Two new appearances announced for Kate + bits and bobs from around the web

Two new appearances announced for Kate + bits and bobs from around the web

Last week I wanted to focus on the European royals having focused so heavily on the Royal Holy Trinity the two weeks before and then this weekend/Monday was all about Remembrance services, so I ended up not posting about an announced appearance and several articles about Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry. Just the other day another Kate appearance was announced, and so I decided to do a round up of those announced appearances and those articles so that we could chat about them. Before that, though, I think a trip down memory lane is in order…

Kate in Place2Be video message still 2

This ^^ photo is the last time Kate did anything with her patronage, Place2Be – she recorded a video message for Mental Health Week in February 2015.

Kate Middleton winner and finalists Place2Be Wellbeing awards

This ^^ is the last time Kate supported Place2Be with an actual appearace – she attended the Place2Be Wellbeing in Schools Awards in November 2014 (which took place at KP).

Kate Middleton and John Bishop

This ^^ is the last time she supported the children of Place2Be indirectly – she visited a school which had the M-PACT Plus program (only partly related to Place2Be) in July 2014.

And this ^^ is the last time Kate actually visited a school with the actual Place2Be program in it – she visited in November 2013 (please excuse my excessive use of the word moron in that post).

BTW, Place2Be is a mental health charity focusing on early intervention in young people. So basically the exact thing that Kate is supposedly super excited about and focusing on now. Kate has been patron of Place2Be since April 2013. You would think that someone who is super excited to focus on the mental health of young people and who has been patron of a charity that does just that for over two years would have actually taken the time to visit said charity sometime in the last year, but especially since the mental health kick kicked in (in September). Well, Kate decided to finally visit Place2Be again. She will be attending Place2Be’s Headteacher Conferences on Wednesday, November 18th.

The day before the long-overdue Place2Be visit, Kate will attend The Fostering Network’s annual Fostering Excellence Awards. Kate visited The Fostering Network back in January of this year.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about those articles:

  • The first article I want to talk about is from the Daily Beast. The article is a compare and contrast between the Cambridges and the Beckhams (David and Victoria) about their use of social media. It has a lot of good points, many of which we’ve been discussing here for months. Here’s a few I liked: “[The Beckhams] make tantalizing glimpses of their family life public, allowing them to keep their private life truly private—it’s a canny sleight of hand. Because Victoria and David’s Instagram feeds feel so authentic, when they do use their feeds to promote causes or business, the fans don’t resent it.” Whereas the KP Twitter account “has been utterly bewildering and completely non-uniform. […] the account usually majors on official announcements, or tweeting out snippets of Prince Harry’s latest speech, then it does something really weird, like post a picture of Prince William and Kate when they were at university.” And this one we’ve been saying for months: “Will and Kate’s solution to the problem of photographer harassment—going into solitary family confinement—is only making things worse. The price payable for the first candid picture of George, Charlotte, William and Kate climbs every day they lock themselves away from all lenses in their Norfolk palace. […] Allowing lots and lots of pictures of your kids to be published on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter—whether taken by yourself or your pals or other punters at the National History Museum—doesn’t harm them. It doesn’t make them commodities. It does the exact opposite. Indeed, deployed cleverly, it could help the Royals publicly and privately.” Really, KP’s social media strategy is in shambles. Let’s not forget that they mangled the release of Kate’s photos of George and Charlotte and the press got pissed off about it. William, Kate, and Harry really need to get over their hatred of social media. Yes, there are negatives there, but there are also a lot of positives to social media. William, Kate, and Harry just see the negatives. Hence the second article I want to talk about.
  • Kensington Palace confirmed via the Express that William and Kate will meet with Facebook and Twitter bosses in the hope of a “constructive dialogue” about online bullying. Look, I’m all for taking a stance on online bullying considering how rampant it is across social media platforms. But seeing as I got a comment (that I did not approve) yesterday that called us all bullies for daring to criticize Kate, I must say that there is a huge difference between criticism and bullying. A difference that I think has gotten so muddled in the last several years. Even the slightest criticism is considered bullying and “shaming” now. Saying someone is overweight and unhealthy is criticism, calling someone a fat whale is bullying, saying they should died because they are fat is not just bullying but an outright threat. The latter two are the ones the social media platforms need to address. And in terms of William and Kate, oh please. They just care about how social media platforms affect themselves; and since they aren’t actually on social media, what they really want is the social media platforms to take down photos of them, posts about what the did (ie. shopping), and quite possibly any users who are critical of them. I know how damaging bullying can be, I myself was bullied in school, but I can’t help but feel like with William and Kate their interest is just so self-serving. Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now.
  • According to the Daily Mail, Kate wants to have her own organic food line called Anmer Organics. A source says of Kate’s plans: “It’s a concept for now but it will happen – just give it 18 months or so. And it’s natural that it should do so. One day Prince William will want to have a profitable business attached to his estate to generate funds – both charitable and otherwise – just like his father does. It’s also important for William to promote his home, Norfolk, in the same way that Charles promotes Cornwall with the Duchy range. You can just imagine the labelling – ‘home-grown organic produce from Norfolk, home of Prince William’.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA yeah right. If this is even true, in 18 months Kate will have forgotten all about this idea. Also, no way William would want to promote his home. Nor would he want all of the people it would take to make that happen hanging around his home. Also, William doesn’t even want to take on anything to do with his father’s legacy so why on earth would he want to copy an idea from his father? Oh, this line from the article is hilarious: “I also hear Kate has been practising by bagging up walnuts in decorative bags for staff at the Anmer estate.” LOL
  • The Daily Beast has an article about the stage fright/fear of public speaking Kate developed after her wedding. Before the wedding she was not nervous about acting or walking the runway in a see-through dress or even about the interview she did with William after the engagement, but suddenly once she became a Duchess she developed a huge fear of public speaking and is so incredibly terrible at it because she’s just so nervous. Kate doesn’t even do TV interviews like William and Harry do. And even though Kate has access to the best media and public speaking coaches money can buy, she hasn’t bothered to get over her nerves. Even though Harry has the same fear of public speaking and yet is able to give speeches in front of thousands in the stands and millions watching at home. Yeah, sorry Kate, it’s been over four years, you should have gotten over this by now. Or at least have tried. Harry did.
  • Keep Kate’s lack of speech-giving in mind when you look at this People article titled: “Princess Kate In Action: She’s Not Just ‘Smiling and Nodding’ As She Tackles Kids’ Welfare”. The article is basically a fluff piece with quotes from the executives of the charities Kate has visited lately. I’ll quote one: “‘This isn’t someone smiling and nodding,’ Chance UK’s chief executive Gracia McGrath tells PEOPLE. ‘She is asking intelligent questions and knows what happens when children go off the rails and go off the rails early.'” Why is the chief executive of Chance UK using the phrase “off the rails”. I know that’s a common phrase but I would expect the chief executive (!) of a charity dealing with children with behavioral difficulties to use a phrase that is much more diplomatic and less a-hole-y. Like, “get into trouble” or “suffer from behavioral difficulties” or anything that’s not “off the rails”. That seems like such a low-brow, a-hole-y comment to come from the chief executive (!).
  • Here’s an article with Ben Ainslie talking about Kate. He says both Kate and William have been really supportive. Also, he says Kate hasn’t gone sailing with them yet: “Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get the Duchess out on the water yet but I know she is very keen to come out on T2, our latest testing boat, perhaps in the new year when the weather gets a bit warmer, she’s obviously a very keen sailor.” Of course Kate hasn’t taken him up on the offer to go sailing. She never actually takes up anyone on their offers to do anything even though she agrees to them when they ask.
  • Here are more photos of Kate and Prince George out at the Natural History Museum on October 22.
  • According to the Daily Mail, Camilla is helping Harry find a wife because all Harry wants is to “settle down, have his own family and be like his brother.” Harry “wants to have some kids and get a dog and be ordinary” and dreads “becoming the new Prince Andrew.” Honestly, though, most of the article reads like a hit piece. Like, whoever gave these quotes clearly dislikes Harry. The article came out on October 30th. Two days after Harry’s highly successful trip to the US where he met with President Obama and charmed Michelle Obama. Coincidence? I think not.
  • Speaking of hit pieces on Harry. Life & Style, a US magazine, claims Harry is going to be a dad after knocking up a 19-year-old in a one-night-stand. I saw the magazine while in line at the grocery store the other day and didn’t bother to look at it. Here’s a link to the Mirror quoting L&S. Yeah, so stupid.

