2015 in Review – Duchess Kate’s Coats, Gowns, and Hats (POLL)

2015 in Review – Duchess Kate’s Coats, Gowns, and Hats (POLL)

This is part 2 of our polls on Kate Middleton‘s 2015 fashion: coats, gowns, and hats (go here for part 1). Several of you mentioned the dresses/separates not having anything that stood out, but I think this group has higher highs and lower lows than the dresses/separates categories. Both my favorite looks and least favorite looks of the year come from these categories. As with yesterday’s, the categories are organized by color with two polls at the bottom of each category.



1) Alexander McQueen custom pink coat with peter pan collar – Kate first wore this coat while pregnant with Prince George in 2013, repeating it while pregnant with Princess Charlotte at the Commonwealth Service on March 9.

2) Mulberry Cerise Wool Silk Double Crepe Coat – Kate caused a slight ruckus when she debuted this coat while visiting the September 11 Memorial in NYC in December 2014, but her repeat on March 27 for three visits in South London made much more sense.


3) Sportmax green long belted coat – Kate added another green coat to her green coat collection when she debuted this coat at the Christmas church service on December 25.


4) Seraphine Maternity “Natasha Cashmere Blend Coat” – Kate finally wore some actual maternity wear when she debuted this Seraphine coat on January 19 for three visits in Kensington.

Kate in Seraphine Maternity in Kensington

5) Sportmax “Gerbera” coat – Kate continued her love of blue, debuting this one on February 18 at the Emma Bridgewater factory and Action for Children.

6) Beulah London Chiara Wool Navy Trapeze Overcoat – Kate wore this coat twice in one month, debuting it on March 13 at the Service of Commemoration and repeating it on March 26 at a memorial at Bath Abbey.

7) Catherine Walker “Astrid” coatdress – Kate debuted this coat in her first official appearance after giving birth to Princess Charlotte: Trooping the Color on June 13.

Kate in Catherine Walker for Trooping

8) Reiss “Emile Sharply Tailored Coat” – I’m running out of things to say about Kate’s blue coat additions. Kate added this one to her ever growing blue coat collection on September 18 at the Rugby World Cup opening.

9) Christopher Kane bespoke blue coat – Another blue coat. This one debuted on October 23 for Kate’s trip to Scotland with Prince William.


10) Max Mara Studio Villar double-breasted wool coat – Kate debuted this white coat during her February 12th visit to Portsmouth where she painted butts on a mural.

11) Jojo Maman Bebe “Cream Princess Line Maternity Coat” – If Kate’s Seraphine Maternity “Natasha” coat and her Max Mara Studio “Villar” coat had a baby, it would be this Jojo Maman Bebe coat she debuted on March 12 at the Downton Abbey set.

Kate in Jojo Maman Bebe at Downton Abbey

12) Alexander McQueen bespoke white coatdress – Kate went to her go-to designer for big events, Alexander McQueen, for her coat for Princess Charlotte’s Christening on July 5. After months of constricting necklines, it was nice to see Kate wear something a bit more open.


13) Reiss “Angel” coat – Kate three-peated this coat for her November 20 visit to North Wales.


14) Catherine Walker bespoke brown coat – Kate bucked her tradition of wearing green coats on St. Patrick’s Day and debuted this brown coat on March 17 for St. Patrick’s Day 2015.


15) “Private dressmaker” black coat – This black coat dates from 2012 and is not a maternity coat, but Kate wore it paired with a maternity dress on March 18 for her Home-Start visit.

16) Alexander McQueen bespoke double-breasted black coat with velvet patchwork – Kate was feeling the velvet, but only patches of it, on November 8 for Remembrance Sunday.

17) Hobbs Dalmatian Print Mac coat – Kate repeated another coat she wore while pregnant with Prince George on March 11 when she visited Turner Contemporary and Resort Studios.

18) Reiss “Rubik Houndstooth Wrap Coat” – In another example of Kate debuting a coat and repeating it in the same month, Kate debuted this houndstooth coat on December 10 during her Action on Addiction center visit before wearing it a second time while out shopping on December 11.



1) Jenny Packham bespoke red tulle gown – Kate went red for China in this beaded tulle gown on October 20 at the State Banquet.


2) Erdem “Alouette” printed gown – Kate stepped far outside of her comfort zone when she debuted this floral gown at the 100 Women in Hedge Funds gala on October 27.

3) Jenny Packham bespoke duck egg gown – The day before rocking the 70s flair, Kate dared to go braless in this sheer gown to the Spectre premiere on October 26.

4) Alexander McQueen bespoke blue lace gown – I may as well not even include this one since we barely got any sort of look at it, but it’s on the list anyway. Kate repeated this lace gown to the Diplomatic Reception on December 8 (she previously wore this gown to the Diplomatic Reception in 2013).


**Kate wore a navy hat to a memorial at Bath Abbey on March 26 but since we only got a fan photo from the side and can barely see it, I’m not including it in the poll.


1) Jane Taylor pink hat – Kate debuted a new pink hat to go with her repeated pink coat for the Commonwealth Service on March 9.


2) Lock & Company green flower hat – It looks like a flying saucer is trying to mate with a poinsettia in this green hat Kate wore on December 25 for Christmas church service.


3) Jane Taylor navy hat with bow – This hat may be the least “flying saucer” of the flying saucer hats but it’s the one that tried to fly away the most. Kate had to hold on to it to keep it from flying off her head in the wind when she wore it on March 13 to the Service of Commemoration.

4) Sylvia Fletcher for Lock & Company “Fairy Tale” hat with flower detail – This must be Kate’s favorite hat since she’s worn it six times since it’s debut in 2012. Number six on the list came on December 27 when she wore it to Sunday after Christmas church service.


5) Lock & Company “Marisabel” white hat – Kate stuck a diaphragm on her head for Trooping the Color on June 13.

6) Jane Taylor bespoke white hat – Kate chose this new white hat with floral detailing for Princess Charlotte’s Christening on July 5.

Jane Taylor bespoke white hat


7) Lock & Company “Betty Boop” brown pillbox hat – If the “Fairy Tale” hat is Kate’s favorite, then this “Betty Boop” hat is a close second. Kate has worn this one five times since it’s debut in 2012 – the fifth being St. Patrick’s Day 2015 on March 17.


8) Black “butterfly” hat – Kate went with this flying saucer/butterfly/veil concoction on November 8 for Remembrance Sunday.

