Royal Round Up: Victoria, Sofia, Sophie, Camilla, Maxima, Mary, Mette-Marit

Royal Round Up: Victoria, Sofia, Sophie, Camilla, Maxima, Mary, Mette-Marit

Here’s a Royal Round Up to brighten up your Thursday. In this one, we have at State Visit to Sweden with Crown Princess Victoria in attendance; Princess Sofia wearing her Order of the Seraphim for the first time at a different event; Sophie, Countess of Wessex hanging with Prince Albert and Harper’s Bazaar; Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall doing some pre-tour events; Queen Maxima and Crown Princess Mary at a Women’s Conference; and Crown Princess Mette-Marit celebrating the Red Cross. Let’s start with tiaras!

Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia

King, Queen, Victoria, Daniel, Carl Philip, President of Tunisia State Visit

Wednesday, November 4th began a three day State Visit from the President of Tunisia to Sweden. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel received the President and his wife at the airport and accompanied them to the Royal Palace in Stockholm where the welcome ceremony took place. King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia then hosted a lunch for the President and his wife. Victoria, Daniel, and Prince Carl Philip were also in attendance.

Victoria wore her new favorite brand: Seraphine Maternity.

King, Queen, Victoria, Daniel, Carl Philip, President of Tunisia State Banquet

A State Banquet was held last night attended by the King and Queen, Victoria, Daniel, and Carl Philip. Princess Sofia is in South Africa at the moment celebrating Project Playground’s 5th anniversary.

Victoria wore a blue gown by Tiffany Rose that was previously worn by Princess Madeleine, and the Baden Fringe tiara. Victoria also wore the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden), the Royal Family Order of King Carl XVI Gustaf, and the Order of the Republic (Tunisia).

Silvia wore a gold gown, the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara, her Royal Family Order, and the Order of Merit (Tunisia).

Carl Gustaf is also wearing the Order of the Republic (Tunisia), while both Daniel and Carl Philip are wearing the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden) and the Order of the Polar Star (Sweden).

Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria State Banquet

The menu:

First course: Blackened and lightly smoked trout with cauliflower variety, tart autumn applesauce, and Västervik mustard dressing. Second course: Cod fillet baked in brown butter with ginger-scented shrimp sauce, caramelized salsify, and dill potato purée. Third course: Whole roasted reindeer fillet of veal with honey fried cabbage, thyme fried seasonal mushrooms, and viltsky flavored with green pepper from Madagascar. Desert: Cloudberry mousse and sorbet with praline crisp, cloudberry foam, and caramel with Lakkalikör (a cloudberry fruit liqueur from Finland).

Place setting Tunisia State Banquet

The glassware – from Kosta, designed by Sigurd Persson – was a wedding gift to the King and Queen from the government, and the linen – from Klässbol – was a gift from the government to the King on the occasion of his 20th anniversary on the throne.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia engineering sciences formal gathering

On Friday, October 23rd, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia attended The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences’ Formal Gathering at Stockholm City Hall in Stockholm.

This was the first time Sofia has worn her Order of the Seraphim (Sweden) sash and star. Sofia did not wear her Royal Family Order.

Her Order could use some tweaking. The star is supposed to be at the waist, and the sash is supposed to rest more on the hip rather than in front of the body.

Along with her Order, Sofia wore an ASOSAll Over Sequin Long Sleeve Maxi Dress With Twist Front” ($141.53) dress with Ebba Brahe JewelleryPrincess sliced diamonds” earrings (65,000 SEK or about $7,543), and an H&M clutch.

Sofia previously wore emerald Ebba Brahe Jewellery earrings to the State Visit from India in June.

I think it’s interesting that Sofia wore such a cheap dress with such expensive earrings. Skimp on the dress and go big with the jewels. Love it.

ASOS All Over Sequin Long Sleeve Maxi Dress With Twist Front Ebba Brahe Jewellery Princess sliced diamonds earrings

Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Sophie, Countess of Wessex joined Prince Albert of Monaco at the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Dinner In Honour Of Winston Churchill at Sotheby’s on October 29th in London.

