Royal Round Up: The Swedish, part 1

Royal Round Up: The Swedish, part 1

This Royal Round Up post has some of the cutest members of the Swedish Royal Family, namely Princess Leonore and Princess Estelle. It also has Princess Madeleine, Queen Silvia, and Chris O’Neill in Vatican City. Incidentally, I wrote up the majority of this post two weeks ago (when the Vatican City visit happened), was going to post it, then Kate Middleton went into labor and gave birth and it got bumped. But no longer! This is just the first part of the Swedish round up from the last two weeks, I’l cover the King’s birthday and Victoria doing other stuff in a later post. Since these photos are two weeks old, you may have already seen them, but I want to post them anyway so here they are.

Let’s start with some cuteness! I can’t find the tweet now, but I saw on Twitter a while back that someone thought Princess Estelle was overexposed (the tweet came during a conversation was about Prince William‘s desire to hide away his kids versus Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel showing off their child). Do you think Estelle and/or Leonore are overexposed? I do not. I think Victoria and Daniel are doing a great job giving the people enough exposure to Estelle, and easing her into her future role. William says he wants to give his children a normal childhood, but they are not normal and never will be. I feel like Victoria and Daniel balance that out perfectly. They are easing Estelle into her role – so shes not terrified of the press and crowd like Prince George was when arriving at the Lindo Wing – but also allowing her to have a lot of privacy. Victoria and Daniel expose Estelle when they want to, and she gets left alone the rest of the time. Same with Madeleine’s handling of Leonore. Maddie posts photos and even brings Leonore to events, but Maddie gets to decide when and how much exposure (though I have actually seen pap pics of Maddie walking Leonore). So anyway, I love the pictures that Victoria and Maddie put out there of their kids, and I love when they bring their kids to events. It doesn’t happen all the time, which I’m okay with, but it happens often enough. I honestly believe that if William were to release regular photos of George, and now Princess Charlotte, that the demand for pap pics of them would go down. Enough with the long rant, on to the photos!

Maddie posted this picture to her Facebook page with the caption: “Spring is finally here!”

Princess Leonore in the garden

They released these two photos of Estelle playing in the garden of Haga Palace (Victoria and Daniel’s official residence).

H.K.H. Prinsessan Estelle på Haga slott. Våren 2015. Foto

H.K.H. Prinsessan Estelle på Haga slott. Våren 2015. Foto

Maddie and Chris sent out handwritten thank you notes to people who sent gifts for Leonore’s christening last year, which included this picture of Leonore. Leonore has a permanent sad-face with her pout-y lips. She’s so adorable.

Princess Leonore baptism thank you card

By the way, when William and Kate release a family photo in a month or so, I really hope they release a photo of George holding Charlotte like the Swedes did with Estelle and Leonore last year.


Princess Madeleine, Princess Leonore, and Chris O’Neill joined Queen Silvia at the Vatican Monday, April 27 for an audience with Pope Francis. Silvia and Madeleine wore the traditional black dress and veil, while Leonore wore white. Maddie wore ASOS Maternity, the “Shell Top Dress with Stripe Lace Skirt” ($86.99). Kate wore ASOS Maternity to the Home Start visit back in March.

Neither Maddie nor Silvia have privilège du blanc, which is the privilege of wearing white in audiences with the Pope. The only women with that privilege are the Queens (or Queen Consorts) of Spain, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The women currently eligible for the privilege are: Queen Letizia of Spain, Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, and the former Queens Sofia of Spain and Paola of Belgium. Which is why Mathilde wore white during her audience with the Pope in March and Silvia and Madeleine wore black.

Princess Leonore hands thing to the Pope

Princess Madeleine curtseys to the Pope

After their audience with the Pope, Silvia and Maddie attended the seminar “Trafficking with a Special Focus on Children” at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at Casina Pio IV in Vatican City, Vatican. From Princess Madeleine’s Facebook page: “[The seminar] focused on human trafficking but especially child trafficking. We discussed the importance of prevention through strengthening education, fight poverty to decrease the number at-risk of trafficking, and to use technology to inform the public but especially parents and children.”

