British and Dutch royals lay wreaths at Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday

British and Dutch royals lay wreaths at Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima joined Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the British Royal Family for the National Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph in Whitehall on Remembrance Sunday, November 8th. While the United States observes Veterans Day on November 11th each year, in the United Kingdom Remembrance Sunday is observed on the second Sunday in November.

Wreaths at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday
[Sgt Ross Tily RAF/The Army in London Facebook]

Veterans Day, Remembrance Sunday, Armistice Day, and Remembrance Day all serve to mark the anniversary of the end of World War I – which was formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 – and to honor all service men and women who have given their lives to protect their countries.

Fun fact: The Allied Powers and Germany actually came to an agreement to end the war at 5:00 AM on November 11th – and signed the agreement between 5:12 AM and 5:20 AM – but the treaty did not go into effect until 11:00 AM because they wanted the 11th hour, 11th day, 11th month thing.

A two-minute silence was observed at 11:00 AM before Buglers of the Royal Marines played the Last Post and the royals and party leaders laid wreaths. The Queen went first, followed by Willem-Alexander (whose message was signed by both the King and Maxima), then Prince Philip.

Inviting a foreign Head of State to the Remembrance Sunday service has never happened before, but Willem-Alexander was invited as this year also marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands from Nazi Germany. Willem-Alexander and Maxima also commemorated the liberation in the US and Canada earlier this year.

Prince William, Prince Harry, and Prince Andrew laid wreaths next. The three of them laid their wreaths at the same time in order to shorten the ceremony a tad to make it easier on the older veterans.

This marks the first time Harry has laid a wreath in his own right. He has previously laid a wreath on behalf if his father. The thought is that this marks Harry’s transition into full time royal status and that his pursuit of another career following his retirement from the military earlier this summer has fallen by the wayside.

William, Harry, and Andrew lay wreaths
[Harland Quarrington MOD/The Army in London Facebook]

Prince Edward, Princess Anne, and the Duke of Kent also laid wreaths before the political party leaders – including Prime Minister David Cameron and Leader of the Labour Party/Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn – laid theirs.

The party leaders lay wreaths
[Staff Sergeant Adrian Harlen RLC/The Army in London Facebook]

Here is a photo of Anne walking out to the Cenotaph.

Maxima, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and Sir Timothy Laurence (not pictured) watched the ceremony from the balcony of the foreign office.

Princess Michael of Kent, the Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke of Gloucester, and Princess Alexandra also watched the ceremony from the balcony.

Kate wore a double-breasted black coat with velvet patchwork by Alexander McQueen which is a custom coat with elements from other McQueen pieces (I think the patchwork looks odd; I wish the entire thing were velvet). Kate wore a new black hat with a “butterfly” design element (which I like) and netting over the face (two different types of netting, which looks odd). Kate also wore a poppy pin, her Annoushka Pearl Drop Earrings, and her black suede Mulberry Bayswater clutch.

I don’t know exactly what’s happening here. It looks like Kate is motioning for Maxima to move? That’s that “Here go ahead of me” arm motion, right? I don’t know. Also, Kate wore her hair down.

I wonder what Kate and Maxima talked about. And what they thought of each other.

Did Sophie and Maxima get to talk? I didn’t see any photos of them talking.

Here is a better look at The Queen, Willem-Alexander, and Prince Philip. HM wore Queen Victoria’s Bow Brooch.

Here’s a better look at William, Harry, and Andrew.

Here is a video of part of the ceremony.

A couple more photos from the event including blind veterans with their guide dogs and the Chelsea Pensioners laying their wreaths.

Blind veterans and their guide dogs
[Sergeant Rupert Frere RLC/The Army in London Facebook]

Chelsea Pensioners lay their wreaths
[Sgt Ross Tily RAF/The Army in London Facebook]

Photos: The Army in London Facebook / Getty

109 thoughts on “British and Dutch royals lay wreaths at Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday

  1. Wow Waity sure makes some odd faces. So does Maxima too. Both of them look medicated and have waaaay to much eye makeup on. Their faces look frozen or medicated. The coat she has on is the same old coat we have seen before, what a bore. She looks so drawn, malnourished and tired. Probably counting down the days till Vacation time! Sophie always looks dignified and appropriate, the boys look good too.

