Royal Round Up: Prince Harry in NZ days 4-7

Royal Round Up: Prince Harry in NZ days 4-7

Here’s a royal round up post for days 4-7 of Prince Harry‘s royal tour of New Zealand. Harry visited Christchurch, Linton, Whanganui, and Auckland where he gave two speeches, handed out cupcakes, and made faces with little girls in the crowd.  **This is a fairly long, picture-heavy post. Hope you don’t mind.

Tuesday, May 12 – Day 4 – Christchurch:

Harry making faces with little girls in the crowd while on a walkabout.

Harry toured the ‘Quake City’ Museum and sat on a bike that was used to get around after the devastating earthquake in Christchurch in 2011.

Harry visited the University of Canterbury where he painted with students, handed out cupcakes to people, and signed a shed with the message: “Thanks for having me! Sorry about the weather! Best wishes, Harry”.

Prince Harry paints sign in Christchurch

Prince Harry signs Uni of Canterbury sign s

Harry (via Kensington Palace’s Twitter account) tweeted out this photo of himself working out with the caption: “Casual after work workout in @crusadersrugby gym with @ryan_crotty – H”

Prince Harry working out

Wednesday, May 13 – Day 5 – Linton:

During Harry’s visit to Linton, he visited the Lintern Military Base.

Prince Harry on board armored vehicle

Harry performed a Haka – a traditional war dance.

Thursday, May 14 – Day 6 – Whanganui:

Harry visited Putiki Marae, Whanganui where he met Maori warriors and paddled down the Waka river.

Prince Harry with people from Putiki Marae

Prince Harry row with the crew of the waka2

Prince Harry row with the crew of the waka1

Harry also gave a speech (transcript here).

Friday, May 15 – Day 7 – Auckland:

In Auckland, Harry visited the Southern Cross Campus School where he met and watched a performance by Cook Island dancers (I really like their blue outfits).

Prince Harry meeting Cook Islands dancers 1

Cook Island dancers at Southern Cross Campus school s

Harry then visited the Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Centre where he met patients (and totally made this girl’s day, amiright).

Harry then visited the Turn Your Life Around (TYLA) center where he played with the youngins, put his handprint on their sign, and put his handprint on royal photographer Arthur Edwards‘ forehead.

Prince Harry at TYLA s

Prince Harry at TYLA2

Prince Harry paints Arthur Edwards head s

Harry helped a little girl with her shoe.

Prince Harry helps little girl with shoe

Back at Government House Harry met with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key as well as the Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little.

Harry then attended a reception at Government House and gave a speech.

Harry said in part (full transcript here):

    “I have heard so many wonderful things about Kiwis from The Queen, from my Father, and more recently from my brother and sister-in-law following their time here with George last year. I can’t believe it’s taken me over 30 years to get here, but I am delighted that I’ve finally made it. […]
    “New Zealanders are rightly proud of the high esteem in which they are held by the rest of the world, not least by everyone in the UK. I believe this respect is founded on the strength of character and spirit which ties all New Zealanders together. Characteristics which are exemplified by the emergency services and volunteer organisations represented here this evening. […]
    “I would like to end by thanking everyone I have met over the last week for the hugely warm welcome. While it took me 30 years to make it to New Zealand for the first time, it certainly won’t be long before I’m back again.”

Now, I really like Harry, and he has definitely won me over with this tour (seriously, my crush on him is back in full swing), but to keep things fair, I must call out his speech giving skills. He is much better then Kate, but he really needs to stop looking down so much. I want to see your face, Harry!!

Photos: Getty / Governor-General of NZ @GovGeneralNZ / Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

66 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Prince Harry in NZ days 4-7

  1. If he finds a beautiful, charming and intelligent wife, I can see their popularity surpasses the Cambridges.

    1. For sure. It all hinges on his wife, but I can definitely see them being an unstoppable force of popularity in the BRF. And Will and Kate will pretty much hand it to them because W&K have tanked theirs, and will more in the future if they keep going like they are going.

  2. There’s been so much goodness out of this tour with Harry that I’m nearly worn out from it. It’s just amazing how well he handles himself and his job. I’m thinking the goodwill from this tour is going to follow him for a long, long time.

    1. I really hope he doesn’t just hide out in Africa all summer. He needs to at least let some reporters and photographers in at times in order to build on the incredible goodwill he has built this last week in NZ.

