Prince Harry talks leaving the army, wanting children: “I would love to have kids right now”

Prince Harry talks leaving the army, wanting children: “I would love to have kids right now”

Prince Harry sat down (or stood, rather) for an interview with Sky News while on tour in New Zealand. He talked a lot about his time in the army, his reasons for leaving, and wanting to earn a wage like everyone else. He also talked a bit about wanting to meet Princess Charlotte and wanting his own wife and children.

    On leaving the army:
    “It is a crossroads. I’m in the same position now as other people in my year group, or my rank would be in. Because I’m a non-grad, I’m slightly behind everybody else. And most of the guys I joined with … have already left, for numerous reasons. But it is a case of, if we move on, more responsibilities come. And, I suppose with wanting to take on slightly more of [the royal duties] role, I don’t really feel I would be in the right position (to help) the careers of more soldiers or to take on the responsibility of continuing to fly, for instance. So it is a balance, and I’ve tried to get it right over the last six months to a year, before I finished. And it was getting hard. As I said: I’m at a crossroads.
    “A lot of guys my age, when they get to captain, they leave, and that’s because a lot of guys join for the outside, for the excitement of running around in the bush with soldiers and there is a point when you have to take the next step and go to a desk and do staff college and become a major and so on. And with all that comes responsibilities and a lot of your time, which, if I’m doing this sort of stuff, it doesn’t work. I don’t want people to cover for me.”
    On wanting to earn a wage like normal people:
    “There’s a few things on the shortlist. But I don’t want to speculate because I know what people are like. As long as people back home … know that they can trust me, that I’m making the right decision and that whatever it is, it will be something that means I can give something back. [The royal duties] part of the role is fantastic but I and William – both of us – feel as though we need to have a wage as well; to work with normal people, to keep us sane, to keep us ticking along. In the future, from our point of view, if we want to make a big contribution, or a valid contribution and be taken seriously, then we need to work alongside other people.”
    He’s looking forward to meeting Princess Charlotte:
    “I didn’t see any coverage at all. [William] sent me two photos; one before everybody else, which was nice, and then another – one with her back with George back home. So, as I said, I’m so looking forward to seeing her, to meeting her and to holding her. She was a little bit late, hence I missed her. So she’ll have to work on that! But apart from that, it’s fantastic news for both of them. So I’m thrilled.”
    On the “party prince” label:
    “I’ve never wanted that.”
    On marriage and family:
    “There come times when you think now is the time to settle down, or now is not, whatever way it is, but I don’t think you can force these things it will happen when it’s going to happen. Of course, I would love to have kids right now, but there’s a process that one has to go through and… tours like this are great fun. Hopefully I’m doing alright by myself. It would be great to have someone else next to me to share the pressure. But, you know, time will come and whatever happens, happens.”

[Sky News]

I think it’s interesting that whenever Harry talks about finding a wife, it’s always about finding someone “who’s willing to take on the job” and with whom he can “share the pressure”. It’s never about finding someone he truly loves who loves him, a best friend, or anything like that.

The other thing is he talks more about wanting children than finding a woman to love, who loves him. So is Harry looking for love, or just a woman who is actually willing to take on the royal life and give him kids? Is Harry looking for a loving partner, or a Kate Middleton?

As for him leaving the army, it makes sense: Harry doesn’t want a desk job or more schooling; he is an action person who chose not to attend university because he didn’t like school. As for earning his own wages… I mean, no job he could get would afford him to live the lifestyle he lives, so I think the earning his own wages thing is a bit dumb. He isn’t paying for his lifestyle out of those wages.

Here are some photos from the last two days of Harry’s NZ tour. Harry visited Stewart Island and Ulva Island – a premier predator-free open bird sanctuary off Stewart Island.

Harry speaking to a ranger in the woods of Ulva Island:

Prince Harry in woods of Ulva Island

Harry meeting a 100 year old Tautara named Henry:

Prince Harry meets the 100 year old Tuatara in Invercargill

Harry shucking oysters:

Prince Harry shucking oysters

Harry visiting Halfmoon Bay School and making a crown:

Prince Harry making a crown

Harry making a face with a kid from Halfmoon Bay School:

Harry accepting a daisy from two little kids on his way to church on Stewart Island:

Harry’s interests other than the military, sports, conservation, and video games came up in the comments in the last Harry article and some of us mentioned his photography as another interest. Oddly enough, Harry press team released two photos taken by Harry on Kensington Palace’s Twitter and Instagram pages. They are of the sunrise on his way to Stewart Island.

Prince Harry's sunrise photo 2

Prince Harry's sunrise photo 1

Harry answering questions from schoolchildren at Halfmoon Bay School on Stewart Island. He calls the Queen “Granny”, does not live in a castle, and does not own a crown.