        1. Actually Maxima eye makeup is so heavy she looks like a panda… and her hat is way too big: the Queen never wears large brimmed hat because she feel that her face needs to be visible.

          1. Maxima looks great in big hats! Besides, QEII and her dresser knows what works for her hat wise and that’s why her hats all have the same shape.

            Maxima looks great here. Her coat and hat prove that simple yet elegant generally is a winning combo. Both Sophie’s and Kate’s hats and coats are way too busy,with too many elements and they both look awful with Sophie looking a bit more awful than Kate. That hat is a monstrosity.

          2. I love Maxima’s hat! She has some great hats but I really love this one!
            I also like the hairdo too, the side bun looks great and is appropriate.
            My mother taught me that your hair should be up when you wear a hat, that’s one reason I dislike the way Kate wears her hair down when she has a hat on. I also don’t like Kate’s style of wearing her hats almost on her forehead. It reminds me a bit too much of a Sky TV dish.

          3. I also dislike when hats are worn with the hair down, especially when it comes to these little hats that perch on the forehead. It is simply a messy and slightly sloppy look.

            PS. I absolutely abhor fascinators!

          4. I’ve seen some cute fascinators when browsing the websites of the hatmakers Kate uses. But for the most part I dislike fascinators. Also, as with most pieces Kate wears, the fascinators Kate chooses are not the prettiest fascinators from those hatmakers. They do make some really nice pieces and Kate always goes for the uglier ones.

          5. I can’t stand fascinators either! I prefer to think of them as hair adornments rather than hats. I think if she could it would practically be pulled over her eyes so she doesn’t have to see people and they don’t see what’s going on (or not going on) in her eyes.

    1. What huge contrast – Professional hardworking before marriage now Queen Maxima, dedicated and Regal. Even just out of the hospital she put others to shame.

      Cannot has an ocean to cross – teen-like, over made up and yet another expensive new coat and accessories.

      The photo of the Kents, Princess Alexander, Gloucester, is very Regal as well as HM and DoE – true British Royalty.

    2. I’ve come to the sad conclusion that she’s utterly unsuitable for her role. When she & William were younger she was a decent enough choice – particularly because he could pick her up & drop her with equal speed. But she was fun, she lightened William up, she had the “perfect family life” and I can see how William would have loved that given he was running away from the strict Royal life being imposed on him. Kate was an antidote to that.

      The problem, as I see it, is that Charles & HM didn’t make sure it stopped there. I think they did advise him of her unsuitability, but William is a hot headed fool who won’t take advice, so it fell on deaf ears. If anything it pushed him further into the relationship, silly & stubborn & refusing to admit his error.

      The fact is Kate is completely awful in her Royal role. William, of course, is now having to accept his Royal responsibilities and his destiny. Kate not only doesn’t assist him in that, but she actually makes it harder, so unsuitable she is. That HM has put her foot down with him is increasingly obvious & he’s no longer getting his own way.

      Is he happy about this? No. I think he’s taking his unhappiness out on Kate, rather than being a man and accepting his duty. He’s a difficult man anyway, but I would imagine he is placing the weight of blame on her shoulders.

      Her marriage is rocky, the publics opinion of her is poor & that is why she looks utterly miserable and they as a pair look so tense all the time.

      I think she has scrapped plans for a 3rd child to keep William happy – hence tummy tuck after Charlotte.

      He shouldn’t have married her. He knows that now. And so does she.

      1. I agree with you. Everyone knew that she was ill suited for the role. The late veteran royal reporter, James Whitaker, said as much. Kate had 10 years to prepare. She could have taken speech classes, learned how to properly walk, and start to volunteer. We have more pictures of her falling out of clubs versus working. She would have been a fine bride had she married William Wales, heir to the Highgrove Farm. But she married a future King.