      1. I think he will probably disappear for most of the summer. The younger generation of the RF seem to feel that an extended break, away from the press and any other royal duties, is their right and privilege after tours. I agree with you, that it would be great if he let some reporters see what he is up to in Africa but I wouldn’t bet the bank on it.

        1. He usually does take a photographer with him to Africa on these private visits, who takes the photos and writes up what’s going on with Sentebale.

  3. Prince Harry genuinely seems to enjoy being surrounded by all walks of people young and old.. His mother would have been extremely proud of the man he has become.

    1. He has been such a light on this tour. He seems so genuinely happy.

  4. Well, if the powers that be in the RF don’t see Harry for who he is — a man who should one day wear the crown — then, something is wrong.
    Thank you KMR, for another great post about Harry’s trip to NZ.
    He really seemed to enjoy himself and all the people he met. And, they loved him!

    Where to start with the photos? Oh, that darling picture of him and that precious baby girl smiling in the delight we all would feel! The picture of the little girl whose shoe came off. I hope the next step was this Prince Charming, placing it on her little foot and of course, it fit!

    Harry with the warriors, with the military, having fun with the cupcakes, the Cook Dancers and of course, the painting!

    This definitely made my day. I think his Mum would be so proud of her son’s amazing warmth, capacity to care and his fun and upbeat nature. I agree, KMR, he must not isolate himself this summer. We need more PH!

    1. I so agree about that photo with the little baby. It would only be better if he or the little girl had a puppy!

  5. Every tour he goes on, he shines! He seems like a genuine and good-hearted person. He has really done a great job changing his image. I have always like him, but he has really grown on me over the past couple of years.

    1. But why oh why does he get less media coverage than the Cambridges? Maybe that’ll change once he was a wife, hope so.

      1. I don’t understand that either. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a huge-crazy female following that is bigger than Kate’s. He is such a friendly, good-looking, engaging royal.

        William has lost ALL of his good looks and is such an irritable and annoying royal, I can’t understand why the huge following. Kate is pretty, absolutely, but she has such a dull personality.

      2. Solo William does not get as much press coverage as solo Kate; and solo William does not get as much press as when he is with Kate. I think it’s a girl thing. The women always get more press than the men (except for Camilla and Charles, because Charles forces it to be that way – but we here still pay more attention to Camilla than Charles). With the women, there are pretty clothes and jewelry to look at. Honestly, it’s the same reason the press wanted a Princess Cambridge rather than another Prince Cambridge. Women sell more.

        I think Harry will get much more press when he gets married than he does now. And if he picks a good wife, their press will very much surpass the Cambridges.

  6. I think that the entire world fell in love with Harry on this tour…

    His tour is in stark contrast to the Cambridge tour last year. He was engaged with his hosts as much as they were engaged with him. He gets a huge shout out for doing the Haka and making time to meet with the Maori leadership, which Will and Kate did not do. That speaks to either him or his handlers and their ability to “get it”.

    It is a shame that he is not the heir. I think that he could do so much to restore the faith in the monarchy. Will wants a monarchy of the early 20th century and before that where the monarch was untouchable. Harry sees that in order for the monarchy to survive, he must be in touch with the people. I know that we all understand that Harry has a privilege that many of us dream of, but he gets it. He knows how to be one of “us”. I think that Camp Cambridge needs to sit back and watch and make a plan and learn from Harry.

    I am starting to pack my bags. Harry needs a wife and a baby and I will take one for the team and get on it right now.

    Great job, KMR. Harry is my Hot Guy of the Month year round….well, with Prince Daniel as a close 2nd place.

    1. I will volunteer to help out with your wardrobe Rhiannon!

      I totally agree that this tour was so different from the Cambridge tour, Harry is so much more open than William or Kate could ever dream of being.

        1. And I will help with your hair, and ensure that there are no Waity hair problems. Lauri can take care of any flyup problems by sewing weights in your dresses and skirts

  7. Love Harry’s enthusiasm and warm and genuine rapport with people. What a pity William lacks these traits and won’t even try to improve his people skills. With immature and lazy Kate by his side the future of the monarchy is looking very bad indeed.

  8. Thanks for a great post KMR!!! I absolutely love the baby girl in the first picture, the expression on her face is priceless.

    As many of already noted, this tour was so different from the Cambridge tour, Harry is so genuine and open you get the impression that he really enjoyed himself and wasn’t just going through the motions. I like the group shots with the kids when he crouched down with his arms around them not just standing there with his hands clasped in front like a statue. Also, his relationship with the royal press stands in stark contrast to the rest of his family. I loved it when he put his handprint on Arthur Edwards, who has been on numerous tours, it speaks of an easy camaraderie between Harry and the royal press.