Like Kate Middleton at the 100 Women in Hedge Funds gala, Sophie went with Erdem. But unlike Kate’s monstrosity, Sophie went more subdued with her floral pattern. Sophie went with an embroidered cropped jacket over the Shirlette embroidered organza dress. And while there are two competing floral designs on top, the skirt is a solid, so it balances everything out.

Sophie attended the Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards 2015 at Claridges Hotel on November 3rd where she presented the Breakthrough Designer award to Mary Katrantzou.

Sophie aptly wore a Mary Katrantzou dress ($4,095). She also wore a poppy brooch.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles are currently in New Zealand on a royal tour. They will then be heading to Australia for a second leg of the tour. I will cover that later. For now, I’m just mentioning events Camilla attended prior to the current tour.

After penning her letter about ending sexual violence against women, but before meeting horses from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, Camilla visited Nelsons – the UK’s largest manufacturer of natural healthcare products – on October 14th. Camilla met staff who have volunteered to pack wash bags for the London Havens – specialist centers in London for women who have been raped or sexually assaulted.

In all the hoopla about Kate attending her first ever State Banquet and wearing what most of you thought was an inappropriate lace dress to the creative industries event, I neglected to mention that Charles and Camilla also took part in the State Visit – the welcome ceremony to be exact.

While Kate was wearing that lace dress to a day event, Camilla joined the Queen to watch a horse whispering demonstration by Brooke Global Ambassador Monty Roberts at the Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace on October 21st. The Brooke is an international animal welfare charity working to improve the lives of horses, donkeys, and mules. Yay, more horses!

Queen Maxima and Crown Princess Mary

Queen Maxima and Crown Princess Mary both attended the Third World Conference of Women’s Shelters in The Hague on November 4th.

Maxima gave a speech at the Conference, saying in part:

    “We’re here today to address the serious issue of violence against women. It is a universal problem and it is happening in all countries and all cultures. It affects all social groups and all ages and is often hidden from the outside world. That’s exactly why we need to direct our attention to it. […]
    “There is no justification for domestic violence. Ever. That’s quite clear. At the same time, there are no easy solutions. Anyone who looks into this issue soon learns how complex the situation of victims can be. How widespread and persistent this problem is. […]
    “[T]he United Nations has made tackling violence against women a priority in the Sustainable Development Goals for the next 15 years. One goal is to ‘achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls’. To this end, the UN sees ‘eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls in public and private spheres’ as an essential target.”


After spending time at the Conference, Mary visited women’s shelter Rosa Manus in Leiden, The Netherlands.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit

Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit attended The Celebration Of The 150th Anniversary of the Norwegian Red Cross on November 4th in Oslo, Norway.

Mette-Marit gave a speech, saying in part:

    “This comprehensive name says a lot about what the Red Cross is founded on: The desire to alleviate distress in the community at any time. And the desire to go in where needed and help people directly, without bureaucracy and intermediaries. […]
    “It is you who can make a difference in our time and for the Norway we will have in the future. Organizations like the Red Cross – and the support of volunteers – have a keen eye for compassion when it approaches and the emergence of new needs. You take the pulse of Norway and our human shadow sides – and meet them with realism, respect and warmth.”

[ (translated via Google Translate, sorry for any wonky wording)]

Photos: Kungahuset / Getty

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    1. Camilla seems so down to earth as does Sophie Wessex. If given a chance to meet any of the British ladies (after HM of course) it would Sophie or Camilla. Kate, not so much

  1. Thanks as always! So as a newbe to royal watching I need assistance with the “Order of XYZ” are those hereditary societies? What’s an order? Is there a list someplace with all of them.


  2. Thanks for such a great post KMR! I love that Maddie and Victoria are sharing their pregnancy clothes, very practical of them. I think it’s great though that Sofia skimped on the dress but more than made up for with her jewels, I would have done the exact same thing! I wonder though why no one took the time to explain to her how the various orders and sashes are supposed to be worn? I did read that Sofia didn’t attend the state dinner because she is in South Africa for a couple of weeks working with her charity there. While I applaud her for continuing supporting her charity it would have been nice to see either a repeat of her wedding tiara or see her wearing another one.