        Kate has not accomplished a thing after 4.5 years of marriage. She’s bungled the few speeches she’s given, and works when she wants to go on vacation. Royal life may not be what she hoped it to be, but she had time to learn. She’s had time since her wedding. She can’t and won’t relate to anyone despite her own “middle-class” background. If she had any sense, she would work harder to prove the naysayers wrong. But she won’t.

      2. Spot on.
        Did limpet use proper royal protocol with Queen Maxima…

        Petulant hates his title-position and duty due birth (except the perks and luxury lifestyle); the middletons has made Petulant Will that more irrelevant to remove himself from the Line and turn the heir to the heir-dom to dedicated, deserving Prince Henry (a decision that could be taken from Willy by HM/POW).

        Imagine cannot the middletons making plans to market Anmer Hall (what about waity duties to HM, the people) – seem rather disrespectful as the property belongs to the Monarch, and why think to compete with POW decades old business- (middletons lazy hangers on continues).

      3. JL, really well put. The only thing I wonder about is more children for these two. Sometimes I think Kate will want more because this is her excuse to get out of work. She used the excuse the first two years that she was getting used to the royal life, but kids have become the best excuse.

        I want to thank everyone at KMR for giving me the most entertaining diversion while I did my scratch cook/bake ahead and freeze for Thanksgiving. I would cook/bake for 4-5 hours and then stop for a break and see what all of you had to say at KMR.

  2. I got a little teary reading this one. All my grandparents fought in the war ( for England and Canada) and I love to see such beautiful memorials. Thanks for the fantastic coverage. I am very curious to know what was going on with Queen Maxima and Kate, because that is some strange body language. Queen Maxima is enigmatic and difficult to read here. Kate seems sort of emotionally bipolar, going from mournful to smirking to looking like she’s trying not to laugh. She looks unsure and annoyed in the gesture photo, but I can’t tell what’s going on? I did like the butterfly hat, minus the double lace veil, and the coat was alright and at least appropriate. Kate looks exhausted and the super heavy makeup and heavy eyeliner are just aging her badly. Everyone else looked great and Sophie, especially, looked lovely. I’m excited to see what the rest of you think is going on here with Kate and Maxima.

    1. I think that Kate doesn’t like to share the limelight. She’s standing next to a queen in her own right. One who was a guest. Kate’s expressions were one of gaining attention. I think that the pictures had a good subtext. You had Timothy Laurence, Sophie, Kate and Max. Royals who personify service, duty and respect to the Crown. And Kate, who has not offered a thing. Kate’s body language towards Max was a bit cold. But then, Kate always has closed and clenched body language. The last picture was interesting. It looked as if Kate was trying to edge Max out a bit with her shoulder. But, then I could be wrong.

      1. I just get the feeling of Kate saying something rude to Maxima and then being very pleased with herself. And Maxima’s reaction looks like she understood Kate perfectly and is trying to control herself.
        Kate could have made friends with Maxima, Maxima’s about 10 years older than her, she married into a royal family, Kate could have found a good mentor.

          1. Hi Rhiannon, I know you will do the right thing. It’s just when I see Kate missing all these opportunities to make new friends and to learn I just have to sigh!
            Now, I saw your future father in law today. I *cough cough* was sick, no really… I went to the last engagement of the tour hat Charles and Camilla have just finished in NZ. It was for a training sailing ship for underprivileged teens. They were a little late but that’s Auckland traffic for you plus road works. In the very little time he had available he got to see and speak to a many people as he could on the Spirit of New Zealand then as many of the public as he could until his security had to whisk him away as they had, at that stage 30 minutes to get to the airport. I don’t know how he keeps up the energy as they both were out meeting people every day. I must also say that I think the press pack were rather scary, there seemed to be none there and then all of a sudden there was a tide wave of long lens cameras etc. And there was me with the camera on my phone… got one good photo of Charles waving out the window 🙂

          2. That’s awesome, Cathy! I hope getting to see Charles was a good experience for you and worth the sick day. I wanted to go see them when they came to the US earlier this year, but they were too far away for me to travel.

          3. Cathy, that is so cool! Charles may be a lot of things, but he’s a hard worker. I’ve grown to respect him a lot. I plan on having a great relationship with him.