Photos: Governor-General of NZ @GovGeneralNZ / Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal / Getty

141 thoughts on “Prince Harry talks leaving the army, wanting children: “I would love to have kids right now”

  1. I love Harry.

    He’s a good one that one. I also really like that he would share, and I guess slightly publicise this part of NZ that often gets neglected but is so gorgeous, a private/personal moment with that sunrise pic. He didn’t have to do it but it’s a bit of a personal touch that he’s putting in on his tour instead of just the KP twitter handlers or Press photos (like with Lesotho).

    I’m officially a fan guys. πŸ™‚

  2. A cute moment with the kids at the school:

    “One shy questioner was unable to find his voice when his turn came, so Harry offered to read it for him and jumped up to take his piece of paper.

    But when he saw that it asked: ‘Do you have to go to war?’ he said: ‘No wonder you didn’t want to ask it.’

    He then replied: ‘If you are in the armed forces then yes you do, you serve your country and if you have to go to war that’s where you have to go.’ ”

    1. That was nice that Harry offered to read the little boy’s question. And a great response to the question.

        1. That question does seem like the kid had experienced that personally and was questioning why they had to go.

  3. I do think that William could have benefited from something more of Harry’s perspective on finding the right woman to marry. Harry is right to say that he needs to find a woman who is willing to take on the job and share in his work (and I like to think that he wants someone to be his best friend, as well), not just someone who wants the title and the perks. I almost read that statement as saying that he wants to find someone who *isn’t* a Kate Middleton.

  4. That’s it. I’m going to leave my life and marry Harry. I will love him unconditionally and throw shade at Kate as much as I can. I will work hard with him and for my own charities.

    It’s sad that some don’t want to give up their independence for the autonomy of the BRF. I am so proud of Harry. He has stepped up and is really being appreciated and valued.

      1. Right? Who would have thought that there was such a thoughtful man undeneath it all. The media sold us a bad bag of goods when they painted him as lazy. It is a shame that Harry is the spare. He has an innate sense of duty. Also, Will NEVER would have a beer and play trivia in a local pub. NEVER.

        1. Harry really has stepped up in the last couple of years and changed my opinion of him. It really is a shame he’s not the heir.

          1. Back in 2010, who knew Harry would evolve and mature into this fantastic guy and dutiful royal?

            I wonder what public opinion of w & k will be in a few years, if they keep up their “normal” lifestyle.

            As they use every excuse to do less, Harry continues to shine.

          2. Just a thought, KMR…do you think the appointment of Mr. Edward Lane Fox as private secretary has something to do with Prince Harry’s “surge” in popularity and stepping up his role in the BRF?

            They seem to have a very good working relationship(^-^).

            Mr. ELF was the photographer behind those cute pictures of George released last Christmas.

          3. Now that you’ve brought it up, I do. I was trying to think of when Harry started to turn things around, because even in the fall of 2012 (when the Vegas scandal hit) and into Jan 2013 (when Harry got home from Afghanistan) Harry was still very much the party prince who would do stupid shit and not even take responsibility for it. From the way he talked about the scandal in his return home interview, he very much didn’t think he had done anything wrong except get caught acting like a “army man” instead of a “prince”. He clearly saw nothing wrong with being so stupid as to let random people into his hotel room without asking them to leave their cell phones at the door.

            I would say that it was probably about May 2013, when he made his trip to the US, that things started to turn around. Since then he’s been more focused and dedicated and hasn’t had any sort of public scandal. And in the last year he’s really stepped things up. So the date of the ELF’s hire, in April 2013, is interesting. It is entirely possible that the ELF has been a really good influence on Harry.

          4. Really good point, Satsuki. If Edward Fox has helped Harry focus, I hope he stays with him a long time. That being said, if Harry didn’t want to focus and do what he’s doing I don’t think he’d present as well as he does.

          5. I think the change is that the RF started investing in him, hence his own staff, where as before he had to share with William and William always go the main focus.

            Harry has ALWAYS been the more charitable and concerned about the welfare of others of the two.

            Also the media kept throwing him under the bus, and William was always being covered, so a lot of the naughty that went on with William we didn’t hear about.

            At 18 Harry CHOOSE to find the most remote country where he could make a difference in the AIDS epidemic, he then started a charity which every year he visits and does numerous of work in raising funds and continuing to grow the work it. Initially it was mainly caring for children orphaned by AIDS but now they’re building schools for deaf and blind children – something most in first world countries take for granted because they have governments and systems so people don’t fall throw the cracks.

            They might always work but at least the systems are there.

            In third world countries governments struggles to build schools, libraries and provide computers (if there’s electricity) teachers as it is. Schools for disable children, ways for them to there safely, or even get around – like wheelchairs, are serious needs that are sometime not met without the help of NGOs. Speaking for first hand knowledge.

            Most people misbehave in Vagas, he was naive/too trusting to think it migh have gotten out.

            In 2011 he had already started work with injured vets, so he’s had a heart towards helping others for a while.

          6. I think hiring Ed and setting himself apart from his brother was a decision that was born out of 2012.

            2012 was the year people began taking him more seriously. His jubilee tour was a smashing success. He started taking on a larger role, representing the Queen at the London closing ceremony. And I would bet his second tour of duty changed him as well.

