Royal Round Up: The Danish

Royal Round Up: The Danish

In honor of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary‘s 11th wedding anniversary, today’s royal round up features the Danish Royal family.

On Tuesday, May 12, Crown Princess Mary visited Aalborg with the Mary Foundation to open the “Advice for Life” program for Mothers Aid and participate in a Club Fidus event. “Advice for Life” program is an offer of free economic, legal and social counseling to women that have been subjected to physical, psychological or economic violence. I love that Mary is involved with supporting women’s issues. After her visit to Mothers Aid, Mary attended a Club Fidus event where she gave a speech and played soccer with the kids.

Crown Princess Mary visits Mothers Aid

Crown Princess Mary visits Club Fidus

On Sunday, May 10, Mary inaugurated the Bridge Walking on the Little Belt Bridge.

Crown Princess Mary opens bridge walking

On Thursday, May 7, Mary presented the “The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship” at Copenhagen University – which is awarded annually to two exchange students from Australia.

On May 8, Mary attended the 14th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care. I’ve never heard Mary say the word “palliative”, but I’m guessing she knows the proper way to pronounce it, unlike Kate Middleton who after three years of supporting palliative care still has no idea how to pronounce the word properly.

Crown Princess Mary attends world conference on palliative care

On Tuesday, May 5, Mary attended a memorial service for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Denmark from Nazi Germany.

Crown Princess Mary attends 70th anniversary of Danish liberation

On Monday, May 11, Princess Marie was at the Danish L’Oreal/UNESCO National Commission to present scholarships awards for women in science. The grants are funded by the Danish National Commission for UNESCO and the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences. There are up to three scholarships awarded each year of 110,000 kr. The goal is to create a better balance between women and men in the research world because an equal distribution of the sexes creates more diverse approaches, more dynamic, and better research. Yay women in STEM!

Marie debuted a bob at this event – following in the footsteps of Queen Letizia. I must say I like the bob on Marie way better than I do on Letizia.

Princess Mary women in science scholarship awards

Here are some photos from Frederik and Mary’s wedding, in honor of their anniversary.

Crown Princess Mary wedding

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary wedding kiss

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary wedding balcony

Photos: kongehuset

45 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: The Danish

  1. Thank you KMR, I loooooove CPM :). Kate should consider cutting her hair to Mary’s length. I know DCamb loves her super long flow, but Mary’s is still long enough for all sorts of styles and updos, and it just looks so much more sophisticated. The studenty, bohemian curlylocks could use some taming, now that she’s mama to the power of 2

    1. I agree about Kate trying a different style now, not necessarily because she’s a mom now but because her current way of styling is quite dated and if it’s a nightmare to style (per William) she might want to try a cut that would require less time and effort. Even if she cut off about 4-6 inches and let her natural waves come through, which I think would be great, would be a nice change. When my son was born I had hair past my waist and his little fingers would get so tangled up in it that I cut off just for sanities sake 🙂

      1. Her hair also drags her face down and makes her look older than she is. I noticed it really bad in her video message from back in Feb.

      2. Oh, same here. I kept it long till my son was born, but after a few months, and dealing with 2 under 2, that mane was gonzo! It’s long again, now, and has been for years…but my baby is 16, and it’s been awhile since he tried to eat my hair 😉

    2. Kate could use a good 6 inch trim off her hair. She would look much better without all that hair weighing her down.

      PS. I love DCamb, I may use it in the future.

      1. Yes! And maybe go for a straighter look, rather than the bunchy curls at the ends. I also liked the bangs she debuted when she was pregnant with George. She should have those done again when she goes in for the trim we’re recommending!!

        1. Bangs would be fun. I like the idea of Kate going for a straight hair style for a change.

        2. She had a straighter style back in her single days. I’m guessing she associates the sausage curls with a more regal look. Unfortunate.

          1. Yes, her hair was much less “done” when she was just a girlfriend.

    3. It’s ironic that you said that it would be “still long enough for all sorts of styles and updos” because Kate seems to only wear her hair down, in a ponytail or half up. Sometimes she will wear an updo, but they are very few and far between.