178 thoughts on “2015 in Review – Duchess Kate’s Coats, Gowns, and Hats (POLL)

      1. “Flying saucer trying to mate with a poinsettia”. Lol! Love it!. The description, which is very apt, not the saucer itself.

  1. Never thought I’d say this, but compared to the others, I actually like the Erdem gown the best!!

    To me, the red Jenny Packham has no shape, it looks juvenile, plain, like somebody forgot to finish it. And it looks too big for her, like she’s swamped in red fabric.

    The duck egg blue Jenny Packham is very unflattering to her, makes her look bony. If she had a fuller figure, I think it would have been smashing.

    At least the Erdem fits her properly and has some spirit and personality to it! The colors suit her, too.

    Not a big fan of coat dresses and hats, although I thought her whole outfit for the Service of Commemoration was great – she looked wonderful and appropriate and just a beautiful pregnant duchess!

    1. I actually like the red gown. I think it was simple enough to let all the jewels shine. I still hate the Erdem, and I still think the blue Jenny Packham swallows Kate up. I can’t really judge the McQueen one but I would love to see a full view of it.

    2. I agree with you on the red dress. Also, the more I look at it, it seems to be more of a orange-ish red which isn’t a complimentary color for Kate, if it had been a darker, blue-ish red I think it might have been better. Plus, without another color to break it up she looks overwhelmed in it.

    3. I like the red dress. And it proves styling helps Kate so much. The shape is nice but I think some more beading would have elevated it. Her hair and tiara look really good so they offset the eye from not centering on the hue against her skin as much. I think the lighting didn’t help either. My color palate is similar to Kate’s (one reason I don’t understand why she wears some of the awful pieces she does–she should instinctively know at this point) which is why she brightens up so much after some sun. Sports help too because it forces the capillaries next to the skin to flush a healthier tone plus naturally brightens the complexion. She must be sitting in a dark room at Amner half the time staring at dust motes.

      1. I agree about her colour palate, I think I have seen her in every colour possible; surely she understands that everyone has a set of colours or tones that suit their skin tone and some that just don’t? That some colours just aren’t going to work with her complexion?! Most notably the blue obsession, it never looks right with her brown hair and green eyes like it would on a blonde-haired, blue-eyed person. She looks best with pink toned colours IMO, blue makes her skin look grey and tired.

      1. The fabric was gorgeous but that bottom was so misshapen. When fabric and fit are the stars, keeping it a simple shape is really the golden rule.

      2. That Erdem gown would been less hideous if not for the bed dust ruffle. I say, cut it short and wear it to a summer party with strappy high heeled shoes.

    4. I actually voted for the Erdem dress too as I am not a huge fan of it but it was nice to see her step out her comfort zone. The red JP was beautiful but a bit too simple or too simply accessorised and the ice blue one was terrible particularly with regards to her bad posture.

  2. I’m in love with basically all of her hats, so hard to choose one, I wish she would wear her hair in an updo with a hat and perhaps a nice pair of earrings more often because she looks great that way… and her Spectre Premiere gown was just gorgeous! Definitely my favourite.

    1. I can not unsee that diaphragm hat. It’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking coffee or I would have choked from laughing! Kate has a new cause. Next, she can wear a hat shaped like a boob for breast exam/mammogram awareness.

      1. All the hats are disgusting bits of tat. Goodness knows why women wear them. They serve no purpose except to look ridiculous. Surely there are some good milliners out there?

        The red gown wins by default; at least it fits her, dull as it is. The duck egg number makes Kate look emaciated and very unhealthy.

        1. But, Jen! Camilla and Max can rock a crazy big hat like nobody’s business! I think it all depends on the person wearing them, and if what they’re wearing suits their head/face shape and hairstyle etc. Millinery is definitely a bit of fashion art that should be used wisely and with much consideration beforehand. Hence, the need for a sharp stylist with one’s best interest at heart.

          1. Agreed, Ray! I love Camilla’s big hats – they look great on her. Max too. It’s because they are proper hats ie they fit on the head rather than a fascinator balancing like a satellite dish, or a bird dish on the side of a woman’s head. It’s the ‘fascinator’ hat that give me the heebie-jeebies. In a big way. Grrrrr.

        2. Gabriella Windsor rocks some lovely hats. Kate would look great with a hat like what Gabriella wears, or what Lady Frederick (Sophie Winkleman) wears.

          1. Oh, yes Ellie! Just googled Gabriella; this is what i mean by a proper hat and wearing it with panache. Thanks for mentioning these two women.

        3. Some of Sophie’s hats have been even more ridiculous than Kate’s. Sophie has a few that are pushed off to one side – to the point she must be blinded to that side. And the hats the York girls wore to the 2011 wedding – awful. Oh, and some of the hats the other guests wore to the 2011 wedding – also awful.

          1. Yes, so true! It’s mainly the jinx of the ‘fascinator’ IMO. I felt so sorry for the York girls in those ridiculous clown hats at the wedding. They are young women who should dress accordingly. Goodness knows why so many royal women feel they have to wear these atrocities.

        1. Nice! Glad to know the BRF is taking women’s health to the next level. Can’t wait to see what Bea and Eugenie come up with. A hat for shingles and maybe ocular awareness. Can you imagine a hat that looks like an eyeball? I can feel it coming…

      1. No Seth I’m not sarcastic. I really do love them even the most exaggerated, many don’t like them but I do. 🙂

      2. Is it me or are hats meant for covering your head; few of the things she has balanced up there seem to be doing that. Sometimes I think she wears them just because they make her appear even taller, which seems to be really important to her.

        1. A fascinator is the halfway between a hairstyle and a hat, so its actual purpose it’s to finish off a look not to cover one’s head, they are also quite modern seeing as they were made popular in the way we know them today in the late 1990s. I personally find them to be gorgeous ways to style an outfit and add to it that something else that otherwise it would be lacking; I think Kate makes good use of them although some may seem a bit too flamboyant for someone’s taste. And it’s not common to like them simply because to wear them it’s to take a risky choice knowing that in a way they’re kind of not understood… so I understand you all disliking them and telling her to buy proper hats.

  3. Oh my, that Erdem “Alouette” printed gown was the worst. If I was in that event and didn’t look at Kate’s face I coud sit on heh thinking she was a sofa.

        1. Without the dust ruffle and to a different event, the Erdem dress would have been fine.

  4. She looks amazing in all the photos where she is pregnant. I wish someone she trusts would tell her that the super skinny look is doing her no favours. Her face looks so pretty with the extra weight, now it looks like its melting

      1. Elphaba? , don’t remember that line from the novel, but haven’t re read lately. Or original Wicked Witch from the 1939 classic?