    1. I agree. The press is a constant, so why not engage with them? It’s said that Will & Kate do not engage the press and there were remarks that it was too quiet. If this is their way of life, then they must accept them. Charles and Diana knew their press corps and would often mingle with them. Tim Graham had a book and there was a picture of Diana handing out cake during a journalist’s ad hoc party on a plane. I doubt Will and Kate would ever do that.

      1. Being so nice to the members of the press is something every person who travels with the media should do. I don’t doubt that Diana would have been so hospitable on the plane. Probably other times, too.

        Harry just stands out as a cut above all the rest. I have a feeling he is going to rule.
        Just a gut feeling, but I truly see him moving up the Royal Ladder of Success.

        Ugh, can you just see the entourage that W&K take with them. All the expense of such traveling with so many, too.

        Harry forever!

        Rhiannon, you have chosen well.

      1. Exactly. The press corps that travel with them on tours, show up to their engagements at home, are not the same people who following them around and snap pics when they are in their private time. W&K could engage the press corps while still shunning the paparazzi. Rebecca English once said that W&K should at least say “hi” to the press because that’s just common courtesy, but they don’t even bother to do that.

    2. Camilla has a great relationship with the Press Pack too.

      “She makes it her business to get to know the reporters who cover the royal beat, with all of whom she is on first name terms, and makes private visits to newspaper offices (including the Telegraph) to get to know editors and see how newspapers are put together.
      As a result, she not only knows what makes journalists tick, but knows who she can trust, and knows when off the record comments will stay off the record.

      The relationship with journalists is a two-way street; reporters respect the boundaries between what is said in private and what is said for publication, with the result that the Duchess feels comfortable enough to talk off the cuff, and give unique insights, as she has done in India, rather than platitudes.”

  9. I am pretty sure that I read somewhere that Charles and Diana used to have cocktail parties for the press when they were on tour. I can’t see W&K doing that either. It would be too much like mingling with the peasants

  10. I’m giving him a pass today re: eye contact because this speech was almost 6min long, a good bit based of the last few days.

    His schedule didn’t seem to have as much downtime as Will and Kate’s, it comprised quite a number of engagements and not just the meet-and-greet-smile-and-wave ones but involved and more physical. It was also his second speech in that last few days (4 over that last bit if you count Australia and London). And this was all on the back end of a 4 week secondment (where he was learning new things), ANZAC comemorations in Italy and the London Marathon.

    It’s not like he had weeks to prepare for an engagement with a charity he’s been working with only to deliver a general 2 to 3min speech like some people we know.

    He used a the Native greeting, the local Native names and mentioned actual people.

    I think it was a good speech, but yes I hear you about more eye contact 🙂 Funny, when I saw the speech I thought you might comment.

    It was great that he went off script and added littles bits, mentioned Nepal and he also incorporated personal stuff, rugby and something personal relevant to emergency services – William. Man, this guy really lives on in everyone’s speeches, lol.

    Thanks for the update!!

  11. Harry rocks! It’s been great having him here. He fully threw himself into every aspect of this tour. I know there were places he asked to visit, like Stewart Island, and I know he asked about learning the NZ Amy haka. After W&K’s so so tour who would have realised just how different and how good Harry was going to be?!
    Prince Charles must be very proud!
    It’s not been mentioned much but after the day’s functions Harry was often out meeting people unofficially, like the pub quiz night or an exercise session or two with an All Black. He’s been so full on that I don’t blame him if he goes home and sleeps for a week or two!
    Come back any time Harry! We will all love to see you 🙂

    1. I came across a quote online in the DM from a NZ Herald article re Harry’s visit vs the Cambridge’s – “At least Harry is cheaper to host than his brother. His entourage is a streamlined affair without the hairdressers, nannies, and grooming brigade who prepare Catherine and Baby George”

      Now, I know it’s not apples to apples, but I thought it was interesting, none the less.

      1. I would expect that to change when he gets married though. Although Rhiannon might be a pretty self-sufficient wife 🙂 And if she takes Tanya and I along for hair and clothes I certainly won’t be charging $300 a day plus expenses:):)

      2. That’s because Harry does not have a wife and child. If he did, the wife would have a hairdresser and private secretary and personal assistant, and there would be a nanny for the kid. Basically everything that Kate had. And it would cost more for Harry and his wife and kid to go on tour than it would for just Harry to go on tour.