In her address, Silvia spoke about her work with Childhood and how it was far more controversial than she thought it would be but through the sixteen years of it’s existence she has found a focus for it in preventative work. She calls for not being silent in the fight and giving voices to the most vulnerable children.

Madeleine and Silvia at Vatican seminar s

Photos: Princess Madeleine’s Facebook / Kate Gabor/Kungahuset / Getty

62 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: The Swedish, part 1

  1. They are definitely not overexposed. They have struck just the right balance with these two adorable little girls. The people get to see them grow up and the girls get accustomed to the cameras and crowds. W&K could seriously take a lesson.

    1. Lovely photos! The Danes and Swedes other royals not afraid (and rightly so) to allow their young children to be involved with the people from an early age. Princess Mad curtseying to the Pope, with baby P Lenora and in her state is priceless.

  2. I’ve seen comments over on Order of Splendor criticizing the Swedes for trotting their kids out/treating them like zoo animals and praising W+K for protecting G (and now C). Honestly, I was completely shocked that people would hold that view (but I guess it’s good to hear other opinions).

    I think the Swedes are striking the right balance. Plus, though the kids are royal, being seen at functions and interacting with people makes them seem more real, more approachable. Not this holier than thou vibe I get from the Brits. Of course, not being a British subject, I have no horse in this race lol

    1. I like that blog, but I rarely read the comments. I’m guessing the people who are praising W&K for hiding their kids are fans who praise W&K for most things we criticize them for (though correct me if I’m wrong). I was really surprised when I read that comment on Twitter, and am surprised that people have said that over at OoS. I don’t think the Swedes are treating their kids like zoo animals, I think the Swedes understand that the public needs to feel some sort of attachment to the kids if the SRF is going to build goodwill with the people and secure it’s continuation.

      1. I love that blog. Mostly the comments are confined to jewels and clothes – and general hilarity. There are some really lovely people there. They normally discourage general criticism because that’s not what that blog is about and because it sometimes lead to some nasty spats.

        I comment there from time to time, especially on the tiara posts. And we had an absolute blast live chatting during the coverage of QMII’s birthday gala.

  3. I don’t think they’re overexposing the Swedish kids. They are releasing occasional photos of them on private time plus taking the kids to appropriate royal engagements. The others (Norway, Denmark, Spain) have done similar things.

    They are being raised to understand and accept their role and THAT is crucial. I agree, it is necessary to build up this affection and goodwill. Hiding a royal child away from the public that pays for them? Bad for the kid and bad for PR.

    This also means other royal kids don’t get papped twice in two weeks at play farms on private time. Still no protest over the publication of those photos. Hmmm.

    OoS usually shuts down and deletes conversations that turn political. I’d be surprised if she kept up discussions bashing V&D’s parenting while praising W&K for making their kids hermits.

  4. The Swedish Royal Family is getting it right. One does not get the feeling that Estelle and Leonore are spoiled in any way. They are just normally adjusted little ones who happen to be from a Royal Family. At least, that is what I see when I look at photos of them. It’s a given that the Swedes would be eager to see photos of the children. The rest of us, too.

    I think W&K are overly protective. As for George’s reaction outside the hospital, I don’t know if he was necessarily scared of the crowds. He looked tired and kids of that age often are uncomfortable in new settings. Let’s face it, how many times has PG been to the hospital to visit anyone, let alone his Mum and new sister?

    At any rate, I believe everyone would enjoy an occasional photo or two of George and Charlotte. K&W want them to be “normal,” but how normal is it to hide your children? Each time they do go out in public, they will be more stressed because it’s not something they are accustomed to.

    I loved the photo of Estelle kissing her baby cousin. Yes, KMR, it would be so nice to have a similar picture of PG with his baby sister. The Brits are so uptight. So very!!!

    Oh, and kudos to Maddie for the curtsey when she is so pregnant. You can tell she and Chris love their daughter very much.

    1. We aren’t uptight. Just WK not understanding that they need to build the public’s emotional investment in G and C if the monarchy is to continue.

      We all loved W as he grew up without knowing much about his personality per se. The public is emotionally invested in him.

      Imagine if we’d been presented with him at age 30 with his horrid personality….we’d have a republic sooner than you think.