      1. I should have clarified for those of you outside the USA. I’m a fan of the University of Alabama football team, whose legendary coach, Paul “Bear” Bryant, wore a houndstooth fedora. After his retirement and death, wearing houndstooth became a huge way to honor him. I have lots of houndstooth garments and items.

    1. I actually liked that coat better when she wore it casually shopping. She looked exhausted that day, but the coat looked awesome.

  5. My nephew saw me looking at Kate’s saucer hats and asked me why that lady has a skydish on her head.
    My personal feeling is that Kate wears this sort of hat to make her look taller.

  6. When I first saw the Erdem dress I thought it was horrible… now I think I love the print and would cut away the bottom part to make a very pretty knee-lenght dress.
    And I adore the hats, I really prefer this style rather than the big hats Maxima tend to wear: they make her look like a Tyrolean housewife.

    1. Oh I agree, as a knee length summer dress for a more casual it would be perfect. However, wrong length, wrong season, wrong event made it my least favorite too.

  7. Ugh. That Lock & Company green flower hat looks like a spider turned inside out! And thank you, KMR, for commenting about the diaphragm she wore at Trooping the Color. Now, I can’t NOT see it as a diaphragm!

    1. I also loved the diaphragm comment. It is so much better than thinking she had a Chinet plate on her head which was my initial thought.

  8. She really didn’t wear gowns this year, and I could not pick a favorite. I always liked the pattern and colors of the Erdem floral, but I just can’t get past the terrible style. 70’s sundress married to an 80’s prom dress ball gown. What was he thinking??

    The coats, loved so many, but really noticed the MM Gerbera was too big for her. I have never liked the Hobbs Dalmatian print, not flattering and too Disneyish.

    For hats, half of the reason for me liking one is how she styles her hair with it. Although, the white hat with the fern does look like it’s levitating and no amount of good hair could redeem that one.

    Thanks for the fashion posts, KMR, lot’s of fun!

    1. For all the talk that Kate prefers film premieres and galas, Kate actually hasn’t worn that many gowns. She usually only ever wears a handful a year.

  9. I really needed a “number 5 all of the above for least favorite gown”. I couldn’t pick any of them as a favorite. She really, really was way off her game with the evening gowns. She only wore 4 evening gowns this year?

    I like the Betty Boop pillbox hat because it’s a hat, not a satellite dish. I’m seriously thinking about spray painting a Frisbee, Bedazzling it, stick on a few feather and send it to her. Tash would probably think it was fabulous and immediately match it with one of her coat/coat dresses.

    Too bad these aren’t multiple choice…

  10. I don’t like any of the looks. Not one. I have come to realize that Kate’s style is not anything I really think of as elegant, beautiful, or intriguing. That’s her. And, I am realizing I, for one, cannot turn anyone else into someone they are not. She is into basic, plain looks, and I really don’t think anything shouts out, “Great!”

    Sans the hat, I guess if I were being forced to vote, the ensemble she wore to Charlotte’s christening was the one I liked most. Still, it smacked of her lackluster style to me.

    None of the hats appeal to me. Not one! And, the Erdem gown, ugh!!!!!!

    Kate’s taste is the minimalist, ladylike look, which can have its pluses, but when she learns to accessorize in an appealing, individualist kind of way and she improves her posture (nod to Lauri) so that she can showcase her clothing more effectively, I may like her clothing more. From her boring wedding gown to her present day looks, I am not a fan of this lady’s taste. But, again, this is apparently who she is and no stylist will probably get to first base trying to change her look.

    Sorry, KMR, I just am not feeling any of these. And, I appreciate your hard work putting these polls together. I really do. Wish I could be more non-judgmental.

    May I be so bold as to offer my vote for Kate’s worst look ever that was flaunted years ago? It’s that see-through number she wore at the University fashion show. The one that apparently was William’s fave because it clinched the first step in a long wait for Carole’s lifelong dream to come true.

    1. That dress was horrible beyond words but it was part of a University fashion show and when you model you don’t really get to choose what you will wear, you just do whatever the designer tells you to do (a friend of mine at her fashion institute modeled wearing a gutter as a hat and a coat made of aluminium because it was part of a project but that didn’t mean that she liked it).

      1. I recall that the designer had intended for it to be worn as a skirt with a solid top, and Kate took it and made it into a dress. Sounds that she had a bit more control over her apparel than the average model! Granted, I’m not sure there was any way to wear it that would have made the thing look nice.

          1. +1
            Never understood the whole sexy thing re that “dress.” When the scene was recreated in the TV movie, “William and Kate,” the actress was curvy and definitely sexy. Kate, not at all, imo.

          2. I don’t get it either, but everyone has their own definition of what is attractive. Maybe William likes that type of body on a woman, which is why he would have thought Kate was sexy. Some men like small breasted women with small hips.

      2. That “dress” Kate wore was originally a lined skirt. Kate took off the lining and wore it as a dress. That was her choice, not the designer’s.

        1. Mary Elizabeth, I totally agree with your assessment that at the end of the day she is a “basic and plain” person. I would add ordinary to the mix. Don’t know if that’s how she wants to be perceived to appeal to the masses or she wants to be sophisticated but can’t pull it off or if she just doesn’t care now that she has snagged her balding prince.

          1. @Penelope First of all, something that happened yesterday is frankly, history. Second of all, I am a university-educated historian, so I think I know what is historical and what is not. My nationality is irrelevant. 13 yeas ago is history, whether you like it or not. It falls into the definition of contemporary history (which sounds like a contradiction but I can assure you is not). But it is history. It is not going to be changed and I am not going to be bullied by a patronizing European who feels she needs to “educate” the “poor Neanderthal American.” The sense of intellectual superiority and entitlement that you exude in your comment doesn’t make you more intelligent; reading books might. I have a modest library if you would care to borrow some.

          2. Seth: I’ve just seen your comment and as an Italian I find the definition “Eurotrash” degrading to say the least. Surprised KMR hasn’t called it out yet. As for the history matter, a college catwalk which has taken place thirteen years ago isn’t history in my book. The facts that occur have to have serious implications on the surrounding world to be classified as History. And I doubt that Kate’s catwalk falls under this category, seeing as it didn’t have any serious implications if not to catch William’s attention (which isn’t exactly a matter of world peace no matter the role he fulfills). Ergo, I disagree.