    I was thrilled to see the photos of Mary and Maxima together a few days ago (or was it yesterday?). Anyhow, I think it’s great that the royal women sometimes buddy up at these important events. And really who wouldn’t want to hang out with Max for the day?

    I don’t know what to say about M-M’s coat/dress?? This is one royal woman who doesn’t seem to have much fashion sense, too many boxy, baggy or frumpy looks.

    1. We need to dress Mette-Marit. She has a lovely figure and coloring. When she gets it right, she slays. When she gets it wrong, it verges on hot mess territory.

    2. It’s always nice to see the Swedes share clothing and jewels. And especially the maternity clothing, it really is much more practical to share and rewear their old maternity clothes rather than constantly be buying new ones.

      Re Sofia skimping on the dress and bringing it with the jewels: I agree with you. Sofia is a girl after my own heart in that way.

      I was hoping we’d see Sofia at the State Banquet because I want to see her in a tiara again, but alas we will have to wait until the Nobel Prize ceremony in December.

      I’m not a fan of most of Mette-Marit’s fashion. She’s had some nice gowns at the previous royal weddings, but mostly her style is not my taste.

    3. Mary and Maxima, as well as their husbands, are close personal friends – QMII revealed that in a recent interview.
      I bet that Maxima is an absolute blast to hang out with. She, QMII and Prince Michael of Kent are the royals I would with to meet the most – for a tea party perhaps. 😉

  3. Love this Roundup. I adore Victoria. I love how she borrowed Madde’s dress. If I’m not wrong, I believe she might have borrowed the tiara. I love when they do that. I do like Sofia’spent dress and earrings. It would be nice to have her wear her orders properly. I can’t begin to understand why it’s askew.

    Camilla for the win. Her support of her charities that support sexuall abuse victims is commendable. She talks through talk and walks the walk. I just smile when I see her. She gets it and is a wonderful consort to Charles.

    Sophie’s dress is adorable. This is how you break up prints. The last picture with the lace bodice was perfect. Great fit and great colors.

    Mette-Marit, Mary, and Max are well informed, educated, and compassionate leaders. They support world wide efforts for women, girls, and financial disparity. The more I hear about them, the more I love them. The pairing of Max and Mary was pretty genius. Max had a subtle slay, but still wins in my book.

    And can I say lastly that the Swedish dinner sounds ummy? It sure beats my boiled chicken, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. I love when you add that along with the pictures of flowers and place settings.

    Grest roundup, KMR!

    1. I forgot all about the dinner, silly me! It did sound wonderful, even the honey fried cabbage! The tableware, linens and stemware are just beautiful, makes me want to break out my husband’s mothers china and set the table with all the accessories.

    2. The Baden Fringe Tiara has always been Victoria’s in terms of which Swedish daughter has worn it. Maddie has a different fringe tiara that she wears most of the time.

      1. The Baden Fringe Tiara is mostly worn by Victoria whilst Madeleine wears the Modern Fringe Tiara. They are, however, very difficult to tell apart because most fringe tiaras look alike.

          1. Most of the royal houses have at least one fringe tiara – it is sort of an all purpose tiara, LOL. It is originally inspired from the Russian kokoschniks.

  4. Seems like every royal woman out there other than Kate and maybe Stephanie of Luxombourg, can give a speech. I’m beginning to think the only time we’ll get anything other than a “Hello, how are you, have you met my son King George?” will be if they get a divorce and she sits down for a tell all interview. Ugh!

    Well fortunately I can be happy watching all of these other active royal women. I love that Maxima wears so much orange in honor of her country AND she can pull it off. It’s a hard color to wear.

    Victoria looked wonderful and it’s great she trades clothes with Maddie. As for Sofia and her sash, I swear someone just threw it at her because she was having a tantrum about not having one to wear. Otherwise I think it would have fit her properly and been attached as it should have been. it wasn’t just too long/bit, it looked like it came straight out of a box with the crease marks still in it. If you see a picture of her from behind it’s very noticeable.