      I know there was a press ban, but Charles kept up occasional photocalls.

      1. William got such a pass for decades because of the public love for him that people had. They watched him grow up, he was Diana’s son, and that got him a lot. But William is discouraging the public from caring about George and Charlotte the same way because he is hiding them away.

      2. With all due respect, I think Mary Elizabeth is right when saying that the British are uptight.. Especially the Royals. You never see any display of honest warmth when they are with each other. Or, rarely do you, I should say. Diana always displayed that with her children. Sometimes Kate shows it with PG and hopefully will with Charlotte. However, the warmth and relaxed, yet dignified manner in which other Royals are seen in public leaves me feeling that the Brits are very cold and too rigid.
        Nobody thinks less of Maxima for her warmth and loving gestures. Nor of Victoria, Madeleine, Leti or any other Royals. In fact, it makes them more appealing.

        KMR is right when she says the media and people cut William much slack after his mother died. He has to face the facts, now, though. Nobody can dictate how often he and Kate let the world see their kids, but people really want to embrace the children and W&K with warmth and love. If not given an opportunity to do so, what future will Will have? I guess he doesn’t want a Royal future, but if not, then stop taking all the perks and let it be known that Harry should be Charles successor.

        Just a thought.

        1. I once saw some pics from Ascot where Zara kissed her uncle Charles on the cheek, and that was affecionate in my opinion.

          I think the royals from other countries do not get the same press attention the BRF does. And the question is, how much photo sessions is enough to appease the british press? Considering Diana’s death with the paps around, I think nothing is enough. The brits should relax a bit with their royals, like Scandinavians do.

      3. “We all loved W as he grew up without knowing much about his personality per se. The public is emotionally invested in him.

        Imagine if we’d been presented with him at age 30 with his horrid personality….we’d have a republic sooner than you think. ”

        I so agree with this. William and Harry are loved by everyone because the world cared for them since they were born. They weren’t some kids hidden in a tower or a country home.

        George and Charlotte have a spark now, a cuteness because they are children, and they should be shown before they lose it. Seriously, later they will just be entitled-annoying teenagers or spoiled adults.

        William’s charm is almost completely gone.

    2. Curtsying while pregnant and carrying a 1 year old.

      I just don’t think it’s doing George or Charlotte any sort of good service to hide them away from the press and public and pretend like they are “normal”. They are not normal and never will be. Will and Kate need to get their heads out of their bums and suck it up. They are royal, their kids are royal, and if they want to live like royalty then they need to play nice with the press and public.

    3. Exactly. The Swedes royals with the young princesses seem more normal and down to earth life than the work shy, breaking of BR traditions -duties with W*Wkm – leading secretive/isolated lives with P George/sister, and overly pampered/lavish lifestyle/ multi homes/ and constant expensive holidays; yet we are to believe they are ‘normal’; when W*W km can spare an hour to visit Children’s charities performing credible beneficial duties – or pay homage to WW Vets.

      The Swedes (and Danes) are much more in tune with the people; imparting service/duty to their young future queen/princess.

  5. The Swedish Royals never appear to be putting on a show when offering the public photos/videos of their children. Victoria and Daniel and Maddie and Chris really seem to love their daughters. They play it exactly right, if you ask me.

    W&K are way too private. The children will grow up to face much scrutiny and offering more opportunities now for the public to see the children benefits the Royals and satisfies the people’s interest in the Prince and Princess.

    In fact, Victoria and Maddie are very comfortable whenever “on display.” Unlike W&K who appear to be just going through the ropes, if that!

    Harry is looking better and better all the time. He gets it. Understands the unique role he has to play and is a major asset to the family. I wonder if William realizes just how special his “Moment with PG” was outside the hospital. He showed true affection for his son in public and it scored big with everyone. Even those who criticize him the most on this site seemed to be touched by Will letting his guard down and just being a proud, loving dad.

    1. It’s amazing how more comfortable Maddie and Vic are than Will and Kate. Kate I can understand, Maddie and Vic have been doing public engagements for decades, while Kate has only been doing them for 4 years. But there is no excuse for William. He should be better and more comfortable than he is. He is purposefully shooting himself in the foot. He could get over his issues and just be better, but he chooses to give in to his issues and fight against the press and public and hide himself away as much as possible.