            Vegas was a dumb mistake on his part. Although, it was nice to see how much support he received from the military and public.

            Harry has gained a lot of confidence and has really gone from strength to strength since then.

          7. @Kip:

            I think it’s rather sexist that Harry got a ton of support from the public and military for his naked photos while Kate got a ton of shit for hers.

          8. I completely agree. They both made dumb choices.

            (I still think someone gave the photographer the scoop on Kate’s whereabouts and her penchant for nude sun bathing.)

          9. I don’t know KMR. I don’t think this was clear cut sexism at work.

            I think if it was William caught full frontal nude on a balcony he would have coped more flack then Harry did.

            I think Harry got a ton of support from the army because they genuinely see him as one of their own, he treats those under him well and how they want to follow him.


            They constantly stick up for him when the public and media are not impressed.


            I think once the army were so vocal in their support the media covered that support BUT he definitely coped a lot of flack for it. I don’t know how the press in America covered it but he got in the deep for that one.

            Going naked outside verses going naked inside is a bit of a different ball game.

            Woman sunbath topless but when you’re famous you should know precautions need to be taken.

            As woman I would have loved to have been able to get behind Kate but it was foolish of her to go naked outside in plain view of a highway. I think people felt after numerous long lense shots of the royals, and Kate being one of the most photographed woman, Kate (AND WILLIAM) should have known better. She knows that whenever she’s outside any four walls there’s a probability of a photo being taken.

            It’s also really hard to support someone who in the past has regularly shown no effort to cover themselves on public engagements in full view of photographers.

            And still continues to.

          10. I kind of disagree. If William had been caught naked on a balcony, and Harry naked in a hotel room in Vegas, the “Golden Heir versus the Spare” game would have come into play and William would have been given a pass and Harry would have been given a harder time. What I remember from Harry’s naked photos was scandal and “What will the Queen think!?” and then a bunch of people posting naked photos in a similar vein as Harry’s to show support and everyone laughed it off. Then Kate’s photos hit and everyone came down hard on her.

    1. Hi Rhiannon, I know we were going to take turns sharing Harry, when Mr. from Ca is out of town, but since he wants kids that leaves me out. So out of the goodness of my heart I will give you my week with him πŸ™‚ Enjoy!!

        1. Yep Rhiannon, I am out too, so you can have him. BUT you might include Lauri and I in the list of Godparents for the little ones.

        1. Oh, bluhare! We can work out a schedule. Our wedding will be quite the party. I don’t plan on walking slowly down the aisle. I’m gonna sprint it. Harry just has to hold the ring out for focus. As soon as I walk up my finger will be out and ready. And expect his heir in exactly 9 months. And 3 more back to back afterward.

          1. Exactly 9 months from the wedding, huh? Getting to work quickly on that one.

  5. Harry is so pleasant and friendly during his tours. He comes off as a genuinely good egg!

    He started to lose his train of thought when he brought up work and william. He sometimes forgets the party line at times when being interviewed… Hence, ‘I don’t kate at all, even though she has been “waiting” on my brother for a decade!’
    Thus the soundbite of w & h working to earn a paycheck was bizarre. Neither of could afford their lifestyle without the duchy money.

    I would hope he is looking for love & a best friend, but he smartly realizes that he needs a lady, not a waity.

    Hopefully, in addition to supporting wounded vets, he’ll start to work with/take over the prince’s trust. He shouldn’t be putting himself on hold because it makes bill middleton look bad.

      1. Best way to articulate indeed. If Harry can’t put up with Waity in real life, he won’t marry one. And at this point (to our knowledge), he hasn’t strung any Waities along, so there’s no one he can propose to with a package deal while carrying on his own life. Unlike William, he’s genuinely single and has used his time to grow into a better person instead of running to any codependent skirts.

        I truly hope Harry finds someone with whom he can build his charity work and who will be willing to become a modern working duchess, and someone who clearly clicks with people as he does. I hope someone comes along a la Queen Maxima for him, because she seems like someone to laugh with as well as an amazing powerhouse as a person.

    1. Hi kip, I took the comment about wages, as more about working with ordinary people, not just palace courtiers and hangers on, and finding out about the responsibilities/issues the average worker faces. I personally think it’s great that the brothers want to see what life is like on the other side.

      I’ve watched interviews with him before and he’s such a fast talker that he probably does lose his train of thought now and then.

      It would be great if he does more with the Royal Foundation of the really long name, maybe incorporate it with his work supporting wounded vets. As the various wars are winding down so many service men and women are coming home and unable to find good paying jobs it would be great if he could work on that as well.

      1. There have been stories of william pulling rank, only socializing with the brass, being a royal pain. I doubt wills wants to get too close to the regular people.

        OTOH – Harry is completely at ease with his fellow soldiers doing the IG and WWTW.