    The Countess of Wessex continues to shine. She seems to get better and better after each appearance. Camilla is another star of the BRF. Thank goodness they have Anne, Camilla and Sophie. BTW, I am amazed at how pure white HM’s hair is. It is really beautiful.

    Do they ever take pictures of the food they serve at the Swedish functions? I’d love to see a picture to go along with the description. It always sounds so yummy and I bet it’s beautifully presented.

    1. To be fair to Kate, at least she has given a speech before, even if it’s rare and always short. Stephanie has never given a speech.

      Lol, it would be amazing if Kate did a tell-all interview if they ever got a divorce. I wonder if she would, though.

      1. I think Stephanie has only done 1-2 solo engagements. The Luxemburg royals don’t seem to do as much “royal” work as the other royal families, I do wonder though what does Stephanie do all day?

        1. The Luxenburg royals are the wealthiest royals in Europe because they have investments/shares/etc. in the Lux bank system. One of the minor ones leads one of the banks.
          I have no idea if they receive tax money but if they are mostly independently wealthy then they may not do much traditional royal “work”.

          1. Yes, I’ve read this about them before. But what do’s Stephanie do all day? I guess I’m just trying to wrap my mind around what the super rich do with their time, shop, lunch, spas?? I think I’d be bored out of my mind.

          2. To be honest the Luxemburgs aren’t really on my radar – apart from their gorgeous tiara collection. I’m not even sure who Stephanie is!

            I have wondered what rich people of leisure actually do but I really don’t care very much.

          3. That’s what I’ve always thought too, especially for William and Kate but even the ones who work “hard” like the Wessexes or Prince Andrew. Only Princess Anne has engagements scheduled almost every day. I know the Queen has red boxes to go through every day for several hours and meets with government ministers from 16 different countries, so she’s pretty busy most days. But she’s the head of state. Seriously, what do more minor royals do all day? Watch TV, shop on-line? Nap? Play polo?

    1. The fearless way Maxima approaches fashion is definitely one of the things I admire about her. Having a much more reserved fashion sense myself, I’m fascinated by those that who can really pull off the bright colors, big hats and stupendous jewels. I really feel that her fashion choices are just an extension of her vibrant, warm and expansive personality.

  5. Whew! So glad to hear Sofia was working and hadn’t caught DoC’s HG. I would have thought Sofia would have been itching to attend with a tiara glittering for all to see.

    While a big fan of Sophie, the Erdem outing with Prince Albert isn’t a favorite. Either Prince Albert is looking more fit, or he ordered some new suits. As for Camilla in the coat with the shiny panel placement on each side, she should retire the coat because it makes her look wide.

    C.P. Victoria looks fantastic in the blue coat. I forget her fashion during her first pregnancy, but she is doing a great job working and hitting it right sartorially speaking.

    Mary and Max always look like they are great friends. It is nice to see them together.

  6. Maxima looks wonderful. As always!

    Here’s where I want to compare Mary and Kate. We just saw Kate wear the beautiful bespoke Christopher Kane coat and matching kilt. Her coat pulled in the front and her skirt was too short. Mary just pulled off the exact same style of outfit, and nailed it. The pink coat was a perfect fit, and the pink skirt she wore with it was a perfect complement; length, color and style. The black turtleneck, well it goes with everything and we should all have one in our closet! I also like that she didn’t didn’t fall back on the dark tights with dark shoes. The patent heels and bare leg look were just right. I’ve always thought Kate should take a page from Mary’s book regarding fashion, they are both conservative dressers who like structured and well tailored clothes. Mary just gets it completely right, nine times out of ten.

    1. I know what you mean Ray. I frequently see Mary or Leti’s fashion choices and think that Kate would look really good in them. I think Kate’s lack of professional dress understanding stems from the fact that she’s never held a job that required her to wear something other than jeans and a sweater, maybe a cute little dress while she “worked” at Jigsaw but nothing that a professional, working woman would wear.

    2. I am not crazy about CP Mary’s huge pockets on the skirt. I noticed them on the coat and let it go but the ones on the skirt just stick out. Seriously huge pockets are for WWI soldiers in the trenches and for the less fortunate to house their belongings.