I’ll leave you with this quote from President Woodrow Wilson on November 11, 1919 when he proclaimed the first Armistice Day (now Veterans Day):

    “To us in America, the reflections of armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations.”

If you see a veteran or someone currently in the military, give them a “thank you” today.

103 thoughts on “Two new appearances announced for Kate + bits and bobs from around the web

  1. I think Kate needs to be more focused and actually dedicated to something she cares about. You know you’re not being an appropriate royal when you’re just called “glam, gorgeous and giggly.” She is in a position to do so much, something not a lot of people get to do.

    1. What a waste of fuel time and security!

      Absent for 9 months out of the year and rush in the last two months before holidays and vacations, is distracting and of no value to the charities and causes. Everyone and the media is focus on the laziness, lack of duties and hiding the family, mistakes/flashing expensive wear on the meet greet walk. The rest is wasted time, funds of the workers and volunteers to host the insincere W*K.

      The charity is hardly remembered or gain the exposure for support – instead we are focus on weight loss, hair, expensive clothes/veneer and mistakes by cannot.

      Sir Ben need to include carole pippa the middletons, then cannot may show.

      KMR well documented, thank you!

  2. Those photos of her “supporting” Place2B really call her out on her lack of support.

    You’re saying she won’t be interested in the organics line in 18 months, I give it two weeks. As soon as she finds out the regulations, meetings and list of other zillion things that will need to be done she will drop it like a hot potato. Which I’ve heard she grows. Anyway, as you said I can’t see William getting behind this when it would be so easy to associate himself with his father’s line if he really wants to get involved.

    The knives are out for Harry. Can’t be the popular, hardworking young royal and not pay for it. What the two egg heads don’t seem to understand is if they got off of their butts and actually looked like they care they might reap the rewards of the efforts.

    As for the meeting with Facebook and Twitter, it’s all about them.

    I saw that magazine about Harry supposedly getting that 19 year old girl pregnant and I think we can see how seriously his office is taking it with the lack of response from them.

    I am so tired of talking about her because all she does is cause a fire storm. The only thing she has done completely right during her whole marriage are George and Charlotte. She doesn’t get the dressing right, the hair is just wrong, the make-up is a horror story. She doesn’t support her charities, she doesn’t know how to behave appropriately at different events. For her the go to is to flash the big blinding smile that her father-in-law paid for and let the plebes know that should be lucky they got that. No speeches, not even a quick thank you for having me. She’s just so very wrong for her job in every way.

    I wish William were a lower royal and could go off and live with his chosen wife in the blanket of normality and invisibility he so craves. I’m amazed he didn’t ask one of the staff at that tour the three of them took of the movie sets if there wasn’t a cloak of invisibility that he could have of his very own.

    1. In Kate’s defense, two (or so) months seems to be normal for planning royal engagements. So if the mental health initiative started in Sep, then the P2B announcement is right on time. BTW, when I say normal, I mean all the royals. Security, logistics, etc.

      The Twitter, Facebook meeting is planned FOR THE NEW YEAR!!! They’re getting credit now for an engagement that hasn’t happened yet, and they’ll get more when it does. Well played #poorjason

      The organics thing is ridiculous. “The Cambridges are thinking of doing something good one day in the future. Maybe.”

      I was thinking more about William being MIA from his job. Do you guys remember a few weeks back there was a small blurb about EAAA getting a million pound new HQ with a canteen and sleeping quarters? I scoffed that everything had to be just so for His Nibs, but now I’m thinking it might have been a payoff. They get a new facility, and everyone keeps quiet about William being a screw-up.

      I can’t wait to see if he has the audacity to take another gap year!