        1. Very interesting take on it, I kind of get tha vibe too, but wasn’t sure because Kate has so many strange facial expressions for one solemn event. Love everyone’s perspectives (even when we disagree on hats and dresses!) and am thoroughly enjoying everyone’s insights. Oh to be a fly on the wall when Maxima discussed the event and meeting Kate with someone she’s close to!

        2. Did you see Sophie’s reaction when she had her hand at her head like she had a headache over something Kate was saying to Maxima. I saw that one on Celebitchy.

  3. What a lovely ceremony. I love to see these festivities each year. It’s important to remember it past on order to not make the same.mistakes in the future.

    It’s nice to see Harry standing on his own and not a part of the Cambridge Charade. With the exception of William, it was nice to see the Royals pay their respects. I just can’t with William. He just reeks of entitlement and petulance in regards to his role.

    Thank you for covering the fact that Princess Michael, the Gloucesters, and Princess Alexandra were there. That’s a generation who got it and have supported HM. Sophie looked beautiful as ever.

    My heart was happy seeing Max. She looked impeccable. The hat and the side bun…that’s how you wear your hair to an event. Not like cutesy curls with a fascinator propped on top. Max is 44 and looks younger than Kate. Based on pictures, it doesn’t look like it was a love fest between the two. Max seemed to look at Kate with peculiar eyes. The pictures of Kate motioning her doesn’t seem warm. In my opinion, Kate is not a woman’s woman. It seems that she doesn’t get on with other women as much as she gets on with her sister.

    Beautiful post, KMR.

    1. IF Pippa wasn’t her sister, i doubt Kate would get along with her. She’s resolutely a man’s woman, and i mean that she sees other women as competition as opposed to women who are just tomboys which lead them to gravitate to hanging out with guys and have no issues with women at all.

      1. So true!

        Scared of losing her pampered, luxury lifestyle (sadly – is all she is interested and wait/y to ever achieve for her and the middletons). And a reason she refuse to become a true family member, be with the royals even of similar age group – Zara, Peter/spouses, the Yorks, Prince Harry and others.

    2. I agree! She doesn’t seem to ever be with female friends or seem to be forging close bonds with female members of the Royal Family. It think it would be to her benefit to get to know the women who have been serving the crown for so long. Princess Anne or the Duchess of Gloucester could really teach her a lot about class and service.

      1. There are many similar age cousins within the wider royal family as well as female inlaws who she could hang out with instead of the oldies eg Tom and Laura Parker Bowles and their spouses, Peter and Zara Philips and their spouses, Beatrice and Eugenie York and their partners, The Gloucester cousins eg Davinia Windsor and their spouses, The Kent Cousins eg Gabrielle Windsor etc. Lots born in the 80s, and usually present at family occasions like Trooping colour.

        Back when Kate was still chasing the ring, she actually attended some of the cousins’ weddings eg Davinia Windsor’s wedding to Gary Lewis or Peter Philips’s wedding to Autumn.

        Even if she dislikes some of them, there are others that she could be friendly with rather than isolate herself.

        And you see this isolation not just at formal events, but at things like Polo in Gloucestershire where all these cousins attend and everybody is hanging out and enjoying each other except Kate who is always to the side. This year she had PG to make her look more part of the group, but she kept to herself and left after a short time.

        However, Tom PB’s wife made a comment along the lines that Kate seemed to have better things to do than hang out, and whilst that was specifically to their relationship, I think it speaks volumes about her relations with all the cousins, never mind the oldies.

  4. Sophie looked very dignified and pretty, her makeup and outfit were spot on.
    Loved the Maxima look, she is stunning.
    From what I could see of the Duchess’s coat, this one I actually like. But too much make up, very heavy handed. She is looking very underweight not a good look at all tell tale signs her face.