        I understand the desire to praise Harry and dis the Cambridges, but in this instance I don’t think it’s fair to call out William for costing more than Harry. Because there are literally two less people on Harry’s trip than there were on William’s.

        When Harry gets a wife and child and goes on tour, he will cost the same as W&K did.

  12. A special mention must be màde of Harry learning some Maoritanga. He did really well with the Te Reo in his speech, his ride in the waka, he probably made a fan of everyone in the army by learning and taking part in the haka. There is a prominent Maori politician here who was anti royal and after meeting Harry said she has completely changed her mind now.
    Thanks for mentioning the Cook Island dancers KMR. Not many people realize that Auckland has a large Polynesian population so it was good to showcase that as well. That Cook Island dance is very fast, makes a hula look tame?

    1. It’s always nice when visiting people use some of the native language. It just shows that they are a bit more invested because they took the time to add that in there.

  13. Regarding the Haka, you can’t be a fan of rugby and not know how to do the Haka. The world reknown All Blacks rugby team do the Haka at every game which means there is hardly a rugby fan who doesn’t know or can’t do the Haka. It’s supposed to be a warrior challenge. Amazing when the All Blacks do it. Amazing when the opposing team do a response.

    I say all this because Harry is a rugby fan and patron. It would be very remiss of him not to know how to perform the Haka.

    That aspect of his tour was meh! to me. It’s giving him props for breathing.

    1. Hi. Just a heads up re the haka. The All Blacks used to do “Ka mate ka mate”, they now do a haka written for them which is different from Ka mate ka mate. The haka which Harry learnt last week is the Army haka which is different again.
      So going to an All Black match and seeing a haka gave Harry an idea of what happens, he learnt a different haka in 20 minutes which he then performed in with soldiers which have been on active service, possibly a tough crowd to please.
      I’d say that’s a bit more than just breathing?

      1. I know there are different Hakas. Again, something rugby fans are aware of.

        The point still stands that giving Harry props for doing a Haka is akin to giving him props for breathing.

        It would have been amazing if he was asked to do something he was completely unfamiliar with and had no prior clue about.

        I’m not saying any of this to be mean because I think Harry performed brilliantly in NZ. Just pointing out that this particular bit isn’t as impressive as you think it is.

        1. I know the words to the Star Spangled Banner and sing along before sporting events and during the Olympics, but if I had to get up and sing it in front of lots of people plus the press, I’d want praise after I was done, too. Not for knowing all the words (because it’s my national anthem and if an American doesn’t know the words they get made fun of), but because I got up in front of a bunch of people and did something I don’t normally do.

          So I don’t think praising Harry for doing the Haka is like praising him for breathing. It’s praising him for getting up in front of a bunch of people and doing something he doesn’t normally do. He was a good sport to do the Haka. William loves rugby, too, but he didn’t perform a Haka when he was in NZ.

          1. Thanks for your comments KMR. I’m a Kiwi and there is no way I’d want to perform Kapa Haka in front of a crowd. it was a big deal and I give Harry bonus points for doing it.

    2. It was a different Haka, which he learnt in 20min.

      Never mind learning it in 20min, he really threw himself into it, facial expressions and everything. That takes more guts than I have.

  14. I have posted this comment in the Royal Family 2,but as it hasn’t had any comments posted since last year I thought I would post on here as well……hope you all don’t mind if it’s in the wrong place.
    Supergran Old Mother Meddleton will now be writing articles for a baby magazine as an expert (shades of Pippa) reported in Daily Wail today. Is there anything this woman will not do !!!!

    1. Oh, Matty. Say it isn’t so. I cannot believe the way the Middletons keep raking it in thanks to their affiliation with the Royal Family. So, Ma Meddleton is now writing articles for a baby magazine. Ugh!

      Perhaps, these are a few of her articles:


      “Once a Mother, Always a Mother (And, never let your kids forget that)! _Especially, a Daughter Who Marries into Royalty.

      My Life with the Future King of England

      Recipes for Cheese and Toast — fit for a Prince or Princess

      Oh, the titles go on and on.

      1. @ Mary Elizabeth
        I read this in the Daily Wail….so it must be true !!!!!!!! Have a look at their website some of the comments are interesting to say the least. Knives out for the Midds.
        I love your titles for future articles. We’ll deffo know if they read this blog if Ma Midds uses your titles.