          3. @Seth:

            Replying to what one thinks is a patronizing comment with a patronizing comment does not help matters.

            Also, I would be pretty offended if someone from another country judged me as a racist bigot simply because I’m from the American South.

            I’m sure the same is true for Europeans and their stereotypes.

            No one wants to be judged unfairly based off of stereotypes.

          4. @WE:

            Technically history is anything that happened in the past. There are different types of historical study and not all of them have to be about events that have large-scale implications on the surrounding world. I took a class in college where I studied one event (and the events that lead up to it) that took place in my city.

          5. I understand KMR. Coming from Venice I too have studied a lot about my city… I just found it ridiculous to classify a catwalk as History when that specific word is kind of heavy in general and not really proper in this context. I would define it as a part of Kate’s past and story rather than real history.

          6. It’s part of Kate’s history – and a fairly significant moment in her history since that’s the catalyst for her relationship with William. In terms of world history, or even UK history, it’s not even a blip on the radar. In terms of British royal history, it’s a blip like ever other story of how a monarch met his/her consort.

            Considering we focus on the very recent history of the British royal family, I understand why people bring it up (just like I understand why people still bring up Camilla’s affair with Charles and Sofia’s nude modeling), and it is a significant moment in William and Kate’s personal history, but in terms of overall historical context that catwalk isn’t significant.

          7. Thanks KMR for your moderation, but I just cannot help it.
            @ Seth: with all your education, you really learned nothing about manners. Evidently you are deeply committed to trolling and bullying whoever does not share your opinions.
            Thank you for the kind offer about your library; however, being a tenured history professor who speaks fluently in four languages, including Russian, and writes books, beside reading them, I have a sizable library of my own, so I will not be needing it. I seem to recall you live in upstate New York. I studied in a university founded in the 13th century, not in a community college, and live between Roma, Milano and Venezia so I my life is basically steeped in history.
            I know I am off the mark, but your patronizing is really rude and annoying. Do not worry KMR, I am leaving and will not be coming back. Thanks for the entertaining reading and do not complain if flocks of Americans who come to Europe without speaking a word of any European language, will begin to get lost in dangerous and faraway suburbs: I will not be polite helping them anymore , as I have done until today, about bus and trains lines and offering directions and suggestions. But maybe Seth can help them!

          8. @Penelope:

            You have every right to feel insulted as what was said to you was insulting.

            If I’m being honest, I don’t think stating that a word is offensive to you is patronizing at all and do not understand why that comment garnered such a patronizing reply, which was over the top in it’s condescension.

            While I fully understand that you felt attacked and wanted to defend yourself, I must say I still think replying to a patronizing comment with a patronizing comment doesn’t help matters. But at least I understand why you did it.

            I hope you do not judge all Americans based off of the actions of one individual. As I said, no one likes being judged based off stereotypes.

            I hope you continue to comment, as, though we’ve had our own misunderstandings, I enjoy your comments and point of view. If you choose not to, I understand and truly wish you well and I hope you have a great year and that your students all learn a lot.

          9. Penelope I have to be honest but your comment turned me off. That is frankly very juvenile and closed-minded of you. Just because you think one American is rude, does not mean the whole is. From your reaction to Seth, I could then say all Italians are immature when they are upset. There are nice Americans and rude ones. Just like there are nice Italians and rude ones. But it says a lot about you as a person if one American on a blog can make you decide not to help American’s as a whole. The world is a lot tougher than that and I personally believe in karma. You could have not sunk to the same level, but you went even lower! As a human being, I am offended by your comment and rudeness. So, keep that in mind on any blog you visit where you will meet rude and nice people.

          10. Overit: As a Venetian I can assure you that, exception made for a handful of nice and polite tourists I have rarely had the chance to encounter, Americans are generally disrespectful when they come to Italy. I speak from experience. They touch exhibits which are not meant to be touched (I was at a museum with my friends, an American woman touched a painting and complained when she was reprimanded by the guard), climb or sit on statues thousands of years old (a girl part of a group of American students climbed over a fence to basically lie down on a statue which had been there since Giulio Cesare to take a picture), have picnics in restricted areas occupied by archaelogical sites and look annoyed when they are told to go elsewhere, pretend to wear shorts and tank tops to visit churches and cathedrals in the summer (it may be allowed in America but it’s considered highly disrespectful and it’s strictly forbidden in Italy). I was appalled when a couple of Americans tried to ask me directions from Venezia airport to their hotel in Latin and when I answered in English they just stared at me and said “oh you don’t speak Latin in this city?”. So these may be stereotypes, as I’m sure there are many about Italians who are sadly known to be rude out of the borders (stereotype which is usually true and even in that there are exceptions), but so far they have rarely been proved wrong. I am sixteen years old, deeply love my city and therefore this type of behavior is unacceptable to me, never in a million years I would dream to show disrespect to another’s country/city heritage because I know how much it means to people and how much it bothers them if it’s not shown the appropriate respect. I apologise in advance if I came across as rude myself and will refrain from commenting anymore.

          1. @ penelope, that’s not about positive thinking, it’s about the facts of what happened in the past. Rewriting past history is very popular today, but owning what we do–good and bad, and going forward needs to be Kate’s motto just as much as ours and everyone else’s. A good example is Sofia, who definitely had many things in her past that make it difficult for some to see her in a privileged position acting wholesome when she used nature’s assets as one way to get Carl Philip’s attention. However, she’s working on different projects and has given speeches for her first year, so people will see. The past matters supremely in did the person grow from that? Or are they still using basic assets to coast through. That’s where the jury is still out for me, but I think Kate or her handlers are pushing the envelope a little. Maybe they understand that she’s got to go beyond a good pair of legs and smiling devotion. The positive here is that Kate has a brand new year to share more of who she really is as person rather than being labels “wife, mother, dutiful spouse, smiling patron.”
            Kate’s like an essay that meets all the requirements but it doesn’t have that personal, colorful POV that translates to the reader. This year might bring that, but Kate’s choices from her past also could keep directing her future. For us to ignore that turns us into mindless Kate-worshipers.

          2. I beg to differ… it’s not about rewriting “history” (if we can call something like that history) but putting things in perspective.
            Should I need to choose, I would actually condone more easily a stupid thing that happened during university than Sophie’s stripper past, no matter how many speeches she gives.