    1. Kate’s neck has heavy creases. Is that from the constant dieting and malnourishment?
      She does not look healthy. I think all that comes with the territory of marrying a Royal has taken a huge toll on her. She just does not look or seem happy in any way. I don’t know what to say about her interaction with Maxima. It was a solemn occasion, so they could not really be too friendly with each other. Maxima looked dignified and respectful. She is very comfortable in her own skin. Kate on the other hand seems so very nervous and insecure. I am coming to the conclusion that her life is a shambles. She just is one very unhappy and nervous woman. She needs help. I hope she gets it. Until she is feelingn better, mayybe all public appearances and the stress they apparently cause her should be curtailed.

      1. Maxima’s facial expressions are a bit strange. She’s usually very easy to read since she’s not afraid to show if she is happy or moved to tears. Here she looks like she’s trying to rein herself in from expressing something. Very odd indeed.

  5. I think it’s absolutely fantastic that all of them came out for this event. I like Kate’s coat and hat, but I think her eyeshadow is verging a bit on 13-year old-girl-learning-to-do-her-own-makeup. She could tone it down a bit, but otherwise great job.

    1. I have green eyes like Kate and try to stay away from those dark eyeliners. I go more toward Browns and purples. Those would look wonderful with her eye color and would really make her eyes look bigger. And the girl needs to learn the art of blending.

      1. Same with me. I like smoky purples or rich browns. And I have shifted my makeup style since I was a young twenty something. I am the same age as Kate and NEVER trowel on heavy eyeliner anymore. It’s very aging and I look much prettier, fresher, and younger with less eye makeup. She is just stuck in her twenties hair and makeup wise and combines that with dressing like an upholstered couch. It’s not working and I wonder if the people around her are too scared to tell her the truth?

  6. Thanks for the post KMR. The UK do this sort of occasion so well. It’s good to take the time to honour those who died and acknowledge those who fought and returned.

    It was nice to see the Dutch Royals invited along, shows respect.

  7. Not Sophies best look, sadly – it looks like boucle so I wonder if it’s Chanel she’s wearing? Makes her chest look matronly.

    Fab to see Harry get the recognition of his own wreath – up yours, William. I’ve read it’s a sign from the Queen that he’s now a full time Royal – I wonder if that’s the source of all this tension between Harry & The Lamebridges. Previously both W&H said they both wanted jobs outside the BRF – seems Harry has changed his mind/wasn’t planning that & now Willy is now the only one dodging Royal life.

      1. How many black coats does she need? A bespoke McQueen is VERY expensive. It wouldn’t have killed her to rewear one of her many other black coats. And that hat is way to busy – it is either buttyfly or netting, not both.

    1. I wonder if the reason William never served overseas like Harry and Andrew is because William is an asshole. Seriously. His time in the military was plotted out carefully so he would spend time in all the services (Navy, RAF, etc) Charles’ service was the same. But – did you ever notice that no one has anything good to say about William? Clearly, Harry has made many friends and admirers. Not William. Then when Will started crying about wanting to go to Iraq, and the DOD, said nope, too risky, but what if the real reason is that no one liked him? Harry would have been dependent on his mates for security *privacy* and they delivered. William hasn’t and doesn’t inspire the same loyalty.

      Also, does anyone else think he’s left EAAA?

      1. I’ve been questioning to myself his EAAA job for a while. I was going to bring it up in a post several weeks ago but didn’t.

        William has been doing a lot of appearances lately to the point he’s had more time off than his 4 days on 4 days off schedule would allow. And we haven’t had a “William the savior” story in a while.

        But he was absent from the public all last week, so maybe he went back to that job after taking a few weeks off for appearances. Who knows.

          1. I don’t know for sure, obviously, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he had.

      2. I don’t recall hearing any of William’s RAF colleagues being invited to his wedding.
        I have never read that William would have any other friends than the same rich brats he grew up with.
        I have also never read any of his colleagues praising him in press. Usually the pr puts these kind of stories out. Harry has got this pr treatment, but to be honest, I actually think that his fellow soldiers actually like Harry.

        1. If anything Harry’s popularity is minimized. I bet there are a lot of military people who are willing to go on the record praising him, but the papers are encouraged to underplay it lest a comparison is drawn between William and Harry. Poor Harry. He’s not allowed to be more successful than Will, and Will is a total fuck up.