      1. Then the mental health initiative would have started two months before the Anna Freud Center visit in September – so July. If they were planning it then, why not schedule a Place2Be visit first? And if they claim she only became interested in mental health after the ARC visit, the question becomes why didn’t she get interested in mental health the two years she was working with P2B before the AFC visit?

        I don’t remember the new HQ thing. I remember the new helicopter thing. Do you have a link?

        1. You’re right about the Anna Freud thing re timing. This mental health initiative is all just lip service anyway. Its a safe issue to get behind without all those unpleasant sick people. Its hard to pretend to care.

          I looked for a link, but no joy. I remember it was an out of context paragraph at the end of a piece on another subject. Sebastian Shakespeare maybe? There’s a link *somewhere* on RoyalDish but I couldn’t find it.

    2. Wasn’t Kate pictured buying potatoes at the grocery store *after* it was said she grew her own potatoes? I seem to remember that.

      And yeah, there is no way Kate will follow through with the organics thing. That is was too much work for her.

      Speaking of an invisibility cloak: Didn’t William say, when asked what superpower he would have, he would like invisibility so he could sneak up on people and hear what they were saying about him?

  3. I think the whole organics thing is simply an excuse as to why she won’t be working “full-time” for the next 18 months. Then it will be conveniently dropped for something else or she’ll be pregnant again. Although in the years she’s been in the BRF the amount she works wouldn’t even be considered part time – it’s probably best to describe her as a temporary or casual worker!!

    1. HM may have made Will middleton know, two kids is enough (no hg) – so its snowflakes (and carole) Organic planning to take over 9 months of 2016 – 2016 excuse to hide away, pampered/hair/shopping and ignore royal duties.

      1. I am at a loss to remember the name of the movie that Diane Keaton was in. The one where she was a high-powered single executive who inherited a relative’s baby after the relative died. Remember the one? She gave up her job to move to the country and eventually made a killing by starting an organic baby food company. Maybe Kate saw that move on the telly recently (it pops up in the States periodically) and she came up with the idea to grow/sell organic foods grown on the estate?

        Ugh, I am just at a my wit’s end with her. KMR, great research on the actual number of appearances she has made for favored cause. Yep, it will be fascinating to see how much more she does in the near future and beyond. Also grateful for the links to articles.

        As for public speaking. Everyone has a fear of it. EVERYONE. But, in a position like the one she married into, you learn. It becomes less painful in time, but I have news for her, prior to every public address, the butterflies in the stomach return. You just take deep breaths and forge on.

        Harry should not be criticized. He is the one who has kept his mother’s legacy alive. He is the one HM and PC can count on to do the right thing. I sincerely doubt the paternity story. And, I don’t think he needs Camilla’s help to find a wife.

        KMR. I thank you also for the wise words you have written for Veteran’s Day in the US (today, November 11th). Yes, thank those who served their country wherever you are. Be grateful for those who sacrifice so much now and did in the past. Their loved ones, too. I have many members in my family who have served this country. I am in awe of the service they made and will never forget their dedication, courage and belief in standing up for freedom. Not wanting to make this political. Just grateful that men and women serve and do so with pride. Anyone who does anything to make his/her country a better place (volunteers, etc) deserve to be honored. Today, and most other days, I think we need to honor vets.

        1. As someone who was deathly afraid of public speaking but had to give speeches in my classes to fulfill my degree, even if you don’t hire a professional for help you naturally become less afraid the more you do it. And you become less afraid the more you know about the subject. By the end of my college career I gave a speech with no notes and no planning at all that got an A simply because I knew my subject so well.

          It’ll definitely be interesting to see if she actually keeps up the interest in mental health after the new year. When I went to find all the articles I’d written about her mental health visits this fall, I was surprised to only find four. I thought there had been more than that seeing as how much their PR has talked about how interested in mental health she is now.

          No matter where one falls on the political spectrum, I think we should all be very thankful to those men and women who fight for our freedom. They deserve to be thanked and honored.

          1. Yes.
            But can you see snowflake km interested to work.

            KMR anyone, was permission granted by HM for the middletons to use her property at AH to compete with the POW business …

  4. Allow me a minute to pick my jaw up off the floor about “William and Kate will meet with Facebook and Twitter bosses in the hope of a ‘constructive dialogue’ about online bullying.” I will eat my hat if they focus on people who have truly been bullied on social media, people who have been driven to suicide or institutionalization because of the torment they have suffered. Instead, this will be a meeting about poor, poor William and Kate being criticized on the internet instead of endlessly adored and about how the websites really need to crack down on what they *allow* users to say. It’s a good thing these two aren’t going in for politics, or they’d be out of the race in a week–politicians and other celebrities who are far more productive and relatable people than these two draw as many, if not more, unfavorable comments in a week as these two do in a month or more. I really can’t believe they have the gall to do this as if they’re poster children for enduring online bullying.

    1. I read somewhere – maybe Daily Beast? – that there meeting will be all about getting critical pages of THEMSELVES shut down. It’s not about protecting the vulnerable – it’s about being a dictator & refusing to allow anyone to criticise them.

      1. Nothing says “I want to live a normal life” like using your sway with major businesses to curtail what people may say about you as an individual!

      2. Greetings Again JL and anyone else seeing this,

        These two arrogant sods are the true BULLIES – and they have a string of “friends….” to use a rather loose term that complains to various publications like the DM, The Daily Beast etc who scream at the editors or bombard them with emails to make sure negative (whether they be rational points or not) are taken down.

        Then the poster/commenter is then abused to high heaven and the Publication lets the pro kate brigade get away with it.

        Personally I believe that bill and his mrs are threatening free speech because they are blackmailing the publications over photographs of their kids e.g. if you want photographs of the kids then wipe out the critics.

        bill and his mrs are the BULLIES without a doubt.

        What they fail to realise is that they are unpopular, it is written all over their faces, the Monarchy will stand and fall on the goodwill of the people and they are just plain nasty.

        Have a good day/evening everyone and I marked Remembrance Day by laying a wreath of handmade poppies at the cross waters at Lyttleton Harbour so it heads out to sea… the best I could do.

