Queen Maxima in emeralds for State Visit to Portugal

Queen Maxima in emeralds for State Visit to Portugal

I have not been keeping up with Queen Maxima‘s schedule, so I was delightedly surprised for these photos of Maxima attending a State Banquet in Portugal to come across my Twitter feed last week. I’m also including photos of Maxima’s other outfits during the State Visit.

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For the banquet on October 10, Maxima chose a green Jan Taminiau gown for the occasion, which she paired with the Dutch Emerald Tiara and the earrings from the Dutch Emerald Parure to go along with a whopper of an emerald necklace. I love it when royal ladies bust out the big gems.

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Both Maxima and King Willem-Alexander received the Grand Collar of the Order of Prince Henry the Navigator (Portugal) – they are both wearing the collar, sash, and star of the Order. The President of Portugal received the Order of the Netherlands Lion (Netherlands) – he is wearing the sash and star.

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For the day events of October 10, Maxima wore a new beige Natan dress, but it’s so boring I never would have known it was new.

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For the day events of October 11, the second day of the State Visit, Maxima wore the same pink Elie Saab dress that Crown Princess Victoria wore to Alexander’s Christening.

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In the evening of October 11, Maxima wore another Jan Taminiau creation and another giant pendent necklace.

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While I may not love everything Maxima wears – I’m not a fan of this dress – I do love her commitment to bringing the bling.

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For the final day of the visit, on October 12, Maxima wore a fringe-y skirt and a shirt that left one of its sleeves at home.

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Max didn’t forget her phone, though. I kind of love that Max just whipped out her phone here. That’s hilarious.

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Here are a couple more photos of the banquet. These jewels!

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22 thoughts on “Queen Maxima in emeralds for State Visit to Portugal

  1. Max has some questionable fashion sense at time, and Natan is not my idea of stylish . . . . but I love the blue-green evening dress and stunning jools . . . see Kate – it is possible to wear a lacy outfit and look fantastic . . .

  2. I appreciate pictures of Willem-Alexander and Maxima. You can see that they really love each other and it warms your heart when there is otherwise often so much disrespect in relationships.They seem to like to often laugh with each other.
    To Maxima’s styling. It’s always interesting. Her jewels are worth a lot of money, but she surely looks like a Queen. The cut of the green dress is interesting.

    1. He does seem to really love her and does not care that she shines. So unlike Prince Charles, who did not love Diana and was jealous of her popularity. King W-A knows the two of them are a team.

    1. I agree, love the dress, love the jewels (wow!) and love her hair, which has looked a bit rat tailed recently. This up-do is gorgeous.
      I also like the Elie Saab dress but think the lining should have been longer.

  3. Wow, Maxima! You were born to flaunt it. The jewels alone are enough to give her a major thumbs up. That blue/green gown was ok. The color was the best, though. If anyone can get away with such a lace look, it’s this Queen. She’s terrific and yes, her husband seems to really be crazy about her. And, she loves him, so it looks.

    The boring beigie dress (is that a word beigie) was bland, but that hat. Only Max could pull off such a tremendous chapeau and look so amazing.

    Thanks for the Maxima fashion parade. She is one gorgeous woman.

  4. Now this is how you “Queen”!!! My god that necklace is stunning!!! And that dress is lovely, although it looks like the sash and collar fell down on the one side. It must be tough to pin both a sash and collar onto such fine, delicate material.

    I actually like the beige Nathan dress and accessories, the hat imo really makes this outfit. Not a fan of the Elle Saab pink number though, maybe without the necklace? No, I don’t think I’d like any better.

    1. If she didn’t wear the necklace with the Ellie Saab dress, it would look like something Kate would wear. Most of the time what I like about Maxima’s outfits are her accessories.

      1. “Most of the time what I like about Maxima’s outfits are her accessories.”

        +1 Yep, me too.

  5. Yay maxima brought her jewels on this trip! Love them all?? especially the emerald necklace!! Well, the whole emerald set I’d take.
    The second dress is rather boring but hello!!! Ginormous diamond brooch to spruce it up!!
    Not of fan of cape dresses in general-the only one I’ve liked was one of Letiza’s, so not even maxima could help this one out. Do like the bling tho.
    The last outfit is such a maxima outfit. I actually dislike it all even the hat but seeing her in it makes me smile.
    Do you know what she was taking a picture of?
    Thanks for maxima Monday

  6. Maxima stepped up the plate with big jewels. I am glad that European royals do bling because the British don’t do much. I love the green dress with the emeralds. The necklace is spectacular and I saved the picture into my jewels folder.

    Natan is soooooooo boring. Honestly, I just want to make him disappear so that Mathilde and Maxima get better clothes (especially Mathilde, as sadly Vermulen the Natan creator is Belgian). The more I look at the hat, the more I like it. I want the same, except that I don’t think I’ll have the occasion to wear it at the university.

    If you’re interested, here is an update about me: I’ve been hectically busy with school work ( my schedule keeps changing), been named as the representative of my master and trying to fit my job in there (I want to save the money, so I can make an internship abroad). So far I like it, the cursus is made of practical classes with competent teachers and I’m working in 2 interesting team-projects, one of those being commissioned by a real company.
    The only thing I wish I had was a social life, which is non-existent at the moment.

    I miss KMR and the community a bit. I’ll try to come again. See you soon.

  7. Well it seems Kate is well enough to dance on platforms with bears. She looks remarkably well to me.
    She did of course have yet another new dress, although she must have dresses from previous pregnancies that could do with another airing.
    We are experiencing very bad weather and an interesting ‘hurricane sun’ which gave us very strange and eerie light at lunchtime today. I said I thought there was an alien spaceship hovering above us. Apparently we have winds coming in from the Atlantic and sand from the Sahara. Mother nature never ceases to amaze.

    1. I agree with you Birdy, Kate looks fine to me. As for the dress? I wonder what it looked like before the Kate alterations. Yet again we see a dress which is skin tight in the bodice. I notice the pulling around and towards the armholes. Lifting her arms to dance with Paddington Bear would put strain on the armholes and could have resulted in ripping under the arms. I’ll be surprised if we ever see that dress again?

      #PoorPaddington. From the video it seemed like he wanted to dance with Harry first?

      A quote from the NZ Herald article (link below)

      “She discussed her shared love of art with Lilly. “So you’re creative. It’s great fun, isn’t it?” she said. The two also discussed seeing the first Paddington movie and their plans to see the second, which opens on November 10.”

      What can I say?


    2. Kate has been so sick, Birdy, KP had to re-iterate today that she is not guaranteed to show up! She’s still so unwell from her Magical HG! 😉

      It was nice to see her engaged. It’s sad the bar is so low, but it is…

  8. Maxima looks amazing! She really knows how to pull off colours and interesting styles… and can’t even say that I like all of her choices , but she always looks so confident, happy, enjoying herself and her position that some “mistakes” don’t seem too matter too much. It’s still her and her personality in focus. Even if we speak about fashion, she is clearly more than that.

  9. I love this woman. She is the perfect shaped package for being a Queen. Smart as a whip, loves her family unreservedly, global minded, warm, and a personality the size of Jupiter. You can’t fake this or buy this- she’s a natural.

  10. Máxima could wear a paper bag and her personality would carry it. Boring old Kate could use some major help in that area but she seems content to be an expensive incubating mannequin.

  11. Maxima can pull off anything because of her personality. This is just who she is and she owns it, which is great. Also great to see how in love she and W-A are and how much he adores his wife and kids. He seems like a wonderfully kind person who knows he’s lucky to have Maxima!

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