      Yeah, pretty much everyone thought that moment with George and Will was nice to see. William could get so much goodwill if he did that more.

  6. I completely agree with you and Liz B. above. I think they strike the right balance of not being on parade at every event, rather coming out almost as a surprise perk to the press and public. They aren’t normal children, so why pretend? I think you were on to something when you mentioned a few posts back that Anne’s children (luckily???) get the privilege without the scrutiny and requirements that Charles’ children seem to have. Comes with that great responsibility and honor of one day begin King, right?
    Also, the privilege du blanc (I think) has been awarded to Princess Charlene, right? It is specific to catholic queens only, so the swedes not getting it is not a snuff to that royal family, but because they aren’t catholic.

    1. I think there is question about whether or not it she was formally given the right or if there was a mistake. Grace wore black when she participated in papal visits.

      Just being Catholic and a monarch doesn’t give the female spouse the right to wear white during a papal visit. It has to be specifically granted.

      King Letsie III and Queen Masenate Mohato Seeiso of Lesotho are Catholic, I think, and she doesn’t have privilege du blanc. Or she didn’t exercise it on her papal visit.

      Maxima is a queen and Catholic, but she doesn’t have the right. Although she personally is Catholic, she belongs to a protestant monarchy and they’re raising their children protestant.

      1. That privilege I think is for a Queen of an officially Catholic country. Charlene is not a Queen, and the Netherlands is not Catholic. Lesotho I don’t know, maybe it’s not an officially Catholic country?

    2. Charlene did wear white when she met the Pope, though she doesn’t officially have privilège du blanc according to the sources I looked at (Wikipedia and Vatican Insider). The only people who have the privilege are queens or queen consorts of Spain, Belgium, and Luxembourg because they are officially Catholic countries.

  7. I think the swedes are finding the right balance between turning their kids into museum pieces and locking them up (a la England) which is imp because their future roles whether they be major or minor, require confidence in oneself and a genuine approachability and love for what they do….things which cannot be learnt in books but through practice….
    Leonore and the pope are so cute together :p there’s a video of the 2 where Leonore presents the pontifical medal she receives, to the pope and snatches it away as soon as he reaches it out for it….also I really REALLY like it when Royals go beyond the ribbon cutting and the waving and actually use their influence for the good of others ESP such noble causes as these….and turning their passions into global missions this is why I have such a soft spot for the Queen and Madeleine

  8. Thanks KMR for this wonderful palette cleansing. I was getting so tired of the Will, Kate & Carole show, I hope we don’t see/hear from them for awhile.

    To me this highlights the difference between the BRF and the other European royals. IMHO, the BRF are a pretty closed off bunch, lead by a monarch who firmly believes that the press are there to be tolerated (barely)only. I’m not throwing any shade on HM but she is from a generation where the royals were treated with much deference and in her 63 years on the throne has never given an interview. Of course, she is still treated with deference and respect due to her age and long history of duty and service, however, I don’t believe the younger generation of royals will be get away with this type of indifference toward the press. I am glad to see that Harry feels comfortable getting a little personal during his interviews but it highlights the fact that his brother, the future King, would rather stick a hot needle in his eye before talking to the press in such an intimate way. Sigh.

    The other royal families seem to have a much better grasp on public image and what it takes to maintain their standing with their people. I don’t think that V&D are over exposing Estelle at all, but rather are setting her up for a comfortable relationship with the cameras that will follow her for the rest of her life. It’s evident that Estelle is a confident and happy little girl by the way she behaves when she is out and about with Victoria, she seems to really enjoy the interactions with others and of course they are delighted by her.

    1. QMII really broke with tradition in the 1970s when she for the first time ever invited the press for a LIVE press conference, no restrictions on the questions. The, she’s pretty good at not taking a bait and has a certain patience for really stupid questions. However, there’s a genuine and mutual respect. “There’s no bullshit with QMII” as a member of the press recently said.

      Estelle is adorbs! I also think that it has something to do with personality. Fx Prince Christian of Denmark is comfortable with the cameras but kind of reserved whereas his little sister Isabella relishes the attention.