        It’s such a shame when harry does anything with the RF because the lazies piggyback on and take undeserved credit. That’s why I’d love too see him take on the prince’s trust.

        1. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Charles made him the head of it? Unlike the Duchies destined to go to the Heir, the Prince’s Trust is Charles’s creation, and he can pass that down to Harry rather than turning it over to William.

          1. I think it would be great if Harry got the Prince’s Trust. He seems far more apt for it than William.

      2. Harry is not very articulate. He mumbles a lot and talks quickly and his thoughts seem to run together.

        1. Remember that secret revealing thing that Harry did and he said he gets very nervous when he has to speak in public? I think his talking fast and mumbling a bit comes from that. He probably has a thousand things going on in his head at once (what to say, what not to say, etc.) and it just comes out fast and furious. His fidgeting shows also. I think he just wants to get it over with as fast as he can, but he tries to be as gracious as possible at the same time.

          1. I think so, too. But like with Kate and her fear of public speaking, Harry needs to get over his stage fright and fear of public speaking. I completely understand where he (and Kate) is coming from. I don’t like giving speeches either, and have sped through my fair share of speeches just to get them over and done with, and wasn’t very articulate and was a complete mess. Giving a speech, or talking to people in general, can be terrifying, but people like Kate and Harry need to practice, hire someone to help, and get over it. Harry would be completely unstoppable if he were articulate. He has the charm, he has the looks, he just needs the articulateness and confidence in his words and he would be the total package.

          2. And someone to help him look slightly more presentable.

            He is lovely and charming. But there are one or two areas where a valet could help him as well as a speech coach.

    2. Kip where is that quote from “hence I don’t kate at all, even though she has been ‘waiting’ on my brother for a decade!”? Or am I miss understanding what you were saying?

      1. This interview: 4:00 –
        Which took place right before the wedding, Harry admits that he doesn’t know Kate well at all.

        Firstly, he admits ‘I don’t know Kate,’ then he says, ‘I’ve gotten the chance to know her.’ It’s like he forgets the party line and tells the truth, then backtracks.

        I just rewatched it and he stresses that their wedding was a big decision. Shades of sharing the pressure/take it on?

      2. Those quotes showed William kept Kate Middleton separate from his family for a decade. The cosy picture painted by some, that the three of them were great friends and hanging out all the time for years, Middleton cooking for the three of them, etc.? Lies. Harry told the inconvenient truth — he barely knew KM at the time of the engagement.

        1. William kept Kate away from his family because he never planned to marry her. He got backed into it by Ma Midds and now he’s paying for it.

          1. Here’s a theory: maybe it’s more about comfort for William? I once asked my cousin if she thought her husband was she soulmate/love of her life. She said that her marriage and love for him was more about comfort than true love. They had been together a long time and were comfortable with each other, but it was not “love of your life” type of love. It could be that way for William. William was with Kate for a long time, he knew she was loyal and everything else his paranoia needs to feel secure in a relationship, so he stayed with her and married her. There is affection there, but mostly the relationship is about comfort rather than “true love”.

            If that theory is correct, then Carole could have talked to William about all the ways Kate made William feel comfortable, and how comfortable the relationship was and how uncomfortable it would have been to really find that level of comfort with someone else, and in that vein persuaded William to marry Kate.

            Just a thought.

          2. According to close friends of the couple, the Earl and Countess of Wessex are like that after fifteen years of marriage. They’re more like brother/sister than husband/wife. Of course Sophie was the original Waity: six years before Edward popped the question. That’s an eternity and a half in royal engagements. Maybe it’s a matter of maturing in a relationship. I’m not currently in one, so I don’t really know. Sometimes people marry just so they aren’t alone.

          3. Seth, it also didn’t help that Sophie came on the scene in 1992-1993 when all three of HM children were going through divorces. Then you had Diana’s death. So, I think she might have been forced to wait a bit.

  6. Let’s just hope he doesn’t settle for a Kate Middleton type just so he can have children he wants so much!

    1. My fear is that he will. That he’s only really thinking about wanting kids and about needing a chick who will actually stick around and not run from the royal life and role. I hope he doesn’t. I hope he finds someone whom he loves and who loves him, who is willing to take on the role with a smile and grace and will work hard at it, and who will of course have children with him. I hope he doesn’t settle for a Kate Middleton.

      1. He should have hope; Edward found Sophie. If Harry thinks about how Edward met her doing what interested him, and that she had her own personality, not groomed to be his favorite flavor of ice cream, he will find that special girl.

        1. Don’t forget; Edward and Sophie weren’t a pretty kettle of fish at first either. First Eddie tried to be “normal” by being the first senior royal to run his own company, Ardent Productions. It failed completely and utterly; his backers lost every penny and he got Bonnie Prince Charlie p.o.ed at him for filming Willy at St. Andrews and violating his precious “privacy.” Then Sophie got hoodwinked by who she thought was a sheik but was actually a “News of the World” reporter and got her to admit on the record what she really thought of the Queen, the Queen Mum, Tony and Cherie Blair and William Hague. They were quite a bit on the outs until they refocused on supporting the Queen and dropped their outside commitments.
          My point is, it’s not that easy.

