Kate and William attend Festival of Remembrance, Harry attends Field of Remembrance

Kate and William attend Festival of Remembrance, Harry attends Field of Remembrance

Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, attended the Festival of Remembrance today, October 7th, at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The Cambridges joined many other members of the British Royal Family for the first time at this annual occasion. Prince Harry attended the Field of Remembrance event at Westminster Abbey on November 5th with Prince Philip which I did not cover in my most recent royal round up (as that event had not happened when I posted that article) so I will cover that here, too.

British Royal Family at Festival of Remembrance

The Festival of Remembrance is an annual event that commemorates all those who have lost their lives in conflicts.

The event included tributes to: the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain (which the Queen and other royals commemorated back in July, and Harry commemorated back in September); the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII (which the European royals commemorated in January, on VE Day in May, and VJ Day in August); the Brigade of Gurkhas’ 200 years in the British Army; and the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli (which the British royals commemorated in April).

There were performances by Rod Stewart, Pixie Lott, Andrea Bocelli, and Gregory Porter alongside with the Central Band of the Royal Air Force, the Queen’s Colour Squadron, the Band of HM Royal Marines, and the Band and Pipes of the Brigade of Gurkhas.

Festival of Remembrance ceremony 1

Most of the British royals came out for the event except for Prince Harry and Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (who are in New Zealand). We’ll go in order of precedence, starting with The Queen and Prince Philip (not pictured). The Queen wore Queen Alexandra’s diamond and pearl wedding brooch, diamond and pearl drop earrings made with pearls which were a wedding gift from the ruler of Bahrain, two pearl necklaces, and several diamond rings.

Prince William and his glasses got to sit next to the Queen since his father was not there.

As mentioned, William and Duchess Kate were there. It is the first time they have attended this event. Either they really are starting to take on a more formal role in the royal family, or they were simply filling in for Charles and Camilla.

As for fashion, Kate wore another Dolce & Gabbana lace dress ($3,175 at Net-a-Porter) similar to the “Guipure” lace dress she wore during the State Visit from China, but this one was in black. I prefer the purple one. This black one looks way too big on her in the midsection.

Kate also wore her art deco diamond earrings that are thought to be a wedding gift from Charles, her Anya Hindmarch “Maud” clutch, her Jimmy Choo “Aimee” pumps, and her Jewelled Poppy Brooch.

Prince Andrew was also there, sitting next to Kate.

Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex were there, sitting next to Philip on the Queen’s other side. Sophie read a lesson during the event.

Sophie wore a dress from Roksanda Ilincic – the Contrast-cuff Crepe dress with the sleeves altered. Sophie wore LK Bennett pumps, her own jeweled poppy brooch, the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps badge (of which Sophie is Colonel-in-Chief), and carried a poppy clutch.

Princess Anne and her husband, Sir Timothy Laurence (not pictured), were there.

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester were there. Birgitte wore some really pretty jewelry.

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent were there. Princess Michael wore pants – I love it.

Princess Alexandra was also there. Also wearing some really pretty jewelry. I love those earrings.

Prince Harry (in his Blues and Royals frock coat) and his Ginger Beard attended the Field of Remembrance event on November 5th with Prince Philip (in his Royal Navy ceremonial overcoat).

They both planted ciphered crosses in front of two wooden crosses from the Graves of Unknown British Soldiers from the First and Second World Wars.

Philip and Harry toured the plots of poppy crosses, each inscribed with the name of a man of women who had lost their life, and chatted to veterans and families who were there in memory of their loved ones.

Tomorrow is Remembrance Sunday and the royals will be at the Cenotaph to place wreaths. Harry will place a wreath in his own right for the first time. Also, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima will be there. I will cover that event tomorrow (or today, depending on your time zone – it’s still the 7th for me). For now, I’ll leave you with one last Harry shot.

Photos: Sergeant Rupert Frere RLC/The Army in London Facebook / Getty

101 thoughts on “Kate and William attend Festival of Remembrance, Harry attends Field of Remembrance

  1. That dress looks really matronly on her. The purple one she wore when she and Will met with President Xi and Madam Peng Liyuan to visit Lancaster House was prettier, but just at the wrong event. I just don’t care for her hair. Those bangs she allegedly has aren’t bangs but more like flaps. I would love to take her clutch purse away so she doesn’t use it as a crutch. It shows lack of confidence especially the way she holds. I’m curious on how she will look and behave tomorrow for Remembrance Day. But how gorgeous does Harry look?

    1. I think she is growing the bangs out. At least that’s what it looks like. She hated her bangs the last time she got them, too, and grew them out quickly. I don’t know why she thought this time bangs would work.

      1. Sorry for saying this a second time, but I can’t help myself.

        She didn’t like them the first time and quickly grew them out, so I suspected she wouldn’t like them the second time around and would do the same thing.

        The point is: KATE DOES NOT LEARN.

        1. Amen! and seem not to care or respect HM/BFR.

          Look aged, tired and unroyal like in that dress. A full lace dress at such an event seem inappropriate.

          HM was is as Regal and beautiful as ever!

  2. Is Kate just afraid someone is going to steal her clutch? So tired of that pose. Is she carrying nuclear codes in there or what? And her lacy frock was too indecorous for a memorial service. [Sophie’s V-neck wasn’t much better, I must say.] The Queen looks magnificent. Love that three-poppy brooch. So why wasn’t Harry there? I don’t understand.

      1. The Queen does not, strictly speaking, have access to the mechanisms to launch nuclear weapons. The United Kingdom uses Trident submarine-based warheads. In the event of a need to launch a nuclear attack, the Prime Minister of the day (or the alternate decision maker, who is always a high-ranking Cabinet member) would notify the Ministry of Defence headquarters at Whitehall in London that they wished to launch nuclear weapons. Whitehall headquarters would transmit a message to the Royal Navy Commander Task Force 345 (who directly oversees the Trident submarines) at the Northwood CiC (Command-and-Control) Headquarters in Hertfordshire on behalf of the Fleet Commander. At the moment, that person is Rear Admiral Robert Tarrant. Northwood CiC would pass that message on to the Trident submarine currently on patrol somewhere under the world’s oceans. Once the message was transmitted to the submarine, the submarine’s executive and weapons engineering officers use two separate keys to unlock the mechanism that contains the firing trigger. Only then can the captain of the submarine actually launch the nuclear missile. Also the Prime Minister of the day hand writes identical letters to each of the four captains of the Trident submarines, which are contained in two safes in the submarine’s control room. These contain the Prime Minister’s final orders to the captain, of which it is believed there were four options: 1. To retaliate with nuclear weapons; 2. not retaliate; 3. use their own initiative 4. to place themselves under the command of an ally, such as the United States or Canada. If the Queen or another member of the Royal Family was still alive, they could advise the Government on what to do but the Prime Minister’s decision to the Trident captain would be final.

      1. Nonsense. According to “Elizabeth the Queen” by Sally Bedell Smith and referenced in a 4th of February 2012 “Daily Telegraph” article, the usual contents of the Queen’s handbag is as follows: reading spectacles, mint lozenges, a fountain pen, a small cosmetic compact, lipstick and on Sundays, a precisely folded £5 note for the church collection plate. Anything else that the Queen requires is carried by ladies-in-waiting.