  7. Good to see tax payers’ money not being completely wasted on royalty. I wonder what it’s like for the Crown Princess of Sweden – such a public figure and face blindness to boot.

  8. I am a huge fan of Sophie, but just did not like either of her fashion choices.
    So busy today, that I cannot take the time to make as many comments as I would like to.
    It’s always good to see the other Royal Ladies of Europe and find out what they are up to. Max continues to amaze me. She is just perfect to me. Love her style and her warmth. As mentioned above, she radiates from within.

    Camilla’s interest in helping rape victims is such a worthy cause. She doesn’t just allow her name to be used one time and forget all about the subject. She is truly committed to making things better for the women who suffer and for educating the public as to how horrific a crime rape — and domestic violence – are. I am impressed!

    Off and running now. Have a good evening all.

    1. I agree, Sophie usually looks very elegant but these 2 outfits kind of missed the mark. The dress she wore in the pictures with Prince Albert was matronly and the other dress was just a mess of different materials all fighting with each other.

      1. I’m not keen on those outfits either but I must say that she has made some bold sartorial choices. They just didn’t really pan out. Erdem rarely make beautiful clothes, IMO, and whilst I find Katzantrou a very interesting designer on a purely artistic level, I think that her clothes generally is quite difficult to wear. However, I have seen CP Mary nail a floral print dress so it is possible + Keira Knightly has also managed to wear some of her creations with a boho flair.

        1. Hi ArtHistorian, long time no see!! Hope you’ve been well. You certainly picked a great post to comment on, the combination of Mary and Max, with Sophie and the Queen thrown in for good measure!

          1. Thanks!
            Some of my depressive symptoms have returned with a vengeance in the last couple of weeks, so I hasn’t up for much. I do feel better now. However, I may still only check in occasionally since I’m putting together some applications for a ph.d.-fellowship and research funds as well as a couple of proposals for lectures at a big UK conference.

          2. I’m so sorry to hear your depression’s returned ArtHistorian. I’ve really missed your contributions here. Perhaps keeping busy will help you beat the blues. Best wishes! 🙂

    2. I am grandma’s couch girl but never prints on prints. So I find Countess of Wessex outfits not very pleasant to look at.

      The length of the skirts made her look matronly. I used to wear skirts mid calf and have put a stop to that.

  9. Sofia’s incorrect sash is extremely surprising and a bit disrespectful. I’ll let the Star slide because it’s easy to confuse where that should be placed. But I have never seen a Royal wear a sash like that. It should be diagonal across the front of the body. All the other Royals always have their sashes displayed correctly, and the sashes are usually pinned or even belted to stay in the correct place.

    As this is a very high honor, I’m stunned that she didn’t take the time to make sure it was pinned correctly and stayed that way through the night. Her husband should have known it was off. This is very, very embarrassing for Sofia, especially since she already has a lot of critics that don’t approve of her past. She’s been trying very hard to prove them all wrong, but this is a big misstep that makes it look like she just doesn’t care.

    Even if it was just taken out of the box like someone said above, literally two safety pins would have kept it in the correct place. She (or an assistant) should have a couple of safety pins at all times in case of a wardrobe emergency, and they should have been used to fix her sash.

    1. The only thing that bothers me about the sash is that it is folded while she’s wearing it. As other’s have mentioned it is her first time. But it makes me question how she takes care of her order.

  10. There is a real connection between Mary and Maxima. They genuinely like one another and it comes across in the pictures I have seen. For some reason, I just do not get a sense of that with Kate hen she is with other women, unless she is with her sister.

    1. They are close friends. In fact, there are strong ties between the Danish and the Dutch RFs. CP Frederik and King William-Alexander have been friends since they were young and QMII is W-A’s godmother. The warmth and happiness was really on display when the Dutch couple was in Denmark in the spring for a State Visit. The entire DRF welcomed them at the airport, which I’ve actually never seen before. There were lots of smiles and big hugs – and W-A mentioned that he had known QMII his entire life in his official speech at the State Banquet. Everybody was just so very happy and it was obvious that they had a great time together at the joint engagements.

