Hot Guy of the Month – May: Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan

Hot Guy of the Month – May: Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan

While I kind of think Prince Harry should be May’s Hot Guy of the Month given his super successful tour of New Zealand, I can’t do that since Harry was April’s Hot Guy of the Month. After LadyBlueRibbon alerted me to the fact that I totally missed May’s Hot Guy due to the hullabaloo surrounding royal baby mania and the birth of Princess Charlotte, I got a request from J for May’s Hot Guy: Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan.

Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah of Jordan (the eldest child of King Abdullah II and Queen Rania) is all of 20 years old (he’ll be 21 on June 28), has already met two different Popes (Benedict XVI and Francis), and chaired a UN Security Council meeting (he is the youngest person ever to do so). He’s met President Obama, too. The Crown Prince holds the rank of first lieutenant in the Jordanian Armed Forces, has volunteered with refugee work in Gaza, and is involved with youth empowerment efforts.

Like his mother, The Crown Prince has his own Instagram account where he promotes himself and his royal work.

Sorry for the lateness of this post, but hopefully a new hot royal face will make up for it.

35 thoughts on “Hot Guy of the Month – May: Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan

    1. I’m going to channel Kanye West. “Yeah, you got dibs on this one, but Prince Harry is the hottest royal man of all time and I called him first!”

      This young man has it going on. Good looks, service, and a solid foundation. He’s the whole package.

  1. I don’t know anything about this RF, so thanks KMR for the introduction. CP Hussein has chaired a UN Security Council meeting!! Wow that’s impressive.

    1. At only 20, too. Definitely will be interested to see what this kid does as he gets older.

  2. Wow. Did not realize Rania had a son that old. Interesting fact – his father’s mother is British born – Princess Muna (nee Toni Gardiner) is a daughter of a former high ranking British army officer. Queen Noor was King Hussain’s fourth wife… so the men in this family do enjoy white ladies from the US and UK!

    1. Interesting. I wonder why they go for women not from their own country.

    2. I think Queen Ranis is about 44 years old. Don’t she and Leti resemble one another?
      Both so very beautiful.

      1. Yes, Rania and Leti look similar, as does Kate a bit. Sofia, kind of, too.

      2. Agree.

        What a difference royals who lead by example to watch what their children become – HM (and without corrupt influences by in laws to weaken the already weak, lazy heir to…. and enabling ‘their shallow common’ way of life for self only..).

        King Abudullah Q Raina .are great role models to their children – as hard working, dedication to their people and service to humanity.

  3. Omygosh, thank you KMR!!! If you guys have a thing for Arab guys, check out Crown Prince Hamdan of Dubai. His instagram username is Fazza.

      1. OMG!! He is a hottie!!! I don’t necessarily have a thing for Arab guys but I do like dark hair and eyes. Being a blonde with blue eyes I like the contrast, Mr. from Ca. is Native American as was the father of my children. Thanks J for pointing this guy out, I’ve seen pictures of him before but could never remember his name.

      2. Absolutely!
        He also wears ‘the uniform’ with the military. Other heirs to … (much older), could take a page of his serious work ethics and service.

        CP Hussein ( Hamza?), sure gives CP Haakon and Swede Prince (similar looks), a run for the ‘crown’. The little girl is fascinated -she forgot to hand over the note 😉

  4. Wow. That’s one good looking Prince. That last picture has a smile to brighten anyone’s mood, and I can see both of his parents in him. Great choice, KMR!

  5. Quite a good looking young man. And, seriously involved in good causes. I loved the photo of him with the care package. Was it a care package? Seemed like a relief parcel of some kind.
    He is quite special. You can see a sense of duty about him, but a kind and caring demeanor, too.
    And, yes, I agree that you can see both his parents in him. Love Hot Guy of May.

    1. Yes I think it was a care package for refugees. I like that photo, too. It’s probably my favorite out of all of them.

  6. Oh, this Prince is special. So young, too. He’s the type of man who will just get better and better as he ages. Looks like he has great warmth and kindness as well as hot looks!

    1. I’m only 5 years older than him but he looks so young to me. It’s weird.

      1. He does look so young. But, guys mature at a slower rate then women. A man of his age often looks hot, but like a kid, too. This prince has it all, if you ask me. Looks, personality and a caring way. He has plenty of time to find the woman of his dreams, but let his life be a happy one. You can just see goodness in his face and demeanor and so I hope he has a good life.

        And, KMR, you are so young, too. I am only a few years older, but feel ancient, sometimes. You have accomplished much in your life. Keep on keeping on!

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