        1. I think Tanya was talking about Kate. Making a joke that Kate would carry extra eyeliner and extra hair extensions in her purse because she always goes overboard with both. I don’t think Tanya was talking about the Queen.

  3. Wow, that last photo of Harry is so full of emotion! Earlier in the week I saw several photos of him at this event and I felt as though I could feel his sympathy for those that made the ultimate sacrifice in those shots. And not to be too shallow, grrr he’s handsome in that black coat!!

    So Kate’s in black lace dress, that’s something new and different for her!

    I thought the Queen looked lovely this evening! Those pearls are stupendous and wow that brooch is magnificent!

    Loved that dress on Sophie but she sure has been wearing the midi-length dresses and skirts lately. While I kind of like that style I’m afraid she’s been wearing it a bit too much lately, starting to border on frumpy. However, for this event the length of this dress was spot on and I really liked the contrasting cuff. And how great is that poppy purse? A low key way to inject a little whimsy into such a sober event.

    1. Spot on for Prince Harry and he is now a full time Royal (heir -Monarch in training… )

      Lazy cannot (same not following royal protocol. duties traditions), wearing ma carol dress. Hair was awful with all the resources at her tips.

      she seem to primp (and enjoy) for red carpet, celebrity and fun events, than service to HM POW and the people -same as Petulant Will.

      Thank you KMR such dedication very much appreciated.

  4. KMR you are such amazing creature and so hard working – thank you for your never ending effort to entertain us. I haven’t expected your post that late in the night but there you are with a fresh new story. Thank you again

    Oh Kate never disappoints us – don’t you agree? Another D&G and another boring lace dress . The only thing I didn’t mind was the color but it’s completely understandable why.
    I think Kate really wants to stop pretending that she have something to do with style or fashion. She is just tired of that masquerade and intends to wear all same lace dresses in every shade of the rainbow as long as it takes to bore us to death.

    Actually I am already so discouraged by her look that I don’t think I could write another word tonight – maybe tomorrow when I will come to my terms.

  5. Harry is really coming into his role in such an honest and true way. It’s almost as if you can see how his soul feels through many of his tasks. It’s rare you see that from the British Royal Family. I see it through Victoria in Sweden, but never like this in Britain. He’s something else and so different than his brother. I mean if Bill hates is job so much, I personally wouldn’t mind an abdication. I truly believe Harry would be such an amazing monarch.

    Her Majesty looks amazing! I like Kate’s dress! I’m so happy to see a more natural makeup application. It looks so much more real. The hair extensions are starting to look like a wig on the top part of her head though?!

    In my book Sophie can do no wrong. I feel like she gets her role. Similar to Harry, but on a much smaller scale. Harry needs to meet his own Sophie!!

    1. Agree totally Prince Harry would be a King that Britain could be proud of.

      Sophie and Her Majesty looked amazing – and I also think that Prince Harry will find a “Lady” like his mother (title) or blue blood rather than go down the track of his pathetic brother.

      Very tired of being force fed middleton and having her shoved down people’s throats every 5 minutes and then getting slammed if anyone says anything that does not praise her.

      Makes you wonder.

      1. I’m with you wildrose! Prince Harry would do the role justice, while his brother Bill is throwing the whole thing away like his great-great uncle Edward (did I get that right?)

        Not the best outing for Sophie, but at least she knows how to present herself. Too often I feel Kate is doing her manic smile and positioning her head in order to make sure the photographers get ‘the cover shot’.

        I read comments about how poor Kate can never win. It isn’t black and white. There is a place with an honest sincere expression, where it doesn’t have to be overly somber or the manic huge smile we often see.

        People want honesty (i.e H.R.H. Prince Harry). We are tired of Fake Kate.

    2. I think Kate’s hair is thinning, either from lack of nutrition, or from having the extensions for such a long period of time, she is loosing pieces.

    3. I agree, HM looked great! And some of the ladies present were wearing amazing jewellery! HM has some beautiful brooches and oh those pearls!
      As for Kate *le sigh*, she looks like she popped on her Mum’s dress to go to the supermarket. Long hair should be up at this sort of occasion.
      Thanks for the bit at the end with Harry and Philip KMR. Both men have served their country, both know how to show gravitas to the occasion. Harry is going from strength to strength. And I love the synergy between Harry and his grandfather.

      1. Harry is the last hope for this generation of royals. William and Kate are lightweights, the York girls would rather party and vacation, Anne’s kids aren’t officially royal, and the Wessex kids most likely won’t do royal duties. Harry and his future wife are going to be the ones who will need to save the monarchy for this generation.

        1. i think it’s unfair to say that the York girls would rather party than and vacation. they were raised to expect to do royal duties. they didn’t graduate with lightweight degrees, and have reacted very positively to any and all media criticism of them, whether it was warranted or not. The few times they have carried out royal duties, they’ve done their jobs well, and they don’t ignore their patronages, plus they do more than simply photo op with their patronages. as for paying jobs, i ask you this, if you had a multi-million trust fund, would paying work be high on your list of priorities? even if they are partying and vacationing, they are still doing more for charity than Kate andWilliam who *are* paid to do charity.

          Look at how the media treats Beatrice’s charity efforts…look at that headline. would they write a similar headline for WK? And that headline is how Beatrice’s image is created by the media. and how the public would rather see her that look at the detail of what she’s doing. she even gives speeches about the work her patronages do. she champions education and society, but it’s better to think of her as a party animal because that”s what the media says you should concentrate on.



        2. The York girls party b/c there isn’t much else for them to do as less attractive Kardashians with titles. Their uncle, the Prince of Wales has no use for them as “working” royals due to their parents’ repeated antics over the last several years and wants a smaller and more productive Royal Family, like Continental ones. Personally I think the current “Firm” needs all the hands they can muster when almost half of their current working members are over 70 and two of their younger active members virtually refuse to do any royal work at all. The Princess Royal’s children are NOT royal (not officially OR unofficially)* and the Wessex kids have also effectively been stripped of their royal entitlements.
          *Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall are extended members of the Queen’s family but they are not members of the Royal Family. Royal titles do not pass down through the female-line in Great Britain. They are the Queen’s eldest grandchildren but they are not royalty and never can be, since Mark Phillips refused the Queen’s offer of an earldom on his wedding day and the Princess Royal wisely refused her mother’s offer of creating her children a
          Prince(ss) by Letters Patent. It is a pity that her younger brother, the Duke of York, did not follow suit.

          1. In theory, slimming down the BRF is a good idea. George V did it, and Charles is doing it. What seems to have happaned though is that Charles was slack in installing a sense of duty in his kids. Harry had to go into the army to get it whereas the much disliked Andrew seems to have done a better job with his kids.

            You point out the partying and vacationing, Charles’s kids are doing the same. With added responsibility of the duties they neglect.

            When you compare the two sets of kids, Andrew’s kids come out miles better. People judge them harshly because of their parents and yet when you examine the receipts, they came out pretty well. a couple of Saffys to Andrew/Sarah’s Patsy and Edina [Ab fab reference]. And when they have shown up to work, they have shown done a good job which hints at potential.

            i don’t think Anne was possessed of superior knowledge in refusing titles for her kids. She had the example of her grand auntie Mary [daughter of George V] as well as Aunt Margaret [ HM’s sister] to see that the daughters of royalty always fade into obscurity, so she may as well make her fade into obscurity a good one. by contrast, the men always did well, even if they were far below on the royal line of succession – see the Gloucesters and Kents who unlike Margaret and Mary weren’t faded into obscurity. There was no need to fear that Andrew might be faded into Obscurity when their uncles and cousins were still very much a part of the BRF and treated as such unlike Mary and Margaret.