          1. Agreed–those first years were something of a debacle, even though Sophie was putting in more hours for the RF than Kate does now. The way that the two have turned themselves around–not just with PR but with real, honest work–is impressive. I wish W&K would follow their lead.

      2. I don’t think he will. He will be watching Whingy and Waity’s marriage and seeing what is going on where we can only speculate. I think that he will take his time in choosing a wife and there will be lots of love there. He is a lot more affectionate than Whingy ever was and he was always going up to his Mum and having cuddles. He will want a marriage with affection and love. He will learn from his brothers mistakes.

        1. To be fair, he benefitted too from nit being Diana’s shoulder to cry on, or her supreme focus because he would be king. It turned Will into a self-absorbed, suspicious person, instead of the confident, man-of-the-people Di wanted him to be. Harry just benefitted from her love, and is so much like her.

          1. William showed signs of this long before Diana confided in him (and to what level we’ll never know). He was a press-hating bully from toddlerhood on.

    2. i doubt he’ll be able to find a Kate Middleton type. I know we all have our issues with her but let’s be honest, she’s a one of a kind. She’s malleable, has never talked to the press, has incredible self control and allows her life to be run at every turn. That kind of girl is hard to come by (luckily for Harry).

      1. Not talking to them directly vs. having paps and reporters on speed dial are two different things. Hopefully Harry will find someone honest and hard-working, not someone who has played press games secretly for over a decade.

    3. I hope he won’t either. It seems that he takes his royal role seriously and is looking for someone who will compliment him in his role. As a previous person mentioned, he loved Chelsy, but she didn’t want to be part of the royal family. Love is certainly important, but is it always enough with all the pressures and expectations that come with marrying into the royal family? Not to mention being able to handle being in the press.

  7. He realizes that he has to find someone who is prepared to do the job and support him and wants a family like he does. I think he’s realized that a lot of people can “fall in love” at the drop of a hat, but that isn’t necessarily the best criteria.

    Harry is making it known that he’s looking for someone who’s there for him 100% in all areas, not just the fairy tale I fell in love and married a prince that William got from Kate. I think he’s being quite smart about it and hope he does take his time and finds the right person.

    1. I think my problem is the wording. His wording makes it seem like he just wants to find someone to stick around, not necessarily someone who wants to do the job well. I agree that he needs to find someone who understands the job part of the royal role, and I think it’s good if he’s thinking of that. The woman can’t just be a Kate “I’m the last one standing because I actually want to be a royal” Middleton type, she has to want to work, too.

      1. I think he saw that not finding someone who wants to stick around in both Chelsy and Cressida (despite what the Chelsy fans may feel) and he doesn’t want to look up in 5 – 10 years, or sooner, at someone who says they just can’t cope, etc. He also really does have his big brothers marriage as an example of what to stay away from, which is really, really good. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him.

        1. I think that, too. Chelsy didn’t want the royal life – with the responsibility and press – and Cressida… wanted to be famous for her acting, dancing, and modeling, not for being royal. I think that’s why he says he needs to find someone who is willing to actually take on the role. My problem, though, is that with William, none of the girls he pursued wanted to take on the role except for Kate. So he ended up marrying Kate because she was the last one standing. My fear is Harry will do the same thing. He’s dated women who don’t want the role, so he may end up marrying a “last one standing” chick because that’s all that will take him. That could be good or bad. She could legitimately love him and work hard in the role, or she could be another Kate Middleton. I guess it’s the fear that the woman he ends up with will be another Kate Middleton is why I made the comments I made. I hope Harry sees how terrible Kate is as a royal, and how seemingly miserable William is, and will learn from that and find someone who truly loves him and is not only willing to take on the royal role but is willing to work hard at it.

          1. I feel that William never got to meet the right girl because Kate was always there in the years he could have met her, like a pit bull terrier, ready to savage any girl who got close. That is the reason Ma Middleton made sure Kate was always available to jump into William’s bed so no one else was able to get close and have kate lose the chance.

          2. Very true, Cathy. Kate hanging around would have been a huge red flag for any prospective girl that would have been truly interested in William. No girl with any sort of self-respect would want to engage in the BS I’m sure Kate would have engaged in had any girl been interested in William.

      2. He has the unfortunate position of finding a woman who will do both. First, he needs to find someone who truly loves him. Not for who he is or who his family is. And, she has to be willing to give up her life and live in constant comparison with Kate. I truly feel bad for him.

        1. I think the constant comparisons to Kate, and the being “under” her in terms of importance and preference, would be the real hang up. The press would suck, the RF constraints would suck, but both of those can be handled. The Kate factor would be the biggest obstacle.

          1. But the Kate factor would be handled by simply outdoing her in every way. Not being holed up at home coming up with excuse after excuse as to why she can’t work. Being a real person when she talks to the people she meets, not plastic girl. Actually working for the charities she chooses. After a while Kate would be getting compared badly to her.