      1. Hi Arthistorian,

        How is mom doing? I remember you mentioning having to take care of your mom and your struggles with mental health.

        Hope you will do OK and be back here often.

        1. My mother is kind of stable and that is the best that we can hope for at this point. I have quit taking care of her since it just made me very ill and I had to be hospitalized a year ago. Now my father does the care though I am worried because he’s turning 80 next spring. However, as long as they don’t want to ask the local government for help, which they are entitled to, I can’t really do much.

          1. Thank you! Likewise on my part – I’m very sorry to hear about your mother. It must be incredibly hard to be in that situation as a family member. You have my deepest sympathy.

  11. Princess Sofia’s sash? Tempest in a tea pot. It’s a sash. It’s really a very minor thing in the grand scheme of things. I mean if people want to worry about it, that’s fine with me but life’s too short to get hung up on such minor details for me. 🙂 I love the horse-whispering engagement. That grape-colored coat of Her Majesty looks really nice on her. My only disappointment KMR with this Right Royal Roundup, is that you didn’t cover the opening of the Field of Remembrance by the Duke of Edinburgh and His Royal Gingerness today. Remembrance Sunday is the 8th of November this year. I’m sure Rhiannon’s disappointed. 🙁 lol.

    1. So agree Seth – I was thinking about exactly same thing. Is this really matters how Sophia wore that sash? What is that compere to where she is now and what for? She has been the princess for few months now, she is pregnant and she still can do very serious engagements by herself. Can you imagine that Kate would do the same thing? I don’t think so !!!

      1. And you’re right we should compliment on what she has done. Hopefully she’ll make a better sash appearance next time

    2. I’m just glad that the event was not some big foreign event.
      I’m not blaming Sofia, but someone should tell her how it’s done. Even though I don’t care for protocol often, if Sofia is going to do more than once, it shows a lack of understanding about the orders at least.

      Sashes are not just accessories, they are orders of distinction. Of course the fact that everyone in the royal family has them makes them seem common. But Sofia has the highest order available in Sweden established in 1748.

      In Denmark and Britain there are special days just for the orders and those are days when you must wear them if you are going to show up.

    3. I agree that’s it’s a minor detail but it’s a minor detail about a pretty big honor. I’m willing to let Sofia slide with the sash mistake this time as it’s her first time wearing one. But, I don’t understand why CP didn’t say something to her, he’s been around them his whole life and certainly knows how they should be worn or if she wasn’t sure why didn’t she just ask someone? Also, just to be fair, if Kate wore her order incorrectly I’m pretty sure we’d all have plenty to say about it 🙂

      1. Lauri as much as I want to deny this – I can’t 😀 but most of us are more forgiving when we also see some virtues in object of our observation. We know that Sofia has potential, she doesn’t look for excuses and works hard. Kate has none of it and in the case of wearing sash in the wrong way we would know it’s just the another thing she could mess up.

        But right now we don’t need to worry about that – no work no order for Kate

      2. Lauri, With all due respect and I do mean this as courteously as possible, my 63-year-old mother has been in hospital for the last two weeks with at the moment, untreatable liver cancer. So in the grand scheme of things, whether some dingle dangle is hung correctly on some ornamental woman of a ceremonial family, that in the grand scheme of life contributes virtually nothing of importance to society as a whole, is the furthest thing I can possibly think of as being in any way, manner or form, important. Please understand Lauri I am not criticizing you personally but the idea that some ceremonial rug is hung correctly across someone’s body, is not what I would consider to be particularly important at this particular time. 🙂

        1. Hey Seth,

          Been meaning to ask how your mom is doing. She is in palliative care now?

          Regarding Sofie’s sash, I would not have something dangling in front of my pubic area like that. It draws attention the wrong place. I would never wear my over the shoulder purse in front but to the hip.

