line between respecting their royal station and being accessible, real people. I’m not just interested in them because they are a royal family, but because I actually LIKE them. By divulging parts of their more personal lives, I think they have really won people over. Sweden is lucky to have them!

    1. I agree with you. The Swedes are probably my favorite royal family because they allow such access to their lives while still being able to live their private lives. And they don’t complain about it. And tiaras. Basically they give me what I want from a royal family – tiaras and gowns, and enough access to them as people so I can connect with them. Though there is that language barrier there which sucks.

  5. I watched this yesterday and was just tickled. This is a family that gets it. I personally cannot get enough of sweet Estelle and squirmy Leonore. Her interaction with the Pope was adorable. Carl Gustav leaves me a bit cold, but I loved seeing and hearing everyone else. Can I also say that I love Daniel? If Harry and I don’t work out…

    I hate to do this, but the comparison between the BRF and SRF is stark. Vic, Dan, Sofia are so engaged in their engagements. They touch, take pics, and are genuinely interested. These families have to remain relevant in the 21st century. I think of the BRF had these “peeks”, it could turn public opinion.

    I just loved this post, KMR.

    1. Whoa! Daniel is all mine!
      I just watched an older movie where one of the characters says of the man she likes “he’s the jam in my jelly roll.” Oh yeah!

      1. I’m going to have to start making a note of these funny comments. KMR we should have a poll at the end of the year for the funniest comments!! It might prove far more memorable than Kate’s dresses. KMR always comes up with some beauties herself.

        1. Oh I love that! Yes, someone should keep tabs on the funny comments many leave and do a “best of 2016” at the end of the year!

          Daniel is definitely a cutie and his devotion is so wonderful (WHY aren’t there more single aristocratic men like him available? **pouts**) but, as a recipient myself, I know that the transplant life isn’t an easy one. Kudos to Vic, Dan, Estelle and soon-to-be-born baby for balancing transplant life with royal life AND family life!

    2. Hey now! Rhiannon, you cannot lay claim to all the good royal men. There are only a few. You have to leave a few for the rest of us to fight over since you have Harry :). Take pity on us, lol.

    3. I think it’s okay to compare them in terms of what we as individuals want from a royal family and which royal family gives it to us – different people like different royal families the best for different reasons. But I don’t think it’s fair to judge them based on things like how many engagements they do because there are a lot of factors there determining how many are expected of each royal family.

  6. So I haven’t really seen this documentary but if Sofia did get more screentime then I guess this was done to introduce her more to the public. I don’t know if there was any real whitewashing down on her image given that her past is pretty public and really out there but from what I’ve seen CP and Sofia faced all of it head on. But I think there was a real effort to make people get past that and see Sofia differently. This documentary may be part of that.

    1. It seems a really happy marriage too and great that the Swedish kids have been able to follow their hearts. A personal trainer as future prince consort ? Can’t see that happening in the UK yet Daniel has proved himself to be an amazing husband, father and consort. Sofia has put her past behind her and I think she is supporting her husband very very well. They have got something totally right and I think it stems from the queens total commitment to her role as a mother.

      1. They have been allowed to follow their heart, but it has not been easy for any of them. Daniel, Madde, Chris have all been torn apart in the press. Sofia has had a bit of an easier time when you look at what she brought into her marriage. I would guess the SRF machine is working hard to protect her and I think she probably personally works hard for her own image (as opposed to Chris who rightfully just told his haters where to go).
        We know so many rumors about the actions and views of Carl Gustav, it is a complete miracle how any of his children turned out to be normal, much less be such a beautiful example as Vic appears to be in both her personality and her marriage. There have been bumps for her (health), but I truly believe she will save the Swedish monarchy.

    2. Part of it is probably because she’s new. CP and Sofia got married last year so the doc would naturally focus on the wedding and a CP&S interview. And then focusing on Sofia’s work makes sense since the annual doc has never focused on that before.

      And part of it was PR (as is the whole thing, really).

      1. Yes but PR for the right reasons. It’s a little different for some nations but when you feel you are funding royals thru your taxes it is important that you see them and understand a little about them. For eg I want to know if the reason Will is doing so little Royal work is because he’s working at EMAA, which doesn’t appear to be the case. And connecting with the kids when they are young and cute gives them a great head start in later years with their public.

  7. Oh, I love the Swedish Royals. What an endearing family. So much love there and they are not afraid to show it off.

    The photo of Vic and Dan kissing little Estelle is darling My kids always asked for a Kiss Sandwich from my husband and me at that age. My little one still does. Kiss sandwich meaning, each parent kisses the little one on each side of the face. Seeing Vic and Dan do that melted my heart.

    Estelle, Leonore and Nicolas are precious and I am sure the new babies will be, too.

    So much love is just wonderful to see.

  8. Sorry KMR if this comment is highjackcing your thread but I have just seen 2 pics in the Daily Mail of George on his first day at montessori school. Pics taken by Kate (of course) and issued via social media. He does look cute. Maybe Jason has told Kate she’d better share some pics like the Swedish Royal Family

    1. Sorry, but I don’t understand why people always seem to point out things they saw in the Daily Mail (or, elsewhere) when a specific thread is dealing with something else.

      KMR, you always get to what we need/want to see. By now, I would hope posters would realize that. Sorry, but I find it very annoying.