      3. The impression that I get from the statements that are released about the princes’ colleagues are that about Will it’s what they HAVE to say, but about Harry the admiration and respect is genuine.

        1. He likely didn’t endear himself to his superiors either – what with the unscheduled times he borrowed a helicopter to impress his girlfriend or flying to a stag night. If he hadn’t been royal he would have gotten the boot immediately. Instead, they had to cook up a story about those events being part of official RAF exercises.

          1. And of course all time he took off. I highly doubt he’s endeared himself to any of the people he’s worked with.

    2. So Spot on!

      Prince Harry is in training to take over from his dad … Will know this he may not have informed carol or maybe he has confide to limpet (his best confidant) hence, the public drunk/drinking at the Rugby.

  8. Pictures 14, 15 and 16.
    Can we play caption these photos? I’m wondering if the first photo was Kate going to shake Maxima’s hand (when we all know Kate should have curtesyed) and the next photo was Maxima showing surprise at Kate’s rudeness. And the last photo of Kate smirking?
    Of course this is all pure speculation and the only people who know what was said are those who were there.

    1. It’s said that Wax and Max are pretty lenient about people bowimg to them. But I do think that Royal houses need to curtsey based on rank. Mary and Max are close and Mary still curtseys to Max.

      I think my caption for all three can be as follows: “It’s interesting until it speaks.” Or, “Has this girl have no clue?” Or “You’re powers of tomfoolery are no match for my awesomeness. You know that I slay 24/7.”

      1. I vote for “Has this girl have no clue.” I wish I could hear what Max had to say to her husband after the ceremony.

        I remember the photo of Max and Mary at the airport and Mary doing a nice curtsy to Max. I don’t recall seeing many photos of either Kate curtsying to others or anyone curtsying to Kate. Is anyone supposed to curtsy to Kate yet?

  9. It was nice to see all of the paying their respect this year. Sophie look amazing as usual and I hope Kate took notice of how Maxima carries her clutch and where she keeps her hands.

  10. Really funny gestures by Kate. It is obvious that all the grins are directed towards photographers, trying to steal the limelight from Max. Unfortunately Max shines in ways Kate could never imagine of being. I love the way Max just stares at her with faint smile as if saying, “what the hell is she talking about?!” Well, meeting with such an amazing woman is the ultimate test to Kate’s intelligence and conversational skills, both of which Kate is sadly most lacking.

  11. I think Maxima looked very nice. I do have to say, what is up with Kate, the skin on her face is sagging and for someone her age that should not be happening quite yet. She actually looks 10 years older than she really is. I am sure it is a combination of dieting, excessive exercise and maybe eating not enough protein. It seems with the birth of each child she has looked less happy, maybe the ivory tower has now become the prison. I think if she cut her hair it would really lift her face, even if it just touched her shoulders, like Mary of Denmark and Mette-M, she could still wear it down. This over-long hair needs to go.

  12. I like how Anne is wearing her honorary uniform. When is Kate going to wear one? I know the Queen has her own uniform in her own right(she served in World War 2).

    I know she probably doesn’t deserve one right now but if she tried harder she would obtain something.

    I will give Kate a compliment on how she didn’t play with her hair like in a different year.

    1. When Anne wears a uniform it’s as the royal colonel of the blues and royals. Kate is not a royal colonel and never will be (since she’s not a blood royal). So she will never have a uniform to wear.

  13. I loved seeing Harry in the forefront, too. His placing of the wreath was an honor for him, I am sure. He is so supportive of the military and all those who served in the past and who serve now. I love services that pay tribute to veterans. Those who gave their lives and those who gallantly served their countries deserve to be honored. The ceremony was very touching. It’s important to never forget the price so many people paid.

  14. It’s almost as if Kate can’t get through one of these Remembrance Sundays without doing something. The look on Maxima’s face makes me think she wonders what is going on with this girl. Because if Kate ever looked like a little girl playing dress up, it’s her standing beside Maxima.