            We are currently discussing this slimmed down option with Harry looking like the heavy lifter, but what of his future turns out like Andrew’s present. then everyone will deem him foolish for not fading into obscurity.

          2. Herazeus, considering Harry is doing the heavy lifting currently with the work, do you really think that William and Kate will change their ways if/when they hit PoW status or get to the throne? Given their track record, I honestly can’t see a sudden pledge to hard working, full time royals. I can, however, see William making a ton of changes to their roles based on what they won’t be willing to do. I can see him slimming things considerably on that front for himself and Kate while sending Harry and his future wife out to deal with the things he absolutely can’t get rid of.

            Would Harry be able to say no, I’m going to do XYZ instead? Or will he be reliant upon William’s good will to keep him basically housed, fed and protected?

            Also, considering how protective he is of George and Charlotte (and any future offspring that may appear) and how he has enjoyed numerous gap years to figure out what he wants to do, will he pressure them to work?

            I can’t imagine the people of Great Britain would want a King and Queen Consort who do very little, continue to keep their children tucked away with various reasons, while living in an even greater lap of luxury.

            As for Harry’s future possibly ending up like Andrew’s present, I would like to think he’s learned from his and his uncles mistakes and doesn’t end up that way. But one never knows what will happen.

          3. I disagree with you there Herazeus. Charles’ children are senior members of the Royal Family with access to substantial monies. Beatrice has taken at least a half dozen “vacations” this year from doing nothing. Allegedly she is taking a finance course in America but no information has been released on that. She is also still involved with Dave Clark, who accompanies her on most of her junkets across the globe. Princess Anne refused the Queen’s offer of creating her children a Prince(ss). She clearly didn’t want them to have to be royalty when they were so far down the line of succession and it seem to have worked well.
            Beatrice does not come out well in my estimation b/c of her endless vacations and inability to grasp that she’s not needed, not wanted and the sooner she fades into obscurity, the better. Eugenie at least has a full time job as an associate director of a London art gallery. Their father’s association with a convicted pedophile and their mother’s constant histrionics and money-grubbing do not add to my low esteem for them.
            As long as the current generation of royals insists on doing the “heavy lifting” as you call it, there will be no need for Willy, Katie, etc. to do more than occasional public duties for the foreseeable future.

      1. My point is that when Kate is representing the Royal Family it’s more appropriate to wear either a UK designer or a designer from the country visiting or being visited. Diana understood this, Jackie Kennedy understood this. It shows respect and an understanding of who she is representing.

        1. Yes! There are !any British designers to choose from. She chooses from a house that designs for a much different figure and occaison.

          1. The very stylish (however rather vapid) queen Alexandra choose a Parisian couturier for her own coronation dress and Diana was also very much an aficionado of Italian designers, such as Versace …

          2. I do see the symbolic value of wearing British design. However, most of the really elegant fashion is IMO produced outside of Britain. British fashion is casual, fun and sometimes wonderfully creative but it doesn’t match the regal elegance that can be found amongst the French and Italian fashion houses.

            I still hold that the best solution for a royal lady would be to have a personal tailor – that way she wouldn’t become too much of a clothes horse and the public wouldn’t be able to tally up the price of each outfit. It would also mean that the clothes would be made with specific engagements in mind. Fx, I really like that the Danish royal ladies don’t wear brand names for formal events like weddings and State Dinners. They all have personal tailors that make the dresses. Sometimes QMII have used well-known couturiers like Jørgen Bender (he was a genius) and Erik Mortensen (who was the creative director of Balmain in the 1980s and 90s) but generally she works with her tailor to design her gowns. CP Mary also tend to wear non-brand gowns for formal events – and both ladies sometimes have these gowns altered for a new look whilst avoiding purchasing a new gown. Some of QMII’s gowns have been altered 2 to 3 times.

          3. I agree. Diana wore more Versace towards the end if her life. She wore Dior for a French tour.

            Right knw, the UK is facing austerity measures. Wearing D&G right now is a bit much. She does need to follow the advice of HM and get a tailor. Angela Kelly (?) has remade several outfits for HM and they are impeccable.

          4. Another bonus about having a personal tailor is that the price will most likely been much less since you also pay for the “brand”. Those lacy Dolce dresses of Kate’s are shockingly expensive!!!

            One solution would be to have the basic elements of a wardrobe tailored – skirts, coats, slacks – and then combine with select brand items for accessorizing. One of the reasons that Kate has such a large and outrageously expensive wardrobe is the fact that she hasn’t built it up around basic items that can mix and match – and that she doesn’t know how to accessorize. She tends to buy whole outfits, like dresses and coatdresses – and she rarely wears these items more than once. That is a huge expense, especially considered her underwhelming workload. She really has no need for such a large wardrobe since she works so little – and she definitely does not need to buy new outfits practically every time she has an engagement. The expense is staggering and it sends a very poor signal in a society undergoing austerity measures.

          5. Art Historian, I agree with you. A work-wear wardrobe should be built around staples like a white shirt (which allows you to buy some blazers in different styles and cutting and colours), trousers and skirts (so you can mix and match your tops). This of course is practiced by women who actually go to work in the morning and come back in the evening. Waity on the other hand…

          6. rhiannon: Diana only started wearing other designers after the separation. She was separated from 1992. After that she started to wear foreign designers, and her heels went UP!!

        2. HM has a tailor who also designs her hats. She knows what works for HM, what colors work and rarely have we seen HM improperly dressed for the occasion.

          But by following William’s lead of doing the opposite of whatever the established BRF is doing she goes the other way and tends to get it wrong all around.

        3. Spot on Cathy to both post.

          With all the wonderful designers, stylist wealth and shopping, even lace is drab, boring and frumpy looking on her.

          Agree and SPOT ON wildrose 1:11!!

  6. All the Duchess’s dresses seem to be the same? Some of her evening wear as well the same, a longer lace version was worn during her last pregnancy. She really needs some advice. Sophie looked lovely. The Queen looked stunning WOW, she really is amazing. Actually all the royal ladies pictured had some lovely pieces of jewellery. The Princess Royal looked really lovely in her outfit, there is a photo online of her outfit, very smart.
    Have to concur with above comments not a fan of the Duchesses hair, I agree about the bangs totally. They were not a success the last time, a softer look would do wonders to the Duchess. Once you get to a certain age, hanging hair is not the way to go, styling, layering something!. Its okay when you are young , but at this age I think not (just my opinion!)
    Prince Harry, now there is a man with substance, nothing artificial or false in his expression, straight from the heart. He would do his mother proud, bless her.
    Sorry cannot help but mentioning just read online James Hewitt’s latest antic’s what a disgrace to the male species he is, a total cad. Someone who clearly does not think his actions out, that or totally desperate – disgraceful. How could you be proud of that!