      Kind of cranky today. Was up most of the night with a baby who would not sleep. Now, she’s in dreamland and I am getting as much of what I can of your blog, KMR.

  9. They are such a warm family! That is how a modern royal family should be! They are still regal yet their is a family warmth to them. You can just tell they love each other.

    Also, I know some people don’t think Sofia is pretty. But after watching her in the video I think she is a woman who doesn’t photograph as pretty as she is in person/motion. In the video, I personally thought she was very pretty.

    1. It’s funny that you mention thinking Sofia is pretty, because I was watching the video and toward the end I thought, “Sofia’s pretty”. Which is not something I’ve ever thought about her before. I never thought she was not pretty, but I never thought she was pretty until I saw her in motion. I think she’s a lot prettier in motion.

    1. Can’t see any harm in it. I wouldn’t know about her ‘girlfriend times’ since I saw her for the first time in their wedding video. And I thought Carl Philip’s & Sofia’s was one of the best weddings ever! Simple, classy, emotional, with real loving people around them.

      Even her tiny tiara doesn’t bother me. At first I found odd the way she was wearing it but then I saw some Japanese princesses in KMR’s recent post who seem to wear similar tiaras in the same way. Maybe after a while Queen Sylvia will lent her a bigger one.

      So far Sofia has shown she can present herself well and seems focused on the work she can accomplish. I also like that despite being a model she doesn’t have the model type of beauty. Yeah, she’s definitely imperfect but that also makes her real. Still, there is room for her to improve fashionwise.

      1. I loved their wedding music selection. I mean, it was random as hell, but it was fun.

      1. I know! But remember, the European royals are much more liberal about who they marry. Look at prince Haakon of Norway. Of course, this goes on not without severe resistance and criticism from their press.

    2. A former drug addict with a child from a previous relationship (who was born out of wedlock) married the Crown Prince of Norway.

  10. I LOVE this! Such a nice break from the Brits! My favorite is their New Year photo! It could be any other family photo from a wedding or nice event…if you take the tiaras away (but who wants that?).

    I’m very sorry I don’t know Swedish. It would be nice to watch and fully understand the interviews.

      1. Completely agree with you re: Sofia in casual clothes. She looks really great (and feels very comfortable) in this video when she’s in more casual gear, loose hair, little makeup.

  11. I have an honest question about Sofia’s forehead wrinkles. Is that normal? Can any of you make wrinkles like that when you raise your brows? My forehead doesn’t wrinkle like that, and I don’t know if it’s genetics or what. I’ve never really noticed that sort of thing before. Is it because she’s thin? (I’m definitely not thin LOL!)

    1. I don’t have as many wrinkles as Sofia does but I can wrinkle my forehead and get three or four wrinkles.

    2. Everyone in my family has forehead wrinkles – more pronounced in the men, but if I lift my eyebrows, they’re there!

  12. I love that the Swedish Royal Family are keeping it real. I’m hoping someone will put the programme on YouTube as there is no chance of it ever playing on New Zealand TV.
    Well done for learning some Swedish KMR! It’s not the easiest language to learn!

    1. Hi Cathy, KMR posted the link to the video above. Hopefully you can view it ok online. The link is right above the photo of Sofia talking directly at the camera, with a blond woman behind her holding a little boy. I hope that helps 🙂

      1. @Overit
        I knew there must have been a link somewhere but I’m feeling “sinusy” today and my brain just isn’t working properly.
        Tack så mycket! (thank you!)

  13. Ugh, it stinks that I won’t understand a word but I will still watch. The SRF is definitely my favorite. I have decided to look more into them this year. Especially with all the excitement of the babies they’ll be getting this year.
    I can’t decide if Leonore or Estelle is my favorite. We get to see their different personalities and development and they are just so adorable.

    My take on Sopfia’s coverage is that the family is very welcoming (like truly embracing her as a family member), wanting to introduce her to the world and make clear that they “approve” of her in a way. As someone who has struggled with the hubby’s family, this makes me like them even more. Sure, there can be some PR moves behind it all, but at the same time the family strikes me as a tight-knit and genuine group.

    Any Swedes that can point out the best quotes or give more info?

  14. I just watched the whole video and being a Swedish speaker, I feel I can make some additional comments. I agree that it was very Sofia heavy, but analyzing Sofia’s answers, you realize she did not previously know Frida, her co-founder of PP, and that they just founded it in 2010, shortly after Sofia had met CP at a tennis tournament. It seems quite obvious her efforts in making herself suitable as a Royal bride has paid off.

    I am most impressed with Crown Princess Victoria, who, like her brother, suffers from dyslexia and also a condition that makes it hard for her to remember faces. She went through a tough time when she was younger with anorexia and bulimia. I think Daniel has been a tremendous support for her and she comes off very genuine and sympathetic. I loved Johanna Hagglund, the girl in the blue and yellow Swedish costume at the birthday celebration. She suffers from Aspergers, but her obsession is the Royal Family and she is thrilled to get selfies with both Victoria and the King, who she calls a “hottie” within earshot!

    Overall, I am proud to be from Sweden. The landscape is beautiful and I am looking forward to taking my whole family there this summer!

    1. Thank you!

      The more I learn about CP Victoria and Daniel, the more I fall in love with them.

      If I had to choose a country to be from that has a monarchy – it would be Sweden!

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