    Maxima has actually been ill recently, but I’m glad she was there. Sophie looked appropriate as usual. Can I point out who the camera focused on in the photo of William, Harry and Andrew? I know he’s in the center, but they could have made William the focal point. Also, I’m going to be petty, but Andrew and Harry look good in their uniforms, William looks like he’s playing dress up. I’m sure he’s a little unhappy that he never got to test his mettle like Harry and Andrew have by serving overseas. Maybe that’s why he’s being overcompensated with the biggest apartment and huge remodeling budgets. Have to make him feel like a special snowflake some how, even if he is the heir to the heir. Oy, these two just make me shake my head.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that the camera guy focused in on Harry in the one good photo of the three of them.

  15. Hola, i love kate’s coat and i think she looks nice. I have to say, i never heard of
    maxima before this site, but she is fab! I’m off to google maxima! Thanx for such an informative site!

  16. Thanks for such a moving post KMR! Seeing all those elder veterans there who sacrificed so much and who are suffering the effects of age, show up to honor their brothers and sisters in arms who made the ultimate sacrifice puts into perceptive, at least for me, how truly lucky and blessed I am. My father served in WWII and saw some truly horrible sights, things that someone should never see, and it changed him forever. As a the daughter, sister and mother of men who served, I believe it’s so important to remember the sacrifices that are made, to remember the past in order to not repeat it, to take a moment to give thanks for all who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

    1. When I lived in England, I noticed how many monuments to WWI there are littered all over the country. Even tiny hamlets had a memorial – it kind of puts a perspective on how absolutely staggering the slaughter was in the war – and Britain really suffered. Some villages literally lost all their young men in the war. The flower of a generation’s young men were ciut down at Verdun, the Somme, etc. Seeing all those monuments really made me think about how huge an impact WWI had on British society (and Europe as well).

      1. It is the same in Australia, ArtHistorian, there is what we call a “War Memorial” in every town or tiny village here , It is where we observe ANZAC Day as well as Remembrance Day.

        1. And we remember the fallen on Anzac Day here in New Zealand too. And like Australia, practically every town or village has some sort of War Memorial. Most were erected after the First World War and the locals all contributed which wouldn’t have been easy as things were financially tough for a lot of people with the loss of so many young men and the a depression on the horizon.

        1. Six brothers! Gosh, that must have been hard. And it’s the other family members, their sons and daughters that never happened who are lost too. You’d have to be strong to survive losing so much of your family.

  17. I can’t tell if Kate’s eye makeup was really badly done or if her eyes are a bit wonky. First the left eyebrow is longer than the right one. Then look at the area between her upper lash line and the brow bone on the left eye. There is more lid showing than on the right eye. Has it always been like that or is there a drop to the right eye. I never noticed this with her before these pictures.

    1. Her eyebrows have been aggressively coloured in, they bring to mind the ones Elaine drew on Uncle Leo in that Seinfeld episode ( google it for a giggle). She can stop with that.
      Other than that, I thought Kate looked great, but she is a distant planet to the sun who is Maxima!

      1. Kate is Pluto to Max’s Sun.

        And yes, I know Pluto got demoted from planet status in 2006. #YouHeardAboutPluto? #ThatsMessedUp

          1. Did Pluto get its planet status back?

            Also, did you get the reference I made with those hashtags?

          2. I still think that Pluto has lost its planet status – apparently, there are certain standards for a object in space to be classified as a planet. I’ll ask my sister, she’s a geophysichist.

        1. I prefer to think of Kate as space junk orbiting the sun that is Max. She doesn’t qualify for planet, moon or fellow star status.

          1. Amen, Lisa. Max is most certainly the sun. Kate cannot and will never stack up against her.

            I might also add that Max came out of the hospital with a kidney infection, gave a speech at the Hague, and had a Chinese States Dinner. This woman is made of steel.

    2. Her eyes are distinctively both different sizes and one is slightly higher than the other and always have been. I think it’s just a lot more noticeable now because she wears heavier eye makeup than previously in a bid to hide the premature aging.

        1. That is true, everyone has a “good” side. I always try to turn slightly and show more of the right side of my face, in pictures.