    1. Yes thank you Bookworm, you know she has another black full length black lace dress(nightwear) she wore when she was pregnant with the last baby, she put a tartan shawl with it if my memory serves me, wasn’t it to a wedding in the evening? How many black dresses does one need?
      Agree with ArtHistorian though, if the Duchess was seen to do more you would be able to account for the repeat purchases of near to the same thing maybe?
      Queen Maxima now there is a lady who knows how to put it all together and wear with style. Hairstyle, jewellery, appropriate makeup, accessories, she always looks impeccable. What I love about how she dresses is it is so individual, sometimes even unusual but always extremely well groomed and appropriate. Yes she repeats outfits but they are so elegant it is lovely to see. Importantly she puts her heart in what she does and it shows.
      Just like the photos of Harry, real warmth and emotion to fit the occasion. Well done Harry.

      1. The time she wore a shawl over her black lace gown during pregnancy she was rewearing the DVF black lace gown she wore to the Royal Variety Performance. It’s the first photo Bookworm linked to. She repeated that dress with a shawl over it to go to a friend’s wedding.

  7. Greetings Everyone..
    This article leaves me pretty much speechless considering that this was the Festival of Remembrance not the kate middleton fashion show. (The Daily Mail has middleton plastered everywhere as “News” for this Event) and a breakdown of how to buy her dress and at the cost of almost 2,000 pounds.

    I ask only this one question – who is more important here?

    Sophie looked stunning, as did Her Majesty (if we need a contest) but to have multiple photographs of the spoilt brat and writing the story as if she was the centre of the world makes me sick.

    Pretty fed up with this at the moment, just tired of seeing this pampered, over indulged woman being held up as the be all and end all of the world.

    Have a great evening/day wherever you are in the world.

  8. Despite appearances, I really don’t enjoy finding fault with Kate. I’m always secretly hoping that she’ll shock me and improve in her role or show she cares. Lately, her choices have been so poor that they become comedic ( the barn dance dress,, for example) but in general she’s just depressing to follow. Judging by her recent/current behavior, appearance and clothing choices, she doesn’t care at all about fulfilling her duties or giving back and is instead completely wrapped up in her sheltered bubble. I think she spends an inordinate amount of time, money and energy on her appearance. When vain, shallow women get too obsessed with how they look, they start to go too far at a certain point. Kate is at that point. Her hair looks like a slightly crooked synthetic wig because it’s over processed and over styled. The dress is matronly and unflattering, yet still oddly inappropriate. It looks like she’s also starting to get more extreme dental work done (her teeth look like they’re growing longer) and I would swear she’s had a nose job. Her nose used to be slightly snub and now it’s longer and it looks like there is a tiny butt on the tip of it. I’ve only ever seen the butt nose phenomenon on people who’ve had nose jobs. I know she gets botox and diets to a weight that is too low for her bone structure. She’s tweaking herself too much and, unfortunately, it’s just prematurely aging her. The matronly, old lady style doesn’t help with this. I feel like all that time and money spent might be justified if Kate was a highly visibility, active and hard working member of the RF. As it is, she is living in absolute luxury, without having to work or raise her kids without nannies and servants, yet spends thousands and thousands of her father-in-law’s money on hideous, expensive clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, nails, hair, dentistry, spas etc… This ridiculous expense is justified by her supposedly being a working Royal. She can’t even give speeches or manage to look attentive and engaged at formal events. She does the bare minimum, hides behind her kids, despite having endless help and funds. She’s just so disappointing. As far as William goes, I genuinely love glasses on people and wear them myself, but think the heavy black frames are just awful. They are so dramatic that they really stand out. Maybe they are super comfortable, I get that. I had a pair of hideous, oversized plastic frames that I loved to wear for watching TV. While I understand the desire to be comfortable, it would seem more appropriate and less distracting if he saved the chunky goggles for home and got a nice wire or acrylic set, like normal people wear. The Queen looked fabulous and I loved her jewelry. Everyone else, meh, alright.

      1. rhiannon, I think we are all starting to give up on her. She will be 34 years old in January and married for 5 years this spring. I swear the woman is going backwards in terms of workload, style and effort. She looked better 5-10 years ago.

        It is almost as though she wants to get so bad everyone will stop having any expectations for her. This is probably part of the W&K marriage plot.

        1. It hurts to watch it. She has an awesome platform for good. Rania, Leti, Mary, Max, Mette-Marit, Victoria all use their positions for good. They raise awareness and want to leave their mark.

          I feel bad for Kate. I feel bad that she hasn’t reached her full potential. She didn’t get to live and fly. I feel for her that she had a.moment who.pushed her and sold her out to Will. But she had choices. However, she’s wasting years and opportunities.

        2. G. Oh my so well put. Preparing for her future role must not have been on her to do list. All the wasted years.
          It is a shame, when the Duchess became engaged I thought there was so much hope and a new shining light. As someone else commented the bare minimum is done. Such a shame, You look at Her Majesty with age she is simply amazing. but right throughout her reign never faltered or wavered in her duty. What an example and standard that she has set, I really don’t think that can be replicated . God bless her.

    1. Bets.
      Sadly you are so correct!

      Vain and the worse kind of marry in RF member in today’s age. Depressing and disrespectful to HM BRF POW to watch (the ‘common’ show aided by Prince Willnot), for a marry in at this level as we know, to be nonchalant. disrespectful to the Century old well respected, Institution and Monarch (father in law POW support), after stalking and waiting a decade to get in.
      Change is coming – now that Prince Harry is full time Royal (and could be the reason limpet is lacking and blatantly disrespectful – ‘don’t care, do as much damage’ attitude) .

  9. I don’t want to defend her but it almost looks like she lost herself somehow. She probably does read some of the comments in the papers or she is briefed about some of it, and let’s face it, who would like to read and hear those. Everything she does is scrutinized. She was dating Prince William for a long time and she obviously had some understanding of the inner workings of the Royal Family, but she wasn’t a part. What most of us totally underestimate, and she might have underestimated it herself, is the total loss of personal freedom. She does have two houses, designer clothes, staff, but in return she gave up her freedom and liberty. I can tell you from my own experience that it is quite uncomfortable to have people around in your own house that listen to everything you say. I walk from one room to the next to talk on the phone and it is really inhibiting. Having a nice chat with a girlfriend or letting off steam about the hubby is not really possible because I don’t want my cleaning lady to know. To have that constantly must be awful. She can’t go shopping by herself, she has to have security with her. She always needs to let people know where she goes. She is basically a luxury prisoner and that takes time to become used to. It sounds grand and luxurious to have nannies, a cook and bodyguards, but these are people that are basically strangers. They are not friends, they are paid strangers that live with you all the time. When you get up in the morning with straggly hair, unbrushed teeth and no make up on.. someone is around. They tried to ease her into that, with minimal staff in the beginning, but it looks like that William is ramping up the staff and she has to adjust to that. To be honest, all Mustique holidays ,country homes and jewels in the world wouldn’t make up the loss of personal freedom and liberty. And that’s at home. If she goes out, we judge her every move, her hair, the clothes, the smile, the way she holds the clutch…even a sane, self-confident person would become insecure It can’t be easy and right now she looks like it is all getting to her. That’s just my impression. And if I remember correctly the RF is not exactly affectionate and welcoming to outsiders. I’m probably on my own here, but I have to admit I feel sorry for her right now. It looks like she is truly struggling and having that pressure while suffering from a depression and or low self esteem must be hell. Luxury hell, but hell none the less.