    2. Apparently the magazine caters to the “upscale” parent who I’m sure never have their mothers move in to help out, that’s what nanny is for. You know, right before and after the wedding I kind of liked Carole and the clan, they seemed to be hardworking, industrious and very close knit bunch but now after 4 years I am just as tired of them as I am of Kate. It’s such a shame to see the future King of England becoming so middle class, not there is anything wrong with middle class I’m squarely there myself but it’s just not what I would expect from a future King. I can’t imagine what his friends and family think of all this.

  15. Last I checked, Carole had a baby over 28 years ago! Why is she writing a book about babies? I guess she is shameless in exploiting her royal connection, once again. The only reason anyone would read that article is to get insight/draw conclusion about how PG and PC are being reared!!!!So sad!!!

    1. I am sure that she is only doing it to score brownie points with HM. Both HM and Camilla are members and they initiated contact by writing to her before Xmas. And we are just hearing about it now? Hmmm the cynic in me is thinking bad thoughts

    2. She may join and attend a meeting once a year, but she will not be a hugely active member. If she joins, it’s too look good (and because HM and the other royals are members), not because she is interested. She wasn’t interested in joining the army wives thing when she was in Wales.

      1. Kate’s not terribly good at follow through, I don’t see her attending, but Ma Middleton might? Then she will have an excuse to stay as she HAS to go to WI meetings?

  16. Looking at the pictures of Harry, you can’t help but fall in love with this guy.
    I can understand the crowds lining up and waiting in all sorts of weather for this royal (yeah, can never understand the crowds waiting for W&K) and totally not being disappointed. He seems like such a fun royal, always engaged and genuine.

    Harry truly embodies the legacy and spirit of Diana. She would be immensely proud. He is such a charmer.

    In my imaginary world, William will step aside (removing his children in line for the throne as well. YOu know, for a private and *normal* life of luxury paid by his inheritance and the Party Pieces-Middleton fortune) and Harry will be the next king.

    You can only pray Harry marries the right girl, for his sake, and yes, for the monarchy.
    I am convinced they will completely outshine W&K. Even if he finds an ugly wife :p

    I’m convinced his years of service in the armed forces has given him the sense of duty that Will, locked away with Kate while in university, has never learned or comprehended.

    1. I think once Harry marries, he and his wife will completely outshine W&K. Mainly because W&K hide out and don’t engage the press, so the press will stop bothering once they have a new royal couple to focus on.

      1. Yes, Harry does outshine his brother and Kate. I am sure he will find a more than suitable wife. Harry just impresses us here on this blog! He’s winning more hearts and minds as the time goes on.

        Question for those in the Royal Know: When will Harry be given a Dukedom and what will that be? Did William know prior to becoming a Duke that Cambridge would be his dukedom? Am I using proper wording?

        Thanks in advance.

        1. Harry will be given a Dukedom by the reigning monarch. It could be a multitude of them: Sussex, Clarence…There’s always a rumor about who gets what. It’s usually bestowed the morning of the wedding. For royal watchers it’s a wait and see. I always wanted him to be Duke of Edinburgh, but that will be given to Edward when Prince Phillip passes.

          1. Thanks, Rhiannon. I would like him to be Duke of Edinburgh, too.
            Sounds so impressive. Sussex doesn’t do it for me. Neither does Clanence. Harry needs a more glam title. I like Cambridge Such c lass. Too bad it went to Will.

            BTW, how do you think the Royals feel about Carole writing articles for Parenting publications. She is such an opportunist.

          2. From what I understand, Edward will be given the Dukedom of Edinburgh when the dukedom passes back to the crown, which will only happen once both Prince Philip and HM are dead. So it will be up to Charles to officially make Edward the Duke of Edinburgh.

            I actually don’t really like the “Edinburgh” title that much so wouldn’t want it going to Harry. But Sessex and Clarence both suck. I do really love “Cambridge”, it’s so fairy tale. I would love it if that had gone to Harry instead of William.

        2. If Harry is going to be given a Dukedom by QEII, then it will be at his wedding. Though she may not give him one and it may be up to Charles to give him one. We’ll have to wait and see.

          There are only a handful of royal dukedoms left that are available should he be given one. Sussex and Clarence are the two frontrunners. There are others but they are long shots. I read a rumor that HM had already promised Harry the dukedom of Sussex, but who knows if that’s true. It does seem the most likely option, though. Not a ton of ring to it, sadly.

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