        Kind regards.

        1. what a lovely gesture. So touching. I took my daughters with me to the cemetery today and placed flags and flowers on the graves of family members who were veterans. Then, we headed over to the VFW hall with some cookies for the members.

        2. I agree with you that William and Kate the the ones bullying others. They are not victims of bullying.

          1. Amen Wildrose!

            The only bullies are W*K. Control and secrecy is all this ‘privacy crusade’ is about – his disappearing act from his ‘regular just like you’ job, from royal duties and family; and snowflake in hiding at buckleberry with ma while the kids live with Nanny Maria.

            To compare W*k to Bechams is a hige disservice to the noble century old Monarchy and HM DoE dedication (Kents Gloucester Princess Alexandra)…

            and the Beckhams also earn their own wealth.

      3. I wonder if their crusade to stop people from criticizing them online will end with social media or if they will start targeting the blogs who are critical of them, too.

    2. I know, right. This is all about themselves and nothing to do with the actual victims of online bullying.

  5. I don’t agree with the article regarding the comparison to the Becks. If you have read Piers Morgan’s book, you would see that the British tabs are not very reasonable regarding privacy. If you post something personal online, they see it as a go signal to invade your private lives. They’d argue that if Kate and William can post pictures of the kids during down time, paps should be allowed to picture the kids too, regardless of whether the kids are in private property. It’s really either keep stuff off offline or welcome every intrusion.

    Their Facebook people are doing well enough though.

    The Becks are using social media so well because they are trying to keep themselves relevant. Kinda like marketing themselves. The Royals can’t be seen doing that because it invalidates every cry for privacy they have ever made.

    1. No offense, J, but I don’t care enough about Piers Morgan to read his book. But if that’s true, then don’t post private photos on social media and instead do photocalls with the kids. It would have a similar effect.

    2. I agree J, the Royals aren’t celebrities and going down the social media route, personally I think, would cheapen the British Royal brand, brand that’s what they’d become instead of an institution.

      No doubt the British press, which is far more relentless, we’ve seen it with the phone hacking scandal, would never leave a post as is, they’d dissect it, come up with over the top articles for months on end and pull out of the hat random character judgements and conclusions on the individual. Like way over the top stuff.

      Harry says he’s looking forward to having a mate and someone to share life with, the royal side of it included, tours, and have a family – answering a question from a journalist after his brother’s recent family growth. Next thing he’s now Bridget Jones, articles on his ex’s and previous romances are being rehashed, who he’s flirting with, who’s trying to set him up, potentials, advised Prince Andrew’s given him, courtier’s fears and hopes, how he spends his nights, how he’s lonely and all his friends are married now, him not wanting to be the next Prince Andrew. It’s totally blown out of proportion and continues to be, like 5 months on from that Sky Interview. Prince Harry had a personal Facebook account, which was private, and rightly so, you could be private person or just not keen on the world having accessing to all of him, especially given the lengths some will go and snap judgements people feel the right to and hold on to.

      I liked when Harry posted a personal post on the Kensington Twitter account, the sunrise when he was in NZ. That’s a fair balance I feel. He didn’t have to but he chose to share a private moment on, yes, an official tour but it was away from engagements and a moment he could have kept to himself. More of these would be nice but I don’t think they should have personal social media account open to the public. They represent an institution, they are not celebrities.

      Also, if you look at the European royals who post on social media and have their profiles open to the public, they aren’t strictly “working royals”, they might do some work but it’s not their “main gig”. I like them more to private individuals who are royal, kinda like Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, who occasionally carrying out royal duties representing the Sovereign.

    3. They have armed security with them 24-7 that are supposed to prevent that. I think they need to fire SO14 and get a new service. S.A.S.-trained? I doubt it.

  6. I bet you 50p W&K are on holiday right now. Following the so-called pattern explained by Richard Palmer, they do Royal duties on alternate weeks when W is not playing rescue rambo/Kate is sleeping in whilst Maria looks after the kids. So using that logic they should be back to Royal work this week – but nothing. From lunchtime last Sunday, 8 Nov, to next Tuesday 17 Nov, there’s nothing.
    So week one – duties – film premieres etc, week two – nothing (albeit a Sat night/Sun morning) and this week – should be work but isn’t.

    1. Interesting point. I wonder if pictures of them in Mustique will emerge; this is the month when they were supposed to be going, after all. On the other hand, they’re usually there longer than a week.

      1. I think when they left George they went for a week? I’m not sure. From Sunday pm to Monday pm it would be 8 full days…

          1. When they left George with Carole and Nanny Maria in 2014 it was the Maldives they went to.

          1. Actually it was ten days. I remember because it was right after Will took a four day weekend in Spain with Jecca. This was during his ten week course at Cambridge. You’re reading that right. He was out of the country for two weeks out the ten weeks of his course.

          2. I still don’t think he ever finished that course despite the reporters saying he did. Because KP never came out and said he finished that course. They said he started it, they said he started his flying courses, they said he finished each step of his flying courses, but they never said he finished that agriculture course.

    2. Greetings JL

      Bill middleton has not been at work for the last 2 months – there was an article about it, I think it was the Daily Mail and it actually came from one of the staff… will try and search that out for you. There was also an article about his starting date – because he still had not shown up at “work” when that came to light then KP had to get him on at least a shift or two then publish it because the crew had not seen him. Same again…

      Nothing changes with this bone idle pair, they pick and choose and maybe it is best that bill just gives up the throne as the Monarchy will fall when Prince Charles passes if not when Her Majesty does.

      This also begs the question why does the Royal Houses of Europe NOT have these same issues?

      Kind regards.

    3. I was thinking they probably headed off to a quick holiday. They only have about a week to get it in, but that’s better than nothing. I guess we’ll see on the 17th if Kate shows up with a tan.

  7. Wasn’t there a time, twice actually, when she was supposedly putting together an exhibition of her work/photographs in some London gallery, like two years ago or something. Before the ring too, but pulled out because she didn’t want to court public attention. Katie Nicholl also wrote about a children’s clothing line that she was starting up and then scrapped.