      1. Hi ArtHistorian, thanks for the info on QMII, she seems to be a forward thinking monarch.

        I agree about having the right personality to be comfortable in front of the camera. Unfortunately, being “comfortable” isn’t always an option for royalty, they just have to get on with it. I do however, believe that old saying “Practice makes perfect” well maybe not perfect but maybe not so panic inducing.

      2. I always appreciate your info about Queen Daisy and her family. I find that there’s stark difference with the media access to the BRF as apposed to the other royal houses.

        V&D and M&C are doing it right. Just enough. Just in time. Estelle is a cutie as is Leonore. Extra kudos to Madde for her awesome curtsey to the Pope while pregnant and holding her baby. I’ve always taken issue with Kate and her curtsey game. It’s like a little girl’s bob. There was a spam on Tumblr once on royal curtseys and there was some good ones. Mette-Marit’s is one for the history books.

        1. I agree with you Rhiannon! Maddie can do a great curtesy plus she is pregnant AND holding Leonore.
          I think it’s something to do with respect (and breeding LOL) to curtesy and not bob (yuck to Kate’s bob!)

        2. I find there’s a stark difference between the BRf and the pther European houses on a lot of things. I always have this feeling that the BRF is slightly out of sync with the rest of the world – as if they live in an insulated little time pocket that’s at least a vouple of decades behind.

          1. I agree that the Brits are in their own little bubble apart from the rest of the monarchies of Europe. The Brits isolate themselves on purpose because they think they are better than the other monarchies.

    2. Totally agree about the British being closed off and decades behind. I respect HM’s years of dedicated service, but she really isn’t a great Queen. Longevity does not make one a good monarch. I’ve read about people praising her as the progressive monarch to herald in the 21st century, and go through decades of change. But in reality she would probably much prefer to still be in the 1950s. I think things will change with Charles. He has a far better understanding of the press and the relationship the RF has with it. He is still old but at least he has a better grasp on that concept than HM.

    3. I agree! Will middleton ‘3-marriage show’ will be the down of the BRF.

      I believe PW is to ‘appear’ next week for an event (no doubt-dragged out of p -leave, kicking and screaming)! HM BP heeding the signs of public discontent with duty shy W*W km.

  9. I really enjoy your reports on the SRF. The family seems pretty tight, in spite of the King’s lecherous rep and Ms. Slitz joining the family. I think the kids are being raised very well.

    Will and Kate better take a note that out of sight, means out of mind. With the huge change in demographics in Britian too many now have little emotional or historical connection with the RF. This may not bode well for them. Relevance is everything for Royalty today.

    1. I’m glad you enjoy the SRF posts! You are correct that lots of people don’t have much of a connection to the RF, especially the younger generation, as they used to. If William wants the monarchy to last, he needs to build a relationship with the people, get them invested in his family. He does that by letting the public in and allowing them to watch George and Charlotte grow up and have an emotional connection with them, the way people watched him grow up and had an emotional connection to him.

  10. Hi KMR. Thanks for the post about the Swedish Royal Family. Nice to see what the ladies in that family are doing. I think it’s great that they are attending functions with the children. I’m puzzled why some people think the SRF’s idea of quietly introducing the children isn’t a good idea. I’ve seen opposition to this on other blogs but think it’s a good idea as the children of royals are not normal, they are royal so need to be used to crowds and cameras being pointed at them.
    Changing topic totally, may I ask what do you when you are not writing blogs, researching or monitoring the comments? I hope you don’t mind the question?

    1. I quite agree. I think it is very important that they get the children comfortable with the crowds and the photographers and an early age instead of just throwing them out on deep waters when they’re older, which may be traumatic.
      Estelle is going to be Queen someday. The crows and the cameras are always going to be a part of her life.

    2. I don’t know the reason behind people thinking Estelle is overexposed, other than it came up in relation to William and his desire to hide away his kids. I’m guessing the person I was referring to in my post was a W&K fan who thinks everything they do is correct, and when other royals get praise for doing things differently than W&K, the fan lashes out in an attempt to defend W&K.

      I am learning computer programming and working on my personal writing projects. I’m also looking for employment. I have a job but it doesn’t pay well at all.