          2. The problem is that if the girl Harry marries did that (which I hope she would), Kate would feel threatened and lash out even more. So no matter what, Harry’s wife would have a Kate problem. Either 1) Harry’s wife gets thrown under the bus to prop up Kate; or 2) Harry’s wife outshines Kate and Kate lashes out. Unfortunately, there will always be a Kate problem. Also, I wouldn’t put it past Ma Midds to leak false, damning stories about Harry’s wife in order to make her look bad and Kate look better.

          3. Well KMR, two can play at the PR game. I’m sure Harry wouldn’t want to brief against his own brother and wife but if they attack his wife, it might push him to do it. If my in-law’s mother was leaking to the press, I’d smack them down so hard they’d be sore for a week.

          4. Exactly Seth! And I have no doubts Harry would be like a lion protecting his mate if something like that happened.

          5. Will Kate be around that long?
            The press isn’t afraid to throw her under the bus. The three kitchens debacle was all ‘her fault,’ no mention of her dippy husband.

            I would bet she is one reason why no girl would consider Harry. How terrible is that.

          6. The press would delight in making comparisons, the same way the do now with Diana and Kate. Are they wearing similar outfits? Who’s having a bigger baby bump? Who’s doing more engagements? Who gets to loan more of HM’s jewellery? Regardless of what Kate or Harry’s wife think or feel. The rivarly would be built in the media’s stories.

  8. I totally agree with you KMR! Harry needs to find someone who loves him and whom he loves. But the downside of being a royal is that he can’t really find love all that easily. The circle of friends that he surrounds himself with do not seem to be the type to be willing to take up a royal role and support Harry in his life and he can’t get out of that circle! Unlike many of us he can’t find a partner through work or school. And then there always the nagging feeling of ‘is she here for me or my title’. I think that was what he meant by his comments about wanting someone to share his burden and a normal life. Though I agree that Harry and William and most royals wouldn’t be able to handle working to support their lifestyles and not depending on trust money to live the way they live, I do feel bad for them sometimes. But Harry is a nice and thoughtful guy, who has of course made his mistakes. Maybe sometimes the pressure of being a royal and Diana’s son gets too much for him. But he tries. I wish he were the one in line to the throne instead of William. (William is like every spoilt brat. He wants all the perks and none of the responsibility and thinks he is above everyone else.)

    1. I think Harry needs to step outside of the Blonde, Blueblood circle he dates within. Have at least one relationship with a woman with a different background just to change things up and offer a different perspective on the world and love. Maybe go for a woman in the army? I think it would do him some good.

  9. Maybe he should look at some foreign princess? Someone who’s born into that kind of life. πŸ™‚

    I wish Harry all the best!

    1. That makes for an interesting question. Which foreign princess would be right for Harry, based on what we know of both him and the princesses out there?

    2. All the foreign princesses I can think of are under 15 years old, so I don’t think that will work πŸ™‚ But I think that marrying someone who is more familiar with that type of life would be better, we tried the commoner route so maybe the old way really is the best way.

    3. Now that the Catholic issue has been legally dealt with:

      Alex of Lux (age 24), speaks French, German, English

      Maria Laura of Belgium (26), fluent in French, German, English, and Chinese

      Or does Queen Jetsun of Bhutan have another sister? I think her younger sister married one of the king’s brothers. They’re not born royals but they seem to be acclimating just fine.

      1. Those were the first two who came to mind for me, too, My2Pence. Maria Laura certainly fits Harry’s predilection for blondes, and she would be a remarkable asset with her language skills. Alexandra would also be valuable for her polyglotism, and I know she did well on her graduating exams in high school, so she’s smart.

        I hadn’t heard about Jetsun’s sister marrying the king’s brother! How interesting.

      2. Where did you find out about Jetsun and her sister? I would love to read more about her and the Kingdom of Bhutan but have no idea where to look.

        Great ideas for a bride for Harry, I didn’t even think of these two.

  10. I don’t think he’s ready to be home every day by five and spend his Saturday at the kids’ soccer games.

    I think Harry is more in love with the idea of a family and a wife than ready to forgo his fun party life to settle down and have one.

    1. Harry needs sunscreen and moisturizer!!! The harsh Australian sun is not his friend. (He looks good with a tan though.)

  11. There you go Rhiannon, your first job will be to smear sunscreen all over Harry. You have to be sure that you don’t miss any part of him, as the Australian sun is very harsh

    1. I will be thorough! But once I marry him, photos like this will stop. Or, I will be right there with him with a bigger grin than Ma Midds!

  12. Harry seems to give far more interviews than William. I find it interesting that he gave one on tour. Why have Will and Kate never given an interview on tour? It would be nice if they did for once. The only real interview they did together was their engagement one.