    I honestly think it’s just PR to make her seem cultured, interesting and like she cares about contributing. First we’re told she spent the summer drawing sketches of George and Charlotte. Then we’re told she’s getting her diving license… oh and the flying lessons. So basically she had time for everything but the 7/7 or WW services this Summer. Everything including Wimbledon and lunch with the Brad and Angelina. Girls is so busy.

    1. How does a 33 year old woman not have a drivers license? If she lived in a major city her entire life that might be understandable, but didn’t she grow up in the country. How the heck did she get around as a teenager and a young adult.

        1. I feel like such an idiot. I can’t even read! Thanks, now I remember she is supposed to get the diving certification. In retrospect, I do think I remember photos of her driving a car.

          She has become so immobile I guess I immediately thought this was another thing she could not/would not do.

      1. I’m a couple of years older than her and I don’t have a driver’s license! Don’t need one where I live where there’s good public transportation or I can use my bicycle. I didn’t grow up in a big city either.

        1. Cie wrote diving license in the post and I didn’t make the connection with diving certification and read it as drivers license. Dummy me, I kind of pulled a Kate.

          I meant no offense to people who live near public transportation and have bike lanes to use. I have a friend who lives in a relatively small town in England and she said you need a car to get around the area.

          1. Bike lanes are brilliant – Copenhagen is riddled with them. When I lived in Leeds I hardly saw any bikers – other than the lone Chinese student and those who were really into biking as a sport. I didn’t dare bike there because the Brits drive on the left side of the road. I’d have gotten myself killed 😉

        2. I don’t have a driver’s license either. However I did learn to drive when I was 17 years old and my dad helped with practice lessons. I moved towns and then went to university. It didn’t help my dad sold the car that I was insured on. I live in a town with good transport links. I do want to learn to drive an automatic but I can’t afford a car. A lot happened to dent my confidence as well. Things I don’t want to go into.

    2. There have been so many stories about things she planning to do, and they never come to fruition.

  8. If you see a veteran or someone currently in the military, give them a “thank you” today.

    I am watching our Remembrance ceremony now. I am on vacation this week and planned to attend the ceremony. But I came down with a cold so have to stay home. It’s always amazing to see how many people turn out for this.

    Lest we forget. Hope my post will be registered at 11am.

  9. KMR, thank you for this fabulous round-up. The idea of Anmer Organics reminded me of Marie Antoinette’s personal “farm” at Versailles, “where she enjoyed dressing as a young shepherdess and acting like a peasant, while surrounded by the comforts of a royal lifestyle” (wikipedia, “Hameau de la Reine”). On public speaking – I’d just say that from my own experience, appearing before an audience in a role (acting a part) is different from speaking to an audience as oneself. I personally was completely at ease “acting” but a wreck when having to give a talk. (This isn’t to say that professional help wouldn’t be worthwhile for Kate.)

    1. So very Marie Antoinette! I think the comparisons to MA have been percolating for a while now but especially with the organic farm thing. Yikes.

      From my experience, both acting and public speaking were terrifying. I took an acting class thinking it would be fun, I even tried to convince myself that it wasn’t “me” up there, but the characters, but that didn’t help at all. I was still terrified.

      1. I don’t get the speech issue, usually it is a requirement in universities – and km would be speaking in front of small groups with the noble Royal Title and position that is attached to her – that alone should be a huge confidence push (which she had pre ring) to speak to us lowly plebs. I feel the speech issue is made up from the lash of her laziness (just another story like allergic to horses etc.)

  10. Happy Veteran’s Day. I think that we owe a huge debt to our military both past, present and future. And also thanks to their families as well.

    Kate is all about flight and fancy. Her charities deserve more. I will not believe anything either of them do unless otherwise shows consistency and depth.

    Thank you for the bits, KMR. I’ve just run out of “I can’t” with her.

    1. I’m working on a Sophie post for tomorrow. Hopefully that will balance out the “I can’t”s.

      1. All of the other posts are wonderful palate cleansers. You see the work that the other royals do and you just shake your head. I’m tired of the Kate fans saying that “she married the 2nd in line” “needs more time”, etc. The time is now. There’s so much ugly going on in the world. And we need to find solutions and take action. She could play a pivotal role.

        That being said, I want to thank you. You have a beautiful blog and a place where we all care about each other. Where else can I go and share my fantastical dreams of marrying Harry? You’re the bee’s knees, KMR!

  11. These two can complain all they want, but the truth is they are lightweights and the least modern royals in the family.

    Why didn’t W&K complain about the intrusiveness they endured, when the media heaped all kinds of positive information about the wedding. Kate seemed to enjoy it to no end.

    I don’t buy that Kate is afraid of giving speeches. You get help and start with a few sentences. These two are so stubborn they just don’t want to do anything they have been criticized for in the media. It reminds me of a toddler throwing a tantrum. If you want me to do something, well I’ll show you and now I really won’t do it.

    This woman loves to show off and many of them have been discussed at KMR. She loved being pointed out as William’s girlfriend, performed in plays as a young girl, strutted the catwalk, stood tall and proud being photographed in the dragon boat, was happy to show off her legs in tight, short skirts during the break up, made sure she was noticed in her soon to be a ‘bride-to-be white coat (because we made a pact, which Scarole made Will sign in royal blood) at the Diana concert, made sure every wedding she attended with Will she flashed a huge smile to the photographer and now that she walks to church on Christmas with the royal family, she never seems to get lost in the middle of the group.

    Kate and William want mass adulation given for doing nothing and every bit of privacy they demand. Other than that, these two have issues with anything that doesn’t meet their requirements.

    1. ” these two have issues with anything that doesn’t meet their requirements.”

      This really is the thing, isn’t it. They want to be kowtowed to and will throw a tantrum when they are not.

    2. “Kate and William want mass adulation given for doing nothing and every bit of privacy they demand.”

      But he is Diana’s son. Isn’t that enough for people?

      They don’t have natural charisma aka “IT,” yet they expect people to treat them as though they do and are the most beautiful, charming people in the world.