    1. No you’re not on your own – I actually pity her because she does look intensely uncomfortable in her role.

      However, mostly I pity her for sqandering her youth and freedom on doing nothing other than being available to her boyfriend. I think that she missed the opportunity to grow as a person, to gain experiences that would have stood her in good stead in her current role. It seems like she has been sheltered her entire life and that may very well mean that she doesn’t have the strength and stamina to deal with and overcome challenges – and I certainly think that it is a difficult challenge to become a member of the BRF and all that this entails.

      1. It’s never too late for a person to turn things around, though. Kate could do that! The first thing I’d do if I found myself in her shoes would be to change the conversation away from clothing, hair, makeup to something substantial. (I’d get rid of half the clothing she has (a lot of it didn’t work anyway), and re-wear the things that fit properly. If she’d stop the dieting, that would also be excellent.) She could begin to learn how to give effective speeches, work for causes she truly is interested in that could make a difference. There is no time like the present!

    2. While I am not in anywhere near Kate’s situation, I have had cleaning ladies, a dog walker 3 days a week, landscapers, someone to care for the garden and someone for snow removal. Again, I want to make it clear I do not feel it is the same situation, but I have had some people around on a semi-regular basis. You keep people around who you are comfortable with in your home and on your property. You can become friendly with people who are helping you out. I think K&W have enough room in their homes to have a private conversation. She knew what life she chose to live.

      If anything, my guess is the royal life is BORING to her. I don’t think she is a people person and this is a big part of the issue.

    3. She may be lost with ma carole ordered out/strings removed- better now than later …but what adult and future whatever … are we left with, not a respectable worthy adult.

      She is afforded a lifestyle and wealth most of us can only dream of, if she is miserable she made herself so. All the energy avoiding a few hours a week of her time giving back, service duty to the needy less fortunate countrymen who fund her family – cannot be hard even for a selfish lazy lot.

    4. I do agree also. However, I’ve often wondered if they don’t like Kensington Palace due to the amount of staff. And she had to be used to it in a small capacity due to visiting William all of those years.

      And there was a couple that went to work for them at Amner and they didn’t last long at all. I’m sure Scarole has helped the cleaning situation by sending people who have worked for her that they all trust. I truly don’t see them having this massive staff. They have the nanny we all know, but they may have only one or two other people at Amner.

      I’m probably way off my mark here, but William seems like he’d be hard to put up with. I wonder if he isn’t always nice to her. Sadly she doesn’t have this huge support network and he knows it.

  10. I can understand people commiserating with the absolutely miserable lifestyle Kate has to live, but she ran after it. Chased after it, latched onto it and when it tried to shake her off, she redoubled her efforts to get it back. While a part of me is sympathetic to anyone going through hard times, I find it very hard to feel sorry for her right now.

    If she is having some kind of issue then they need to deal with it professionally. I’ve wondered why the sudden turn to mental health. Are they hoping to help her by showing her that other people have it a lot worse and have gotten past it so she should just buck up? It doesn’t work that way. If she needs the help, get it for her. Trotting her out looking manic and drugged isn’t helping her cause one iota.

    I honestly think her biggest problem is, beyond the quest for William and the ring, she has never had a deep concern or care for anything else in her life. She has been pretty much given everything she’s needed by her parents, never worked in her 20’s (Jigsaw was not a job, it was a cover), married into the most high profile family on the planet and now she has to actually work and she can’t handle it. A leopard can’t change it’s spots. Kate doesn’t want to change, she is quite happy living her life the way she wants it. Stay at home, trot out on occasion to absorb some love from the media, shop until she drops, play with the kids and whatever else catches her fancy. But I think she’s beginning to realize that it isn’t enough. That there is something vital missing from her life. And William isn’t filling that gap any more, he’s been showing signs of indifference for quite some time. That in and of itself probably hurts her to the core of her being when she’s given so much of herself to him. An older co-worker once told me to not turn over my entire life to a man, be true to yourself. And she was so right. Kate may be realizing just that. That her mother got it all wrong and now she’s stuck. I just hope she doesn’t completely lose it and gets everything all sorted out.

    1. She may have chased after that life and dreamed about it – but dreams are always different from the reality of it. I don’t think anyone can really understand what the BRF is like and about until you are on the inside, and then it is too late to escape.

      There’s is a certain amount of truth to the saying “careful what you wish for, it might come true”!

    2. I agree with you kate is looking mental ill and they turn to mental health because this!sometimes she looks robotized like a robot and her hands in her vagina is weird is kind a submission

  11. I think that Kate looked okay, but just doesn’t get it. She’s wearing couture that is way too big. Couture should be impeccable. The hair was too much.

    HM looked delightful. I smile when I see her as she provides continuity and context. The other royal ladies looked great. Princess Michael is grand, a bit arrogant, and everything else, but she brings the glamour.

    Harry. Oh man. That last picture. KMR, I can’t. He wears his heart on his sleeve and the last picture made me want to hug him. Philip is not looking good. At all. But, he is a 90-something year old !an who is working circles around a certain 33 year old.

    Excellent post, KMR.

    1. Kate’s hair is starting to look wig-like.

      I always enjoy seeing Princess Michael of Kent. Her fashion-game is generally very good and she appears to have quite a “presence”. I have heard the stories about her being arrogant, etc. However, I do suspect that you have to have had a thick skin and some well-honed defence mechanisms in order to deal with the likes of Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother. Besides, I quite like that she writes historical novels.

      1. I enjoy her as well. She’s got a big personality – and that must be necessary to survive being in the Windsor family.

      2. I looked at the pictures again and to me it looks like her hair dresser should be shot. The color is way too red and doesn’t compliment her skin tone. She might look ok in daylight, but the flashlights emphasized the red in it. And I do agree with you, she went straight from uni to girlfriend of Prince William and never experienced real live. On the other hand she and her parents probably thought that would prepare her for the life with the Royals. I don;t want to defend her in any way, because I do think they all made mistakes in the past. Had she worked and formed friendships with co workers, what would have happened. The press would have tried to bribe any co worker for info about her and what she might have said about the RF, her relationship with William etc. G. said that one should surround oneself with staff that are more like friends and that the houses are big enough for a private conversation, yes, that is a valid point, but the feeling that you cannot behave and act like you are yourself is very frustrating and restricting over time. These people are NOT your friends, they are hired and paid helpers, and one never knows if someone might blabb to the Daily Mail about it. Cameras for security reasons in and outside the house, security on the property at all times, it really must feel like being a virtual prisoner. She gave up herself and it probably slowly starts to sink in, that this will be it for the rest of her life. She just looks deeply unhappy right now. She looks like she cried before she went to the event. Princess Diana grew up that way and she still fell into the trap and became too friendly with staff. It always looks grand and easy, I wanted to become a princess at one point, but I really don’t envy them. And as you have said Art Historian, be careful what you wish for…

        1. A problem is that the British tabloid press is far more aggressive than in the other European countries that have monarchies. Another problem is, I suspect, that the BRF functions by outdated and stifling protocols.