    I have to say I love that Harry talks with his hands. It shows how relaxed he is and comfortable. He isn’t trying to be pretentious or ‘royal’. At the end of the interview I liked that he started talking to the lady about oysters. Again, it just shows how natural he is with people. He took an interest in her by noticing she had never had one before.

    1. Hi Overit, I remember hearing that W&K don’t even speak to the press on tour unless they absolutely have to and certainly not during their free time. The only other time I can remember them speaking to the press together is when they visited Denmark for a UNICEF event for the crisis in Africa.

      The only thing that bugs me about Harry is during interviews he talks so fast it makes it hard to keep up. I would prefer it if he slowed down a bit and talked slower.

      1. Lauri I agree, I wish he would slow down as well. However, I can’t really complain because I am just happy that he speaks to the media! πŸ™‚

        I remember them talking very briefly to the media-very brief. And Kate did not make the most intelligent comments, which could just be nerves. But I really hate that they don’t ever give interviews. I didn’t know they never spoke to the press while on tour either. That is really sad. They need to understand that their image hangs with the press. The press can make them look good or bad and people will believe what is written. They should learn to treat them better, especially when on tour!

        1. I don’t understand how they can be so dense. My only idea is that they think that they are untouchable.

        2. I can understand nerves and being inexperienced with talking to the press and doing interviews. But the best way to deal with that is with practice and hiring a speech coach if necessary. Just avoiding it will not make it better.

          Is Kate going to be known as Queen Catherine the Silent?

          1. lol Queen Catherine the Silent, consort of King William the Petulant.

      2. Heh. I’ve gotten the same complaints of talking too fast. If Harry and I are alike at all for it, it simply means we’re both fully engaged with the topic to the point of articulating ourselves as fast as our brains are sprinting with it. (It also means we’re unrehearsed, at ease, and genuine πŸ™‚ )

    2. I love that he chatted with her about the oyster tasting from the day before. Just showed that he is totally at ease with the interview, and that he is thoughtful enough to remember what had happened with the interviewer and the oysters.

          1. How hilarious and amazing if Harry were to get with a reporter. William would have a cow with having a member of the press so close.

  13. Royal Gossip Psychotic has a piece on P Harry. I found it quite entertaining.

    Everyone is more well-read on the royals than I am. Can anyone comment how far from the facts is this website???

    1. It’s a random royal watcher, who has a bit of a notorious reputation on the royal forums.
      Take what they say with a grain of salt. It’s all opinion.

    2. My god that blog post was so long. I’l l be honest, I just skimmed most of it. I remember that “Harry wants a wife to further his military career” rumor. It was just a rumor and Harry never openly admitted that, as the post claims. And considering he is now quitting the army, I would say that rumor is/was BS.

      Also, just from my skimming I noticed that the author got several easily checkable facts wrong. Like Harry’s Vegas scandal. The author says it happened in May 2013, which is not true. It happened in August 2012.

      1. The author, on the royal gossip forum, is one who not only believes the surrogate theory, but that the RF (WK especially) had Jacintha killed because she found out about it.

        And she insults baby George’s appearance and engages in threads about how Kate looks like a man.

        Sorry, I know we are all here because we have criticisms of our (unfortunately) future Queen, but I can’t take anyone seriously who calls a baby ugly multiple times, thinks Kate had someone murdered, and needs to yap about a woman looking too much like a man. Come on.

        And she insults the hell out of HM and believes HM needs to deal with everyone’s problems and is an awful monarch for not intervening in Charles’ and Williams’ marriages…. because, you know, HM should hold guns to people’s heads all the time.

        1. Okay, I’m not a firearms person at all, but your comment made me realize that I love the idea of the Queen having a little pearl-handled pistol in her purse. The contrast between the dainty, majestic lady and a tiny little gun makes me laugh.

        2. Wow. There is no reason to insult George’s appearance, and saying Kate looks like a man is not true and therefore just plain spiteful (saying Kate has bad posture, though, is fine, because she has terrible posture). It’s those sorts of things that make every other comment from that person not credible. All it takes is one overly emotional or factually incorrect comment to make me discount someone’s entire opinion. I already discounted the author’s opinion in the Harry article because several things were factually incorrect (and if one cannot bother to look up a fact to verify it, then I cannot take the rest of their argument or opinion seriously), but now with the spiteful, unnecessary comments about George and Kate’s appearances, that just seals the deal with me not taking that author seriously.

          PS. I personally don’t believe anyone had Jacintha killed (she wasn’t even the nurse attending Kate, and didn’t know Kate’s personal details like the other nurse on the prank call). But I do think the hospital tried to sweep the suicide and Jacintha’s history of depression under the rug because they didn’t want the liability.

          In all honesty, Jacintha should not have transferred the call. She didn’t even verify who was calling, she just put them right through. Because of this error, she was probably admonished by the hospital afterward. Given her background and personal issues*, I am not surprised that the guilt weighed so heavily on her. I think the hospital tried to sweep her death under the rug because they 1) admonished her after the incident; 2) knew about her history of depression and did nothing about it; and 3) didn’t want to get sued by the family because of 1 and 2.