  12. Greetings Everyone,

    Oh yes it is back to the ‘Poor kate and bill” rubbish again. Bullying – as mentioned in a post of mine a couple of days ago I was targeted and threatened by various people, also had rational observations of middleton REMOVED (no swearing involved or otherwise nasty behaviour/words) except an honest appraisal of her expensive clothing when visiting charities that could do with the money, her being on a ship (of course looking at the cameras) and the motorbike thing where she hates bill being on it – and that is more like the case if anything happens to him, middleton ceases to be totally relevant other than the mother (obviously NEVER a Queen Consort), etc.

    I have been absolutely hammered by the pro middleton brigade, made sure as many of my comments could be removed until I filed a complaint with the Daily Mail. I actually asked them if they themselves were on the payroll of the middleton roadshow.

    I have yet to have a response and believe that unless you support these two pampered, work shy, arrogant people then don’t bother posting anything. Which then brings in to question that they are NOT accountable for their own bad press or the disdain many people now have for the both of them.

    When they start accusing KMR people of bullying etc that is the tip of the iceberg as it is obvious that it may be the same group from the Daily Mail or even one of the middleton crew/friends etc.

    Either way it is appalling and if these people (bill and his lazy mrs) want a lesson in bullying, controlling every aspect of the media to portray a good marriage when in fact it looks as if it has fallen to bits and only being held by ma middleton – and the fact that they do not want to do any Royal Duties unless they are totally forced to or kate can have another “bespoke” e.g. thousands of pounds to cover one dress made to entice her to get out of bed then it makes you wonder who are the bullies and it is NOT the Palace as Her Majesty would never stand for it.

    It all goes back to bill and kate.

    I am totally sick of these two lazy individuals, to the point that I just cringe at the sight of both of them (having seen them in person they are no better and everything is superficial about them).

    Got totally slammed yesterday when they showed pictures in the DM about the Australia Tour which Charles and Camilla are on. The first photo was of middleton, the next many of Diana and then Her Majesty. A lot of people pointed out that flasher kate goes on a Royal tour without underwear as we know, others the fact that Her Majesty should have been first not middleton and then Diana after the Queen – followed then by her laziness in her “Baywatch moment” as the headline screamed. Well you can imagine the fall out from this. Plenty of us who pointed this out got hammered.

    It makes me want to turn my back on either of them or both of them the next time I am in an proximity to such fake and false people.

    The Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla (for all her faults has carried out duties even in the face of horrible bullying and hatred but still does it with grace), Prince Harry, The Princess Royal … all have earned respect but bill and his mrs not in the next 6 lifetimes.

    Sorry if this rant has gone on but I am extremely annoyed at being pressured into not having an opinion and if you do have one that does not agree with the pro kate brigade then they make your life a living hell.

    Take care out there everyone – don’t let these people drag you down and in fact the worst hypocrites are bill and kate themselves.

    Have a great evening/day wherever you are.

    1. I am beginning to feel really sorry for HM and Prince Charles. Both have worked so hard for so long and want to know their work will be carried on by the next generations.

      Will and Kate have placed some real worry on HM shoulders. With the age of Will’s grandparents, he should be ashamed of himself.

      1. Speaking of HM being worried, that was one of the main talking points in that “Camilla is helping Harry find a wife” article. HM is super worried about Harry and his commitment to duty. Which is hilarious seeing as the grandson whom she really needs to worry about commitment to duty is William. That’s why that article was so obviously a hit piece with quotes from William’s camp.

        1. How upsetting, KMR. William and Harry were once so close. Kate and her lazy ways have really put William’s future in jeopardy. Oh, not that he isn’t lazy himself.

          BTW, I saw an ad on the television a while ago (here in NY) about a play coming to Broadway for three months. It focuses on Charles, Camilla, William, Kate and Harry. Have to google the name and learn more about it. Needless to say, if I can get tix and if it sounds solid, I would love to go. Anyone know anything about it?

          1. I haven’t heard anything about it but will look it up. That would be interesting. I wonder what it will focus on.

          2. The play is apparently very good and won an award I think. The New York Times had a write-up about it last month:

            The play’s website is here:

            Also here:

            I think it played in the UK last year. I did come across a pic of actors playing Kate/William/Harry and will post if I find it.

    2. I’m sorry to hear that, wildrose. I used to get similar responses years ago before I started this blog. That’s why I stopped posting on the DM and on Yahoo articles.

    3. those two k&W will have one of the nastiest divorce in history, they are two very unpleasant people, and the children sorry to say, will not turn up well, the parents are not parenting them, they are enabling them to be just like them, kate has proved she has no heart apart from grabbing, everything for herself and her family!!

      1. Adam, if/when that happens, I’m going to get out the popcorn and watch the circus. It is going to be vicious and Ma Midds will rise up like a cobra ready to strike. Can you imagine how she will react to being removed from the role she worked to hard to attain. It wasn’t about Kate, it was all about her. She will speak on Kate’s behalf. Kate can’t give a speech or interview and it’s her job, I can hardly see her giving an interview if a divorce occurs. Unless she decides to go with the “evil William controlled my entire life and I wasn’t allowed to speak” ploy.

        I would only feel sorry for the kids, PC and Harry for having to deal with the fall out. Otherwise, it would be the best soap opera of all time.

  13. Hi KMR! I came across your blog about one year ago. I had always been completely ambivalent about Kate. Can remember thinking ‘wow they have white teeth’ when she and William were on the balcony on their wedding day, but that’s about it. But after several years of seeing terrible eyeliner, coat dress after coat dress, and strange sausage curls and hearing via the media how amazing she was, I started thinking ‘this woman has no spark at all – am I the only one thinking this”. Much to my relief (and cynical delight) I discovered that I was not the only one thinking that something was up. Like many of you following this blog, I am educated, have my own family and a job. I am raising daughters of my own and feel that Kate Middleton represents all that a woman should NOT aspire to become. When I tell my daughters the story of Kate they gasp in horror! They are still very young, but they can still see how desperate and pathetic her journey was. Even now, Kate could redeem herself – learn a language, set up a charity from scratch, external study in the mental health field (counselling, psychology) etc. Her lack of life experience means that she has nothing useful to contribute and her laziness prevents her from overcoming that. There is so much suffering in this world that I find it painful to watch these vacuous people who are completely irrelevant to modern life and are arrogant enough to think that shaking hands and looking concerned for a few minutes now and then will really make a meaningful difference.