        2. Exactly. No one’s face is perfectly symmetrical. It’s totally normal. Nothing to make fun of.

  18. Kate and Maxima look great! Big miss for Sophie. My take on the exchange between Kate and Maxima is that something funny was said. Maxima has the dignity to control her laughter and Kate doesn’t!

  19. These events remind me again how low my standards have become for Kate. No flashing and no hair twirling, so I guess she did okay as far as Kate goes. I don’t know. I get the impression that Maxima understands the gravity of what’s going on and so does Sophie, but Kate’s just being solemn because she’s been told she has to be and not because she gets it.

  20. I have to say that Maxima just owned that balcony appearance over the other two women. Even after leaving the hospital and perhaps still convalescing, she looks healthier than Kate and her fashion is just impeccable and suits the occasion. Some of the looks Max gives Kate is as if she’s inspecting a new type of alien life form.

    1. Maxima was probably puzzled by all the fascination surrounding Kate and then by being next to such a dull and childish girl.

      Maxima was certainly my favorite. She was The Queen on that balcony and she knew it, even then I don’t think she was rude to Kate at all, just *not impressed * which is absolutely normal. Kate might have half of the world in awe but most royal ladies know better (Queen Elizabeth and Maxima among them).

      Sophie looked great as well.

      How exciting for Harry to be there on his own, out of the shadow of the Cambridges. About time. He is such a liked royal that placing him with W+K was a complete disservice to him. I can’t wait for him to marry an awesome woman and put the Middletons, I mean w+k, to shame.

  21. Kate looks to me like she is trying too much. Apparently she wanted to be the one who initiated the conversation. I don’t know if you noticed that but she is very often the one who starts to talk with people, probably because she is very insecure and knows she need to say something sooner or later so better start now, saying something about the weather or numbers of people and be done with it. Then after she said something she is trying to look like she has such a big fun which proves that she is so eloquent. However Maxima doesn’t seem very amused – she has the look which reminds me about adult looking on some foolish child. So here we have Kate’s rather inappropriate grinning or her look of depressive despair while Maxima and Sophie look calmly solemn.

    By the way Maxima looked like a real lady in her coat and the hat (she probably likes the big hats because she has full face and that kind of hats suits her). What about Kate? – she looked like she always does lately- too much eyeliner, some boring outfit and being out of place.

    1. From the pictures I saw, I do think Kate was the one to initiate most of the conversation with Max. Max’s expressions looked like she was trying to listen to Kate while also trying to watch the ceremony. I haven’t seen a video of them so I don’t know if that’s how it went down.

      1. On the live TV broadcast they were shown briefly (a couple of seconds) and then (rightly) it was focused on the wreath laying & the silence. Unless someone else took video footage with their phones etc…?

  22. I actually like Kate’s coat–but it ends there. The hair–now swept all the way in the back does not do her any favor. The heavy makeup needs to go. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall to hear the conversation between Queen Maxima and Kate although I can’t imagine anything interesting or engaging coming out of Kate’s mouth.

  23. FYI British Monarchy Heir has new pictures of Kate and George up from their last museum trip. No way the Cambridges can say these were a security threat or a result of stalking – they were shot by a member of the public who also happened to be there.

    1. There were 3 photos of Kate and George at the museum published in Women’s Day (an Australian publication printed in NZ too).

  24. Sorry to comment again, but I was just over on Love Lola’s site and had to speak up. Has anyone else seen the pictures of Kate closing her eyes? She looks totally insane! A lot of commenters seem to be convinced that Kate was highly medicated at this event. After seeing the closed eyes pictures, it doesn’t seem that farfetched and would help explain her bizarre behavior. Why was she randomly closing her eyes? And with a bizarre facial expression. Yikes.

    1. Yeah, no.

      Take a look at this photo of Max and Kate. Both Kate AND Max have their eyes closed. My guess is it was during the two minute silence at 11:00 AM. People normally close their eyes during those type of silences.

      Also, the photo on Lola’s site where Kate’s head is turned while her eyes are closed, is most likely in the middle of a blink. Photographers have captured royals and celebs mid-blink before.

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