          We know that William is paranoid and “tests” new friends by slipping the false information to see if it turns up in the press. I have no idea what it feels like to live that kind of life but I do think that that level of paranoia is unhealthy. Sometimes you have to take a risk and trust people – you may get disappointed and hurt but putting oneself in such an isoled situation as Kate has is downright unhealthy! There are benefits to having social relationships outside of one’s family.

    1. I think they are about on par with how many photos of George we saw by this age. I imagine we’ll get something of both of them at Christmas.

    2. William seems to use photos of his children to reward “ggod” behaviour from the press – and withholding them when he is displeased wit the press.

  12. KMR, thanks for a wonderful post.
    That final photo of Prince Harry is a winner! He is the Man Who Should Be King! He gets better each and every day and is such a fine example of caring, sharing and connecting to others.

    Kate’s choice of a lace dress was odd to me. Oh, yes, I know she favors lace. but for such an occasion? The other women looked sedate and respectful in their tailored, elegant dresses. Kate’s was near to a cocktail dress. Just a poor choice, but one has come to never expect more from her.

    For those who swear she receives Botox injections, please consider that deeply furrowed brow. There is no way she is getting Botox in that area of her face. She is just so deeply creased on her brow. Signs of worry, I assume.

    I do feel rather sorry for her if she is suffering depression/anxiety and I agree with others that she and William may have taken on that cause due to their own issues. I hope they are receiving professional help, though. Kate just does not seem happy or relaxed. If she and William are so unhappy with their roles, perhaps, it is time to move away from the future that is expected of them and create their own. I don’t think people would be resentful. It’s more upsetting to think of them living lives they cannot be true to and I think people would respect their honesty and courage if they said “No,” to it all.

    1. It would be a bit of a relief if they did move away from it all. Clearly neither of them is enjoying what little they have been doing.

  13. I like this dress but as many have said it looks ill fitting and matronly. I find it so odd that she chooses the same styles over and over. Lace is elegant but she wears long sleeve lace so often. There is no variety in her choices. I think she appears frivolous and out of touch when she spends so much on new clothing that is nearly identical to what she already owns. Just speculation- but I think this is really telling of her personality, boring. I can just imagine Kate on a shopping trip walking out of the store with bags full of black lace and several more pairs of black suede pumps. I guess just doesn’t care much for fashion which is odd because it doesn’t seem like she cares for anything aside from her appearance. I understand that her role is a challenge but she has shown so little growth over the past 5 years! With everything available to her- she just continues to shy away from doing anything of substance.

    1. I would become totally self-conscious if every little flick of the hair, every handbag is discussed at ad nauseam. It seems to be that she tries to get it right and is scared rigid and does the opposite. It’s just mot natural anymore. Perhaps her smile looks manic at times, but it is just the way she smiles when she is enthusiastic. She was probably told to scale it down and now we have this robot. Do we want that?! Instead of being a breath of fresh air, we now have a young woman and mother who just seems out of place and uncomfortable. She should DO more and pull her weight, but if one is criticized all the time for banal things, one gets discouraged and insecure and makes even more mistakes. I know it’s fun to criticize and slate the ones who appear to have it all at times, it’s an escape, for some it might even feel empowering, but they are people that have the same faults and insecurities as anyone else.

      1. Rebuttal….

        When we first leave university and start at our low (or not) jobs, without the safety net of financial help (ok, maybe a little) from our parents, with potentially hostile work colleagues and the very real threat of being fired if we are found lacking in terms of work, work ethic, our work manner etc, and a performance review every few months that determines any rewards or not, we very quickly adapt, develop thick skins, do what we must, grow up and eventually grow in confidence due to our growing abilities or capabilities. There is no molly coddling whatsoever.

        Even rich kids who dabble in business get their comeuppance with a failed business if they don’t pull up their ideas.

        And no matter the circumstances, it’s reinforced daily, in so many tiny ways, that we are responsible for ourselves.

        And then there is Kate. Whose personal responsibility ended the day she hooked William. This woman has never faced anything truly life threatening to give her the strength to carry on. In her engagement interview, she implied that the 2007 breakup was the biggest test of her life. We have all had a big love that didn’t work out, but we also had life challenges that made it impossible to wallow in the broken heart.at every turn, she’s never been held responsible for herself, not when she had a job at jigsaw, where she could work as she pleased rather than as her employer and work colleagues pleased, to the royal family, where she can’t do as simple a thing as hire experts to help her improve her public job. Jigsaw was a chance for her to develop life skills, but she rarely did that job, and rarely attended the job – confirmed by her work colleagues – even though job was tailored to her requirements. How many of us would get away with telling our employers that our romantic life was much more important than the job we were being hired to do, and that we would always prioritise it, and should be allowed to tend to it at the drop of a hat if needed? That’s a ballsy move on her part. It’s humble brag of sorts because you are telling your employer you are special, deserve special treatment for dating a prince. She frequently negotiated discounts on goods and services based upon her status of official royal girlfriend, and now can’t call in expert help for those areas of her life that she sucks at?

        This woman believed her own hype, probably thought we should love her if she has the ring of doom, son of saint Diana and invokes saint Diana and that would be enough. She is being tested for the first time, and is failing miserably, and all she can do is trot out more excuses.

        That is not the backbone of a Duke of Edinburgh award recipient, as my grannie says – only because this is the only award Kate has received on merit, and it requires work and dedication.

        Life is a challenge. People sink or swim. She has more help than most to swim, and she’s choosing to sink.

        1. Greetings,
          Totally agree 100% – middleton knew the score, knew what history there was (especially Diana), has had every opportunity to do some good but has chosen the path of pleasing herself or hiding away.

          Well that is not good enough on any level. Diana was 19 – middleton 29 so the 10 years could have been spent being a better person, rather than concentrate on being seen and playing dress up.

          Her Majesty would never have survived 63 years plus on the throne with middleton’s attitude, poor work ethic, selfishness or total disregard for others.

          My sympathy ran out a while ago – and my patience finally snapped when she turned up in outfits worth thousands of pounds to Mental Health Charities which could put the money she wastes on clothes, kitchens, tennis court, holidays etc to a better purpose. But no – she could not care less and William just thinks he can do as he likes.

          A throne will not survive these two selfish, self indulged people –

          Have a great day/evening wherever you are.

          We have Prince Charles and Camilla with us at present, and they put bill and her laziness to shame.

      2. “if one is criticized all the time for banal things, one gets discouraged and insecure and makes even more mistakes”

        I understand what you are saying, Chanelchen, but let me add my own rebuttal:

        Or one says “F- all of you” and does their own thing.

        I feel pity for Kate at times because there are so many times where she really is in a no-win situation. She gets criticism for one thing, then when she does do the opposite she still gets criticized. Or she will do a thing that she would get criticized for not doing, and vice versa. I really do pity her at times.

        But at the same time, a strong person would at some point not give any sh-ts about pleasing all of their critics and would do their own thing despite what the critics say.

        Now, that could turn out poorly, say if one does not listen to what their problems are and remains a lazy brat. But it could also be a good thing, say if one takes into consideration the constructive criticism, does your best, and ignores the unnecessary criticism.

        I feel like William does the first option. He thinks he’s untouchable and does not listen to anyone at all, including the people his father pays to advise him. He is an idiot, but at least he’s doing what he wants.