    1. she is a very manipulating woman, she and carole manipulated weak william, into believing hes getting a family that he never hard, only to turn up its a charade, look at them, do they look like a loving family, they are greedy, cold, and calculating!! thats why noone wants pippa, and Donna air had better leave the creep james!!

    2. Poor Princess Charlotte. The experts claim children are most influenced by their same sex parent. Why do I see Princess Charlotte turning into the character of Princess Eleanor(sp?) on the TV show The Royals.

      1. Now that would certainly liven things up. William would bang his head against a wall. I don’t want her to go to that extreme, but please let that little girl have a good, strong backbone and sense of self.

    1. Halia we all know where this nonsense is coming from. Harry is hitting all the right bases right now while W&K continue to struggle with their roles. Why? Because Harry has accepted what his role in life is and enjoys using it to help people. W&K will say they want to help people and will do a couple of appearances and issue a few badly written letters saying so, but they don’t want the jobs that they have and it shows.

      William is the eldest, the heir to the heir, the one who doesn’t like to be shown up and instead of supporting his brother and the work he does he probably pitches a fit and wants him taken down a few notches.

      Childish – yes. Stupid – yes. Shortsighted – incredibly. But it doesn’t matter. Harry will keep doing what he does and the public will continue to realize that he’s the real deal, not his big brother. Also, I know things can happen, but I have a feeling Harry is incredibly careful in some areas because he knows he’s #1 on the list of a lot of women out there and I don’t think he’s going to let himself get trapped the way his brother was.

    2. It is L&S magazine. They routinely make up all sort of BS (like a decade’s worth of Brad wants Jennifer back stories) – I find it hard to believe that there’s any connection whatsoever to some royals’ PR. Sometimes a spade is just a spade, i.e. a highly disreputable tabloid rag making up a story is just that. I hardly think there’s any need for conspiracy theories in this case.

      1. I agree. Tabloids are tabloids and some publications are even worst, ridiculous works of fiction. If it was in the DM from one of the usual royal reporters I’d think something was fishy, but as for this and half the stories every week on catfights behind the scenes and the rest of it is sensationalized garbage.

  14. Phooey on the meeting with Twitter and Facebook. C’mon guys, it looks good on paper, a slick PR move. But do you really think that the Masters of the Universe at these companies would take these two twits seriously? Give me a break! This is one meeting that would soon be forgotten among many other superficial appearances and “charitable” work.

    Hey Waity–before you start hawking your own organic food line, why don’t you go eat first and be a role model to your future customers. You look like you haven’t eaten in weeks! In all seriousness, this is another mad scramble to find something for her to do. I don’t believe for a minute that this was her own idea as this woman hasn’t gotten her hands dirty since she left the university with a college degree that remains futile to this day. Let’s face it — Waity and her siblings are all underachievers and dilettantes who flit from one job or business to another with lackluster results. They are famous for being famous. Famous for social climbing. Famous for being mediocre.

    And as far as speechmaking, she has the financial resources and time to hire the best coach. The fact that she remains mute to this day only goes to show how she does not want to exert more than she has too. Plain and simple she is lazy!!! She’s nothing but a uterus who pops out babies. Beyond that, she is a hollow person.

  15. Greetings everyone,
    It is obvious that we are all having concerns about whether or not the BULLIES w&k will try and shut down any other links, sites etc to manage the criticism about them well there is one way and one way only actually to maybe sort it out if they attempt to stifle any form of free speech….

    In the DM there are other commenters just for example (and I do not know if they are their real names etc but these are other posters on the similar thought pattern) but there is Harriet in Canada? SJ and I think she/he (not sure of the gender not that it matters) in the UK but really, myself and few others who always get slaughtered or told that the comment will be removed or has been removed and I have kept a record of it by the way.

    I am also still waiting for my response from the Daily Mail – who again I will email today, and tomorrow and the next, and the next…. so we will see what persistence does.

    Now, my theory is that the BULLIES being w&k and trying to squash, bully, threaten, blackmail (by withholding photos etc of the rugrats etc) how about this for a thought….

    Write and I mean handwrite a letter to both Her Majesty and Prince Charles – believe me they cannot ignore that. If many write – then questions will have to be asked. Whether we are in Commonwealth countries or not.

    The other thing is regardless of whether the PR get on to this – the damage is done. Very few people turn up to see this pathetic duo. Can you imagine Her Majesty allowing things (preserves handmade by middleton) being sold from Anmer Hall? It is a bit like the absolutely disgusting dresses the middleton family business tried to sell through their website for Halloween. The dresses could have been for a street walkers parade (and I through various Charities and work have actually met these ladies so it is not an offensive term) – when I asked the question, along with many others if these kinds of naughty outfits would be worn by Charlotte and that the middletons found appropriate including kate – I think you can imagine the response. Check out the article it was priceless. About a month ago now. Sorry it is really difficult for me to attach links because of the type of work I do but search it out on the DM website. People had plenty to say.

    I again am going to write to Her Majesty about these lazy, control freaks – I cannot sit back in all good conscience and watch the end of the Queen’s reign be tainted by the laziness of these two without trying to at least raise concerns.

    We had to go to this very method in order to get some movement after our city was flattened by the Earthquakes in 2011 – our Cathedral has been the subject of multitudes of disputes over rebuilding and the Church wanting to demolish it – the people i.e. me being one of them and many others wrote to the Queen. Believe it or not when our Prime Minister got to London and had an audience with Her Majesty this very subject was raised and hit the headlines all over the wolrd.

    So if they get stuck into us over our “online” comments – the old fashioned method, handwritten, typed or emailed or maybe twittered to the Buckingham Palace and Prince Charles just may be a way around it. Sometimes one has to just do something rather than see something that you have always supported or taken pride in fall because of the arrogance of the players.