          3. @Sunny. Thank you. And as someone who T.A.ed in college, if I got an essay that only restated the problem, dotted the eyes, crossed the Ts, rather than make SOME contribution to knowledge, it was an immediate “C.” An “A” requires original thought with clear organization, logic and specific detailed examples of their argument. What happened 13 years ago is called history, not “positive thinking”. She wore a black and gold slip with black panties and bra. She looked (do forgive me) like Eurotrash, which doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Hardly even reasonably attractive to me, let alone worth £300. William wasted his money, given what he could have gotten for it. And New Year’s ended three and a half days ago.

          4. Hi penelope, I understand your view about it being only a point in Kate’s time at college, but it was a deliberate move to get his attention. It’s an admitted fact that she knew he was there at the fashion show and she chose to wear the slip in a way that is going to make everyone in the room look at her. Look, I understand that she wanted him to notice her and she got what she wanted. We just had a post about how it should be ok if a woman wants to make a move to get a guy’s attention and doesn’t have to wait like a sweet little miss for him to talk to her. As women, we can either rely more on our personality and abilities, or use the fast pass and flash legs, etc when we like a guy. Kate has to take the good and bad from her decision. People are always going to think she wouldn’t have done it for William Smith. Or maybe for William Smith if he was a millionaire. Or maybe it was just because she liked him. Now on to the new year, and not forgetting that Kate throughout the girlfriend years and now as the DOC has gone topless, sans panties to a public event, flashed almost her crotch to children when press and others were saying *weigh your dresses in case of wind.* People will cut her slack, they understand that a lot of things are yesterday, but she’s got to stop doing things that keep the past from really being the past. Now she should have an arsenal of things that make her the unique person she is, but we don’t ever see it. Where’s the development? You don’t forget the prequels (unless you’re Star Wars) when you go to see the latest installment of a film, but you look forward to what was off in the last edition being fixed along with a better direction. Like it or not, people who live on the public dime should think of themselves almost like a serial. What does this season bring? Where is your story going? Maybe that would be helpful to Kate. She’s losing ground fashion-wise. She gained a giving a speech but it was pretty limited because of bangs, head-bobbing–but that’s a ray of sunshine. She didn’t really do anything else so we don’t have much to work with. But there’s huge potential this year and we’re all supportive that she could understand getting more involved might bring the confidence that’s been lacking.

          5. Hi Seth, maybe it’s because I am not American, but 13 years is hardly history: according to ICOM to define something “historical” it needs to be at least 50 years old. The “positive thinking” remark intended to focus the attention to the future, rather than focus on a old catwalk dress that was not even featured in the poll. But by now I should know better.
            Finally, no, I do not forgive your rudeness: as an European, I find the definition of “Eurotrash” insulting.

          6. I stated a fact about a dress Kate wore. It’s not positive or negative; it’s a fact.

            The only opinion in my comment was the fact that I put dress in quotes.

            PS. I didn’t bring up this dress, someone else did.

          7. KMR clarified a misconception, it was purely informative, repeating what the designer let people know, that is was skirt which had lining that Kate remixed last minute before she walked the catwalk, is correcting a misconception negative? I didn’t detact any bias or think her comment was emotive either way, can you please point it out if you’re seeing otherwise? Cause I really don’t think KMR was being negative.

          8. @Penelope: Sofia was not a stripper. Sofia posed nude for a magazine and then went on a reality TV show.

            Re Kate’s see-through dress: I don’t even care at this point. I was simply stating a fact about the dress. I was not judging Kate for wearing it.

            @Seth: Eurotrash is pretty derogatory. There is no need to be rude.

            And not everyone finds the same body types attractive. Some men like big breasted women with big butts, while some men prefer small breasted women with small buts. Just because one person finds a woman’s body unattractive doesn’t mean everyone does.

            Same for men: Some women like big, muscular guys, while other women like slim, lanky guys.

            @Sunny: OMG Star Wars reference!!

          9. Penelope, I don’t know where else to put this so I hope you read this. I have only recently discovered KMR and I have learned so much about European and other royals, their sashes, history, palaces etc from KMR and from Art Historian (who I think is another highly educated historian) who both bring so much to this blog, so it is about more than just what Kate wore. I fully understand that you are insulted and upset, but I would dearly love you to stay and share the wealth of your knowledge. There have been a few bust ups that I have witnessed, and I think everyone is sometimes forgetful, despite KMR’s constant reminders, that there are human beings on the end of our names. Healthy disagreement particularly between Europeans and Americans is very interesting and challenges our individual ideas, but of course insults do exactly the opposite. Maybe stay away for a week and come back and share with us your knowledge. Sorry KMR if I am out of line, but I have loved being able to learn from such a well educated and thoughtful group of people on here, and in particular seeing how others view ‘my’ royal family. Best wishes to Penelope and Seth! 🙂

          10. penelope, Normally, I try to stay out of some of the dust up’s which happen from time to time at KMR, but I am with Overit and cannot understand your stand on denying visitors to your country any help in the future.

            I have come across people visiting from Europe and Asia and find it a pleasure to offer any assistance I can to someone who has graced our shores. Of course, there are some who feel differently, but as a whole our history in the U.S. is to welcome those who want to come to this country.

            This brings me to another point. Of course your educational background is impressive, but in this country education is expensive and most people need to pay for their own education. I have no idea where Seth received her education, but maybe I missed something and you are aware she went to a ‘community college’. This may be correct, but many people in this country struggle to provide an education for their child once they turn eighteen. Many students work one or two jobs to put themselves through school and community college may be their best option.

            Yes, it is correct many people in the U.S. do not speak a second language. I am one of them. At one time I could understand my grandparents and their friends who settled in this country from a country in Europe. Like many American households language from parents and grandparents was used less and less over time and English was primarily used by the family. We are a large country. The amount of time it takes to get from country to country in Europe is similar to the amount of time it takes to travel from state to state. Friends from Europe say the close proximity of countries and the amount of time off from work helps Europeans learn so much about their neighboring countries and pick up the language.

            While I don’t like seeing people get offended, I hope you will try to consider the geography, history and social circumstances which have an impact on the way Americans live their lives. For instance, I worked 40-60 hours a week before I received more than a week of vacation time from my employer. After five years it was nice to get two weeks off, but I could never take the two weeks together. Kind of makes it tough to get to Europe and speak another language. Many, many Americans take years of language in school, but never have the chance to use the second language and it becomes forgotten.

            I will continue to help all those who compliment myself and other Americans by traveling to this country. I hope after your feelings calm down you will consider the same.