      1. Hi KMR – thanks for answering my very nosy question. Good for you for learning computer programming. I think employers will be very interested in a computer programmer with good social media skills.
        I hope there will still be time for your blog?

        1. I have a friend who is a programmer and he says that programmers are in high demand, which is not the case for the subject I majored in in college (history).

          I really like doing the blog and reading/responding to the comment from you guys. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t keep doing it. So I’ll make some time – even if I get behind a bit.

      2. This site should garner you a nice penny, KMR. It’s so well done. I wish someone with mega bucks would back you. I know how it is seeking solid employment. I am currently freelancing. It comes in dribs and drabs and clients are often slow in paying. I, too, am working on my writing and coming up with new ways to make the almighty dollar.

        I say, we put the word out for a major angel to support this site financially and still give you content control. You must put in many, many hours on this. Time for financial rewards!

        Good for you taking courses.

        1. It really is difficult finding good employment that pays more than 8 bucks an hour. Especially since the city I live in has a higher unemployment rate than the national average. I just can’t find much. But once I have the programming down, I should be able to find a job fairly quickly.

          A financial angel would be awesome right about now.

          Good luck with your freelancing! What kind of writing do you do?

      1. Both of those girls deserve better than Kate for a mother-in-law (and Carole for a grandmother-in-law)!

      2. Estelle will be Queen in her own right, so she wouldn’t marry a man who will be King in his own right.

        1. Apologies KMR. I just thought that Estelle with her playful nature would be ideal for Prince George to cheer him up. I do like the SRF Posts. They are so well meaning and not so isolating like the British Royals. I also like Princess Madeline’s body language and the way she managed to curtsey, demonstrating respect. Waity always looks so uncomfortable and like she doesn’t want to be there.

          1. No apologies necessary, Laura. It’s a fun idea, it just would never happen. But how cute would it be to see them play together? I bet Estelle could give George a run for his money if he tried to Grumpy Face her and steal the toys.

  11. To be honest the only time I see photos of the Swedish royal family are here on this informative and fantastic blog. The photos of Estelle and Lenore growing up are important to the family but to maintain interest in the monarchy it is a way of introducing the youngsters to their roles in the future. Lets be honest these royal children are never going to have a normal childhood. They need to learn the ropes and become used to being in the public eye. Prince George looked terrified. William should not have expected him to walk past those crowds if he had been secluded away. The children need privacy. However they need to understand their role and show empathy to be able to relate to the outside world.

  12. I’d say Estelle and Leonore are only overexposed if you take William and Kate as the baseline and consider their approach to be “right.” I think the Swedish are doing it right; there’s a great balance there, and Estelle seems perfectly happy. Harder to judge with Leonore since she’s still so young, but she seems very comfortable around people.

    I don’t get to see much of the Swedes outside of this blog, either, so thanks for the pictures, KMR! The pope did seem charmed by the Swedish delegation. And Estelle on her tricycle is precious! Team Estelle all the way.

  13. I think William and Kate are making a big mistake keeping their kids hidden like they do. William’s behavior in recent years has been atrocious. Luckily Harry is gaining in popularity!

  14. I love how they happily share their children. It is great to prepare them, allowing them to be comfortable and confident, in public settings and nice for us.

    Both Leonore and Estelle are such cuties.
    I love little Leonore in her pink outfit and Estelle on her tricycle with her mischievous look! So cute!!!

    I’m sure NO ONE could justify and encourage the paps following these young royals.

    In regards to “Leonore has a permanent sad-face with her pout-y lips. She’s so adorable.” yes, she does have a permanent sad-face, but I think it has to do more with her eyes than her lips lol I always think Princess Charlene has sad-eyes and perhaps that is why people always think she is miserable – that plus camera shy.

    I didn’t really know much of Maddie until she moved to NY -kinda wish I had seen her around town lol too bad it didn’t happen. Could be that it’s because I don’t live in the UES 😛 – but following through her fb and certain blogs I see she has found an important cause she is passionate about and clearly is dedicated to.

    1. The reason I said lips re Leonore’s sad face is because she has a down-turned mouth which makes it look like she’s frowning. But you are right that her eye also make her have a perpetual sad face.

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