      I agree with all the previous comments that she would look with shorter hair.

      1. On the subject of hair, I love Princess Marie’s haircut. If I were to get a bob, I would probably go in that direction.

      2. lol very true. Unless she’s out shopping or at the park with george, or any time she’s not doing an engagement really. Then she puts her hair up.

  2. Awesome post! I love Mary’s style. I think that Kate could take note as to how to wear slacks and sportswear at an event. I don’t care for Marie’s hair. It looks choppy.

    The pictures of F&M’s wedding were beautiful. Perfect example of letting people in and feeling affection and kinship towards the royal family

  3. Thanks for the beautiful, intimate photos of Mary and Frederick’s wedding, I love the one of her in the car with I believe her father.

    Wow, Mary is sure a busy lady, I love how involved she gets with the kids and knows the appropriate footwear to wear for a sporting event. I’m curious what does Frederick do? I see Mary out and about but almost never see her husband, and future King, at any engagements.

    I have to respectfully disagree with you KMR, I like Leti’s hair cut far better than Marie’s. I like the sleek, straight look of Leti’s and feel that Marie is still trying to style her hair as she would with her regular cut instead of how it should be styled for this type of razor cut. Is it just me or does Marie look like she’s smirking a lot lately?

    1. I think the reason I like Marie’s bob better is it is not slicked down. I like the feathery look to it. It also gives her more volume and doesn’t give her a pin head vibe.

      I don’t usually post Fred’s stuff unless it is in relation to Mary, but I can cover him in the next round up that includes the Danes if you want.

      1. Thanks for the offer but I was just really wondering what he does. It seems that most news outlets only cover the royal women not the guys, I guess the women are more newsworthy 🙂

    2. I didn’t really dig the bob on Leti. Somehow I find it doesn’t really suit her. I think a ‘just-above-shoulder’ length would have been good on Leti. Having said that, I loved the bob on Marie though! Kate Middleton too should cut off a few inches of her hair, maybe do some bangs, and wear it down straight again. The curls just don’t do it for her, in my opinion.

  4. Mary does put in the hours, I’ll have to give her that. The wedding pictures are nice. As for Kate wearing slacks, I think one reason she doesn’t is because of her long torso and relatively shorter legs. I think she feels one of her best features are her legs so she insists on showing them off as much as possible. Even when she’s wearing pants, it’s those skin tight jeggings.

    Anyway, it’s really nice to see how the other ladies and families do things.

    1. Yes, Kate definitely loves showing off her legs. In too short skirts, in skinny jeans where we can see the outline of her tush and thigh gap. If I never have to see Kate in skinny jeans again, it will be too soon.

      1. I personally feel the skinny jeans aren’t appropriate for her to wear in public – she’s too old for them and they’re too casual for her position. If she wants to wear them at home, then fine, but she should give up wearing them out and about. Just my opinion.

      2. I am guessing that she also thinks that she has great thighs and a great butt, as the amount of times there have been then “Accidental” fly ups.

      3. Yes, Kate does seem to love showing off her legs and her bum. Those skin tight jeans should be for her privacy time only.
        As for her hair, oh I have disliked it for years. Obviously, it needs to be cut. And, I’d let the waves in and let the straightening die. If it takes so long to style her hair, why not let its natural look be handled more simply by a stylist. She is getting too old for that “old look,” I can see her at 50 still wearing this current style. You know how some women get stuck on one look and never let it go?

        Live a little, Kate. Cut your hair.

        1. Hi Jenny, I too would love to see Kate let her natural waves out. I recall during her Solomon Island tour the humidity really brought out her natural curl and I thought it was the best her hair ever looked. Plus with 2 young children who wants to take the time to wash, dry, straighten and then curl such a thick head of hair? But I agree she is probably stuck on this look and of course if William likes long hair then she’ll never cut it.

          1. Oh, you are right, Lauri. If William likes the long look, indeed, she will never cut it.
            Kate needs an intervention! Calling all strong and independent women, let’s crash the gates of “Middleton Manor” and help get her into this brave new world!