        2. KMR you didn’t say anything negative you gave information that corrected a misconception that was stated about an item of clothing that Kate wore and the designer’s original intent. You do a great with on this blog, thank you.

        3. Wow it was originally a skirt and she made it see-through and wore it as a dress?! What the…

          The fact that she had to resort to that after being on the same course as Wills for A WHOLE YEAR without him making even one move on her speaks volumes about how little he values her in my opinion.

    2. I agree, Mary Elizabeth. Seen en masse, the outfits and hats are incredibly bland. Blocks of colour everywhere, but no… nuance. There’s nothing much there. But perhaps that is Kate? I don’t find the look minimalist – as per Charlene’s white cape and black pants, which to me looked chic, sharp and contemporary and very much in keeping with her age. Kate, on the other hand, just looks dowdy. Perhaps she is being directed to wear such clothing? The best look from Kate is the Christopher Kane blue coat with black boots: there, Kate looked fresh and chic, and it is a look that suits her.

      As for the deliberately altered transforming to a see-through dress, well, it did what Kate wanted it to do!

      1. The Christopher Kane is a beautiful coat, and that brilliant sapphire blue is a great color for her. I think she’s a winter/summer – looks best in white, jewel tones or pastels. That’s why she looks best as a straight brunette, no highlights or caramel tones, just a rich dark brown.

    3. I re-read my initial post where I said Kate was into basic plain looks and I feel badly because I think some people may have thought I said her physical appearance was plain. I think Kate has a very pretty face. I know she works out diligently and is in good shape, but I just think she is too thin. I did not write the above post to be negative. I wrote it with this thought in mind:

      That whatever our own individual taste in clothing is, we cannot expect others to dress like us. I honestly think Kate is an understated person. To me, I would like her to jazz up those looks a tad by choosing beautiful accessories, but that’s my taste. Perhaps, not what she likes at all.

      And, I brought up the college runway look because it truly was — to me — the worst thing I think I ever saw her wear. It did win her a prince, though. So, who am I to complain?

      I think I was being open and honest, not too negative in my other post. I just wanted to explain it better. I’m not a fan of Kate’s style, but maybe she wouldn’t be a fan of mine either!

      1. I didn’t take your comments as negative, nor were mine meant to be either. I was commenting on the clothes which are unflattering on her, by and large. I agree with others who have mentioned Kate looks healthier and more attractive with more weight on her. But perhaps Kate equates thinness with desirability?

        She seems more comfortable with a look such as the Christopher Kane coat/black boots/lack tights; the blue really suits her and the look is just fresh and more suited to her age. This stands out in a sea of unmemorable clothes. Whoever is influencing her choice of attire is doing her a disservice; I reckon it is someone high up in the royal chain. I suspect it is about dampening down any ideas of individuality that Diana exhibited.

        Beautifully designed and tailored clothes don’t need much else, but I wouldn’t describe many of Kate’s outfits as such. I think you can be understated and elegant, there can be a quiet integrity to the clothing for sure. A little pop of colour through a thin belt, an intriguing piece of jewellery, a smart clutch, and a zippy shoe (a la Laboutin!) would lift the dullness.

        1. No worries Mary Eiizabeth. I knew exactly that you were referring to her plain looks in terms of her wardrobe rather than her face.

    4. Mary Elizabeth there was nothing wrong with your comment! This is a critical blog after all.

      Also, it has become apparent that a few posters want a ‘positive’ outlook on Kate, aka wanting blind praise of Kate. Stating that she wore a see-through dress, which she made that way, to get Will’s attention in college is a fact, not a negative comment. The fact that some posters don’t like this being brought up is probably because some fans don’t like her past being mentioned since she was very manipulative and scheming. She used her best asset, which was her body. Will and Kate were not a fairytale romance as some people want to believe. This is a critical blog of Kate, which means we don’t look at Kate through rose-colored glasses like other blogs do. Some times Kate will do good and get positive comments, but as the past has shown most of the time she is very underwhelming. It sure seems like a select few now expect a positive outlook on Kate to mean hero-worship. Honestly, I come here for a refreshing and honest look on Kate, not a swept under the rug view of Kate that the Palace wants us to all believe. So, there is nothing wrong with bringing up Kate’s past or mentioning things like Kate is a boring dresser. Its obvious more people appreciate a realistic view of Kate now as her honeymoon period is over and she is not as popular anymore. So, please keep in mind this is a critical blog.

      1. I think part of the problem is that being manipulative and scheming is considered a negative trait – especially in women. So instead of “she manipulated the situation” being taken as a fact that is neither positive or negative, people assume it is a negative.

        Of course, we do not fully know what Kate’s intentions were with that dress since we were not inside her head at the time, so I can see how discussion of her intentions may be considered opinion rather than fact. But discussing the fact that the dress was a skirt with a lining which Kate removed and wore as a dress is pure fact – not positive, not negative, just fact.

        Saying the dress looked bad is pure opinion, though.

        1. Agree about the fact vs opinion. But my main comment was even if it is a negative opinion why is someone being called out for it? This is a critical blog, not one that only praises Kates every move. And if new commenters are going to start getting upset about a realistic view of Kate and only expect overly adoring comments, then this blog will sadly become like the others. Which no one wants. That was my main point. I don’t see why people are upset over a critical view of Kate on a critical site? And critical does not equal negative, nor does idolizing/worshiping equal positive. The positive vs negative is always debated on a different rose colored glasses site and I just hope that it won’t happen here.

          1. The thing about “critical” is that it’s about thinking critically on a subject and examining all aspects of that subject. So one can be critical of a subject and say that the subject did something positive, and one can be critical of a subject and say that the subject did something negative.

            I think that it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking critical means negative, leaving out the fact that one can be critical and be positive. Which is why I said in a previous article that I wanted to be more positive. Not because I want to be positive for positive’s sake or that I’m going to overlook the negatives, but because I want to be more objectively critical rather than negative – think about the subject critically and judge both the positives and the negatives.

          2. Thanks for your comments on my attempt to explain my initial post on Kate’s choices in fashion. Her taste vs mine.

            I appreciate the support and understanding. I think I am getting all wrapped up in the fact that I often am way too wrapped up in my comments on Kate and they appear to be pretty negative. I try to be fair and have complimented her when I see fit. Examples: Her newer photos of Charlotte were quite good and showed a very adorable baby. And, her appearances of late — even with flaws that I also mentioned – have been showing us that she is taking steps to improve.

            Still as someone else so aptly wrote — was it you, Jamel – it does appear that even baby steps are applauded way too loudly for Kate. She should be — in my opinion — way beyond where she is in her role as a Duchess.