        Kate doesn’t do either option. Instead, Kate wallows in the negative criticism, doesn’t take any of it in as constructive, and hides away. Kate doesn’t do what she wants despite what everyone says. She hides away and wants William and their PR team to defend her choice to hide away. She’s not the one saying “no one knows what full time working royal means” and that she wants to be a stay at home wife and mother. She let’s William and her PR team fight her battles while she hides.

      3. Chanelchen I wish I could sympathize with Kate but I really can’t. First of all she had a great start, everybody in the world gave her a huge credit when she married Will, almost nobody said a bad word about her. She looked so happy for the first 2 years of her marriage and she seemed to adjust herself very smoothly into the new position and new life. One could expect that by now, after almost 5 years of marriage she will master the art of being public persona and a new royal but nothing of that sort happened. Instead there are more people out there who starting to feel disappointed about her image and conduct. She did nothing to impress us, she didn’t show any slight of enthusiast about her charity work or any work at all and finally it’s obvious she didn’t even try to improve anything about her.

        Well as Herazeus said we all have our insecurities and at some point in our life we all need to challenge our weaknesses and improve ourselves for better future – it’s never easy but we have to overcome it and most of us didn’t have reach parents or studied in fancy university etc… In her position now, she can have any help she needs from fashion advisers to speech coaches – she can learn from the bests, yet she seems to be even worse than she was.

        As for her hard life living in the public eye- well she knew what she wanted and never been discouraged for 10 years before her marriage and I am sure she had many occasions to tasted what’s coming and how her life will look like and after all she was almost 30 when she married William – entirely grown up woman not like Diana who was barely 20 when she married Charles.

        No, no more excuses for her.

        1. Greetings Everyone,
          Thank you with all my heart Polishgirl for your comments – exactly what I have been trying to “say” both in writing to Her Majesty and the comments section of the Daily Mail – in the latter case (the DM) once you say exactly what is fact i.e. paragraph 2 and 3 (Diana etc) then the middleton devotees go for the jugular.

          I have been so disgusted with the abuse levelled at me by some of the commenters who have told me to “go kill myself” “I am hard and harsh” etc that I emailed the Daily Mail and expressed to them my disappointment of their bias towards those who do not fawn or fall all over middleton and everything she does or does not do. I also stood up for those who like me are targeted when you give a reasoned argument or comment (balanced) then are abused most atrociously by the pro-kate brigade.

          I actually told the DM that I did not expect them to answer yet they are quick enough to jump on anyone who complains loud enough if you point out middleton’s pathetic work ethic, her wasting of opportunities, excessiveness etc.

          She knew the score, she was given an out but she grabbed it like a greedy child. Middleton is 33 yr old and most of the sycophants refer to the “leave the poor girl alone” because she has 2 children etc excuse.

          I am totally fed up with the bias so put it in writing.

          I am a Royalist, and have always believed in duty, service, sacrifice, and trying to make the world a better place. I have not come from a life of entitlement or riches, what I have has been born out of much heartbreak and hardship so it makes me sick to see the kind of publicity this vapid woman gets for putting on clothes.

          When the DM printed the Headline “Dignified duchess….” at the Remembrance Service (wreath Laying) today NZ time, my first comment was “and you make it about middleton” or words to that effect.

          She was standing on the balcony grinning like a Cheshire cat (not sombre at all as also in another headline). Queen Maxima looked almost horrified that middleton was even speaking to her or she must have made some totally mindless comment – then there is another photograph of her talking to the Princess Royal’s husband and even he looked unimpressed.

          Again – middleton is not the be all and end all but the highlight of the lot of the wreath laying was seeing Prince Harry taking his Rightful place, in his own right at the head of the line. For this is quite a defining moment by the looks of it, William is a petulant brat, Andrew saw battle in the Falklands but Harry has seen the worst of the worst and helps on a level unlike any of the others except Prince Philip or Her Majesty.

          So thanks again Polishgirl – you made my day.

          Kind regards.

          1. wildrose, you and I seem to often have a similar viewpoint concerning W&K.

            Like many here at KMR, I wonder if the critical comments have gotten to Kate or if something is going on behind the scenes with her health.

            I started to wonder if I was too harsh, but I started to notice Kate is all smiles at sports and celebrity packed events and changes during other royal duties.

            Many of us learn to take on a good deal of responsibility at a young age. Yes, we don’t have the eyes of the world watching, but in our smaller world we all face being scrutinized by superiors and fellow staff members. Also, we don’t get fawning from a large percentage of people due to being married to someone who by accident of birth is given much in this world.

            My critical comments come from basic viewpoints: they are essentially ‘paid’ to do a job and do a small portion of that said job. Rather like STEALING in my book. How many of us are allowed in the professional world to make the choice to get full time wages for part time work?

            In terms of responsibility, many of us started as teenagers to take on adult tasks. As young professionals in our early 20’s we had to prove ourselves often in stress filled situations. I have a friend who graduated from medical school and started his residency at 23 years old. At 23y/o and responsible for peoples lives.

            I understand people feeling sympathy for Kate. Of course, we don’t know the whole story. The issue with me tends to be the overall pattern we see with her behavior. Why can’t she spend one day a week working? That gives her six days with her children and family. Give eight hours a week steadily and many people will stop complaining. Act appropriate at events. You are now a role model for your children. What behaviors are you modeling for there future?

            Diana and Charles ended up with results of 50/50. William is a mess and Harry is there to carry on.

          2. Wildrose, That is absolutely outrageous that someone would tell another to go kill themselves because they made a critical comment. That borders upon making terroristic threats to you and I’m disgusted that the D.M. wouldn’t step in and do something about it. I know. I love the Queen, love the Duke of Edinburgh, loathe Charles’ sense of entitlement and treatment of his late wife, am pretty indifferent to Camilla, salute the Princess Royal’s dedication and duty and dread the day King William V is coronated (even if it won’t be for another quarter century. I would say you’re among friends here. 🙂

  14. I have said this before, but again, I feel that based on Kate’s appearance, she is unwell. As a recovering anorexic, I know the signs. She is far too thin and at only 33 years old, she has aged well beyond what anyone healthy should look like in her thirties. Eating disorders are notorious for taking away from healthy-looking skin, causing sagging and wrinkles, hollow eye sockets, and in serious cases, hair loss and gums receding, making teeth look long and “toothy.” I feel very sorry for her because I believe that like his father, William wants a certain look in his wife. Does anyone remember when Diana, years after getting help for her bulimia said that Charles had triggered her condition by saying, “You are getting a little chubby, don’t you think?”

  15. I have said this before, but again, I feel that based on Kate’s appearance, she is unwell. As a recovering anorexic, I know the signs. She is far too thin and at only 33 years old, she has aged well beyond what anyone healthy should look like in her thirties. Eating disorders are notorious for taking away from healthy-looking skin, causing sagging and wrinkles, hollow eye sockets, and in serious cases, hair loss and gums receding, making teeth look long and “toothy.” I feel very sorry for her because I believe that like his father, William wants a certain look in his wife. Does anyone remember when Diana, years after getting help for her bulimia said that Charles had triggered her condition by saying, “You are getting a little chubby, don’t you think?” I believe William can be a bear and very difficult to live with, and I think Kate wants to please him at any cost. I think Kate looked pretty and health when in uni, and I believe Scarole impressed the “can’t be too rich or too thin” mindset that the Duchess of Windsor was famous for saying.