          1. Hi Beatrice, Thanks for asking. Yes and no. She has redeveloped severe nausea, so they are trying to treat it pallatively, but because she doesn’t really have any other symptoms (and they aren’t exactly sure what type of cancer it is exactly) they aren’t doing much else at the moment. She had the first round of chemo last week, which she tolerated reasonably well. But whether something can be done to shrink the tumors in her liver and where it is coming from, no one knows at this point.
            I have written several times before, that I have found this site the last two months to have been something to anchor me and I find it enormously helpful. But at the same time, I simply wanted to put things in some perspective. 🙂

        2. Seth, I am sorry to hear about your mom’s illness.

          I remember working in the ICU on Christmas and a staff choir came around to sing to the patients. With patients on vents and unable to talk, the tears just rolled down from the corners of their eyes to their hairlines.

          Having family in hospital, especially with holiday time upon us, really does put things in perspective. It is good to have KMR bring some interesting/happy diversion to our lives. There are many days I am really appreciative for all the work KMR does to keep me diverted from worries and entertained.

          Perhaps, this is partially why we (speaking for myself), have trouble understanding the mini workload of DoC, the tiny number of patronages she represents, the short time she spends during visits and her overall lack of effort. Kate is in a position where she can really make a name for herself, make a difference in peoples lives, but she puts in such little effort. It makes me shake my head in wonder.

          My fingers are crossed for 2016 and Prince Harry meeting and becoming engaged to a woman who wants to put effort into the royal life and not just the perks.

        3. Oh Seth, I am so sorry to hear about your mother. Of course I don’t take this personally we all have our different opinions and compared to what you and your family are going through I certainly understand how the thought of to fretting about how a sash is worn isn’t your biggest concern.

          My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family during this so very difficult time.

          1. Thanks for understanding Lauri. Except she’s my mom, not my grandmother. 🙂 But thank you none the less. And I assure you that if my family weren’t dealing with what we are, I would care more. I’m the one who gnashes his teeth when commentators leave out the ‘the’ before Prince or Princess. But at this point, not quite so much. Certainly it’s important to some people and it’s important to a degree but compared to “real” life, there’s no candle. 🙂

      3. I agree, Laurie from Ca. She’s seen her in laws wear the sash and order many times. Imo there is no excuse for it to be pinned wrong, being that it is rather a big deal to have a royal order conferred upon one. So to show respect for that honor, take the extra 5 seconds and a safety pin and get it right. On the other hand, I almost didn’t notice the sash, as I was too busy coveting those earrings!! LOVE THEM

          1. This is a silly question, but does anyone know how the royal ladies keep from damaging delicate fabrics on their gowns when wearing all these orders?

          2. It is impossible to completely avoid damage to the fabric though heavier fabrics do better – and it is very difficult to see the little holes in fabrics like velvet.

            I saw the exhibit of QMII’s dresses this summer and there were visible holes is some of the dresses, which might be a reson why she stopped wearing some of them.

  12. Greetings everyone,

    Great to see these photographs and some serious work ethic as well as beauty.

    Have to say it – am pretty fed up at the present point in time, have just checked out the Daily Mail and plastered over the news part is ‘dignified duchess…” it was meant to be about the Concert at the Royal Albert Hall, part of the Rememberance Day (week) and what do they do?

    Rave on about middleton, then when there are photographs in another article about the war widows what does the Daily Mail do, again makes it about middleton wearing a black dress.

    I am totally fed up with even commenting these days on anything – have had to “comments” removed by Daily mail because they were complained about when I referred to the article with bill and his mrs on a ship, wearing thousands of pounds worth of clothing, about the 4th bespoke outfit in a week, and supposedly supporting the mental health charity. It has got to the point that if you actually say that the money that middleton spends on her clothes would be better spent on the Charity, or that turning up means little if you do not back it up apparently annoys the minority who fall all over this vain, self centred woman.

    Sick of the hypocrisy and really wonder if it is worth it – I hope they never get to the throne and at the moment we have Prince Charles and Camilla with us.

    Have a great day/evening wherever you are, keep the lovely photographs coming of the Royalty you show but check out the Daily Mail and you will see what I mean. It is about the people who fought and died for their Country and those left behind – Rememberance Day NOT about her Laziness and what dress she wore.

    Take care out there.

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