          *If I remember correctly, her husband tried to claim she had no history of depression, but as with most suicides, the family always claims they “never saw it coming”. But there was other evidence pointing to her history of depression.

  14. Harry is doing a wonderful job here. He has shown a human side to Royal. I’m sure his Granny will be very proud of him. Ok, he isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box but he more than makes up for that in other ways.
    I hope he will find something in civilian life which suits him. Maybe a photographer for National Geographic? I like his photos that I have seen so far. And yes, sunrises (and sunsets) really are like that here πŸ™‚

    1. Harry has emotional intelligence in spades, which is one of the reasons he excels as a royal.

      The sunrise is unbelievable, so beautiful!

    2. Best royal pic of the year so far (drum roll here)…. Our own Prince Harry and that baby girl in Christchurch. There’s just no contest. None!

  15. KMR, thanks for a great blog post! It’s been great reading about Harry and all that his doing on transition year.

    1. I’ll definitely keep covering Harry since you guys are liking the posts about him. I stopped covering him too much (last year) because people didn’t seem interested, but if you guys are interested, I’ll keep covering him.

      1. Oh please do! Harry is a bright shining light in this family. If we sit around waiting for Willnot and Waity to do anything we’ll be banging our heads against the wall.

  16. Here’s to Prince Harry, whose future we all wish to be bright and full of love. He is quite a man. Quite a Royal.
    Of course, one cannot help but hope that he find a woman to love who will love him as well. May they be blessed with children they both want and may she be the type of person he wants, not what others think he must have.

    I love the photos of Harry with children. He is just so dear with them. Also love his dedication to the military and the way he always honors those who serve.

    His photos are so beautiful, too. The sunset! Ah, he must go back to that site when he finds the woman of his dreams, wait for a similar sunset and pop the question! Now, that would be truly romantic.

    1. I hate to bring Kate into this, but Harry’s photos are so much better than Kate’s.

      I hope Harry steps up his royal role. He really is a natural and people love him. He is drawing far bigger crowds than W&K did.

    1. I agree about the umbrella org. It’s good that all of the conservation orgs are working together, but William doesn’t really deserve any credit. He didn’t do anything except lend his name.

      1. I’d think they were already working together, so this is just PR for him. NOT making any difference to what was already being done but taking credit.

    1. Omg. I did not need to see this so early in the morning. Excuse me while I pick myself up from the floor.

      He managed to look both respectful of the culture and had some fun with it. Unlike Will and Kate looking like fools when they did their dance in the South Pacific.

      1. rhiannon! Are you alright?? You need to pull yourself together and stay strong…you should start packing and head to NZ before Prince Harry’s tour ends on the 16th!

        Prince Harry is a gem…his grandparents and father must be really proud of him.

    2. Hi Satsuki – Thanks for posting the link to the Haka.
      I take my hat off to Harry for having the courage to perform the Army Haka. This was something he had apparently asked to take part in. He had only 20 minutes to learn it and I think it showed great mana to perform, in front of a crowd (with cameras!). The group he performed with are all regular soldiers who have probably all been deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. He did really well and really impressed all!
      He might have been a bit of a lad in the past but he is excelling now.

      1. You are most welcome Cathy!

        Isn’t Harry impressive? He always seems eager and willingly to step up to the plate when required.
        I am so glad he has matured and turned into a responsible guy despite his past. His time in the army has certainly helped shaped
        him into a more focus and disciplined individual. I have to confess seeing and reading about Harry’s involvement in his NZ tour especially, has constantly brought tears to my eyes. He seems so genuine and comfortable in his role; he interacts really well
        with kids, animals, the elderly, veterans, the physically challenged with sincerity…and I think that is why the public respond likewise and readily accept him.

        I hope he continues to improve and grow into his role with time.

  17. Harry is so natural and open and friendly and honest in his behaviour with all sort of people! Really nice!
    He has it, while PW has lost it or never had it! πŸ˜‰

    And he has become a very good-looking guy, too! πŸ™‚

  18. Harry is amazing. He seems to be enjoying his role and lot in life! And, I am sure he will find the woman of his dreams who will do her best to be a good Royal wife and Mum.
    He just seems to be getting better and better. Hope we see more of him here, KMR. He really is the star of the British Royal Family.

  19. I apologise for being late to post. I think that Prince Harry is a natural with children and his rapport with them shows in the photos. I remember when he gave a little boy in Africa some wellies and when he went back he remembered. I think Prince Harry has achieved a lot in the army and he can be proud of himself. I think Harry should go further in the army as he is not married yet. Maybe he plans to get Chelsy back, as he dated some other girls but obviously has not made a definite choice. I think the army gives him a purpose in life. On a side note I was in Devon a few years back staying with relatives and Prince Harry was spotted in the Burger King or KFC. One of the fast food joints. The stars did not align for me. I think the photos of the sunsets that Harry took are awesome. Maybe he plans on taking Chelsy there.

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