            Thanks for all the comments and I am going to leave with this thought: I guess I am too old-fashioned for my age in some respects. THe thought of a future Queen wearing a see-through number and her undies in order to snag her man is a bit much. Imagine if Diana had done that? Imagine if any other woman did such a thing?! Being manipulative is not necessarily a bad thing, but being cheap and “trashy” is something else. And, that little number did appear to be trashy to me. Ok, sorry, I think I have said enough and need to get to work!

            A good day/evening to all.

  11. I enjoyed several of her coats and gowns, I (usually) like the cut/style of gowns she wears. A few of the coats were drab, but I like the pale pink and whites on her, actually. Her hats aren’t my favorite. I usually like the hats Princess Eugenie and Beatrice wear, they can be outrageous but fun to look at.

  12. Wow, I can’t believe how you can put together a fun poll when so many of the choices are so bland. Kudos to you KMR for making something fun out of nothing.

    My favorite coat was the blue Christopher Kane that Kate wore in Scotland. I really liked that whole outfit, the short skirt with the tights and boots was a youthful and fun look, definitely something I would wear. My least favorite was the Catherine Walter bedspread that she wore to the Trooping of the Colors. This coat is so hideous that it’s easy to see why she hid behind the on the balcony. I did like the cut and fit of the white McQueen coat she wore to the christening but I really don’t like optic white, to me it’s a pretty harsh color and to see a whole outfit in that color is rather blinding.

    My favorite gown was the red Jenny Packham, only because I disliked the other choices so much. I agree with LizB, it’s a rather juvenile cut and style. My least favorite was the Erdem, now perhaps if she had worn it to a more appropriate event I would have liked it better, say a summer luau or pig roast 🙂

    My favorite hat is the brown Lock & Co Betty Boop hat, I’ve always liked it on her, more so with her hair down than with it up. My least favorite hat is the white Lock & Co Marisabel. I really don’t like the way it sat up off her head, very flying saucer looking.

    1. Lauri you totally just saved me a post! Your choices where the exact same as mine (minus the hat)!!! I loved the Christopher Kane ensemble. I just thought the color was beautiful and looked really nice on her. I also hated the Catherine Walker coat. It did Kate no favors and the print looked like it belong on a couch :). I think the Kane coat stood out to me even more this time because so many of her other coats where so boring. I didn’t realize how boring they were until looking at all of them together. I think had the McQueen coat been in a different color, it would have been my favorite. The cut was lovely and I liked the unusual neck-line. I wish she would choose less similar coats. I have asked it before, but my gosh how large is her coat closet? She must have a room devoted to them. And what a shame that she probably won’t wear most of them again. Especially all the maternity ones. I can’t believe how many maternity coats she has-what a waste of money!

      1. That Catherine Walker coat was ugly.

        Several of her “maternity” coats are not actually maternity coats. So maybe they will make a reappearance. I really like that Beulah navy one so I hope that comes back.

    2. I’ve always like that brown Betty Boop hat. I liked it most with her hair half up/half down like she wore it in 2012.

  13. I like a lot of the coats, but most would benefit from a pop of something – scarf brooch etc
    The hats are horrendous why can’t she try some different styles for goodness sake? She looks so old in some of these photos especially the blue hat in March.
    Her early gowns were so stunning it was the one area I really thought she showed some flare. She s lost that flare imo this year. The Erdem print in a short straight dress is available in sales now ( still vastly expensive) but looks quite classy, but the gown is a monstrosity.
    I have put some positives KMR I am trying!!

    1. So agree, particularly about the coats. I’m hoping in time she’ll add a brooch here and there and different earrings altogether. I did like the earrings she borrowed from Carole for the Spectre movie, her gown game at that event hit an all time low though.

      1. I liked the earrings Kate wore to the Spectre premiere. It was great to see her in some big jewelry.

  14. One of my top 3 favorite in her coat closet is the one she wore to St.Patrick’s Day ceremony in 2014. I would happily wear that, myself!
    I haven’t seen her wear her Burberry since flipping pancakes in 2011, and am surprised. It’s a classic trench with a bit of ruffle ? along the hem to give it a twist. Also, the coat she wore when leaving the hospital after having been in for HG. She accessorize do with a scarf, too!
    She needs to shop her coat closet, some really nice pieces in there.

    1. I love that coat both those coats that you mentioned. I am surprised she has not worn the burberry one again. It is a classic trench coat with a twist and looked great! She does need to shop her closet. She has some great pieces she probably doesn’t even remember 🙂

  15. I love coats only as outerwear to keep me warm and it would have been preferable if Kate chose a few statement pieces that would wow us. Instead, she wraps herself in a plethora of nondescript and forgettable coats in every color of the rainbow and prints that don’t flatter her. And what does she do with all these coats anyway—that I would love to know!

    On to the more positive side, she actually looks good when pregnant. The glow and extra pounds do wonders for her. Once she shrinks back into postpartum weight, her clothes and looks just fall flat flat flat.

    1. I’d say because they can be weighed down and less chance of flashing. This huge uptick in coat dresses and coats in general has to be a result of that summoning to Sandringham.

  16. Darn! I messed up the hat vote. I put the white Marisabel down as a favorite and I liked it the least.

    Sorry to mess up the vote KMR.

  17. My favorite was the blue coat she wore in Scotland too. The cooler tone played well with her skin and eyes, and it was one of only a few that I thought she really seemed alive in. Even though she smiles in the rest, I often think she’s just wearing them to fit the part.
    I think we all agree the dresses were seriously lacking. I liked the red one only because it fit on top and the styling. They are all such a mismatch of part fitting her and part being ugly or looking like a dust ruffle or wrong color, or too much fabric sleeves while too little for being braless… I think Kate is in a room somewhere sneaking a Twinkie, she gets called in to a room and someone pulls out a dress, then starts dressing her up. I don’t see Kate choosing her own clothes or feeling strong in a power suit or tailored outfit. We saw more of Kate’s personality in the girlfriend stage when she wore sexy outfits and projected a *I’m hot, my body is rocking* attitude.

    1. Agree Sunny. The choices are so off I can only think that either Kate has incredibly poor taste or that there is someone else overseeing the choices. And that someone is a dowager courtier with limited taste and understanding of how a contemporary and young(ish) royal could look and not scare the horses. A shame all round.