    1. Her weight loss started during the 2007 split and gained more ground in the lead up to the wedding and the months following the wedding. Her weight loss may have something to do with William, but it also may have a lot to do with being so much in the public eye. Yes, Kate was in the public eye for years during the dating years, but not as much as in the lead up to the wedding and the months following. She was a big deal in 2011. That was probably the height of her fame.

      1. I think Kate might subscribe to the whole ‘skinnier-is-beautiful’ school of thought and unhealthily skinny Hollywood standard (con) of beauty. After William broke up with her in 2007 she ditched the way-too-old-frumpy clothes she thought were respectable and what the public were keen on and started wearing shorter dresses, younger and more skin revealing outfits. The weight loss was intentional and in line with the image change. She also got fit preparing for the race. People responded positively to the younger more age appropriate look (the clothes), as did William.

        In 2011, like most brides, she lost weight for the wedding. I think she kept if off because she liked the way she looked and maybe confused the positive fan-fare with the model-skinny figure – which I think is why she’s trying to get back to that weight now. She looked good because she was happy, fresh and glowing not because she was super-skinny. I don’t think her weight lose was stress induced due to being in the public eye or increased attention.

        We saw a lot more of Kate in 2012. It was a big year for the royals and so for Kate too; the Jubilee, the Olympics, an extensive tour and her own charity appearances. She looked happier and healthier in 2012 despite being in the public eye more, she wasn’t the scary 2011 weight.

        The media went over board in their coverage of the few engagements Kate did in 2011, which is why we think she was busy but in reality we saw little of Kate in 2011, she didn’t have any charities for the longest time and her and William were continuing to live together in Anglesey as they did before the wedding, away from the eyes of the public and press.

        There were a few photos and articles of Kate going grocery shopping. Then came their beach walk and Lupo, the palace (William) threatened legal action and argued that if the British media printed those images Anglesey would be overran by paparazzi.

        The mad-dash Kate makes to loose weight after birth and the way she hid her tummy in Charlotte’s presentation unlike with George after all the comments leads me to believe she is very conscious of her figure and is intentional on that front.

        There’s a lot of pressure that she seems to be aware of and cares about when it comes to her look, can’t say the same about her work. She pays more attention to that front then anything else, she keeps getting more work done on her teeth (again over the summer) than her public speaking. There’s nothing wrong with looking good and changing things that you feel need work. Diana did and was called a clotheshorse till people saw she was actually serious about her work and making a difference when she touched patients with AIDS, it became apparent these weren’t just appearances she was making, the girl meant business.

  16. I am sorry late to post. Prince Harry and Prince William look dignified yet because they have friends it must be something they can relate too. I remember William saying he didn’t want to wrapped in cotton wool and Prince Harry’s bravery connects to ordinary folk. I like listening to the remembrance service on the radio best so I can picture in my mind what is happening. I think William was reported to be confused that Kate was dieting after the wedding.

    1. it’s so ironic that William doesn’t want to be wrapped in cotton wool, but has no problem with wrapping Kate and his family in cotton wool.

      1. Wrapped in cotton wool, in a padded room behind triple locked doors manned by RPO’s with a moat, drawbridge, sniper towers and several checkpoints before you get to the house. No one, no one is going to see his family unless he says so.

  17. Greetings Everyone,
    Have been noticing one or two things discussed about Prince Harry possibly ending up or similar to or falling into a trap (I think it was at the tail end of Lisa’s post).

    Agree with pretty much all you have said – couple things on this front, I have actually seen Harry, bill and his lazy, fake mrs in action (several times) just happened to be in the right place at the wrong time or vice versa.

    When our city was flattened by the earthquakes in 2011 bill turned up prior to his wedding. He was a limp twit trust me – I was in Sumner and have photos of that day/time and was right there by accident. The only way anyone could be got in was on foot or helicopter as we were still cut off from the rest of the city at that time. It was an eye opener. Going on to next visit that him and his mrs did which was 2014 or thereabouts because George was a baby etc – they were here in Christchurch, as well as other towns/cities. Believe me the vague, superficial, fake, vacant concern was there to see. Yes there were the totally oblivious ones – awed by the “beauty” etc however the actual depth of anything other than making sure they were not “touched” or got close to really showed despite the much publicised “Success Tour”. Our city is a waste ground – it will take years to sort out – we are used to it. Here is middleton playing cricket in the middle of a patch of grass that is left in a bright red suit and high heels while the majority of us were still/are reeling from the 185 empty chairs of those who were killed in the earthquakes and many of us have lost houses, loved ones, pets and livelihoods. It was a superficial shambles from start to finish. A bit like the bright pink coat worn at the 9/11 Pool at ground zero in New York. The empathy was just not there and the insensitivity was apparent.

    Moving along to Prince Harry who was here last year – complete and utter difference. He was totally engaged, he worked all hours that he could. he went to the poorest parts of cities/community facilities (one of them was in the part of South Auckland where I grew up) – he was real. Not just an observer but as a person who could see past the obvious, a pretty dress, expensive clothes and skinny figure.

    I wrote to both Her Majesty and Prince Harry to thank them for that visit. When he was in here in Christchurch – he drew way more people, it was a wet day but plenty poured out just to meet this man – he cared, he listened, he did not give a fig about the time spent –

    My impression having seen all three of these individuals is that Prince Harry has been requested by Her Majesty to take up “the Heavy Lifting” because of the total unpopularity of bill and middleton. Harry does not shirk duties. His priorities are behind the scenes or out in front. Bill hates his brother’s popularity and that is most likely why in the last 4 events (mental health x 2 and the film engagements) that Prince Harry went along. Bill and middleton’s face showed it all – looked like thunder.

    All comments were upon kate’s clothing, bill’s sulking and surly behaviour but Harry was in a league of his own.

    Recently he also completed part of that walk which ended up at Buckingham Palace for the Walking with the Wounded Foundation. That is just on of the many things he is involved in totally.

    The other thing is that he also is now in his Rightful place – by that I mean laying his wreath on his own merit not on behalf of or for anyone – and Her Majesty granted the Sovereigns Order to him. Now that says a lot.

    Somewhere along the line I do not think he will ever end up like his surly, self indulged and arrogant brother “wills” – why are they still using that baby name? As for middleton – well there is no hope there. She saw, she had the poster on the wall like Diana, she wanted, she got and now the work just does not interest her. It is the clothes, the make up, the lifestyle, the trips, holidays etc. That kind of King and Queen consort (as she will not be a regnant) will destroy a monarchy quicker than having Charles and Camilla on the throne.

    The power lays in Prince Harry as he has a conscience, a work ethic, devotion to his Sovereign, believes in duty, giving back and fully understands the what the monarchy itself will stand and fall on.

    Thanks also for the lovely comments about the abuse I have been getting from the DM commenters, going down that track is horrible.

    Take care out there wherever you are in the world. Have a lovely day/evening wherever you are.

    Kindest regards.

  18. Wildrose I am shocked at the abuse you have suffered! Just ignore the people who cannot face reality! Km does not want to work for a living, that is why the middletons persued bill for a long time just my opinion! There are reports that the middletons starting a food business? I do not understand it at all! Wildrose you have a right to your opinion & I respect your opinion! Take care of yourself!

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