          2. This is going to take some meetings to work out logistics because Carole, The Gate Keeper is on duty and I’m sure she’s got it all locked down.

          3. We’ll just need to find a willing servant who can unlock the house in the middle of the night while Carole is sleeping, so we can throw our Kate-rvention.

          4. A Kate-revention! Fantastic!!!.
            Mike would probably help, of course.
            And, Carole, would be so beside herself, she might have to be on bed rest for months!
            Let’s start planning.

  5. Just curious, how come 1st in line heirs like Frederik, Victoria and Hussein get to be called Crown Prince/ss while Charles is just Prince?

    1. It just depends on what each country calls their respective heir apparent.

      UK = Prince of Wales.
      Spain = Prince/ss of Asturias.
      Netherlands = Prince/ss of Orange.
      Belgium = Duke/Duchess of Brabant.
      Sweden = Crown Prince/ss.
      Norway = Crown Prince/ss.
      Denmark = Crown Prince/ss.
      Jordan = Crown Prince.
      Monaco = Hereditary Prince.
      Luxembourg = Hereditary Grand Duke.

  6. ya I have to say, you should cover princess charlene christening of the twins, which was just superb, unlike kate and willy everything they do is just soo weird and surrounded with soo much secrecy, charlene and albert got everyone involved, and it was such an happy occassion and everyone looked elegant!!

  7. Oh, Mary is just amazing. Beautiful and so hardworking.
    Another primo example of how Royal women should behave and dress and how they can really make a difference when dedicating themselves to worthy causes.
    The wedding photos were just beautiful. I also liked the picture of Mary in the car with her father.
    Loved the photos on the balcony, as well

    The more you highlight other Royals, KMR, the worse W&K look. Harry is the one everyone seems to be taken with and Sophie is really garnering much popularity, too.

    Let W&K hide away. It sounds as if we are all getting pretty sick of them. I just hope their children have happy lives.

    1. Harry is really shining, and people are definitely liking Sophie more. Even Camilla and Charles are getting more love now because Will and Kate have stepped aside. The more W&K hide out, the less people are going to care about them. Maybe that’s what Will wants, but it will not be good for the monarchy long term. I really hope William steps aside officially, and takes his kids with him, so that Harry can be the heir. Harry has really impressed me with his tour.

    1. Oh, Harry! Thanks, Lauri.
      Isn’t he amazing? Rhiannon must be in heaven!
      I’m telling you, W&K are losing ground with everyone. Harry is the main man!

    2. When Harry plonked that photographer you can hear on some videos Harry saying to Arthur “you know what that’s for”.
      Hmmm, I wonder what that was about?

  8. Mary is so very beautiful. So very gracious, too. She seems to be able to keep all the balls in the air. Her appearances and her work for such good causes are to be admired. Her style and poise are very apparent. As is her ability to make those she meets feel special.

    The wedding photos were just lovely. The photo of her in the car — I assume on her way to the ceremony – was stunning. And, the appearances on the balcony were so regal and yet, filled with love.

    More on the other Royals who truly know how to shine.

  9. * I really like CP Mary. I think she is a very pretty and hardworking. I love how she has a nice variety in terms of her events and always seems accessible and interested. I also love how she is always appropriately dressed for every setting/event (yeah, don’t think we will see her playing volleyball in 8-inch wedges or in painted-skinny jeans ever. Thanks Mary.)

    IMO she takes the role of representing the Danes very seriously and respectfully.

    I have noticed she gets some hate for wearing designer clothes. I don’t know if she truly spends a crazy fortune on clothes. I assume she has a generate budget since she is CP + a very hardworking one. I have also seen her repeat outfits from years ago…

    Plus, she manages to have the most enviable royal figure IMO. I always think if I could magically get a royal’s body, it would be hers. JLO would be my artist, just FYI LOL.

    Their wedding pictures are super cute. Can’t decide on a favorite.

    * Princess Marie looks great with the new hairstyle.
    Kate should really follow the brave royals 😉

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