    Just a thought – civil disobedience is not usually recommended in all circumstances but if the concerns are raised then at least one part of the puzzle can be put in place – no doubt Her Majesty knows full well what is going on and what is at stake.

    And NO – I do not feel sorry for bill and kate – no one scrap of sympathy, that train left the station 5 minutes after she walked up the aisle and DID NOT CURTSEY to Her Majesty as she was supposed to prior to joining bill at the altar. Not much was made of it at the time but it was indicative of who they think is more important. As well as her mother having those outfits made, then shunning the dressmaker in favour of Diana’s favourite to dress her for the wedding as well.

    Have a wonderful day/evening wherever you are and maybe we will get there – a letter is all that it takes, polite, addressing the issue and honest.

    Kind regards to all.

    1. Neither Diana nor Sarah curtesied to HM when they walked up with aisle at their weddings.

      I’m all for criticizing Kate but she can’t be expected to do something the other royal brides did not do.

      1. They curtsied before leaving the Abbey (or St. Paul’s, in Diana’s case), after signing the wedding banns. There is plenty of footage for it on Youtube. 🙂
        Oh yeah, my Mom’s coming home today between treatments for her cancer.

        1. I’m so glad your mom be home today between treatments.

          About the curtseying or bowing, you’re meant to do so when the Queen arrives and again when she leaves. The Queen arrived after everyone except the bride and her party so the only people left to curtsey/bow when first being in the presence of the Sovereign were Kate and her company.

          Protocol dictates that when walking up the aisle Kate was meant to curtsey when she reached the Queen. The camera was ready for that moment and you end up with a shot of the Queen with a slightly unusual facial expression in the moment. Nothing dramatic and like most commentators she probably thought Kate forgot, nerves. I thought so too but I’m not sure anymore cause there have been a handful of occasions when she doesn’t think to and curtseys late having been prompted by others doing so (Garter Ceremony comes to mind) and then there are the instances when she just doesn’t. At Christmas after one of the services at Sandringham Prince Harry stands to attention and bows when the Queen’s car drives away. He tried to prompted William and Kate but they couldn’t be bothered. Youtube it.

          1. Neither Diana nor Sarah curtsied to HM when they walked up with aisle at their weddings.

            If other royal brides did not curtsy then neither should Kate have.

    2. What is the difference between, if this should turn out to be true anyway, if the preserves are made in Amner or belong to the hugely overpriced Duchy food line of Charles?

      I did not see the queen stopping him, why should she stop Kate?

      1. Greetings everyone,
        penelope318 – just a quick response The Anmer Hall Bunker is on the Sandringham Estate which is Her Majesty’s haven. That is the reason why it would be an unlikely position for an organic stall etc.

        Then the biggest and the major issue is that ranting, raving and tantrum throwing that both bill and kate middleton have been shoving down people’s throats for the last couple of years which is THEIR PRIVACY.

        They altered the tree lines, moved driveway entrances, built hefty high walls, installed a bunker, shifted a tennis court a few metres because kate did not want it there – or people to see her playing tennis, there are also unlimited security cameras and a wing for protection staff –

        THE QUESTION IS WHAT PART OF THEIR PETTY DEMANDS FOR PRIVACY WILL BE MET BY middleton selling her homemade organic stuff from their fortified bunker at the front gate?

        These two are the ones who want the twitter, facebook online bullying stuff stopped and they are using the guise of the Mental Health/bullying Charity that they only have done token appearances at. They want to shut their own critics down.

        Both of them, bill and kate DO NOT want anyone near them – nor do they want anyone to print, say or even challenge their laziness, their lack of interest in anything other than themselves so again how is that going to work with this current scheme of organic whatever when they cannot be bothered turning up to undertake a fair share of Royal Duties?

        The old argument of two children, new to being in the BRF does not hold weight anymore. She has more help than the majority of people, staff, dressers, personal trainers etc and also had plenty of “so called Princess training for years before getting the ring” so I have no sympathy whatsoever for these pampered, arrogant and petulant 33yr old babies.

        Hope that answers your question about why it is just another smoke and mirrors PR article because their lawyers have seen to it the moment people inadvertently breach any boundaries they do not like.

        Sandringham is a different kettle of fish from the Duchy of Cornwall sells “the overpriced etc” – it is Her Majesty’s bolt hole. If they want to sell their overpriced stuff then let it be through ma middleton’s website – then they will have nothing to complain about. Then again – I am sure they will still find something to sue over.

        Have a good day/evening wherever you are.


      2. Do you really think they would sell their organic line for less than PC’s??? Not when theirs will be sooo much better.

        Also, there is no way, none, that they will sell these things anywhere near their home. The closest they will come will be a shop in town carrying the line. William isn’t scrapping his plan for a moat and a drawbridge to sell organic jam to peasants.

  16. Lisa trust me I know this which camp the story is coming from. I have no proof that is why I do not naming names! I agree with your last post.

  17. Greetings Everyone,

    Good to see the comments – great mixture of views. Have just seen the item about Prince Harry representing Her Majesty at the Royal Variety Performance dated 13/11/2015. Her Majesty asked him to represent her and it really seems to be the case that Prince Harry has the weight to carry because his rather indifferent brother and lazy sister in law obviously cannot be bothered or were bored at last year’s one.

    Either way – thank goodness. Could not stand to see middleton trot out another “bespoke” thousands pound plus dress, smirking and knowing full well that she was there under orders and sufferance.

    Hope all is good in your world wherever you are.

    Kind regards

    By the way I did get a response from the Daily Mail – finally after resending my original email days ago and it was quite enlightening – the excuses were total BS.

    If I could work out how to copy and paste it I would. They DO NOT want to loose me as a commenter… as if!

    Have a great day/evening.

    1. The royal variety show is the william of yearly royal engagements. It’s boring, celebrities!, and no one really wants to deal with it. Thus, HM & Charles take turns attending.

      The cambridges attended last year in place of the queen. Harry is standing in for charles.

  18. Didn’t Kate have a speech specialist or someone to help her practice reciting the wedding vows.
    She made sure to nail those…

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