      1. A combination, maybe? It’s like what kids do with their parents – for example, we’d be at a big family function, and someone asks my daughter what her plans are for the future…and my daughter looks at me. Sitting in the dr’s office with my son (for his appt.) and the dr. asks him “what brings you here today”, and my son looks at me!! I have no idea why they used to do this, because we always encouraged them to make eye contact, be polite, etc ANYWAY, I can picture Kate and Carole at an upscale atelier, the designer brings out a selection of items, and asks Kate ” what do you think of these pieces?”, and Kate looks at Carole, with that wide eyed panicked whatamIsupposedtosay look on her face. Then Carole just goes ahead and chooses for her!

        1. Agreed. I think you put it really well. And the key is that Carole has kept that position rather than doing what you should do as a parent and knowing when to look right back at your child with either the *look* (no you pick) or telling them to start getting messy. But there was a lot riding on making the right choices and I think Carole has an instinct about what flatters Kate or keeps that sexy vibe to keep Will interested. Has Will ever said that he doesn’t care if Carole really did Pygmalion him a bride?

    2. I wonder if another part of the problem is that Kate does casual-wear fairly well but has no idea how to dress professionally. Largely because she’s never really had a job. So, faced with this job of being a working member of the BRF, she flounders and ends up with what must be the most expensive bland wardrobe any taxpayer ever footed the bill for.

      1. I hate to sound like I harp on Carole, but I really think she always sculpted Kate’s look since it first went from fantasy to *why not* that Kate could marry Will. I think she brought Kate up to hone her body and use it to get attention, and that Carole always had a good eye and Gary’s money to polish Kate up. Now that Kate doesn’t have mom’s daily help, she’s looking worse around the edges. Just MO but I don’t know if Kate ever developed her own opinions or anything. That’s what I’m really hoping to see this year and I think Kate can find her own POV to share if she tries.

        1. Ray and Sunny, great points. Given the closeness/dependency on her mother, it is feasible that Carole directed and funded Kate’s look for quite some time. And they seem to wear each other’s clothes: yuck. Talk about projecting yourself through your daughter! Best thing for Kate is to find a good stylist and distance herself from her mum, at least in this regard. As long as Carole is hovering, Kate will find it hard to grow as a mother, royal etc.

        1. A twinkie is a mass-produced sweet treat usually sold in fuel stations/quick marts. It is vanilla cake with a cream middle. Very cheap, not outstanding quality, lots of calories. But it hits the spot sometimes!

          1. BamaLynn, are you in the States?
            I have not seen Twinkies anywhere since Hostess – the bakery that mass produced them – went out of business. Maybe, I am not shopping at the correct stores. I was never a major Twinkie fan, but loved those Hostess chocolate cupcakes with the swizzle of vanilla frosting across them. Oh, and the bakery’s snowballs, too. The huge chocolate cakes with pink frosting that was dipped in shredded coconut. Oh, now I am starving.

          2. I’m in the USA in Birmingham, Alabama. I remember Hostess going out of business and twinkies not being made any more. I haven’t seen any for some time, but there are knockoffs in the service stations I frequent.

            I remember those chocolate cake balls covered in pink! And the chocolate cupcakes were really good. I’m surprised Hostess didn’t stay in business.

            Where are you from, Jenny?

  18. Thanks for the poll. The hats and gowns were voting easy the best of the worst and the worst of the worst. The hats were hidjous. Kate needs a hat. She can call Max or Mary for ideas.

  19. I had to go with the red gown. What little we can see of the blue lace from the Diplomatic reception makes me wonder if the total effect might be a bit juvenile. The lace looks like a bib insert. The style of the Erdem brings a very hazy memory of a dress my Mom made for my Barbie but the fabric looks like 1980’s drapery fabric. The Bond premiere was just about the worst all year. While her hair looked really good from the neck down, I thought she looked like a very cheap “lady of the evening”. It was almost like she was trying to out Hollywood Hollywood. Not a good look for royalty.

  20. OMFG what is this nonesense? 18 coats?!! Most people would make do with 3 or 4, 10 if you’re rich but 18?! Such greed and sickening extravagance.

    1. What is even more crazy is how many of those are maternity coats and she will never wear again. Some people are just stupid rich 😉

      1. Oh I think she has a few more babies yet to come – it’s a good way of not having to work. I would hope that some could at least be re tailored to be non maternity? Or saved for Pippa!

  21. I couldn’t vote for any of the gowns or hats. They were terrible.

    Someone said on Celebitchy that Kate is going to be one of the forgotten consorts in one hundred years time. She is such a snooze fest as a personality and a fashion plate and does so little of lasting value with her charities. I agree.

    Even sadder than her hats and gowns or her personality and resume is the fact Kate cares so little for creating a lasting legacy in the public consciousness. An empty, wasted platform which so many philanthropists and humanitarian workers would sell their souls to possess, sits empty gathering dust and cobwebs.

    Unfortunately, Kate won’t even notice because she has what mummy dearest raised her to want-a rich, titled husband and a pack of children to use as an excuse to shop, exercise and lunch while doing the minimum of her public duties-and I think her husband likes it that way.

      1. Forgotten when they were hidden away in Castles, with just a portrait to show? Sure.
        Forgotten in the modern age of thousands of images & acres of independent newsprint? Woah.

      2. Have to disagree with you there KMR. In the UK Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother is not forgotten, nor Queen Mary. Further back then that I think Queen Alexandra is still fairly well known, and they tend to all have hospitals etc named after them too which reminds people. I quite accept that outside the UK or Commonwealth they may have been forgotten!

  22. My favorite coat:The Reiss Angel
    My least favorite coat:The White Alexander Mcqueen one worn at Charlotte’s christening
    My favorite gown:The red Jenny Packham,though I have a feeling that I would like the lace Mcqueen one more,but we never got a front view for it,so I can’t properly judge it
    My least favorite gown:It is a close tie b/w the duck blue Jenny Packham and the Erdem.Pity about that Jenny Packham one though b/c if she had not had the sleeves added then it would be fine.
    My favorite headpiece:The black ‘fairy’ Sylvia and Fletcher hat
    My least favorite headpiece:the hat worn at the Trooping of the color
    I miss the Duchess’s 2011-2013 style

  23. Ok, I need to clarify something again. What is wrong with me of late?
    When I used the word trashy in quotes, I was using trashy in regards to what I think looks tacky and was not assigning it to any culture or nationality. I don’t know what possessed me to put it in quotes. I was not trying to insult anyone, so please no negative barbs. I think I need to stop posting for a while.

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